best power sanders 2021 | corded and cordless power sander review

best power sanders 2021 | corded and cordless power sander review

A power sander is a basic a power tool, but it does more than smooth a table top or the side of a bookshelf. You can use it to abrade a painted surface so that the next coat of paint adheres more firmly. Paint chemists call that process, giving a surface tooth. A sander also removes light rust, smooths drywall, de-burrs the edge of a piece of metal youve just cut to length, rounds the corner of a wood post or handrail, smooths body filler on an old jalopy, and even takes off the dried and nasty stuff on the bottom of a boat before you launch it in the spring. In order to help you find a machine thats a good fit for you, we gathered a group of corded and cordless sanders and tested them. But before we get to our reviews, some things to consider when buying your own.

Most of the sanders in this test are random-orbit types with a round pad measuring five or six inches across. Random orbit means the pad spins and oscillates in a, well, random motion. This action reduces the chances of leaving swirl marks on the surface and allows you to move the sander with and across the grain. We also tested an orbital sander with a square pad (also called a quarter-sheet sander). These tools sand with a consistent orbital motion and work more slowly than random-orbit types. The square pad also allows them to reach into corners. Another difference between these machines is that random-orbit sanders take a sandpaper disc that attaches to the tools base with a hook and loop. Orbital sanders use peel-and-stick sandpaper that comes precut or that you cut to fit, or you attach an abrasive sheet to the tool with the clamps on the sanders sides.

We initially wondered how practical cordless sanders would be for most jobs, thinking their batteries wouldnt provide enough charge to get the task done and would make the tools too bulky. But we found that cordless sanders work well and have some advantages of their cabled counterparts.

It turns out that a corded sander weighs about the same as a cordless when you factor in cord weight. A battery-powered sander has a distinct leg up when youre working on a ladder because the cord (and an extension cord) arent adding weight and creating drag. Also, cordless sanders are preferable if youre working outside where you may not have access to a power outlet. On the other hand, for long sanding sessions at a bench, a corded model is preferable. Otherwise, youll need a bank of batteries to keep working as the hours roll by.

Our test was simple but thorough. We drew rectangles on pieces of oak and maple, plywood, and softwood and sanded each rectangle with an 80-grit disc. Next, we emptied the dust container or bag to check the volume of dust the sander collected. We also carefully wiped down the work surface to get a sense of how much dust the sander missed. As we worked, we assessed the sanders vibration and whether it produced an unpleasant gyroscopic effect when we lifted it off the test board. As important as any of the other tests was to examine the sanded surface to see whether the tools left swirl marks.

All of the sanders in this test did wellany would serve a homeowner. Professional-grade models vibrate less and are more durable than a homeowner-grade tool. But a less expensive tool equipped with a high-quality abrasive sheet will prove more than adequate for most uses around the house.

The Bosch is comfortable, sands fast, and has the best dust collection of the corded sanders we tested. Because its dust control is so good (owing to a rubber O-ring sealon the dust port, good airflow, and an airtight dust canister), less dust stays on the surface to get ground into the abrasive pad. That means the pad stays cleaner and lasts longer.Its speed control dial is behind the handle; you can get at it easily, but its possible to accidentally move it out of position. The sanded surface it left was very nicea hair less smooth than the Milwaukees below but still of professional quality.

At full speed, DeWalts DCW210D1 was the fastest and most aggressive machine we tested. Yet it still sands with very little jarring vibration. Its also important to note thatit did better than many other sanders at lower speedssome exhibit more vibration and loss of effectiveness as you dial back their speed, but not the DeWalt.If youre already invested in the companyscordless system, this tool is a sensible addition. Even if youre not, its a great place to start since you get the sander, a charger, a battery, and a bag. And the company makes a wide range of equipment from drill drivers and impact drivers to saws that work with the same battery.

Nearly as good as the DeWalt, this Ridgid has a soft-start feature that brings the machine up to speed with a gentle ramp-up. Our only complaint is a small one:A tight fit between the dust-bag collar and the battery makes removing the bag somewhat difficult.

Weight:6.5 lbBattery:4.0 Ah, 24 VIf youve already invested in the Kobalt 24-volt power toolsystem, you can feel goodadding this to your fleet. Although its heavy, in part due to our equipping it with a four-amp hour battery, it packs a fair amount of sanding power because of the weight. In any case, the KOS450B-03 will get you a finish-ready surface in no time. We found its dust collection to be very good, while its vibration isolation is pretty goodjust not so much as most of our corded models. The KOS450B-03 sands smoothest and with reduced vibration on its full-speed setting, so we recommend turning the speed dial to six and leaving it there. We do have a beef with the fact that the tool isnt available as a kit, only bare. A big deal? No. But be aware of that when you go to buy it.

The Makita seemed to sand as fast as the DeWalt, which is surprising given that its top speed is 1,000 rpm less than its yellow competitor. Even with the big battery, it felt well-balanced, and its dust pickup is good. Downsides?The sander does has a powerful gyroscopic action that requires a slight forward bias to keep it sandingon track. Once you get used to that, youre good to go.

This little sander hits the sweet spot. Its not as aggressive as the others, but it does sand well and with a high degree of control. Its dust pickup was surprisingly good for such an inexpensive and simple power tool.And this is more of an observation, but the on/off button is somewhat stiff. In all, we rate the P411as a good fit for the frugal power-tool shopper.

Its not pro-duty, but the BDCRO20Cisa good little machine for the price and very lightweight. For small weekend fix-up jobs, theres no question it will work well, particularly when youre sanding less-demanding materials like white pine.While its a good idea to wear a mask with any sander, its necessary hereit has fairly ineffective dust collection.

You dont have to muscle this sander to keep it in place, and it feels as if it floats over the boards surface. However, the design of the dust canister and the way it sticks out over the rear of the tool is a bit cumbersomeespecially considering that this is a cordless sander, we would have liked if it were a bit more nimble. So the ideal application is smoothing outa table top or dealing witha rough spot on wood siding. Its better there, lets say, than workinginside a drawer. To be fair, however, if you opt out of the canister, you can easily hook up a hose from a shop vacuum to its outlet port.

Porter-Cables sander is lightweight and capable, making ita good choice for ladder-based work; you should have no problem holding it overhead as you smooth scraped paint.But before going up that ladder, beware.Its easy to think that the little plastic finger that locks the dust canister in place is engaged when its not. If youre not paying attention, that can result in a dust spill that will make a mess out of you and the work area.

Metabos SV12SG was the only quarter-sheet (non-oscillating) orbital sander in the test. Its a good power tool that transmitted a minimum of vibration to our hand as it went about its work, somewhat slowly producing a reliably smooth surface without swirl marks. Its dust collection is quite good (if not as good as other corded models), but its dust port isnt easily adaptable to a vacuum. On the other hand, it does have a major advantage compared to other sanders in that youve got multiple options for its abrasive sheets.You can use the peel-and-stick kind, buy the pre-cut 5.5 x 4.5-inch sheets designed for such machines, or buy a roll of 4.5-inch-wide abrasive paper from which you cut pieces to fit the sander.

