characterization and experimental design application for algerian silica sand enrichment | springerlink

characterization and experimental design application for algerian silica sand enrichment | springerlink

The present research is related to characterize Tebessa Algerian silica sand with several techniques, to provide briquetting process and to exploit it in the silicon metal production project for photovoltaic application. Acid leaching was used to remove the impurities especially iron and aluminium found in the silica sand. Eight experiments were carried out according to a finite element plane with the variation of three parameters, temperature, time and stirring. We find that the most important parameters are the time and the stirring because the optimal leaching rate for iron and aluminium removal is up to 94 and 93.3%, respectively, in the conditions of temperature 40 C, time 6 h and stirring 600 rpm.

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Division croissance cristalline et procds mtallurgiques CCPM, Centre de recherche en technologie des semi-conducteurs pour lnergtique (C.R.T.S.E), 02 Bd Frantz Fanon BP. 140 Alger 7 Merveilles, 16200, Algiers, Algeria

Anas Boussaa, S., Zaourar Boutarek, N. & Kefaifi, A. Characterization and experimental design application for Algerian silica sand enrichment. Arab J Geosci 13, 472 (2020).

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