china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer

Suchuang machinery is the China professional skew rolling mill(skew rolling machine,hot rolled steel ball production line)manufacturer.We can supply whole designs of hot rolled steel ball production line, including the factory layout design, water cooler, electric design, machine sets, etc. Hot rolled steel ball is a latest grinding steel ball rolling technology, it is the technical breakthrough of ball milling manufacturing process, and it is replacement of casting steel ball gradually.

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer forged grinding media balls applications area

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer forged grinding media balls applications area

Forged grinding balls for use in mineral processing ball milling operations are designed for maximum abrasion resistance using high strengthand high hardness levels. The ore grinding media usually includes steel grinding balls and steel grinding rod. Its quality is the decisive factor affecting the operating cost of the mineral processing plant .We can supply different forged steel grinding balls in line with different mines and diversified needs of the mineral processing plant. we can offer you the wear resistant forgedgrinding balls with the diameter ranging from 20 mm to 150 mm to fit for gold ore, silver ore.copper ore, iron ore,etc. Those products get extensive promotion and application in actual mining industry , and help the customers again remarkable economic benefits by saving a lot of procurement cost and largely boosting the production output. we are capable of providing the most appropriate steel grinding balls for customers.

Suchuang machinerymanufactures forged grinding balls machine for use in industrial applications such as power and cement. The balls are manufactured from alloy steel bars and then forged into balls. Balls for use in industrial ball milling operations are designed for maximum abrasion resistance with lower hardness levels than those used in typical mineral processing applications. The power consumption and steel consumption of the ball grinding mill occupy a rather high cost ratio in the production and processing process of a cement plant, The hardness, breakage rate and the corrosion resistance of the steel grinding balls affect the production cost and efficiency of the ball grinding mill. we are capable of providing full range of products,in comparison with the similar products , our products enjoy much higher overall performance price ratio, Moreover, we can fully consider the working condition and the actual requirements of the users to impact force and corrosion resistance to offer you the most appropriate premium steel grinding balls with high hardness, high strength, low wear and strong corrosion resistance for the users. If you require any grinding steel ball , please feel free to contact with us !

The forged steel grinding balls and steel rods are also ideal grinding medium for ball mill and rod mills which are regularly used in aluminum, coal, and phosphorus chemical industries . In addition , they are also found in many other industries , for instance, our forged steel grinding balls are also widely used in large mines , thermal power plants, cement plants, and more. our steel grinding rods are additionally suitable for cement plant, power plant ,mining industry , quartz sand plant, silica sand plant, sand aerated industry, gas concrete factories, etc..

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer about us

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer about us

Wuxi Suchuang Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful scenery of Taihu lake in Wuxi , Jiangsu. The geographical position is superior, and traffic is very convenient. Our company was built in 1980s, and keep the cooperation with Ministry of Metallurgical Steel Research Institute at long term. We have a number of R & D, design, production, management modernization talented people. We are an integrated enterprise of development design, project contracting, production and installation, we are the professional manufacturer of hot skew rolling mill production line. We have strong technical force, excellent manufacturing equipment, continuous improving product, pay attention to performance and quality. We won the high praise in the industry.

With the process breakthrough of hot-rolled grinding steel ball, it is gradually replacing the casting process, and become the development direction of the grinding media ball industry. In recent years, the volume of hot-rolled grinding media ball production line is increased every year, in order to improve product quality, technology development, equipment manufacturing, production management, after sale service etc., we separated from the original (Wuxi Tiangong Metallurgical Machinery Company), and set up (Wuxi Suchuang Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd ), specialized in manufacturing hot skew rolling mill production line, and have a full set automatic process of hot skew rolling mill production line.

We have built mutual cooperation relationship with customers at long term, we can give reasonable plan for customers as per customers special requirements and help to solve the practical problems. Revolution drives growth, innovation decides future, the idea is fully reflected in the product design and manufacturing process, we pursue reasonable design and stable using to assure reliable of production line.

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer drawbacks of the casting steel ball

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer drawbacks of the casting steel ball

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Drawbacks of the Casting ball process 1.Casting ball is made of by pig iron, adding amount of (13-28%) Chrome could be required the steel ball for ball mill. 2.Casting ball loose organization, coarse grains, poor ware resistance and impact thoughness(3-7J/cm3), breakage rare exceed 3% 3.High energy consumption, heavily polluted and labor intensity high, low productivity 4.the cost of raw material and wages are high, especially below dia 50mm

steel ball made in different process methods and different making machine comparison

steel ball made in different process methods and different making machine comparison

Casting Steel Ball Manufacturing Process Due to the natural solidification of molten steel, the cast steel balls will inevitably have defects such as loose internal structure and air holes after forming, which will lead to brittle, eccentric wear and out of round phenomena in the use of steel balls. The quality of cast steel ball mainly depends on the content of chromium. In recent years, the price of chromium has gone up all the way and environmental protection and other factors have led to the increasing cost of cast steel ball.

