cobblestone pavers pros and cons

cobblestone pavers pros and cons

The term cobblestone, when used accurately, refers to small blocks of paving material made from natural stone. Although it's become common for some manufacturers of cast concrete bricks to refer to their products as cobblestones, these products are more correctly known as concrete pavers. True cobblestones are always natural stoneusually granite, but sometimes basalt, limestone, or another stone.

The original cobblestone pavers were naturally occurring rounded stones collected from stream beds. They were different from the quarried and shaped paving stones now commonly sold as cobblestones, which are also known as setts or Belgian blocks. Today, the term cobblestone has come to mean any paver made from natural stone, especially the shaped Belgian blocks that are by far the most popular form. This type of cobblestone has the advantage of being relatively uniform in size and shape, making them much easier to install than rounded cobblestones.

Granite and other types of cobblestones have been used in roadways, driveways, and walkways for centuries, and many of those surfaces still remain in service. Granite cobblestones have many advantages and they have few drawbacksother than the high price. A cobblestone paving surface will stand up better than almost any other material, and it creates a unique "old world" charm that can add substantial charm and value to a nice home.

Costs for cobblestone typically ranges from $10 to $20 per square foot for the stone itself; the price varies depending on the size and type of stone, and on factors such as transportation costs. For DIYers, various installation materials and tool rental can add another $10 per square foot. If you are having the pavers installed by professionals, plan on another $30 or so per square foot in addition to the cost of the stone. At an installed cost of $40 to $75 per square foot, cobblestone is one of the most expensive of all paving materials.

Cobblestone paver driveways and walkways require very little maintenance. Just give them a good washing once or twice a year and pull any weeds that grow through the joints. A well-built cobblestone paver driveway can remain stable and functional for as long as 100 yearsand when failure comes, it is usually because the base fails, not because the stones themselves wear out or break.

On sandset cobblestone pavers, the sand in the joints may settle or wash away. When this happens, just spread more sand and sweep it into the joints. Occasionally, the underlying base of a cobblestone surface may settle, but it is a relatively easy matter to remove stones, lay additional base material, and reinstall the stones. This is most common with driveways that experience heavy traffic, but proper preparation of the paving bed usually prevents it.

Cobblestone paving that is joined with mortar is more likely to experience problems, especially in cold climates where frost/thaw cycles can cause joints to crack. Regular inspection and re-grouting can keep the surface performing well.

Stylistically, cobblestone paving is best suited for homes with vintage architecture that resembles the homes found in regions and historical periods where cobblestones were the principal paving material. For example, English Tudor or Colonial Farmhouse home styles are logical locations for cobblestone paving, especially when natural stone is used in the construction of the house itself. Original cobblestones were water-worn stones collected from stream-beds, so the more rounded and tumbled the stones are, the more authentic the paving installation will appear.

Because genuine cobblestones are so expensive, there is now a notable market for reclaimed cobblestones, which are not only less costly, but can lend an authenticity to the installation. Many stone merchants also sell reclaimed bricks and cobblestone pavers.

Installing a cobblestone paver driveway is labor-intensive, but it doesn't necessarily require special skills or heavy machinery. If you aren't in a hurry and don't mind the challenge, DIY installation is a viable option. This is a project that takes time, however, especially if you are doing the work yourself. While a short walkway can be constructed in a weekend or two of work, for a large project like a driveway that requires excavation, expect the work to take at least a week or twoor more if you can't work on it full time.

Cobblestones, like other forms of concrete and brick pavers, can either be set in mortar or laid dry. The precise installation method can vary, depending on the type of stone you are using, but typically it begins with laying out the paving area with guide strings, then excavating down seven to 10 inches (depending on the size of the stones). The bottom of the excavation is smoothed, then a four- to six-inch layer of compactable gravel is spread and compressed with a power tamper or heavy roller. Over this, a two-inch layer of sand is poured, spread, and compacted.

Installation of the cobblestones is quite similar to how brick or concrete pavers are installed. Where a contrasting edging is part of the design, the edging stones are laid first, then the field cobbles are set into the sand, using whatever pattern you choose. When all the cobblestones have been laid, a roller or tamping machine is used to flatten the surface and drive the stones down into the sand base. The joints between stones are then filled with loose paver sand brushed over the surface, or with a cement-based liquid mortar.

The major drawback of true cobblestone pavers is their considerable price, and if budget is an issue, you can get a similar look by using much cheaper concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are available in a variety of colors, and many are tumbled to give them a good resemblance to authentic cobblestones. These look-alikes do not have the kind of lifetime durability found with true granite cobblestones, but you can expect them to last several decades.

Natural stone sold at retailers tends to be a regional resource, and the cobblestones sold in your area will likely comprise whatever type of granite or other stone is prevalent in or near your region. The "brand" of the pavers will be whatever commercial quarry the stone came from. Because transportation costs are so high for these heavy materials, it's rare for cobblestones to come from far away; your selection will be from whatever quarry companies are found within a few hundred miles of your location. It's best to buy from a company with a long track record, since you may want to buy more identical stone if you ever want to add additional paving to your landscape.

Cobblestone pavers are extremely elegant and durable, but they are not cheap. If you are looking for a low budget driveway, you might be better off considering concrete pavers, gravel, concrete, or asphalt. But if you want a tough, attractive, and unique driveway, it's hard to beat cobblestone.

If you like the look of cobblestone pavers but can't afford a driveway full of them, consider installing a cobblestone apron or border, or a decorative cobblestone inlay in the middle of the driveway. Or, consider cast concrete pavers made to simulate the look of cobblestone.

high quality quarry machines and equipment from miles supply

high quality quarry machines and equipment from miles supply

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company law - some useful main object clause - i

company law - some useful main object clause - i

Please find below some useful sample Main object clauses for the drafting of your Memorandum and Article of Association This article is very handy for all the professionals. You may bookmark this article for quick reference. You may download sample Memorandum and Article of Association from the link given below:

To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in all kinds of air conditioning plants, refrigerators, cooling appliances, apparatus and machinery, and all components, parts, accessories, articles and fittings required for that purpose.

To carry on the business of building and maintaining amusement parks, to promote, organise and manage all kinds of entertainments, sports, recreation and amusements, whether indoor or outdoor including funfairs, exhibitions, rideshows and games, competitions, tournaments, concerts, cinematograph and television performances, stage and variety shows, aquatic and equestrian events, pyrotechnic, aerial and spectacular displays, dancing, skating, circuses and other forms and types of similar enterprises.

