the 9 best garlic presses to buy in 2021 | allrecipes

the 9 best garlic presses to buy in 2021 | allrecipes

To some, a garlic press may sound like a frivolous or unnecessary kitchen device. You can always just use a chef's knife, right? But I say if you're looking to save time and effort, a garlic press is a handy kitchen tool that you'll end up reaching for more than you'd think.

A handheld garlic press allows you to press or crush garlic right into your mixing bowl for when you're whipping up Toasted Garlic Bread or Simple Garlic Shrimp. Today's garlic presses can peel, crush, and mince, making them truly multipurpose. Not to mention they're cheap - you can get a top-rated garlic press for as little as $10.

We called on Allrecipes expert product tester Rachel Johnson to test the top garlic presses on the market today. Read on for our picks of the best garlic presses that will make even your most garlicky dishes a breeze. See one you like? Click the link below each description to get your very own.

To start, we rounded up over a dozen of the best garlic presses on the market from brands like OXO, Kuhn Rikon, Joseph Jospeh, and Zyliss. From simple, no-frills presses to multi-purpose garlic presses, Rachel tested them all.

To test each press, Rachel attempted to press a whole clove of garlic through each (although some could only fit pieces while others could fit more than one clove). For each test, she considered the following metrics:

If you're still feeling skeptical about whether a garlic press is a good investment, we're here to convince you that it will in fact make your life easier. Without culinary school-grade knife skills, the average home cook isn't going to be able to reach their desired minced garlic texture without the help of a garlic press. A garlic press not only gives you a very fine mince, but it also evenly minces garlic so that its flavor will be uniformly distributed throughout your dish.

Some garlic presses even allow you to skip the peeling step altogether, by placing an unpeeled clove directly into the press. Not to mention, once you switch to one of these top-rated garlic presses, stinky garlic hands will never be a thing again. And cleaning modern garlic presses is a breeze with dishwasher safe parts and even built-in cleaners that "eject"the remaining garlic pieces. Basically, a garlic press makes getting food on the table faster and easier, and that's not such a bad thing.

Based on the price, you wouldn't expect this affordable garlic press to come out on top. But for just $15, this garlic press has a smart design that's comparable to even the most expensive brands on this list of the best garlic presses.

This press includes a silicone roller for easy removal of garlic skin, and a small cleaning brush. The pieces fit seamlessly inside each other for easy storage. The garlic press itself is made from sleek, dishwasher safe, stainless steel that's more resistant to scratches and that lingering garlic scent than other materials.

Rachel found the minced garlic from this press to be uniform and smooth, a happy medium between a paste consistency and a chunky, minced consistency. She said a small knife or spoon must be used to remove any excess garlic from the chamber. For the price, this garlic press from Alpha Grillers really delivers.

The garlic press from Kuhn Rikon is on the heavier side, with an industrial-looking stainless steel finish. Rachel says, "This press does not have any flashy components or extra features, it simply presses garlic into a fine, uniform paste."

To clean this garlic press, simply flush the chamber with water and place it fully extended in the top rack of the dishwasher. This is a great option if you're looking for a garlic press that produces an extremely fine, almost paste like result. Its simple design and attractive finish make a versatile tool that will look and function great in any kitchen.

Don't let its price tag fool you. This $12 garlic press is beloved by a wide array of Amazon reviewers and home cooks. Indeed, with more than 13,000 ratings, this top-rated garlic press boasts 4.5 stars, better than some of the much more expensive garlic presses by far bigger names.

So if it has so many ratings and stars, what do reviewers love about this garlic press exactly? Primarily, that it's easy to clean: "It is very sturdy and does the job.Easytocleanout. The husk remover that comes with it works very well also. Can't recommend this enough," an Amazon reviewer writes.

It's also touted for its high quality and sturdy, stainless steel construction, which makes pressing garlic a snap and cuts down on prep time: "I was given a garlic press for Christmas for my birthday. I loved it so much, I gave one to my daughter. For a cook who uses garlic, it is definitely a miraculous time saver," one reviewer writes.

Using a garlic press can be hard on your hands, so this press from OXO has rubberized handles for added comfort. This press is on the heavier side, but with the capacity to press a few cloves at once. This press has larger, square-shaped holes that create small, uniform cubes of garlic when pressed. It also boasts a "built-in cleaner."Simply flip the handles over to push any unwanted skin or garlic out of the press, and then fully extend and place in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup.

The functional and simple design of this product paired with the non-slip handles earn this garlic press high marks. It's a great option, especially for anyone looking to get larger, minced garlic pieces rather than a paste.

If the squeeze function of most garlic presses is too difficult for you, the garlic rocker might be a better option. You'll get the same minced, paste-like garlic, but you'll just rock this plate onto the cloves instead of squeezing. Scoop up the garlic from the top of the rocker, and keep rocking until you've crushed all the garlic you need.

Dishwasher safe, the stainless steel body of this garlic rock won't absorb any odors or flavors from the garlic, and if any garlic gets on your hand, the stainless steel can help remove it while you're mincing the garlic. (Talk about a win-win!)

For those willing to spend a little more money to get top-of-the-line design, this Dreamfarm garlic press is the way to go. Rachel says, "This garlic press cannot be beat in terms of efficiency. Load one garlic clove into the chamber, press with a reasonable amount of force, and the top handle scrapes the side of the press clean, dropping any excess garlic onto the cutting board."

The "eject"function on this garlic press uses a small lever to push the peel out of the chamber. Rachel found it took a few tries to get all of the skin out of the chamber, but it's also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The garlic produced from this press is uniform and paste-like, perfect for flavoring any dish. With an attractive chrome-plated zinc body and BPA-free plastic pieces, this garlic press lives up to its price point.

At less than $12, this top-rated garlic press from Joseph Joseph (the second from this brand on our list of the best garlic presses) is an absolute steal. The body is made out of BPA-free nylon plastic, with a light texture for easy grip. The chamber, or "basket,"is made out of stainless steel, with the ability to hold several garlic cloves at once. This garlic press employs a twisting action in which both handles move towards each other to press the garlic.

Although Rachel found this press to require some scraping to remove excess garlic, and the use of both hands to operate it, the garlic produced was nicely minced and uniform. For the price, this is a very handy tool for making meal time faster.

The traditional garlic press minces garlic cloves into a fine, paste-like garlic product, but slicing garlic is just as time-consuming as mincing. What will solve for that dilemma? This Amco garlic press will: the two-in-one garlic press can mince and slice.

The nonstick coated cast zinc is hefty but not overly heavy. Reviewers like that it's easy to clean (with some necessary brushing to loosen any leftover bits), and it can go straight into the dishwasher. The garlic press/slicer comes with a cleaning tool to help with any stuck-on bits, and it's stored in the handle so you don't lose it.

OXO finds itself on the list a second time with this durable garlic press. The body is made of dishwasher safe cast zinc, with rubberized handles for a soft grip (OXO's specialty). This press can hold up to three small cloves or one large clove at a time, pressing them into a fine, uniform paste.

Another feature of this press is its ability to keep the skin out of the pressed product, with a removable lever that can be cleaned separately. Although, this may require taking some extra care when cleaning to make sure no garlic residue remains. The classic steel and black color will fit with any kitchen. This garlic press receives high marks for function, looks, and efficiency.

best meat cleavers reviewed in 2021 gear hungry

best meat cleavers reviewed in 2021 gear hungry

Nobodys kitchen is complete without a good meat cleaver. One of the mainstays of any butchers shop and meat-lovers home since people have been cooking, the not-so-humble meat cleaver is the centerpiece for every kitchens knife block.

We looked at a pile of meat cleavers on the internet, called in some demos to test, and found the best meat cleavers for your kitchen. Weve also found some of the best ways to keep your cleaver sharp and effective and even figured out what that hole in the blade is for. Have a favorite that we didnt mention? Hit us up on social media and let us know!

