heavy duty magnetic pickup tool

heavy duty magnetic pickup tool

This long-reach lifter helps you pick up ferrous metal objects from tight spaces you couldn't reach otherwise. The powerful magnet holds up to 25 lbs. and the convenient telescoping handle adjusts from 22 in. to over three feet long.

We have invested millions of dollars in our own test labs and factories. So our tools will go toe-to-toe with the top professional brands. And we can sell them for a fraction of the price because we cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. It's just that simple!

type cm3 super strength conveyor magnet [same day free shipping]

type cm3 super strength conveyor magnet [same day free shipping]

This is the ultimate economical insurance policy ! The Shields Type CM3 Super-Strength Conveyor Magnet is designed to remove larger ferrous metal such as bucket teeth, drill bits, and rebar from high-volume industrial flow. The Type CM3 Super Strength Conveyor Magnet is a no-maintenance item and carries a lifetime guarantee on magnetic strength ! We Are the Manufacturer and Use Only Grade 8 Permanent Magnets!

If buying American made products is important to you, always ask where competing items are made. The majority of our competitors' products originate in Canada or overseas, a fact not always clearly stated.

magnetic plate separator - all industrial manufacturers - videos

magnetic plate separator - all industrial manufacturers - videos

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... the waste compounds. The Ballistic Separator ReBal sets the material in motion with an inclined screen plate that oscillates at around 150 revolutions per minute. The 2D fraction, such as sheets of paper, ...

... bearings or other rotating elements in the separator design: there is simply nothing to get broken in it! Proper cleaning of impurities - and no additional maintenance; - No power consumption: ERGA ...

Plate Housing Magnets are widely used in the filed of food, pharmacy, tobacco, chemical etc, to remove Iron and ferrous fines from flow-resistant bulk materials that are easy block. Features: 1. Plate ...

... offers this magnetic separator for R-TMR rectangular pipe. This S-shaped pipe is integrated with high-intensity magnets to properly deliver an entire flow of material circulating under the intervention ...

Flush Face Plate Magnets have ideal metal separation performance when assembled over the flow chute or belt applications with low-density product flows. Downstream processing facilities will be under continuous magnetic ...

stationary overhead magnetic separators for conveyor belts

stationary overhead magnetic separators for conveyor belts

Permanent Suspension Magnetsare designed specifically for the extraction of occasional tramp iron from material being processed on the conveyor belt, vibratory feeder or gravity chute. These overhead magnets are constructed using Grade 8 high power ceramic magnetics and require no electricity, unlike electro type units.

The magnetic separator, usually a rectangular pattern, is suspended over the material being conveyed, while the ferrous material is extracted and held against the face of the magnet until manually cleaned off.

For safety and ease of cleaning, swipe arms or slide trays are standard on all magnetic separator units to assist in cleaning without having to touch the tramp metals. And when comparing to electro magnets, they are less expensive to purchase, operate and are virtually moisture, corrosion and flame proof.

Typical applications for the use ofPermanent Suspension Magnetsinclude removal of iron from coal, stone, fertilizers, recycled asphalt, stag, gypsum, ores and similar materials where contamination by tramp iron is occasional and continuous separation is not essential and the primary purpose is processing machinery protection. These overhead magnets can be mounted either horizontal or inclined over the head pulley. All stationary magnets are fitted with a set of adjustable suspension chains designed to suit application and attach to suspension lugs. Preferred installation position is above the head pulley where the burden is spread out and the material is in virtual suspension as it is discharged from the conveyor.

Magnetic Separators can be mounted on a variety of structures, including runway beams (using a trolley for suspension and movement) or A-Frame structure. Size availability covers the entire range of conveyor widths and material burden depths to 25, depending on material being separated.

WARRANTY A Limited Lifetime Warranty on the magnet system is offered, against loss of magnetic strength, when used under normal operating conditions. Magnet systems are available in over 110 models to match any conveyor width, from 12 to 84 or burden depth to 25, depending on the material being separated. With as many as 50 units always in stock at our warehouse, including many of the popular sizes, they are ready for immediate delivery.