The RS290G is a simple and solid sander, but its dust-control bag is not nearly as efficient as the airtight canisters on theBosch or the Milwaukee. This isnt to say that it does a poor job picking up dust, considering its competitors do a nearly flawless job. This Ryobi sands with good speed and power and completed sanding its test areas in about the same amount of time as its competitors. In terms of the quality of sanded surface it produces, wed say that its surprisingly good for the price.

The Milwaukee was the smoothest-running corded sander of the bunch, with a distinct lack of gyroscopic wobble and a pleasant vibration-free motion. Its dust control was good, but removing the dust lid from the canister was ridiculously difficult. Furthermore, its possible that the lid feels like its snapped on when it isnt. You sand for a few minutes and find that the sander is a dusty mess, as is the surface. Then you have to clean up the sander, the surface,and maybe yourself, too. Just be sure you have that lid attached properly, and youll be rewarded with a pleasant power tool that works smoothly and quickly, leaving a flawless surface.

DeWalts DWE6421is a journeyman power toolagood, solid, smoothly operating machineessentially identical in feel and sanding performance to the Craftsman below. Having noticed the similarities, we did some superficialdisassembly of them both, removing their bases and the top housing covers. There may be something tucked deep inside the DeWalt to give it an edge in terms of durability, but it wasnt obvious from above or below. Putting aside cosmetics of color and slightly different rubberized surfaces, these appear to be identical in sanding performance, start and stop speed, weight, and tool configuration.

Like the DeWalt, the CMEW231operates smoothly,leaving a well-sanded surface. Itappears, even under superficial disassembly and analysis, to be nearly identical to the DeWalt. We cant say theyre exactly the same mechanically, butits possible that the DWE6421 possesses heavy-duty components that this sander does not. But if youve already bought into the Craftsman ecosystem, you might prefer this sander.

Sanders dont need a lot of care, but they do need a little. The best thing you can do for it is to blow the dust out of it using compressed air (or a can of compressed air purchased at an office supply store) or use a shop vacuum and work over its exterior, especially its air vents.

Now protect yourself, especially your lungs: Wear a dust mask when sanding. Better models have a foam strip to help the mask make a better seal to your face; they may also have a vent that reduces moisture buildup under the mask.

Clean up as you work to prevent large piles of talc-like dust from accumulating. And when youre done sanding and ready to take a break, either brush or vacuum yourself off before going inside the house or other clean area. Its also a good idea to wear an old shirt, coveralls, or a shop apron and leave that in the sanding area, rather than bringing dust into the house. Having a floor mat outside the shop is great, too. Remember what your mom said: Wipe your feet (or take your work shoes off)! This cuts down on tracked dirt, which is more than just a nuisance. Remnants of sanding grit on you shoe soles can scratch finished floors, and tracked-in dust can form an eye-watering or throat-scratching irritant as it spreads throughout the house.



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types of sanders. top 10 electric sander and their uses

types of sanders. top 10 electric sander and their uses

In this article, I have included 10 different types of Sanders and their uses. This is to provide you with useful insights on which one to choose for a specific task. The list includes electric sanders such as Belt Sander, Disk Sander, Combination Disc & Belt Sanders, Oscillating Spindle Sander (OSS), Orbital sanders, Random Orbital Sander, Drum Sander, Palm Sander, Detail Sander, Drywall Sander. See which type of sanding tool is applicable for the task you have.

There are several different types of power sanders and their variations. In addition to that, I found out that some of these sanding tools may have different regional nicknames that make it even harder to determine which type to work with. For this reason, I am going to tell you about the 10 most commonly used sander types that will cover all your sanding and polishing needs.

In any modern workshop, the most common type of Sander you can find is the Belt Sander. This sanding tool is called Belt Sander because it incorporates a sanding belt that is wrapped around two drums. The back drum is powered by an electric motor while the front one freely spins. It also has a tension release lever that I find useful because it allows the belts to be easily changed. Also, most models feature a tracking adjustment knob that keeps the belt always in the center.

A portable belt sander is the best electric sander for flattening and smoothing wood surfaces. Woodworkers and carpenters use this type of sanders extensively for leveling table top, rough wood boards, dressers etc. Belt sander is also excellent for scribing. The stationary or bench-top version is useful for sanding smaller work pieces.

The brutal power of the belt sander is its strength as well as its disadvantage. Gouging is a serious problem with belt sander. If not used in the right way, this powerful tool can leave gouges especially at the end of the boards. Tip:

One of the rarest Sander types is the portable Disc Sander. It is most commonly known as inclusion on power drills but it also has a table-mounted version. Also known as offset disk sander, the portable disc sander works similar to an angle grinder except that the disc is rotating perpendicular to the body of the power tool.

The stationary bench-top disc sander has a round backplate on to which the abrasive disc is fixed. The circular backplate is usually made out of steel or aluminum and is fixed on the driving motor with a screw at the center. The diameter of the disc can be anywhere from 4-inches to 12-inches. An adjustable height work table that will act as work-piece support is fixed in front of the disc. You will move the work-piece or wood against the sanding disc that rotates at high speed. Make sure to set the gap between the work table and the abrasive disc as close as possible to avoid the work-piece getting caught in between.

In addition to that, you can use different grit sized paper to this type of Sander according to the task. And due to the speed of the disc rotation, this provides a smooth finish that is perfect for large areas.

You probably cant even imagine at first how it would look like to combine these two professional grade machines. But the Combination Disc-Belt Sanders is, in fact, a pretty useful tool if you have a lot of work that requires you to hold by hand and shape.

While you can actually buy it as two separate sanding products, combination disc & belt sanders are ideal to use for smooth belt sanding along with great support. Plus, this combo allows you to save space and they are highly versatile too.

An OSS or Oscillating Spindle Sander is included in the drum family which features a sleek sanding drum that protrudes from a freestanding table or benchtop. This benchtop sander is an excellent tool for finishing curved edges as well as straight edges. It works in a way that when the Sander runs, the drum will also go up and down on its spindle. This allows the wood surface to touch the entire drum that not only helps to remove grooves but also reduce wear upon the drum surface using its even distribution.

An Oscillating Spindle Sander also comes in different sizes. This includes the benchtop models that have a length of 4 inches and 2 inches diameter drums. On the other hand, the freestanding tables feature 4-inch length and 4 inches diameter drums.

Primarily, an OSS is especially utilized for smoothing board edges. Moreover, several large OSS models include the ability to angle the front of the table of about 45 degrees in order to make beveled edges. And because of the vertical design of the drum, this sanding tool excellently works on curved surfaces. But it is also efficient in sanding straight surfaces which makes it highly-flexible compared to other types of Sanders.

An orbital sander has a rectangular or square sanding pad that moves in tiny circular paths or obits and hence the name orbital sander. You can cut a rectangle piece from the standard size sandpaper and clip it on the sanding pad. Hence this power tool is also known as sheet sander.

This type sander has a round sanding pad and works similar to an Orbital Sander. Its round pad moves in tiny circular orbits and also spins. That means the movement of the sanding pad on the work-pieces is random. This results in smooth and clean surfaces unlike with orbital sanders that leave a visible swirl pattern.

