appeal to emotion examples

appeal to emotion examples

In argumentative speaking and writing, we often use fallacies, which are illogical reasoning patterns, to argue our point. An appeal to emotion is a specific type of fallacy in which one manipulates another's emotions to win an argument. Emotional appeals do not rely on facts or evidence; rather, they rely on playing on emotions.

4 ways to write a campaign speech - wikihow

4 ways to write a campaign speech - wikihow

This article was co-authored by Lynn Kirkham. Lynn Kirkham is a Professional Public Speaker and Founder of Yes You Can Speak, a San Francisco Bay Area-based public speaking educational business empowering thousands of professionals to take command of whatever stage they've been given - from job interviews, boardroom talks to TEDx and large conference platforms. Lynn was chosen as the official TEDx Berkeley speaker coach for the last four years and has worked with executives at Google, Facebook, Intuit, Genentech, Intel, VMware, and others. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 16 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 755,561 times.

A good campaign speech can persuade, excite, and motivate, compensating for weaknesses in other parts of the campaign. Although good speakers make it look natural, there are actually specific techniques you can use to make your own speeches more effective, techniques which apply to all manner of campaign speeches. Whether your speech is for a student election or governmental election, you can use these techniques to transform your speech into one everyone will be talking about.

If youre writing a campaign speech, first outline a beginning that catches peoples attention and raises questions, a middle that provides answers, and an end that connects the answers back to the questions. Then, when you write, open by using a story, a joke, or a challenge to make your main point immediately. Use a mixture of facts, feelings, and actions to support your theme through the middle of the speech. Finally, write a conclusion that makes it clear whats at stake, using strong, forceful language to convey your position. For more tips on writing a campaign speech, including writing a political stump speech, scroll down! Did this summary help you?YesNo

what happens when salt is added to water? | sciencing

what happens when salt is added to water? | sciencing

The sight of ordinary salt dissolved in water is, in all likelihood, entirely familiar to you, as the phenomenon literally dominates the globe. Over two-thirds of Earth's surface is covered by ocean water, which is notably saline, or "salty," in character. ("Sal" is the Latin word for salt.)

Table salt is made of the ionic compound sodium chloride, which consists of the chemical elements sodium and chlorine. You probably learned from unintentional play at the kitchen table as a child that if you sprinkle salt into a glass of pure water, the salt disappears after a time; the more salt you add, the longer this takes, and it may require some shaking or stirring to bring about.

Solids dissolving in a liquid solvent (usually water in chemistry experiments) create a solution, and salt dissolving in water is a classic example of how a polar solute behaves in a polar solvent such as H2O. Along the way, you'll get a side dish of acid-base chemistry just to round out the "flavor" of the salt-water experience!

Water (H2O) consists of the elements hydrogen (denoted by H on the periodic table of elements) and oxygen (O) in a 2-to-1 molar ratio. This means that there are two H atoms for every O atom in water. Because an oxygen is about 16 times more massive than a hydrogen atom, however, the water molecule is nearly nine-tenths oxygen by mass.

Water is a solid at temperatures below 0 C, a liquid between 0 C and 100 C and a gas (water vapor) at temperatures in excess of 100 C. It is polar, meaning that although it has no net charge, parts of it (in this case the oxygen atom) are slightly negative because of a higher density of electrons, leaving other portions (in this case the hydrogen atoms) slightly positive.

Table salt (sodium chloride, or NaCl) is an ionic compound, meaning that the bond it forms results from the donation of an electron from one atom (here, Na) to another (Cl), rather than from the electron sharing seen in covalent bonds. This makes the bond highly electronegative, the consequences of which when NaCl is dissolved in water will soon become apparent.

While this reaction could proceed in theory, it is extremely energetically unfavorable. This is because HCl is a much stronger acid than water and happily sheds its proton in solutions with acidity far greater than that of water, which has a neutral pH of 7. Also, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a very strong base that would gobble up the released H+ ions anyway, making water.

When table salt is placed in water, the slightly electropositive sodium portion is attracted to the slightly electronegative oxygen portion of water molecules. At the same time, the slightly electronegative chlorine portion of NaCl is attracted to the slightly electropositive hydrogen portion of water.

The stronger covalent bonds of water (which is also held together generally by hydrogen bonds between water molecules) win out, and NaCl is pulled apart, with the Na+ and Cl_ ions setting loosely in place between the intact H2O molecules. NaCl is then dissolved.

Kevin Beck holds a bachelor's degree in physics with minors in math and chemistry from the University of Vermont. Formerly with and the editor of "Run Strong," he has written for Runner's World, Men's Fitness, Competitor, and a variety of other publications. More about Kevin and links to his professional work can be found at

math concepts | howstuffworks

math concepts | howstuffworks

Math is often called the universal language because no matter where you're from, a better understanding of math means a better understanding of the world around you. Learn about math concepts such as addition, subtraction, fractions, ratios and more.

Corresponding angles are what you get when two parallel lines are crossed by a third line, creating angles that have the same relative position at each intersection. They're easy to find once you know what to look for.

The Pythagorean theorem, which explains how to calculate the longest side of a right-angled triangle, is an ancient mathematical statement that still buttresses modern-day construction, aviation and even how we navigate through traffic.

printmaking art | activity

printmaking art | activity

Your child can be a Master Printmaker! This super-fun and easy method of printing encourages kids to draw as many patterns as they can imagine, trace them with yarn, paint and press their very own masterpieces. This is a great way to learn a centuries-old trade, while always have beautiful and successful results.

"schoolhouse rock!" figure eight (tv episode 1973) - imdb

At school, a girl daydreams the 8 times multiplication table in the context of a skating pond.At school, a girl daydreams the 8 times multiplication table in the context of a skating pond.At school, a girl daydreams the 8 times multiplication table in the context of a skating pond.

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