The best cleaver knives do more than cleave meat, and the Imarku Meat Cleaver excels at just about everything in our kitchen. Ive used this blade to do everything from quartering chickens to cutting tomatoes into translucent slices with ease. The blades weight and toughness make it perfect for cutting through large chunks of meat, while its sharpness provides precision cuts for dicing and mincing. The high-carbon stainless steel imported from Germany has retained its edge over time, and the hardness has allowed the blade to keep its integrity throughout its rigorous testing.

The PAKKA wood handle is grippy, looks great, and is ergonomically shaped so you can slice through anything in your kitchen in comfort. With a 60-62 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC), this blade is tough, sharp, and durable. All of this adds up to a knife that works well in just about any situation. Ive been using this knife daily since it arrived, and I dont see that changing any time soon. Read the in-depth review here.

Another great mix of precision and power, this Aroma House Meat Cleaver is a great option. The carbon stainless steel blade is rated at 58-60 on the HRC, which is lower than some of the blades on this list but definitely hard enough to get the job done.

This daily cutter is built to handle meat, vegetables, and whatever else needs chopping, slicing, dicing, or filleting. This thanks in part to the heavy blade, which makes anything you cut feel like it was made of warm butter. At over a pound, this is no lightweight, but the full tang handle gives it a balance that makes it feel like a much lighter blade. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong with the blade, theyll replace it with a new one. Make sure to keep it in perfect condition with a quality knife sharpener.

Meat-eaters are going to love this crusher from lauded German company Wusthof. At almost 2 pounds, the Wusthof Gourmet 7-Inch Meat Cleaver is built for cutting through bone and joints to separate meat. The blade, bolster, and tang is made from one single piece of high carbon stainless steel, and the synthetic handle is secured with three rivets. This makes the cleaver able to withstand the sheer force needed to hammer through tough joints and bone. And the sharpness allows you to do it with precision, so youll come away with the perfect cut every time.

User reviews have lauded this cleavers ability to do everything from process chickens to slicing pizza. Plus, the hatchet-like feel makes you feel like a beast, even when youre cutting your kids grilled cheese sandwich in half. Weve used plenty of Wusthof kitchen knives over the years, and theyre still cutting like we just got them. This one should be on everyones wish list, just like any of these reliable butcher knives.

While its not your traditional meat cleaver, the Golden Bird Hand Forged Meat Cleaver is more than capable. Instead of using blunt force to break down meat, the knife uses a razor-sharp curved blade to slice through meat and joints. The balanced blade, curved wood handle, and large finger hole provide a comfortable, balanced feel with unsurpassed control. If you prefer precision slicing to brute force, this is definitely the knife for you.

The hammered texture doesnt just look cool (but it does look really cool); it also has functionality. The dimpling is highly corrosion-resistant and prevents food from sticking to the blade. And while we dont think youll need it, Golden Bird provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so youll have time to try it out and make sure its the right cleaver for you. Dont also forget to get a quality ceramic knife set for your kitchen.

One look at this cleaver from DALSTRONG, and you know it means business. The Cleaver Knife from the companys Shadow Black Series features a distinct black titanium coating that makes it look like the Bentley of kitchen knives and makes it more resistant to corrosion much easier to clean. It also makes you want to store it in a place where everyone can see it at all times. Youre not going to want to stick this one in a drawer.

DALSTRONG Meat Cleaver isnt just a pretty face, however. This clever is exceptionally sharp, heavy enough to power through meat and gristle with ease, and sports handle geometry inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter. This blade is as effective as it is gorgeous. The only problem is that youll want to replace the rest of your knives to match it.

One of the challenges with creating a great cleaver is creating the right balance. Most cleavers need to be heavy enough to power their way through the material, yet to be well-balanced enough to disguise that weight. TUO manages this in its Chopping Knife with a hearty bolster (the part of the blade closest to the handle), which puts more weight closer to the hand. This reduces wrist fatigue and adds control to your chop.

The German chromium toughened stainless steel blade is forged with up to 67 alternating layers to increase durability, resist corrosion, and retain sharpness. The PAKKA wood handle is oil-proof and anti-corrosive. The ergonomic shape increases comfort and control for cutting smaller pieces of meat or slicing and dicing fruit and vegetables. Looking for more kitchen tools that will make your life easier? Browse our selection of the top electric knives on the market.

If your chopping necessitates something more like a hatchet than a knife, the Dexter-Russell 8-Inch Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver is more than capable. This large meat cleaver is an 8-inch, 2 and a half-pound beast thats meant to be wielded like a hammer for high-force chopping through any cut of meat, joint, bone, or cutting board that you may come across. The hardened edge will stay sharp after repeated uses, and the compression-riveted rosewood handle can stand up to any shock you can muster. You can use the broad blade to crush foods like garlic and ginger as well.

After over 200 years in the business, Dexter-Russell has built a real blockbuster, but its not just for hammering away at meat with abandon. You can use the sharp carbon steel blade to slice vegetables and fruit and fine-chop more delicate meats like lamb or salmon without fraying. For more must-have kitchen tools for meat lovers, check out our list of the best steak knives.

If the price is no object, this professional meat cleaver from Shun should be high on your list. The Shun Classic 7-Inch Cleaver is pricey, but you can see where each dollar goes. The blade is made with propriety steel with cobalt, chromium, carbon, and tungsten to create tough, durable steel that keeps its razor edge. And the d-shaped handle is made with genuine hardwood infused with resin, resulting in a water-resistant and durable handle that can survive years of heavy use. The cleaver is presented in a beautiful Damascus pattern that reflects the quality and care that created the blade.

The Classic is built to be an all-kitchen tool, from heavier duties like breaking down chickens and smashing garlic cloves to more delicate uses like thin-slicing vegetables and fruit. While it is an investment, the knife also comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning this is the only cleaver that youll ever have to buy and an amazing gift for foodies in your life.

If youre looking for a great cleave but want to have some money left over for food, the Utopia Kitchen 7-Inch Meat Cleaver is a quality meat cleaver at a great price. This stainless-steel cleaver is burly enough to cut through chicken bones and sharp enough to dice vegetables with no issue, and the ergonomic handle is grippy and comfortable.

While other cleavers stand on their premium build and finish, this one has no pretense whatsoever. Its built to get the job done and focuses on utility. Its even dishwasher friendly, a claim that we have never seen from any other cleaver. Weve seen varying reports on its durability, but for $10, this is a highly effective cleaver. Plus, if you manage to break it, you can always buy a new one without taking a big hit to your wallet. If you are also a sushi lover, dont miss to check out these must-have sushi knives from our list.

To give you an in-depth look at each cleaver on this list, we researched the best kitchen cleavers online, looked at brands that weve used in the past, and called in cleavers to test and evaluate new and interesting pieces. We rounded out our first-person impressions with user reviews online to gather a comprehensive view. We also pulled from our experience testing and evaluating cookware over the last decade.

We chose knives that would be useful for a wide range of chefs in professional and home kitchens. We also looked for knives that were useful for a wide range of applications and accommodated varying budgets. We categorized them according to what priorities readers may be looking for in a meat cleaver.

Blade Length - A cleavers blade needs to be long enough to slice through various items with as few chops as possible. Ideally, one chop should be enough to make your cut because the fewer the chops, the cleaner the cut will be. Also, shorter blades tend to lodge into bigger items. Because of this, most of the cleavers youll find are somewhere between 7 and 8 inches.

Blade Height - Blade height is important because there has to be enough space for your knuckles. The most common chop is a heavy downward motion straight through the object when cutting with a meat cleaver. If the blade isnt high enough, youll whack your knuckles on the counter or cutting board with each chop. Look for a blade with a minimum of 3 to 4 inches in height.

Blade Thickness - The ideal blade thickness depends on how you tend to use your cleaver. Western cleavers tend to be thicker from the cutting edge to the spine, increasing durability and delivering a powerful strike. On the other hand, Eastern knives (like Japanese meat cleavers and Chinese meat cleavers) are thinner with a tighter angle on the cutting edge. This gives you greater control and cleaner cuts without tearing or fraying. If you want more precise cuts, opt for a thinner blade, but shoot for a thicker one if you tend to use more force. If you want a blend of the two, get a blade with a cutting edge between the two, somewhere around 16 degrees.

