crushing, screening, conveying, feeding, grinding machine for mining-yantai rhyther mining machinery co.,ltd

crushing, screening, conveying, feeding, grinding machine for mining-yantai rhyther mining machinery co.,ltd

Yantai Rhyther Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning mine concentration equipment (10,000t/d), such as crushing, screening, conveying, feeding, grinding, classifying, agitating, magnetic separation, gravity separation, floatation, dewatering, cyaniding, and metallurgical extraction equipment, etc.

Rhyther Mining's EPC service refers to the turnkey project services that we not only supply the equipment, but also provide full set of services including engineering design, equipment procurement, plant construction, installation, commissioning and training to make the mineral processing plant reach the expected recovery rate.

31 more illegal screening plants sealed in ynagar : the tribune india

31 more illegal screening plants sealed in ynagar : the tribune india

We have sealed 13 screening plants in Bailgarh village on May 14, seven screening plants in Kanalsi village on May 15 and 11 screening plants in Mandauli and Lakkar villages on May 16, said Kamaljit Singh, Assistant Environment Engineer, HSPCB, Yamunanagar.

The 14 screening plants were sealed as the mining mafia had damaged a large section of the right lower downstream embankment (RLDSE) along the Yamuna river at Tajewala by carrying out illegal digging up to 50-ft deep along the embankment.

Kamaljit Singh further said, We have to seal a total of 53 screening plants and have so far closed 45 screening plants, including 14 in Tajewala village in Yamunanagar district. The rest of the eight illegal screening plants in Majri Tappu village will be sealed soon.

The Tribune, now published from Chandigarh, started publication on February 2, 1881, in Lahore (now in Pakistan). It was started by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, a public-spirited philanthropist, and is run by a trust comprising four eminent persons as trustees.

The Tribune, the largest selling English daily in North India, publishes news and views without any bias or prejudice of any kind. Restraint and moderation, rather than agitational language and partisanship, are the hallmarks of the paper. It is an independent newspaper in the real sense of the term.

an entire movie theatre to yourself and your family, pvr cinemas introduce private screening

an entire movie theatre to yourself and your family, pvr cinemas introduce private screening

Incepted in 1997, PVR operates a cinema circuit comprising 845 screens at 176 properties in 71 cities across India and Sri Lanka. PVR Cinemas serves over 100 million patrons every year. It offers different array of formats, including premium screen category (Director's Cut), Gold Class, Sapphire, IMAX, 4DX, P[XL], Playhouse, and PVR Onyx.

The entertainment industry is one of the worst-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, entrepreneurs in the cinema industry are hopeful about bouncing back into the business once things go back to normalcy.

During an earlier conversation with YourStory's Shradha Sharma, Founder, Chairman, and MD of PVR Ajay Bijli had said, "I am banking on the fact that going out is innate human nature, and 10 weeks of lockdown cannot change that. All of us are so restless to go out now.

Co-founder of BookMyShow Ashish Hemrajani had mentioned that cinema provides an escape from the reality -- from homes and environment, and that is what is going to attract Indians back to the theatres.

trees to use for privacy b. b. barns garden center & landscape services

trees to use for privacy b. b. barns garden center & landscape services

The neighbors have a bird's eye view into our backyard barbecues and the opportunity to take notes as we dash across the driveway in our PJs, putting the trash cans out before the garbage truck arrives.Not to mention, we'd like to avoid looking at their lovely collection of junk cars.What about a view of their bathroom window? Can we cover that up with trees and shrubs?

The below picture is a perfect privacy border with its rock wall and mixed conifers, but hardscaping, majestic trees, topiaries and flowering perennials aren't possible for many of us due to budget, time and space constraints. The opposite of a mixed border is typically a straight row of Leyland Cypress , and while useful, it's pretty dull. Don't worry, you can have your secret garden, or at least some privacy, by installing living walls or "screens" with a few well-placed evergreen trees and shrubs.

Diversify the plant material. Let's say you plant a row of Leyland Cypress (please don't, here's why), and the bagworms show up and defoliate all of them. There goes your investment. If instead, you mixed the border with Leylands, hollies, magnolias, rhododendrons and the like, then the bagworms destroy a only portion of your privacy and investment. Replacement costs, if needed, are less and you still have some privacy wile waiting on new plants to grow in.

Plant multiple species in small groupings of three to five. Plant in a staggered or layered planting, not a row (if possible). This provides greater interest year round. If you don't have room for a layered planting, and a row is all you can do, diversifying is still a better long-term choice.

