hyprops nigeria limited | operations and maintenance services | sand blasting and coating

hyprops nigeria limited | operations and maintenance services | sand blasting and coating

Grit & Hydro Blasting and Coating are corrosion control activities aimed at checking and restoring the integrity of facilities and equipment to pre-defined standards or specifications. we provide a diverse suite of services to address virtually any surface treatment and protection challenge.

Through our innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit, we specialize in the full line of protective coatings. We have developed a reputation for high quality and excellent service in the surface preparation and protective coatings industry.

mining opportunities in nigeria; silica sand/quartz mining in nigeria. foraminifera market research

mining opportunities in nigeria; silica sand/quartz mining in nigeria. foraminifera market research

Silica Sand/Quartz constitutes one of the most readily available geological materials used in industries and factories such as glass manufacturing companies. Silica Sand/Quartz are said to consist of high optimal percentage of silicon dioxide (SiO2) which is a very good chemically stable element and it remains almost the same no matter the series of cycles it may have gone through, either in transportation or re-deposition. Quartz is silica occurring alone in pure state.

Silica/glass sand on the other hand are products of weathering, erosion and transportation by rivers or/and the sea. Naturally occurring silica sands may contain some undesirable impurities like accessory haematite, rutile and dolomite etc.

The Glass Sand is used in the production of various glass products: which include sheet glasses for windows, bottles, mirrors, optical instruments, chemical apparatus, electrical insulation and condensers, pipe, doors, crucibles, automobile and aircraft bodies, filters and building blocks. They are also used for making abbrassives and for gravel packing in the petroleum industries.

Commercially exploitable quartz rock crystal occur in pegmatites and quartzites hosted by rock of the basement complex around Egbe, Udiarehu, Okene and Lokoja in Kogi State, Ijero in Ekiti State. The quartzites occur in the medium to high grade metamorphic terrains of the basement complex.

The vein quartz and quartz bearing pegmatite solidified from the hydrothermal fluids associated with the older granites as well as those of the Younger Granites and from the materials of the rocks of the basement complex at different periods.

Nigeria has extensive deposits of good quartz silica sands. Many of which are associated with the coastal plain of sedimentary areas in the southern part of the country, although deposits also occur in some inland areas. The major silica sand deposits in the country are located at UghecllDelta State, Igbokoda, Ondo State, Baure, Katsina State, Badagry, Lagos State, and along the sandy shore line of the Atlantic, some inland deposit are also reported at Shebu, Plateau State and Ilaro, Ogun State.

By obtaining on application, either a Prospecting Right (PR), an Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL), or a Special Exclusive Prospecting Licence (SEPL), the application should state financial and technical capability qualifying the applicant for entry into the mining sector.

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Our reports are designed to assist start-ups to understand the legal and financial requirements of starting the business, the market trends vis-a-vis demand and supply, competition, risk identification and mitigation strategies.

Foraminifera Market Research Limited is a Nigerian market research and consulting company that partners with clients to support the development of innovative growth strategies. Our vision is to be a strong and visible global brand in the industries we operate in by providing services that adds value to our clients business and resources to develop their business into a strong and visible global brand.

how to start a dredging business | bulls capital ltd,lagos, nigeria

how to start a dredging business | bulls capital ltd,lagos, nigeria

Dredging is the operation of excavating material (e.g. Gravel, Mud, and Sand etc.) from a water environment. It can also be said to be the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors and other water bodies.

The process of dredging comprises the use of a vessel called dredger and the requirement for structures and buildings made this business a significant one. However, the need to construct one thing or the other have made dredging business to be highly demanded for. Its products can also be utilize in production of materials used in construction and the retrieving of boggy zones.

Dredging business can be started by less than a Million Naira and you will get a good and high return on investment. Moreover, it has been proven that, active participants in the business, will break even between 3 or 4 months of starting the business.

Meanwhile, Sand dredging activities can be found in Epe to Ikorodu, Lekki to Ojo and Badagry area of Lagos. And, in Delta, sand is mined in Uvwie Local government Areas, Ovwian, Ugolo, Agbarho, Oteri, Ughelli towns, Udu, Ughelli North and Okpe.