Overall Size - Finding the right size is a delicate balance. Too short, itll get lodged into larger items. Too big, it can cause fatigue and downgrade the accuracy of your cuts. The sweet spot with cleavers seems to be around 7 to 8 inches in length and 3-5 inches in height. Most companies are aware of this, which is why most cleavers are made to these parameters.

Balance - Cleavers tend to be blade heavy. This is because the weight comes from the blade, which allows the knife to fall forward. Too much weight in the blade, however, can hurt your swing control. This can lead to sloppy cuts or missing digits. Blades with full tangs and hearty bolsters can help even the balance of a blade, which helps your control and can even make a heavier blade feel somewhat lighter. A blade with more weight closer to the handle can give you better and control. This leads to better (and safer) chopping.

Weight - Weight is an essential aspect of meat cleavers, as the weight drives the blade down in an effective chop. Meat cleavers can weigh up to two pounds, which means they can cut through just about anything, but it will tire you out after a while. A cleaver lighter than a pound can also tire you out, however. The lighter weight means that it will likely require more effort to cut through even smaller bones or prepping a chicken. A cleaver somewhere in the middle (around 1 pound) is the sweet spot: its heavy enough to cut through most objects with one swing but not so heavy that it will exhaust you.

Sharpness - Most blades will come sharp but lose that sharpness over time. Over how much time depends on how durable the edges are. Look for a blade that has at least a 56-58 HRC rating. These blades tend to keep their sharpness over time with proper maintenance.

Strength and Durability - A good meat cleaver is built to last a long time, as long as you maintain it. That said, some are built tougher than others. Look for a blade with the aforementioned HRC rating of at least 56. This will ensure that the blade wont buckle, chip, or roll during use. Also, check on the handle ones that are secured via rivets are less likely to detach. The only issue with riveted handles is that the rivets' holes can create weak points in the material.

Types of Meat Cleaver - As mentioned above, there are two main types of makes for cleavers. The Western-style, and the Eastern style, favored in China and Japan. The main three differences are in the hardness of the steel and the thickness of the edge.

Hardness - Western cleavers tend to have a hardness of 56 to 58 on the HRC scale, while Eastern blades tend to be harder, usually rated around 60-61. This adds to the durability of the blade but also makes it tougher to sharpen.

Edge - This may be why Eastern blades are trimmed down to about a 15-degree or finer angle, while Western blades are usually close to 18-20 degrees. This leads to a denser and burlier cleaver, but one that will require more sharpening. If youre more of a chopper than a slicer, the Western-style may suit you better. If you want a more precision cut, the Eastern may be a better fit.

A: While meat cleavers were originally intended to hack their way through bone when parting out an animal, they are also one of the most versatile knives in any kitchen. In addition to the ability to slice through bone and gristle, they also provide cleaner, quicker cuts of delicate meat like filet mignon. The extremely sharp blades are also ideal for slicing and dicing fruits and veggies, piecing out sandwiches, and even slicing pizza (even though it may be a bit overkill). Also, the wide, flat blade is useful for crushing items like garlic or ginger.

A: This goes way back to when butcher cleavers would hang from meat hooks in the back of the butchers shop. Hanging the cleaver by the handle would leave a butcher exposed to walking into the blade, so bladesmiths would make butcher knives with the hole on the blade so the handles would hang down instead.

A: The main use of cleaving is towell, cleave. One solid chop through a dense piece of meat or bone. Use a one-handed grip and hold the food youre cutting down with your hand in a fist a good way away from the cutting area. This keeps your digits away from the blade and attached to your hand.

Gripping the handle tightly with your other hand, swing it down in a forceful but controlled strike, never taking your eyes off of your intended target. Youre going to hit what youre looking at, so do NOT look at your other hand during your swing. For safety, dont raise the cleaver above the head or chest level. The higher you go, the more things there are that can go wrong. If a basic hammer swing doesnt do the trick, you probably need a bone saw.

A: Most meat cleavers can cut through lighter bones like chicken, fish, or turkey bones, but thicker bones like cow bones require a heavier cleaver. If youre looking to chop through cow or similar bones, look for a bone cleaver thats closer to 2 pounds.

A: You can usually tell by the shape. Whereas a butcher knife is narrower and has a sharp point, a cleaver generally has a square shape and a heavier weight. This is because, in addition to slicing, a cleaver is meant to use that weight to hew through thicker and denser items like meat and bone. The cleaver is more of a chopper, where a butcher knife is used mostly for slicing.

A: Use a 300-grit whetstone and sharpen the cleaver from the heel to the tip at a slight angle, following the same profile as the original edge. Repeat the same motions on the other side, then wipe down the cleaver and rinse off the whetstone to remove the metal you ground off. - fun, fast and local - qatar's coolest online shop - fun, fast and local - qatar's coolest online shop is an online shopping pit stop, providing a unique experience that combines an authoritative selection of products and unparalleled service. Launched in September 2016, associated with Buyer Solutions (CR No. 43014). aims to be the fastest growing retail online store in Qatar.

5 best garlic presses - july 2021 - bestreviews

5 best garlic presses - july 2021 - bestreviews

Extremely sturdy stainless steel build and precisely engineered pressing unit. Sports a useful and attractive hanging ring and brushed-finished handles. It stands up to years of reliable use. Lifetime warranty.

A bit pricey, but you are paying for top quality. Takes a little extra effort to clean by hand garlic tends to get stuck in the crevices but cleans nicely in the dishwasher.

If you dont have the best knife skills or the most patience mincing garlic can be quite a chore. First, you have to peel it. Next, you have to crush it; most cooks use the edge of a knife to crush the clove. Then, you have to use that knife to mince the small, uneven garlic into minute slivers. Thats a lot of steps for one little garlic clove. As they say in the infomercials, Theres got to be a better way!

Enter the garlic press. This little contraption allows you to pop in a clove peel and all and squeeze a handle. This forces a piston to press the garlic (hence the name) through a grid of tiny holes with the peel left behind. The result is a gooey garlic paste that you can easily pop into a skillet or saucepan, no knife needed.

Garlic presses have been around for a fairly long time theyve been used commonly in both restaurants and home kitchens for decades so there are plenty out there to choose from. But which one is the best? At BestReviews, you can count on our impartiality, since we never accept free samples from manufacturers. We compile our results by doing our own research, asking the experts, and listening to the people who actually own the products.

If you have a good palate, you might be able to detect a difference in flavor between garlic that has been put through a press and that which has been minced with a knife. Some tastemakers claim that pressing garlic releases more of the cloves oils for a pleasantly intense flavor. Others claim that minced garlic has a purer flavor thats superior to its pressed counterpart.

In truth, garlic presses produce more-than-suitable flavor with very little effort. One drawback that critics of garlic presses point to is that they are one-dimensional tools that take up valuable kitchen space. But modern garlic presses are small enough to easily fit into a drawer and hide away amongst your can opener and your microplane.

It all comes down to personal preference. If you like the taste of minced garlic enough to whip out the knife and do the work, then by all means, have at it. But if you like the flavor of pressed garlic better or you simply cant tell much of a difference then a garlic press is the way to go.

Almost all garlic presses have the same design. They consist of two handles attached via a hinge. At the end of one handle is a bin with holes cut into one of its sides. At the end of the other handle is a block, also called a piston, that fits squarely inside the bin when the handles are pressed together and the hinge is closed.

Using a garlic press couldnt be easier. First, you open the hinge and place a garlic clove (or cloves) inside the empty bin. Then, you simply squeeze the handles together. The block crushes the garlic in the bin and passes the puree through the holes. Thus, the garlic is broken down and ready for use much faster than if it were minced by hand with a chefs knife.

