varnish for bricks: variants of compositions for a furnace for stone and plaster tiles, the characteristics of the material

varnish for bricks: variants of compositions for a furnace for stone and plaster tiles, the characteristics of the material "chief technologist", the coating of bricks with heat-resistant matte varnish

Brick lacquer, necessary for both external and internal works, is used to create a protective layer of the surface and make it more attractive. It is able to increase the service life for many years and protect the foundation from external influences, be it atmospheric phenomena or chemicals.

The modern market offers a huge range of similar products, different in quality and price. In this article we will look at the benefits of lacquer for bricks, its characteristics, types, as well as a brief overview of the most popular products.

According to its properties, brick lacquer is a universal tool that is suitable for both exterior and interior.It fits perfectly on both vertical and horizontal bases, while it does not roll down and does not deform. The product has a huge number of advantages, thanks to which it is in high demand.

As you know, a brick begins to gradually lose its strength from the constant interaction with moisture. The outer walls of buildings, which take up precipitation and dust throughout the year, are most susceptible to destruction. That is why it is important to qualitatively protect the facade, treating it with varnish, which not only gives it water-repellent properties, but also prevents deformation of the supporting structural elements.

Another plus is the protection of masonry from elevated temperature values, which is especially important for brick fireplaces. In addition to giving an external gloss, the design will be protected from fire for many years to come.

This is also an excellent tool to prevent white salt stains on external walls or brick walls. The composition protects against the appearance of fungus or mold, increases the level of protection against exposure to ultraviolet rays, which, as you know, can do the most harm.Accordingly, you can be sure that the color of the masonry will not burn out in the sun.

The wall or floor will look in a better light if they are coated with brick varnish: the product gives the surface a smooth and shiny look. Due to the special properties of the composition, dust accumulation is also prevented. When the walls are coated with varnish with a large percentage of gloss, a wet surface effect is achieved. Such products are usually used more often for suburban brick houses or for interior decoration at the request of the owners.

Lucky vary in gloss level. The choice depends entirely on your taste preferences. You can cover the walls of the house with a glossy or matte finish. There are also semi-gloss and semi-gloss varieties.

Another classification involves the separation of the internal composition. Despite the universality of lacquers for bricks, each base corresponds to a specific product. In total there are three most common types: polyurethane, polymer and silicone-acrylic.Each of them has its own set of characteristics.

They are one of the most popular, as in order to protect against corrosion and other types of damage, they can be applied not only on brick bases. Due to the versatility of the composition, it is perfect for covering walls even at sub-zero temperatures. A great advantage of polymer products is drying speed, which significantly reduces the duration of work. The mixture is resistant to any temperature changes and changes in the humidity level, it can be used not only for exterior but also for interior work in rooms without constant heating.

Another advantage is the ease of applying the composition: It can be used by both professional masters and beginners in repairs. The polymer product increases the wear resistance of any surface, as it is resistant to abrasion, protects against damage and scratches. Gives a brilliant look.

Such products are more commonly used for indoor work.They can cover not only brick bases, but also ceramic tiles, concrete, drywall or metal. The tool prevents the appearance of a yellow shade on the walls. Often, silicone-acrylic compositions are used to cover decorative surfaces.

This type of mixture can be colored due to the special polymers in the compositiontherefore, in addition to the gloss and protective film, the wall can receive any color of your choice. Thanks to this lacquer coating, the surface of the house will be resistant to alkaline compounds, acetone, oils and other chemical means. However, these varnishes have a high price, so their use is recommended more on the internal surfaces, rather than external facades.

Unlike their polymer analogs, mixtures are not consumed so economically. This is another reason why silicone-acrylic products are recommended to be applied in rooms that are guaranteed to be protected from external influences.

These products are also universal in their properties and can be used for both external and internal purposes.After application, the mixture forms on top of the base a thin transparent film that serves as protection from negative atmospheric phenomena. Polyurethane varnishes can also be colored if you add a special dye to them. It is this paint that creates a wet effect on the brick surface, thereby giving it even greater shine.

The composition is recommended to use more for external work., as it has excellent protective characteristics and can be used on concrete foundations. Increased moisture-resistant properties of polyurethane mixtures protect walls from water.

In addition to the three main, there is another type of varnish for bricks - a special mixture for furnaces. Its composition has high heat resistance and protects the masonry from constant contact with fire.

One of the manufacturers of the highest quality brick lacquers is German company Pufas. A huge number of construction products are produced under the brand name, but the brick lacquer of this concern has the most positive reviews.

Among domestic producers one of the leaders is brand Neomid, which supplies the market with Neomid STONE semi-gloss varnish. Due to the complete absence of toxic odor, this composition can be used indoors.

"Chief Technologist" produces high-quality products from imported raw materials, which will be a great assistant to complete the repair. Heat-resistant brick lacquers will protect the surface from any negative effects.

The scope of application of such varnishes is much wider than it seems at first glance. In addition to brick walls, heat-resistant coatings will be an excellent protection for the bases of other materials. It is possible to apply paint and varnish compositions both on concrete and mineral surfaces, on gypsum and ceramic tiles, natural stone, slate. After drying, a protective film is formed, giving the base shine, emphasizing its texture and naturalness. By the way, it is recommended to varnish not only the brick itself, but also the seams between them.

