crushers for sale at grinder crushers screen

crushers for sale at grinder crushers screen

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industrial wear parts manufacturers | cast steel products lp

industrial wear parts manufacturers | cast steel products lp

CSP is a leading worldwide supplier of HPGR Rolls to OEM and aftermarket. We have many successful working applications having supplied hundreds of sets of HPGR Rolls to a variety of worldwide mining and mineral processing operations including Iron Ore, Diamond, Molybdenum, Gold and Copper.

CSP has been supplying CSP Crusher wear liners for over 30 years to global steel, mining and mineral processing, aggregate, oil sands, cement, and power customers. Our CSP Crusher wear liners offering covers major gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and roll crushers optimized for any size reduction need. CSP Crusher wear liners are designed and manufactured to deliver industry leading crushing performance and prevent unnecessary downtime.

CSP is a leading worldwide supplier of pallet cars and sinter cars to OEM and the aftermarket. We have many successful working applications of CSP Pallet and CSP Sinter Cars in iron ore pelletizing and sintering plants worldwide. CSP is proud of successfully supplying thousands of units in the last 25 years.

Cast Steel Products LP (CSP) is a North American company and leading worldwide industrial wear parts manufacturer and cone crusher parts supplier to OEM and aftermarket state of the art and innovatively engineered cast, forged and fabricated wear, abrasion and heat resistant products. We have a successful track record of supplying global mining and mineral processing, oil sands, oil and gas, steel, aluminum, cement, power and railway industries, ground engaging and heavy equipment, smelting and crushing application sectors. As a premier industrial wear parts manufacturer and cone crusher parts supplier, we strive to deliver the highest quality products at the best prices on the market today. Our innovative casting process provides on-time delivery and unmatched performance, ensuring our clients full satisfaction. We serve a wide range of industries worldwide, fully customizing our industrial wear parts and casting products to fit each individual application. Connect with us to learn more about our innovative engineering solutions and the wide range of industries we serve around the world today!

Cast Steel Products LP (CSP) for over 25 years has been a leading worldwide supplier to OEM and aftermarket of high quality cast, forged and fabricated metal wear, replacement and abrasion and heat resistant products to the Mining and Mineral Processing industries.

We supply a broad range of ferrous metals for steel mill wear parts that provide high uniform strength in all directions. We cast ductile iron, ADI, CADI, Ni-Resist, Ni-Hard, and compacted graphite, also gray iron and many other metals.

Our local knowledge of the challenging conditions from extreme cold to scorching heat, moisture intense and high wear environments together with our experienced sales and engineering departments has enabled CSP to deliver proven innovative engineered products and provide custom solutions to our Oil Sands customers.

CSP is a leading supplier of high temperature and wear castings to the power generation industry. Our customers include commercial and industrial power plants, municipal utilities, bio-mass, waste-to-energy plants, co-generation, institutions and independent electric power producers. CSPs goal is to provide durable, cost effective parts specific to each industry.

CSP designs and manufactures castings, forgings and fabrications for the cement industry. The challenging environments inherent in cement production dictate durable long lasting parts are used within the mills. Our experienced engineering and sales departments understand the requirement of supplying to our cement customers.

CSP cast, forged and fabricated wear parts for Ground Engaging & Heavy Equipment are designed to provide customers with fast lead times, high levels of safety, reliability, maintainability and to minimize downtime and withstand the harshest wear environments.

crusher destemmers | morewine

crusher destemmers | morewine

Crusher/Destemmers are used to first crush wine grapes and then separate the grapes from the stems. The manual model is appropriate for small lots of grapes, while the motorized versions become a necessity for larger volumes. The machines are made for us in Italy and feature our MoreWine! brand name. We maintain a careful involvement in the manufacturing process. By offering what have historically been our most popular models we are able to stock replacement parts, though in truth we rarely sell any of them!

crusher | skylanders wiki | fandom

crusher | skylanders wiki | fandom

Crusher Element: Species: Rock Golem Gender: Male Role: Giant World: Skylands Appears in: Skylanders: Giants Skylanders: Swap Force Skylanders: Trap Team Return of the Dragon King Rift into Overdrive Skylanders: SuperChargers (Racing) Skylanders: BattlecastSkylanders: ImaginatorsSkylanders: Ring of Heroes Attacks: Crusher's Crusher Turn to Stone Rockslide Ground Grinder Cavelight Blast English Voice Actor(s): Kevin Sorbo First Release: Skylanders: Giants

Single-minded and completely unstoppable, Crusher crashes through any situation with the subtlety of a three-ton hammer. He's also incredibly thick-skinned - probably because his skin's made of stone.[1]

Crusher knew from the moment he put on his father's mining helmet that his true passion in life was crushing rocks. He was fascinated with rock-lore and traveled all throughout Skylands in search of rare minerals to pulverize with his powerful hand-crafted rock hammer, which is also named Crusher. But along his travels, he discovered that the evil Arkeyan King was also searching for rocks-to melt down into weapons of war. Crusher's fury built up like an avalanche. After all, crushing was his job! So he put aside his life's passion and decided to use his hammer for a greater purpose- crushing Arkeyan Robots.

