aduro p shredder

aduro p shredder

The ADuro P is a true heavyweight and processes large quantities of domestic, commercial, industrial and bulky waste into manageable sizes down to 50 mm. The robust shredder is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

The ADuro P is a slow rotating pre-shredder with electric drive and hydraulic pendulum feeder, with low energy consumption. The pendulum feeds the material against the rotor, equipped with fixed teeth that cut the material fixed against anvil steels. The feeder is operated by a last generation hydraulic system with variable displacement pump.

The reject and service hatches were designed with safety and efficiency in mind. When the reject hatch opens, the cutting system reverses, moving material rejects from the cutting area. When the machine has been emptied and is safe to enter, the service hatch between the pendulum and rotor opens, giving full accessibility to the wear parts.

energy saving ball mill, ball mill design, ball milling process - xinhai

energy saving ball mill, ball mill design, ball milling process - xinhai

[Improvement]: Cylindrical energy-saving grid ball mill is lined with the grooved ring plate which increases the contact surface of ball and ore, strengthens the grinding effect, and has the ability to improve the ore with lower energy consumption.

Cylindrical energy-saving grid ball mill adopts the lined grooved ring plate which increases the contact surface of ball and ore , strengthens the grinding effect, and has the ability to improve the ore with lower energy consumption;

Cylindrical energy-saving grid ball mill design consists of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small gear, motors, electrical control) and other major parts. The hollow shaft is steel castings, and the liner is detachable. Rotary gear is processed by casting hobbing. The cylinder of energy-saving ball mill is lined with wear-resistant liner plate with good resistance to wear. Therefore, the energy-saving ball mill machine works stably in the production.

feeder machine types | how to choose a feeder equipment | m&c

feeder machine types | how to choose a feeder equipment | m&c

Feeder machine is a kind of feeding equipment which can feed bulk and granular materials from the stock bin to the receiving devices evenly, regularly and continuously. Which has been widely used in cement, mining, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, ceramics, grain, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises.

Feeder machine is the most ideal equipment to realize production automation. The feeder machines can not only be used with electronic scales or microcomputers, but also can work alone for feeding. The common types of feeder machine are as follows:

When vibrating feeder is working, the vibrating motor drives the eccentric shaft or eccentric block to drive, and the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the eccentric block is used to make the screen box and vibrator move in a continuous circle or approximate circle, and the bulk and granular materials from stock bin are fed into the receiving device uniformly, regularly and continuously .

Vibrating feeder is widely used in crushing and screening equipment of coal mine, mineral processing, chemical industry and mills etc. Usually suspended under the stock bin by a spring, the feeder trough can be arranged horizontally or with an angle of no more than 10.

Belt feeder is the same as that of belt conveyor in structure, but the roller space of belt feeder is smaller to bear the pressure of materials in the silo. Guide baffles are arranged on both sides of the conveyor belt to prevent spreading. The belt speed < 0.5 m/min. The feed rate can be adjusted by changing the belt speed or the height of the outlet baffle.

Belt feeder has the advantages of large bearing capacity and short length, so it is also a kind of economical feeding equipment. The feed ore size suitable for belt feeder is less than 350mm and the belt speed is below 0.3m/s generally. Belt feeder is mainly used in ore buffer bin discharge after coarse crushing, ore feeding of medium/fine crushers or screening equipment, discharge of powder bin.

Plate feeder is suitable for short distance transportation and can bear heavy working load, including 3 types: heavy, medium and light. The maximum ore size of heavy plate feeder can reach more than 1000mm. The plate feeder is mainly used for coarse crushing ore feeding, ore buffer bin drainage after coarse crushing, and coarse ore heap discharge.

Plate feeder can be installed horizontally or tilted, with a maximum upward inclination of 20. It is suitable for materials with loose density less than 1200kg/m, block weight less than 140kg and temperature below 350.