A Random Orbital Sander also has different pad sizes that are offered in either 6-inches diameter or 5-inches. Aside from that, it is also available with PSA or pressure-sensitive adhesive discs. Otherwise, with Velcro-like surface discs that depend upon the sanding tool model.

The most notable thing about this Sander type is that it is applicable for almost all sanding tasks. As a matter of fact, it can do the function of an orbital sander and belt sander in one; particularly ultra-smooth sanding and stock removal. However, dont get surprised if this sander shows less efficiency than the belt sanders which intended for heavy stock removal.

The sanding pad of an orbital sander moves in a specific pattern which can leave swirl marks on the job. On the other hand, Random Orbital Sander moves in random patterns that produce almost no swirl patterns.

Palm Sanders is also called as a finish sander. This incorporates a square pad that oscillates in tiny circular orbits that provides ultra-smooth finishes. It is also great for sanding corners because of its square sanding pads.

A palm sander is also called as sheet sander since the size of the sanding pad is quarter of a standard 9 x 11 sandpaper. It utilizes spring-loaded clips that keep the sandpaper perfectly in place. And if I were to compare it with other basic sander types, I can say that it is quiet and light enough which makes it easier and more convenient to control. For polishing work, this type of sander is one of the most popular choices.

Aside from that, this sanding tool is also perfect for smoothing paint, varnish, or plaster. It is also great to use for fine veneers and plywood but you wouldnt want to use it for removing rough stock.

While an orbital sander is moderate to control a Palm Sander is very easy to maneuver. The smaller sized Palm Sanders are significantly cheaper. When it comes to specialty, an Orbital Sander is ideal for large-scale removal as well as polishing. More so, it is perfect to use for finishing and prep but it is easy to over-sand so better be careful when using it.

On the other hand, a Palm Sander specializes in sanding corners and finishing. You can use it usually for smooth surfaces and finishing tasks but there are chances that it can leave marks if you have trouble using it.

This kind of drum sander has a large rotating drum on which the sandpaper is fixed. A drum sander is highly efficient in reducing the thickness and finishing the wood boards. Place your board on the conveyor belt and adjust the gap between the abrasive drum and the conveyor belt. As the wood board passes through, the sanding drum will start removing the high points. Once the board is flat you can further sand it to reduce the thickness. However, keep in mind that a drum sander cannot replace a power planer. A planer can remove material at a much faster rate, but the sander provides a better finish.

Similar to all drum family members, a drum sander is particularly bulky and incredibly powerful. As proof, it actually demands two people in order to be transported from one place to another. Like so, a drum sander is most commonly rented because of its huge built that is paralleled by its unfriendly price. And due to its power, I actually find it hard to control which is quite worrying if users are not being careful. If a worse thing happens, it can leave a gouge mark on the floor.

In addition to that, this sanding tool is also perfect for removing adhesives as well as other annoying and unwanted substances. It is also worth noting that a large-size version of the random orbital sander is also utilized for wide floor areas just like a drum sander. The only difference is that drum sanders are harder to control.

One of the best things about Drum Sanders is that these tools are consistent in terms of thickness. Like so, they are fast and highly efficient. More so, they can handle both large and small boards which makes them great when it comes to versatility.

There are two things that stood as a drawback to this sanding tool. The first one is its relatively expensive price and its weight that is quite heavy. This makes it hard to carry that will require you to ask others help.

This type of sander closely resembles an iron better than an actual sander. A Detail Sander is actually a family member of orbital sander that includes a triangular-shaped pad that utilizes self-adhesive special sandpaper.

Sometimes, this type of sanding tool comes with different attachments for a better and more precise or specialized task. The unique shape of this tool is actually designed to reach crevices that a basic sander usually fails to get to. It is utilized for fitting through tight spaces and around corners like for example is the spindles of a classic chair leg.

This type of sander is great for smoothing tight and narrow spots. Since it is compact and easy to control, beginners can also use it with ease. It is also relatively affordable but it produces an audible noise when running. Moreover, it is not applicable to heavy stock removal.

Are you curious about this metal detector-like tool? At first, I also thought the same but Drywall Sanders only appears like a metal detector because its a disc sander attached on a long pole. It is used to smooth the surfaces of the drywall as well as remove the remaining adhesives stuck into it. Aside from that, people usually attach its handle near its hub in order to achieve a closer work. Most Drywall Sander models include a vacuum in order to collect dust particles that fall off while it works. The reason why another variation of this sanding tool has longer handles is to allow the device to sand higher places like ceilings and high walls etc. that normally require a ladder or a stepping block.

the 8 best random orbital sanders of 2021

the 8 best random orbital sanders of 2021

Whether you need it to sand old paint off a piece of furniture, smooth down a deck in preparation for a new coat of stain, or get kitchen cabinets ready to paint, a random orbital sander makes the admittedly tedious job of sanding easier, smoother, and more effective than merely scrubbing away with a piece of sandpaper.

Unlike orbit-sanders, which merely rotate in tiny circles, random orbital sanders not only rotate, but also add a slight wiggling spin to their motion, meaning that the rotations dont have a definite patternhence are randomand the resulting sanding action is very fine and smooth. But the biggest plus is that you dont need to worry about the direction of the wood grain; however you move your random orbital sander, it wont leave visible marks or scratches on the wood.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your sander, including power sourcelike many other power tools, there are random orbital sanders that run off batteries, and others that plug into a nearby electrical outletand disc size. Most DIYers prefer a sander with a 5- or 6-inch disc, but for heavy-duty work, you may find an 8-inch sander is preferable. You'll also want to consider the speed, which is measured in orbits-per-minute: the average obm for these tools is around 12,000, but some have a variable speed control that lets you go slower than that if desired.

Sanding is dusty work, but with the Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander, you wont have as much to contend with once the job is done. This small-but-powerful random orbital sanders built-in microfilter system traps dust particles as small as one-half micron in diameter and has a twist-off dust canister that lets you see at a glance when its full. Theres also a vacuum-hose adapter in case you prefer to hook the device to your wet/dry shop vacuum.

But thats not the only benefit of this handy tool. It has a 2.5-amp motor, which is plenty of power for most DIY tasks, and you can adjust the sanding speed between 7,500 and 12,000 orbits-per-minute to fine-tune the speed to your needs.

The ergonomically shaped handle has a soft-grip top and is just long enough to allow you to grasp the sander in a variety of positions, greatly reducing strain on your hand and wrist. Plus, it weighs only 3.5 pounds and has an 8-foot cord, so you can stand comfortably while working.

The Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander takes industry-standard 5-inch sanding discs, and has Boschssignature Hook and Loop attachment system, which acts like Velcro to hold the discs firmly in place while you work, yet allows you to easily swap discs when necessary.