In connection with any such business or businesses, to purchase, lease, hire, contract/provide, operate, equip and maintain land, buildings, theatres, cinemas, studios, concert hails, studio, tracks, arenas, golf and putting courses, tennis courts, skating rinks, swimming baths, boating and paddling pools, marinas, piers, jetties, coach and car parks, tents, vehicles, boats, chairs, machines and all other structures, apparatus, equipment and articles which may be necessary or convenient in the opinion of the company for the carrying on of such activities.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to promote, establish, organise, conduct, undertake, manage in India or abroad the business of auctioneers, surveyors, loss assessors and appraisers of all kinds of movable or immovable assets, goods, merchandise, chattels and to do all necessary acts and things for the attainment of above objects.

To carry on the business of manufacture, fabricate and assemble, buy, sell, import, export, distribute, and deal in automobile parts of all kinds and descriptions, automotive and other gears, transmission and other axles, universal joints, springs, leaves, head lamps, sealed beams, induction hardened pins, axles, alloy springs, accessories and fittings of all kinds and to act as brokers and marketing agents for aforesaid items.

To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, buy, sell, import, export or otherwise deal in basic drugs, phyto chemicals, plant extracts, dues, pesticides and their intermediates, laboratory and scientific chemicals used or cable of being used in the pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture, fertilizers, petrochemicals or any other industry and trade or laboratory including industrial chemicals or any other mixture, derivatives and compound thereof.

To carry on the business, as manufacturers of and dealers in and importers, and exporters of all kinds of basic drugs, drug intermediates, any chemicals, heavy or fine, organic, agro-chemicals, aromatic chemicals, dyes and dyes intermediates, pharmaceuticals, medicinal, herbal, bacteriological, biological, chemicals and all allied chemicals and products thereof.

To promote, encourage, establish, provide, maintain, conduct, operate, organise and run beauty parlours and to do business as beautician, manicurists, hair dyers, makers and suppliers of all kinds of wigs and to conduct classes, seminars, demonstrations, education and training programmes in the field of body care and to do all incidental acts as are necessary to attain the main objects of the company.

To carry on the business of manufacturers, researchers, consultants, importers, exporters, distributors, stockiest, dealers, franchise holders, bottlers, rebottlers, packers, extractors, pulpers, crushers, grinder of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, fruit juices, fruit pulp, milk, jams,. jelly, sauce, concentrates and flavors (liquid and powder form), food colours, aerated water, green vegetables etc.

To produce, manufacture, refine, prepare, process, purchase, sell, import, export or generally deal in bricks, sand, stone, marble, tiles, refractories, china wares, sanitary materials, pipes, tubes, tubular structures, cement, paints, adhesive, sheets, roofing, glass, furniture, fittings, electrical goods, water supply or storage equipment, floor polish, door closures, concrete mixtures, elevators, paints, hardware, pipe, fittings, lubricant oils, building materials, forest products and any other building or decorative materials made of cement, stone, timber, teak, board, fiber, paper, glass, rubber, plastic or other natural or synthetic substance or chemical.

To establish, promote and run trade association in India and abroad in the matters relating to regional, national or international interest and to promote, regulate and develop trade, transport, industry, science, healthcare, food, environment, social welfare, housing, insurance, communication, aviation, finance, entertainment, art, banking and other objects of social, economical, commercial, defence and general importance and to participate, delegate, and organise, seminars, workshops, meetings, training centers, classes and lectures for attainment of the above objects.

To develop, produce, manufacture, treat, process, refine, export, import, purchase, sale and generally to deal in and to act as brokers, agents, stockiest, distributors, suppliers, commission agents of all kinds of cements (whether ordinary, white, coloured, Portland, pozzoolana, alumina, blast, furnaces, silica, sagol or otherwise) cement products of any description, such as asbestos cement, building pipes, irrigation pipes, reinforced cement, cement concrete spun pipes, asbestos cement pressure pipes, fittings, asbestos, cement sheets, poles, slabs, blocks, garden wears, cement boards, mosaic and terrazzo, tiles, ceramic products, allied products, goods, substances, material, articles, things, chemicals, compounds, accessories and appliances connected with the aforesaid product.

To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, acquire, convert, sell, distribute, import, export, deal in either as principals or agents in organic and inorganic chemicals, alkalis, acids, gases, petrochemicals, salts, electro-chemicals, chemical elements and compound pesticides, insecticides, explosives, light and heavy chemicals of any nature used or capable of being used in the pharmaceuticals, textile industry, defence chemicals, fertilisers, petrochemicals and industrial chemicals and pesticides and insecticides, solvents of any mixtures derivatives and compounds thereof.

To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, buy, sell, export, import or otherwise deal in heavy and light chemicals, chemical elements and compounds, including without limiting to the generality of foregoing laboratory and scientific chemicals or any of any nature used in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture chemicals, glass and ceramic industries, tiles, poultry feeds, cattle feeds, rubber and paints, chemicals or any mixture, derivatives and compounds thereof including calcite, feldspar, dolomite, gypsum, quartz, silicon, earth, rock phosphate, soap-stone etc;.

To build, construct and erect Studios, Theaters, Cinema Halls Music Halls, Open air Theatres and other places of entertainment and to carry on all or any of the business of Theatres, Music Halls, Cinema, Picture Palace, Film producing Studio and to promote, produce, represent, conducting, performance and exhibition of cinematograph or stereoscopic or coloured or bioscope, pictures, films, operate as & stage plays and other entertainment as the Company may from time to time think fit and to permit the Company's premises to be used for all or any of the above purpose and such other purposes as may be deemed expedient.

To lay out, develop, construct, build, erect, demolish re-erect, alter, re-model or do any other work in connection with any building scheme roads highways, docks, ships sewers, bridges, canals, wells, springs, multistoried buildings, power plants, wharves, ports, reservoirs' embankments, tramways, irrigation improvements, sanitary, water, gas electric light, telephonic and power supply works or any other structural or architectural work of any kind whatsoever and for such purpose to prepare estimates designs, plants specifications, or models and do such other or any act that may be requisite thereof & to purchase, acquire, take on lease, or in exchange or in any other lawful manner any other land, building multi-storied structures and to turn to the same into real estate, account develop the same and dispose of or maintain the same or to maintain the same and to build townships, markets, or other building or convenience thereon and to equip the same or any part thereof with all any amenities or conveniences, drainage facility electric telegraphic, telephonic, televisions and to deal with same in any manner whatsoever.

