brown fused alumina by gongyi city hong the refractory material co., ltd.. supplier from china. product id 673012

brown fused alumina by gongyi city hong the refractory material co., ltd.. supplier from china. product id 673012

Brown fused alumina purposes Brown fused alumina called industrial teeth: mainly used in refractory materials, grinding wheel, sand blasting. 1. Sand corundum, sandblasting abrasive hardness is moderate, the bulk density is high, no free silica, than major, good toughness and okay brown fused alumina is the ideal "environmental protection" type sand blasting materials, widely used in aluminum, copper profile glass, washing jeans precision molds, and other fields; 2. The free abrasive, abrasive abrasive, applied to the tube, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, clocks with glass, crystal glass, jade in areas such as free grinding, grinding is adopted widely in the domestic advanced materials; 3. The resin abrasive, abrasive has color appropriate, good hardness and toughness, suitable particle cross section type and keeping degree blade, used in resin abrasive, effect is ideal; 4) is coated with abrasive, abrasive abrasive paper, gauze and other manufacturers of production materials; 5. Brown fused alumina filler - is mainly used for automobile brake parts, special tires, special construction products such as led can be used as building highway pavement, airport runway, docks, car parks, industrial floor, wear-resisting material such as sports venues; 6. Filter medium, is a new kind of application field, abrasive using granular grinding for the bottom of the medium filter bed, purify drinking water or wastewater, is a new type of water filtration materials at home and abroad, especially suitable for non-ferrous metal processing, oil drilling mud weighting agent: 7. Hydraulic cutting - an abrasive abrasive cutting medium, rely on high pressure water jet cutting, basic application in the oil (gas) pipe, steel components, such as cutting, is a new type, environmental protection, safe way of cutting. Customer base: washed denim sandblasting room of shipyard shipyard steel structure factory powder factory our sandpaper, ShaBuChang crystal glass industry building floor steel hardware industry electronics qi car manufacturing coast terminals, hospital stadium parking lot. Sand industry cooperation content to all types of users such as the floor aggregate and abrasive. 8. The product is reliable, stable performance, good quality, easy to use.

We could suppy you excellent quality and lower price of Brown fused Alumina from Guizhou, where is one of the largest areas of BFA production in China. If you have any need, pls let us know. The specifications are as follows: -Chemical analysis: Al2O3:95% Min SiO2:1% Max TiO2:3.0% Max Fe2O3:0.5% Max -Size for refractory: 50-0mm&163;&166;other special requriement -Size for abrasive :ISO:10-3000, FEPA: 10-3000 - Payment : L/C at sight - Delivery : as your requsted - Origin : china - Minimum Order : 60mt - Packaging : 1MT woven bags or according to client's requirements - Inspection : CIQ 1MT woven bags

The common name for a brown fused alumina is also called the emery, are made of alumina, carbon materials, scrap iron three kinds of raw materials in the electric furnace melting reduction brown alundum, made by reason of brown fused alumina. Brown fused alumina is mainly chemical composition is AL2O3, and its content in 94.5% 94.5%, the other contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti, etc. Brown fused alumina is mainly divided into three, brown fused alumina is one of the best level, followed by secondary and tertiary, and the quality standards of brown fused alumina is mainly to see the content of AL2O3 and content in more than 95% for brown fused alumina, which is often said 95 brown fused alumina. Secondary corundum and tertiary corundum content drops, quality also decreases. Brown fused alumina colour can see colors to distinguish, because of the brown fused alumina containing Fe elements (iron), Fe element is red-brown, so brown fused alumina appears as tan, can see color to identify the level and quality of brown fused alumina. Brown corundum sand with hydraulic careful screening, mechanical processing, screening and classifying the grinding materials, mainly used for grinding glass products, industrial cleaning and water cut, etc. On silicon chips, precision instrument, glass, ceramic, stone, leather, metal parts can improve smoothness and sandblasting cutting, is a manufacturer of grinding wheel, emery cloth, sand must be raw materials, can be used as building highway pavement, airport runway, wear-resisting rubber good wear resistant material. Brown fused alumina with high purity, good crystallization, strong liquidity, low linear expansion coefficient, enterprise production practice verification, the product in the process of application of blasting, powder, no crack characteristics, make it become the best in the brown just the quality of the jade of refractory aggregate and filling material .

Al2o3 95%min Sio2 1.5%max/ 1.0%max Fe2o3 0.5%max/0.35%max TIO2 3.5%max Bulk density 3.8g/cm3 min Furance type Fixed Furance/Tilting furacne Abrasive grade / refractiory grade

Grain Size:0-1mm.1-3mm.3-5mm.5-8mm etc Al2O3:95% Fe2O3:0.5% SiO2:1.5% TiO2:3.0%. Melting point:2050 Refractoriness:1850 Bulk Density:3.85g/cm3 Mohs hardness:9.00. 20kg bags/25kg bags/50lbs on wood pallets or according to customer's requirement.

brown fused alumina is fused and crystallized under high temperature from a mixture of bauxite and other and other raw materials. It is characterized by its high hardness,good toughness and shape in size. Abrasives tools made of it are suitable for grinding metals of high-tensile strength such as: carbon steel,general-purpose alloy steel,annealed malleable iron and hard broze,etc.It also can be used as refractory materials Applications: Brown fused alumina for coated and bonded abrasive tools Brown aluminum oxide for lapping and polishing processes Brown fused alumina for sandblasting Brown aluminum oxide for producing mold of precision casting Brow fused alumina as refractory materials