My shelf project also highlighted another one of the sanders best features: its ergonomic, lightweight design. To control the sander, you grab onto one of the devices soft-grip surfaceseither from the top, around the base under the power cord, from the front of the device. The soft grip is not only comfortable, but it helps dampen the sanders modest vibration.Nathan Borchelt, Product Tester

If youre looking for a great choice at a slightly lower price than the Bosch Palm Sander, youll love the SKIL SR211601 Random Orbital Sander. At 2.8 amps, its motor is slightly more powerful than the Bosch sander, and at a maximum of 13,000 orbits-per-minute, its a little faster, as well.

But while this sander has an easy-to-clean, highly effective dust collector, it cant trap particles quite as small as the Boschs filtration system, and it lacks a vacuum-hose adapter that would allow you to hook the sander to your shop vacuum.

Still, with variable speed control that lets you sand as quickly or as slowly as necessary, a vibration-damping system to reduce stress on your hands and wrists, and a soft rubber grip and ergonomic design thats comfortable to grasp even during lengthy sanding sessions, theres a lot to love about this random orbital sander.

If youll only need a random orbital sander for very light or infrequent household tasks, such as refurbishing an old piece of furniture, overspending doesnt make a lot of sense. The best-selling BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 earns raves for doing a great job at a rock-bottom price. Its not as powerful as many higher-priced sandersthe motor is just 2 ampsbut thats sufficient for a simple job like smoothing the top of a table before painting. Note, though, that the sanding speed is fixed at 12,000 orbits-per-minute, making this model a little less versatile than higher-priced choices with variable-speed control.

The BDERO100 features a dust-sealed switch to keep grime out of the tool, a Velcro-type system for holding the 5-inch discs in place, and an easy-to-grip rubberized handle. And at 3.2 pounds, its quite lightweight. However, it does not come with a vacuum hose adapter or carrying case. The sander is covered by a two-year warranty.

If youre a frequent woodworker or avid DIYer and have a little more cash to spend on a top-of-the-line random orbital sander, the Bosch ROS65VC-6 has a bit more of everything: more power, more versatility, more features. It sports a variable-speed 3.3-amp motor, a 6-inch disc, and a wider speed range from 5,500 to 12,000 orbits-per-minute.

This die-cast aluminum Bosch has an integrated dust-trapping filter and screw-off cap to grab dust during smaller jobs, but there is also a vacuum-hose adapter for larger, more dust-intensive tasks. But one of the best features of this high-end sander is the built-in vibration control suspension system, which greatly reduces the stress to your hands and wriststhats even more important if you spend a lot of time working with power tools. And the trigger lock lets you run the sander without holding down a button the entire time.

On the potential downside, this powerful sander is also heavier than others at 5.3 pounds, so take note if you need something that wont weigh you down. Its backed by a one-year warranty and includes a sanding disc and a buffing pad.

Tired of being tethered to a power cord? While most random orbital sanders run off AC power from your homes electrical system, you can stop worrying about staying close to an outlet with the Makita XOB01Z, which instead, runs off a rechargeable 18-volt lithium-ion battery. And if youre worried about runtime, dont be: Youll get 20 minutes of power on high speed and 40 minutes on lowenough for all but the most intense sanding tasks.

The sander doesnt lack for power, either. It has a three-speed motor that spins the 5-inch disc at 7,000, 9,500, or 11,000 orbits-per-minute. Note, however, that it isn't variable speed; you can't adjust the speed beyond the three settings.

There are other nice features as well, including one-touch electronic speed control, a dust-sealed switch, and an attached dust collection bag. And surprisingly, the battery doesnt add too much weight this sander weighs about 3.6 pounds, right in line with our top picks. Plus, it has an easy-on-your-hands ergonomic handle. However, note that this is the sander only; youll have to buy the battery and charger separately, unless you already own another 18-volt lithium-ion battery. The sander is backed by a one-year warranty.

Most DIYers wont require this much muscle from their sander, but if you plan on tackling tough jobs, such as sanding a big deck in poor condition, a boat hull, a load of lumber for fencing, or an entire homes worth of wooden floors, youll appreciate the air-powered Ingersoll Rand 328B Geared Orbital Sander. Built for heavy-duty tasks, this sander has a large 8-inch pad to get the job done fast.

Note that this sander runs off a large air compressorpreferably 80 gallon or morenot batteries or your homes AC electrical system, and youll need to buy the air compressor separately if you dont already own one. This Ingersoll Rand has a -inch air inlet and accepts a minimum hose size of 3/8 inch. Average air consumption is 4 cubic feet per minute.

While very powerful, the sander is surprisingly easy on your hands and wrists, with low-vibration performance and an ergonomic design thats easy to grasp even through long work sessions. Its a heavy tool, however, at 4.7 pounds. And unlike most sanders, it lacks an integrated dust collection system, so this power tool is best used outdoors in an area that can handle some dust.

When youre tackling a lengthy job, such as sanding wooden floors, youll definitely appreciate the extra front handle on the Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander that makes it easy to use two hands instead of just one while workingthats a lot less fatiguingand gives you extra control when working in tight corners. Plus, this sander has rubberized grips and an ergonomic design to reduce user fatigue even further.

But dont fear that youre giving up on power or speed with this sander; it has a variable speed control dial with settings from 4,000 to 12,000 orbits-per-minute, a 3-amp motor, and a fairly large 1/8-inch orbit, so you can work quickly. Even better, the trigger switch has an easy-to-use lock, so no need to waste finger power keeping the power switch on while you work.

Sometimes, you just need a sander to do a small job, such as a furniture makeover, or to get into tight spaces. And for those times, the BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander is the power tool you need. At 8.8 x 5.1 x 6.3 inches, this tool is a little more compact than most others, making it well suited to tackling corners and edges, or for any quick sanding tasks. Plus, it only weighs a bit over 3 pounds, which is lighter than most other sanders on this list.

But just because its small doesnt mean its a weakling. The 2.4-amp motor has enough oomph for lightweight jobs, and with a fixed speed of 14,000 orbits-per-minute, it gets the job done just as quickly as many higher-end sanders.

The comfortable, rubberized grip is easy on your hands, and the high-performance dust collection bag keeps your work area clean, although, as with any sanding device, you need to wear a suitable dust-protection mask while working.

If youre looking for a random orbital sander, its hard to go wrong with our top pick, the Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander. Its loaded with great features, has lots of power, is easy on your hands, and has one of the most effective filtration systems for these types of tools. But if you just want a sander for occasional or lightweight use, such as sanding down old furniture in preparation for a new paint job, youll appreciate the performance and the price of the BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 (view at Amazon).

Random orbital sanders can be powered in a few different ways. Some devices must be plugged into an electrical outlet, meaning you may need an extension cord if youre planning to work outside. Other units are cordless and run on rechargeable batteries. While battery-powered sanders are infinitely more portable, they have a limited run time. Lastly, some orbital sanders are powered by air compressors, making them a handy option if you already have a compressor in your workshop.

Youll likely kick up a lot of sawdust while sanding, which is why many people prefer a random orbital sander with a built-in dust collector. This feature sucks sawdust into an attached bag or canister that you need to empty periodically. Some higher-end sanders also have a vacuum attachment that allows you to hook the tool to your shop vac. Either way, however, you need to wear a protective dust mask and eye protection while you work to avoid injury to your eyes and respiratory system.

