ready mix cement concrete batching plant equipment maintenance

ready mix cement concrete batching plant equipment maintenance

1. Check the concrete mixing plant parts. During the normal operation period of the mixing plant, before each start-up, check the fixation and connection of the parts, which must be reliable and the moving parts shall be sensitive and unimpeded.

3. Check the oil way of the concrete mixing station. Open the oil valve on the pipeline, unscrew the vent screw of the fuel injection pump and the fire oil filter (manual pump oil can be used with the hand pump), hover the air out of the oil circuit, and check whether there is any oil leakage.

5. Check the oil in the concrete mixing plant. Pull out the dipstick to check the oil storage. If the oil level is lower than the standard mark, it should be added; if the oil level is higher than the standard mark, it should find out the factor of oil increase and deal with it.

8. Manual roll. In order to improve the lubrication condition of the contact parts and reduce the starting resistance, the mixing station which can turn the crankshaft by manpower should turn the crankshaft several times before starting. When rolling the crankshaft, the oil volume control arrangement shall be in the stop oil supply position. If there is any pressure reduction arrangement, it shall be placed in the pressure reduction device.

For the maintenance of concrete mixing plant in winter, first of all, the lubricating oil of each mechanism shall be taken into consideration. Before the operation of the machine, all parts shall be operated in an empty way. The heat preservation or anti freezing work of the material storage and transportation equipment shall be done well. Then, check whether there is water in the batching hopper. If there is water, clean it immediately to avoid affecting the accuracy of concrete batching and the progress of the project, Therefore, the control system of concrete batching must be well maintained and protected from the sun and rain and lightning protection facilities. It is also necessary to remove the accumulated water in the water pump, water tank and water tank of the concrete mixing station, so that the rabbit will be frozen in winter.

1 Keep the equipment and surrounding environment clean. Because of the special situation of the concrete mixing plant, it must be placed outdoors all the year round, in addition to the strong sunshine and rainfall in summer, so it is necessary to ensure the cleanness of the equipment and reduce the corrosion. At the same time, the surrounding environment shall be kept clean and free from ponding to prevent corrosion and rust of concrete mixing plant equipment.

2 Regularly check whether the motors and electrical appliances are overheated and abnormal noise, and check whether the instrument indication is normal. In summer, when the temperature rises, the machine will inevitably react with the hot temperature when exposed to the sun or outdoors. Therefore, in the daily use of the concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to regularly check the motor and electrical components of the equipment. If overheating or abnormal machine noise and instrument indication are found, it is necessary to deal with them immediately to ensure the normal operation of the production equipment.

3 In order to prevent the residual concrete from solidifying and caking and hindering the normal operation of the machine, the concrete mixer and the discharge hopper shall be cleaned every four hours and checked regularly to ensure the efficient operation of the production equipment.

4 The equipment in the concrete mixing plant shall be maintained regularly. If the blades and lining plates are found to be worn, they shall be replaced as appropriate. The transmission gears shall be checked regularly and the lubricating grease shall be applied properly to extend their service life.

5 The lubrication and maintenance of equipment bearings, reducers and other parts shall be done regularly. In summer, the air drying is easy to dry. To a certain extent, the lubrication of the machine can not only resist the dry weather, but also extend the service life of the equipment. When using the lubricant, attention shall be paid to that: the lubricating oil level of the air compressor shall be kept on the oil mark line, and when the oil level is lower than the oil mark line, it must be kept on the oil mark line New compressor oil must be added (No.19 compressor oil in summer and No.13 compressor oil in winter). It is strictly prohibited to work without oil.

1. There is air leakage in the air system. Sometimes, there is air leakage due to the poor sealing at the air pipe joint. Many people think that if there is a little air exposed, it will not affect the normal work. However, long-term air leakage will aggravate the start and stop times of the air compressor, and also increase the energy consumption. Therefore, the air leakage position should be treated immediately.

2. The model of lubricating grease shall be selected. Generally, 1 good lithium base grease shall be used below 10 degrees, and 2 lithium base grease shall be used above 10 degrees. This is to ensure the lubrication and wear resistance of lithium base grease. Other models of lithium base grease may not play the role of lithium base grease.

3. It is a common problem for the main engine to hold the shaft. Clean the concrete on the main engine shaft immediately. Because the main engine holds the shaft in a small amount, it will bring extra power consumption to the main engine motor, and it may also cause the tank to be closed.