Stainless-steel garlic presses are the most coveted on the market, due in large part to their sturdy construction and unmatched durability. Presses made from die-cast zinc are also durable, but theyre usually a little pricier and harder to find. Aluminum and plastic garlic presses cost less, but they tend to break more easily. Most wooden garlic presses have a metal piston or block to force the garlic through the perforations in the bin. These wooden presses can be aesthetically appealing if you are looking for a rustic design.

$15 to $30: You get a few more bells and whistles in this price range. For example, garlic presses with silicon cleaning brushes, ergonomic handles, and stylish designs are found here. Most are made of stainless steel, but you will find some that are made of heavy plastic.

$30 to $45: Most garlic presses in this higher price range are made of stainless steel and are engineered to require less user force. Youll also find many with beveled holes and stainless-steel sieves that swing out for easy cleanup.

If your garlic press came with a silicon brush, use that to scrub the debris stuck in the bin and jammed in its holes. If you dont have a silicon brush, a toothbrush or pastry brush will also get the job done.

Q. How do I know if I need a garlic press?A. Its estimated that garlic is used or called for in almost one-fourth of all recipes. So, if youre an avid home cook, a garlic press will really save you time over the long run. If you prefer the flavor of minced garlic or if you just want to work on your knife skills a garlic press probably isnt right for you.

Q. What should I look for when buying a garlic press?A. Search out a press with handles that feel comfortable in your hand. Also, make sure the hinge opens and closes easily. If you dont care for any of the dishwasher-safe models available, look for a garlic press that can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Q. Does garlic have to be peeled before it is put through a garlic press?A. No. One of the most convenient aspects of using a garlic press is that it removes the peel and leaves it in the hopper while the garlic itself is squeezed out through the perforations.

7 best garlic press to buy in 2021 (reviewed) - kitchen nexus

7 best garlic press to buy in 2021 (reviewed) - kitchen nexus

Garlic is one versatile ingredient used in many recipes all across the world. From tasty garlic toasts to soothing soups, you can add garlic in recipes to improve the taste. Not only these cloves enhance the taste of the dish but are also great for health. But with benefits comes some hardship. And the only hardship here is to peel and crush the garlic. You can do it with your hands but the strong nature of garlic leaves its smell in your finger for a long time. But you can prevent your hands from the smell by buying the best garlic press.

Garlic presses have taken the kitchen by storm as they cut down the most difficult part. With a garlic crusher, all you need to do is take some garlic cloves, add in the hopper and press down the handle. And youll see the minced garlic falling off from the unit. In just seconds you can mince a bunch of garlic without having your cutting board all messy and your hands stinky.

Another way to mine garlic is by using a food processor. Many processors come with a small attachment that is perfect for mincing garlic, herbs, etc. But do you feel like taking out the bulky unit and setting it up for crushing just a few cloves? Well, we dont think so. So weve picked some of the best garlic presses of 2020 that will save you from extra cleaning and mince cloves in a snap.

A garlic crusher or press simply minces clove or cloves by passing down them through the grid of small holes. You usually put one large or multiple small cloves in the hopper and then gently press down the handle. This simple press will mince cloves in a matter of seconds. You can either aim the unit directly over the pan or mince in a small bowl for future use.

Compact size and ease of use make garlic presses a popular kitchen tool. You might not know you need them until you use them. And not to say but there are a lot of options available today which simply get you in a pool of confusion. So after analyzing several products weve listed down the 7 best garlic crushers.

The quality of these little tools determines their strength and durability. And if youre not ready to compromise on quality then Kuhn Rikon Epicurean stainless steel garlic press is perfect. This solidly built tool with a rounded upper handle provides a nice grip while crushing down the garlic cloves. And not only garlic, but you can also crush ginger, horseradish, and much more in a snap. The joint will not loosen for years even if you use the tool frequently. You can peel or crush ingredients with 60% less effort.

Cheap garlic peelers are hard to clean. But thanks to the stainless sieve hinges of Kuhn Rikon Epicurean that comes out. For that, you just need to take the handles in the reverse direction. This will let the sieve hinge out so you can easily take off the remaining minced garlic with a fork. Once all the garlic is removed, you can give the unit a good rinse and pop it in the dishwasher. Or hand wash the tool in the kitchen sink. Handwashing will only take a few seconds and help to keep the performance intact as well.

If garlic is your favorite ingredient that goes in stews, soups, and your dinner rolls then Orblue rustproof garlic press is exactly what you need. This professional-grade tool, made from high-quality stainless steel is durable and rustproof. You can worry-free use it every day to mince garlic without seeing a sign of rust. The rounded handles give a perfect grip to press and mince cloves. Target the crusher over the bowl in butter to make cafe-like garlic toast at home.

No need to peel cloves before adding to the Orblue no peel garlic press. However, if you do not like to add cloves with peels on then Orblue includes a peeler that lets you peel cloves in seconds. Simply add the clove to the peeler, gently press and roll it on a flat surface. Tada! your peeled garlic cloves are ready to be minced in the presser. Besides, the loop design on the handles lets you hang the tool conveniently on the dish drying rack. If not handwash, then you can simply pop the tool in the dishwasher.

Making a healthy bowl of salad but got no time to peel and mince tiny garlic? Then let Zyliss garlic press help you with your busy schedule. This sturdy cast aluminum tool takes a large clove in its large hopper without the need to peel it. Yes, you can directly add in large or multiple small cloves with the peel on and press the hopper down for fresh minced garlic. We love the generous size of the hopper that gives you enough room to fit one fat clove without much adjusting or chopping.

Just like the above products, Zyliss Susi 3 garlic press is also dishwasher safe. However, the company recommends handwashing as frequent use of dishwashers can descale the aluminum surface. What we love the most about Zyliss crusher is the built-in cleaning tool. This cleaning tool sticks to one side of the handle and easily comes off when you need to clean the unit. It easily removes the crushed peel part from the hopper as well as fits tiny holes perfectly for quick cleanup.

Often the smooth handles slip from our hand while pressing a clove with the peel on. And this happens mainly because your hands are wet while preparing another meal on the workstation. But thanks to the rubberized handles of the Oxo garlic press that does not slip from hands even though youre crushing an unpeeled clove. In addition to a comfortable grip, rubber handles absorb extra pressure while squeezing. This prevents joins from loosening and reduces stress from palm as well.

Oxo features a built-in cleaner on the other side of tiny holes. All you need to do is flip the handles to eject the skin and the remaining chunk easily. Speaking of the chunk, a large capacity chamber of Oxo rubber handle garlic press can mince multiple cloves at a time. This particular unit is great for large families who love to add a good quantity of garlic in their meals, soups, stews, etc.

Easy to use, the Pampered Chef garlic press is perfect for people who do not like complicated tools. The minimalist design of the Pampered Chef is loved by many. Unlike a majority of other tools, this crusher does not go all the way to another side. It presses on only one side which makes it easy for you to mince many cloves. Besides, the extra-large hopper accommodates large garlic cloves, ginger, horseradish, etc without having to chop them.

Instead of steel or zinc allow, the Pampered Chef press is made of aluminum. The aluminum has a nonstick, silicone-based coating that helps with gentle squeezing. Besides, theres a cleaning tool included to clean the unit thoroughly after use. The tool stores in the handle itself which reduces the chances of misplacement. Although it is dishwasher safe just like many other products on the list, prefer handwashing as it not only protects the outer layer of aluminum but also helps to get rid of the smell.

Not ready to spend more than 20 dollars on a mincing tool? Then Alpha Grillers stainless steel mincer is just right for you. Made from 100% premium 304 stainless steel material, the unit will not catch rust or corrode easily even if you use it daily to add minced garlic in your salad, soup, bread, or stew. Plus, no need to peel cloves as the peels stay in while the flesh comes out. Then with the help of a fork, you can easily remove the minced part.

But if you want a peeled clove for your homemade delicacy then no problem Alphas got your back. It includes a roller peeler tube made from FDA approved silicone. Simply insert the unpeeled garlic clove, roll back and forth on a flat surface and tip out perfectly peeled clove. Repeat if you wish to make garlic chicken for a family night and let the Alpha Grillers press handle the mincing part.