Avoid cramming plants on top of each other. Allow individual plants enough sunlight and air circulation to grow and fill out. The inclination is to cram a lot of plants as tightly together as possible for greater coverage. This leads to multiple fungal and bacterial diseases due to less air and sunlight circulation. Plants pass diseases between them, reducing the lifespan of your screen. Extra patience is required to wait for plants to fill out, but you save money and trouble in the end. Replacing fully grown trees in the middle of a row of fully grown trees is no easy endeavor.

Add shrubs and perennials to create a more natural border. A straight row of tall trees blocking the neighbors may be efficient but it looks unnatural and static. Use varying heights and textures and add plants that bloom or have berries for year-round interest. Ex: Thuja 'Green Giant', Magnolia 'Little Gem', Viburnum 'Conoy', Inkberry holly, azaleas, and rhododendrons.

Understand the cultural conditions of your site and the requirements of the plants. Ex: Magnolias will tolerate some shade, but too much shade and they provide a screen but no blooms. The same goes for camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas. They may grow providing the needed evergreen, but will not bloom if shade is dense. Certain conifers can tolerate more shade than others. Japanese cedars work in a somewhat shady setting. 'Green Giant' arborvitaes need full sun to thrive, but can tolerate shade. The goal is to understand what youre attempting. Dont expect plants to perform as perfect specimens in less than ideal situations. Sometimes, we consider the only the functionality of the plant. Will it thrive in this part-sun setting (i.e. will it be full and lush, bloom, and grow quickly)? Or will it survive and meet the need or providing privacy (i.e. grow but not necessarily be a perfect specimen)? It's important to know how much sun/shade you have and what the plant's needs are before you buy.

Stand inside your home and look out your windows. Where is coverage most needed? Will one large spruce or magnolia do the job? Or a grouping in one or two areas? Mark the spots with an orange flag to remember where to plant.

Consider how quickly you need screening. Trees are characterized into slow (< 12" yearly), medium (13"-24" yearly) and fast (25"+ yearly) growth rates. Remember that sunlight exposure, soil conditions, drainage, fertility and other elements affect growth.

Stump grinding is necessary if you want to plant new trees. If the deciduous forest between you and your neighbor is full in summer but bare in winter, removing some trees to plant evergreens may be necessary. Be sure to budget for stump grinding when you calculate the cost of tree removal. Folks often skip this step to save dollars, but planting new trees in a mass of old roots is hard for the digger and the plant. For successful planting, the old roots should be gone, giving the new roots plenty of room to spread.

Plant for the mature size of the screen. What's it going to look like in 5 years, 10 years, and so forth. Plants don't stop growing, so while they may look just the right size when you plant them, remember they're going to grow. Plan for the ultimate height and width.

Hollies are dioecious; meaning the male plants produce pollen, and the female plants produce berries, the reason we want these evergreens trees. To get the berries, a male plant needs to be within 30-40' of the female for the holly to have berries. Some are self-pollinating.

Cryptomeria japonica 'Radicans' or 'Yoshino' look very similar and make an interesting addition to the screen. Pyramidal in shape with tiny cones on the pendulous ends, these sentry-like trees are also narrow.

construction equipment on rent, used construction equipments - equipment rentals india

construction equipment on rent, used construction equipments - equipment rentals india

Equipment Rentals India is Indias leading exchange to buy sell and rent heavy construction equipments. Our database is updated every day with latest equipments available for sale or rent at different locations throughout India.

Whether you want to get your JCB insurance renewal done or for an excavator or transit mixer or if you are looking for contractors plant and machinery insurance; at Equipment Rentals India, we provide you with competitive quotes for your equipment from two leading insurance companies in India.We explain each and every term of the insurance policy for your construction equipment and provide full liasioning support in case of a mishap where a claim is applicable.

Equipment Rentals India helps a buyer meet the seller, to buy or rent used construction machinery, through the online web portal. The contractor can sell, purchase, rent, or put their construction equipment on lease. Earthmoving equipment is categorised as Excavators, Loaders, Dumpers, Backhoe Loaders. Contractors can buy used earthmoving construction equipment from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and across India. Equipment Rentals India provides the contractors with machines on rent to avoid purchasing heavy costing machines and complete their projects, efficiently. Register at for sale or purchase of your earthmoving equipment.

Equipment Rentals India provides road construction machinery like Motor Grader, Paver, Soil Compactor, Pneumatic tyred roller, Asphalt mixing plant, Crawler excavator and Piling Rigs to its registered users on sale and rent. The company allows the sellers to upload their road construction equipments on the website for sale or resale. Contractors from different cities like Assam, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata show their interest in renting or purchasing road construction equipments from across India. The road construction equipment buyers and sellers can register at to reach out the constructors around the country.