To carry on the business of producing, growing, dealing, exporting, importing, stocking, trading, distributing, storing and preserving of potatoes, fresh vegetables, agricultural products, fruits, dry fruits, oil seeds, spices, fruit juices, ice candy, ice cream and other ice products, carbonated, aerated mineral water, dairy products, wines, liquors and other alcoholic and synthetic drinks, bardanas, hessians in cold storage.

To own, manage and run computer training and data processing centers and to act as consultants, advisors, developers and traders in computer programming, system development, system design, system architecture, software designing, computer aided designs, data compilation and statistical analysis and to carry on the business of traders, developers, assemblers, repairs, importers, exporters of software packages, computer systems, computer peripherals, computer parts, computer consumables and electronic communication systems, data publishing and processing systems and other industrial automation systems and gadgets.

To carry on and engage in the business at its own or in association with any Indian or foreign agency, individuals, firm, company or Govt. undertaking either in India or abroad and to act as franchise agent for electronic information technology development, upgradation, manufacturing, processing and up gradation of hardware, software, web-site, web-page, internet, e-mail, online electronic communication systems, data processing, developing, producing, generating, manufacturing and dealing in all types of the computer hard wares, softwares, computer stationery and to run and operate the computer hardware and software training institute for the training of the Computer operations, development, up gradation of softwares, Training of SAP packages, ERP packages, accounting, other packages and programming in India and abroad.

To provide consultancy services related to the preparation and maintenance of accounting, statistical or mathematical information and reports, data processing, computer programming and all other related business.

To carry on in India or abroad the business to manufacture, fabricate, treat, prepare, convert, ferment, finish, clean, process, produce, make, import, export, promote, buy, sell, supply, pack, repack, market, and to act as consignor, consultants, collaborator, agents, merchants, distributors, concessionaires, stockists, adatias, C & F agents or otherwise to deal in all types of confectionery items, processed foods, its by-products, ingredients, compounds and allied material such as flour, cakes, pastry, cornflakes, bread, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, fruit products, glucose, chewing gums, milk cream, ice creams, aerated or mineral waters, fruit juices, fermentation products, foods, protein foods, maize products, butter, ghee, cheese and other dairy products, pickles, jams, jellies, sausages, milk powder, condensed milk, fresh and dehydrated vegetable, cocoa, seeds, concentrates for cattle or poultry feeds their by-products, ingredients, compounds, raw materials & consumables used therefore and to do all incidental acts and things for the attainment of above objects.

To carry on the business of contractors, sub-contractors, quasi contractors whether for government or for semi government bodies or corporation or company or society or body corporate or firms or individuals or schools or clubs or other bodies or private works and to undertake contracts and sub contracts relating to construction, modification, repairing, alteration, construction, removal, redecoration, redesigning, enlarging, improving and designing of civil work, building for whatever use, roads, approach roads, streets, circles, squares, parks, gardens, statues, parking places, bridges, dams, water courses and reservoirs, tunnels, earth works, sewers, tanks, drains, sewage, light houses, towers, transmission towers, pipe lines, under ground cables, railway tracks, railway sidings, run ways ship yards, stock yards, culverts, channels whether on turnkey basis or on labour contracts or otherwise.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, process, excavate, quarry, melt, mould, roll, commercialize, cold, clean, cure, treat, mix, manipulate, prepare and to act as broker, importer, exporter, buyer, seller, stockists, distributor, contractor, supplier, metallurgists, engineer, collaborator, job worker, or otherwise to deal in copper, copper alloys, copper metal, unwrought copper, copper waste, copper scrap, copper foils, copper powders, copper flakes, copper strips, copper sheets, copper wires whether coated, uncoated, claded, perforated, printed, embossed, insulated and all types of sections, varieties, strengths, specifications, descriptions, dimensions, and shapes of copper products, including bars, angles, tubes, pipes and blanks thereof, hollow bars, containers, stranded wires, cables, cordage, ropes, plaited bands, insulated electric wires & cables, electrodes, gauge, clothes, grills, netting, fencing, reinforcing fabrics, chains, nails, tacks, staples, hooks, nails, spiked cramps, shields, spikes and drawing pins, rivets, buckles, bolts, nuts, screws, cotters, cotter pins, washers, spring washers, springs, sanitary wares, hardware, utensils, electronic goods and other allied items, their parts, fittings, accessories & components, and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.

To carry on the business of manufacturers, processors, producers, purchasers, sellers, blenders, makers, researchers and dealers in cosmetics, perfumes, scents, sprays, nail polish, fragrances, powders, lavenders, tooth pastes, tooth powder, hair oils, herbals, creams, pomeds, ayurvedic and intermediates and their raw materials.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to provide, commercialize, control, develop, establish, handle, operate, hold, pack, organise, promote, service, supervise, represent and to act as agent, concessionaires, consultants, booking agents or deal in all types of courier activities in all its branches for collecting and delivering either by own arrangements or through representatives or agents, any documents, goods, articles or things on behalf of customers from one place to another place in any part of the world and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of foregoing objects.

To grow, cultivate, plant, produce, process, breed, buy, sell, import, export, make marketable and otherwise deal in agricultural, horticultural, botanical, including commercial and cash crops like sugarcane, ground-nuts, wheat, paddy, potatoes, soya bean, cotton, grapes, tea, coffee, coca, and plantation for sowing purposes and bye-products therefrom and fodder and grains and farm produce.

To carry on the business as dealers in and purchasers of dairy farms garden and product of all kinds and in particular milk, cream, butter, ghee, cheese, poultry eggs, fruits, vegetable oils, vegetable ghee, artificial ghee, sausages, brawn patted meat, table delicacies; loaves, bread manures etc. and to purchase, acquire, keep maintain breed, sell or otherwise dispose of all kinds of cattle, cows, buffaloes, pigs, poultry, game and live or dead stock of all description.

To carry on the business as dealers in and purchasers of dairy farms, gardens and produce of all kinds of dairy farm and in particular milk, cream, butter, ghee, pork pies, sausages, prawn, meat, etc.