You need to know that, the main uses of materials gotten from dredging is for building. Before technology boom, Sands and gravel has been the major materials used in building, and even after technology now brought and glass and steel building; sand and gravel are still been used majorly in erecting a structure.

Therefore, Sand dredging industry became popular because of the needs and requirements to cater for the housing industry in Nigeria. So, here is the registration process of dredging business and its categories:-

Nigeria population is increasing day-by-day and there is a dire need for more infrastructure; thats why dredging business has been highly demanded for. However, for a structure to be constructed you will need sharp sands, gravel and so on. So, dredging make it possible for you to get those materials inside riverine and coastal parts of the country. This is why states like Rivers, Delta and Edo have more prospective for this business.

Moreover, places like Lagos state (especially Lagos Island and Lekki) has a high demand for sand because most of their lands there are water-logged area, where they need to sand-filled those lands to make it possible for them to build a structure on it. Also, there are so many construction projects going on in that area; they also need Sand in successfully carrying out the project. So, Sand is so important for human habitation, survival, social and industrial development.

In commencing the business, the first thing is to carry out the analysis of the market and acquire details about the business. You need to also know that, Dredging business involving gravel and sand used to be successful in a place where new housing or construction is taking place.

Also, you need to check out the prices charged for each tons of those gravel and sand and other materials you are to be excavating from the water and compare their tons prices among different existing dredging companies.

There are two sorts of dredger, which are:- The discontinuous and The Persistent. The discontinuous one burrows and lift the head while the persistent burrows constantly and raise and transport the materials immediately.

Basically, dredging involves using hydropower and this result in the cuts and sucks the material from below the waterway. So, this cutting and sucking up utilizes a stool set up on the top of the cutter head and this passes materials through the sunction pipe.

Furthermore, sucking through a pump occur through a pipeline and move towards the shore. So, when the materials arrive at the shore, a tipper will now be used to move the sands, gravels or any other type of materials gotten from the dredging to a particular location, where it is now used to been stored for people to come and buy.

Before going into dredging business in a medium or large scale, you need a well-prepared business plan that will make you foresee what the business look like. It will give you an overview of what you will invest in the business (Financial projection) and your expected revenue in the business.

A good business plan will also make it easier for you to access loan from the bank or from investor. When investor see that your business plan is well-articulated and see all the necessary things that will give him assurance that, if he invested in your business, he wont make a loss. However, for your well-articulated business plan, contact us at www.bullscapitalltd.com .

In finding a suitable place for your Dredging business; the major thing you need to put to consideration is nearness to riverine area. Because dredging is carried out inside water, therefore, you must make sure anywhere you want to locate your dredging business, it must be close to a riverine area.

Dredging business can be funded by your own personal funds and can as well be funded by external investor, after they have to assess your business plan and they are convinced that, you actually know what you are doing.

Apart from funding your business from funds from external investor, you can also get loan from banks. Banks will also assess your business plan before they grant you loan for your business. Thats why, you need a good consulting firm to prepare your business plan for you.

Most of those doing this business, sell the sand and other materials they got from dredging to big construction companies by per cubic meter and they also sell to sand dealer that have lower capitals in the business (Manual dredger).

In making passive income in this business, investors purchase boats and hand them over to sand dealers who give them huge returns on a weekly basis. However, within a 5 months period, the initial cost of the boat will be recoup and good profit will be make throughout the life span of their boat. Therefore, you can also go into dredging business as an investor.

Competition is high in dredging business because of the high demand of the business in our country. Therefore, in doing this business, you must have your own boat to be ahead of competition. Though, it is believed that, competitors in the business used to set trap for each other in order to get someone else out of the business.

But, if you come into the business with the mindset of, there is no business without competitors, then you will able to handle to apply different tactics in gaining competitive advantage over your competitors in the business.

