powder vs. liquid laundry detergent: which is better? | whirlpool

powder vs. liquid laundry detergent: which is better? | whirlpool

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To purchase a water filter subscription, you must create an account or sign in to your existing account. Your account allows you to track order history and provides for faster, easier purchasing and customer assistance. Once your account is created, you will be returned to checkout to complete your purchase.

When choosing between liquid detergent, powdered detergent and single dose pods, a few factors come into play. These include the type of stains you need to tackle, as well as the condition of the water in your home. This guide will help you explore your options so you can decide which is best for your family.

Though they all have individual benefits, there are pros and cons to each detergent type depending on your load size, water type and most common stains.Make sure to always follow the manufacturers instructions for detergent usage. Explore the charts below to help you find the right detergent type to suit each laundry load:

Cleaning tip:Make sure to use only high-efficiency (HE) detergents in high-efficiency washing machines.Using non-HE detergent can cause oversudsing and result in longer cycle times. Learn more aboutwhy its important to use HE detergentin your high-efficiency washing machine.

Both powder and liquid laundry detergents offer stain-fighting benefits, but their effectiveness may depend on the type of stain. Powerful cleaning agents that can be included in powdered detergent formulas, but not liquid forms, work to help remove mud, grass or clay stains. Liquid detergent is best used for grease or oil stains on your day to day items, because of its ability to help release and break down stains in fabrics.

When calculating the cost per load, powder detergent is generally the more economical option in comparison to liquid detergent. Its lighter weight makes it less expensive to transport and often easier to manufacture in comparison to liquid detergent, making it cheaper for you to purchase.

Because liquid detergent uses water as the main filler ingredient, it dissolves easily regardless of water temperature. This leads to less likelihood of buildup on your washer or clothes. Just make sure to use proper dosing to help avoid oversudsing, residue or bad smells from forming. Powdered detergents can also leave behind residue if they dont dissolve properly. This can cause white stains on your clothes or a buildup in your washing machines drain, especially when used with cold or hard water. Using an extra rinse option, if available on your model, can help ensure that the load is thoroughly rinsed. Learn how to remove detergent stains from your clothes should they occur and how to routinely clean your washing machine to help avoid detergent buildup.

Cleaning tip:When loading your washer, always allow enough space for items to move freely. Clothing that is tightly packed in the washer may trap detergent and not allow it to completely dissolve.Starting with bulky items first, load your laundry in loose, untangled clumps so that it is evenly distributed around the agitator, impeller or drum. You should also avoid packing down clothes, as this will hinder the movement needed for a proper clean.

Liquid detergent can be easy to over or underdose because of an overzealous pour or a difficult to read measuring cap, but is an easy to dispense option due to the convenient packaging. Powder detergent is simple to measure out, but may be difficult to deposit into your washer without spilling. Either option can be dosed correctly by being precise when measuring and dispensing detergent into your washing machine. To avoid issues with buildup, oversudsing or residue in your washer, always measure detergent and follow manufacturers directions based on load size and soil level. If you have very soft water or a very lightly soiled load, you may need to use less detergent. If too much detergent is used, it will be difficult to fully rinse it away.To help avoid issues like over pouring, wasted detergent or residue, consider a detergent like Swash.Swash Laundry Detergent is designed with a pre-measured pour dosage cap to give you only what you need to clean and care for your belongings - no more, no less.

Cut measuring liquid detergent out of your daily laundry routine with Whirlpool Washers featuring the Load & Go Dispenser. Designed for use with liquid detergent, not powder detergent, simply add liquid detergent once and get the right amount dispensed for 20-40 loads.1

The filler ingredients in some powder detergents may not entirely dissolve in the wash, which could create blockages in your septic system or clogs in the drain hose that can interfere with your washers ability to fully drain.Liquid detergent is less likely to cause septic issues as long as you are dosing as recommended per the product packaging. If you do choose to use powder detergent, be sure to check the label to see if it is septic safe.