Tri-Polar Magnetic Circuitryis relatively new on the magnet system scene. It is the ultimate in Permanent Magnet technology, not available from any other magnet system manufacturer. Shields Company/Mastermaghave developed this computer designed magnetic circuitry using their rare, large and very costly 13 Ton Magnetizer*, one of only four in the world. It is available as standard on SHIELDS/MASTERMAG PSM STATIONARY MAGNET SERIES in the larger sizes. *Magnet system manufacturers traditionally magnetize ceramic blocks before forming the circuit in a stainless steel box. Due to the nature of magnets wanting to repel each other there is a limitation on how many blocks can be stacked on top of each other. SHIELDS/MASTERMAG forms their circuit in the stainless steel box prior to magnetizing. After the circuit is completed and box sealed, it is immersed in the 15 Ton Magnetizer for three (3) separate sessions thoroughly magnetizing the system creating the Tri-Polar Magnetic Circuitry. The evolution of Permanent Magnets have taken some dramatic leaps in the past 15 plus years. First, is the quality of the material used to make a permanent magnetic system. In the case of SHIELDS/MASTERMAG, we use only Ceramic 8, as do most reputable magnet companies. This material, also known as Strontium Ferrite, has allowed permanent magnets to last longer (SHIELDS/MASTERMAG offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against loss of magnetic strength see details below) and produce more field strength (gauss or force index).

In many applications, Permanent Industrial Magnets can be more or as effective as Electromagnets and have considerable advantages over Electros. Longer warranty Lower Profile Lighter No costly power required Less costly to purchase and operate

But with theTri-Polar Magnetic Circuitryas part ofSHIELDS/MASTERMAGslarger Permanent Industrial Magnet Series, Permanent Magnet Technology will never be the same. As a direct result of this new technology, peripheral magnetic leakage is all but eliminated, directing the magnetic field straight down and creating a stronger magnet. These Series of magnets are approximately 30% more powerful than the competing units of the same size and equivalent or superior to many sizes of Electros. As a result of this increase in strength and the potential for use in extreme applications Manganese Wear Impact Plates are included as standard.

Exclusive to the industry, our magnetic separators utilize tri-polar magnetic circuitry. This eliminates most peripheral magnetic leakage and directs the magnetic field straight down, improving and increasing the strength compared to equivalent sized magnets. This technology is not available from any other magnet system manufacturer in North America. Magnetic intensity in excess of 400-500 gauss at the recommended working gap retained permanently when used under normal operating conditions.

If buying American made products is important to you, always ask where competing items are made. The majority of our competitors' products originate in Canada or overseas, a fact not always clearly stated.

magnetic bar rod tube separator - magnets by hsmag

magnetic bar rod tube separator - magnets by hsmag

Magnetic Bar Rod Tube for Separator is used for separating ferrous contaminants from free flowing material, which are good choice of bar separator you can find in China. All the ferrous particles like bolts, nuts, chips, damaging tramp iron can be caught and held effectively. So it provides a good solution of material magnetic separation and equipment protection.

Magnetic Bars Construction: magnetic bars (magnetic filter tubes) are constructed by strong permanent magnets with stainless steel shell. SS shell can be chosen from SS304, SS316 and SS316L. Either round or square shaped bars are available for customers requirements for special applications.

Magnetic Tubes Size: Our standard magnetic bar is 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter and any length per customers request up to 2500mm. Actually, diameter of round magnetic bar can be 10 mm smallest and largest to 101.6 mm .

Working Temperature: Standard magnetic bars are designed to work in temperature of 80, but if demand, working temperature of our magnetic bars can be make up to 350 to meet your special applications.