To carry on the business activities as developers of land, colonies, sheds, buildings, structures, residential plots, commercial plots, industrial plots and sheds, roads, bridges, channels, culverts and to act as architect, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, for all types of constructions and developments work for private sector, government departments, semi government departments and to develop the sites and plots and to carry on the business activities of acquirer, purchaser, lease, exchange, hire or otherwise all types of land, and properties of any tenure or any interest in the same or to erect and construct houses, building, multi-stories, or work for every descriptions on any land of the company or upon other land or property and to pull down re-build, enlarge, alter, and improve, existing houses, buildings, or work thereon and to purchasing and selling of houses and plots free hold or other house property, building, or lands or interest, household articles and other products of other companies in the installments, network scheme or otherwise and to act as commission agent and to offer various types of incentives, schemes from time to time either directly or in collaboration with any other individuals, firms, bodies corporate in India or else where and to educate people for side work, entertainment and side work, personality development.

To carry on the business of rendering various services relating to treatment of ailments including in particular to run nursing homes, hospitals, operation theaters, pathological laboratories, X-ray clinics, research centers and cardiographic and sonographic centers.

To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, growers, fabricators, processors, refiners, stockists, agents, importers, exporters, traders, whole sellers, distributors, concessionaires or dealers of drugs, medicines, chemicals, spirits, mixtures, tonics, pigments, powders, tablets, pills, capsules, injections, oils, compounds, mother tincture preparations, globules, creams, scents, soaps, lotions, toilet goods and all kinds of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical preparations required or used in homeopathic, allopathic, ayurvedic, unani, biochemic or any other medicinal system or branch of medicine or as beauty aid or personal hygiene, juices, squash, sharbat, nourishment foods and concentrates, bandages, cotton, gauge, crutches and various types of anatomical, orthopadic or surgical instruments, implets or stores and books, journals and publications and all sorts of storage or packing material connected with or required for any or more of the above mentioned items and products.

To carry on educational institution like school, college, coaching classes and to carry on courses in all subjects or branches of engineering, science medical, commerce, industrial, commercial, arts, management and any other faculty of education ad to run Management and Computer training institutions.

To carry on the business of electrical engineers, electricians, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, of and dealers in electrical and other appliances cables, wire lines, dry cells, accumulators and distribute, supply electricity for the purpose of light, heat, motive power and for all other purposes to which electrical energy can be employed.

To carry on business activities for manufacturing, distribution, generation, transmission, supervisions and control of all types of power either mechanical, hydraulic, gas, wind farms, solar etc. and/or to design, plan, manufacture, assemble, supply, erect, commission, test, maintain, trouble shooting, repair, service etc., of electrical and/or electronics goods, items, instruments, parts, spares, D.G. sets, electrical control, switchgear panels, switches, cables, plugs, powers projects in industrial, commercial, residential, establishments etc., in part individual and/or composite key basis and to provide Consultancy, expert services, advises, designs, drawings in relation to supervision and control of power in India and abroad.

To carry on the business as weavers or otherwise manufacturers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters and dealers of silk, art silk, synthetic, woolen and cotton fabrics and other fibrous products including dressing and furnishing materials, uniforms, readymade garments, carpets and carpet backing, blankets padding knitted goods, woven bags, hosiery gloves, yarn and sewing thread and, To carry on the business of packing, grading, crimping, twisting, texturing, bleaching dyeing, printing, mercerizing or otherwise processing yarn, cloth, carpets, blankets and other textile goods, whether made from cotton, jute, wool, silk, art silk, synthetic and other fibers or blends thereof.

To acquire pieces or parcels of land, plot, hereditaments, plantations, orchards, standing corps, gardens and to use and to employ and plans of the company of in agricultural, horticultural uses and to carry on the business of general farmers, agriculturists, dairy farmers, live stocks, fisheries, poultry farms, nursery and growers of produce which the lands may from time to time be found to be most adaptable or suitable.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, process, produce, formulate, mix, disinfect, clean, wash, dilute, concentrate, compound, segregate, pack, repack, add, remove, heat grade, freeze, fermentate, reduce, improve, buy, sell, resell, import, export, barter, transport, store, forward, distribute, dispose, develop, handle, manipulate, market, procure, supply, treat, work and to act as agent, broker, representative consultants, collaborators, stockists, liaisoner, job workers, or otherwise to deal in all kinds of fertilizers and chemicals whether nitrogenous, phosphatic, potash or otherwise such as single super phosphate, triple super phosphate, phosphate rock, sodium silica flouride, lime rock phosphate, urea, sulphur, gypsum, silicon flouride, vanadium pentoxide, oleuim, sulphuric acid, zinc sulphate, silicon dioxide, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, soda ash, caustic soda, chlorine based chemicals, diammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, calcium chloride and other organic salts, by products, derivatives, compounds, residues, waste, whether straight, complex or mixed and whether granulated or otherwise and to do all incidental acts and things as may be necessary for the attainment of above object.

To carry on the business to produce, treat, process, prepare, alter, develop, expose, edit, exhibit, make, remake, display, print, reprint, convert, duplicate, finish, buy, sell, run, import, export cine films, TV serials, advertising films, telefilms, documentary films etc; and to act as agent, broker, distributor, proprietor, owners of copy rights, audio rights, theaters, cinema halls, dubbing rights, cinema studio and film processing labs owners and to do all other incidental acts for the attainment of the aforesaid objects of the company.

To erect, purchase by contract, take on hire or lease, or otherwise acquire and maintain the necessary studio or studios, theatres, picture houses for the purpose of the Company and to buy, take on hire and otherwise acquire all or any machinery, cameras, instruments, apparatus, chemical and other necessary materials for sets, decorations or ornaments furniture and fixtures and other articles and things as deemed necessary in connection with the business of the Company.

To carry on the business as Financial and Investment Consultant and act as issue manager, lead manager, underwriters, sub-underwriters, brokers, dealers, and agents of shares, debenture stocks and other securities.

To carry on the business of finance consultant to finance industrial, agricultural and other business enterprises and for that purpose lend and advance money to entrepreneurs, promoters, industrial and other business concerns on such terms and conditions and with or without security as may be thought appropriate and also to act as a Financial Company. To carry on the business of the lead finance Company and to finance lease operation such as hiring, letting on hire equipments, plant and machinery and to assist finance or his purchase or differed payments or to subsidies finance or assist in subsidising or financing the sale and maintenance of goods or commodities upon terms and conditions and to undertake leasing finance for immovable properties including lands and buildings, plant and machinery, equipments and vehicles such as automobiles, ships, aircrafts, computers, commercial and industrial equipments.