5. When the concrete mixing station is constructed in winter, it is necessary to remember to remove the water from the place where water can be generated, especially the gas pipeline, which is easily blocked due to water freezing.

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ready mix concrete plants machines collection 3d

ready mix concrete plants machines collection 3d

Features: - Only quads and tri- polygons - High quality polygonal model - correctly scaled accurate representation of the original objects. - All colors can be easily modified. -All objects and materials have logical names - No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering. - No special plugin needed to open scene.

high quality ready mix concrete batching plant for sale

high quality ready mix concrete batching plant for sale

Ready mix batch plant for sale is used for producing amouts of ready-mix concrete for the construction project. Then the ready-mixed concrete is transported to the construction sites by the concrete mixer truck for sale. The principle is to feed and transport the raw materials, such as, cement and admixture, water, sand, stone, and additives according to the preset mix ratio. Through the procedure of storing, batching, weighing, stirring and discharging to produce finished concrete that meets quality requirements.

We Daswell group provide the hopper type ready-mixed concrete plants with the specifications: HZS-25, HZS-35, HZS-50 and HZS-75.The hopper type ready mix concrete plants have characteristics of small volume, easy installation, simple operation and it has low terrain requirement.

We provide the belt type readymixconcrete batch plantswith the specifications: HZS-60, HZS-90, HZS-120 and HZS-180, HZS-240. Beltready mix batching plant has characteristics of stable delivery, precise ingredients, high working efficiency.Generally, this type plantis more suitable for theprojects with long construction period and largeproductionvolume.

We Daswell mainly provide the mobile type with YHZS series, mobile ready mix concrete batch mix plant is easy move from one site to another site. We provide different specifications for your choice according to your requirement.

2. For powder. The cement silo is used for storing the powder. For cement silos, we can provide you with several type for your choice: horizontal cement silo, bolted type cement silo, welded type cement silo and low level cement silo.

Ready mix concrete plant price is influenced by many factors. The different types and specfications of ready mix concrete plant equipment. And the transpotation mode and the payment method also influence the price. Whatever, we Daswell group promise you that we will provide you with the best and competitive price. If you have any demand for the products, or have some questions for the ready mix concrete plants, welcome you contact us anytime, we will reply you with 24 hour.

For the ready mix concrete plant buyer, howto find a reliable and professional ready mix comcrete plant manufacturer is vital. Firstly, you need to find several ready mix concrete plant companysonline, then you need make comparison between them. You should judge the ready mix concrete plant manufactures scale, the technique team, production skills and successful case.Thus, you canfind the most reliable one amongthesesuppliers. If possible,you can visit their factory in person.

Daswell group is one of the most reliable and professional ready mix concrete plant for sale manufacturers. We not only provide the excellent quality ready mix concrete plants for sale, but also provide the considerable pre-sale service, on-sale service, after-sale serive. Whats more, we promise we can provide you with the best and competitive price. If you want to buy the ready mix concrete batch plant, welcome you leave message here and we will reply you with 24 hours.

ready mix concrete vs site mix concrete | site mix concrete - civiconcepts

ready mix concrete vs site mix concrete | site mix concrete - civiconcepts

As we know that concrete is the most valuable construction material. Therefore, the quality of concrete also becomes important for construction. Ingredients used for making concrete are the but method of making or mixing are different like site mix concrete and ready mix concrete. There is always a comparison between Ready Mix Concrete Vs Site Mix Concrete Which is Better?

Concrete is a mixture of the owing constituents- fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, water, and cement or lime. Admixtures like calcium chloride are also added sometimes in the concrete to modify its properties like setting time, strength, etc.

In Tilting Drum type of mixers, the drum is kept in a tilted position and the materials are fed while the drum is kept rotating. The mixed concrete is discharged after the desired number of revolutions of the drum. The drum is tilted in opposite direction to discharge the materials present in it.

In mixers, first of all, half of the coarse aggregates are added and then half the amount of sand. Cement is added afterwards. Then after, the remaining half amount of coarse and fine aggregates is added in sequence. This is done to prevent the cement from getting spilt or blown away die to windy weather.