The problem with cheap steel garlic presses is they change the taste of ingredients once minced. Youll feel completely different, a metal-like taste. So avoid buying those toxic products and stick to quality. Thanks to Rsle Stainless steel ginger press which is made of hygienic 18/10 stainless steel. The high-grade quality of steel ensures no change in taste once the cloves come out minced. Besides, the rounded yet weighted handles ease the pressing as you will not have to exert too much pressure.

Instead of a simple block design, Rsle garlic press has a clove-like chamber. This mincing chamber has 48 offset conical holes with a spacious loading chamber that can handle both peeled and unpeeled cloves. In addition to garlic, it can handle peeled ginger and horseradish as well. Once youre done adding spice and flavor to your recipe, take advantage of the fold-out sieve and wash it under running water.

The best part about using a garlic press is you do not have to read any manual as the design says it all. These pressers have two handles and in between, is a hopper. Now hopper can be small or large depending on the size you buy. To use the garlic crusher first youll have to open the handle to easily access the hopper. Now here, in the tiny hole chamber goes clove or cloves. Then finally, you take the other handle down and squeeze the tool gently. It is not necessary to peel garlic cloves before using a garlic press.

To some extent, you can say that a garlic press is the same as mincing. But a crusher very finely minces the cloves. Sometimes the texture of cloves looks like a puree. On the other hand mincing of garlic cloves mean to finely chop them into a lot of tiny pieces. The more tiny a clove would be the more flavor and aroma it will give. So you might have seen that a majority of recipes use minced garlic instead of whole cloves for perfect aroma and taste.

Garlic press or crusher is a tool you might not realize that you want one until you use one. These handy tools are way better than taking out the big food processor just to mince garlic. As you now know, a press comes in different materials with a cleaning brush included in some while others include a peeler tube. But the main purpose of all these tiny tools is to help you with better hand-free mincing. Using the best garlic crusher will not leave your hands stinky as well as mince cloves in seconds.

the 7 best garlic presses of 2021

the 7 best garlic presses of 2021

Garlic is somewhat of a staple ingredient in many recipes, from marinades to stir-fries to sauces. But many cooks find mincing garlic a chore; it is not particularly strenuous, but when the bits of garlic cling to the knife blade and need to be removed repeatedly, its hard to mince a few cloves quickly and easilywithout getting garlic-scented fingers in the process. When youre using a large quantity of garlic, a food processor can do the work, but when you need a single clove or a small handful, a smaller tool is more efficient. That is where a garlic press comes in handy.

Besides being ideal for small quantities of garlic, presses have the advantage that many of them can be used without peeling the cloves first. They come in a number of styles, shapesand even colors. If youre a garlic lover, its a sure bet that one of these gadgets will become a favorite tool in your kitchen.

While crushing garlic through a press is easy for most folks, it can be an uncomfortable process. This press is designed for hand comfort, with soft, non-slip handles that absorb pressure, making squeezing easy.

The large capacity chamber can hold several cloves at a time, while the hole pattern is designed to get the maximum amount of usable garlic with the least effort. When youre done, you simply rotate the handles in the opposite direction and a built-in cleaner pushes out the peels.The press is also dishwasher safe, for thorough cleaning.

The Alpha Grillers garlic press is made from heavy-duty stainless steel, so its strong enough to crush unpeeled garlic or peeled ginger, and it wont stain, rust or retain odors. The handles are designed for comfort, making it easy to squeeze, and when its time for cleaning, the press is dishwasher safe.

Of course, you can use this press with unpeeled garlic, but when you need to peel a clove or two, youll love the peeler tube thats included. Just insert the garlic and roll the tube on your counter to remove the peels with little effort.

Unlike a standard garlic press, the garlic rocker doesnt have any moving parts. That makes it ideal for folks who dont have the hand strength for squeezing the handles of a press, and even better for those who dont have a lot of storage space in their kitchen. All you need to do is put the peeled garlic cloveon your work surface, place the press on top, and while applying a little pressure rock it back and forth to squeeze the garlic through the holes. Then just scoop the garlic out to use in recipes.

This wallet-friendly garlic press is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that is not only substantial and sturdy in the handbut also nice to look at.The design is ergonomic, making it comfortable to hold and press the garlic through. The stainless steel and nickel-plated zinc wont rust, pit or retain odors. The bowl is smaller than some of the more expensive presses, but it is so simple to use that you may not mind having to fill it a couple of times.

The Oye garlic press is also pretty easy to clean; the basket that holds the garlic comes off, so removing the garlic skins is a more simple process than with many of the one-piece presses. It is also dishwasher safe.

Dreamfarm loves to come up with creative mash-up names for its innovative cooking tools. In this case, Garject is a mashup of garlic and eject. One innovative feature of this press is the integrated scraper tool that rubs across the face of the press to neatly scrape the garlic off, so theres no need to use a knife to retrieve the last bits of garlicky goodness. Then, with the press opened fully, little silicone nubs fit into the presss holes to clean them and get the skins ready for the ejection using a little lever that flips the skins away.

Once the skins are disposed of, its simple to rinse the press clean or wash it in the dishwasher. This press is made from metal and is available with red or black accents. The Garject Lite has a slightly smaller bowl to hold the garlic cloves, and is made from plastic rather than metal.

A different type of garlic press, this model made entirely from clear polycarbonate uses a twisting action rather than a squeezing motion.You simply place the garlic in the bowl, put the top on, and twist back and forth to crush and mince the garlic as much as you like. Since the vessel is clear, you can see how coarse or fine the garlic is without opening it to check.

Besides garlic, the Garlic Twist can be used for ginger, shallots, small peppers, and more. This is the third generation of this design, so improvements have been made over the original, making it even better at mincing garlic perfectly. It is also dishwasher safe.

Not technically a press, since this doesnt squeeze the garlic, but its in the same garlic-prep family and the results can be similar. This has spinning blades that chop and mince the garlic. It operates by rolling the wheels back and forth on your work surface, and since the blades are completely enclosed during use, kids can use this to help with cooking. The more rolling, the finer the garlic is chopped. Even better, herbs can be tossed into the Zoom to chop them along with the garlic. When chopping is done, the blades are removable, and everything is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The Dreamfarm Garject Self-Cleaning Garlic Press with Peel Eject (view at Amazon) is worth every penny if you're able to splurge on this gadget as it presses unpeeled garlic and then self ejects making it easy, efficient, and tidy! If you're looking for a rocker-style option, we recommend the Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker (view at Amazon).

Donna Currieis a food writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. A self-professed "kitchen geek," she's written many roundups on a range of essential kitchen items, from the best Thanksgiving gadgets to the top seafood kitchen tools of the year.

the 4 best garlic presses for 2021 | kitchn

the 4 best garlic presses for 2021 | kitchn

Is there any kitchen tool more divisive than the garlic press? Its the epitome of a unitasker and people who hate garlic presses (looking at you, Alton Brown!) really hate them. While people who love them, are willing to go to bat for them any day of the week. Here at Kitchn we are Team Garlic Press all the way. (No, we didnt put it on our giant list of Kitchn Essentials, but boy did we want to!)

We love the humble garlic press for a few reasons: it makes quick work of mincing garlic, it churns out uniform pieces that even a home cook with the best knife skills would have a hard time replicating, and it results in a sharper, spicier garlic than the stuff thats done by hand. Not all garlic presses are created equal, though. Some struggle with more than one clove at once. Some are too hard to load and squeeze. Some are terrible to clean. You get the point.

The Best Garlic Press, According to Cooks Illustrated The folks at Cooks Illustrated first picked this garlic press years ago. They knew the price was steep, so they recently revisited it to see if a less expensive model could take its place as the top pick. No dice this model won again. Testers said it worked seamlessly from start to finish, is incredibly comfortable, churns out uniform pieces, and rinses clean. They also loved that the handles opened wide for easy loading of the cloves and the fact that it can handle unpeeled cloves, too. They dinged it a little because they pinched their fingers a few times and garlic could get squished between the plunger, but these werent big enough issues to dethrone the tool.