Random orbital sanders use round sandpaper discs that come in various sizes, most commonly either 5 inches or 6 inches in diameter, although heavy-duty sanders can take discs as large as 8 inches across. Note that you cant simply swap disc sizes; sanders are designed to hold one specific disc size only. If youre looking to tackle large jobs, youre probably better off with sander that uses larger discs, as this will help you sand large areas faster. On the other hand, smaller disc sizes give you a little more control and fit into tighter spots.

This article is edited and updated by Michelle Ullman, the tool expert for The Spruce. She has extensive experience not only in writing about all things related to the home, but also in carrying out various DIY projects, including landscaping, painting, flooring, wallpapering, furniture makeovers, and simple repairs. For this roundup, she considered dozens of random orbital sanders, evaluating each for basic features, extras, and customer feedback, as well as product tester input.

top 5 best sanders for paint removal 2021 (reviews) - sanderscore

top 5 best sanders for paint removal 2021 (reviews) - sanderscore

Fear not though, over the years Ive formed a strong opinion on which machines are the very best sanders for removing paint and Ill be sharing them with you today. They make paint removal a breeze and most importantly, youll get stunning results.

To successfully remove paint, you need a powerful handheld machine that can dominate rough stock quickly and easily. Due to these requirements, both random orbital sanders and belt sanders are fantastic choices.

Those are the best types of sander to deal with paint removal. They are both potent enough to easily sand old and rough paint and are also fast enough to deliver a fantastic high-quality finish in the end. Now, on to my favorites!

My favorite sander of all time. The Bosch 1250DEVS delivers mountains of power, tank-like durability, comfortable grips and a beastly turbo-mode to ensure it can take on absolutely anything, no matter how rough the paint is. With a random orbital motion to boot, it gives you stunningly high-quality, scratch-free results.

Festool keeps their tradition of delivering elite-quality machines with the ETS 150. With an output of 10,000 RPMs on the big 6 sanding pad, its a fast one and the dust collection is second to none. With superb build-quality, modern features and an advanced design, the ETS 150 is a truly superb sander that will impress even weathered professionals.

With the 9903, Makita delivers a potent and beautifully well-made belt sander that is sure to dominate any paint removal task you throw at it. It runs the 3 by 21 belt at 1,440 Feet Per Minute, ensuring it can take on anything and the dust extraction is superb too. Excellent machine.

The Hitachi SB8V2 is popular due to its unbeatable value it offers professional performance at an extremely inexpensive price. Featuring a 3 by 21 belt, it runs at1,475 FPM easily competing with the 9903 in power. While the construction quality isnt quite as good as the Makita, the insane price-tag makes it a fantastic choice.

The Makita 9031 trades belt width in favor of higher speeds and boy is it fast. With a thinner1-1/8 by 21 belt it manages to run at an absolutely stunning3,280 FPM. If you put a course grit sanding belt on this thing, its an unstoppable monster. The front-facing belt design also gives you unbeatable versatility.

Makita GV7000C Vertical Disc Sander Even though its not as versatile as its circular cousin, the orbital sander, its not made to be. Its purpose is to destroy old rough stock and paint with ease and it does so beautifully well. The design and pistol grip handle makes it a joy to use and the results speak for themselves, a great choice.

Any of these will make removing paint a piece of cake. Theyre able to decimate the old paint in seconds, no matter how rough, and then deliver a high-quality smooth finish that will make the surface look fresh and brand new.

Ive also often been asked which machines would be the best sanders for car paint removal. That takes a slightly different type of sander, although one of the above (the Festool) is beyond great for it as well!

Both of the Dynabrade machines shown are random orbital pneumatic (air-powered) sanders. They are beloved by bodyshops all over the world due to their excellence when dealing with car-paint and even buffing car bodies. The Supreme series are especially excellent, they are the very best line. You can also get the Spirit series ones, they are similar but have less power and are cheaper. The Festool ETS 150 is on par as well, ranking as my personal pick for the best electrical sander for paint removal in the market. Its unique 1/8 stroke and golden performance make it a regular appearance in any quality car bodyshop.

The 6 version of the Dynorbital Supreme. This beauty runs at 12,000 RPMs, providing excellent performance when removing car paint and is also nearly indestructible. Its easily, in my view, the best air sander for car paint removal you can get.

The Festool ETS 150 is a superb sander for car paint removal. The construction quality is one of the best and so is the design and features. Its 1/8th stroke and 10,000 RPMs ensure that it delivers high-quality finishes and its famous dust extraction will keep your surface completely clean. With a power lock-on to boot, it truly is the best electrical sander for removing car paint.

And there you go, my personal picks for the best sanders to remove paint are right there for the taking. Remember to use low grit sandpaper at first to easily remove the old paint and then start scaling up to a higher grit to achieve finer and finer finishes as you go.

Hi James! We have wood trim on the exterior of our home. It is looking rough peeling/cracking finish and the wood is starting to look dark. I am sure we need to sand and re-stain(?) the trim. But I am wondering which sander would be best?

Hey Jen, Id definitely go with a random orbital sander so both the Bosch 1250 DEVS and the Festool ETS 150 are superb choices theyre perfect for this type of work, easy to use and deliver excellent results. Hope that helps and good luck with the renovation!

Hey Carole! If youve got weak wrists, a palm sander is definitely the best option head on over to that section by clicking on the main menu above as Ive extensively reviewed and compared my top picks on the market. Theyre compact, lightweight and get the job done!

Hey Aaron first of all sorry for the delay on my response, I was completely drowned with work! For that renovation job Id certainly go with either the Bosch 1250DEVS or the Festool ETS theyre both random orbital sanders which makes them just perfect for that type of work (versatile, effective, easy to move around). Hope that helps and good luck with your renovation Aaron!

Hi James, The Hitachi SVHB2 belt sander has been discontinued and the company is now Metabo. When searching for the belt sander u recommended the company redirects to Metabo HPT belt sander. Its a great price too but I wouldnt want a product that is inferior to your suggestions. Any thoughts on this?

Hey Amy the brand name itself changed but the machine stays exactly the same (same design, performance, specifications and so on) with only the dust bag changing logos to reflect the new brand. On top of it all, the price is further reduced, making it a better choice than ever. Hope that helps and have a great day!

Hi James, I need to re stain the outside of a house that has plywood siding with wood slats. There are areas of the plywood that have gotten rough looking so was thinking I should sand it before re staining. Will sanding make the plywood smooth again?

Hey Jill, you can (and should) absolutely sand plywood before re-staining it. Before you do though, take a look at the grain and thickness of it this will give you an idea of how deep and hard you can sand it. In general, I recommend going for a higher grit sandpaper from the start, something like 120 or even 200, to ensure that you get a nice smooth finish without damaging the plywood. Thanks for the great question and best of luck with the renovation!

Hey David, they absolutely are. The best choices on the list for concrete plaster walls are the Bosch 1250DEVS and the Festool ETS 150/3 any of these will be perfect to deal with that surface with ease, giving you excellent results and a tool thatll last a lifetime.