About 25 % of the water is added in the drum before adding the materials so that the drum becomes wet and cement does not stick to the inner walls and blades of the drum. The remaining 75 % of water is added in the drum immediately after adding the materials in the drum.

If admixtures as if plasticizers or superplasticizers are to be added then the same procedure as above is done except litre water from the 75 % of water is kept aside in which the admixture is mixed and added to the drum.

The efficiency of the concrete mixer depends on various factors like the shape of the drum, number of blades, length, depth, and inclination of the drum, space between drum and blades, speed of rotation, etc.

The very first ready mix concrete was developed as early as 1930 itself, however, it gained popularity after 1960. The first RMC plant in India started in 1992 in Pune. Nowadays, ready mix concrete is widely used.

The concrete is delivered to the site in the form of freshly mixed concrete that is still in the plastic state (i.e. Unhardened state). No other treatment to the concrete is required after it is delivered to the site; it can be placed directly in the formwork.

Hence, the site should not be located too far away. Besides the cost of transport, other demerits also crawl up if the site is located too far. Handling of concrete also becomes difficult. Moreover, the setting of concrete also becomes an issue.

Concrete is mixed at the job site: Here the drum is rotated for a speed of about 2 revolutions per minute as it proceeds towards the destination. When it is just about to reach the site, the rotational speed is increased to a maximum of 12-15 rpm for 70-100 revolutions to ensure a proper homogenous mix.

High-performance water-reducing admixtures and high-range water-reducing superplasticizers are used in RMC if it is to be transported for long distances. The former retains the workability of concrete even at ambient temperatures while the later ensures good workability and retains the slump.

ready mix concrete machine - ready mix concrete machinery latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

ready mix concrete machine - ready mix concrete machinery latest price, manufacturers & suppliers

Hindan vihar, Ghaziabad Meerut road, hindan vihar, kanster wali gali, gali number 3 plot no. 31/1 gali number 3 plot no. 31/1, Hindan vihar, Ghaziabad - 201001, Dist. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

china ready mix concrete plant, ready mix concrete plant manufacturers, suppliers, price

china ready mix concrete plant, ready mix concrete plant manufacturers, suppliers, price

China manufacturing industries are full of strong and consistent exporters. We are here to bring together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery that are used by processing industries including but not limited to: concrete batching plant, concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer. Here we are going to show you some of the process equipments for sale that featured by our reliable suppliers and manufacturers, such as Ready Mix Concrete Plant. We will do everything we can just to keep every buyer updated with this highly competitive industry & factory and its latest trends. Whether you are for group or individual sourcing, we will provide you with the latest technology and the comprehensive data of Chinese suppliers like Ready Mix Concrete Plant factory list to enhance your sourcing performance in the business line of manufacturing & processing machinery.

wholesale mobile ready mix concrete plant manufacturer and supplier, factory pricelist | qunfeng

wholesale mobile ready mix concrete plant manufacturer and supplier, factory pricelist | qunfeng

We've got a specialist, effectiveness staff to supply high quality service for our shopper. We always follow the tenet of customer-oriented, details-focused for Mobile Ready Mix Concrete Plant, Recycle Dump Site , Watering Vehicle , Little Garbage Trucks ,Stone Concrete Mixer . We are going to empower people by communicating and listening, Setting an example to others and learning from experience. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Vietnam , Palestine ,Turkmenistan , Azerbaijan .We've customers from more than 20 countries and our reputation has been recognized by our esteemed customers. Never-ending improvement and striving for 0% deficiency are our two main quality policies. Ought to you want anything, don't hesitate to contact us.

small concrete batching plant, mini concrete mixing plant - camelway group

small concrete batching plant, mini concrete mixing plant - camelway group

Camelway Small-scale Concrete Mixing Plant can be implied from the name, which is a complete set of concrete production equipment with small size,production capacity and specially designed for pint-sized projects has the advantages of lower cost, more spacious space , easier installation,and so on. Without compatible with its miniaturization is the functional maturation, it can be equipped with (semi-)automatic control system.Therefore,it is widely used in more and more ready-mixed and precast concrete factories.

The number of small and medium-sized construction projects is increasing with the obvious development of social economy, and the demand for small-scale concrete mixing plants is increasing day by day. Compared with the traditional stock-sized concrete mixer, the concrete produced by the small-sized concrete batching plant is mixed evenly and in higher quality, which can make the built construction solider and extend its life.