Chute feeder is suitable for the ore feeding of medium-sized materials, the maximum particle size can reach 450mm, and the ore feed can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentricity of the eccentric wheel of the transmission mechanism. The width of the trough body of the chute feeder is 2-2.5 times of the maximum particle size of the ore feed, which is mainly used for the feeding of jaw crusher and bulk lime in the preparation of lime milk.

Pendulum feeder is suitable for short distance transportation and high specific gravity materials with a particle size of 35 100mm. Pendulum feeder is not suitable for conveying dry powder materials, otherwise dust pollution and outlet blockage will occur.

Pendulum feeder is mainly used as the feeding equipment of the belt conveyor when collecting ore in the ball mill, and the feed particle size is generally less than 25mm, which belongs to intermittent feeding.

Disk feeder is a kind of continuous volume feeding equipment composed of driving device, feeder body, metering belt conveyor and metering device, which makes use of the fluidity of materials. The material is scraped from the container to the receiving equipment through a rotating disc and an adjustable scraper, which is suitable for all kinds of non-viscous and not very good fluidity -20mm fine materials.

Screw feeder can be installed in the lower part of the silo and is suitable for horizontal, vertical or inclined conveying. The material flow is controlled and adjusted uniformly and continuously by changing the spiral speed. The screw feeder is easy to feed non-viscous powdery, granular and small particle materials evenly to the receiving equipment from the silo and other storage equipment.

Screw feeder has the features of conveying, sealing, homogenizing and stirring. It is a common equipment in cement raw meal homogenization and silo sealing feeding. There are many types of screw feeder, such as solid screw, belt screw, variable pitch screw, conical screw and so on.

Impeller feeder is composed of a group of blades installed on the shaft and the outer sealing shell. Driven by the motor, the impeller on the spindle is driven by the reducer to drive the material from the upper silo through the impeller groove to feed out evenly. The feeding capacity is changed by adjusting the speed of the impeller.

Scraper feeder is composed of many scrapers fixed between two chains with a certain distance between them. The scraper moves along the slot bottom, which can be used for horizontal transportation or inclined transportation. When transporting upward along the incline, the inclination of the material layer shall not exceed 25 , and when transporting downward, the inclination shall not exceed 20 .

The working principle and traction parts are the same as the scraper conveyor. Scraper feeder can realize closed and multi-point feeding, which is suitable for materials with less powder or granule, grindability and stickiness.

Electromagnetic vibratory feeder uses the electromagnetic vibratory exciter as the vibration source to drive the hopper, which has the features of small amplitude, high frequency, slow conveying speed. Electromagnetic vibratory feeder is a new type of quantitative feeding equipment, which can meet the requirements of continuous production.

The maximum ore feeding particle size of electromagnetic vibratory feedercan reach 500mm, it is widely used for ore feeding of medium and fine crushing equipment and screening equipment, ore discharge of ore bin, etc.

container shipping network efficiency comparison in indonesia: nusantara pendulum and sea tollway - sciencedirect

container shipping network efficiency comparison in indonesia: nusantara pendulum and sea tollway - sciencedirect

The disparity of the trading activities in Indonesia has triggered Indonesia Port Corporation to come up with the plan of Nusantara Pendulum, the future network of container shipping in Indonesia. The Sea Tollway plan is the modification of Nusantara Pendulum that is also envisioned by Indonesia President for Indonesia future backbone container plan. Both networks were designed to increase Indonesia container shipping flow from west to east and vice versa like a pendulum, thus results the reduced transport cost. This paper depicts the comparison of network efficiency analysis between these networks: Nusantara Pendulum, Sea Tollway, and the existing network. Two main methods that are used are Nagurney-Qiang and Jenelius-Peterson-Mattson. Mainly, these two methods use the efficiency calculation by considering parameters of demand (goods flow) between each region and maritime transportation cost. It is concluded afterward that: 1) Sea Tollway is 8% more efficient than Nusantara Pendulum; 2) Sea Tollway and Nusantara Pendulum are ten times more efficient than current network; 3) Eastern ports in Indonesia (Bitung and Sorong) urgently requisite a development.

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