material testing equipment | certified material testing products for concrete, soil, asphalt, & more materials - certified mtp - certified material testing products

material testing equipment | certified material testing products for concrete, soil, asphalt, & more materials - certified mtp - certified material testing products

Choose from one of the largest selections of Sieve Shaker Machines for sale in the US. Whether your application calls for sieving of aggregate, minerals, foods, ores, or fine powders, we have the right sieve shaker machine to get the job done!

Certified Material Testing Products offers a complete line of concrete crack monitoring tools and solutions. Our concrete crack monitoring and measurement devices make it easy to measure crack widths in any concrete structure, such as buildings, bridges, highways, roads, and more.

Certified MTP is your one-stopshop for lab supplies and material testing equipment. Our Certified Material Testing Products include asphalt testing equipment, aggregate equipment, cement testing equipment, concrete testing equipment, soil testing equipmentand much more!

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Certified Material Testing Products offers a wide range of materials testing equipment for concrete testing, asphalt testing, aggregate testing, soil testing, and cement testing. Our supplies can be used in the field or in the lab to ensure your materials are top quality for your industry. We dont skimp on quality, and we believe you shouldnt either. We sell only the best in material testing products and equipment so you can complete your testing with the assurance that your equipment will help give you accurate readings

The importance of testing and ensuring the quality of concrete, cement, aggregate, asphalt, and soil goes beyond the lab, and the tests run. Knowing and understanding that each of these materials needs to be regulation for the stability and long-lasting wear and tear is critical for construction and avoiding erosion. We have a complete inventory of scales, thermometers, and ovens for the lab, cement mixers, beam testing equipment for concrete, compaction molds for soil testing, sieves for aggregate materials and much more!

dredges for sale - sun machinery corp

dredges for sale - sun machinery corp

Built 1962, 148 x 43.4 x 8.2, 457 GT,. All welded, steel, hull constructed by Manitowoc, full main deck forward fitted with Page Engineering Co. 90 ton rotating crane, aft with deck house with office quarters, galley, mess deck, machine shop and storage area, hydraulic rams for positioning the after spud and an after head space, lower level with air compressors and air receiver, FO transfer pump, bilge pump, fire pump, emergency generator unit main spud Cat D398 generator. Control house above deck house with Pitman 11000 lbs crane. Located Northeast USA. Price: $2,000,000 or best offer

Built 1958, rebuilt 1996. Hull length: 160', width 41', depth 10'. Max dredging depth: 57', min 6'. Engines: MAK 8 (hull pump) 8000 HP. Generator: CAT3516 2000 HP. Dredge pump: GIW / TBC-84. Suction diameter: 34", discharge 30". Impeller diameter: 74". Spuds: (2) 80'. Swing winches: Western Cont. WCC-H5-125. Ladder hoist: Western Cont. WCC-143. Spud hoist: Western Cont. WCC-H5-103. Must be sold overseas. Located Louisiana. Price: $1,500,000 -

4625 hp dismountable cutter suction dredger. Length overall (ladder up): 160'. Hull length: 125'. Hull breadth: 50'. Average loaded draft: 6'. Suction: 29" (ID), Discharge: 27" (ID). Main engines: (4) CAT D398TAs 1200 rpm. Aux engine: CAT D399TA. Main generator: 40kva 220/380. Cutter power 750 HP. Dredging depth 52.5'. Max continuous power of diesel engines for drive of pumps at 1200rpm 1726 HP. Max continues power of aux diesel engine at 1200rpm: 1140 HP. Power at cuttershaft at 31rpm: 750 HP. Fuel capacity: 195 ton. Fresh water tank: 792 gal. Located China. Price: $1,200,000

2006 suction dredge/process plant, constructed on a rake front hopper barge 195 x 35 x 12, vessel hull was overplated with 1/4"steel plate on entire bottom, side knuckles, stern knuckles and 6 up the sides and expoxy coated. 16" x 120 suction was replaced with AR pipe in 2011. 12 x 14 GIW LSA 36 suction pump, 400 hp DC drive motor 1000kw genset p/b12V149 Detroit, 600kw genset p/b 3412 Cat, 15kw Triton genset p/b John Deere Kaeser SK 15T air compressor Krohne flow and nuclear density meter 15000 gallon fuel system New 16" x 120 AR suction piping Tabor 6 x 16 triple deck TH120 shaker screen 10 x 12 GIW LSA 32 sand pump Krebs D26 sand cyclones 48" Kohlberg sigle sand screw 30" Marco product conveyors Wintech ladder and barge moving winches Price: $3,300,000

Built 1996, 157 X 36 X 97", 59 dredging depth, suction 27.5", discharge 25", 552 kw cutter power, (2) 954kw dredge pump power (inboard pump), additional power Cat 3512DITA 876kw @ 1600 rpm, located China Price: $1,850,000

Built 1967, Rebuilt 2009, Hopper capacity: 750 m3, 204' Length, Minimum draft: 11' Max: 15'7", Speed in full displacement: 10 kts, Max speed: 10.5kts, Maximum dredging depth: 72' / 98', Suction pipe diameter: 600mm, Pump capacity: 600 KW, Discharge by pump out or sliding buckets, Main engine: Mirrless Black Stone ESL 8960 BHP, Main generator: (2) Volvo Penta 75KVA, Emergency generator: CAT 250 KVA, Dredging pump: Dorman 12 QT 650 HP, Accommodation: 14 people. Located Middle East. Price: 825,000 EUR

Built 1975, Japan, 242 x 45 x 16, payload weight 306KT, total weight 1732t, speed of shipping 8.37 kts, main generator: 1700 ps @ 600 rpm, propel motors power 700 kw @ 300 rpm, located China Price: $1,850,000

Built 1994, 22,800 hours, 157L x 26W x 29H, 91 boom length, 40 depth capacity, bucket volume 150 liters, delivery number 8-21/min, max capacity 350 ton/hour, diesel electric drive with electric aggregate Cat 3406T, P275T (275kva) generator, dewatering, electric wiring new, buckets newly bushed, Turas remade, chain and buckets well, located Europe Price: $375,000 USD (2) BARGES 95 x 31 x 45, without drive, with funnel, with sub-hopper discharge belt, payload 250 ton, located Europe Price: $110,000 each USD

Built 2012. 102' x 23'6", hull depth 5'. Ladder length: 55'. Minimum depth: 6', max depth 44'. Center section: 36' x 11' x 5'. Side pontoons: 90' x 6' x 5'. Dredge pump: Pearce, 18" x 16". Impeller 40" diameter. Main engine: CAT C-32 Acert 1125 HP (4.369 HOURS) with TwinDisc marine transmission. Fuel capacity: 2000 gallons (shared). Aux engine: CAT C-13 ACERT 440HP with Funk hydraulic drive. Cutterhead type: 43" ID, speed 0-20rpm, 150 HP. Winches: (2) Swing: Pullmaster H-18, Ladder hoist: Pullmaster M-25, (2) spuds: Pullmaster H-18. Spuds: 16" x 75' x 7/8" wall thickness. Standard operator cab, 6'8' with A/C and heat. Modified gantry for longer spuds, stainless steel cutter shaft/sleeve. 2-ton jib crane for pump service. Located Northeast US. Price: $1,775,000 Available at extra cost: Idler barge with walking spud $300,000

Engine: CAT C-32 Acert 1125 HP, TwinDisc marine transmission. Pump: Pearce, suction 18", discharge 16", impeller diameter 40". Hours: 237. Fuel capacity: 2000 gallons (when shared with Ref#3449). Price: $450,000

18" SDR17 DREDGE PIPE (Ref#3451) 32,000' of 18" SDR17 dredge pipe. Min wall: 1.059", 125 PSI rated. 18.00" OD and 15.755" ID. 200' lengths, 20,000' very excellent condition, 12,000' good condition. Price: $19/foot

18 x 16 x 40 GIW LSA 40 belt driven main pump, 51 ladder, main engines: 3508 Cat 1300hp, Twin disc IBF321OPO PTO, main pump drive belts, Aux engine: Cat C9 300 hp, gearbox drive for hydraulic pumps, 10kw gelt driven generator, 3 x 2 x 13 Bertkely service water pump, (3) spus 16 x 16 x 50, traveling spud carriage with 10 travel (hydraulic cylinder lifted), hull dimensions: 35 x 10 x 5 85,000 lbs), Pontoon 50 x 12 x 5 (38,000 lbs. each), ladder 51 x 6 x 6 (28,000 lbs), spuds 16 x 16 x 50 (9,600 lbs each), Located Mid South Price: $850,000

