difference between triple pass rotary dryer and single pass rotary dryer - sunco machinery

difference between triple pass rotary dryer and single pass rotary dryer - sunco machinery

For theDifference Between Triple Pass Rotary Dryer and Single Pass Rotary Dryer, here we make capacity 30t/h sand dryer as sample: Single Pass Rotary Dryer: Triple Pass Rotary Dryer: The diameter of triple pass rotary dryer(Drum diameter is 3.0 meters) is bigger than the sigle pass rotary dryer(Drum diameter is 1.9 meters). The length of triple pass rotary dryer(Drum Length is 6.0 meters) is much shorter than the sigle pass rotary dryer(Drum length is 11 meters). Triple Pass Rotary Dryer is more difficult to be transported than the single pass rotary dryer. Tripe Pass Rotary Dryer needs much less floor area than the single pass rotary dryer. The structure of triple pass rotary dryer is more complex than the single pass rotary dryer. It is much easier to maintain the single pass rotary dryer. In the triple pass rotary dryer, the raw material pass through the triple pass rotary dryer three times. But for the single pass rotary dryer, the raw material only pass through the rotary dryer one time. As a result, the heat exchange efficiency of triple pass rotary dryer is a little higher than the single pass rotary dryer. In one word, both of the single pass rotary dryer amd triple pass rotary dryer are suitable to dry the sand, and the customers can choose the suitable one according to the actual situation.

triple pass dryer | triple pass dryer design | triple pass dryer advantages

triple pass dryer | triple pass dryer design | triple pass dryer advantages

A properly sized and tuned drum dryer system suited to your input volume is the key to planning an efficient system. Baker-Rullman's specialized engineers are dedicated to accomplishing these goals with each and every installation.

Our trunnion rollers are made from Class 50 cast iron with a minimum roller face hardness of 270 BHN. The inboard tapered roller bearings, which have a 'B-1-' life of 15 years, allow the roller to rotate around our stationary roller shaft supported by our hold-down pillow blocks. Baker-Rullman has proven this to be more reliable than the smaller diameter roller with an integral cast shaft system that is offered by our competition.

Baker-Rullman drum tires are designed and manufactured significantly different from those used by other vendors. Each tire is hot forged from a single billet of AISI 1025 steel, then finish machined. There is no weld seam on it, and the steel grain structure is oriented for greater wear resistance and strength. It is forged into a "T" cross-section instead of the usual rectangular bar cross-section other vendors generally supply using rolled and welded bar stock.

Baker-Rullman rotary drum dryers use less fuel per ton of product than many other drum dryers and do so in significantly less space. The triple-pass design provides approximately three feet of horizontal material travel for every foot of drum length. Precise electronic controls eliminate heat surges and fuel waste.

Baker-Rullman triple-pass rotary drum dryer to achieve efficiencies better than 1,500 BTUs per pound of water evaporated. This is the result of better heat utilization created by longer residence times, robust temperature control, and superior drum insulation.

Our triple pass dryer design protects your product from under or over drying. Heavier, wetter product moves slower than fine particles, giving uniform drying to all particles. That's why our rotary dryers have long been known for protecting the protein value of food by-products and the integrity of all types of material.

V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions can cause pollution problems and restrict your production rates. Heat utilization in a Baker-Rullman system is superior to that of the other rotary drum dryers by virtue of the triple-pass rotary dryer design, eliminating unnecessary V.O.C. emissions.

triple pass rotary drum dryer design

triple pass rotary drum dryer design

Wet material enter the inner cylinder, propelled through the system via a hot gas air stream. The material is continuously lifted by the cylinder flights and showered through the concurrent stream of hot gases. The three full-length interlocked concentric cylinders rotate together design for the highest velocity in the inner-pass. As lighter particles quickly lose 60% of their moisture and move out of the cylinder, heavier/denser particles are retained until they also lose 60% of their moisture.

Particles graduate to the next cylinder only when they have shed enough of their moisture to be carried out. Progressively larger diameters of the cylinders cause the velocity to decrease with each subsequent pass. In this section, the partially evaporated particles are handled more gently, again only graduating to the next pass when they have shed the proper amount of moisture.

Because of the earlier retention time in the first two passes, material is relatively uniform by the time it makes it into the gentle third pass. This means the product is guarded against over-drying or under-drying and ensures the optimum use of heat while producing a consistently high quality end product.

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Chefs Deal is your high-quality equipment supplier with the most affordable prices on products. But thats not the only reason you should consider us your number one choice for restaurant supply. Were also fully committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience.

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choosing a rotary dryer: single pass vs. triple pass

choosing a rotary dryer: single pass vs. triple pass

Rotary dryers are the industrial dryer of choice for everything from minerals and ores to fertilizers and specialty chemicals. One decision buyers are often faced with in selecting a rotary dryer for a given application, particularly when looking to dry high-moisture materials such as compost or biosolids, is whether to go with a single-pass or triple-pass rotary dryer.

While both designs offer distinct benefits, those looking for a drying solution that will minimize downtime and remain reliable in the long term should opt for the single-pass rotary dryer. Heres why.

Single pass rotary dryers consist of a single, heavy-duty drum through which material and products of combustion are passed while the drum, set on a slight slope to allow gravity to assist in moving material through, rotates.

Triple pass rotary dryers consist of three lighter-duty drums of differing diameters nested inside each other. The drum is not set on a slope, but rather relies on pneumatic conveying to carry material through the unit.