The Best Garlic Press, According to Good HousekeepingAfter trying out 35 different garlic presses, the Good Housekeeping Institute picked this version from Tomorrows Kitchen (formerly under the Vacu Vin brand name). The testers found that you can press a few different-sized cloves at once (peeled or unpeeled). And they said that it was rare to find a garlic press that comes out of the dishwasher perfectly clean, but that this one did time and time again.

The Best Garlic Press, According to AllrecipesWhen Allrecipes tested garlic presses, their tester didnt have high hopes for this bargain-priced one. But. But! The report came in and this one is just as smart as even the most expensive brands. It comes with a silicone roller (to help you remove garlic skins) and a small cleaning brush. During testing, this little guy churned out smooth, uniform pieces that were perfectly between a paste consistency and a chunky, minced consistency. For the price, Allrecipes says this really delivers. Even at $12.

The Bestselling Garlic Press on AmazonThe bestselling garlic press on Amazon has as 4.7-star rating. Shoppers who gave the tool five stars say its super comfortable and easily minces multiple cloves at once. They love how the handles can be swung around so that the red teeth can push out any residual garlic gunk before going in the dishwasher.

Were going to have to agree with the shoppers on Amazon on this one. OXO really knows what theyre doing when it comes to tools and their garlic press is no exception. We love the soft, cushy handles and how easy it is to load and squeeze. Weve also found that it squeezes out so many pieces whereas lots of other presses leave too much behind in the chamber. And we find it easy to clean: Just swing the handles around and use the red bumps to push stuck-on pieces through the grates, give the whole thing a rinse, and put it in the dishwasher.

Note: If you have little kids who like to help in the kitchen, we also legitimately like the GarlicZoom from Chefn it literally zips around your counter like a toy car and chops up cloves as it moves.

15 best garlic presses in 2021 [buying guide] - unclutterer

15 best garlic presses in 2021 [buying guide] - unclutterer

Anyone who considers themselves even half-competent in the kitchen knows how garlic can transform a meal. But, rather than waste time tirelessly chopping, slicing, and dicing, the best garlic press is the last tool youll ever need to ensure your meals are full of flavor, and you can finally make the most of all those expensive pots and pans.

Some people, especially those who often struggle to cook pasta without serious issues, might not see much point in a garlic press. However, they are much more than just a means to provide a satisfying base to just about every dish you can make. The best garlic presses can also mince, slice, and create a paste for some unique dishes and meals. They prevent your fingers from getting all sticky after a quick chopping session, while the heavy-duty construction means they are a product youll never need to replace.

With this in mind, it doesnt matter if you cook every day or only when every takeout place is closed, a garlic press will revolutionize your kitchen experiences, and thats exactly what you want from it.

The classic and endlessly dependable OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press is our best choice for the best garlic press you can find. It boasts a large capacity garlic clove chamber and uses an efficient hole pattern to reduce wasted garlic pieces, although you may find a few bits leftover. The built-in cleaner keeps it in excellent condition, even if you forget to clean it immediately, while the non-slip handles offer lasting comfort. It feels a little heavy at first, but youll soon get used to this, and its really a sign of its quality.

The Orblue Garlic Press Stainless Steel Mincer boasts professional-grade construction that indicates its durability and lasting quality. The heavy-duty design makes it a steel garlic press that you can rely on, while its versatile applications deliver plenty of positives. It comes with a convenient garlic peeler to keep juice off your fingers, and once popped into the chamber, it produced finely crushed garlic to add to your favorite meals. There will be a little garlic residue left over, but this is a minor thing you can solve with a quick rinse.

The perfect choice for the leader of the pack, this Alpha Grillers Garlic Press is one of the best garlic presses if youre looking for durability when working with a peeled or unpeeled garlic clove. Besides this, its ideal for both nuts and ginger, enabling you to diversify your meals with something other than the classic onions and garlic combo. It is easy to hold and even easier to use, making it a press made to impress. Despite this, the chamber is a little too small, so you may need to reload more often than youd like.

The Zulay Kitchen Premium Garlic Press comes with multiple color options for you to match with your existing utensils, while the durable construction and straightforward use makes it ideal for crushing and mincing garlic like the very best of them. It is suitable for more than just garlic, and it also keeps the garlic odor off your fingers while also saving time during food prep. However, things can get a little messy, especially if you apply too much pressure, so you might be better off being gentle when you first use it.

The Vantic Garlic Press Rocker is a unique option that disregards everything you know about garlic presses and introduces you to a brand new style. The innovative rocking operation crushes garlic with ease, and its also fun, while the spacious design makes it easy to clean, similar to a cheese grater, as its also dishwasher safe. You will also get a garlic peeler to accelerate your cooking endeavors, which is perfect for those stomach-rumbling days. Despite the cool design to go with your tongs, it will require more pressure than you expect, and its also not as large as it appears.

If youre looking for a high-end garlic press, look no further than our premium pick. The impressive Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press delivers quality performance that takes the hassle out of meal prep. The powerful lever reduces your workload, as do the sturdy stainless steel hinges, making it one of the most robust options around. The ergonomic design ensures comfort, and it is suitable for all garlic cloves, as well as being easy to clean. The dishwasher safe construction is part of this, but be careful that it will be a little heavier than you anticipated.

One of the most impressive and useful options when searching for the best garlic press, this ZYLISS Susi 3 Garlic Press provides just about everything you could want. It is durable, with sturdy cast aluminum construction, while the chamber can accommodate large garlic cloves, which sounds perfect for anyone who loves that strong flavor. It also boasts a built-in cleaner, meaning its one of those presses that will stand the test of time. However, the tool wont always get to all the garlic, so you may need to do a little fiddling.

Ideal for multiple demands, the ANERONG 2-in-1 Garlic Mince and Garlic Slice offers the best of both worlds and gives you a garlic press that will stand up to the competition. Its Easy Squeeze design reduces hand fatigue, and it also comes with a garlic peeler that reduces time spent organizing everything. While some presses can be tricky to look after, this is dishwasher safe, ensuring easy cleanup. However, we wish the blades were just a little thinner, as this would help make the most of however many cloves you put in at a time.

For the best value out of all garlic presses, this ZESPROKA Garlic Press-Mincing & Crushing Tool could be just what you need. It is suitable for more than one thing, and you can also use it for nuts and ginger, while the heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting performance. While its definitely one of the more simple designs, this means it can focus more on quality, but the press hammer might be a little tricky to clean, so you may need to soak it overnight to prevent any residue.

The AIMAIAIMAI Premium Garlic Press may look very similar to most of the other garlic presses weve identified, but there is a subtle yet effective difference. The square hole design reduces the loss of juice from the crushed cloves, which enhances the flavor and makes it stand out in every dish. Its stainless steel design means it is entirely rust-proof, and therefore suitable for dishwashers, while the cylindrical handle makes it comfortable. It also comes with a cleaning brush, but this isnt as effective as wed hoped.

Boasting a hygienic construction and 48 offset holes, the Rsle Stainless Steel Mincing Garlic/Ginger Press with Scraper is one of the finest options for crushing garlic cloves and adding essential flavors to your everyday meals. It comes with a spacious chamber that allows you to pack in more garlic than standard models, while the weighted handle makes it easier to crush, too, increasing efficiency and keeping you on schedule. You might find some garlic seeping out of the gaps, and although it comes with a handy scraper, this is not as effective as wed hoped, especially for a high-end press.

The i-Venoya Garlic Press Crusher and Mincer offers a premium cast zinc alloy construction that guarantees durability as well as easy, moderately lightweight handling. Its rust-proof design makes it sure to last, and the ergonomic model is comfortable, ideal for hours of continued use. You can use it for nuts and ginger besides garlic, while the strengthened rivet and elaborate grid provide a more satisfying crush. Make sure not to pack the chamber too full, though, as it will be difficult to press through with the same force and quality.