Finally, dredging business is a profitable business because infrastructures like building and roads are rampant in our country, and materials gotten from dredging are needed for it. However before starting the business fully, make sure you do appropriate registrations with the government as well as maintaining your boats, tipper and trucks adequately.

Olusipe Abiodun Yinka is an Audit Associate in Bulls Capital Limited. He has a National Diploma in Accounting from Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State; as well as a Degree in Accounting from Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ebonyi State. He is a creative writer and a Trendsetter. Apart from writing, Olusipe is also an entertainer.

Bulls Capital Ltd is a financial advisory, management consulting and wealth management company founded in 2008,offering wealth management, business advisory, Financial Advisory, transaction advisory, valuation, investment advisory, retirement planning, capital raising, advice on mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, financings Fund/Wealth Management Financial planning, Raising Finance, Corporate Finance, Principal Investment, Private Equity and Hedge Funds to corporations, partnerships, institutions and governments The company has since grown and expanded its capability to real estate investments, real estate advisory, and private assets managements. This is a great choice!

a complete list of construction companies in nigeria - punchyinfo

a complete list of construction companies in nigeria - punchyinfo

What are the available construction companies in Nigeria? Like most countries in the world, Nigeria has a large number of bridges, roads, and buildings. Moreover, many companies carry out these projects around all parts of the country.

With its head office in Lagos, Arab Contractors comes as one of the top firms in Nigeria and Africa. It also has a vast experience in the construction of public buildings and infrastructure while offering consultancy services.

Some of the popular projects carried out by the firm include the construction of the Woi drainage system and Owerri-Elele Road. In Nigeria, Engineer Ossama Moustafa oversees the operations of the company.

If you want a firm with many years of experience, Apave Nigeria should top your list. For a century and a half, this member of the Apave Group has played a major part in the local building sector. Apart from construction, Apave also offers training and consultancy services.

Since 1976, Adold Engineering has provided services in engineering and construction. It has even completed more 250 projects for various banks, telecom, and oil companies. Since it has an efficient storage and logistics network, the company moves materials and equipment with ease.

Brunelli Construction was launched in 1972 and comes as one of the top firms in Nigeria. With a team of foreign and local professionals, the company focuses on the building of jetties, drainages and electric poles. It also has handles dredging and shore protection projects.

Have you seen the popular Ikorodu road in Lagos? If yes, then you have witnessed one of the top jobs of the CCECC. The company also plays an important role in the construction of the Lagos Light Rail project.

In 1979, the CCECC was launched in China but it currently handles projects across many parts of the world. In Nigeria, the companys subsidiary (CCECC Nigeria) has its office in Lagos and provides services for various high-profile construction jobs in the country.

This companys journey started in 1948 when it took over jobs handled by the building department of John Holt and Company. Since then, it has worked on multiple jobs for private, commercial and public uses.

Notable projects include the construction of the Bayelsa Airport, Benue State Government House and the Edo State House Liason Office. It has also handled the building of major roads, bridges and other infrastructure across Nigeria.

From its Ebute Metta office in Lagos, G Cappa has carried out many building and civil engineering projects. The firm performs well and has built many high-rise buildings and complex infrastructure in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians know this German firm as one of the best construction companies in the country. After all, it has handled contracts within the country for many years. Such projects include the Eko Bridge that connects parts of Lagos.

Nicknamed MCC, this Nigerian owned firm has completed projects in the Southern parts of the country. Apart from building roads, Monier Construction also constructs buildings while owning an impressive selection of equipment.

If you need another top firm in Nigeria, you should check out Reynolds Construction Company. Known as the local subsidiary of the Swiss-based company SBI International Holdings, the company started as Nigersol Construction in 1956.

Within four decades of its existence, Setraco has executed projects across Nigeria. In 1977, the company started with minor jobs in Bendel state but now it has constructed infrastructure in more than 20 states.

Unlike some construction firms in Nigeria, SK develops durable materials that suit construction projects in tropical regions. Established in 1987, the company started as a technology and material firm before delving into construction and engineering procurement. Its also involved in real estate and energy distribution.