Nail head, eye nuts, thread hole, threaded rod and other kind of ends for necessary mounding. round rod magnetic bar, thread rod magnetic bar, nail head magnetic bars, cusp bar magnet, magnetic bar with eye nuts, magnetic bar with thread hole

Magnetic Force of These Magnetic Bars: The force of these magnetic bars subjects to customers requirements. The highest magnetic strength of Dia. 25 mm can achieve 12,000 GS (1.2 Tesla). Of course, larger diameter, higher magnetic strength.

How to select our products? Please advise us the above necessary information to make enquiry. If you arent in a position to offer these information, please feel free to contact our engineer and acquaint us with the application environment and material condition.

magnetic pulleys for metal removal | bunting

magnetic pulleys for metal removal | bunting

Bunting Magnetics Separation Pulleys offer superior removal of ferrous steels from ASR and ICW applications with either Deep Reach Ceramic or Deep Reach Neo Rare Earth Pulleys. Magnetic Separation Head Pulleys are extremely popular to continuously remove, recover, and discharge ferrous metals from Shredded ASR streams before Eddy Currents, or in ICW streams, before Wire Choppers. They can also be used for continual separation of ferrous from non-ferrous steels in your scrap metal recovery separation.

Bunting High Intensity Neo Rare Earth Head Pulleys are also excellent for purification in the Plastic Industry for fine ferrous removal from Shredded Plastic before Granulation, or PET Plastic before Extrusion.

Whether you are pulling nails and staples out of a carpet, a pallet recycling facility, or scrapping cans and steel at a municipal solid waste recovery facility, these Magnetic Pulleys are ready to clean your product, separate materials, and make you money. If you are designing and building your own conveyors, Bunting Magnetics Co. offers economical OEM Magnetic Ceramic Separation Pulleys, or the optional high intensity Neo Rare Earth pulleys for those critical separation jobs.

These economical Magnetic Separation Pulleys can be used to replace your existing head pulleys to turn your material handling conveyor into a material separation conveyor. These pulleys can be provided with the same shaft as your existing conveyor has.

Our Magnetic Pulleys come in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30 diameters sizes and in widths from 4 up to 72 wide. We offer the pulleys in an economical stepped crowned face, machine crowned face, flat faced and an assortment of rubber vulcanized crowned covers.

Built with high-intensity Neo Rare Earth magnetic separation capabilities, these pulleys are designed for maximum separation jobs in the Recycling industry. This includes paramagnetic fines or stainless steel scrap and fastners that have been work-hardened, and can only be separated with High Intensity Neo Separation Pulleys.

Deep Reach Rare Earth Field Pulleys are for the high volume recycling lines to make sure you get all the ferrous metals out of the deeper burden streams before the Eddy Current Separators Shredders. These units can be incorporated on the Bunting Grinder Feeder and Transfer Conveyors with reachouts of 10 to 12 and more and with field intensity thats unmatched.

Low Reachout High Intensity Rare Earth Field Pulleys are designed for higher gauss super high intensity fields but with low reachout low volume applications. These applications usually have a single layer stream of material on very thin belts for maximum separation. These units can be incorporated on Bunting stainless steel transfer/separation conveyors.

New toBuyMagnets.com, magnetic head pulleys are available in diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12 and widths range from 14 to 38. XT Hubs and Bushings are standard with ceramic magnets and stainless steel shell construction. Rare earth magnets available upon request.

This is usually done when the burden depths are high or when maximum separation is needed. This is because an overhead Magnetic Crossbelt may not get some nails or small steel plates lying directly on the belt surface under a heavier burden like construction waste or in mining applications.

magnetic separation technology for a recycling industry

magnetic separation technology for a recycling industry

Magnetic Separation is the process, in which the magnetically caused material is detached easily by using a magnetic force. From last many years, magnetic separators are used for various separation process in recycling industry like Glass recycling, Scrap material, Pet flakes, Plastic recycling, Rubber recycling, Municipal solid waste (MSW), e-waste recycling etc.