To offer consultancy, advisory and all related services in all areas of information technology including computer hardware and software, data communication, telecommunications, manufacturing and process control and automation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and to undertake research and development, promote excellence and leadership and computer science, modern mathematics, vedic methodology, vedantic philosophy and universal and eternal value premises and to provide for such research and development including conducting and participating in seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and the like and to obtain technical know-how, literature, brochures, technical data etc. from abroad and export/disseminate them to other countries and engage in manpower recruitment for overseas requirements and also bring in necessary skilled personnel into the country and to develop, market, implement systems and application software packages and related products for Indian and export markets to conduct software and hardware courses, to offer consultancy including hardware selection, system design, manpower selection, software development, implementation and training and to spread computer literacy and computer aided education in rural and urban areas through application of modern techniques, media communications and to operate data and information processing enters and to render all such services as are required by the customers in relation to processing of information and also in the interpretation, application and use of processed data.

To act as merchant bankers, portfolio managers, underwriters, sub-underwriters, consultant for capital issues, advisers to capital issues, investment consultants and management advisers to corporate bodies, individuals and others in commercial and industrial management and policy matters and to receive funds from others in trust and to manage and invest and deploy them as deemed fit or to advise them in such manner as deemed fit, to make project evaluation, feasibility studies, project reports, forecasts and surveys, and to give expert advice and suggest ways and means for improving efficiency in business organisations whether by amalgamations, mergers, demergers or otherwise in any manner and concern and industries of all kinds and /or to act as lead managers, co-managers and underwriters to Issue of shares, stocks, bond debentures, commercial paper or other securities of bodies corporate or industrial undertaking and/or shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, commercial paper or other securities issued by an government or semi-government authority or public authority or government undertaking or corporation and/or to undertake venture capital funding, project financing, promoter funding, funding of shares, stocks, bonds, debentures or other securities and to act as merchant bankers, issue house, registrars to issues of any kind, transfer agents for securities of all kinds to manage and administer computer centers and clearing houses for the securities, money managers/liability managers, intermediary broking and advisory services of all kinds, to act as merchant bankers, credit rating agency and credit appraisal agency and to credit rate all kinds of securities and deposits of all bodies corporate whether private or public or government and whether Indian or foreign entities.

To acquire, establish and maintain health care and slimming centers, gymnasiums, massage parlor, body care center, barber shop, beauty parlor, mini sports boutique including swimming pool, library and to provide the services relating to weight loosing and gaining programmes, modern gadgetries and aerobics, yoga techniques for improving health, sauna, stem and jacuzzi baths for clients.

To deal in any commodities, substances, articles, merchandise, goods, and things whether solid or liquid or gaseous, as agents, commission agents, forwarding agents, clearing agents, distributors, warehousemen, licencees, merchants, traders, sales organisers, representatives of manufacturers of commodities, goods articles, materials and things and for that purpose to buy, to sell exchange, market, pledge, distribute, install, service, maintain, or otherwise deals in commodities, goods articles and things and to carry on the agency business.

To carry on all or any of the business of manufacturers, importers, exporters and dealers in glass, glass products including sheets and plate glass, optical glass, glass wool, laboratory ware, bottles, jars, containers, thermobottles, enamel ware and receptacles of all kinds.

To carry on the business of manufacturers or dealers in glass products including sheet and plate glass, optical glass, glass work, laboratory were ceramic product, glass wool, fibre glass, porcelain wares, glass tiles and refractories.

To own, establish, run, manage, and maintain, hospitals, research centers, diagnostic centers, blood bank service centers, immunisation centers, medical and other research centers, nursing homes, health centers, rehabilitation centers, clinics, polyclinics, laboratories and to apply or provide utility articles and services to patients, attendants and others and to provide aids to medical personnel for research and development and to act and work as consultants in medical profession in India and abroad.

To export, import, buy, sell, act as agent, trade or otherwise deal in all kinds of merchandise, edible oils, de-oiled and oiled cakes, Soya bean, ground nut oil seeds, other oil bearing sub-stances, steel, cotton yarn, synthetic yarn, blended yarn, chemicals, metals, textiles, capital goods, automobiles, consumer durables, commodities, agro products, precious metals, electronic goods, machines, paper, cement, building and construction material, fibers, leather articles, garments, foot wear, watches, furniture, electrical goods and accessories, foods, hydrocarbons, oil derivatives and other articles, goods capable of being imported, exported and traded.

To carry on the business of manufacturers of or dealers in Industrial machinery of all types including bearings, speed reduction units, pumps, machine tools and agricultural machinery and earth moving machinery including road rollers, bull dossiers, dumpers, loaders, shovels and drag lines and light engineering goods such as cycles and sewing machines and their components.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, process, convert, commercialize, control, compound, develop, distribute, derive, excavate, grade, release, manipulate, prepare, promote, reclaim, supply, import, export, buy, sell, turn to account and to act as agent, broker, concessionaires, consultants, collaborator, job worker or otherwise to deal in all specifications, descriptions, characteristics and applications of industrial oils including mineral oils, furnace oils, high speed diesel oils, liquid parafin & white oils, bauxite solvent oils, transformer oils, lubricating oils, light oils, mineral, turpentine oils, vaporising oils, hydrocarbon oils, mineral colza oils, household oils, base mineral oils, petroleum oils, glushing oils, brake oils, engine oils, gear oils, gear oils, bituminous mineral oils, creosote oils, anthracene oils, their residues, derivatives, compounds, products, by-products, mixtures, blends and other allied materials and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of above objects.

To commence and carry on, as and when permitted by the Central Government, all activities connected with general insurance, other than life insurance, like underwriting motor, fire, marine, and miscellaneous risks, providing general insurance coverages, providing risk management consultancy services, co-ordinate with insurance companies, whether local or foreign, on coverages, to represent insurance companies/ whether national or foreign, to provide or arrange insurance coverage and/or reinsurance coverage within or outside the country and to provide general consultancy services tike scrutiny of existing insurance coverages.