This firm started operations about 22 years ago and consists of various building professionals. Since it ensures retrains its staff with seminars and workshops, Saidi offers excellent services for its numerous clients.

Seen as one of the youngest names in the construction business, Sujomoto focuses on constructing luxury homes across the country. Sijibomi Ogundele heads this company and the brand comes as one of the youngest growing firms in Nigeria.

Building projects require companies with high flying teams and world-class equipment. Afterall this ensures buildings and infrastructures that will last for many years. To get a good firm in Nigeria, you can check out the names on this list.

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steps to start dredging business in nigeria and tips to succeed - infoguide

steps to start dredging business in nigeria and tips to succeed - infoguide

The need to construct or build one thing or the other have made the business to be high demand. Dredging products can also be put into the production of materials for construction and the reclaiming of swampy zones.

There is increase in the Nigerian population and this have led to the need for more infrastructures. Sharp sands are in riverine and coastal parts of the country. The Niger Delta parts of Nigeria like Edo, Rivers and Delta state have more potential for this business.

Lagos has a huge demand for sand due to the number of road projects, housing across the Ibeju-Lekki region etc. Industrial centres and other regions of high population density are also among. Sand is necessary for survival, human habitation, social and industrial development.

The first procedure in the business is to conduct an analysis of the market and get details. Gravel and sand business thrives in zones where new housing takes place. Before starting a dredging company check out the prices that are charged for each ton and also compare prices.

Dredgers utilise hydropower and this cause the cuts and sucks the material from below the waterway. This cutting and sucking up uses a stool (stepping) set up on the top of the (cutter) head and this passes materials through the sunction pipe.

Sucking through a pump takes place through a pipeline and then towards the shore. Now when it comes to the shore within the dump a tipper now moves and dumps it to a particular location. It is in this location that it is now kept for usage or marketing.

One of the uses of dredging is building and this is the main use. Experiments of different kinds of building materials and resources took place before the coming of technology. However building technology have come with glass and steel.

Dredging business is in high demand due to infrastructures like roads and buildings. Ensure that you do appropriate registrations with the government and maintain your trucks properly. Many opportunities exist in this business for Nigerians.

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how nigerian businessman eruani azibapu built an $80 million empire on sand

how nigerian businessman eruani azibapu built an $80 million empire on sand

Nigerian multi-millionaire businessman Eruani Azibapu, 44, is the founder of Azikel Group, a conglomerate with interests in sand dredging, aviation, agriculture, and energy. Azikel Group, which has its headquarters in Bayelsa in Nigerias south-south region, has more than 700 employees and annual revenues of more than $80 million.

I recently spent time in Abuja with Azibapu who is a trained medical doctor and former Commissioner for Health in Bayelsa state. He took me down memory lane, recounting his beginnings in the medical profession; his stint in government and his audacious plunge into the murky waters of entrepreneurship.

I was born into a simple family in old Rivers state. Growing up as a child, my father was a small-scale industrialist. He owned a poultry business and a bakery. My mother on the other hand was a trader. I remember I used to spend a lot of my free time during school holidays helping them out in their various businesses. I used to be academically sound, particularly in mathematics and in those days when you were particularly great at mathematics everyone encouraged you to become a Doctor. It was the logical career path. So I enrolled at the University of Port Harcourt and studied medicine. I worked within the University Teaching Hospital for a while and later travelled to the United States to further my studies. I ended up specializing in Family medicine. I worked in the United States for a while and became a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and then I got bored of working in the United States. I returned to Nigeria and took up a job at a private Hospital in Port Harcourt, and then subsequently as an Industrial Doctor at Nigerian Agip Oil Company.

In 1999, the late Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was sworn in as Governor of Bayelsa state. I was headhunted to become an advisor to the Governor on HIV prevention and Community health matters. I must have impressed the Governor because subsequently appointed me as the Commissioner for Health for Bayelsa state. I was one of the youngest commissioners at the time, in my early thirties. It was a job I thoroughly enjoyed and we made a lot of impact particularly in developing policies that improved healthcare access to the poor in Bayelsa state. But the job was not financially lucrative for me, and I knew I had to make an exit. Besides, after watching my father in my early years, I always had it at the back of my mind that I was going to end up as an entrepreneur just like him but in a larger capacity. So I quit my job with the government and set out to pursue my dreams.