The big Stone Golem, Crusher is fascinated by rocks. Inspired by his father, who was a miner, Crusher would travel across Skylands in search of rare and interesting stones and minerals. Then, when he found a particularly fascinating specimen, he would take great delight in smashing it to smithereens! You see Crusher, as his name suggests, loves to crush things. He especially likes to crush rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, shiny rocks, pointy rocks. Basically, if it starts with 'R' and ends with 'OCKS', it had better watch out when Crusher is around.

Armed with his huge hammer, which he also calls Crusher (his imagination isn't exactly his strong point), this Giant spent many happy years wandering around and smashing stuff to bits. Until, that is, he discovered that the Arkeyan King was pinching all the rocks for his own evil ends. That day Crusher discovered there was something even more fun to do than smashing rocks. Smashing Arkeyans![2]

When Malefor was on his way to attack the Skylanders Academy, Crusher, the Giants and the other Skylanders were summoned to stop the evil dragon. The Giants managed to grab hold of the Malefor's tail to hold him down, but were caught off guard when the mechanical tail was also made as a weapon. In the end, all Skylanders, including the Giants, were defeated in a single blow by Malefor's tail swipe, allowing the evil Undead Dragon King to absorb their powers to make himself more stronger.

Crusher attacks with his large, menacing hammer (also named Crusher) and his secondary attack, shooting eye beams that turn enemies to stone. He can also self-destruct to scatter his rocky parts, but has the ability to reform. In Skylanders: Battlecast, he can also change his composition to endure more attacks or raise his attack. His Special Ability is Golem's Strength, increasing his power, and his signature Gear is his father's hammer, aptly titled My Father's Hammer, which corresponds to his Hammer Daddy console upgrade and doubles his damage.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Lightning Rod - Sonic Boom - Warnado - Whirlwind Skylanders: Giants Jet-Vac - Swarm Skylanders: Swap Force Boom Jet - Free Ranger - Pop Thorn - Scratch Skylanders: Trap Team Blades - Fling Kong - Gusto - Thunderbolt Skylanders: SuperChargers Hurricane Jet-Vac - Stormblade Skylanders: Imaginators Air Strike - Bad Juju - Wild Storm Minis / Eon's Elite Breeze - Pet-Vac / Elite Whirlwind Alt Decos Egg Bomber Air Strike - Legendary Blades - Legendary Free Ranger - Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac Legendary Jet-Vac - Mystical Bad Juju - Polar Whirlwind - Power Punch Pet-Vac Lost Islands Alter Egos Buttered Pop Thorn - Gourmet Gusto

Skylanders: Trap Team Blackout - Knight Mare Skylanders: SuperChargers Nightfall Skylanders: Imaginators Hood Sickle - Starcast Alt Deco Steel Plated Hood Sickle Ring of Heroes Alter Egos Shadow King Pen - Shadow Spitfire - Shadow Spyro

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Bash - Dino-Rang - Prism Break - Terrafin Skylanders: Giants Crusher - Flashwing Skylanders: Swap Force Doom Stone - Rubble Rouser - Scorp - Slobber Tooth Skylanders: Trap Team Fist Bump - Head Rush - Rocky Roll -Wallop Skylanders: SuperChargers Shark Shooter Terrafin - Smash Hit Skylanders: Imaginators Barbella - Golden Queen - Tri-Tip Minis / Eon's Elite Bop - Terrabite / Elite Dino-Rang - Elite Terrafin Alt Decos Dark Golden Queen - Dark Slobber Tooth - Granite Crusher - Jade Flashwing Legendary Bash - Legendary Tri-Tip - Nitro Head Rush - Steel Plated Smash Hit Lost Islands Alter Egos Birthday Bash - Rocky Egg Roll - Sundae Slobber Tooth

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Eruptor - Flameslinger - Ignitor - Sunburn Skylanders: Giants Hot Dog - Hot Head Skylanders: Swap Force Blast Zone - Fire Kraken - Fryno - Smolderdash Skylanders: Trap Team Ka-Boom - Torch - Trail Blazer - Wildfire Skylanders: SuperChargers Lava Lance Eruptor - Spitfire - Hammer Slam Bowser Skylanders: Imaginators Ember - Flare Wolf - Tae Kwon Crow Minis / Eon's Elite Small Fry - Weeruptor / Elite Eruptor Alt Decos Dark Blast Zone - Dark Hammer Slam Bowser - Dark Spitfire - Dark Wildfire Eggsellent Weeruptor - Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf - Instant Spitfire - Jade Fire Kraken Legendary Ignitor - Molten Hot Dog - Mystical Tae Kwon Crow - Volcanic Eruptor Lost Islands Alter Egos Cupid Flameslinger - Flip Flop Fryno Battlecast Alt Deco Card Obsidian Hot Head

