sanitary stainless steel 3-way manual full port ball valve with tri-clamp ends | adamant valves

sanitary stainless steel 3-way manual full port ball valve with tri-clamp ends | adamant valves

Stainless steel sanitary 3-way ball valves are used in a wide variety of high-pressure applications. A full, unrestricted flow allows no product restrictions through the valve, allowing easy diversion. We offer three-way ball valves made of T316 (CF8M) stainless steel with PTFE seats that are easily removed. Clamp and weld ends are standard. Other connections are available upon request.

AV-2MFC-3T series is a manual type sanitary 3-wayball valve with tri-clamp / tri-clamp ends, which is extensively used in food & beverage processing, brewing, oil refinery, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to control medium flow. The full port design with zero restriction makes it an optimum choice for viscous and particulate liquids, AV-2MFC-3T ball valve operates manually by 180rotary Handle.

rotary compression tester

rotary compression tester

We know rotary enthusiasts come in all shapes and size, as do their engines. The unit will give accurate, reliable and repeatable compression readings in all engines from the factory standard to the all out 1000+HP drag monsters. The unit is compatible with all oil and fuel types.

What's included: 5.2 Tester and Billet sensor, protective silicone boot, shock proof storage case, 3ft extension cable, cleaning towel, 9v Duracell battery, Extra O-Rings, and Decal.

roundabouts: single- and multi-lane, right-of-way rules

roundabouts: single- and multi-lane, right-of-way rules

A roundabout is an uncontrolled intersection or an intersection controlled by road signs where traffic moves counterclockwise around a central island. Access to the roundabout is usually controlled by YIELD signs that may be duplicated with additional yield line pavement markings. Roundabouts are one of the safest types of intersections since they are designed for low-speed driving and all traffic is moving in the same direction and left turns across traffic are eliminated. Roundabouts can also improve pedestrian safety by offering a short crossing of one-way traffic moving at slow speeds.

Approaching the roundabout.Slow down before approaching the roundabout. If you see any pedestrians about to cross or crossing the street, let them pass before going through the crosswalk, pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way at a roundabout. Proceed past the crosswalk once it is safe to do so. Make sure you are able to clear the crosswalk, blocking a pedestrian crossing is a traffic violation you can be cited for.

Signal your intent to exit the roundabout. Use your turn indicators or hand signals if the indicators are malfunctioning. If there are pedestrians crossing the street at a roundabout exit, stop and yield to them before going through.

Driving through a multi-lane roundabout is trickier than driving through a single-lane roundabout since you have to select the right lane depending on the exit you plan to take. Most two-lane roundabouts allow traffic in the right lane to turn right and go straight through the roundabout, while traffic in the left lane must go straight, turn left or return in the direction it came from. Most of the multi-lane roundabouts will have lane use control signs that will help you choose the right lane.

Approaching the roundabout. Slow down and select the appropriate lane, depending on the exit you are planning to take. You must select the lane in advance while it is still allowed by pavement markings. Yield to any pedestrians crossing the street.

Experienced cyclists may choose to cycle through the roundabout, obeying traffic rules just like any driver. You must yield to pedestrians and vehicles that are already on the roundabout. Ride in the middle of the lane so drivers will not be tempted to pass you. Avoid driving through multi-lane roundabouts, drivers traveling through the roundabout may not see you in their mirrors.

Pedestrians should only cross the street at a dedicated pedestrian crosswalk. Vehicles must yield to you, but do not assume the right-of-way, be prepared to yield if doing otherwise may place you in danger. Pay attention to vehicles exiting the roundabout once you are past the centerline.

Most roundabouts are preceded by a warning sign ROUNDABOUT AHEAD (also known as the CIRCULAR INTERSECTION sign). The sign may be accompanied by an additional ADVISORY SPEED sign that will advise you on the recommended speed at this intersection. Most roundabouts were designed for speeds that do not exceed 15-20 miles per hour.

Controlled roundabouts have yield signs at all entrances to the intersection, reminding drivers that they must yield to traffic that is already on the roundabout. Yield signs may be supplemented with yield-line pavement markings. Note: even if you do not see a YIELD sign, you still need to yield to pedestrians and traffic on the roundabout.

Turn lanes are traffic lanes that allow you to make a right or left turn at an intersection or to a side-road. Turn lanes are controlled by road signs and pavement markings that show you the direction of travel from the lane.

T-intersection is a three-way junction where three roads come together. Just like with any other intersection, you must exercise caution when approaching it and you should slow down and watch out for other traffic and pedestrians even if you are traveling on the through road and have the right-of-way.

An interchange is the intersection of two highways at different levels with separate connecting roads for the transfer of traffic from one highway to the other through a series of ramps. The connecting ramps allow drivers to leave on road and enter another safely, without impeding the flow of traffic.

Where road markings must impart very specific information, you will often encounter letters, words or symbols painted on the pavement. Pavement letters and symbols may be used to describe restrictions in a certain area, indicate lane use and warn road users about a hazard.

Parking spaces are usually partially or completely marked out with white lines, to help drivers position their vehicles. The markings allow the maximum number of vehicles to fit in a parking area while ensuring there is a safe space around each one.

Motorists may sometimes encounter authorized personnel directing traffic in place of road signs, signals and pavement markings. People who are authorized to direct traffic under such circumstances include police officers, construction workers, known as "flaggers", and crossing guards.

An intersection is a point where two or more roads join together. An intersection is an especially dangerous part of the road due to the fact that vehicle trajectories may intersect, which would automatically result in a crash. According to statistics, crashes at intersections, driveways and highway entrance ramps are the second most common type of traffic accidents, it comes right after hitting a stationary object.

An intersection is said to be controlled when access to the intersection is regulated by traffic signals or road signs, while access to an uncontrolled intersection is regulated only by the right-of-way rules. You must remember that traffic signals do not completely resolve traffic conflicts and you must learn to combine traffic signals and the right-of-way rules to avoid hazardous situations.

An uncontrolled intersection is one of the most common types of intersections out there. An uncontrolled intersection is a road intersection with no traffic light or road signs to indicate the right-of-way.

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