Yes. This was in 2008. I had been looking around for entrepreneurial opportunities and I had noticed that there was an upward trajectory in infrastructure development in Bayelsa state. There was a lot of construction projects going on in the state, so I decided that whatever business I was going to venture into had to fit into the building materials value chain. Bayelsa literally lies below the sea level, so a lot of sand is usually needed for land reclamation and general construction. So I decided on building a business around dredging and selling sand. When I told my mother that I was going into business for myself and had decided on selling sand, she was not exactly impressed. You know, she loved telling her friends that I was an American-trained doctor. She could not comprehend telling anyone that her son, a doctor, was now selling sand. She thought I was crazy. She wanted me to build a Hospital and continue with my medical practice because it was more prestigious. My father on the other hand was supportive and gave his blessing.

I started with very little. I used up my savings and bought a large piece of land in Bayelsa for a bargain price. The land was quite useless because it was under water. I did not have a dredging machine, so I called a small local dredging company in the state to come and dredge my land. I wanted to start with dredging 100,000 cubic meters of sand, so I asked the company to give me a quote. They said they would do it at N1, 000 ($2.75) per cubic meter, but I was able to negotiate them down to N800 ($2.20). So I needed to pay about N80 million ($220,000), in order to dredge the 100,000 cubic meters. This was money I did not have. So I had to get creative: I told the company to allow me pay in installments which they agreed to, but on the condition that I paid a deposit of N5 million ($13,700) before they started any dredging. I went out to start pre-selling my sand even before dredging had begun. I went around marketing my new business. I remember that one of the first customers I had was a businessman who was building a hotel in Yenagoa- the Monalisa Hotels. He was building the hotel on swampy land so I told him I could give him sand at a very affordable price. Sand in the market at that time was selling for N2, 000 ($5.5) per cubic meter, but I offered it to him at N1, 500 ($4.1). He took me up on the offer. Even though he was a hotelier, he was a general businessman as well and wanted to be a re-seller of my sand. So I sold the sand to him- sand which did not even exist. He paid me the $13,700 which I gave to my dredging contractor. Thats how we started out. So the contractor would dredge the sand, and Id go around to sell, and then pay the contractor. We marketed our business aggressively via word of mouth and adverts in newspapers, and radio. We brought new distributors and wholesalers on board to help us expand our reach. In less than 6 months we became very strong and had cornered a significant share of the market.

In about a year, my contractors started to complain. They knew I was doing a lot of business and making money, so they wanted to renegotiate our terms. First, they wanted me to pay in advance for all the sand they were going to dredge for me. Then they also increased their dredging price from N800 to N1, 500 per cubic feet - which was my selling price. I had to readjust my own selling price to N1, 800 in order to keep afloat and maintain my customers. I realized that I needed my own dredging machine because I did not want anyone to hold me to ransom. So I got in touch with DSC of the United States to buy my own dredging machine. These machines are quite expensive. I remember the first machine I bought cost me north of $1 million. I was able to mobile some savings and get a loan from the bank in order to send part payment. Meanwhile, these machines take time to manufacture about 10 months. While I was still waiting for my own machine to arrive, I had fallen out with my dredging contractor and we ended our relationship, but I was still getting orders to supply sand. Since I had no sand of my own, I was left with no option than to buy sand from other companies to supply to my clients because I did not want my clients to know that I had no dredging machine.

Meanwhile, Azikel Dredging had become the biggest name in the sand dredging business, but we had no dredgers of our own. When DSC had finished manufacturing my own machine, they called me to send the balance of their money. I was at a crossroad because even though the bank had loaned me a significant amount of money, I still needed a few hundred thousand dollars to complete the purchase of my machine. And I didnt have the money.