To carry on the business of interior furnishers and for the purpose to manufacture, process, produce, prepare, make, sell, purchase, importers, exporters, trade, market, items/products of interior decoration/ furnishing, including (tiles made from granite, marble, ceramic) carpets, partitions, panel rods, laminates, and plywood doors, windows made from aluminium, PVC wood, venetian blinds, grills, door closures and fitting glasses, mirrors, sun films, wall papers, leatherite cloth sanitary fittings, geysers, water filters, water proofing solar heaters, electric fittings and accessories fans, lamps, coolers, security items, T.V., video, washing machines, electric remote belt, pest repellent, pollution control, cement items, plant holders and architectural work.

To carry on the business of an investment company and to buy, sell, hold, underwrite, invest in finance, acquire whether by way of direct subscription, market purchase or otherwise, trade in and deal in odd lot shares, debenture, debenture stock, bonds, gold bonds, unit, whether for own business or for commission, brokerage or otherwise for any other person firm or body corporate, paid, unpaid, partly paid shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, debenture stocks, obligations and securities of all kinds issued or guaranteed by any public or private company, body corporate, government, state, dominion, sovereign, ruler, commissioners, public body or authority supreme, municipal, local or otherwise firm or person whether in India or elsewhere.

To carry on the business of financing, leasing, letting on hire, hire purchase or easy payment system for movable and or immovable properties including godowns, sheds, buildings, stores, flats, warehouses, shops, hotels, factories, garages, plants and machines, equipment, apparatus, instruments, appliances, furniture, fixtures, fittings, utensils, tools, vehicles, earth moving machines installations.

To carry on the business as manufacturers, makers, processors, buyers, sellers, distributors, dealers in all kinds of leathers, leather garments, leather shoes, shoe uppers, leather bags and baggages, leather gift articles, leather furnishings, leather wallets, leather belts, leather gloves, and all types of canvass and plastic shoes and substances capable of being made out of leather and other leather related goods of every description.

To carry on the business as dealers of machinery required for the processing, refining, manipulating leather, leather goods, items, articles, apparatus or things or other leather related goods for the purpose buy, sell, resale, import, export, order out and obtain indents to act as agents, distributors, stockists, representatives and to do all other business related to the aforesaid items.

To establish, encourage, own, promote, subsidize, provide, maintain, organize, undertake, manage, build, construct, equip, modernize, develop, operate, conduct and to run in any part of India or elsewhere mobile libraries, libraries, reading rooms, book banks and other similar places for lending books, magazines, video cassettes, audio cassettes, micro films, photographs, encyclopedias, news cuttings and other publications on membership, periodical fees or on free of cost basis to members, organisations, institutions, or to public at large and to do all such other acts and things which are necessary for the attainment of the aforesaid objects.

granite quarry briquetting machine in zimbabwe

granite quarry briquetting machine in zimbabwe

List Of Granite Mining Quarrying In Zimbabwe. List Of Mining Equipment For Granite Mine Youtube Sep 28 2012 Granite Quarry Mining Equipment Granite Quarry Mining Machinery Rates For Sale In Granite Quarry Marini Quarries Group The High Quality Of Marini Quarries Group Equipment Ensures Excellent Performance So That Any Type Of Problem In The Granite Quarry Can Be Dealt With Efficiency

If you have any problems or questions about our products or need our support and assistance, please contact us and you will be replied within 24 hours. We promise we will never reveal your information to the third party. Thank you!

Mobile Granite Crushing Machines Crusher Mills Cone. Sep 27 2012 Prices Of Quarry Machines In South Africa Quarry Stone Machines South Africa Granite Quarry Crushing Equipment In Zimbabwe Granite Aggregate Grinding Machine . South Africa Manufacturers Portable Stone Crushing Machines

Home Thailand Marble And Granite Supplier,DSDG Is One Of The Best Marble And Granite Supplier In Thailand DSDG Provide Good Quality Material And Proffessional Installer As Well Accelerate Production Process And Serivce Period 5000M 2 Inventory In Order To Satisfy All Range Of Customer We Have Regular Inventory Around More Than 5000 M 2 You Will See The Stone Pattern ...

The Largest Briquette Machine Supplier In China ABC Machinery Is The Largest Briquette Machine Supplier In China, We Provide Many Kinds Of High Standard Briquette Machines To The Customers . ABC Machinery Come To 2017 Spring Canton Fair 2017 Spring.Factories That Manufactures Crusher Equipments In China Price.

Used Refurbished Stone Machinery Equipment Park . Wire Saw Used Stone Machines Trading Of Used Feb 11, 2021 Below, You Will Find Machines That Have Been Refurbished Or Previously Used, But Still Get The Job Done. Refurbished Amp Used Stone Equipment Listings Will Be Updated Monthly. Pictures, Pricing, And Details About The Equipment Can Be Acquired By Contacting Park Industries Via The Inquiry ...

Sale Granit Crusher For Small Quarry Ducalliteriesmall Granite Quarry Crushing Machine Price Small Granite Quarry Crushing Machine Price 17 Oct 2012 Granite Crusher Is The Stone Crushing Machine Used For Crushing Granite Rocks Into Small Particles For Building And Supplies All Kinds Of Stone Crushers Screen And Grinding Machines For Granite.

Taisin Ice Mold Ice Machine Ice Maker For. Ice In The Shape Of A Ball Has A Smaller Contact Area Melting Slower And Keeping Your Drink Colder Longer Suitable For Any Bar Restaurant Or Home Event Where The Consistent Quality Of The Drinks Is Of The Utmost Importance Why Taisin The Ice Mold Machine Was Created By Taisin An Expert In Precision Metal Works Since

Nov 10 2020 Zhengzhou Sinolion Machinery Co Ltd Is A High Tech-Conpamy Which In Designing Manufacturing And Selling The Production Of Briquette Machine Stone Crusher Machine And Screening Machine. After 30 Years Of Development Sinolion Is Now Setting Up Branches Integrating Engineering Trade Research And Development Production And Sale To Develop .

Small Chrome Ore Linear Vibrating Screen In Bulawayo Zimbabwe Africasmall Chrome Ore Linear Vibrating Screen In Bulawayo Zimbabwe Africa. We Are Here For Your Questions Anytime 247, Welcome Your Consultation. Get Price. Arusa Tanzaniaafricalinear Vibratingscreenfor Sale. Arusa Tanzaniaafricalinear Vibratingscreenfor Sale.