Liquid detergent works better for getting a more thorough clean in untreated hard water. Its ingredients arent as reactive with the minerals most commonly present in hard water, therefore making it more resistant to its effects. You can still use powder detergent with hard water, but it will likely require the use of more detergent to get a proper clean.Always follow the detergent manufacturers recommendations on the product package.

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how to start a detergent/washing powder business

how to start a detergent/washing powder business

Starting a detergent powder or synthetic washing powder business is one of the most feasible business options owing to the straightforward manufacturing process involved. Detergent powder market is one segment of the FMCG market in the world with significant growth potential. Being a consumer good, people use it on a daily basis for clothes, hand wash, and kitchen utensils, and its demand is found in the market all through the year. Moreover, an entrepreneur can initiate a detergent manufacturing business with moderate capital investment.

The per capita detergent consumption in India is around 2.7kg per year, while it is 3.7kg in Malaysia and Philippines and around 10kgs in the USA. Moreover, the global liquid detergent market is expected to grow steadily over the next four years and post a CAGR of more than 8% by 2021. Seeing such huge growth potential of the detergent industry, it comes as no surprise that we would like to throw some light on the steps that are needed to start a detergent manufacturing business in this section. Take a look:

The detergent powder market can be broadly categorized to cater to the following market types: lower, middle, and higher-end. India alone boasts of Rs. 5,000 crore market and is amongst the biggest categories in the FMCG industry, following edible oils and biscuits. Rapid urbanization, emergence of small packs and sachets, wide range of choices, health awareness, and urge for good living are some of the reasons that are attributed to the growing demand for detergent powder all over the world, both for commercial and residential purposes.

Every family has different laundry needs. Kids clothes face very different challenges in comparison to working professionals in an office environment and so every detergent need is distinctive. So, it is important to decide the right category of powder that you plan on manufacturing, keeping in mind your business plan and budget.

Moreover, there are 2 broad categories for a detergent based segment: Oil-based laundry soaps and synthetic detergents. These detergents are available in a wide variety of options in the market depending upon a different percentage of active ingredients and other components. These forms include:

The manufacturing of detergent powder is not so complicated and involves mixing of different ingredients in the right proportions. Each detergent making company has its own customized formula that can be crafted keeping in mind your target market. Here is a list of basic ingredients that are needed in a detergent powder manufacturing process:

Budget is mentioned for a medium sized detergent powder manufacturing unit with a 1000m sq. ft. area. Keep a minimum budget in mind to be Rs. 25 lakh. This is because of the presence of a large number of competitors in the detergent manufacturing industry so initially, the struggle for selling would be too high.

A great deal of market research and a well-framed business plan is needed before starting a detergent manufacturing business. The business plan should be able to incorporate your companys mission statement, budgeting, and target market. Here are some of the most important elements that should be included in a business plan for a detergent business:

Incorporating all these crucial aspects of your business plan helps you in keeping your expenditure in check. It also helps you to understand where all you intend to spend your finances and how you would be achieving your business goals.

Deciding on the legal pattern of your company is the next important step. Registering your business name is of utmost importance and you can initiate your business as LLP, Pvt. Ltd. Or Ltd Co., partnership, or as a sole proprietor. Registering your business as a SSI unit helps in obtaining government subsidy. Next comes opening a bank account under your business name to carry out all business transactions.

Especially in a detergent making business, it is important to apply for a Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate from the Pollution Control Board. For this, in India, for instance, you need to have BIS registration and IS: 4955-1968. It is specified for synthetic detergent powder for household use. Also needed is a trademark registration to protect your brand name and trade license from the local municipal authority. To initiate the distribution network, opt for Distribution Agreement Paper. In India, additionally, you can apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar online registration and GST registration.

The factory location should be chosen carefully keeping in mind that the location should have adequate availability of water, electric power, and transportation. Moreover, it should also be set up in a region having close proximity to the source of raw materials and somewhat nearby the target market.

The factory should be in compliance with state and government zoning requirements. Also, the leased property should be suitable for your equipment and should have ample parking facilities. The factory should be located in an industrial zone and there should be easy access to the factory through land transportation.