Thats when luck came into play. One day when I was pondering my next move, someone came to my office. He said he worked for a company called Setraco Group and they had received a contract from the Government to build the East-West road, and they needed 1 million cubic meters of sand. They wanted us to supply it at a specified time. Of course I didnt have a dredging machine, but I told them we would deliver the sand at the specified time provided they paid an advance. I charged them N1, 300 ($3.58) per cubic meter, for about N1.3billion ($3.58 million). They agreed to advance the sum of N500 million ($1.37 million). I immediately sent the money to America and the machine was brought into Nigeria within days of receiving the advance. We were able to pay off our loans to the banks, meet our obligations to Setraco, and walk away with a healthy profit of more than $1 million around that time.

That was when we became big time! Word travels fast in the construction business, and so before long, we were the leading supplier of sand in the Niger Delta region, supplying companies such as Julius Berger, International Oil companies, large contractors and spot buyers. From one dredging machine, we bought another, then another.

When our dredging business in Bayelsa became so successful, we decided to branch out to other parts of Nigeria. So I set my sights on Abuja. In 2012 I bought my first jet. I bought the plane largely because I needed to move around Nigeria very frequently and commercial travel was becoming too cumbersome for me. So I bought my first aircraft a used Hawker 800XP which I acquired for about $7 million. When I bought the jet, a lot of my friends often asked me to give them a lift especially if we were going to the same destination. One day I didnt have enough money to buy the jet fuel, so I asked my friend to buy the fuel. He happily paid for it. Subsequently, I would compel any of my friends or associates who wanted to make use of my jet to pay for the fuel of course they paid the money to me. If we needed $3,000 worth of fuel for the trip, I would charge them $4,500 and pocket the balance. But I saw there was an opportunity there. Word spread and before long, a lot of high net worth individuals and corporate organizations started calling me to charter my jet. Business shot through the roof, and so I did the logical thing and registered Azikel Air a private jet charter company. Then before I knew what was happening, people began to call asking to charter our Helicopter. Of course I had no Helicopter of any kind, but I told them that we did. The good thing was that, even though I did not have a Helicopter, since I was already playing in the aviation space I had access to other players in the industry. So I would call Caverton and Bristow Group and give them the job and take a cut. When the demand for Helicopters reached unprecedented levels from the VIPs and oil companies, I had to take a plunge and buy my own Helicopter - an Augusta 109S Grand Helicopter. Azikel Air has now been operational for 6 years now and we have 4 planes and a Helicopter.

In 2012, the President Goodluck Jonathan administration decided to privatize the power industry. One of the major Power generating plants up for grabs was located in Bayelsa state. So when the Government announced the privatization exercise and called for companies to bid, I felt this might be an opportunity for Azikel to venture into power generation. I partnered with Kepco- a South Korean company and some other companies and together we created a consortium that participated in the bidding process. Ultimately, we lost. Losing the power plant was quite painful because we lost a lot of money. The entire process lasted about 10 months and during this period we were keeping expatriates here, getting documentation right, due diligence and organizing the entire consortium. It was bloody expensive. So I was saddened, but I was also challenged. I hate to lose, so I resolved that if I could not win a Power plant, I was going to build one. Two weeks after the winners were announced, I went to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to find out the requirements for building a new power plant in Nigeria. I was given the conditions and one of the conditions was that I needed to own a large piece of land.

The power plant I had bid for during the privatization exercise was situated near the Gbarain-Ubi Gas Gathering Facility in Bayelsa state operated by Shell. It was and still is, a very strategic location because of the availability of gas. There was some land available around that place, so I went to acquire the land. It was quite expensive because of the location and facilities around the place but I was able to acquire 50 hectares. I surveyed it and presented to the NERC. With that, I began the process for a Greenfield power generation plant. I worked on the power plant project until towards the end of 2015 when I got stuck in the process. I wasnt making any headway, and I was having some conflict with the expatriates who were supposed to work on the project with me.