Briquette Machine Is Also Called Briquetting Press Machine, Briquetting Machine Or Pressure Ball Machine. ... On Environmental Expert.By Sbm Mining.The Qi340 Is A Large Eminently Suitable As Primary.Get Price.Advantages Of Mining Granite Quarry In Zambia. ... Limestone Mining Zimbabwe.Limestone Mining In Zimbabwe Limestone Mining Zimbabwe ...

Guide In Writing A Feasibility Studies For A Stone Quarry. Feasibility Study For A Gravel Quarry Feasibility Study For Granite Quarry Feasibility Study Granite Quarry In Nigeria Feasibility Study Granite Quarry In Nigeria Report On The Physical Process Audit Of Nigeria Solid Minerals Jan 18 2012 Solid Minerals Sector In Nigeria For The Financial Years 2007 To 2010 As Part Of The Commercial ...

Jul 27, 2020 Zimbabwe Black Granite Quarry Crusher Machine. Zimbabwe Black Granite Plant Mc Machinery Zimbabwe Black Granite Plant Zimbabwe Black Granite Plant Zimbabwe New Granitecutting Plant Set To A Granitecutting Plant Expected To Earn Over 100 Million Annually In Foreign Exchange And Create At Least 50 New Jobs Will Be Commissioned In Ruwa Next Month ...

New Design Vibrating Screensieving Machine. Design A Vibrating Sieving Machine Zimbabwe Mine Alibaba Offers 159 New Design Vibration Sieving Machine Products About 87 Of These Are Vibrating Screen 3 Are Other Food Processing Machinery And 1 Are Other Metal Metallurgy Machinery A Wide Variety Of New Design Vibration Sieving Machine Options Are Available To You Such As Circular Linear

Granite Crusher Supplier Usa Fac Heavy Machinery. Granite Stone Crushing Machine Manufacturers In Usa Granite Rock Crusher Manufacturers In Usa Xsm Is A Leading Global Manufacturer Of Crushing And Milling Equipment Usa Stone Crushing Machine More Granitestone Crushing Machinery Suppliers In Crushing Stone Machine United States Coal Processing System Granite Crushing Machines

Jul 10, 2020 H Hay Briquetting Machine Price Export To Indonesia. H Hay Briquetting Machine Price Export To Indonesia In Philippines. Handbook Of Bioenergy Crops A Complete Reference To Species, Development And Applications N.El Bassam Biomass Currently Accounts For About 15 Per Cent Of Global Primary Energy Consumption And Is Playing An Increasingly Important Role In The Face Of Climate

Hsm Ce Pe 250X400 Diesel Engine Briquette Machine. ... Unit 1 Unit Min Order 11 YRS Timely After Sales Service Pe250 400 Pe 250 X 400 Pe250x400 Small Diesel Engine Stone Quarry Jaw Crusher The Price List Of Chinace Ciq Talc Pan Mill Machine Villamartinapalinuro Hsm Ce Ciq Metal Grinding Wet Pan Mill Gold Mining Hsm Ce Ciq Diesel Engine Gold Pan ...

Buy Crusher Quarry In Mukkudal E Quarry In Tirunelveli Palapathirama Puram Gulin Least News Cost Component Of Calcium Carbonate 187 The More 187 Granite Quarry In Get Price Quarry Machine And Crusher Plant Sale In Dammam Granite Quarry In Tirunelveli Palapathirama Puram Granite Quarries In Tamilnadu60s Manual Response.

Briquette Machine Shaking Table High Pressure Briquetting Machine Quarry Granite Blocks Price Quarry Granite Blocks Price , Quarry Granite Blocks Price Products Are Offered For Sale By Suppliers On Alibabacom, Of Which Granite Accounts For A Wide Variety Of Quarry Granite Blocks Price Options Are Available To You, Such As Graphic Design ...

Block Machine In Zimbabwe Brick Making Machine Block,Block Machine In Zimbabwe Turkey And Exporting Our Company Mussan Group Is Manufacturing Block Machine In Zimbabwe To Different African Countries Like Nigeria Gabon Mauritania Ethiopia Zimbabwe Etc Our Block Machine We Manufacturing Are In Various Types And Automation Like Manual Block Machine In Zimbabwe Semi Automatic Block Machine

Harare Zimbabwe Africa Low Price New Dolomite Hammer Small Rock Crushers For Sale Usa Check List Of Grinding Machine Harare Zimbabwe Africa Low Price New Dolomite Hammer Crusher Sell At A Loss Riyadh Tangible Benefits Potash Feldspar Briquetting Machine Price Medium Mineral Briquetting Machineinvalpara So New Lump Coal Briquetting Machinein ...

Granite Processing Plant Machineries Suppliers,Granite Processing Plant Machineries Suppliers We Are A Professional Mining Machinery Manufacturer The Main Equipment Including Jaw Crusher Cone Crusher And Other Sandstone Equipmentball Mill Flotation Machine Concentrator And Other Beneficiation Equipment Powder Grinding Plant Rotary Dryer Briquette Machine Mining Metallurgy And Other Related ...

Quarry Granite Briquette Machines Secondhand Malaysia. Buy Quarry Machines In Malaysia Price. Manufacturer S Buy Quarry Machines In Malaysia Ceramic Floor Tile Production Line Price Cereal Mill Ma Quarry Crusher For Sale XSM One Of The Largest Quarry Machine Manufacturers In China Other Mining Machines Quarrmobile Crusher For Sale In Malaysiay Equipment Price And M We Are A Professional

There Are 2425 Granite Quarry Equipment Suppliers Mainly Located In Asia The Top Supplying Countries Or Regions Are China Hong Kong SAR And Philippines Which Supply 99 1 And 1 Of Granite Quarry Equipment Respectively Granite Quarry Equipment Products Are Most Popular In Africa South America And Mid East...We Are A Professional Mining Machinery Manufacturer, The Main Equipment Including Jaw ...