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Camo - Stealth Elf - Stump Smash - Zook Skylanders: Giants Shroomboom - Tree Rex Skylanders: Swap Force Bumble Blast - Grilla Drilla - Stink Bomb - Zoo Lou Skylanders: Trap Team Bushwhack - Food Fight - High Five - Tuff Luck Skylanders: SuperChargers Super Shot Stealth Elf - Thrillipede - Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Skylanders: Imaginators Ambush - Boom Bloom - Chompy Mage - Crash Bandicoot Minis / Eon's Elite Barkley - Whisper Elf / Elite Stealth Elf - Elite Zook Alt Decos Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong - Dark Food Fight - Dark Stealth Elf Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf - Eggcited Thrillipede - Gnarly Barkley - Gnarly Tree Rex Instant Food Fight - Instant Super Shot Stealth Elf - Jingle Bell Chompy Mage Jolly Bumble Blast - Legendary Bushwhack - Legendary Stealth Elf - Legendary Zoo Lou Lost Islands Alter Egos Autumn Stump Smash - Builda Grilla Drilla - Fireworks Zook - Frosted Food Fight

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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Double Trouble - Spyro - Voodood - Wrecking Ball Skylanders: Giants Ninjini - Pop Fizz Skylanders: Swap Force Dune Bug - Hoot Loop - Star Strike - Trap Shadow Skylanders: Trap Team Blastermind - Cobra Cadabra - Dj Vu - Enigma Skylanders: SuperChargers Big Bubble Pop Fizz - Splat Skylanders: Imaginators Buckshot - Mysticat - Pain-Yatta Minis / Eon's Elite Mini Jini - Spry / Elite Spyro - Elite Voodood Alt Decos Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz - Dark Spyro - Enchanted Hoot Loop - Enchanted Star Strike King Cobra Cadabra - Legendary Dj Vu - Legendary Spyro - Love Potion Pop Fizz Power Blue Splat - Punch Pop Fizz - Royal Double Trouble - Scarlet Ninjini Lost Islands Alter Egos Buddy Wrecking Ball - Charming Cobra Cadabra - Hoppity Pop Fizz - Mystic Star Strike

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Boomer - Drill Sergeant - Drobot - Trigger Happy Skylanders: Giants Bouncer - Sprocket Skylanders: Swap Force Countdown - Magna Charge - Spy Rise - Wind-Up Skylanders: Trap Team Chopper - Gearshift - Jawbreaker - Tread Head Skylanders: SuperChargers Double Dare Trigger Happy - High Volt Skylanders: Imaginators Chain Reaction - Dr. Krankcase - Ro-Bow - Dr. Neo Cortex Minis / Eon's Elite Drobit - Trigger Snappy / Elite Boomer - Elite Trigger Happy Alt Decos Kickoff Countdown - Legendary Trigger Happy - Legendary Bouncer - Legendary Jawbreaker Nitro Magna Charge - Power Blue Trigger Happy - Springtime Trigger Happy Lost Islands Alter Egos Knockout Jawbreaker - Lucky Boomer - New Year's Countdown Battlecast Alt Deco Card High Noon Trigger Happy

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Chop Chop - Cynder - Ghost Roaster - Hex Skylanders: Giants Eye-Brawl - Fright Rider Skylanders: Swap Force Grim Creeper - Night Shift - Rattle Shake - Roller Brawl Skylanders: Trap Team Bat Spin - Funny Bone - Krypt King - Short Cut Skylanders: SuperChargers Bone Bash Roller Brawl - Fiesta Skylanders: Imaginators Chopscotch - Pit Boss - Wolfgang Minis / Eon's Elite Eye-Small - Hijinx / Elite Chop Chop - Elite Ghost Roaster Alt Decos Candy-Coated Chopscotch - Dark Wolfgang - Frightful Fiesta - Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl Legendary Chop Chop - Legendary Grim Creeper - Legendary Night Shift - Legendary Pit Boss Nitro Krypt King - Quickdraw Rattle Shake Lost Islands Alter Egos Fortune Funny Bone - Grill Master Chop Chop - Hallows' Eve Hex - Skeletal Cynder - Snowler Brawl