I halted the power project and opted to consolidate on our retail sale of sand, reclamation services and our aviation business. Buhari had become President and two months into his leadership, the government was offering licenses to private investors to establish modular mini refineries in an effort to increase local refining capacity. I participated in the bid for the refinery license and we met all the requirements for licensing. I immediately decided to convert the land for the Power plant into our refinery land. When the team from the Department of Petroleum Resources came to inspect the land, they said of all the places they had visited our land was the best suited for a refinery project because of our proximity to Shell Petroleums operations. We got the private refinery license. This was how we extended our tentacles into petroleum refining. Our nameplate license is 12,000 barrel per stream day (BPSD) hydro-skimming refinery. The refinery is sitting on 19.92 hectares of a swampy land that was reclaimed with over 2.7 million cubic meters of sand, of which dredging lasted nine months. In February this year we had the official foundation laying ceremony which was attended by many prominent personalities including former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The development of the refinery is into Outside Battery Limit (OSBL) and Inside Battery Limit (ISBL). OSBL is clearing of the virgin swamp forest, de-stumping, sand filling to reclaim and regenerate the land, the concrete perimeter fencing, internal roads, security building, on-going administrative, terminal operational building, loading gantry, piling and construction/ installation of storage tank/pilling and other ancillary support facilities. We have also completed offsite 150 unit apartments of residential accommodation for staffs. We have achieved a near 45% completion of the OSBL. Inside Battery Limit (ISBL) is the Engineering Procurement and Fabrication of the Process modules or the core refinery engine. This portion of the project is being handled offshore in the United States by our contracting and technical partners. This stage had also attained advanced stage of near 65% completion. In all, we expect the refinery to be fully operational by next year. It is my hope and belief that this project will mitigate the frequent scarcity of petroleum products and curb youth restiveness in Bayelsa and in the Niger Delta.

You never know. Were taking one step at a time, but definitely I know we want to keep building businesses in Nigeria that create jobs for our unemployed and prosperity for our country. Well keep looking inward for now, and then maybe when we feel we have explored all the opportunities in Nigeria we can then start looking at Africa.

I previously worked as a reporter for Business Daily, Kenya's largest business newspaper. Now I travel across Africa, helping FORBES track the richest people on the continent and telling their stories. I also chronicle the stories of successful African enterprises and the entrepreneurs behind them. Follow me on Twitter @MfonobongNsehe

best cement in nigeria: see top 10 + prices (2021)

best cement in nigeria: see top 10 + prices (2021)

Shelter is one of the basic needs of any human anywhere in the world and Nigeria is not an exception to this fact. To build any house anywhere cement is one of the most important building materials to be used.

Many buildings in Nigeria have collapsed due to the poor quality of cement and other building materials used during construction. However, Nigerians now prefer to patronize the best cement brands in Nigeria for lower risks of collapse and an increase in the general quality of the building.

Dangote Cement is apparently the most popular cement manufacturer in Nigeria. This cement company is owned by the Dangote Group, which was founded by Alhaji Aliko Dangote who is currently the richest man in Nigeria and Africa.

With operations in over 14 African countries which include Congo, Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa, Cameroun, Ghana, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Dangote cement is the best cement in Nigeria and is currently the most used in the country.

Elephant cement is a subsidiary of the Lafarge group(Nigeria) which is another major player in the Nigerian cement manufacturing sector. It is widely known for high-quality finished products(cement in this case) which they supply to the Nigerian populace.

PowerMax cement is another subsidiary of Larfage Nigeria group. It is described as a premium technical cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits.

tipper business in nigeria: how to get started

tipper business in nigeria: how to get started

Tippers are used for a variety of haulage in Nigeria as elsewhere in the world. They are used to carry sand, granite, asphalt, and other items used for construction and which must be conveyed from one location to another. One wonders how construction works generally could have been executed without the use of tippers for conveyance of items.

The first stage of going into tipper business is to do some feasibility studies and raise fund to buy a strong tipper. Current estimates show that a good tipper cost ranges from Four Million Naira (N4,000,000.00) to Five Million Naira (N5,000,000.00). Added to that is the cost of vehicle particulars and registration with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

In this system, the amount per trip is negotiated and the number of trips is calculated for daily payment. It is calculated that if there are no serious mechanical problems, a tipper owner operating under this system can make up to Four Hundred Thousand Naira (N400,000.00) per month as net profit.