16" suction, 15" discharge. 200' x 32 x 5' draft with suction tip. Suction pump: Thomas Simplicity 1440. CAT 3512, 1250 HP diesel engine. 75' cutterhead depth, 135' suction dredging depth. Has pumped material over 1 mile before booster. Good condition, complete and functioning. Located Gulf Coast USA. Price to be determined

Refurbished 2008 Dimensions: Length 70 (21m), beam 20ft (6m), draft 2ft (0.6m) Machinery/Power: Main pump 950hp 600V DC controlled by SCR drive, total power 1500hp, power supply 4160 v AC Capability: Digging depth 6 to 45ft (2 to 9 m), can be configured with depths to 60+ft (20m) Navigation/Position Control: GPS/DredgePack Additional Information: 4500 feet of SHD- GC underwater power cord on hydraulic power reel, can be run with shore power or 750kw generator, very quiet operation got urban environments Located West Coast USA PRICE: $525,000 At extra cost: Spare 600V DC electric motor, (3) complete Thomas 12x14L x 36 booster pumps with 650HP 480V AC with VFD controls & Scada monitoring/control system, unused 12 x 14L x 36 pump and motor for backup, (2) 13000 volt 480V transformers & connecting pipes and valves, low hour GIW 12 x 14L SA36 pump, 30,000 of hdpe pipe in varying sizes, Additional 13" diameter pipe and floats

Build 2006,CAT3412 ( 900 HP) diesel engine, mfg by DSC Dredge, model shark, current capacity 35 depth, 55 ladder available (which can give 42 depth). Speed lift operation, power up and down, inline direct marine style transmission, hull mounted heavy duty dredge pump. Located Massachusetts, just off a job (Sept 2020) Price: $375,000 complete dredge, $25,000 extra for the 55 ladder.

Refurbished in 2009. Main engine: 2011 Cummins KTA38 diesel (1200HP with Murphy Alarms and shutdown, heat exchanger cooled). Pump: GIW 14x12 LSA 36. 34' ladder supports 34" hydraulic cutterhead with 75HP cutter system. Price: $450,000

Built 1985, rebuilt 2015. Dredge dimensions: 52' x 24' x 4'. Spuds: (2) 42'. Max dredging depth 28.5', min dredging depth 4'. Dredge pump: PEKOR 12 DMX 32. 14" x 12", impeller diameter 32". Engines: CAT 3412T (600HP). Deck equipment: (2) Pullmaster Swing winches, 8,500lb line pull. 170FPM hauling speed. Idler dimensions: 41' x 20' x 5'. 2000 of 12 HDPE pipe, spares PRICE: $250,000

A. DIXIE DREDGE 14" x 12" (Ref#2527a) Built 1982, Model: DC-100-9-500, Main engine: CAT 3412, Auxiliary engine: CAT 3306, Thomas pump: 14x12", 19 joints of 52 pipe, 2 joints of 42 pipe. Price: $500,000 Located Mexico

Built 1995, 134.5 x 115 x 36 x 6.5 depth x 3.2 draught (41.0m/35.0m L x 11m B x 2.0m D x 3.2m draught), 271/81 ton, main pump engine: Niigata 6MG25BX, 1200/1300ps x 720 rpm (2 units). Main pumps: Kurimoto KSP-300DH (650ps) 1200m3/hr x 70m head (2 units). Main/Aux generator 250kva Daihatsu/25kva Denyo. Cutter motor: 75kw (100ps) x 22 rpm 200v/50hz/6P. Main/Spud winches: 5 ton x triple, 5 ton x double drum, 24m/min x 30kw. Dredging depth: 3.2 min 39.5 max (1m 12m). Suction/discharge 350A (14") x 300A (12"). Discharge distance: 1,300m (one pump operation) 2500m (booster pump). Spud size: 508mm (20") dia x 17.60m (57.7) long x 2 units. 6 men operation crew (12 crews accommodation available). Spud keeper and gantry to be self adjusting by hydraulic system (2.2m height). Located Malaysia. Price: $1,200,000

Built 1989, 193.5/121 L x 31 B x 10.5 D x 7.2 draft (59m/36/86m L x 9.5m B x 3.2m D x 2.2m draft), 417 GT, 125 NT, main pump engine: Niigata 6MG25CX, 1200ps x 750 rpm, pump capacity/impeller: 3,300m3/hr at 42m head/4 blade x 1,500mm x 367rpm. Main/Aux generator: Niigata 6L22LX, 500kva/Meiden 65kva. Cutter motor: 175kw (230ps) x 18.07 rpm, 400V/50hz/10P. Swing,spud and ladder: 37kw/10P/200V and 30KW/10P/200V. Dreding depth: 8.2 32.8 (2.5m 10m). Suction/Discharge 560A (22") x 550A (22"). Discharge Distance: 3900 (1200m) subject to materials. Spud size: 30" (760mm) dia x 59 (18m) long x 2 units (self folding type), Operation crews: 6 men (14 crew accommodation available)Located Malaysia. Price: $1,250,000

Built 1989, 160/121 L x 31 B x 10.5 D x 7.2 draft (49m/36.86m L x 9.5m B x 3.2m D x 2.2m draft), 417 GT, 125 NT, main pump engine: Yanmar T260L-ST, 1200ps x 750 rpm. Pump capacity/Impeller: 3,300m3/hr at 42m head / 4 blade x 1500mm x 367 rpm. Main/Aux generator: 500 kva, Yanmar T220L-UT/80 kva, Yanmar AG80S-2. Cutter Motor: 175kw (230 ps) x 18.07 rpm, 400V/50Hz,10P. Swing, spud & ladder: 37kw / 10P/200V and 30kw/10P/200V. Dredging depth: 8.2 46 (2.5m 14m), able to extend up to 59 (18m). Suction/discharge bore: 560A (22") x 550A (22"). Discharge distance 3900 (1200m) max, subject to materials. Spud size: 30" (760mm) dia x 72 (22m) long x 2 units (self folding type). Operations crew: 6 men (14 crew accommodation available)Located Malaysia.

IHC Merwede 125-27.5-50. Suction/Discharge: 20" (510mm) x 18" (458mm) double casing. Pump capacity: 3,600m3/hr x 70m head (540 m3 720 m3, sand). Power at shaft: 876kw x 483 rpm. Impeller size: 50" x 13.5" (1270mm x 345mm) 5-blade. Gearbox/Clutch maker: IHC Sliedrecht BV. Gearbox ratio: 3.423 to 1 (1600 rpm/458 rpm). Pump total weight: 13,500kgs/22,000kgs. Engine power: 1300 hp (925 kw) x 1600 rpm (Cat 3512 DITA). Discharge distance: 3900 4900 (1200m 1500m) subject to sand density.Located Malaysia. Price: $375,000

Built 2012, 130.5 L x 39 B x 7.8/3.2 D (39.8m x 12m x 2.4m/1m), 272 GT,, 81 NT, main generator: GM 1800hp / 1250 kw / 3300V/60Hz. Aux generator: Denyo DCA 220SPK x 2 units / Denyo DCA 65 x 1 ur. San pump maker/motor: Toyo-Denki DP600-12W / 450 kw / 3300V/60 hz. Pump capacity, bore: 3500m3/hr at 20m head, dia 18" (450mm). Jetting pump capacity: 600m3/hr @ 50m head (Ebara 300/200) 110kw/440V/60hz. Dredging depth: 5 49 (extend up to 98) 1.5m 15m, extend up to 30m. Main weinvh: Kitagawa 15 ton/550kw, 440V/60hz, double drum. Swing/Anchor winch: 37kw/440V/60hz, 10 ton x 5 units. X-Mas tree: available (3 anchors). A" Frame SWL 30 ton, 14.m height from deck. Operating crew 6 crews/shift (12 crews accommodation) Located Malaysia. Price: $1,100,000