An average detergent powder manufacturing plant needs a few modernized tools and equipment and ample space to work in the manufacturing facility to initiate the manufacturing process. Below is the list of equipment needed:

The next important step is to look for the most ideal and cost-effective supplier of raw materials who can ship these to you at your manufacturing facility warehouse. Purchasing raw materials consumes about 60% of the detergent businesss working capital. One can also purchase these raw materials yourself from the wholesale market, however, doing this can be cost-effective and very time-consuming in the long run.

Detergent powder manufacturing formulations essentially consistof active ingredients, STPP, Filler such as sodium sulphate and silicate. Here is a list of raw materials needed to initiate a detergent making process:

In the blending or mixing process, first ingredients like surfactants, builders, and perfumes are fed to a large blender. This process involves 2 types of blenders with varying capacity. One blender is a rectangular shaped blending type while the other one is a cylindrical ribbon blender. The latter one comprises of built-in blades that allow scraping and mixing of all the ingredients. Solid phosphates, additives, sodium silicate, and linear alkylbenzene paste are mixed in a slurry tank. Once all the ingredients are mixed together, the mixture is fed to a conveyor belt through a doorway at the bottom of the blender. The belt then shifts the detergent to a rotary sealing machine and the product is then finally packed and sealed for selling purpose.

First, all the dry, as well as liquid ingredients, are mixed together in a slurry or thick suspension in a tank known as a Crutcher. The slurry is then heated and pumped into the top of a tower, and eventually sprayed through nozzles under high pressure until small droplets are formed. The droplets fall through a current of hot air, forming hollow granules as they dry.

The dried granules are collected from the bottom of the spray tower where they are screened to achieve a relatively uniform size. After the granules have been cooled, heat-sensitive ingredients that are not compatible with the spray drying temperatures (such as bleach, enzymes, and fragrance) are added.

Traditional spray drying produces relatively low-density powders. New technology has enabled the soap and detergent industry to reduce the air inside the granules during spray drying to achieve higher densities. The higher density powders can be packed in much smaller packages than were needed previously.

Agglomeration, which leads to higher density powders, consists of blending dry raw materials with liquid ingredients. Helped by the presence of a liquid binder, rolling or shear mixing causes the ingredients to collide and adhere to each other, forming larger particles. Dry mixing or dry blending is used to blend dry raw materials. Small quantities of liquids may also be added.

Understanding your target market makes it easier to adopt branding strategies for your product. Some consumers differentiate between various brands by looking at various ingredients while others focus primarily on the packaging. Besides, a single brand is often available in various forms: liquid, powder form, or single-dose, calling for different techniques for each one of them.

Also, think of some catchy and unique business names that would be most suited for your detergent making business. Eventually, it is your brand and you would want it to be a reflection of your visions and values. Create a unique brand logo that is enticing and appealing to the masses and underlines your core values.

Consider, for example, the premium detergent brand Tide that has a trademark that is easily recognizable in striking colors of orange and yellow, superimposed by the name Tide in blue. It was one of the first brands to be packaged in Day-Glo colors that are known to be strikingly eye-catching. The coloring scheme was meant to convey an aggressive impression of the rugged strength of the brand.

Estimate your annual production cost keeping in mind the cost of raw materials, utilities, labor, and maintenance. On the basis of your target market and product, you would have to finalize pricing for your detergent. Also consider additional parameters like lease cost, overheads, marketing, and distribution expenditure, in addition to the cost of finance and depreciation. One must also consider the fact that the prices of some raw materials might increase at a later stage so you cannot change your product pricing every time, nor can you sell your detergent at losses. So, one must carefully consider potential price inflation too before setting up the pricing.

Even though the detergent manufacturing business is highly profitable, there is stiff competition from various big brands. And so, products should be priced accordingly considering all the above factors. Learn more about your competitors prices in your area and then set prices, on the basis of sales tactics.