Do you have a recommended sand for sanding thick paint off of drywall. I know it can easily wreck the drywall. My wife is chemically sensitive to paint and we cannot get a 4 coat job (applied poorly by contractor) to cure. We may never be able to occupy. Have tried everything else.

Hey James, youre absolutely right drywall sanding is tricky but Ive got you covered with a full article on this subject that you can read here. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by be sure to tell me if you need any further guidance, Ill be here!

What would you recommend to get painted plaster off of dry wall? We just bought a house that has faux bricks that I would like to remove from the walls without having to replace the dry wall. Not sure if the above recommendation still apply. Thanks!

Hey Sharon the machines above apply just as well to that situation. All of them will easily remove the painted plaster and leave the drywall safe and sound behind, just be sure to use a higher grit after the first pass or simply use a finer grit from the start (itll be easier to safely stop before damaging the drywall). Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the renovation!

Hi James, did you test the Festool RAS 115 for paint removal? Im repainting my cedar shakes and Ive got it narrowed down to the Bosch and the RAS. My impression is the RAS is faster but is more of a scorched earth approach whereas the Bosch might be more work but leave a better finished surface.

Hi Adam, I dont own the RAS 115 but I have had the opportunity to try it and its an absolutely beautiful machine for hardcore material removal. Those 500 watts of power put into the 4.5 pad make for an unstoppable combination. As you mentioned though, its not the best when it comes to finishing as the pad is a bit small and it doesnt have random orbital motion its a rotary sander instead. In short, your analysis was absolutely correct the RAS is unbeatable for focused material removal while the Bosch DEVS manages to still offer vicious power but also allow for excellent finishing capabilities. Hope that helped, theyre both are wonderful choices. Thanks for stopping by Adam and good luck with the cedar shakes!

I have an orbital sander that Im hoping to use to remove house paint. Im assuming there are a few layers on there. What kind of disc would you recommend? Straight sandpaper (x thousands of sheets) or something else?

Hey Dave, as long as you use low grit sandpaper youll clear the layers quickly and easily without having to go through endless sheets. While it will depend on the state of the paint, be sure to start with around 50 grit and then, if youre either getting too close to your desired layer or want to end it with a nice, polished finish (ready to take another coat of paint, a varnish, or whatever it may be) simply move on up to a finer grit like 120 or more. The rougher grits will very quickly remove paint so be careful not to spend too much time or apply too much pressure on the same spot. Hope that helped!

Hey James, this article was really remarkable, especially because I was searching for thoughts on paint removal for so long but couldnt find a solid article. Yours blew everyone out of the water, thank you so much for the tips and fantastic machine recommendations!

grinders & sanders - harbor freight tools

grinders & sanders - harbor freight tools

Youll find a great selection of angle grinders, bench grinders, and sanders for your workshop or project. Harbor Freight delivers great value on durable, long-lasting, professional-grade sanding and grinding tools from Bauer, Hercules, Chicago Electric and more.

We have invested millions of dollars in our own test labs and factories. So our tools will go toe-to-toe with the top professional brands. And we can sell them for a fraction of the price because we cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. It's just that simple!

electric sander ultimate user's guide (get the basics) - diy candy

electric sander ultimate user's guide (get the basics) - diy candy

For many years I used a piece of sandpaper or a sanding block to smooth wood. This was until I got smart and discovered the electric sander! Ive always wanted to learn how to use a sander, so one day I jumped in.

We work with wood a lot so having a power sander handy makes every project that much nicer (and smoother!). And it does sand wood WAY more quickly than just a piece of sandpaper alone. If you love working with wood . . . a power sander is an important investment.

However, no harm will come to you if your hand or anyone elses hand comes into contact with the paper while the sander is on. The sander in the photo is electrical which means it has to be plugged in.

Once youre done, brush off your surface and then remove excess sanding dust with a tack cloth. I thought I was a smarty pants and could get away with using a paper towel to wipe off sanding dust before painting; I ended up with grit in my paint. The tack cloth is pretty important, so learn from my mistakes!

What it is: an electronic, plug-in device used to smooth wood and similar surfacesWhen to use it: any time you need to remove blemishes from a wood surface or prepare a surface for paintingWhat you need: the sander and the correct grit sandpaper, in addition to your surface. Youll also want a tack cloth to remove any additional sanding dust.

Nice to also include you cannot run a small sander or even a big one very long because the motor will get hot and on the small mouse one's, you can go through them (ruin them; will burn motor up completely) if used in larger area's, say kitchen cabinets or a lot of trim work of interior home moulding and such.

best cordless sanders 2021 (reviews) - sanderscore

best cordless sanders 2021 (reviews) - sanderscore

Due to your frequent questions and a lot of requests, Ive decided to write this article to clear all of your doubts and to help you pick the best cordless sanders in the market. As always, any machine presented here has been personally tested by me and thoroughly inspected. Only the top choices make the list.

Cordless sanders are very popular, especially among hobbyists and DIYers, due to their unique strength (as the name implies) the lack of any power cords. Without busy cords you can move around freely without worrying about electrical outlets, portability issues, or getting wrapped up in mess, it makes for a great and enjoyable sanding experience. But, like all things, cordless sanders have their own setbacks. Most of the times they are not as powerful as their corded counterparts (as the battery would be depleted too quickly) and their battery-time (usually around the 30-40 minute mark) isnt adequate for professional work.

That said, if youre a hobbyist that just wants a great little tool to use for lighter work, cordless sanders are a fantastic choice. Below youll find a comparison table of the machines that are, in my opinion, the very best cordless sanders of each type and further down you can read their reviews and other recommended sanders.

Now, the reviews. Im going to present to you my selection of the very best cordless sanders you can get in my opinion of each available type such as: orbital sanders, belt sanders, detail sanders and sheet sanders. Lets get to it!

Lets start with one of my favorite power-sander types of all time the orbital sanders. From my experience they offer the best bang for your buck among all types and give you an unbeatable scratch-free finish, especially if they are random orbital sanders.

With a nice design and a solid battery life (35 minutes) the Ryobi P411 is a competent cordless sander that is available at a very inexpensive price. With its 18V battery it puts out a great 10,000 Orbits Per Minute on the 5 pad which is enough to deliver a high-quality and smooth finish to any surface. It has helpful features such as a lock-on button so you dont tire your hands and an efficient dust collection (bag included). Its ergonomic shape and rubberized grip make for a comfortable experience even after sanding for long periods of time. Its decently built and comes with a free 3 year warranty. Dont forget to get the battery and charger as well since theyre not included (theyre sold separately). The Ryobi P411 might lack more advanced features such as variable speed and a bit of power but with an attractively low price tag it still makes for a solid cordless random orbital sander.