If youre tired of looking at the same style of garlic press, the Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel Garlic Press (Crusher, Cutter, Mincer, and Storage Container) will be a breath of fresh air. Here, you can press garlic into a useful little tub that makes it easy to store and distribute into different dishes, while the two interchangeable blades provide excellent versatility. Its raised teeth will make pasting the garlic simple so you can maximize your meals, however, its a little tricky to clean, and you cant crush too many cloves at once.

Boasting a heavy-duty and easy squeeze performance, the Zulay Kitchen 2-in-1 Garlic Press Set is a fantastic choice if youre short on time and want to make the most of any garlic that is waiting around and begging for you to use. This efficiency continues when you look at the cleaning brush and silicone peeler tube, which speed up both prep and cleanup to help you get back to relaxing, sufficiently stuffed, and satisfied. It will, however, make a bit of a mess, but as youve saved so much time already, a little extra cleanup wont hurt much.

The JACHI Garlic Press Crusher and Mincer comes with dependable dual-action performance that offers some variety when it comes to deciding how you want your food prepared. Besides convenience, you can also enjoy cast zinc alloy construction, as well as a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue. It is one of the most well-balanced presses we have ever seen and comes with a long lifespan to ensure confidence. But, you might have some trouble trying to clean the press teeth, even if this is something that can impact all presses.

Before deciding which is the best garlic press to add to your ever-growing drawer of essentials, make sure you check out these key features to think about to guarantee whichever press you select is the perfect one for you.

The size of your garlic press can impact a lot of things. The most obvious aspect is how much garlic you can fit in the chamber at once. Anyone who loves garlic will want to squeeze as much as possible at once to ensure the garlic is cooked evenly and you can minimize cleanup. However, if you don't use a lot of garlic in your meals, then you may be okay getting one of the best garlic presses on the smaller side.

The best garlic presses are made to be used repeatedly. For many people, they will be something that you buy once that you can use in your kitchen for years afterwards. The durability of your garlic press makes this possible, so look out for robust materials such as a stainless steel garlic press or even a cast zinc press if you want to crush or mince garlic regularly.

Not all garlic presses are made from stainless steel or other metals, though, and there are some plastic models. Despite this, they are still durable as long as you don't misuse them, such as trying to crush too much garlic at once, as this could damage the mechanism. The same goes for durable presses, too, as you risk putting too much pressure on the presser hammer, which could affect durability.

Before purchasing your garlic press, it's important to consider where and how you will store it. Ideally, the best garlic press for you should be one that fits comfortably in the kitchen drawer without cluttering it up too much. Even if you buy a press made to handle heavy-duty demands, which is unlikely to find into all kitchen drawers, it's still possible to store it relatively easily.

Many of the best garlic presses will come with hoops on the handles, which you can hang from the wall. Often, this is more convenient, as it will never get lost in one drawer, and you can access it easily, which is especially useful if you use garlic every day. Whether budget or a more high-end press, you should find a decent range of presses that come with options to hang on the wall.

Grip is not something everybody thinks about when considering the best garlic press. However, it can be the difference between an enjoyable experience and a terrible one. This is because, without a firm grip, you cannot get the ample purchase to apply the necessary pressure to crush your garlic. Such failure can lead to hand-strain and even damage the plastic, zinc, aluminum, or stainless steel garlic press, potentially breaking it.

The grip will also provide comfort, which is something you should consider with everything you buy. If you are preparing a large meal that demands cloves upon cloves of garlic, you want to ensure your hand is comfortable, as it will make you more willing to use the press in the future.

The more efficient your garlic press, the more joy you will get from it. You need something that will crush the garlic with ease, without the need to add additional pressure that could hinder your food prep. Furthermore, a large chamber enables you to mince and crush several cloves at once, while a straightforward design, whether standard handle-based or the rocking style that may appeal to you. You want to minimize food waste, so one that squeezes out as much garlic as possible should be high on your list.

Now comes the bit that everybody dreads: Cleaning. If you've used a garlic press before, you know that even the best high-end models can be tricky to clean, especially if you leave them too long, which causes the leftover garlic to harden.

Thankfully, the best garlic presses come with plenty of ways to ensure you can clean your kitchen tool easily. These include cleaning tools, such as brushes or small silicone pads that push leftover garlic out. Many are also dishwasher safe as well as suitable for quick rinsing under the faucet to make cleanup just a little easier for everybody involved, even if that everybody is you alone.

As the name suggests, a garlic press is a kitchen tool used to press garlic. If you've ever tried chopping garlic before, especially if you are using knives that are older than you (and have never been sharpened), you know how frustrating it can be to tackle by yourself.

With the best garlic presser, you never need to dread doing it ever again. One of the primary benefits of a garlic press is that you can speed up your kitchen and food preparation, meaning you can spend a few more minutes enjoying the comfort of your sofa.

While traditional garlic presses were only suitable for pressing garlic, modern models can do much more. Depending on what you need, you can find a garlic press that can slice and mince, as well as options suitable for a variety of other foods, including nuts and ginger.

Yes, kind of, but also no, not really. Many people, even professional chefs and those people who always seem to make themselves gourmet dinners out of nothing will often use the two interchangeably. However, there is a distinction between the two.

While mincing garlic well, minces the cloves in the same way you would mince meat, which is usually achieved by finely chopping the cloves into tiny, but not too tiny, pieces, pressing garlic forces the clove through small holes like a sieve. Some chefs will and have denounced this method. Anthony Bourdain famously remarked that it was disgusting, which we think is a little OTT, but we're not culinary icons, so what do we know?

The finer garlic is crushed and pressed, the more 'offensive' the flavor. It becomes stronger, more garlicky. Some people enjoy this, but it can be a huge turnoff for others. Despite this, using a garlic press for mincing garlic, even if it minces it too finely, can enhance the flavor exponentially, but this is only something you'll want if you adore garlic, or have a bad vampire problem.

No, you don't need to peel garlic before using your garlic press, especially if you're in a rush. This is because the best garlic press is sturdy enough to handle the additional resistance that the skin offers, although we'll admit that this is not much, anyway.

However, while neglecting to peel the garlic before preparing your meal can save you time initially, it could cause an issue when it comes to cleaning the garlic press. For most garlic presses, you'll need to clear away any leftover garlic immediately, otherwise, it will stick, harden, and block the pressing holes. Leaving the garlic skin on the cloves will only add to this cleanup, and if you don't stay on top of everything, you risk damaging the tool, even if it says it is also dishwasher safe.

You would think chefs would adore garlic presses, especially when they needed to deal with hectic and busy kitchens. However, as we've mentioned above about Anthony Bourdain, many chefs consider garlic presses something that goes against everything that makes cooking and food preparation the art that has made them famous.

Why, though? Well, these are professionals, and so they take pride in their craft. However, this is not the only reason. Many chefs believe they can prepare and mince garlic just as quickly using their knives, which are much better quality compared to the standard kitchen knives you have.

As minced or pressed garlic are smaller pieces, they can overpower the taste and aroma, which can be too much for some. These small pieces also cook quicker as there is more surface area for the heat to react with. This risks scorching the garlic, rather than gently cooking it. Garlic cooks quickly anyway, so chefs do not want to burn the pieces, which could affect the quality of the food. This is why chefs believe that the best way to prepare and add garlic to food is by using a knife rather than a garlic mincer.

If you speak to professionals, they will tell you that chopping garlic is the best way to use it in your meals, and we've already covered the reasons why pretty succinctly. That being said, for your everyday meal prep, there are no actual rules, so this often comes down to whatever your preference is and how you feel is best for making sauces or seasoning your food to add that delicious garlic flavor.

If you want that strong garlic taste permeating your food, then crushed garlic is superior. It adds more flavor, even if that can sometimes feel like too much. Pressed garlic is also faster for anyone short on time or without quality knives to chop the garlic into small pieces properly. Besides this, you also won't get that sticky garlicky feel on your hands, and your fingers won't smell like garlic for the foreseeable future.