Being a synthetic product, laundry detergents are subject to grave risks to the environment. The phosphates used in the making of these detergents are a source of pollution in the region. Additionally, a great amount of industrial waste faces the issue of safe disposal. These wastes pose a lot of health hazards to the surrounding ecosystem and also contribute to a high level of pollution.

The proper arrangements should be made for the disposal of solid waste as well as liquid waste. All bio-medical waste shall be destroyed as per the provisions of the Bio-Medical Waste Rule, 1996 in India. Apart from it, provision should be made for the proper and safe storage of waste material waiting for disposal.

The promotion of the product plays an essential role in the success or failure of a business. Now there are so many mediums through which you can advertise or promote your washing or detergent powder and can reach a maximum number of people. Because detergent is a consumer goods business, a huge amount of media promotions are required to establish the brand. At first, you can focus on targeting your local market and then think of expanding your operations to nearby areas.

Focus on a detailed company website that speaks alot about your organizations and product. Opt for different marketing strategies such as traditional printing and television advertisements. Successful marketers also utilize social media to boost the popularity of their companys laundry detergent brand. For example, the makers of Gain laundry detergent launched a sniff contest via Facebook, inviting consumers to purchase a bottle of Gain, smell the scent, and share a brief story or video about their sniffing experience. The campaign drew more than 300,000 stories, videos, and new Facebook fans. Following the success, the company dubbed its fans Gainiacs and continues to engage them through social media. Likewise, you can consider arranging competitions between the same budget detergent powders to gain customers confidence in your brand. Additionally, you can place dealer boards at various locations with your brand name and even distribute some of the products to the shopkeepers for free initially.

By this time, your product is legally ready to be rolled out in the market and it should be worth all the hard work that has gone into it till now. One way is to focus on maximizing your B2B channels to the maximum. Establish a strong distributor-dealer network. Do some outdoor media activity. Employing commission based sales representatives can help a great way of boosting sales. Also, ensure that your product is available at all the retail counter within the area you are catering to.

You can also give offers to retailers also in the beginning so that they only sell or at least introduce your products to their customers. Offer some perks or discounts to shop owners to improve your sales like a short domestic or an international trip, a yearlong free supply of your products, and so on. Some of the opportunities that you can explore in order to sell your product are:

Good day, I just stumbled on your post and comments. I must commend you for the information. I am an African and I want to start detergent powder manufacturing, and I will like to have a good discussion with a mentor like you. I will be happy if you can give me this opportunity. Thanks

Very detailed and awesome article. I am in this business, and right now, I am searching for partners. If anybody wants to start this from scratch is a very tedious process. I had done half of the work. If anyone interested contact me.

Hi, thanks for all the information you shared with us; I have been selling the washing powder in 20 liters. Now I want to grow my business and start making the washing powders myself, of course, I would like to start in smaller quantities. So please tell me which machines will best suit my initiative?

I am a person of 56 years in age and I want to start a washing powder business. The business I want to set up for my daughter who is doing her graduation and she can capitalize over my investment. Will it be feasible to go ahead with and how much capital investment and time will be required to set up the business? I want to set up the business in northern India near Delhi. I will be grateful if you can suggest the right place to set up the industry and the establishment cost?

detergent powder manufacturing business project plan sample - guide

detergent powder manufacturing business project plan sample - guide

Detergent powder or laundry washing powder is a promising industry in India. In addition, any individual can initiate a detergent powder making business with moderate capital investment. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a small-scale detergent powder manufacturing business.

Generally, there two different types of manufacturing technologies are available. One is spray dried and another is mixing the raw materials. However, the first option is only perfect for a large-scale operation. Also, it demands a huge capital investment. The second option (mixing formula) is the easier option and you can start the manufacturing with small capital investment.

The Indian detergent industryis growing at a CAGR of 13.06% from the last five years. Generally, the detergent powder segment caters to three categories, lower, middle and higher-endmarkets.In terms of value, the Rs.5,000 crore detergents market is among the largest FMCGcategories in India, next only to edible oils and biscuits. In addition, the Indian market for detergents is among the largest in the world

Due to rapid urbanization, theemergence of small pack size and sachets, the demand for this product is flourishing. In addition, an increasing per capita income helps to boost the purchasing capacity of the population. Furthermore, a wide range of available choice, health awareness and hunger for good living are other reasons for the growing demand for detergent powder.