56 maximum dredge depth (bucket), 68 max dredge depth (hydraulic grab), Hitachi EX1200 excavator, 44 boom, 24 and 32 dipper, bulk and rock buckets, ripper tool, RTK GPS, Foreshore Technology Dregemaster instrumentation and software, 3 hydraulic driven spud legs, 42 tons fuel, 15 tons fresh water, full refit with new excavator 2009, located Europe Price on Request

Built 2008. Overall dimensions: 103' x 27'7 1/2". Side sections: 75' x 7'10 1/2" x 5', Center section: 42' x 11' 10 1/2" x 5', Assembled dimensions: 75' x 27' 1 1/2" x 5'. Digging depth: Minimum 4', maximum 45'. Maximum cut of dredge (single cut): At min. depth 138', at max depth 105'. Ladder: 55' long. Construction W 27x84 beam. Main pump: Metso/Thomas P-40 18" x 16" x 40" impeller, high chrome wear parts. Main engine: Cat 3508 DITA. Max HP 1000 at 1800 rpm. Reduction gear: TwinDisc MG 6690 2.93:1. Aux engine: Cat 3406 DITA, 440 HP at 2000 RPM. Service water pump: Peerless 2 1/2" x 2" 10". Cutter module: Gear (Regianna) RR5000 TM, 98.4:1. Cutter torque max 460,000 in/lb. Cutter diameter: 48" ID. Cutter rating: 200 HP. Cutter shaft 6 1/4". Swing winches: Pullmaster H25-8-86-2, 25,000lb line pull, 75 ft/min. Wire size: 3/4", drum capacity: 330'. Ladder Winch: Pullmaster, M12-3-97-7. 12,000lb, 100 ft/min. 3/4" wire size, 200' drum capacity. Spud winches: Pullmaster, H-12-3-97-2, 12,000lb. 100/430 ft/min. Drum capacity: 101', 3/4" wire size. Spuds: 20" x 60', 5/8" wall thickness. Suction/Discharge piping: Suction 18" x 3/8" wall, discharge 16" x 3/8" wall. Located Alabama. Price: $1,550,000

Dixie dredge. Built 1986, refurbished 2015. Suction capacity 18". Discharge diameter: 16" length 98. Width 20.3. Max dredging depth: 42. Main engine: CAT D-348, 745 HP. Secondary engine: CAT D-3306, 300 HP. Located West Coast Mexico. Price: $750,000

Built 1988, length 116 x breadth 32 x depth 6, 4 draft, 80 ladder length, dredging depth @ 45 degree = 56, @ 60 degrees = 69, main engine: Cat 3512 (approx 8000 operating hours since major overhaul, Aux: Cat 3306 (approx 8,5000 operating hours since replaced), total connected BHP (continuous) 1300 hp, 70 hp cutter, main pump: Hydramaster HDMS42 18 x 16, suction diameter: 18", discharge diameter: 16", impeller diameter: 42", swing winch rating: 12,000 lbs, ladder winch rating: 40,000 lbs. Located Midwest USA (land locked), Truckable; 10 days to disassemble and load on trucks, 6 truck loads. Price: $1,400,000

18" suction, 16" discharge, 98L x 203"W x 49" strut/prop, draft 2.6, dredging depth 426", main engine Cat D348 (745hp), aux engine Cat D3306 (300 hp), 125 hp cutter head, located Mexico Price: $900,000

1989, 116 x 32 x 6, submerged ladder mounted dredge pump, ladder length 80, dredging depth 60, CAT 3512 main engine, Hydramaster HDMS42 18x16, Suction diameter 18", Discharge diameter 16". Located Northeast USA PRICE: $1,400,000

Built 2012 in China not used) Located in Venezuela, 82 x 23 x 6, steel, 55 net tons, 123 gross tons, main pump Cummins KTA38-M1 (992 hp), hydraulic pump Cummins NTA855M (348 hp), 15.74" suction, 13.77" discharge, Warman Technology dredge pump 300m3/h 65m head 400/550 r/min. Propulsion engine on deck Model ZH41006, reduction gearbox FDLT360 3:1, (2) 6 ton hydraulic winch, 3 ton crane Price: $3,000,000

Built 2007, 65L (ladder raised) x 18 x 5, mean draft 3.68, length over pontoons 41, main pontoon 26 x 8.8 x 5.9, side pontoons 40 x 4.8 x 4.8, (2) 36 spuds x 14.5" diameter, dredging depth 26, internal diameter of suction and discharge pipes 15.3" (390 mm), dry weight 45T. IHC-900-350 dredge pump, driven via combined pump bearing block/clutch/reduction gearbox. Cat 3412E diesel engine (660 hp), fuel consumption 214 g/kWhr, IHC 955.50 cutter 5-blade with serrated edges 955mm (37-1/2") diameter, 15 kN (1.5 ton) deck crane, located South Korea Price: $750,000

Built 2019. Only used for one job in fresh water. 14" discharge, 14" suction, 42 depth, Overall length 858", hull length 54 x 20 x 4, draft 24", weight 138,000#, fuel 2700 gallon, Cat C27 (800 hp) engine Tier 2, 100 hp at cutter shaft, 43" cutter diameter. Located Florida. Price: $1,225,000

Built 2016. 14" suction x 14" discharge. Max dredging depth 42'. Overall length 85'8", hull length 54'. Width, including pontoons 20'. Hull depth 4'. 3 pontoons. Plate thickness of center pontoon 1/4". Dry weight 138,600 lbs, hull draft (not including spuds) 2'4". Fuel capacity 2700 gallons. Swing width at min depth 103', swing width at max depth 81'. Main engine: C-27, 800 HP, Tier 2, box cooler. Power at cutter shaft 100HP, cutter speed 0-36rpm. Cutter diameter 43", cutting force 7,405lbs. Spuds: 16" x 51'. Capacity up to 400 yds3/hr. Located Northeast US. Price: $975,000

Built 1982 (France), 39m length x 26m width x 2m depth, Amsco 2160 cu.m/hr (492 kw), Cummins KT2300M (660 hp) main engine, 4400kg Hiab crane 700kg @ 10.2 meter, dredge depth 12 meters, 93 gross tons, 27 net tons, 180 meters of 16" dredge hose, 14" suction hose, 14" pump pipe on dredger, cutter hydraulic 100 hp 4 blades, 2 spud poles, speed 4 knots, located Europe Price: 280,000 (Euros)

Built 1970s, 3-piece hull, assembled dimensions: 40 x 20 x 4, New 32 ladder (27.7 depth). Maddox 14"x12" pump. Detroit diesel 12V71 700HP. New cutterhead and 90HP cutter drive assembly. Located Mid-South USA. Price: $475,000

Built 2010, Pearce 12" x 14" (36" impeller) dredge pump, Cat C18 ACERT (700 hp) main engine, Tonanco marine gear main pump drive, Cat C9 ACERT (300 hp) auxiliary engine, Hypack DredgePack dredge monitoring system, trimble GPS, located Mid-South USA Price: $910,000

Built 2000 (Korea), 97 x 21 x 4.9, 116.41 GT, main engines 2200 ps @ 750 rpm, 400 cubic meters (523 cubic yards) per hour, water 1900 cubic meters (2485 cubic yards) per hour, 9m (29.5) dredging depth, 500m (1640) dredging distance, Pump size 13.7" inlet x 11.8" outlet Price: $360,000

Building 2019. Partially built dredge available immediately, completed dredge available March 2019. 32' cutterhead ladder. (2) 36' x 12' x 4' hull sections. Center console. (3) Gearmatic hoists new, hydraulic systems. CAT 440 HP C15 diesel engine. Pearce 12x12-32 main pump, heavy duty built drive. TwinDisc manual clutch. Hydradrive cutterhead, 6 blade with back drive 26" ID. Dimensions: Overall 60' x 12' x 4', draft 2.5'. Working depth at 45 deg 23', working depth at 60 deg, 28'. Suction pipe 12", discharge pipe 12". Spuds: 12" x 30'. Swing width 40 deg each side at 10 deg angle, 75'. At 60 deg angle, 55'. Anticipated production: medium sand 15%, 175 cubic yards per hour, medium sand 25% 292 cubic yards per hour. Dredge in incomplete condition: $350,000 Dredge in completed condition: $575,000

Cat C18 diesel engine (rebuilt), Thomas 12 x 12 dredge ump (new impeller), 60 ladder with hydraulic driven cutterhead, 4 hyd winches, new diesel generator, 83 overall length, pontoons 5W x 4H, good condition, located Arkansas Price: $300,000

