china vibrating sieve manufacturer, vibrating screen, screw conveyor supplier - xinxiang hengyu machinery equipment co., ltd

china vibrating sieve manufacturer, vibrating screen, screw conveyor supplier - xinxiang hengyu machinery equipment co., ltd

Vibrating Sieve, Vibrating Screen, Screw Conveyor manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Sieving Powder Graphite Industrial Vibrator Sieves Screen, Sugar Sifter Sieve Shaker Vibrating Screen Price, Dust-Free Powder Conveying Automatic Vacuum Feeder Conveyor and so on.

Company ProfileXinxiang Hengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Which is a manufacturer specialized in screening and conveying equipment. Our machines include: Rotary vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, test sieve shaker, screw conveyor, z bucket elevator and vibrating feeding machine, gyratory sifter, tumbler screen etc...Now we have been exported our machines to United States, Britain, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Malta, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Colombia, Ukraine, ...

ultrasonic sieving machine - sieve shaker - screen machine | china hongda

ultrasonic sieving machine - sieve shaker - screen machine | china hongda

The Ultrasonic sieving machine allows separations of light bulk density powders previously thought impossible. The Ultrasonic sieve shaker creates a secondary ultrasonic vibration that prevents blinding on fine meshes (60-500 mesh). Numerous applications exist for epoxy powder, toner powder and powder paints. Ultrasonic screen machine also works well on heavy density powdered metals, including lead, nickel and chromium, by preventing lodging on near-size particles; therefore reducing blinding, and prolonging screen life.

vibrating sieve - sieving machine - vibrating sieve & screen | china hongda

vibrating sieve - sieving machine - vibrating sieve & screen | china hongda

S49-A series rotary vibrating sieve is a kind of high precision sieving machine, low noise, high efficiency, only 3-5 minutes to replace the screen rapidly, fully closed structure. It can apply to granule, powder and liquid screening and filter.

S49-A series rotaryvibrating sieveuse upright motor as the source of vibration, equipped eccentricity hammer on the both sides of motor, change circumrotate to level, upright and incline movement, then pass these three movement to the surface of the screen. Adjust the phasic angle on the both sides of the top and bottom to change the movement orbits of the surface screen.

1. High efficiency, refined design, duration, any powders and mucilage are suitable for using. 2. Easily to replace the screen, simple operation and convenience washing. 3. Never jam the hole meshwork, no powder flying, filter size of the powder between 5mm to 0.025 mm. 4. Discharge the impurities or coarse materials automobile and operates continuously. 5. Unique screen flame design, long duration of screen, only 3-5 to replace the screen. 6. Small volume, move easily. 7. The highest layers of the screen are about 5 layers. But 3 layers are suggested.

Food Industry Sugar powder, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soybean milk, egg powder, soy sauce, juice, tea, drink, dairy products, sweets, small food, frozen food, spices, protein, food additives, dehydrated vegetablesetc.Pharmaceuticals Industry Active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, tablet, granule and granule, penicillin, tetracycline HCL, vitamin, powder, Chinese medicine medicinal slices, etc.Chemical Industry Epoxy resin, resin, phenolic resin, polyethylene powder particles, EPS, PVC, catalyst, blowing agent, rubber additives, desiccant, accelerant, fluorescent whitening agent, paint, etc.PowderMetallurgy Industry Iron powder, copper powder, molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, silver powder, aluminu.Other Industries Magnetic materials, lithium iron phosphate, cobalt acid lithium, graphite powder, laundry detergent, activated carbon, starch glue, glass fiber, feldspar, white corundum, quick lime, mica, polishing powder, refractory material, kaolin, carbon acid calcium, quartz sand, paper, etc

the purpose of ultrasonic sieving machine - vibrating sieve & screen | china hongda

the purpose of ultrasonic sieving machine - vibrating sieve & screen | china hongda

There are certain products that are inherently difficult to sieve, for example, metal and pharmaceutical powders. When these products are small in particle size and/or have a sticky nature then the material can build up on the mesh wires and mesh blinding (clogging) can occur. This can be particularly prominent on meshes with small mesh apertures (openings). This can result in product build up which could comprise product quality and throughput.

ultrasonic vibrating screen - light sieve equipment-products - mirant

ultrasonic vibrating screen - light sieve equipment-products - mirant

ML Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen is adopts advanced techniques high sophisticated screening equipment. It consists of Ultrasonic generator, transducer, resonant ring. It's an important breakthrough in screening efficiency. This sieving machine adopts advanced intelligent vibrating ultrasonic controller and has solved many problems caused by single frequency, truly realizing the reasonable combination of ultrasonic function and vibration sieve.

The function principle of ultrasonic vibrating screen is adding an ultrasonic energy transform device on the screen surface of 3-D vibro separator and filter. This device can make the screen surface superpose ultra-high frequency vibrational energy. so that it can keep clear of the mesh and achieve the ideal screen situation. Ultrasonic vibrating screen is usually used in screening superfine powder which ordinary vibrating screen can not solve.

As to the functional feature. it has reached the highest international level. it has prominent advantages in solving materials sieving problem such as high absorption, easy agglomeration, high static, high precision degree, light weight etc.

ultrasonic vibrating screen

ultrasonic vibrating screen

Introduction of Product: The ultrasonic vibrating screen is a high precision micro powder screening machine.

