advantage 120 | ashworth conveyor belts

advantage 120 | ashworth conveyor belts

The innovative design of the new Advantage hybrid conveyor belts combines acetal links and modules with rigid stainless steel rods, making the Advantage 120 and 200 ideal for use in food processing applications where product release and sanitation is critical. The unique design facilitates an exceptionally large open area without compromising belt rigidity and strength. The Advantage spiral belts are designed for freezing and cooling applications and have truly superior sanitation characteristics due to the open module design and double slotted links.

posidrive spiral | ashworth conveyor belts

posidrive spiral | ashworth conveyor belts

The positive drive concept of the PosiDrive Spiralkeeps belt tensions low which helps increase belt life and allows for increased product load capacity. The PosiDrive Spiral system from Ashworth allows product dwell time to be easily set using a simplified single speed control and is offered for various cage configurations, making it an ideal solution for new spiral systems.

As the industry pioneer and leading conveyor belt manufacturer, Ashworth designed the PosiDrive Spiral to reduce product movement and eliminate high belt tension caused by oily products. PosiDrive Spiral is a reliable, durable solution with user-friendly controls to ensure product alignment and positioning for downstream processing.

The PosiDrive Spirals cage engagement prevents product movement which eliminates product disorientation that impactsdownstream processes. The PosiDrive Spiral also maintains consistent belt tensions between sanitation cycles.

The Ashworth PosiDrive Spiral is ideal for retrofitting existing proofing, cooling, freezing, and cooking spiral applications. Our Factory Service team of spiral experts can provide you with information on how to retrofit your current system. To learn more, please contact your Ashworth Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.

sidedrive conveyor focuses on configurable conveyor solutions - bakers journal

sidedrive conveyor focuses on configurable conveyor solutions - bakers journal

SideDrive Conveyor provides sanitary spiral and long-run transferless conveyors for virtually any application, including naked, raw, and packaged food products as well as non-food products. Using only side drive, edge-driven technology from Intralox, SideDrive Conveyor helps manufacturers improve productivity and streamline production with food-safe and flexible conveyors that offer a low total cost of ownership.

Kevin Mauger, president of SideDrive Conveyor, said in a press release, the configurations are limitless and the possibilities are endless, thanks to the unique and innovative side drive, edge-driven technology from Intralox. This technology safely and gently transports any product for any application and market while truly protecting the product and improving overall production.

Made with USDA-compliant plastic, the belting, drives, rods and sprockets all stand-up to high-pressure wash-down environments for thorough cleaning. The plastic design also eliminates any risk of contamination since theres no metal or need for lubrication.

SideDrive Conveyors are also flexible and can meet the needs of any application, plant floor layout or production need. Thanks to the modular, plastic belting from Intralox, conveyors can be configured in any waycurved, spiral, with turns, multiple inclines and declines, or simply straightand without any transfers.

The unique design of SideDrives food safe conveyors offer a low total cost of ownership. The lightweight, plastic materials increase belt life by reducing overall friction of the conveyor system when in motion, making it less likely to fatigue compared to traditional metal belt conveyors. This, combined with an even, transferless belt path, reduces product loss by up to 80% while maintaining product integrity.

As an NCC company, SideDrive Conveyor brings NCC Automated Systems proven experience as a full service automation systems integrator to its sanitary conveyor offering. NCC has successfully helped food processing, consumer packaged goods and OEM builders improve their operations with system knowledge and proven industry experience.

Under NCC, SideDrive Conveyor has worked with Intralox for more than 30 years. SideDrive Conveyor is one of the select few companies to have a Preferred Supplier Agreement with the company. This, in addition to several licenses to build specific equipment, allows SideDrive to design and build completely flexible, sanitary conveyors with modular plastic belting using side drive technology.

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Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter the Jake The Baker contest! Founding Sponsor @Ardent Mills wants to read your story. Tell us how you started bakery, and how your interact with your clients. How has #COVID19 affected your business? ENTER TODAY:

Big news for bakeries who use crowd-sourcing delivery apps, like foodora. The company recently announced it will close its Canadian service citing the competitive market as a reason.

take a proactive approach to conveyor cleaning | 2020-08-21 | baking business

take a proactive approach to conveyor cleaning | 2020-08-21 | baking business

All too often the biggest surprise comes from the problems most ignored. Most of the time its unintentional. In some cases, the main culprit comes from the least likely suspect that sat at the bottom of the list and never raised an eyebrow or gave any other sign of suspicion.

Maybe thats why bakers find themselves shocked and amazed when they discover that the perpetrator in a food safety offense is the spiral system or a lone conveyor that nobody paid much attention to in the first place.

Food safety investigations typically discover that bakeries have a variety of tools to clean conveyors, but some hidden harborages are not completely removed during the process or may fail to emerge during quality assurance inspections.

The challenges are meeting expectations for cleaning visually clean or cleaning to an allergen or microbiological level with legacy equipment that has hygienic design flaws, observed Cari Rasmussen, food safety specialist, Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox company.