Built 2019, never used, put in fresh water for testing only. Overall length (with ladder) 46'. Hull length 30' plus 7' ladder. Overall width: 11.4'. Hull depth: 3.5'. Average draft (with fuel): 2' Aluminum uni-hull design with sealed compartments. Total dry weight: 12 tons. Suction 12", discharge 12". Digging depth: 4' - 15'. Dredge pump engine: International T444E diesel (radiator cooled), 250 HP at 3100RPM. Pump drive: TwinDisc with 10-5V belts with 30"x8" sheaves. Hydraulic cutter: Diameter 36", 60:1 reduction 35 rpm. 4-blade, 12 teeth. Dredge pump: 8" x 10" x 30". Auxiliary water pump: Mission 2"x3". 5-swing hoist hydraulic winches: line pull 8000lbs, 100FPM, 1/2" wire, drum capacity 330'. Hydraulic system: pump: Commercial 37-3 sections, valves: Commercial 35A 7 sections. Capacity: 20 gallons with screens and filter. Fuel capacity: 350 gal (2) removable aluminum fuel cells. Located Kansas. Price: $475,000

Built 1983. Hull center: 36' x 10' x 5, Hull side sections: 50' x 5' x 4'. Main engine: CAT 3408 (365HP at 1800rpm). Main pump: HDM 32 12"x10". Ladder winch: HM1D-13. Aux engine: CAT 3406. Cutter size: 31 1/2" Back Ring. Ladder length: 30'. Spuds: 40' x 12". Winpower 4kw electric system. Located Florida. Price: $310,000

Built 2004. Thomas Metso Dredge Pump J36 12" suction, 10" discharge. Pump impeller 4-Vane 36" diameter. Main engine: CAT C16. +9,000 hours. Max dredging depth: 46' at 70 degrees. Rotary cutter head. Spent $20,600 to rebuild pump and other parts on the unit. Dredge currently out of water. Located Northeast USA. Price: $275,000

44' x 20'9 1/2" x 4', draft 27", Dry weight 95,000lbs. Digging depth 2-20', swing radius of 23'9" - 35' in swinging made, 90' - 100' in conventional mode. 31 1/2" Cutterhead. Main engine: CAT 3408 Diesel. Fuel capacity: 1400 gal. Pump: Georgia Iron Works 10"x12" 32.5 GF. (3) spuds, (5) winches. Not used in 10 years, stored on land, 3 truck loads, needs to be refurbished (cost of refurbishing included in price) Located California Price: $300,000

(3) Available. Built 1980s. 250 cubic yard per hour capacity. 20' depth capacity. Main engine: CAT 3406 diesel. Dimensions: 36' x 12' x 4', with 2'8" draft. Weight: 56,000lb. Fuel capacity: 800 gal. Cutter diameter: 31". Spuds: 12.75" x 29'. Requires refurbishing. Located Northeast. Price: $170,000 (less for package) Dredge pipe: 8,000' of 12" at $13 per foot 2,000' of 14" at $16 per foot 1,800' of 16" SDR11 (thicker than standard SDR17). Some new, some used. 40-45 lengths. Ends are even-cut with a chainsaw. Price: $18 per foot

Built 2005, steel construction, 80 x 20 x 6, Iveco main motor pump Model 8281 SRM 50 diesel operating 368kw @ 1800 rpm (493 hp), aux engine Iveco Model 8065 M12 diesel 81 kw @ 2500 rpm (108 hp), SGT 250 dredge pump 12" suction diameter, 10" discharge diameter, 31" impeller, 4-5 blades,

Built 1980, European built, 153' x 26', Draft: 2.9' to 7.2', GRT: 133, Speed: 7 knots. Main engine: Fiat AIFO 828M 300 HP, Pump: Fiat 500 HP, Generator: Fiat 64kVA 220/380. Working depth 82', can load and unload from a depth down to 10 meters at 400 ton per hour. Capacity 300 tons. Self-loading / unloading hopper suction dredge. Can discharge ashore at 1.5km at 75 ton per hour. In good clean condition, ready to be put immediately into operation. Captain can completely operate dredge from control panel with 3 crew assist. Located Europe.

Built 1987.18m x7.3m x 2.5m. Depth capacity 35m, max discharge length 1700m, max head dredge pump 8.5 bar, total weight: 80 ton. Cat 3408 (400HP) diesel engine powered jet pump, Linde hydraulic system, Cat 3408 DI-TA 400 HP diesel engine, Reintjes LAF 340 gear box, ratio 2.45:1, 35 kVA generator. Bagema underwater pump (50% wear) , type 30-30 FGH/BW, hydraulic driven, 1.2 m^3/h mixture, Bagema type 30-30 FGH/BW diesel driven jet pump, KSB 400m^3/h @ 8 bar, winch hydraulic driven central drum, 6 drums. 4 point mooring system, ladder winch, suction pipe winch. A-frame, lifting frame, wheelhouse with windows. Location: Germany. Price: $ 358,000

Taken apart for repair, pontoons require welding the lower outboard seam, minor tin repairs on wheelhouse and engine cover required, funnel that carries horizontal cutter requires steel work. The planetary drive and cutter assembly are brand new, never used. Dredge was working when it came out for repairs. Located Long Island New York Price: $16,000

VMI Model MDE-415 HN. Built 2002. 32' x 8', 22" draft, Weight 17,000 lbs. Cutter assembly: 16" x 8'6", Working capacity: 8'6", Depth: 20'. Engine: Detroit 6V71. Pump: Centrifugal 13", 4" suction, 8" discharge. Capacity: 1000 GPM @ 130' head. Sundstrand high-volume hydraulic pump, 80 GPM. Propulsion: Treble sheave hydraulic winch. Average cutting speed: 5-15 FPM. Equipped with 500' of 8" pipe, 20' sections SDR 17. Good condition, ready for immediate use. Cleaned and painted. Price loaded on truck in Ohio: $85,000

Built 1991, 38'6" x 9'7" x 9'4", weight 22,000lbs. (2) 35" x 38" x 309" pontoons. Draft 30". Working capacity: Cut 96" wide x 22" deep. Working depth 20'. Engine: Cummins 5.9 177HP, Vickers 3525 hydraulic pump, 2500 gpm slurry pump. Fuel capacity: 180 gal, fuel consumption 13.2 gal/hr. Auger head, cable system. 10" suction, 10" discharge. Used in fresh water. Not used for 1 1/2 years. Located Nebraska. Price: $80,000

Built 2006. 61' overall length, hull 45' x 14' x 4'. Dry weight: 63,000lbs. Dig depth: 25'. Main engine: Cummins N-14 6Cyl, 425HP at 1800rpm. TwinDisc MG3140 P1, air over hydraulic clutch reduction gear. Main pump Pearce 10" x 10", discharge rated at 4100gpm. Cutterhead 32" OD fitted with 7-blades, driven by MH-217 hydraulic motor. Steering in pilot house with electric over hydraulic steering pumps. (2) Pullmaster swing winches rated at 8000lb each. (2) 12" pipe spud wells with (2) 10" OD spud pipes, 28' length, operated by hydraulic winches. Located US Texas. Price: $250,000

2500 hours, 25' depth, 42x11x10 (30" draft), 27,900lbs, 2 pontoons, 4 truckload for transportation, working capacity: Cutterhead 22" diameter by 108" wide by 25' depth, Can be increased to 28'. Cummins diesel engine 325HP. Performance: Dredge pump: IMS discharge 12", suction 9.75", Impeller diameter 19.25". 3,500gpm, 65' TDH water @ 900rpm. Propulsion: STAR WHEEL drive 0-15rpm or 0-55ftm. Work performed: Removed and replaced all Hydraulic lines. Flushed hydraulic fluid (used 55 gallons of aw46 grade hydraulic fluid), replaced both hydraulic filters. Removed hydraulic control bank and totally refurbished. Sent electronic joysticks to Ims and had rebuilt. Replaced all boom cables, starwheel cables and safety cables, rebuilt 2 starwheel paddles. Replaced cutterhead knives. Replaced material pump impellar, replated material output tube walls. Resealed pontoons and repainted entire vessel. Performed full service on engine and also drained and refilled transfer case. Powered by Cummins power plant Includes 200 of pipe. Currently stacked in Florida. Price: $100,000