Magnetic Separator is the most trusted machine used to recover metal from the waste materials. It is known for the easy separation process to detach fine particles which have poor magnetic properties. Magnetic separator provides the excellent separating effect, as it uses dynamic magnetic system design. Recycling industries are using magnetic separator because of its various advantages like large handling capacity, low maintenance rate, simple structure and adjustable magnetic field intensity.

Eddy Current Separator is the most trusted separator, used to segregate valuable non-ferrous metals like aluminium, brass, copper, lead etc. It has an advantage of high frequency and high separation capability. Eddy Current Separator is robustly constructed with anti-vibration pads and its powerful quality of magnets provides the best and smooth separation for the recycling industry.

It has a capacity from 2MT/hr to 15MT/hr. Eddy Current provides its best separation service in various fields of recycling industry like plastic, rubber, glass, municipal solid waste, e-waste, pet etc. And the industries can take a huge advantage of using eddy current separator for their current application.

Overband Magnetic Separator is known for providing the excellent service of separating tramp iron from the material that is being processed on the conveyor belt or a vibratory feeder. Overband magnetic separator is used to protect machines like crushers, shredders by removing ferrous particles and it easily removes the heavy dust particles. It is used in many industries like food, sponge iron, charcoal, glass etc.

Specially designed Magnetic Head Pulley to detach tramp metals like steel, bucket teeth, bore crowns, bar scrap, chains, and tools. Recycling industries are using Magnetic Head Pulleys to segregate steel, municipal waste and many other ferrous contaminations like cans, nuts, nails etc.

From last many decades, Manufacturing industries are playing a most crucial role in our global economy. They are trying to develop high capacity and high-frequency pumps for the recycling industry, because theyre facing an issue of sorting recyclable material by removing various tramp metals like steel, bucket teeth, bore crowns etc.

Machines are not able to provide the best separation solution in the various field of recycling industry like plastic, rubber, glass, municipal solid waste, e-waste, pet etc. After facing these all issues regularly they are looking for high capacity which is having high-intensity magnets to remove impurities easily.

Jaykrishna magnetic Pvt. Ltd. understands all problems that the industries are facing now!!! We design a machine which is of high capacity that easily recovers metal from the waste materials. Our machines are evolved by using the latest technology that can be easily operated and to provide best separation results in various fields of the recycling industry.

We are famous for manufacturing and supplying magnetic separators which is of high capacity that easily provides the perfect separation solution. Jaykrishna Magnetic Pvt. Ltd. has 38+ years of experience in developing machines which are highly efficient and easy to handle.

Our magnetic separators are designed by the team of experts who have a great knowledge of designing and developing various types of magnetic separators and vibratory equipment. Our experts take care of clients need, before supplying any machine to them.

Our machines are installed in various fields of recycling industry like plastic, rubber, glass, municipal solid waste, e-waste, pet etc. We also design different types of magnetic separators like Eddy current separators, Overband Magnetic Separator and Magnetic Head Pulley as per the clients requirement to deliver them a best product.

If you are facing a problem of extracting tramp metals steel, bucket teeth, bore crowns etc. then feel free to contact us. Our team will get back to you with the best and effective solution that solves your problem.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Magnetic and Vibratory Equipments in India. We are established since 1978. The unique and premium structural design imparts quality and elegance to our products. Our focus is on continuously improving our process, service and products to exceed the benchmarks set by our competitors and offer better products to you.

magnetic separator | separating ferrous metals | qunfeng

magnetic separator | separating ferrous metals | qunfeng

Our magnetic separators are utilized for separating ferrous metals from waste with high-efficiency using a permanent magnet that operates without a motor drive. The conveyor belt rotates around the high-powered permanent magnet to effectively remove products such as steel wire, nails, and gas tanks. The magnetic separator is produced using demagnetized steel to prevent the attraction of ferrous items to the separator.