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Gill Grunt - Slam Bam - Wham-Shell - Zap Skylanders: Giants Chill - Thumpback Skylanders: Swap Force Freeze Blade - Punk Shock - Rip Tide - Wash Buckler Skylanders: Trap Team Echo - Flip Wreck - Lob-Star - Snap Shot Skylanders: SuperChargers Deep Dive Gill Grunt - Dive-Clops Skylanders: Imaginators Grave Clobber - King Pen - Tidepool Minis / Eon's Elite Gill Runt - Thumpling / Elite Gill Grunt - Elite Slam Bam Alt Decos Dark King Pen - Dark Snap Shot - Dark Wash Buckler - Instant Dive-Clops Instant Snap Shot - Legendary Chill - Legendary Slam Bam - Missile-Tow Dive-Clops Nitro Freeze Blade - Winterfest Lob-Star Lost Islands Alter Egos Admiral Thumpback - Holiday Wash Buckler - Merry Snap Shot - Surfer Slam Bam

jaw crushers | mclanahan

jaw crushers | mclanahan

Jaw Crushers are used to reduce the sizeof many different types of materials in many applications. The Jaw Crusher was first introduced by Eli Whitney Blake in 1858 as a double-toggle Jaw Crusher. Introduced in 1906, McLanahans Universal Jaw Crusher was one of the first modern era overhead eccentric Jaw Crushers. On the overhead eccentric style Jaw Crusher, the moving swing jaw is suspended on the eccentric shaft with heavy-duty double roll spherical roller bearings.

The swing jaw undergoes two types of motion: one is a swing motion toward the opposite chamber side (called a stationary jaw die due to theaction of a toggle plate), and the second is a vertical movement due to the rotation of the eccentric. These combined motions compress and push the material through the crushing chamber at a predetermined size.

More than 110 years of engineering and customer service experience keep customers running to McLanahan tomeet their production goals. McLanahan Jaw Crushers are proudly made in the USA and have imperial designs. With our grass roots design coupled with listening to customer needs for product enhancement over the years, McLanahan offers traditional hydraulic-shim adjustment Jaw Crushers as well asH-Series Jaw Crushers that featurehydraulic discharge setting adjustment, adjust-on-the-fly chamber clearing in the event the site loses power (once power is restored) and hydraulic relief for overload events with auto-reset.

Whether the traditional hydraulic-shim adjustment or the H-Series Jaw Crushers, both machines have an aggressive nip angle that providesconsistent crushing throughout the entire crushing chamber, which leads to increased production and less downtime on maintenance.

A Jaw Crusher uses compressive force for breaking material. This mechanical pressure is achieved by the crusher'stwo jaws dies, one of which is stationary and the other is movable. These two vertical manganese jaw dies create a V-shaped cavity called the crushing chamber, where the top of the crushing chamber is larger than the bottom. Jaw Crushers are sized by the top opening of the crushing chamber. For example, a 32 x 54 Jaw Crusher measures 32" from jaw die to jaw dieat the top opening or gape opening and54 across the width of the two jaw dies.

The narrower bottom opening of the crushing chamber is used to size the discharge material. A toggle plate and tension rods hold the pitman tight near the bottom of the moving swing jaw. The toggle plate is designed to perform like a fuse and protect the crusher in the event that an uncrushable materialenters the crushing chamber. As a rule, Jaw Crushers have a 6:1 or 8:1 ratio for crushing material. Still using the 32 x 54 Jaw Crusher example, the top size of thefeed entering the crushing chamber has to follow the F80 rule that 80% of the top size feed material is smaller than the gape opening. Using the F80 rule with the 32 x 54 Jaw Crusher, the32 gape opening equals a26 top sized feed, and with the 6:1 ratio of reduction, the discharge setting would be around 4.

Since the crushing of the material is not performed in one stroke of the eccentric shaft, massive weighted flywheels are attached to the eccentric shaft andpowered by a motor. The flywheels transfer the inertia required to crush thematerial until it passes the discharge opening.

While Jaw Crushers are mostly used as the first stage of material reduction in systems that may use several crushers to complete the circuit, the Jaw Crusher has also been used as a second-stage crushing unit. Depending on the application requirements, Jaw Crushers can be used in stationary, wheeled portable and track-mounted locations. The Jaw Crusher is well suited for a variety of applications, including rock quarries, sand and gravel, mining, construction and demolitionrecycling, construction aggregates, road and railway construction, metallurgy, water conservancy and chemical industry.

F100 is the maximum gape opening on a Jaw Crusher. F80 is the feed size to the Jaw Crusher, calculated by taking 80 times the gape opening divided by 100. P80 is the percent passing the closed side setting in tph.

A best practice, if possible, is to blend the material arriving from the source. This will ensure a constant and well-graded feed to the crushing chamber. In turn, this will produce a steady rate of tph andpromote inter-particle crushing that helps break any flat or elongated material. It also aids in equal work hardening the manganese jaw dies and prolonging the life of the jaw dies.

Usually a Jaw Crusher is in an open circuit, but it can be used in a close circuit if the return load is not greater than 20% of the total feed and the raw feed is free of fines smaller than the closed side setting.