Built 1998. Low pressure , high volume. Good for 1500. Less than 3000 hours. Used for just 3 jobs with very light materials, used in fresh water. Not used in several years. 22 depth capacity, cutter diameter 22 x 108, Cummins diesel 250 HP, IMS pump 120 DMP1-H fabricated steel pump pressure 2200 psi, cutterhead 3000 psi, 12" discharge x 9.85 suction, impeller diameter 19.2, 3500 gpm, star wheel drive 0 15 rpm, 0-55 ft/m. 80 pcs (3200) of 8 x 40 dredge pipe SDR17 (most have connectors on end) 31 extra connectors Assort of clamps for pipe (7) 20 pipe (2) 10 pipe (12) pipe couplers (2) elbow couplers (2) extra long elbows Extra power plant with pump Floats: (5) Big orange bumpers, (3) white balls, (11) Torpedo type floats Being sold due to retirement of owner. Located Michigan

Completely reconditioned 2020, all major rework to bring it back to excellent condition. 51'5" x 12' x 10'5" high. Dry weight 47,700lbs. John Deere diesel 6135 AFM85, 13.5L 500 HP main engine with 2,650 hours. Fuel capacity 400 gal. (2) pontoons, 45" x 43" x 468". Draft 35". Working capacity: 11'6" cutter, working depth 30'. Dredge pump: GIW 10" x 12", 5,000gpm at 125' TDH with 2,000' discharge length. Starwheel self-propulsion system. Package includes: (2) GIW 10" x 12" Boosters pumps, with 60 and 2,000 hours. 500' of flex hose Located Rocky Mountains US. Package Price: $775,000

Built 2011. 10" suction, 8" discharge. 6" particle clearance. Maximum working depth 20'. Dry weight 32,500 lbs. Draft: 24". Total length 45'. Transport width, 9'5", height 9'5". Engine: John Deere 6090H F070, 325HP @ 2200rpm. Fuel capacity 360 gal. Ellicott dredge pump, 24" impeller. Capacity: Wtaer 2500 gal/min @ 143' TDH. Ellicott sludge pump, 10" suction, 8" discharge, 8" particle size, 2000 gal/min @ 105' TDH. Propulsion: Treble sheave hydraulic winch, 3/8" wire rope, 0-60 FPM. Auger width: 8.5'. Located US Gulf. Price: $275,000

Built 2004. 10" suction, 8" discharge, 6" particle clearance. Engine: John Deere 6081 H 300 HP. Length overall: 47, width overall 8'6", height overall: 8'6". Dry weight: 28,300lb. Draft 2.5' fully loaded. Main pump: Ellicott 24" impeller, capacity: 2500 gpm @ 162' TDH. Sludge pump: Ellicott 25" impeller, 10" suction, 8" discharge, 8" particle clearance. Propulsion: Triple wrap friction drive winch. 2300lbs line pull, 50 fpm max speed. Used in the same freshwater pond since it was new, never in saltwater. Located Northeast US. Price: $280,000

8" discharge. Main engine: 6.8L John Deere, 8' auger. 20' depth capacity. New Kerr pump, new hydrostat system, 1000 hours, stored in shed for 10 years, 80 gpm pump, cable winches, 17" impeller. Used in freshwater. Company bought for one job. Spent $40,000 to make it ready for the work and used it to pump 900' 8" pipe relatively thick material at 2500gpm. Cable, anchors, winches. Located Illinois, stored on land. Price: $180,000

Built 2020, used very little (less than one week), 15 working depth, 8 cut width, 17 cut height, 22.5 avg draft, Catamaran hull type, John Deere 125 hp engine, 60 gal fuel capacity, MudCat slurry pump with 8 discharge, 3000 gpm max performance, 3.5 solids passage (closed impeller), 4.3 solids passage (open impeller) Price: $240,000

43.7 x 11.25 x 910", 38,000 lbs., 22 working depth Motor: Toshiba 350 hp electric, 900-2200 rpm speed control range Drive: Toshiba 350 hp Vari Freq. Hydraulic system media: SAE30 motor oil, Shell Rotella T-30 Cutterhead: 52" diameter Cutterhead Ladder: 18" diameter tubular design Dredge pump: 8" x 10" Georgia Iron Works Controls: Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 controls Propulsion: 3-winch system for swing dredging Water Cannon: Cornell centrifugal 2-1/2" x 2", 250 gpm, 100 psi, Price: $95,000

Built 2000. 103' x 15'8" x 4'. Main engine: CAT 3406, auxiliary engine CAT 3304. Both have less than 2 years since overhaul. 70' straight suction ladder with jet assist, 61' depth capacity. 8x10 Pearce dredge pump. Great condition, ready to work. Price: $240,000

Built 2003, 6 x 8" pump/dredge discharge, 32 x 85"W x 95"H, weight 18,000#, self-propelled, 0 20 depth capacity, 275 hp John Deere engine, 85" cutterhead width, discharge 2500 gpm @ 80 TDH water and produces up to 150 cubic yards per hour, located Mexico Price: $240,000

Overall length: 42', Overall width (swinging ladder mode) 17'4". Overall width (trucking and conventional) 10'6". Hull depth 3'10". Height without spuds 10'6". Average draft 2'8". Ladder length 22'. Spuds: 6" x 8" square. Dredge dry weight: 38,600lbs. Max dredging depth 16'. Main engine: CAT 3126 (260 HP @ 2600rpm) radiator cooled. Cutter diameter 30", cutting force 2,690lb. Swing winches: DSC 5,150lb line pull, 65'/minute. Swing force 27,600lb, 12'/minute. Dredge pump: DSC 8"x8", 19 3/4" diameter impeller. Complete with 24 different spare parts available. Price: $250,000

Model PCD-8C-M Manufactured 1984, good condition, well maintained Equipped with a stern mounted travelling spud; by a simple reconfiguration of spuds and swing wires it operates in the conventional swing mode. 3 piece hull: center section 30 x 8 x 4, side pontoons 37 x 5 x 4. Assembled dims 37 x 18 x 4 Swinging ladder 31 long for dredging to depth of approximately 25 Heavy Duty 10" x 8" AMMCO dredge pump, 24" impeller diameter Cat 3408 diesel engine (365 hp) continuous @ 1800 rpm 3-stage hydraulic pump for all hydraulic functions including cutter drive, swing winches, ladder and spud hoisting cylinders, and spud travel cylinder New 10 kw generator for lighting and AC electrical outlets Charter: $35,500 per month (2 month minimum) Purchase Price: $385,000

New build. Less than 20 hours of testing operation. Length: 302", Width: 87", Height: 76", Weight: 8,100 lbs dry, Draft: 15". Pontoons: (2) 30" diameter x 26, 10 gauge steel. Electric driven 100 HP (76 kW) submersible slurry pump with cast iron volute and impeller. Centrifugal Dual Vane Impeller: Max solids diameter 3". Suction Diameter: 8", Discharge Diameter: 8". Electric driven 100 HP High Chrome Submersible Pump Pump Performance: Up to 3,000 GPM (681m3/hr.) @ 75 ft. TDH 7 ft. 6 in. (2.28m) wide steel horizontal auger head, Operating depth: 17 Semi enclosed anti-turbidity mud shield Detachable heat-treated cutter blades Auger head wheels for lined pond protection Radio remote control belly bucket Slurry pump on / Speed (VFD Driver included for pump speed control) Double sheave hydraulic driven winch 10 in. for traverse cable 460 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase / 147 FLA Includes: 600 ft. of 4-2/0 AWG, Type W Power Cord A/C unit for electrical enclosure Hydraulic oil cooling system Auto Sense: automated forward / reverse travel control, Bottom Sense. Automatic Grease System Density Meter, Solid Sense 30 pipe / hose floats Requires 4-point cable drive package with 1,000 of cable which costs 8,804 USD. Located Northeast US. Price: $195,000

Built 1999, 130 hp Cummins, 15 depth, Pekor 8 x 8 x 25 pump, approximately 3000 of DR17 pipe with trailer, 18 welded bottom work skiff with air cooled engine, misc pipe floats, 8" and 10" rubber hoses, exra spuds, extra pontoons, ladder extension, misc pipe elbows and reducers, spare parts and equipment Price: $200,000