Camelway has been focusing on concrete mixing plants for more than 30 years. The work efficiency of our small-scale concrete batching plant is 15m per hour. It could apply to ready-mixed concrete producing, or to work with other equipments to manufacture prefabricated parts such as concrete blocks, paving stone, interlocking block, utility poles, floor slabs,and so on.

Just like buying a custom computer, a quotation can only be issued after all the configurations are confirmed. Bytelling us the configuration you need, or the use scene, you will get a detailed quotation list in 24 hours.

We understand that price is an important factor in making purchasing decisions, but the purchase of batching plant is not like buying a car. Business negotiations are not only bargaining, we need detailed requirements to produce high-quality equipment for you.

Before your equipment is ordered, you should know the totals for what it will cost, including freight and insurance, to have all the equipment delivered to your exact address or shipping port. We need to specify the exact equipment you are considering to purchase in detail before providing you a freight offer. You would normally obtain an exact freight offer after you have visited me or have seen the equipment in operation. We dont provide freight quotes until we both know exactly what you need and have been quoted on equipment.

Small batching plant is a type of concrete production facilities that include concrete mixer, aggregate batcher, cement silo, ingredients weighing system, control system and other components. It is used to produce high-quality concrete for a long time. However, some users are not looking for such equipment. For micro projects, we have JZC concrete mixer, self-loading mixer, concrete mixer pump as alternatives.

Dear Sir /Madam Please I need the following:- 1 - Small concrete batching plant for our workshop 2- Concrete mixer plant. To optimize production efficiency. Please urgent, with all specifications and machine photo

Hello Dear My name is Nazir from Ghana. we are dealers in machines and equipments and our company have been contracted by a construction company to provide them with small concrete batching plant and concrete truck as well as concrete pumps so we have decided to contact your company and see whether we can come and buy some from We will be glad if your can let us know the various tons you have and the prices Hope to hear from you soon Best regards Nazir

Dear Sir, I am Mahen writing you from Mauritius. I want to have an idea of a small concrete mixing plant. Can you please quote me for the smallest concrete mixing plant you have. Awaiting your price. Regards

We are interested in your mobile concrete batching plant + 1 silo + computerized system + others to complete the operational plant. to be set up and running in Sarawak, Malaysia. Please revert back to us regarding the pricing, delivery details and pricing, testing and commissioning, operation and maintained support.

Dear, Good Morning to you. Our company is finding a station and mobile plants mixing concrete batching plants. The general information of plant are as follows; Station plant capacity - 25 or 26 meter cubic per hr Mobile plant capacity - 4 and 7 meter cubic per hr We would like to request quotations with CIF Yangon price and product specification of each plant. We just hurry, so please reply and contact us as soon as possible. We will be waiting for your reply. Thanks.

We are a greek marine construction company and we are interested in buying a small on site concrete batching plant for producing concrete in a small island that no other resource exist. We require a day production of 85m. and the total quantity is 3205 m. please for your proposal and quatation.

ready mix concrete - structural guide

ready mix concrete - structural guide

Structural loads, structural analysis and structural design are simply explained with the worked example for easiness of understanding. Element designs with notes and discussions have added to get comprehensive knowledge. Also, construction materials, shoring system design, water retaining structures, crack width calculations, etc. have discussed in addition to other aspects.

This method avoids issues related to workability such as loss of slum, maintain the plasticity of concrete, etc. Further, it avoids the issue caused during the transportation of concrete from the batching plant.

There is a method called redosing that use to add the admixture to the ready mix concrete in the truck mixture. Especially when the loss of slump is controlled by redosing. If redosing is done it shall be done with much care and getting the consent of the engineer.

Athe mixing the concrete it is loaded in the truck mixture from which a sample is taken to check the slump. The slump at the plant is recorded in the delivery note that needs to produce to the engineer at site. This record provides an indication of the slump of the mix.

When the ready mix concrete is delivered to the site, a slump test is carried out to check the slump at the site. The slump at the site is the design slump that specified in the mix design.If it is within the limits, concrete can be used if other requirements are acceptable.

The temperature of the Ready-mix concrete needs to be controlled in order to have a low heat of hydration. Therefore different actions are taken in order to reduce the temperature of the ready mix concrete.

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