Equipment Rentals India allows the contractors to register on the website and upload their concreting equipment like Concrete Pump, Boom placer pump, Transit Mixer, Shotcrete machine, Groove cutter, Hammer drills and Ajax Fiori for their registered buyers to rent or purchase the machine. The platform lets the user put an enquiry to buy or rent used and new concreting equipment. The portable concreting equipment is used for projects in Sikkim, West Bengal, Ranchi, Indore, Bhopal from across India. You can register at to browse the latest machines and get it on lease to complete your constructing project.

Equipment Rentals India works efficiently for the construction equipment buyers and sellers who aim at becoming the largest aggregator of the machines. Crawler Crane, Hydraulic Crane, Overhead Crane, Tower Crane, Telescopic Crane, Jib Crane and Mobile Crane are different types of cranes available at Equipment Rentals India. We are situated in cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, et al. Construction equipment suppliers can upload the pictures of the equipment on our website, while the buyers can browse for the needed equipment and enquire for the same.

Equipment Rentals India has an array of plants like Crusher, Concrete batching plant, wet mix plant, Mobile concrete batching plant and hot mix plant for contractors to purchase or hire them. While on the other hand, the suppliers can upload the pictures of their used and new equipments on the website to reach out to the contractors. Construction projects are highly depended on construction plants as heavy machinery is used for the same. Equipment Rentals India lets you rent/ sale or resale the equipments in various cities like Surat, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Nasik, Gwalior, et al.

Apart from the common and much-used construction equipment, there are furthermore machines used for construction provided by Equipment Rentals India. The equipment falling in this category are Forklift, Generator, Light Tower, Manlift, Pneumatic roller, Grader repair and Vibrodriver. The contractor can register at Equipment Rentals India and increase his clientage, grow his business, and complete his construction projects on time. The miscellaneous construction equipment ranges from the heavy and portable and lighter equipment to make the job easier and quicker. Register with Equipment Rentals India to sell, purchase, rent, or hire the construction equipment.

Browse through Indias most trending construction equipment for buying, selling or renting. Get a glance over the top favorite equipment among constructors, recent additions to the inventory, and some low cost must-haves.

Spare part is the backbone of any machinery. Equipment Rentals India provides a wide range of all the spare parts, tools and attachments for your construction machinery. Equipment Rentals India ensures the authenticity of every spare part by providing quality spare parts, tools and attachments through their verified and trusted vendors.

Buy, Sell, Hire @ Equipment Rentals India (ERI)- Indias leading construction equipment aggregator web portal to buy, sell, and rent heavy construction machinery. The online portal has an extensive database for the contractors across the nation, to sell, purchase, or rent the equipment. The company aims at meeting the basic needs of the construction and mining industry and making the equipment available to the contractor in a more straightforward process and cost-effectively. It is an initiative by an experienced team to make ends meet for buyers and sellers, as the portal brings them together on a single platform. The process is simple for either of them, as they register on the website and upload their used construction equipment for resale, or show interest to invest in a construction machine.

A long time ago, there was a contractor named Sanjeev, who had once purchased construction equipment to start his business as a contractor and decided to put them on lease. However, he had hard luck finding any potential client for the same. He reached out to people on the call, in person, and sent them emails to grow his clientage, but failed. Sanjeev had invested lacs for his business with a progressive plan in his mind, but there was no prospective client to hire his construction equipment in India. In the desperation for growth in business, Sanjeev suffered a great deal of loss as he had put his faith in the contractors who couldnt pay him in time.

On the other hand, Mr Pawan was looking for used road construction equipment to complete his project. Pawan was distressed because his project deadline was coming near and he was not able to find the right equipment at right location for his construction site which will lead to penalties and negative word of mouth in the construction industry. Every construction equipment machine he inspected was jaded and wasnt fulfilling the need of his project. Sanjeev had the resource, and Pawan had the need, but fate wasnt in their favour for a long time.

Following a year later, they searched the internet to avail help and Equipment Rentals India came in the picture and helped them find each other through the online portal. Sanjeev and Pawan reached out to us, and we aided them with their needs. Both registered on our website as Sanjeev uploaded his equipment available for rent and Pawan placed enquiry for his needs. With the right construction machinery for Pawan and a prospective growing clientage for Sanjeev, ERI lent a helping hand to both of them. Till date, Pawan enquires to us for his construction equipment needs and Sanjeev still uses our portal not only for renting his machines but also for selling and buying used construction machines to grow his business. Due to the advent and rapid growth of the digital market, Equipment Rentals India focused on providing used construction equipment for rent and construction equipment for sale or resale to the contractors.

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