Built 1999. 6 x 6 cutterhead. 36' ladder, 30' maximum digging depth. Powered by 3208 CAT with hydraulic power unit. Hydraulically powered cutterhead and 6" ladder pump. 32' length. Max height 12'6". Weight: 15 tons. 26' x 6" spud. 1500' of 6" pipe. Produces 85 tons per hour, 63 cubic yard per hour, 18 impeller. Transfer pump has rebuilt engines and hydraulic pumps. Operated 2019. Recent work: new hoses, reworked pump, reworked cutter head, engine work. Located Texas. Price: $100,000

Built in 2003. Depth capacity: Maximum 18. Capacity: 1000 gal per minute. 120 yards sand and gravel. Dimensions: 16 x 30 Deployed Platform, 9 x 30 retracted dimension for road travel. Can easily be transported to a beach and placed into the water. (3) 20 hydraulic controlled spuds. (2) hydrostatic powered outboards, using the lower part of an outboard and then hydrostatically powered to provide propulsion. 8" x 6" Lighting Pump. Main engine: CAT 3406B (360 hp), 20 backhoe boom arm , 24" basket cutter head, 48" tiller cutter head. Self-Propelled Pipe Fusion Machine (6 in and 8 in pipe). Off-Road Trailer Mounted Axle w/ high-flotation tires. 120 ft Rail Deployment Attachment. 1,000 of 8" "poly pipe. Completely refurbished, all hydraulics reworked, piping reworked, engine reworked. In excellent shape, ready for immediate use. Located Nebraska. Price: $170,000

Built 1996, refurbished and retrofitted 2004, refurbed 2013, 48 long heavy duty ladder for dredging depth of 416", 10" x 8" heavy duty Thomas Simplicity H30 dredge pump, Cat 3406 diesel, new 26" cutterhead, 3 pc hull, assembled dimensions 50 x 16 x 4, good overall condition, located Mid South USA Price: $390,000

Built 1992. Mudcat model MS16 - 12000B. Pick up capacity: 16' wide x 2 1/2' deep. Storage capacity: 12,000lbs or 700 cubic feet. Main engine: Cummins 5.9L engine (needs remanufacture) Pontoons need to be replaced. Propulsion system: (2) hydraulically driven, bidirectional and variable speed propellers. Hydraulic tank capacity: 100 gallons. Hull dimensions: 34'8" x 11'11". Light draft: 17", loaded draft: 26". Number of compartments: 10. Located Virginia. Price: $60,000

Manufactured 2003, (2) 515 HP Deutz diesel engine, L 35m x W 8.29m x depth 3.10m, 11 ton bollard pull, 11 knots max cruise speed, 281 ton gross tonnage, (2) 88kw generators, 11 berths and 6 cabins, (2) suction dredging pumps, 108B link belt crane, 40 tons. Located Europe PRICE: $350,000 PRICE REDUCED: $175,000 Charter Price: $3800 a day near Greece, $6,000 a day Africa and elsewhere Minimum 3 month charter

140' x 40' x 10'. Bucyrus Erie 88B Lattice Boom Crane (75 ton capacity) 2 drum, powered by Cat 2412, 650 HP diesel, torque Mdl TCD845, height above water line 74.5 , stern 70 , gantry 36.5 ,cab 30, roof of crane 23, deck of barge 6, dredge bucket 5 yd Esco, transfer bucket 7 yd Owens, Deck Yarder Cat/Perkins 3054, 105 HP, model E99056, max particle clearing 19.5 2 spuds. 3 drum skagit spud winch. New steel on sides in 2012. Office, tool room, genset. (2) 10,000 gal fuel tanks. No ABS. Located California. Price: $170,000

149 x 45 x 8, 4600 Manitowoc crane with a power tagline, spud rig: 671 series GM, (3) 24" spuds with walking spud and air controls, (2) generators 671 series GM 60 kw, welding machine, air compressor, septic system, below deck storage: cable, fresh water pump, rope, paint, parts, workbench with fuel transfer pump and generator rooms. Internal fuel tanks (2) @ 15,000 gallons each. Internal water tanks (2) @ 15,000 gallons each. Internal oil storage tank 660 gallons. Rack for piling drop hammer leads. Living quarters: galley and dining area, TV rooms. Crew quarters will sleep 8 with one bathroom for crew. Room for inspector and/or superintendent with two bunks, room for captain with one bunk ande connecting bathroom between guest room. Total sleeping: 11, total bathrooms 2. AC and heat, 2 fresh water pumps. Price: $350,000

Built 1981, 150' x 50' x 9.5'. GT/NT 806. American Hoist triple drum waterfall chain driven spud winch powered by Detroit Diesel model 6-71. Winch operates single forward 50' and (2) aft 35' x 32" square spuds. Deck house / crew quarters. Accommodations for (13) in (7) bunk rooms. Washroom, galley. (2) Single stage Quince Model 340 compressors, (2) lube oil tanks. Crane: PAGE Model 721 revolving crane, built 1956. 130' boom. Powered by 500HP CAT D379 diesel, generators: (2) John Deere. (2) 8 yard dragline buckets (one for rocks). Located US Gulf. Price: $2,800,000

Built 1978, converted 2007, 432 x 282 x 62, 26 moulded depth, 18 maximum draught, 103 maximum dredging depth, .4347 gross tons, total installed power 15,800 kw, cutter output 3,300 kw, suction pump output 2,356 kw, discharge pump output (2) 3,600 kw For Charter Only

Built 1975, 255 x 186 x 44, 13.4 moulded depth, 9 normal draught, 10 max draught, 2.6 suction pipe diameter, 2.4 discharge pipe diameter, 91.8 max dredging depth, 779 gross tons, total installed power 5128kw, cutter output 808 kw, suction pump output 671kw, inboard pump output 2700 kw For Charter Only

Built 1986, 377 x 341 x 65, 25 moulded depth, 16 normal draught, 16 max draught, 3.1 suction pipe diameter, 2.9 discharge pipe diameter, 82 max dredging depth, 19 minimum dredging depth, 3877 gross tons, total installed power 15,871kw, cutter output 3960kw, suction pump output 2200 kw, inboard pump output 7400 kw, propulsion engines 7400kw, speed 12 knots, spud carriage anchoring system For Charter Only

Built 1981, 226 x 179 x 54, 9.5 moulded depth, 6.4 normal draught, 7.2 maximum draught, 2.4 suction pipe diameter, 2.2 discharge pipe diameter, 57 maximum dredging depth, 10.4 minimum dredging depth, 518 gross tons, spud carriage anchoring system, total installed power 2928kw For Charter Only

Built 1992. Hitachi EX200LC-2. 6' extension tube between undercarriage and upper. 10' 3rd stick extension. Auxiliary hydraulic circuit and controls. 3,000lb additional counterweight. 40' reach, good for pile driving, will drive right into the water from the beach to do pier work. Located Northeast US. Price: $60,000

Built 1979, reconditioned 1995, refurbished 2008. 8565 hours on refurb. Rake Grizzly. Telesmith 30x42 jaw crusher. Hydraulic hammer. Deister 7x20 double deck screen. Deister 6x12 dewatering screen. 380' of 30" floating conveyor. External transformers. Complete new gantry crane. Complete new bucket including electrical and hydraulic components. Complete new bucket shell. Various spare parts. Unit is MSHA compliant and ready to work. Located upper USA. Price: $3,500,000

Built 2001, dredging depth 24, 76, x 13m x 5.5m, LDT (Tons) 1500, Hopper capacity 1535 cbm, speed 10 knots, main engines: (2) Smith MAN engine 900HP ea, generators (2) x 135 HP, 450 HP Bow Thruster. Dredge pump 800m, pump power 900 HP, jet pressure 8 bar. 2 cabins aft, 6 cabins forward, 1 mess room, 1 kitchen. Available in December 2017. Located Middle East. Price: $2,200,000

2008 TRAILING SUCTION HOPPER DREDGE (Ref#531) 319 x 70 x 24, maximum dredging depth 108, carrying capacity 8,350 tons, suction pipe diameter 1,000mm, gross tons 5,005, speed 13 knots, total installed power 6,700 kw, pump ashore output 4,00 kw, propulsion power sailing 4,000 kw, bow thruster 450 kw. (mechanical driven dredge pump through 2 engines max engine room and pump room are situated in the aft ship), accommodations situated on fore ship For Charter Only