Efficiency can be defined by the ratio of the work done by a machine to the energy supplied to it. To apply what this means to your crusher, in your reduction process you are producing exactly the sizes your market is demanding. In the past, quarries produced a range of single-size aggregate products up to 40 mm in size. However, the trend for highly specified aggregate has meant that products have become increasingly finer. Currently, many quarries do not produce significant quantities of aggregate coarser than 20 mm; it is not unusual for material coarser than 10 mm to be stockpiled for further crushing.

roll crusher wear parts

roll crusher wear parts

CSP for over 30 years has been designing and supplying custom and replacement roll crusher wear parts for the mining, recycling, and power industries. Using our proprietary alloys CSP Roll Crusher wear parts deliver the highest throughput requirements under extreme conditions. CSP has developed and successfully supplied sizer and roller wear parts for the largest roll crushers worldwide for the Canadian oil sands industry.

Working with our engineers CSP can design custom wear parts suitable for customers working conditions. Our replaceable abrasion-resistant steel liners stand up to the toughest mineral processing applications while providing high throughput capacity, minimal maintenance requirements, low cost per ton, safe operation, and simple operation.

double roll crushers | mclanahan

double roll crushers | mclanahan

Double Roll Crushers typically follow a primary or secondary crusher and are used for secondary and tertiary reduction of various minerals, such as ROM coal, clean coal, limestone, gypsum, trona, shale, bauxite, oil shale, coke, salt, lime, glass, kaolin, brick, shale and wet, sticky feeds. They are one of the most widely used crushers in the mining industry and have numerous advantages, such as high capacity, low headroom, low horsepower, the ability to handle wet, sticky feeds and the ability to produce a cubical product with minimum fines generation. Roll diameters and widths are dictated by the feed size, product size and capacity. The rule of thumb for the Double Roll Crushers ratio of reduction is 4:1.

The simplified design gives these units excellent reliability and requires very little maintenance. The crushers are designed with built-in tramp relief that allows for the passing of uncrushable objects while remaining in continuous operation and returning to the initial product setting. With a variety of roll surface designs, this crusher is capable of producing a much finer product. Since each machine is custom engineered, roll elements and tooth patterns are selected depending on each unique application.

McLanahan Double Roll Crushers feature slower roll speeds and a larger surface area to add prolonged life to the crushing elements, resulting in less maintenance downtime and decreasing your cost per ton. Double Roll Crushers generate minimum fines while producing a cubical product.

McLanahan Double Roll Crushers are designed for safety and many years of rugged operation. Effective tramp protection against non-crushable material is provided by an automatic spring-and-toggle system. This allows a movable roll to open, pass the material and return to its original setting for continued operation. Hydraulic product size adjustment allows producers to adjust for changes in product size requirements or to compensate for roll wear.

Operating Double Roll Crushers is quite simple. Whether it is a single or dual drive arrangement, the rolls are powered by electric motors and V-belt drive configurations, resulting in reliable and quiet operation. If it is a single drive arrangement, power is transferred from the driven roll to the non-driven opposing roll by an interstage V-belt drive. If it is a dual drive configuration, each roll is powered independently through a motor and V-belt drive.

During normal operation, the material is fed between the crushing rolls. A combination of compression and shear forces created between the opposing rolls reduce the feed material to the desired product size while producing a cubicle product with minimum fines.

McLanahans mechanical tramp relief systems employ a spring-and-toggle mechanism that activates whenever an uncrushable object enters the crushing chamber. Once an excessive force is applied to the movable roll, the toggles break open to allow the uncrushable item to pass. The high torsion springs then close the toggles, returning the movable roll to the previous setting. The crusher continues to operate uninterrupted.

When an uncrushable object, such as metal, roof bolts/timbers, etc., enters the crusher and the force necessary to crush this material is greater than the crushing forces of the crusher, the crusher allows the moveable roll to open and pass the tramp material and then return to its previous setting and remain in operation.

Depending on the customers desired product size and fines consideration, Mineral Sizers or Hammermills could be considered. The reasons people would consider a Roll Crusher over these alternative technologies include lower power requirements, less fines generation and costs.

Black Diamond Double Roll Crushers are the most versatile and popular model of McLanahan Double Roll Crushers. Ideal for secondary and tertiary crushing applications where product requirements drop down to (6mm), Black Diamond Double Roll Crushers are most commonly used to crush clean coal or friable materials with little or no hard refuse. They are available with single or dual V-belt drive.

Heavy-Duty Double Roll Crushers are ideal for the primary, secondary and tertiary crushing of limestone, gypsum, ROM coal, etc. where higher compressive strength material is anticipated. Due to the V-belt drive design, a lower horsepower is required compared to other crushers designed for the same applications.

Shalemaster Double Roll Crushers are driven mechanically with V-belt drives and gear reducers. They offer the same durability as other McLanahan Double Roll Crushers but are designed to handle wet, sticky feeds such as soft shale, kaolin and clay. The Shalemasters special tooth design and differential roll speeds provide optimum performance against plugging and other problems often associated with handling sticky materials.