Finally Porter-Cable delivers us their brand new cordless sanders line and for the price theyre asking, theyre pretty great machines. Starting with their cordless random orbital sander, it has the level of quality youd expect from the brand solidly built body, comfortable grip, built-in dust bag with some nice touches that set the machine apart from the competition. It has, for example, a 20V battery (nominal voltage is still 18V) which is mainly found on higher-end machines and although it doesnt feature variable speed (a fairly big drawback for me) it still has a great top speed of 12,000 OPM. Any of the brands 20V batteries will work with this ROS, but I recommend that you get the 4.0 AH battery to get some extra run time as even though it heavily depends on how you use it, Ive noticed improvements from 30 to around 40 minutes. The sanding pads 5 in diameter and uses the standard hook and loop action to hold the papers plus the dust collection is surprisingly good, especially if you hook a vacuum hose to the1-1/4 port. Although it lacks variable speed and doesnt blow my mind as I was expecting from Porter-Cable, its still solidly built, convenient, well performing and comes with 3 years of warranty. In short, this cordless sander delivers good value for the price.

Makita once again shows how its done by delivering a fantastic cordless random orbital sander that offers you power, comfort and durability at a stunning price. The 18V battery offers both power and endurance with the great feature of variable speed to boot. You can choose from 3 speed settings that make the 5 sanding pad run at7000, 9500 or a maximum of 11,000 Orbits Per Minute excellent to adapt the speed to your needs (rough stock removal all the way up to fine polish). The battery will last 40 minutes at low speed and 20 at high speed which is great for a 18V battery. Makitas cordless sander also has an 1/8 random orbital action which is sure to give you a perfect, scratch-free finish with ease. The body is very well-built and smartly designed the speed is easy to change, the grip is comfortable and the sturdy construction will last years of hard-work. Couple all of this with efficient dust collection and a 3 year warranty and youve got yourself a great deal for an excellent cordless orbital sander. Dont forget to get the batteries and charger, theyre sold separately. If you want, theres also a kit available that has everything you need (tool+batteries+charger), including a free carrying bag, at a great price.

The Ridgid R8606B brings excellent dust collection and great battery endurance to the table in a sturdy and potent portable package. With a variable speed of 7,000 to 11,000 OPMs, its not only powerful but can also adapt to the task at hand. While the 18V battery life span will change with speed, it will generally last over 40 minutes (non-stop work) which is impressive and very handy. It has a quality body and is well assembled although the design is a bit lacking, in my opinion, because the grip isnt as comfortable as it should be. When it comes to dust collection, it shines. Ridgid claims that it cleans up to 90% of the dust produced and after testing it I really cant doubt the claim, if 90% isnt enough you can also install a vacuum hose with ease and reach that perfect score. The sanding results were great both on rough and fine stock and the battery really did last long which I appreciate. In the end, its a fine entry on the list and both the endurance and dust collection are next-level, I just wish the grip was different but hey, it might be perfectly fine for you. Its fairly priced but as always, the batteries and charger are sold separately so keep an eye out for them and add them to the cart.

If youre looking for the best, this is in my view as close as it gets. Its fairly pricey and certainly isnt for beginners but the Festool ETSC 125 just blows the competition out of the water quality and feature wise. First of all its hybrid, you can either use it with a power cord or with batteries, this gives it excellent versatility and is a huge bonus to its usability. One thing that blew my mind was the battery itself, while it lasts the usual 30 minutes of non-stop use, its also fully recharged in 25 minutes which is incredible. Dust doesnt exist when you use this thing either, it already does a superb job on its own but if you use their dust extractor (separately sold) you wont see a speck on the surface. The design is top-notch in both comfort and handiness, the grip is non-slippery and comfortable and the variable speed wheel is nicely placed and easily used even while sanding. You can choose any speed from 6,000 to 10,000 OPMs and the 1/16 random orbital stroke ensures a perfect, swirl-free finish. The construction quality is beyond great, as expected, and will last a lifetime. You can get the tool by itself if you already have Festool batteries and a charger but theres a kit available that contains the sander, 2 batteries, 1 charger and more. With a 3 year warranty to boot, Festools cordless random orbital sander truly is, in my view, the very best money can buy.

Belt sanders are one of the most popular types of sanders ever. They are versatile and powerful so they can be used nearly anywhere and for any task, from removing rough stock to achieving quality finishes. Due to their demand for power though the options for cordless belt sanders is quite small. Worry not though, Ive found a great choice.

When it comes to cordless belt sanders, the Ryobi One Plus P450 is the only one I can recommend. Not only are they rare but the ones Ive used were a disappointment. The P450 is the only cordless belt sander that has ever positively surprised me and it made me respect Ryobi quite a lot seeing as they were the only ones that managed to hit the nail on the head. Its well designed and well-built as well the grips are comfortable, the body is sturdy and the pommel handle can be positioned in 5 different ways to perfectly adapt to you. The 4 AMP motor makes the3x18 belt run at a surprisingly high 850 FPM (feet per minute) which for a cordless belt sander is excellent. The battery will endure about 30 minutes of non-stop work which is fine but I still keep a replacement battery whenever I use it for extra convenience. It features a tool-less belt-tracking that is easy to use and effective as well. To make a good cordless belt sander is not an easy task, they need a lot of power and its hard to mix that with battery-use but Ryobi did it. For light-duty work this thing is a beauty and the price is also very attractive. I definitely recommend it. Dont forget to get the batteries and charger as well, theyre sold separately. If you already have Ryobis equipment then you can get the tool alone.

Detail sanders are the very best when it comes to tight spaces and high-quality finishes. As the name implies, they excel at perfectly sanding the intricate details of any piece due to their unique triangular shape sanding pad. They are also nicknamed mouse sanders and in my opinion are an indispensable tool if you deal with anything other than flat surfaces.

The P401 is one of the most inexpensive solutions on the list but its still a great little detail sander that is sure to give you good results. It uses an 18V battery that powers its corner shaped pad to go at 11,000 OPMs. The charge will last you quite a long time (about 35 minutes for me) and it recharges very quickly (20 minutes). It has an on board vac attachment so you can easily install a vacuum hose to clean all the dust that youll undoubtedly produce. Its nicely designed and well-assembled, the grip is comfortable and the machine itself has a sturdy body, even if the materials themselves arent the best. Its super lightweight and the paper is easy to change too. This Ryobi cordless detail sander is a solid choice available at a surprisingly low price and it has a long 3 year warranty. As always, the batteries and charger are sold separately so dont forget to add them to the cart if you dont already own some.

Skil delivers a light, compact and inexpensive machine that has surprisingly high power for its size. The machine has an attractive and functional design, featuring a comfortable rubberized grip and due to its lightweight its easily maneuvered. As I mentioned above, this thing puts out 11,000 OPMs which I found to be a great speed for its little size and it produces high quality finishes. The construction quality is on par with the Ryobi P401 its solidly built but the materials arent super resilient (plastic). Even then, it will hold up perfectly for the work its supposed to do which is light-duty sanding. The battery time stands at the regular 30-40 minutes and it also recharges quite quickly. Its efficient, compact and has great power, this Skil cordless detail sander is sure to satisfy you. Batteries and charger are sold separately.