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what kind of flooring tiles for home use

what kind of flooring tiles for home use

Floor decoration materials mainly include floor, carpet and floor tiles. In fact, each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. What kind of floor tile is good for home decoration? Relative to the floor and the carpet, the tiles are hard and have a poor foot feeling. Compared to the cold, they are not like the floor and the carpet gives a warm feeling. However, tiles have some advantages that are difficult to match with floorboards and carpets. With its advantages, tiles are still favored by many people. If you are still worrying about what kind of floor tile you want to use for your home decoration, here are some advantages and disadvantages of the floor tiles. Maybe it will help you to shop!

At present, there are a variety of floor tile brand products on the market, and consumers need to have a certain understanding of the classification of floor tiles to be able to purchase the tiles that are most suitable for their own decoration. The floor tiles are mainly divided into glazed tiles, whole-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and mosaics according to their production techniques. Different tiles have different performances, decorative effects, and best applicable space.

Glazed tiles refer to bricks that have been burnt glazed on the surface of the brick. According to the different raw materials, it can be divided into two categories: ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles. Ceramic glazed tiles, made from clay, have high water absorption, relatively low strength, and red back color. Porcelain glazed tile, made from porcelain clay, has a low water absorption, relatively high strength, and a back-white color.

Glazed tiles have rich colors and patterns, and the surface has strong anti-fouling ability. However, because the glazed tile surface is a glaze, the wear resistance is not as good as that of a polished tile. According to different luster, it is divided into two kinds of matt and light. Glazed tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Glazed tile common specifications: square glazed tiles with 152 152mm, 200 200mm, rectangular glazed tiles with 152 200mm, 200 300mm, etc., the thickness is generally 5mm and 6mm.

Whole bricks are bricks made by pressing high pressure rock fragments. The surface of the bricks is not glazing, and the material and color of the front and back surfaces are the same, hence the name.

Whole body bricks are more wear-resistant and non-slip, but their color is less than glazed tiles. Due to its rough surface, all bricks produce diffuse reflection after light irradiation, and the reflections are soft and not dazzling. Whole bricks are widely used on floors such as halls, aisles and outdoor walkways. The common specifications of bricks: 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 500x500mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, etc.

The polished brick is a kind of bright brick that is polished on the surface of the whole brick body and belongs to a whole body brick. For bricks, the surface of the polished tile is much smoother. Based on the application of the infiltration technology, the polished tiles can make various kinds of imitated stone and wood effect.

The hardness of the polished tiles is very high and they are very resistant to wear. They are suitable for use in most indoor spaces other than the restrooms and kitchens. After polishing, the polishing bricks have pores on the surface, which are easy to absorb dirt and fear of dirt. However, some polished tiles will have anti-fouling layers to solve this problem. The common specifications of polished tiles: 400x400mm, 500x500mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 900x900mm, 1000x1000mm.

Vitrified tiles are made from quartz sand and mud in a certain proportion, then polished and polished but do not need to be polished. The surface is as smooth and translucent as a glass mirror and is the hardest of all tiles.

Porcelain tiles are superior to ordinary glazed tiles, polished tiles and general marble in terms of water absorption, edge straightness, bending strength, and acid and alkali resistance. Vitrified tiles are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, aisles, etc. The common specifications of vitrified tiles: 400x400mm, 500x500mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 900x900mm, 1000x1000mm, etc.

Mosaic is a kind of special existing bricks, also known as mosaic tiles, divided into ceramic mosaic tiles and glass mosaic tiles. It generally consists of dozens of small bricks that make up a relatively large brick. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, strong pressure resistance, not easily broken.

Mosaic tiles are widely used in indoor small areas, walls and outdoor walls and floors because of their small size and colorfulness. The common specifications of mosaic are 2020mm, 2525mm, 3030mm, and the thickness is between 4mm and 4.3mm.

Most of the material of the floor tiles are relatively clean and easy to handle. Daily use of mops, rags, etc. can be easier to remove stains, so that the ground to restore smooth. The rhythm of modern life is accelerating, and many people are busy with work and entertainment, and it is difficult to spend a lot of time to take care of family affairs. Floor tiles are more suitable for those who have no time to take care of housework.

Due to the special nature of the material, the waterproof and waterproof properties of the tiles are outstanding. They are not afraid of water showers and are not afraid of fire. In general, floors and carpets need to be kept away from water and fire, otherwise they will cause damage that is difficult to repair. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the tiles are also good, so the service life of the tiles is generally longer.

The floor tiles are rich in variety, complete in variety, bright in color and colorful in variety, flexible in paving methods, and can create many special artistic effects. The floor and the carpet are relatively simple. There are not many floor tiles in style.

Floor tiles do not contain air pollutants such as formaldehyde, so paving tiles are more environmentally friendly than ordinary flooring. Because some floorings, such as composite floors, require adhesives for the production process, they may contain formaldehyde in their own right. In addition, the paint on the floor and the glue used on the floor may contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Floor tiles are relatively inexpensive relative to floors and carpets. Tiles generally cost about 40 yuan per square meter, and the highest grade may reach 400 yuan per square meter. The price of floors and carpets is relatively high. Floors generally cost more than 100 yuan per square meter, and some solid wood floors can cost thousands of yuan per square. Basically, mid-range carpets also cost several hundred yuan and one flat. So if the decoration budget is tight, you may consider buying a floor tile to decorate the ground.

Editor's summary: The above is the home improvement with what kind of floor tiles, floor tiles, carpets, the introduction of the three mainstream building materials, because of its easy cleaning and maintenance, waterproof, fireproof, wear-resistant, pattern rich and high quality and low price etc. Advantages, many home decoration or choose tiles. However, there are some deficiencies in the use of floor tiles for home improvement. When purchasing, it is necessary to consider comprehensive considerations such as the economic situation of your own room.

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