spiral classifier of stable performence | fote machinery

spiral classifier of stable performence | fote machinery

Applied materials: in the metal beneficiation process including gravity concentration and ore washing of the materials such as quartz, gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, ore, ore pulp, fine mud, cement clinker, magnetite, etc.

Coarse particles sink to the bottom of the tank and are conveyed by the screw to the discharge port to be discharged. Generally, the coarse sand is returned to the ball mill for secondary grinding, that is, the spiral classifier and the ball mill form a closed circuit.

It is composed of the hollow shaft, bracket, spiral blade, lining iron, etc. The hollow shaft is welded by seamless steel pipe, journal and flange. Wear-resistant life is the key in use, so the lining iron is made of wear-resistant materials.

It is easy to wear, for its long-term immersion in the slurry. Therefore, frequent maintenance and replacement are its main characteristics. For this, the spiral classifier adopts the structure of movable shaft sleeves and nylon bearing bushes.

When the shaft sleeve and bearing bush are worn out, a new set of sleeve and bush can be replaced ten minutes after the screw is lifted by the lifting mechanism, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.

It is welded by steel plates and various section steels. The foundation construction of the tank is very important because it contains all the slurry and bears the weight of the whole body and all the load.

In order to discharge slurry from the water tank when necessary, a water drain valve is installed in the lower part of the tank, which can discharge the slurry at any time and can be closed during normal production.

The settlement area of this kind of classifier is large and its weir height can be adjusted within a certain range, that is, the area of the settlement area can be adjusted and changed within a certain range.

It has a small settlement area and low overflow production capacity, so it is mainly suitable for ore classification with an overflow particle size of 0.15-0.07 mm. It is also used to wash ore for desliming.

Model description: Take "2FG-15" as an example, "2" means double spiral, the single spiral is not marked; "F" means spiral classifier, "G" means high weir type and "C" means submerged type; "15" indicates the spiral diameter of the classifier, in dm.

If the grinding fineness is required to be finer, angle irons of a certain height can be welded on both sides of the classifier, and the level of the classifier overflow weir can be adjusted by the method of inserting wood. Sometimes the overflow weir can be naturally increased after a long-term accumulation of ore mud.

To obtain coarse overflow, the speed of the spiral with a diameter of 2 m should not exceed 6 r/min, and with a diameter of 1 m or more should be controlled at 2-8 r/min. For example, for a spiral with a diameter of 0.3 m, in order to obtain a coarse overflow, the spiral speed can be increased, but it cannot exceed 25 r/min.

If the screw pitch is short at the overflow end and long at the sand return end, the amount of sand return can be increased and stable agitation at the overflow end can be ensured, which is convenient for improving the overflowing quality and processing capacity.

The width of the grading tank has little effect on the grading effect, but is closely related to the processing capacity of the grading machine. The larger the tank width, the larger the processing capacity. On the contrary, the processing power is small.

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spiral separator, spiral classifier manufacturers, spiral classifier operation 
 - xinhai

spiral separator, spiral classifier manufacturers, spiral classifier operation - xinhai

The overflow spiral blade is higher than overflow level, and the overflow spiral center is lower than overflow surface. The high wire spiral classifier is applied in the classification of ore with particle size 0.83-0.15mm

The grinded pulp is fed into tank from the inlet in the middle of settlement region, and the slurry classification sedimentation area is under the inclined tank. The spiral with low speed rotation stirs the slurry, so that the fine particles rise, and the coarse particles sinks to the bottom of tank. Overflow weir is above the bearing center which is under screw shaft, and is underneath overflow end.



EIMCO-K.C.P. Spiral Classifiers is art of separating the solid particles in a mixture of solids and liquid into fractions according to particle size or density by methods other than screening. In general, the products resulting are (1) a partially drained fraction containing the coarse material (called the underflow) and (2) a fine fraction along with the remaining portion of the liquid medium (called the overflow). The classifying operation is carried out in a pool of fluid pulp confined in a tank arranged to allow the coarse solids to settle out, whereupon they are removed by gravity, mechanical means, or induced pressure. Solids which do not settle report as overflow. EIMCO-K.C.P. Spiral Classifiers are mechanically the devices are powerfully built, and functionally they are versatile and flexible. Todays worldwide acceptance of EIMCO-K.C.P. Classifiers for washing and dewatering pulps, and in closed-circuit grinding is the result of many years of experience in solving wet classification problems. Because users needs vary so greatly, the Classifier is available in a wide range of spiral diameters and pitches, tank shapes and lengths allowing exact compliance with each users classification requirements. Spiral diameters (0.3 m to 2.25 m): Important in establishing a correct balance between overflow and raking capacity. Bears directly on accuracy of separation and control of agitation. Spiral pitches (single / double / triple): Number of ribbons is a factor in controlling degree of agitation. Each ribbon of advanced pitch gives greater raking capacity than equivalent ribbon of spiral using lesser pitch. Triple ribbon spiral highly advantageous for slow-speed operations requiring close separations and high raking capacities. Adjustable spiral speeds: Recommended speed of operation given in peripheral MPM is an individual consideration for each ore, and is governed by size, shape and gravity of particle, angle of repose of raking load and desired mesh of separation. Peripheral speeds between 6 and 60 meters per minute are available. Pool depth: Choice of pool depth is directly related to effectiveness of pool area. Series 90 units are employed for coarse separations on down to 212 micron (65 mesh); Series 125 units are employed for separations between 300 and 106 micron (48 and 150 mesh); Series 150 units are employed for separations of 150 micron (100 mesh) and finer. Lifting device: Lifting device eliminates necessity of draining tank during shutdowns. Classifier may be quickly put in operation after shutdown with tank fully sanded. Hydraulic-type standard on all units 1.2 m in diameter and larger. Fast action hand wheel-operated screw- type lift standard on 1.05 m and smaller.

The EIMCO-K.C.P. equipment product line consists of Liquid Solid Separation products for the Mining, Mineral & Metallurgical Process, Chemical Process, Food Process, Refinery, Pulp and Paper, Power Plant, FGD System, Municipal & Industrial Waste and Water Treatment and with a wide range of related services.

spiral classifier for sand washing | lzzg

spiral classifier for sand washing | lzzg

Spiral classifier is widely used in the grading of the grinding circuit of the concentrator and the operations of washing, de-sludge, and dewatering. Its main advantages are simple equipment construction, reliable operation, and convenient operation. It can be self-flowing with energy-saving ball mill in the closed-circuit grinding circuit. It is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials with particle size below 3mm. It has the advantages of small equipment footprint and compact design. It is also used in coal and non-metallic minerals. Iron removal operations for materials such as building materials. Its also named screw classifier.

Compared with the hydro cyclone, the power consumption is lower. The main disadvantages are low classification efficiency, heavy equipment, and large floor space. Due to the limitation of equipment specifications and production capacity, it is generally not possible to form a closed circuit with a ball mill with a specification of 3.6m or more.

Application range Mainly used in the classification of various non-ferrous metal ore dressings such as quartz sand, gold, iron, aluminum, etc. It can also be used for the classification of materials such as pulp and ore.

The classifier was divided into two types: sorghum type and submerged type. The high-grade classifier is suitable for coarse materal classification. The maximum particle size of the overflow is generally 0.4~0.15mm. The sinking classifier is suitable for fine-materal classification. The maximum particle size of the overflow is generally below 0.15mm.It is mainly composed of a grading tank, a spiral, a swaying device, a lifting device, and upper and lower support.

Applycation of sand classifer Beneficiation The spiral classifier is one of the equipment for beneficiation. The spiral classifier is a machine for mechanical classification based on the principle that the

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