This is, as I mentioned above, Porter Cables new 20V cordless detail sander and overall it just might be the best machine from their new cordless line. The construction quality and battery power both stay the same as the other 20V machines great but unlike their orbital model this one has variable speed which is a huge improvement to both usability and battery life. While the other one was stuck at max speed, draining the battery like crazy even when you didnt need it to, this one can be set from 9,000 to 11,000 OPM by using the dial, allowing you to match the speed to the application and saving you from quick battery drain. The rubberized grip is comfortable and the machine itself is very nicely built (dust-proof switch for example), ensuring durability. You can use any of the brands 20V batteries on this machine although as always I recommend the potent 4.0AH version. Another great feature is the dust collection which proves itself to be effective even without using a vacuum hose and the only real drawback Id point out is the diamond tip it degrades pretty quickly with use but you can always replace it (it comes with 2 extra tips included already). I still havent found any detail finger attachment to use with this, even though the manual mentions it, which is a shame as its a pretty essential feature to have. Even then, its still a great cordless detail sander that comes with 3 years of warranty and its fairly priced to boot, making it a solid choice.

Now were talking. The BDCMS is, in my honest opinion, the best cordless detail sander you can get for the price. Its potent, enduring and has incredible quality in its design and construction all of this at an attractive price point. With a 20V battery (instead of the usual 18V) it is able to not only offer you much more power but also last a lot longer. It has a smart design that makes it easy to maneuver and comfortable to use (2 different grips, both rubberized) even for extended periods of time and the dust collection truly is top-notch. Its able to put out a superb 12,000 OPMs, this much speed ensures that you get a clean and high quality finish to any surface. The switches are dust-sealed and changing batteries is a breeze. When it comes to construction quality you will notice the difference, the machine is not only well assembled but the materials used are of high quality and resilient as well, this thing will last a lifetime. It includes a detail finger which is indispensable to sand super tight spaces and also comes with the signature 2 year warranty. This Black+Decker cordless mouse sander brings pride to its famous corded counterparts, it is able to deliver their quality and power with cordless convenience. A remarkable feat. I recommend this beast of a machine to anyone, from weekend warriors to experienced professionals.

Festool once again offers what is, in my view, the very best money can buy. Its fairly pricey as weve come to expect from Festool but the quality is unmatched, you truly get what you pay for. Its part of their hybrid line so you can use it with either batteries or corded which gives it remarkable versatility and usability. If you go cordless, the battery will last upwards of 30 minutes and it recharges very quickly (20 minutes). It features a variable speed of 6,000 to a max of 10,000 OPMs and the results are truly fantastic for both rough stock or fine polishing. The dust collection is second to none right out of the box and you can also install a vacuum hose for even better results if you want. The construction quality truly is unbeatable, this thing will last you more than a lifetime even with hard and constant use (as it should, for the price). It comes with a 3 year warranty and you can get the tool only or a pack with 2 batteries, 1 charger and other goodies at a better price. Either way, its an excellent cordless sander that offers you some of the best quality there is. Due to the investment though, Id only recommend it to serious professionals.

A favorite among many, sheet sanders are able to reach highly-polished finishes and are one of the easiest sanders to use. They are usually lightweight as well which makes them a breeze to maneuver and their trademark square/rectangular shape makes them a fantastic choice for flat surfaces.

Ryobi once again deilvers a compact and very inexpensive cordless sander with the P440. From the same family of the other Ryobi cordless sanders shown above, it has all of their qualities put into a 1/4 sheet sander format. The 18V battery lasts around 35 minutes and it recharges in 20. The machine itself is quite light and handles well, the grip is fairly comfortable, it has a lock-on button and the dust collection is effective. This Ryobi cordless sheet sander is also potent, delivering a great 12,000 OPMs which is enough power to handle a variety of tasks from easy to hard ones. Its lightweight, versatile and greatly inexpensive, the Ryobi One+ P440 is a great entry-level cordless sander that will not disappoint. Its available as the tool only or in a package with batteries, charger and other items such as sandpaper packs. It also has a 3 year warranty included.

On a sidenote, Black+Decker used to produce a fantastic cordless sheet sander that is no longer available. I still own one and I firmly believe that for the price it is (was) beyond great. It really did hit all the marks to be, in my opinion, the best cordless sheet sander you could get but since its no longer available, Ill wait for an update from them. If they bring it back or release an updated model, Ill be sure to get it ASAP and review it for you. Heres to hoping they do!

From the same Festool cordless (hybrid) series as the ones shown above, the RTSC cordless sheet sander gives you excellent quality, unmatched performance, modern features and built-to-last construction. As weve come to expect of the brand, the build quality is second to none. This thing can take a beating and hard falls and still stay absolutely solid so you can trust the machine to last a lifetime, even with constant hard work. The 18V battery holds up for a long time even with non-stop work, youll get about 40 minutes out of a single charge and the battery itself recharges in 30 minutes. Featuring variable speed it is able to put out from 6000 to 10000 RPMs, so you can choose the ideal speed for any task be it hard stock removal or high-quality fine polishing. Its lightweight enough to be easily maneuvered and the grip is comfortable (ergonomic) and non-slippery. The dust collection is, as always, incredible using a vacuum hose (easy to install). You can either get the tool by itself if you already own Festool batteries and a charger or you can get all of these items and more all in a kit for a better price than buying them separately. If youre a professional and can afford it, its a no-brainer.

And there you have it, my personal picks for the very best cordless sanders you can get. They were a blast to review and I truly hope that I was able to help you find the perfect one. In my honest opinion the best cordless sander you can get is theMakita XOB01Z 18V LXT. The amount of quality and value you get for the price is mind blowing. With a potent motor and excellent variable speed, its a great machine for any task be it hard or light. Without a doubt, the most essential cordless sander I have in my shop.

Hey Scott, not at all I just havent got them myself in order to properly review them. Ive been eyeing their M18 Cordless ROS for a while now though so Ill most likely get it and a few more pretty soon, keep an eye out!

Greetings from California James! I just do some occasional sanding every year so I went with the Makita due to its versatility. I think Im getting addicted though as the sanders so good that Ive started to sand more and more. Chairs, benches, cabinets, nothings out of my reach! Thanks again for the fantastic info, this is going to be a fun Summer!

Man, cordless sanders are wonderful these days, the technology has really improved over the years. I already have the Makita and its excellent, getting the Black+Decker Mouse now for my cabinets. Once you use these you start to fall in love!

Hey Charles, youre absolutely right! Over the last couple of years theres been dramatic improvements to their performance and battery life, making them great tools. Also, the B+D Mouse is fantastic and Im sure youll be happy with it. Enjoy!

Youre a mind reader James, last time I visited I wished there was an article about your favorite cordless machines and now boom its here. Great read as always and Im going to give the Makita a try, thanks!

power sanders | black+decker cordless & electric sanders

power sanders | black+decker cordless & electric sanders

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sanders | cordless & electric power sanders | dewalt

sanders | cordless & electric power sanders | dewalt

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COPYRIGHT 2021 DEWALT. The following are trademarks for one or more DEWALT power tools, accessories, anchors and concrete adhesives: The yellow and black color scheme; the D-shaped air intake grill; the array of pyramids on the handgrip; the kit box configuration; and the array of lozenge-shaped humps on the surface of the tool.

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