Typically used as secondary or tertiary crushers, McLanahan Double Roll Crushers provide a 4:1 reduction ratio and can be used following other McLanahan equipment, such as Feeder-Breakers, Rotary Breakers, primary DDC-Sizers, or Single Roll Crushers, when further reduction of primary crushed material is required. Each Double Roll Crusher is selected and engineered for its specific application, thus roll elements and tooth patterns are selected based on the customers unique applications and designed to produce a cubical product with minimal fines.

roll crusher

roll crusher

This 911MPETMR Roll Crusher will crush rock samples from as coarse as 19mm (3/4) to less than -20 mesh. Its patent pending feed hopper evenly distributes samples over the full surface of rolls to create uniform crushing and surface wear.

Its two dust extraction ports allow for safe removal of dust created in crushing samples. Roller gaps are adjustable to 2.54mm and access to drive components for maintenance and inspection is quick and easy via removable panels.

The machine weighs 455 Kilos and has 2 motors, 3 phase 60 cycle standard. 1 phase and / or 50 cycle motors are available. Electric motor types must be specified at time of ordering. Horsepower will vary depending on size of rollers.

One Year Limited Warranty:This Rolls Crusher is warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase. This warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, improper service, by not following the instructions in this owners manual or other causes not arising out of defect in material or workmanship.

One 3 dust outlet and one 4 dust outlet connection for a duct or flexible tube have been installed in the rear of the machine to attach to your ventilation system. It is recommended to use a gate valve at each outlet to adjust the air suction. If you choose not to use them, just cover the outlets. A plug (RC037P) is provided for the 3 port.

Adjustment for finenesses is achieved by loosening both front nuts 57D and rotating handle 58-1. To see or measure the opening, lift up upper guard 37. It is very important that once the desired opening is set, to re-tighten the nuts, and close the upper guard.

For machines with manual lubrication, one grease nipple is installed on each bearing housing. It is sufficient 2-3 squirts of grease every 80-100 hours. For machines with autolubrication, the machine bearings will be automatically lubricated. Ensure that the grease reservoir never becomes empty. Always check that the reservoir contains grease. For troubleshooting the autolubrication system, refer to the section for autolube troubleshooting.

This machine has safety rectangular springs to prevent breakage of rolls, should steel or any other un-breakable material be dropped within the rolls. These springs have been pre-set at the factory, however if you notice that they open when you drop your media to be reduced they can be pre-loaded more by tightening the rear bolts 57C the desired amount.

As grease, we recommend Lubriplate 1200-2 or any equivalent of the following heavy duty, non-corrosive extreme pressure, water resistant greases possibly containing molybdenum disulphides (N.L.G.I. No.2)