Magnetic separators are often applied in the sorting lines of operations in the following industries: MRF, MBT, cement, steel making, and mining. Separating ferrous metals from various waste mixtures allows operators to take these metals and recycle them as needed.

magnetic cross belt separator (self clean type) permanent magnets ltd

magnetic cross belt separator (self clean type) permanent magnets ltd

Cross Belt Magnetic Separators provide a true self cleaning industrial magnetic separator systems solution, for continuous separation of ferrous particles from material flowing on conveyors. These separator system uses a high strength overhead suspended plate magnet housed in a severe duty industrial conveyor operating in an inverted position.

CPM Series Cross Belt Magnetic Separators are used to remove tramp iron from conveyed materials by pulling the tramp upwards through the material against the force of gravity. They are very powerful magnets and are generally suspended above conveyor belts.

Incorporated is a motor-driven magnetic conveyor belt running across the face of the magnet, continuously moving the collected material away from the magnetic field. The removed material falls away from the belt once it leaves the magnetic field, making it a self cleaning suspended magnetic conveyor belt separator.

Medium Intensity Permanent Magnetic Cross Belt Separators are used where the material to be separated is large enough to get acted upon by medium magnetic fields from large distances. These separators find ease in picking up large ferrous material from around 200mm depth. However if the material size is smaller and the burden depth is larger, these separators become inefficient.

High Intensity Permanent Magnetic Cross Belt Separators are employed at locations where separation of ferrous material is required from a distance for around 300 mm. This type of separator is useful in picking p bolts and nuts, channels, angles, and metal pieces from distances.

magnetic specialties inc | industrial lifting magnets magnetizedinc

magnetic specialties inc | industrial lifting magnets magnetizedinc

Magnetic Specialties is a family run Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier specializing in strong industrial magnet equipment.IndustrialLifting Magnets, also known ashoist magnets, designed for lifting iron castings, plate and sheet steel and numerous other steel lifting applications, Magnetic Separators, such as Overhead Magnets, Magnetic Sweepers for removal of nails and steel filings, and magnetic hand tools for positioning and sign capping.

top 8 magnetic separators for industries in sri lanka - a definitive guide

top 8 magnetic separators for industries in sri lanka - a definitive guide

With the rise of rapid urbanisation among each sector, industrial tools and equipment are crucial to combat the rising demands. Through the means of robust and advanced machineries, much large-scale industries have contributed to the upliftment of global industrialisation. Precisely talking about the magnetic separators industrial application, the need of conducting a thorough segregation process have risen to more than ever. Complying with the surging demands of magnetic separators, different machines have come up in the market to deal in various industries and thus, procure a fruitful product.

In the recent years, Sri Lanka has tightened its grip on elevating the industrialisation and making longer strides in the global trading market. To tackle this humongous demand of industrial growth, the magnetic separators of different kinds are required in their multiple industries. The country is fond of mineral extraction, excavation and mining and much heavily involved in exporting the minerals to abroad. This has complied to a much larger share of entire economy. In the later process, these products are enabled to refining the ferrous impurities from the grains. Since many decades, Sri Lanka has planned to peak its economy through the industrial sector, both in private as well as public, to strengthen their economic base. From food & caffeine processing industries to rubber & plastic industries, the country is phenomenal in putting astounding numeral stats.

In order to lay a profound base of smooth functioning of the mentioned industries and plants, a broad list of effectual magnetic separators have been briefed along with their vivid industrial usages. A perfect type for each sector in industrial aspect.

This magnetic separator is extensively used for the removal of heavy impurities like metal, glass pieces, stone, mud balls and other impurities. The machine works on a specialised combination of fluidisation and deck oscillation which separates the heavy impurities from the useful substances in the outlets. Being an efficient, high-gradient and durable machine, it is majorly used in a variety of industrial applications including food grains processing & cleaning plants, ferrous-impurities remover plants, auto-cleansing machines and more.