Since enacted in 2011, the Food Safety Modernization Act has prompted an increasing emphasis on how to most effectively clean coolers, freezers and other conveyorized systems, noted Sren Andersen, managing director, Scanico, a Middleby Bakery company.

Bakers also now have a greater understanding of when to periodically disassemble equipment for cleaning. Ms. Rasmussen added that verification methods such as allergen test kits and adenosine triphosphate testing readers for detecting animal, plant, bacteria, yeast and mold cells have become more sensitive.

Glazed donuts often result in sugar getting on the rails, he said. If belts are not cleaned daily, friction increases because of the belts interaction with the sticky or dirty support bed. This increases belt tension which results in increased wear on the belt.

Snack producers should look for fully stainless-steel conveyors designed to minimize ledges and crevices where debris and contaminants can easily build, observed Blake Svejkovsky, general manager of product handling systems, Heat and Control. Such conveyors should also reduce product coating and seasoning buildup on their conveying surfaces.

He noted that horizontal motion conveyors accomplish these goals by eliminating the substructure and harder-to-clean areas found on some conveyors and greatly reducing product buildup by gently sliding product across their conveying surface.

Drives designed with crevices and ledges are an easy target for debris and contaminant buildup, he said. Drives that are totally enclosed and have sloped surfaces have superior sanitation characteristics. These features minimize the total exposed surface area and reduce cleaning to a simple wipe- or washdown-and-go process.

For bucket conveyors, Mr. Svejkovsky recommended cleaning interior sprockets, belt and bucket surfaces by employing strategically placed spray bars and manually power washing or wiping down frames and side guards.

For regular sanitation, try belt-friendly brushes or scrapers. Otherwise, wire brushes and metal scrapers will score the belt and conveyor components and result in propagation of bacteria, advised Ricky Milner, technical service supervisor, Wire Belt Co. of America.

A caustic burn can turn the equipment into a bluish tint that is caused by adding cleaning solutions in excessively high temperatures, Mr. Milner pointed out. A yellow/orange tint is from an excessive use of iodine. Also, pitted stainless steel comes from chemicals such as a high concentrate of chlorine.

flush grid conveyor belt, perforated conveyor belt - all industrial manufacturers - videos

flush grid conveyor belt, perforated conveyor belt - all industrial manufacturers - videos

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The combination of nose bars enables more compact conveyor ends. (*except WT1505G-K) WT1505-K: Closed type WT1505G-K: Closed type (with tab guide attachment) WT1505GTO-K: Closed type (for right-angle ...

Chain pitch: 15mm The belt-like wide conveying surface and chain construction enable accurate drive. A revolutionary chain that goes beyond the traditional concept of belts and chains to provide the ...

Chain pitch: 19.05mm Complete line-up of various upper surface shapes. BTC6: Closed type BTO6: Open type BTCP6: Open type (BTC6 with open holes) BTC6-T: Closed type (with float-preventive tabs) BTN6: Net type BTN6: Net type

... running belts, Pitch 50 mm (1.97 in) Belts for medium to heavy-duty industrial conveying applications Design characteristics -Narrow, closed hinge design -provides high belt pull capacity -Rigid ...

Double spiral belt of Group 1100 The double spiral belt consists of round wire spirals from Group 500. It is double inserted with additional smooth cross bars, dense execution, one-sided braided pattern ...

Wire Belt Companys Balanced Spiral belt is an extremely popular mesh design, found in almost every manufacturing industry with a wide ranging number of possible applications. Benefits of Balanced Spiral ...

... easily move from the loading and enrobing area to the product exit conveyor, can carry out the entire procedure. Both the models NR400S and NR400S-30 are provided with a wire-mesh belt beater and a tail ...

Features and benefits - No elongation Highly precise positioning in transportation - Excellent electrical conductivity No static electricity - Easy fixing of attachments Securely placed goods for processing - Excellent smoothness ...

... industrial deep fryers. Drying and baking ovens for foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, canned food, dried fruit, etc. Incline conveyors. Surface finishing installations such as degreasing, painting, varnishing, etc. Equipment ...

... @boe-therm.dkTECHNICAL FEATURESNON-REMOVABLE side panels, H=40 mmMounted on castors with brake 100mmMB patented plastic belt, standard version with slats h=35mm, modular, standard pitch 400mm (min. pitch 25mm). The ...

KPA 30 is a belting type device, developed for applications such as handling products. The belting material is glass fiber, reinforced polyamide with high-abrasion resistance, as well as long chemical stability. The gap between adjacent ...

BRECO Belt Joint Junction ATN System The BRECO ATN welded joint system is a modular concept for assembling coaches using fasteners. Fixing centers are linked to belt pitches which are multiples of 10, ...

... sheet metal plates links. Links are set into lateral wires connected by side guide chains. They are not only suitable for narrow and standard ovens, but also for our high temperature ovens. These bands are noted ...

intralox conveyor belts, equipment, and services | intralox

intralox conveyor belts, equipment, and services | intralox

Intralox remains fully operational with sufficient inventory and capacity worldwide. Expedited service and lead time guarantees remain in effect, and customer support is available 24/7 to connect you to our experts.

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