RC002.Dowel pin for bearing guide (16 pcs) RC003.Flathead screw for bearing guide (24 pcs) RC003A.Lockwasher (8pcs) RC003B.Screw (8pcs) RC007.Nut for motor tensioning rod (4 pcs) RC008.Bolt for motor tensioning rod (2 pcs) RC008A.Motor tensioning rod RC008B.Angular retaining spacer (4 pcs) RC008C.Nut for motor tensioning rod (5 pcs) RC008D.Washer for spring (2 pcs) RC008E.Spring for Tensioning Rod RC008F.Angular retaining spacer with Nut RC008G.Motor tensioning rod for adjustment roll RC010Stand RC010S.Guide rails (2 pcs) RC010T.Hardware for rails (12 sets) RC012-4.1.Drive pulley (2 pcs) RC013.Square key for drive pulley (2pcs) RC014..Motor (2 pcs) RC014B.Starter box for motor RC015.Bolt for mounting motor (8 pcs) RC016-5.Motor base plate (2 pcs) RC016A.Motor plate bolt (4 pcs) RC016B.Motor plate nut (8 pcs) RC017.Nut for mounting motor (8 pcs) RC018.Lock washer for mounting motor (8 pcs) RC023.Drive belts (10 pcs) RC024.Motor retaining plate (2 pcs) RC025-08.Rear frame angle RC025B-08.Lid Stop RC025C.Hardware (4sets) RC025D.Hinge Hardware (16 sets) RC025E.Hardware (4sets) RC025F-08.Front Frame Angle RC026Screw (4 pcs) RC026A.Screw (2pcs) RC028-1.Rubber Spring (2 pcs) RC028-2.Steel Backing Plate (2 pcs) RC028-3.Steel Backing Plate (2pcs) RC029Hinge for main lid RC030-1-08.Driven pulley for roller (2 pcs) RC031-08.Side wearing plate (2 pcs) RC032.Lock washer for side wearing plate (8 pcs) RC033.Hardware for side wearing plate (6 pcs) RC034.Nut and lock washer for piano hinge (10 pcs) RC035.Screw for hinge (16 pcs) RC036B.Mounting screws (4 pcs) RC036C-08B.Feeding hopper RC036D.Gate screws (3 pcs) RC036E-1.Gate handle RC036F-1.Gate RC036H-1.Stop guide RC036J.Screw for tightening stop guide and tension arm (2 pcs) RC036K-1.Tension arm RC036L.Extension spring RC036M.Screw to hold extension spring (2pcs) RC037-08.Upper guard RC037F.3/8 Foam (Can be purchased by the foot.) RC037P.Dust port plug RC037S.Handle for lid RC037T.Stop hardware (2 sets) RC037U.Screw for handle (2pcs) RC037V.Handle hardware (3 sets) RC038-08.Lid for feeding hopper RC039A.Grease nipple (4 pcs) RC039B.90 degree fitting (2 pcs) RC039C.Grease line (2 pcs) RC039D.Grease block (2 pcs) RC039F.Grease nipple center (2 pcs) RC039G.Grease line connector (2pcs) RC039H.Set screw (2pcs) RC039J.Bearing housing RC039K.Bearing housing RC039L.Bearing housing RC039M.Bearing housing RC039N.90 degree fitting (2pcs) RC040.Bearing (4 pcs) RC041.Bearing retaining ring (8 pcs) RC041A.Retaining cover seal (8 pcs) RC042.Set collar (4 pcs) RC043-4.Bronze guide Adjusting side (4 pcs) RC043-5.Bronze guide Fixed side (4 pcs) RC044-2.Bottom Guide/Bearing Holder (2 pcs) RC044-3.Top Guide/Bearing Holder (2 pcs) RC044A-1.Vertical support bar (2 pcs) RC044A-2.Vertical support bar RC044A-3.Vertical support bar RC048A-2-0808.Socket head bolts (16 pcs) RC048B-2-08.Roller flanged shaft for idle end (2 pcs) RC048C-0808.Rolls (2 pcs) RC048-2-08.Roller flanged shaft for driven end (2 pcs) RC048F.High collar washers (16pcs) RC049.Square key for driven pulley (2pcs) RC051.Screws (16 pcs) RC051A.Dowel pin (16 pcs) RC053A08.Lower guard plate left RC053A2-08.Lower guard plate right RC053B-08.Front chute plate RC053B-R.Rubber for front chute plate RC053BC.Clamp bar (2pcs) RC053BA.Hardware (6 sets) RC053C-08.Back chute plate RC053C-R.Rubber for back chute RC053D.Screw for Guard Plates (6pcs) RC053E-08.Rubber side strip (2pcs) RC053F.hardware for rubber RC053G-08.Side plate for rubber (2pcs) RC053H.Screw (4pcs) RC055-08.Drawer RC057A.Jam Nut (2 pcs) RC057B-1.Front adjustment screw RC057B-2.Front adjustment screw RC057C.Back adjustment screw (2 pcs) RC057D.Nut (6 pcs) RC058-1.Adjustment Handle RC059.Bar for adjustment handle RC059B.Screw (2pcs) RC059C.Hardware for Handle RC062-08.Left Side Cover Holder RC063-08.Right Side Cover Holder RC062D.Hardware (6 sets) RC062E.Flathead Screw (6pcs) RC063B-08.Angle stop (2pcs) RC064-08.Left Front Guard RC064B.Hardware (4 sets) RC065-08.Right Front Guard RC066-08.Left Side Cover Base RC066B.Hardware (8sets) RC066C.Hardware (8sets) RC067-08.Right Side Cover Base RC072-08.Drawer Guides (2 pcs) RC072B.Flathead Screw RC072C.Stop screw RC073A.Drawer Guard RC074-08.Rear Cover RC074A-08.Cable Guard RC074B-08.Upper Rear Cover RC075-08Left Cover RC075A-08.Left side back panel RC075B-08.Left side front panel RC076-08Right Cover RC076A-08.Right side back panel RC076B-08.Right side front panel RC076CHardware RC076DCable clamp (2pcs) RC078Adjustment Wrench RC079.Tensioner Plate RC079A.Plastic Pulley RC079B..Pulley Shaft RC079C ..Block for Shaft RC079EHardware for tensioner RC079F.Adjustment screw RC079G..Harware for tension (back) RC079H.Mounting hardware RC080.Top UHMW Tensioner Block RC080A.Bottom UHMW Tensioner Block RC080B.Bolt for UHMW Tensioner Blocks RC081Guard RC081B..Hardware (4 sets) RC082Chain RC083.Sprocket for tensioner (2pcs) RC083B..Key (2pcs) RC084.Oilite Bushing (2 pcs) RC085..Adjustment Plug (2 pcs) (Must be ordered with adjustment screw RC057B-1/RC057B-2) RC085A.Spring Pin (2pcs) RC086.Leveling Foot (4 pcs) RC087-08.Front Cover RC087A-08.Front Door RC087B.Door Hardware RC087C.Panel Hardware RC087D.1/8 Sealing Strip RC088.Drawer Stop RC089.Door Latch RC089A.Threaded Rod RC089B.Nut RC089C.Nut RC089D.Washer RC100.Knob (8pcs) RC102-08.Basket RC103.Interlock Safety Switch RC103B.Screw JCT144F.Duct inlet JCT144E.Duct inlet screws and washers (4pcs)