Size:F24-F80 Al2O3:95% Fe2O3:0.5% SiO2:1.5% TiO2:3.0% Maginitic materials:0.05% Size:F90-F150 Al2O3:94% Fe2O3:0.5% SiO2:1.5% TiO2:3.0% Maginitic materials:0.03% Size:F180-F240 Al2O3:93% Fe2O3:0.5% SiO2:1.5% TiO2:3.5% Maginitic materials:0.02% Size:1#-63# Al2O3:94.5%/92.5% Fe2O3:0.5% SiO2:1.8% TiO2:4.0% Maginitic materials:-- Melting point:2050 Refractoriness:1850 Bulk Density:3.85g/cm3 Mohs hardness:9.00. 20kg bags/25kg bags/1000kg bags/50lbs.

Application: Suitable for cutting common carbon steel, tools steel, stainless steel, hard alloy, nonferrous metals, building material, etc. Machine: Used on portable angle grinder. Usage: grinding weld, cleaning burr & rust, etc. Advantage:perfect grinding performance, low vibration, comfortable handle. Specifications:

Corundum with high quality bauxite as raw material, anthracite, iron Xiao, adopted in the arc smelting. Furnace 2200 above high temperature purification, impurity removal, crystallization, sorting, crushing, magnetic separation, screening and other processing means made of various particle size products. Its dense texture, high hardness, spherical particles, suitable for the manufacture of ceramics, resin high consolidation abrasive and grinding, polishing, sand blasting, precision casting, but also can be used to manufacture advanced refractory materials. Brown fused alumina with high purity, good crystallization, strong liquidity, low linear expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance. The practice of dozens of refractory production enterprises verified that the product has the characteristics of non-detonating, non-chalking and not cracking in the application process. Product size according to international standards and national standards of production, according to user requirements granularity of processing. General size number F4 ~ F320, its chemical composition depending on the size of different sizes. Corundum with high purity, dense texture, bulk density, self-sharpening, good toughness, low magnetic matter content features, with its abrasive grinding sharp, low heat rate, high grinding ratio, and When used with less sticking; made of sintered abrasive with a dark blue after firing, can not afford the mesh cracks, no rust features, suitable for the manufacture of ceramics, resin, high consolidation abrasive and grinding, polishing and so on. Xia Teng Yuan Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. sales of brown corundum salient features prominent small crystal impact resistance, due to the use of self-grinding machine crushing, mostly spherical particles, the company sold corundum abrasive manufacturers wholesale, the price is protected, suitable In all types of rough grinding, deburring processing. Advantages: cutting ability, does not damage the original shape of the workpiece. But only for the hard material of the workpiece, but also easier to polish.

muscat industrial chemicals suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders | . page - 1

muscat industrial chemicals suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders | . page - 1

This alcohol is also known as Methyl Alcohol or MeOH, primarily from natural gas. It finds major application from clothing to fuel, as a precursor for other chemicals, such as formaldehyde, acetic acid, and MTBE (octane booster in gasoline). It can also be applied as a denaturant for ethanol and solvent. Supplying from various large governmental manufacturing companies having the state-of-art facilities, We, as Arij Global Trading, are the leading and a main supplier and exporter of Methanol with high quality and very much competitive price.

Zinc ammonium chloride, dodecylbenzene, ammonia, urea, melamine, polyvinyl chloride, hthalic anhydride, dioctyl phthalate dioctyl terephthalate , methanol, acetic acid, carbon monoxide c4 raffinete ii , methyl tert butyl ether, methyl ethyl ketone (butanone), 2 butanol, heavy alcohol, carbon black sodium hydroxide, raffinete iii, heavy machinery of construction tea, saffron, pistacho, olive oil, raisins, rice, construction chemicals , petrochemicals automobiles spare parts.

Product Description : Citric Acid Monohydrate Price of product ( USD price or FOB price): TBA Product origin : China Key Specifications/Special Features : White or almost white, crystalline powder, colourless crystals or granules. Odoriess, has a strongly acid taste. Effloresces in dry air. Very soluble in water freely soluble in ethanol Minimum Order Size and Packgaing details : Packing Per Bag 25 Kg

Safety & Ppe Supplies Like Chemical Cleaning, Scaffolding, Garnet Abrasive Sand Blasting, Fire Safety Equipment, Voyage Checks, Safety Equipment, Firefight Radio Conditions and Fixtures, Trip Provisions, Gauge Checks.Marine Shipping, Marine Maintenance, Marine Workshop, Mechanical Works, Technicians, Welders, Lubricators, Hull Treatment Experts,

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Portable Sandblating machines, Blasting machines, Abrasives, Garnet, Alumium Oxide fused, Air Aftercooler, Air dryer, Industrial Vacuum cleaner, Airless painting machines, Graco, Sandblasting helmet, Venturi blowers, Air hoses, Blasting hoses, fittings, DFT Gauge, Holiday detectors, Abrasives blasting machines, Steel shot, Steel grit,.

Bentonite, aggregate, soda ash, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, kwik seal F C M, caustic soda prills, mica flakes F C M, lime, KCL, barite, bentonite, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, calcium carbonate.Manufacturer

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