Built 1957, renovated 2010, 229 x 23 x 8.2, pipe diameter 13.77" (350mm), 59 (18m) depth excavation, max draught 7.2 (2.2m), for gravel and sand, catch line with Cat 320N for extraction, 1997 Cat 320N excavator 35 cubic ft, vessel can load other vessels or barges, pushing tows for barges, 630T max deadweight, 392 yards (300 m3) cargo hold capacity, 114 x 14.7 x 9.8 (35m x 4.5m x 3m) cargo holds, main engine Deutz 680 hp (rebuild 2012), Reintjes clutch, Volvo 480hp engine for dredge pump R.P. 350, Mercedes-Benz 130 hp (32kw) generator, Deutz 20kw generator, 260 hp Mercedes bow thruster, accommodations 5 bedrooms, capacities: 6500L (1717 gal) total water, 55000L (14,500 gal) total fuel oil. Reworked 2010: new hopper space with steel plates, new double hull walls, new dredging pump RP 350/300, new suction/pressure line, gearbox reduction ratio 4.92:1, Extration of cargo Gravel: 60 min, sand 45 min., new main gear changed on Cat 320N in 2014, 2010 new dredge pump, 2010 70% new command bridge with new consoles and electronics, immediately available (2 similar dredges available) Price 450,000 (Euros)

Manufactured 1965, Rebuilt 2010, 62.17m (204) x 11.28m (37) x 4.2m full (13.7), 800 m3 hopper capacity, 600mm suction pipe diameter, 30m (98) approx depth capacity, rolling bucket discharge, 960 hp Mirrless Black Stone main engine, 655 hp Dorman engine dredge power, suction time 2 hours, dredge time 4 hours, speed 9.8 knots, located Europe Price: $550,000 PRICE REDUCED: $450,000

Built 1976 (Japan), grab 10 cubic yards (8m3), 120 ton crane, 612 GT, 126 x 52.4 x 9.8 depth, 8.3 draft, Mitsubishi 500 hp engine, (2) Yanmar 115hp @ 1800 rpm generator engine, Daewoo D1146T generator, located North Africa Price: $450,000

Built 1988, Japan. 125' x 52' x 9.8'. GRT 644. Dredging depth: 164'. Sand bucket: 8m3 (20 ton), heavy bucket: 4m3 (35 ton). Rock crushing capacity: 25 ton x 1, 20 ton x 2. Crane: SKK 80 ton, 75' boom, with Mitsubishi 900 HP engine. Located Korea. Price: $740,000 USD

Built 1979, 78m x 13m x 5m, 2.50m draft, 5.40m draught, 2.389m3 well capacity, 2.730T load capacity, 29.5m dredging depth, 1.715 gross tons, 541 net tons, main pump 940 kw, 1.094 kw propulsiave power during dredging, speed 10 knots For Charter Only

Built 2011. 25'10" x 14' x 5'. draft 3'. GT 15, NT 15. Pilot house 6'x6'x7'. Main engines: (2) CAT C7 diesel, developing 250 HP each, aftercooled, keel cooled. TwinDisc MG506 1SC.2.43 ratio. (2) hydraulic pumps operate the A-frame and the steering. Located South US. Price: $300,000

DREDGE SUPPORT EQUIPMENT (Ref#3569) 18" Ellicott Booster pump 5375 hours $330,000 16" Ellicott Booster Pump 2929 hours $300,000 Traveling Spud / 7000 gal fuel just sandblasted and painted $245,000 Spare Gearbox / Rebuilt/ Ellicott $120,000 20" SDR 17 pipe 12,000 LF $22 per ft 18" SDR 17 pipe 5000LF $19.50 per ft 16" SDR 17 Pipe 12,000 LF $17 per ft 16" SDR 11 Pipe 4000LF $20 per ft 20" pipe weights 100 sets $300per set 18" pipe weights 100 sets $300 per set 40 pipe trailer $9500 16" float line 6 pieces $6000 each 750 Lb Anchors 12 $800each 1000 Lb Anchors 6 $1,500 each Misc. buoys with lights and fittings

Built 2016. 5375 hours. Powered by CAT C-27 diesel engine with clutch. 875 HP @ 1800 RPM, electric start. Ellicott 18" booster pump, 38" impeller, 8.4" particle clearance. Max RPM 654. Suction size: 18", discharge size 18". Ellicott 18" ID suction cleanout. Ellicott close-coupled reduction gear box. Heat exchangers for diesel engine and gear box cooling. Service water pump, belt driven. Exhaust silencer. Weight: 40,000lbs. Overall length: 21', Overall width: 7', Overall height: 9'. Located Florida. Price: $335,000

Engine: CAT C-32 Acert 1125 HP, TwinDisc marine transmission. Pump: Pearce, suction 18", discharge 16", impeller diameter 40". Hours: 237. Fuel capacity: 2000 gallons (when shared with Ref#3449). Price: $450,000

Manufactured 2006. 16" x 16" booster pump. 44" impeller. Type 83B 44"RH. Assembled on 2 separate steel skids. TwinDisc SP31B PTO Gear assembly. A multibelt pulley system connects both units. Section side of booster equipped with standard suction cleanout. Owner states booster pump is periodically maintained with an excellent preventative maintenance system. Equipment reported to be in excellent condition. 24volt electric supplied via alternator with (2) 12volt ED storage batteries. - Includes: booster pump spare parts, 1 dredge pump shell, new dredge pump shaft sleeve, 3 new sets dredge pump drive belts. Located Alabama. Price: $190,000 PRICE REDUCED: $155,000 - video available

Built 1977, Metso Thomas P46, was powered by CAT 1300 HP Diesel engine. Dimensions and weight: 138"L x 71"W 86"H, 22,000#. Removed from a dredge which was converted for another use. Located California. In good working condition when it was stored. Price: $70,000 PRICE REDUCED: $40,000

16" x 16" BOOSTER PUMP (Ref#2882a) Maddox pump with 36" impeller, 12V92 Detroit diesel, TwinDisc PTO. Falk reduction gear box. Skid mounted, full controls. Good condition. The PTO is out (July 11th, 2018), on order will be installed. Will be sold as a fully functioning booster. Located Florida. Price: $325,000

16" x 16" BOOSTER PUMP (Ref#1927) capacity 9000 gallons per minute, GIW pump powered by Cat 3412E diesel engine, complete, mounted on skid, 39" impeller. Serviced, cycled and load tested. Ready to use. Dimensions/weight: 22L x 74"W x 105" H 35,000#, located South USA Price: $460,000

Remanufactured 2014. Model 939S. Powered by Detroit Diesel 16V92, 700 HP, 3.48-1 gear ratio. Approximately 9600 hours. 97% life left on pump, minimal wear on liner and impeller, no cavitation marks, new shaft wear sleeve. Peerless 3x4 water service pump. Skid-mounted. Guards, rails. Located Mid South USA. Price: $320,000

12" X 12" BOOSTER PUMP (Ref#1504) 12 x 12 Pettibone pump, never pumped mud, 12V71 Detroit engines 500 hp (300 hours), VF transmission new, mechanical controls, small day tank, mounted on skid, dimensions/weight: 25L x 8W x 8H 25,000 lbs., located Midwest USA Purchase Price: $185,000 PRICE REDUCED: $150,000 Rent: $25,000 per month (2 shifts) or $18,000 per month (1 shift)

(2) Available. Low hours. Price: $160,000 each. A. 12" x 12" - 32, Pekor Model DMX, Coupling: Rexnord Omega 120. Reduction gear: Twin Disc MG518. Engine: CAT 3412 550HP. Compressor: Haldex MLEL13020X. Approximate shipping weight: 22,500lbs. B. 12" x 14" - 28, GWI Model LCC-M, Coupling: Atra-Flex T-7 RBS. Reduction gear: Twin Disc 514 C-2-1. Engine: CAT 3412 550 HP. Compressor: Haldex MLEL13020X. Approximate shipping weight: 17,500lbs.