Material is fed into the innermost drum, and is pushed out the end of that drum where it falls into the middle drum. Similarly, the material works its way through this drum, out the end, and into the remaining, outermost drum shell, where it moves through and is discharged at the end.

The main advantage provided by the triple pass design is that it allows the drum length to be reduced for a smaller footprint. This is because the triple pass dryer achieves a longer retention time through the multiple pass system as opposed to additional length. While this is one area where single pass dryers concede to triple pass dryers, the benefits typically stop there.

Triple pass dryers are a much lighter-duty solution compared to single pass dryers, relying on less robust drum shells and tire arrangements. This offers an initial savings in capital cost, but significantly reduces the service life of the dryer. This lighter-duty design also means that triple pass dryers are much more prone to experiencing issues in high-demand settings.

In contrast, because single pass dryers rely on a single shell, that shell is designed to be much more robust and durable. Single pass rotary dryers have a well-deserved reputation of lasting for decades when properly maintained, though this does also depend on selecting a reputable rotary dryer manufacturer.

In addition to fewer mechanical and structural issues, single pass rotary dryers are also less prone to clogging than triple pass dryers; because material is initially fed into the smallest inner drum with the triple pass design, there is less space for the material to fall as it moves through the drum, even with the help of lifting flights. This often results in material clumping up and subsequently clogging the dryer.

The larger diameter of the single pass dryer, combined with the lifting flights, gives material adequate space to fall through the air stream, a motion that can also help to break up any potential clumps. As a result, single pass dryers are less susceptible to clogging issues.

Because triple pass dryers pneumatically convey material through the drum, they require a high air velocity. This leads to the need for a larger induced draft (ID) fan and exhaust handling system, ultimately increasing energy requirements.

As a result of the higher volume of air used by triple pass dryers, they also require a larger exhaust gas treatment/air pollution control system. Single pass dryers still require an off-gas treatment system, but it can be much smaller due to the reduced air volume utilized.

Single and triple pass rotary dryers are commonly compared in selecting a dryer for high-moisture applications. While the triple pass dryer costs less and offers a smaller footprint, the reduced service life and reliability are substantially reduced and in most cases, not worth the sacrifice. Single pass rotary dryers are robust, offering a significantly longer service life and more reliability. Other benefits of the single pass design include less potential for clogging, lower energy costs, and reduced off-gas treatment requirements.

FEECO rotary dryers provide every industry from mining and minerals to fertilizer and agriculture with the most reliable drying solution. Our single pass dryers are custom built for optimal processing efficiency and long-term reliability. Plus, they are backed by our extensive parts and service program. For more information on FEECO rotary dryers, contact us today!

high efficiency triple pass rotary drum dryer-palet

high efficiency triple pass rotary drum dryer-palet

Adopt the new technology of high temperature fast downstream drying, new multi ring drum dryer, high efficiency and energy saving combustion hot air furnace. The original automatic control, system and a series of safety and explosion-proof devices, successfully solved the many difficulties of drying agricultural cash crops and agricultural by-products. Using coal as the drying heat source, with its low drying cost to meet the drying of low value-added products, while the market price is lower than the products in the same industry, the market share is leading in China.

Qingdao palet has been worked in the drying of wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings for more than 10 years. From then on, we have seen many different kinds of drying methods with varying degrees of success.

The appearance of the rotary drum is no different from that of a normal rotary drum dryer, but the interior is a set of three straight drums of varying diameters, forming a three-ring drum, with a cross-plate on all surfaces where it comes into contact with the material. The three layers of rollers are radially fixed to each other and rotate at the same number of revolutions.The direction of the material is: the wet material enters from the inner rotary drum cylinder, exits from the end and enters the middle cylinder, the middle cylinder exits and enters the outer cylinder, and finally exits from the end of the outer cylinder. (as shown in the figure below)

The reason is that the three-layer roller divides the cross-sectional area of the original single roller into three parts. Therefore, the cross-sectional wind speed inside the drum is 3 times faster than that of single layer drum, up to 5 meters per second. Under the action of high temperature (up to 800850) and high speed hot air, the high temperature material (water content 70%75%) will be evaporated quickly in an instant. The material and hot air form a spiral of fluid in the drum that moves at high speed. Drying is a completely different concept than the original rotary drum dryer.

3The cross-sectional area of the three-layered drum is scientifically and accurately calculated and designed according to the drying characteristics of the material, so that the speed and time of the movement of the material at different stages of precipitation are different, giving full play to the advantages of high temperature and speed, the drying strength is as high as 100~135kg(H2O)/M3h, which is 6.6~9 times higher than the current domestic machinery industry standard.

4Three-layer drum set structure, the internal and external drums are equipped with a reading plate, which increases the filling rate of the material, ensures the contact area between the material and the hot air, and increases the drying strength and distribution speed.

5Small heat loss: high-temperature hot air, first contact with wet materials in the inner tube, with the evaporation of water, the temperature of the hot air also reduces, through the middle tube, the original hot air of about 800 , when it reaches the outer tube, it has been reduced to about 100 ~ 150 , the heat transfer power has been reduced, the outer tube set up good heat preservation, so the heat loss is small.

Dregs, grass charcoal soil, alfalfa grass, marigold, ginkgo biloba, barley seedlings, chrysanthemum meal, beet dregs, corn kernels, vegetable stems and leaves, straw, Chinese herbs, wood chips and other materials.

Qingdao palet machinery co,.ltd is a professional manufacturer of biomass wood pellet mill, wood pellet plant, rotary dryer, activated carbon rotary klin,activated carbon machine, hammer mill, crusher, etc.

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