The ultrasonic vibrating screen is a high precision micro powder screening machine. On the basis of rotary vibrating screen, the ultrasonic system is equipped on the net frame directly. The ultrasonic high frequency vibration wave is transmitted to the screen cloth directly. Thus the micro powder can gain large ultrasonic vibration wave, reducing its adhesion, friction, static and wedging in the screen cloth. Then the micro powder screening trouble is successfully solved. The precision and efficiency of screening is improved.

The ultrasonic vibrating screen is mainly used for micro powder (0.15~0.02 mm) with low bulky density (>0.2g/cm3). Generally. Its screen cloth is from 100 mesh to 600 mesh. The ultrasonic system can guard the screen cloth against the adhesion, static and wedging. The passing rate of the material is generally 50%-400% higher than that vibrating screen without ultrasonic transducers.

The ultrasonic system can convert 220V/50HZ and 110V/60HZ power into 18KHz power. The ultrasonic transducer can transform this high frequency power into mechanical vibration of the same frequency. Then the ultrasonic high frequency vibration wave is transmitted to the screen cloth directly to increase the passing rate of material.

The ultrasonic vibrating screen equipped two vibrating sourceVibration motor and ultrasonic system. Both of the voltage for vibrator motor and ultrasonic system could be customized according to users requirement.

The ultrasonic controlling cabinet can provide 8 kinds of different ultrasonic frequency (C1~C8). Different frequency produce different vibration. The ultrasonic frequency could be freely adjusted without shutting down, based on material characteristics and mesh size of screen cloth.

Besides the screening, the ultrasonic is also a whole cleaning device for screen cloth. Without perforated plate and bounce balls, the ultrasonic cleaning device has no knocking noise in the processing of working. Its working noise is controlled at a lower level (Lower 73dB). In the long term, the operator do not need to bear the working noise, which safeguard staffs healthy.

Each batch of raw material will be tested by our quality inspection staff. The qualified material will be stored in our warehouse, while the unqualified material will be returned to the supplier. Accordingly, we will lower this suppliers credit rating.

When the production department receives a production plan, the workers will get corresponding materials from the warehouse. After the tests and initial processing, our skillful workers with years of working experience, can process highly precision plates, and the waste material is quite limited.

Before being packed and delivered to the clients, the finished products will be tested. During the tests, large vibrating screening machines will run continuously for 8 hours, and the small ones will run for 4 hours. The quality is judged by related parameters, sound, and vibration performance during the running.

For the package, we use fumigation-free plywood case that are up to the international standards. Comparing with natural wood, this kind of plywood is thicker, stronger, and more durable. Outside the cases, we use 0.5mm thick steel belt to further strengthen the package so that the products can reach our client safely.

sieving machine, circular vibratory screen, vibratory sieves

sieving machine, circular vibratory screen, vibratory sieves

This heavy-duty vibratory screen generates 3 times more vibration & provide higher throughput in ultra-fine mesh than a conventional sieving machine. The SIVTEK energy separator provides up-to 5 levels of gradation for precise particle size distribution in one single operation. The circular vibratory screen is capable to sieve up to 500# with no breakdown.

Comes with a high force vibrating motor which serves the purpose with adjustable motor weights & rotating angle. It is suitable for Dry or Wet Applications like silica, ceramics, powder paint, tapioca starch, coffee beans, copper powder, silver powder, & lot more.

We are the worlds largest sieving machine manufacturers assisting our valued customers with high-quality vibratory sieves. This circular vibrating screen separator is designed carefully to perform the most difficult task of sieving under high tension screen ring.

powder sieving machine | eversun,sieving machine

powder sieving machine | eversun,sieving machine

Powder sieving machine is manufactured for handleing all kinds of powder and flour. No matter your materials are pharmaceutical powder, food powder, juice powder, additive or any other kind of powder, EVERSUN powder sieving machine can efficiently screen foreign matters, filter impurities, and grade materials to ensure high quality products. Each machine can achieve six levels of grading with more precision.

By adjusting the angle of upper and lower ends on the motor, the user can easily control the vibration trace of powder on the sieve surface. Through that way, the user can control the throughput speed and accuracy rate based on the need.

With various models of powder sieving machine, EVERSUN group can meet the needs of almost all industries and production lines. Furthermore, we can also customize the machines and sieving solutions for any kinds of powder and flour to achieve the request of clients.

Eversun Machinery offers you an exclusive range of powder sieving machines available in a variety of models and designs that you can get according to your requirement. We have designed advanced models of machines that are ideal for different applications like powder, granules, liquid, bulk solids and other ingredients.

1. Detailed communcation to figure out one best sieving solution.2. Quick Delivery (only 2~3 weeks)3. Multiple quality checking before shipment4. Video inspection of machine before delivery5. Video installation of machine6. Reliable after sale service.7. 18 months quality guarantee and life time technical assistance.8. We can send engineeres to clients company for assistance.9. All the assistance needed from clients.

Available powder sieving machine is designed to complete the sieving process for all kinds of powders and flour. You can use them commonly in pharmaceutical powders, juice powders, additive, food powder and different other types of powders. It is ideal source to screen foreign matters successfully and filter impurities or grading materials to ensure high-quality products. It comes with six levels of grading that eases the process of sieving and ensures you are getting pure powder form. Our machines are easy to customized and come with the easy adjustment of angle that are at upper and lower ends of the motor.

In this way, you will be able to control the vibration trace of powder on the sieve surface in easy way. The latest machine models come with different added features like control the throughput speed and accuracy rate that is based on the need.

You have to go through the details, know about the models of machinery, their technical specifications, and features and place your order. We have multilingual professionals, who ensure delivery on time and in hassle-free way.

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