In the recent years the global market has witnessed a substantial growth of recycling industries and have been stressing to develop the best product out of the waste. Eddy Current Separator is the most used machine for separating the non-ferrous metals like aluminium from the on-going stream of mixture. Of all the prominent sectors, this separator makes a distinguished usage in the plastic & rubber industries to extract the beneficial ferrous objects from the pit.

Specially designed to remove ferrous particles as microscopic as 500 to 540 microns, enabling the large-scale grates to avoid any sort of clogging or damping. The powerful magnetised bars lead to a smooth flow of material so that a thorough segregation process is undertaken. With a robust construction of three-staged Rotary, it can track much smaller contaminants & dusty from the flow of materials. Along with this, the rate of feed, conveyor belt and magnetic speed can be amended through customisation. A best fit for the large-scale industries.

This is the most versatile and compact machine which can be fitted in the outlet of several equipment including blenders, classifier & pulveriser. The Drawer Magnet serves a distinguishable grid for the special operations to perform. These magnetic grids consist of magnetic rods which rotates at a given pace to separate the ferrous metals from the non-ferrous. It is because of these magnetic rods made out of hard ferrite ceramic or high rare earth magnet, which yields the magnetic strength during the separation.

Unique kind of grills which aids in refining the paramagnetic impurities from the pit. The bag full of mixed material is poured in the equipment, in which the ferrous impurities will be stuck over the magnetic grills while, the non-ferrous parts will be collected at the outlet. Thus, ensuring no ferrous impurities are passed through the grills. These are available in square as well as circle shapes. Maintaining a high-standard of protection and safety during the procedure.

With usage of permanent magnet being suspended in the overband magnetic separator, it protects the primary machines by removing the paramagnetic impurities and hence, purify the products. In this regard, the tramp metal is thoroughly eliminated from the product being carried by the vibratory feeder.

Another useful and commendable separator to separate the ferrous contaminants like nails, nuts and screws. Primarily, Hopper Magnet is an excellent equipment to protect other machines from the friction created by small ferrous tools. In total, there 4 standard sizes in square and round shapes. The separation takes place through the magnetic rods fitted on the mouth of the Hopper Magnet. Thus, ensuring no ferrous particles enter the machine. Special sizes are available for customisation.

This separator is one of a kind, allowing it to remove very fine ferrous impurities from very low concentrated fluids. Mainly, this equipment is utilised in the metal industries in order to treat the extracted concentrates from very high gradient magnetic filter. Enabling to remove up to 90% of ferrous fine particles in the range of 1 micrometre to 1000 micrometres. The wet drums assist in recovering the metals and simultaneously removes the contaminant for a successful separation. Ensuring product purity and efficiency of the plant altogether.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has always been a prominent production house of effectual magnetic separators and vibratory feeders. From serving our robust separators to partnering with our overseas clients, we are committed to serve a profound link among our customers and deliverables of quality product. Moreover, it is our professional and dedicated union of skilled members who put in real efforts in constructing & assembling the massive machineries. Along with this, we are heavily involved in providing customised products for Sri Lankan industries.

On top of this, our products are open to all sort of industries under any weather condition. We have been supplying relevant and appropriate product ranges to our clients in Sri Lanka to meet their industrial requirements.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Magnetic and Vibratory Equipments in India. We are established since 1978. The unique and premium structural design imparts quality and elegance to our products. Our focus is on continuously improving our process, service and products to exceed the benchmarks set by our competitors and offer better products to you.

magnetic drum separator permanent magnets ltd

magnetic drum separator permanent magnets ltd

When material flows onto the drum, a stationary magnetic assembly inside the unit's shell captures tramp metal and holds it securely to the drum's stainless steel surface. With contaminants removed, the good product falls freely to a discharge point. As the drum rotates, cleats sweep the ferrous debris through and out of the magnetic field. The tramp metal is discharged separately, creating continuous self-cleaning separation

The magnetic drum separator consists of a rotating drum and stationary drum magnet designed as per the specific needs of the customer. The Drum separator is supplied with the drive system and SS 304/316 housing along with a feed regulating valve.

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