In addition, therural population has replaced detergent cake with washing powder in massive quantity. Apart from the domestic consumption, the product has a different usage in the industrial sectors. The detergent industry represents a good investment opportunity in the small and mediumsector. Therefore, washing powder manufacturing is a lucrative business opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

You will need to apply for Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate both from the Pollution Control Board. For quality control, you need to have BIS registration and IS:4955-1968: specification is required for synthetic detergent powder for household use.

If you want to start the manufacturing with mixing process, you need to obtain different registrations and licenses. However, it depends on the location where you are establishing the plant. It is advisable to check the local state laws. Here we put some of the basic considerations.

Different companies have their own customized formula. In addition, you have to craft the formula according to your target market demographic. You can source the manufacturing technology from Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research. Gijubhai Badeka Marg, Waghawadi Road.Bhavnagar -364 002 However, here we put a basic formula with the ingredients in percentage for your ready reference.

First of all, you have to neutralize the acid slurry with soda ash. Then keep the mixture for one hour for completion of thereaction. Then mix the other ingredients such as STEP, TSP, Glaubers salt, CMC, Colours, Perfume etc. and blend to the neutralized acid slurry with continuous mixing. After this, you have to dry this mixture. Then pack the finished product in the suitable packing.

Apart from the above mentioned raw materials, you have to procure packaging materials. Generally, thedetergent powder comes in the poly pack. Most popular packaging quantities are 200 gm, 1 Kg, and 5 Kg. In addition, packaging has important aspects of marketing. You must design the packets carefully. Furthermore, you have to put the basic details in packets. These are quantity, MRP, manufacturing date, company address, customer care number etc. In addition, you have to arrange the outer cartoons for bulk packaging and transportation.

Starting a commercial detergent powder production requires some basic knowledge. And a book is the best guide for this. If you seriously want to start this business, wed recommend you to buy this book.

The term detergent by itself refers specifically to laundry detergent or dish detergent, as opposed to hand soap or other types of cleaning agents. Some of the fundamentals of the book are the technology of soap making and washing of saponified soap. Also, it includes plant for total soap making operation, construction materials for soap making plants, earth bleaching of oils, chemical bleaching, fatty acids, manufacturing of framed soaps, manufacture of chips and flakes, manufacture of milled bars, the Mazzoni process, floating soap bars, mixing of soap, chemicals used in soaps & detergents, disinfectants and antiseptics, dry cleaning agents, etc.

Additionally, the book containsformulae, processes of different types of soaps, detergents and disinfectants. These products have good demand in domestic as well as in the international market. So there is a very good scope for new entrepreneurs to venture into this field. This book is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, technocrats and for those who want to diversify into this field.

cutom made detergent powder making machine , washing powder making machine

cutom made detergent powder making machine , washing powder making machine

Cutom Made Detergent Powder Making Machine , Washing Powder Making Machine Technology Characteristics 1. The exhaust gas is discharged to the standard and there is no sewage discharge. 2. Save energy and reduce consumption, and discharge to normal standards. 3. The fine powder collected from the dust removal process is returned to the tower, the water can be recycled, and the collected sediment slurry can be used for the ratio. 4. Establish a complete workshop dust removal system, clean the operating environment 5. The factory and workshop have reasonable logistics and reasonable configuration, which saves operating expenses. 6. The process design is advanced and the plan is reasonable. Name Turnkey Project Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line with Low Density Application Daily chemical Function Screw conveyor Usage Detergent powder, washing powder Capacity 1 ton/hour Heating method Hot air furnace Fuel Oil, gas, coal, biomass Machine Type Automatic,semi-automatic

washing powder making machine/production line

washing powder making machine/production line

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The equipment can produce many kinds of products, such as puffed detergent powder, concentrated detergent powder, strong detergency washing powder, special laundry washing powder, hotel special detergency powder etc.

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