In this method of operation, the tipper owner will look for a big multinational company or a construction company which will use the tipper. The company may decide to manage the vehicle as well as the process of hiring and paying the driver; or it may ask the owner to provide a driver with the tipper and work under the direction of such company.

At the end of each month, the company will pay the owner an agreed amount of money, which ranges from Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N350,000.00) to Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N650,000.00) depending on the type of tipper.

Alternatively, the company may decide to pay a fixed amount for each trip made on a particular distance, if that is to the liking of the owner. This alternative method, calls for logging of daily operations.

In this method, the owner leases the tipper fully to a company, especially a construction firm, to be used for a particular period. Depending on the work on hand, some firms could hire a tipper for six months, one year or even more.

dredging business

dredging business

Dredging is without a doubt digging of dirt, sand, gravel, pebbles, rocks and organic deposit from the bottom of the creek, lagoon and waterways the usage of a vessel organized for such cause known as a DREDGER.

Dredging exercises creates loads of sand which are required in development and other essential sectors. A dig is a gadget for scratching or sucking the seabed, utilized for dredging. A dredger is a ship or vessel furnished with a dig.

Dredgers from makers like ELLICOT and IHC are the most requested in Nigeria for its execution and sturdiness however cost more to secure, Dredgers from china are less solid and are moderately less expensive to obtain.

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I want to discuss with on the dredging business plan, ive been to work on how to get the business plan for the past six months nw and here am i discovering your site today. Pls reply to me asap. Thank you.

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price of trip of sand in lagos - kostville

price of trip of sand in lagos - kostville

But dont get it wrong there are other important building materials that you cant do without during constructions. Some of these building materials include cement, block, nails, binding wire, wood, aluminum, rods, windows, and others.

This is obviously the first type of sand that comes to your mind when you talk about building and construction. Another name for this sand is known as concrete sand. This sand is known to have a more coarse texture compared to the builder sand. They are usually heavier because their grains are larger and are used in areas that require more concentration when building. Some major uses of sharp sand when building are enumerated below ;

Plaster sands usually have finer particles compared to sharp sand which is one of the major reasons why they are the top choice for plastering. The importance of plastering when building cannot be underestimated because it makes your building and constructions look more attractive and complete. Plaster sands have been said to have similar properties with beach sands but they are cleaner. Lets quickly go through some uses of plaster sands below ;

Sometimes before mounting a building on a ground is important you confirm if the ground is leveled enough to support the building and sometimes some holes need to be filled. This is the major reason people buy filling sand. Filling sand serves as a good alternative to filling dirt because filling sand has been known to have a good compact property making it stand as a solid base for buildings and constructions. So you should check out some uses of filling sand below.

This is another category of sand that is very necessary in building and construction. Granite Sand as the name implies is a product of granite used for different purposes during building and construction. Granite sand can be heavier and harder than the other kinds of sand that we discussed earlier and they are not usually obtained from rivers but a product of igneous rock particles known as Granites.

Another thing you should know about granite sand is that they are usually more expensive compared to other types of sands. Below are some of the important uses of granite sand when building and constructing.

The cost of a trip of granite sand in Lagos falls at an average of N100,000 to N150,000 depending on your location and the period you are buying. You can get granite sand in places like Ikorodu, Ajah, Ijebu Ode, Asokoro, other areas in Lagos.

The prices discussed above might be higher or lower than the actual prices from your preferred supplier but the difference wont be much because it gives an average of what most suppliers will charge you for a trip of sand in Lagos.

There are a lot of people who have no idea about the prices of these sands in Lagos and are looking for it. So the best way to help them is by using the social share icon to share this article with them.

Hey there... I am Jonathan Angie, a cost analyst and i have created this platform to help you know the exact or average price of one or two things that might be of interest to you as a Nigerian. Please always pay attention as we reveal a lot of details while creating these eye opening content for you!

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