Using high manganese steel as the raw material, using air hammer to install the spherical mold for forging, which has the characteristics of small investment and fast starting, but high dependence on people.

The forged steel ball has all the attributes of forging, so the quality is the best in these kinds of steel ball manufacturing processes. Generally, the steel ball making machine used is air hammer, which has the advantages of small investment and fast starting, but it has strong artificial dependence and low production efficiency.

The surface quality of the forged steel ball, the impact resistance, and the wear resistance are all good, the toughness is strong, and it is not easy to be broken and loss round. We use forging and press methods, which can heat the metal until the temperature reaches 1100C(50C), and use the forging machine to apply pressure to the metal blank to plastically deform it to obtain the forging with certain mechanical properties, shape and size. method.

Through forging, defects such as as-cast looseness caused by metal in the smelting process can be eliminated, optimize the microstructure, and at the same time, the mechanical properties of the forgings are generally better than those of the same materials due to the preservation of the complete metal flow lines.

Forged steel balls are precise in size, high in roundness, high in hardness, and have mechanical properties. It is wear resistant, not easily deformed and broken. It can be fully reflected by the high hardness. The surface hardness is as high as 57hrc to 67hrc, the volume and hardness are as high as 56hrc to 64hrc, the hardness distribution is uniform, the impact toughness is more than 12j/cm2, the breakage rate is low, and the anti-fatigue drop test is more than 20,000 times. The actual damage is caused. The rate is no more than 1%, close to 0.

We have made a comparison between the cast steel ball and our forged steel ball. The results of the two are 0.9kg/t and 0.6kg/t respectively in domestic iron mines. From the data, we can see that using forged steel balls, the consumption of one ton of ore is reduced by 33.3%.

Using high manganese steel bar as raw material and using the rolling mill with special spiral hole mould for production, the production efficiency is high, the automation degree is high, but the investment cost is also high.

The bar used for rolling the ball is rolled, so the structure of the ball is relatively uniform. However, the rolling process only shears and rubs the bar, which does not meet the requirements of forging ratio, so it does not have the properties of forging completely. The production equipment used is the production line of steel ball skew rolling mill, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency and full-automatic production.

Although the quality of forged steel ball is good, but ouput is low and rely on much of labor. In order to solve this problem, Anyang Forging Press has developed the technology of forging-rolling by combining forging automation with practical experience of steel ball production. The process combines the characteristics of forging and rolling steel balls, and takes CNC die forging hammer or electric screw press as the core steel ball making machine, matching bar cutting machine, forging manipulator, rounding machine and other equipment to achieve full-automatic and efficient production of forged steel balls.

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china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer the processes of matching the proper grinding balls for ball grinder

china skew rolling mill,skew rolling machine,steel ball hot rolling line manufacturer the processes of matching the proper grinding balls for ball grinder

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The grinding ball is a material grinding media of ball mill and coal mill. Its function is as an important component of ball mill under grinding and cutting effect brought by the friction between grinding balls and materials.Therefore,lets talk about the processes of matching the proper grinding balls for ball grinder. 1. With effective surface area of steel balls to measure the rationality of the steel ball ratio. A warehouse in effective surface area of steel balls should achieve every ton of steel balls 9.5-10.5 m2. For with the roller press of closed circuit ball mill, this value can be adjusted for 12 m2/t, and the liner plate is continuous ascension type. The balls in the specific surface area should be 35-38 m2/t, belt roller pressure unit for 38-40 m2/t. The ratio of specific various balls diameter still according to the maximum stacking density calculation. 2.Generally, the load rate is 25% -35% in the filling space of abrasion resistance steel balls, the lower loading rate of steel ball, the less of power consumption, and the productivity is getting low. Therefore, the primary prerequisite of the total count of adding grinding media is that the ball weight and the weight of the material in the mills is less than the allowable value and close to the ball mill motor power. 3. Conforming to the loading principle on grinding balls in the main warehouse. The size of feeding clinker particle in the first warehouse is not more than 30 mm, so its main function is broken, and the diameter of Steel balls loaded should be in 50 between 90 mm. When into the second warehouse of ball grinding mill, the clinker are less than 2-3 mm, so it is the function of fine grinding, steel balls range in this warehouse should be 15-50 mm. 4. Computing unit ball production to verify the rationality of the match ball. 5. Determining the maximum diameter of the grinding media. Suchuang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd( is a professional skew rolling mill manufacturer in China, the diameter of our steel balls span from 20mm-150mm. Priorities of our steel balls: High hardness, good wear resistance, breakage rate lower than 0.5%, no deformation all through.

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