RC099A.Adapter Fitting (4pcs) RC099B.Fitting (4pcs) RC099C.90 Degree Elbow (4pcs) RC099E.T Fitting (3pcs) RC099F.Hex Pipe (3pcs) RC099G.Ball Valve RC099H.Hose Barb (2pcs) RC099J.Gear Clamp (2pcs) RC099K.90 Degree Elbow RC101.Hose

used roll crusher for sale. kinglink equipment & more | machinio

used roll crusher for sale. kinglink equipment & more | machinio

Hot sale single roll crushers, roller crusher price Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand ...

Double Roll Crusher with high performance teeth Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up t...

Environmental Double Roll Roller Teeth Tooth Crusher Price Manufacturers Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese st...

Double roller crusher vertical roller crusher twin roll stone crusher price Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese...

2PG-400x250 Double Roll Crusher for Coal and Limestone with 10 Ton/ Hour Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese st...

1.We are factory and be able to give you the lowest price than market one; 2.Our products have been exported to over 80 countries and widely used in global mining and construction industry; 3.we have a prof...

Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Double roller crusher is suita...

Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Double roller crusher is suita...

Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Double roller crusher is suita...

Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Double roller crusher is suita...

Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Double roller crusher is suita...

Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Double roller crusher is suita...

Roll crusher is also called double roll crusher, double teeth roll crusher etc. The surface of roller crusher are made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Double roller crusher is suita...

manganese steel, chrome steel , alloy steel foundry | qiming casting

manganese steel, chrome steel , alloy steel foundry | qiming casting

Qiming Casting is a dynamically growing company with many years of experience in production and supply Crusher Wear Parts,Shredder Wear Parts,Mill Liners,Apron Feeder Pans,Electric Rope Shovel Parts, andCrusher Spare Parts. We supply wear parts to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, etc.

Qiming Casting designs and manufactures world-class wear part solutions that last longer than OEM parts. Using the latest technology, we design and cast our products from the best quality alloys available, and use custom heat treatments to ensure the durability of our parts. Our huge product range, customer service excellence, and our ability to deliver on time, every time is the result of 30+ years of operation and industry-based knowledge we know what you need, so we deliver it.

Qiming Casting specializes in manufacturing crusher wear parts, which include jaw crusher wear parts, cone crusher wear parts, hammer mill wear parts, gyratory crusher wear parts, VSI crusher wear parts, impact crusher wear parts.

Qiming Casting supplies all kinds of brands of crusher spare parts, which include jaw crusher spare parts, cone crusher spare parts, gyratory crusher spare parts, VSI crusher spare parts, impact crusher spare parts and other crusher spare parts.

Qiming Casting manufactures ASTM A128 standard manganese steel wear parts for quarrying, mining, and cement wear parts, which products include cone crusher liners, jaw crusher liners, mill liner, apron feeder pans, hammer mill hammer, and others.

Qiming Casting manufactures ASTM A532M standard chromium steel wear parts for quarrying, mining, and cement wear parts, which products include impact crusher blow bars, impact plates, feed tube, VSI wear parts, mill liners, distributor plate, and other wear parts.

Qiming Casting specialized in manufacturing low-alloy steel and high-alloy steel parts. Material includes Cr-Mo alloy steel, 30CrNiMo alloy steel, heat-resistant alloy steel. Products include alloy mill liners, alloy hammer, heat-resistant liners, and other alloy steel liners.

Qiming Casting has a rich experience in cast manganese steel, chromium steel, and alloy steel wear parts for over 30 years. There are more than 12000 tons of wear parts are sent to European, North America, South America, and Australia markets.

Based on rich experience, our engineers also help our customers to design suitable material for different working conditions. On the other hand, Qiming Castings engineers had invented new materials to prolong wear parts span life, such as TIC inserts wear parts, alloy steel crusher liner

Our company has two water glass sand production lines, a V-method casting production lines, an EPC production line, a machine shop; 2 sets 5T electric furnace, 2 sets 3T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 2 sets 1T intermediate frequency electric furnace, 5 sets heat treatment furnace trolley,2000 CBM heat treatment pool, The maximum casting weight:12 tons, Registered capital: Fifteen million dollars, The annual production capacity: 12,000 tons

Although there are only 168 workers in Qiming Casting, however, there are 8 rich experience foundry engineers and 10 quality control personnel. The high percentage of engineers helps us to keep a high-quality standard.

Qiming Casting is one of the largest manganese steel, chromium steel, and alloy steel foundry in China. Products include crusher wear parts, Crusher spare parts, mill liners, shredder wear parts, apron feeder pans, and electric rope shovel parts.

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