Granite Mining Machinery Granite Mining Machinery . Tph Stone Quarry Machines For Sale In Tanzania Plant Jaw Crusher For Tanzania Complete Crushing Line Of Gold Leaching Production It Works As The Primary Crusher And There Are Belt Conveyor, Cone Crusher, Vibrating Screen And So On. Primary Concrete Rock Stone Jaw Crusher Mining Quarry Granite Basalt Limestone Gravel Crushing Machine Price

Granite Crusher Supplier Usa Fac Heavy Machinery. Granite Stone Crushing Machine Manufacturers In Usa Granite Rock Crusher Manufacturers In Usa Xsm Is A Leading Global Manufacturer Of Crushing And Milling Equipment Usa Stone Crushing Machine More Granitestone Crushing Machinery Suppliers In Crushing Stone Machine United States Coal Processing System Granite Crushing Machines

May 22, 2020 Marble Briquetting Machine In Luxembourg. Granite Processing Silika Sand Luxembourg As A Leading Global Manufacturer Of Crushing Equipment Milling Equipmentdressing Equipmentdrying Equipment And Briquette Equipment Etc We Offer Advanced Rational Solutions For Any Size-Reduction Requirements Including Quarry Aggregate Grinding Production And Complete Plant.

Dry Lime Briquetting Machine For Sale South Africa Lime Briquetting Machine, Manufactured From FTM Machinery Ltd., Is A Kind Of Equipment For Pressing Powdery Materials Into Balls. Using This Kind Ofmachineto Process Thelimecan Reduce Dust, Control Bulk Density, Return To Use, Improve Transportation Characteristics, Etc.

High Quality Small Bluestone Briquetting Plant Sell It At A ... Low Price Large Kaolin Briquetting Plant Sell It At A ... Barite Mining Processingplantfeb 12 2019 Gravel Marble Stone Unit Crushing Equipment Mill ... Small Silicate Jaw Crusher Sell In Azoppo Laos Southeast Asia Gwangju Tangible Benefits River ... High Quality Portable Bluestone Wood Pellet Making Machine Sell It At A Bargain ...

Factory Price PE 400X600 Small Stone Rock Jaw Crusher Best Selling In South Africa For Granite,Quartz Gold. Granite Quarry Machine In South Africa Crusher Mills. Sep 27, 2012 Prices Of Quarry Machines In South Africa. Quarry Stone Machines South Africa. Granite Quarry Crushing Equipment In Zimbabwe Granite Aggregate Grinding ...

Buy Crusher Quarry In Mukkudal E Quarry In Tirunelveli Palapathirama Puram Gulin Least News Cost Component Of Calcium Carbonate 187 The More 187 Granite Quarry In Get Price Quarry Machine And Crusher Plant Sale In Dammam Granite Quarry In Tirunelveli Palapathirama Puram Granite Quarries In Tamilnadu60s Manual Response.

Natural Stone Texas Limestone Company Stone Products Inc. Quarry Block Cutter Quarry Blocks Slab Saw Slabs Full Bed Veneer Thin Veneer Trucking Finished Product Stone Products Inc Is Based In Carrollton Texas And Has Been The Most Trusted Name In Texas Limestone Production For Several Decades We Have Been A Continuous Family Owned Business For 42 Years With The Stone Quarry Slab

Granite Quarry Mines In Zimbabwe Riversidevetscoza. Zimbabwe Mobile Crusher Buyers Quarry Crusher Quarry Crusher Sale,Mobile Quarry Crusher Manufacturers,Price For Sale In Zimbabwe Price Of Quarry Crushers In Zimbabwe Small Ball Mill Granite Quarry Stone In Zimbabwe Gold Ore Crusher A Ball Mill Is A Type Of Grinding Mill, Purposed Similarly To ...

Best Combination Stone Crusher Zimbabwe. Best Combination Stone Crusher Zimbabwe Quarry Crusher Manufacturers Zimbabwe Granite Quarry Crusher Plant Machine Suppliers Sep , Granite Crusher Machines Suppliers In India Oct , Granite Crusher Is The Stone Crushing Machine Used For Crushing Granite Rocks Into Small Particles For Building, And Supplies All Kinds Of Stone Crushers, Screen And

Stone Crusher For Sale In Sri Lanka In Zimbabwe. Stone Crusher For Sale In Sri Lanka In Zimbabwe. Dec 12 2017 Stone Breaker In Sri Lanka Small Crushing Machine Mini Crusher For Sale The Nile Brand Rock Jaw Crusher Uses Compressive Force For Breaking Of Particle This Mechanical Pressure Is Achieved By The Two Jaws Of The Crusher Of Which One Is Fixed While The Other Reciprocateswe Are A ...

Zimbabwe Black Granite Quarry Crusher Machine.Zimbabwe Black Granite Plant Mc Machinery.Zimbabwe Black Granite Plant Zimbabwe Black Granite Plant Zimbabwe New Granitecutting Plant Set To A Granitecutting Plant Expected To Earn Over 100 Million Annually In Foreign Exchange And Create At Least 50 New Jobs Will Be Commissioned In Ruwa Next Month.

Granite Quarry Sweden Granite Quarry Sweden Xsm Excellent Mining Crushing Machinery Products Or Production Line Design The Company Is Committed To Building The Chinese Brand Mine Crushing And Processing Machinery Mainly Crusher Mill Sand Making Our Products Granite Quarry Sweden In More Than One Hundred Of The Worldsales Of Countries And Regions.

what quartzite goes with natural stain rift cut white oak?

what quartzite goes with natural stain rift cut white oak?

Trying to do a modern kitchen and have some lovely cabinets made of rift cut white oak. Any suggestions on types of quartzite that would go with such cabinets? I love the look of those dramatic marble or quartz counters and backsplashes, but want to use quartzite instead. Thinking of Perla Venata but dont like it enough to pull the trigger :-D

We have just installed a rift sawn white oak island and another area in our kitchen with the same white oak. Its so beautiful! Other parts will be SW snowbound white. I had the hardest time selecting a counter as I really wanted calacatta marble but steered away because of durability. I just chose 3 slabs of this called calcatta Montreal quartzite at MSI. Im not fond of the shininess and considering having it honed. It was just as pricey as the calacatta marble I just hope its way more durable. Ive read conflicting reviews if softer quartzite than others.

Oh Wow! The Taj Mahal and the Montreal look really lovely.I actually saw the Taj Mahal quartzite at a few quarries and was blown away by how beautiful it looked. It also looked fabulous with our cabinet sample. The only reason we looked at Perla was because the all the Taj slabs in about 5 stores we looked had a bunch of fissures as the quarry guys said, but they looked like cracks to me :-/. They claimed that it was a natural stone and it was totally ok because of the resin they used to repair it which makes it super strong. Are they having me on? I took a picture of the slab just in case. Id love to understand the internet opinion on this. The color in the picture looks gray but its really a warm cream and beige. But the fissure running diagonally was what concerns me.

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