Built 2009, 14" suction, 12" discharge, 22" impeller. 400 HP Cummins diesel, 24 volt start, 18 speed transmission with clutch, shaft drive. Mission Magnum XP pump example performance data: 14" x 12" x 22" impeller @ 1200 rpm, 400 HP, with a 250' head will pump 5000 gallons per minute. Located Western Canada. Price: $40,000

Capacity at 1750 rpm 1400 gpm at 100 psi SKF high pressure bearings, 4140 HT shaft, tungsten carbide mechanical sale The Extra Heavy" duty MCM 250 Series pump has been designed for the toughest jobs in drilling, production, well servicing, cleaning out pits, and other industrial applications. Radiator cooled, Fuel tank, Controls, Gauges, Instrumentation Suction hose, Discharge hose, starter, fuel tank Powered by Cat 3208 diesel engine (300 hp) Mounted on heavy duty oilfield base with lifting eyes Completely cleaned, painted and reworked. Excellent Condition Protective frame not shown in photo Overall dimensions: 127" long x 45" wide x 60" high Weight 5,500 lbs. Price: $45,000

DREDGE PIPE (Ref#3436) 3000' of 24" dredge pipe HDPE Price on Request 5000' of 24" steel dredge pipe 5/8" wall - Price on Request 3000' of 14" dredge pipe SDR17 Price on Request 16 sets of 24" bells and balls (Ref#3436) 75% good Price: $8000 per set

750KW GENERATOR (Ref#3411) 480v / 3 phase / 60 cycle. Powered by CAT 3508 diesel engine, 1000 HP. Mounted in 40' trailer with (2) 1000 gallon fuel tanks. Was used to power a dredge. Located Midwest. Price: $55,000

18" SDR17 DREDGE PIPE (Ref#3451) 32,000' of 18" SDR17 dredge pipe. Min wall: 1.059", 125 PSI rated. 18.00" OD and 15.755" ID. 200' lengths, 20,000' very excellent condition, 12,000' good condition. Price: $19/foot

15 best sand toys & beach toys for summer 2021 - kids beach toys

15 best sand toys & beach toys for summer 2021 - kids beach toys

Long, hot summer days are the perfect time to bust out the outdoor toys to break away your children from their screens. Beach toys can turn a mundane afternoon digging around in the sand into a day of imaginative play.

The sky is the limit when it comes to variety, so for this guide, we're focusing on durable beach toys along with several eco-friendly options that have a smaller carbon footprint. Kids tend to amass a ton of plastic playthings, so many of these sand toys are more sustainable alternatives.

Whether you're packing the family up for a vacation, heading to a local beach for a day trip, or just pushing your kids outside to the backyard for them to get their energy out, these 15 beach toys will make their summertime memorable.

This 11-piece set includes a sweet watering can and bucket, several sand molds, a shovel, and a sieve, so your little explorer can sift out all the best seashells. The mesh bag is the perfect storage tote, allowing wet, sandy toys to dry and shake clean.

Full of everything your sand artist needs to create a masterpiece, this Battat B. Summer Beach Bag comes with 11 different toys. Crafted from toxin-free materials, each of the brightly hued toys is the perfect size for your toddler to handle with ease.

A mix of imaginative and hands-on play, this cupcake set comes with the molds and tools your kiddo needs to feed your whole fam. Your little one just has to fill the molds with moist sand, cover them with the sea animal toppers, let them bake away under the sun, and then your dessert is ready.

It's a huge set made to keep your kids busy for hours and hours, making sandcastles, mansions on the beach, or just making shell bras for their dad who's once again fallen asleep in the sun. Your kids will be amped to have all the tools they need.

The sturdy trio comes with three different mini shovels and a bucket so that they can dig to their heart's content or until they realize the other side of the world is far, far away. A bonus is that it's made of sustainable rubberwood, so it's much easier on planet Earth.

This six-piece set comes with two scoops, two cones, a sprinkles shaker for some extra razzle-dazzle, and a bucket to carry it all. Since there are two of everything, the set is perfect for your kiddos to play together.

When your kid wants to build a sandcastle, they will need the right tools. This sand truck will help them transport heaps of building materials like sand, sticks, and shells to their waterfront construction site.

If your child wants to build the biggest, best sandcastle ever, this classic set can't be beaten. This six-piece set includes long border tops, turrets, and square tops for the most impressive look imaginable.

We're not going to lie, we love the little flags included in this set. Plus, the spinning tower, pyramid, and domed turret molds are just plain neat. The collapsible bucket helps for packing sand and toting water, but it can also be used for smart storage.

For sandcastle pros, you can't do much better than this massive, 23-piece beach toy set. It has carving tools, rolling tools to flatten surfaces, and a ton of molds that are perfect for adding a little something special to their sandy structure.

ez-screen - portable topsoil screeners - made in the usa

ez-screen - portable topsoil screeners - made in the usa

Rented a large commercial screen last Spring. It worked... ok. It didnt take long to discover a few flaws. The nature of material I screen has a lot of rock. These would lodge in the screen. The mechanics of the vibrating deck was not adequate to move these rocks across the screen. Several times a day I had to climb up on the deck with a 3lb. Hammer and pound the rocks through to unclog the screen. Frustrating, but we made it work. We rented the screen long enough that the company suggested we should buy one. The smaller size suitable for us sells for $45,000.00. No thanks. Thank god we found AL!! Bought an EZ-Screen 600. After passing several hundred yards over the screen not 1 rock has gotten lodged in the deck. NOT ONE!!! The design and mechanics of the vibrating deck is far superior to other commercial screens. Imagine that... I could have purchased 3 EZ-Screen 600s for the price of one of the competitors screens!!! Bottom line... there is no competition. Best screen out there hands down.

Turn any skid steer loader into a soil screener. With our new EZ-100 Skid Steer Attachment, now every skid steer bucket you load can be screened. Its the perfect attachment because it turns one machine ...

With its larger,heavy duty single-deck screen, the EZ-Screen 700 is ideally suited to work with loaders with buckets ranging up to 1 yards. While the 700 is big enough for most screening jobs, its ...

The EZ-800 is a very good choice if youre looking for a rugged, super versatile, uber-productive stationary screener. One that doesnt have to be as mobile because all the material you need to screen ...

The mission of Argus Industrial Co. is to produce the finest line-up of efficient, portable screeners workhorse machines that out-engineer, out-perform, out-feature, out-last, and are out-and-out better values for the money than anything out in the market.

From topsoil screens for smaller jobs to larger screeners that will handle topsoil, rock, mulch, sand, compost, loam or just about anything else that can be separated by size, EZ-Screen has the machine for you. EZ-Screen portable screening plants also make recycling materials efficient and affordable.

screening plants for sale | topsoil & aggregate screening machines

screening plants for sale | topsoil & aggregate screening machines

Browse our large selection of new and used screening plants, not to be confused with static grizzly screens, for contractors in the road building, rock mining, aggregate producing, demolition, and recycling industries. Looking for trommel screens? Read MoreScreeners range from small and compact equipment to heavy-duty, high-output equipment including tracked mobile screening plants with scalping screens, grading screens, double deck and triple deck vibrating screens. Different deck bar spacing allows the separation of material into different sized products. Material to be separated and filtered includes topsoil, compost, rock, mulch, wood chips, sand, gravel, coal, loam, and more. Read Less

screen equipment / aggregate screening plants for sale - new & used screens | at

screen equipment / aggregate screening plants for sale - new & used screens | at

Used SIMPLICITY 8' X 20' Four Deck Incline Screen, SN: 4820-M160-A-2266, with electric drive motor, V-belts, drive cover, screen frame with fines collection hopper, fines discharge conveyor with electric drive, cleaned and painted, parts and operating manuals,

SellingNew and Used Screening Plants, Mobile &Portable,Manufactures include, Telsmith, Tellsmith, Tel Smith, Crushers, Trio Crushers, Pioneer Spokane, ALLIS CHALMERS, Allis Chalmers Crushers, Terex, Barmac, Cedarapids, Cemco, Eagle Crusher, El Jay, Extec, Finlay, Gator, Hartl, Hewitt Robins, Kolberg, Lippmann, Lipman, MCCLANAHAN, MCCLOSKEY, MCLANAHAN, Metso, Nordberge, Symons, Portec, Powerscreen, Pegson, Sandvic, Screen Machine, Simon, Simplicity, Steadman, Stedman, Terex Pegson, Universal, Custom Built and other Mining Equipment - Rock Crushers for Sale.

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