Chopping garlic, however, can give you more control over the flavor of your food, even if it takes some time. This method is useful when you have delicate dishes that need the flavors and aromas to be perfectly balanced. Of course, if you don't have decent knives, this can take some time.

If you've made it this far, we can only assume that you've not been put off by the claims of professionals. In which case, it's definitely worth investing in the best garlic press. While many people may swear off them, there are plenty of others who consider them an essential addition to their kitchen. Garlic presses help to save time, making them one of the most convenient tools you can have at your disposal.

Even if you still chop garlic regularly, a garlic press can offer some versatility in your kitchen, enabling you to choose whichever method you prefer depending on the demands of the dish, or even your mood.

While cooking is definitely fun, we all have those days where the thought of boiling some pasta feels like too much effort. At least with a quality stainless steel garlic press, you can save some precious time and get back to relaxing much quicker, and without that distracting garlic aroma stinking up your hands.

the best garlic press americas test kitchen, consumer reports of 2021 | beefsteak veg

the best garlic press americas test kitchen, consumer reports of 2021 | beefsteak veg

Garlics are great spices close in relation to onions, but they have a unique flavor that transforms a simple meal into an irresistible meal. Any cooking veteran would vouch for the special touch garlic adds to their foods.

Luckily garlic presses offer a convenient solution to the processing of garlic, with many garlic presses capable of mincing and crushing unpeeled cloves with simple wrist movements. With the peels withheld within the press, and your crushed paste extracted for use. In this article, we will be reviewing our top 7 picks of the best garlic presses Americas Test Kitchen.

With a brand new design, the Rosles 12896 is made fully of stainless steel, with the exception of the plastic ring found on the upper rod, with the function of locking the press. It measures 7.1 inches in length with a curved design and a sleek silver color.

This premium garlic press follows German design, with its parts made of heavy-duty, high-quality materials, to give you a very durable and capable garlic press. The German tool does not require you to peel your garlic cloves before use, as it is structured to retain the peels within the mincing compartment.

The slim and modern design makes it fit comfortably in any modern kitchen. The stainless steel makes it very easy to clean; it is also safe to wash with a dishwasher. The manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee on the product, a testament to their trust in its quality.

This 7.5-inch stainless steel garlic press functions as a crusher and a mincer as well. It has a lovely design with two long rods that end in a curved edge bearing the fulcrum and the mincer. The model is available in metallic silver color, with a few black touches.

Orblues premium garlic press offers professional-grade mincing and crushing performance. It works your garlic and ginger into a paste as required. The manufacturer includes a special garlic peeler that works a simple process of peeling your garlic effectively for you. The garlic peeler is a workaround to make your prep before using the press easier.

The appliance is easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly. The versatile device lets you process not just garlic; you can chop and mince your vegetables, meat pieces, salad dressing, etc. manually using Orblues premium device. The garlic press is very easy to handle. Even with its heavy-duty construction, the garlic press is comfortable to hold and work with.

Alpha Grillers garlic press follows the modern design, complete with food-grade stainless steel handles and a mincing compartment. A separate garlic peeler is packaged with the garlic press and is made of silicone materials that are approved by the FDA to be safe to use.

Constructed from high quality materials, the stainless steel is solid, weighing heavily on the garlic to crush it effectively into a consistent paste or mince for you. Alpha Grillers garlic press is capable of pressing both peeled and unpeeled garlic cloves, with the skin coming off anyway on the other side of the press. When you want to have your garlic pressed peeled, the silicone garlic peeler comes handy. And you can peel your garlic beforehand with a little roll and tug within the peeler.

The pressing compartment is fairly large and can contain larger cloves of garlic at once. You can also press or mince several other spices or vegetables with this mincer, as it is very capable and easy to use. It washes safely in a dishwasher, and when you need to clean it manually, the included cleaning brush lets you reach the nukes and cranny with ease.

As the name suggests, the manufacturers have been very thoughtful about the handling of their devices. Hence the extra effort put into making it easy to grip. The garlic press has a rather short handle with the mincing compartment appearing before the fulcrum. The overall design is simple yet works effectively.

The garlic press features a sturdy and solid construction with a die-cast zinc material. The color of the metallic part is silver, with a rubber grip, which makes it easy to grip and handle. On the upper part of the crushing compartment, a red grid is found, which also serves to keep your thumb firmly in place to press your garlic.

The device is also quite easy to clean since it can flip 180 degrees, allowing you to reach all the corners easily. You should remove the rubber handles before washing as the handles can collect water. Oxos garlic press is capable of processing unpeeled garlic cloves with a built-in cleaner that pushes out garlic peels.

Vantics rocker has an unconventional design. It is a press that requires more manual input from you. A stainless steel press surface is fixed in between the round plastic handle. The presser is effective and affordable.

The presser is easy to grip and work on your garlic cloves; the arc design lets you crush garlic pieces by rocking the presser on hard surfaces. This requires more energy than conventional and modern designs, but it also offers you more precision and flexibility. Vantics garlic presser does not, however, press unpeeled garlic cloves. Instead, a silicone peeler is provided, which lets you remove the peel in simple rolling motions.

The press is made of high-quality stainless steel, which gives the presser its impressive durability. The appliance is easy to clean, requiring just a few rinsing motions to get out stuck pieces. It is dishwasher safe.

This is a special, one-of-a-kind presser with a unique design. Rather than a hand press, the Garlic-A-Peel press is a stand-alone appliance with its own storage container. Its bright colors will light up your kitchen counter.

For one, this garlic press can accommodate large chunks of garlic cloves at once, holding them for easy collection in their unique container. It is capable of slicing, dicing and grating garlic, onions, and other spice and vegetables of similar sizes with ease. It features a silicone peeler to aid you in removing the skin off the garlic. A smart cleaning blade is featured on the top lid, which removes easily for clean up. The entire press can be disassembled easily for washing with a dishwasher.

Jachi garlic press crusher and mincer has to be the most delicately balanced garlic press out there. The handle base is rounder, which leads up to a narrower neck and the garlic compartment. The press is 6.2 inches in length, and the metal is zinc alloy.

The press is light yet strong, all thanks to the alloy, which combines two great properties to give you a well-weighted and highly functional kitchen appliance. The handle is coated with non-slip silicone rubber to provide you with a better grip. The press crusher is reliable and works efficiently in crushing or mincing your garlic or other spices.

With this guide, we will be highlighting the peculiar features of a garlic press that helps you determine its functionality and value so that you can select the best one for your use. The following factors must be put into consideration when choosing a garlic press.

Simple, hand-held appliances, as they usually are, need to fit comfortably in your hand. A quality garlic press is ergonomic and convenient to use, both in your hand and on your wrist. It should not require too much strength to deliver exceptional results. Else, it negates the benefits of the tool itself. You also want something that is easy to grip and non-slip. Many manufacturers coat their metallic handles with rubber for better grip and handling.

Too many simple appliances become a pain to clean; the same is true for garlic presses. Especially since they often feature tiny edges that trap garlic pieces easily. Ideally, you should look out for a garlic press that is easy to open up, so you can reach tight spots easily. Even better, one with a push pin, that removes the tiny pieces in one swift press. For dishwasher owners, you definitely want a press that is dishwasher friendly, that is, safe to wash with the machine.

Because of the heavy-duty required in crushing the small cloves, garlic presses are made mostly of metals. Usually, an alloy which is light and robust. The best material by far is stainless steel. It has high tensile strength and durability. It holds up under pressure and would last for years under proper care. It also cleans easily. However, it is often more expensive. Zinc alloy is a cheaper alternative that offers similar properties as stainless steel but is more prone to rust, and generally has a weaker build.

The most popular design of garlic presses is one with two long parallel handles that end in the crushing compartments and fulcrum. This design leverages natural physics forces to help you process your garlic with more ease and convenience. However, to be efficient, the compartment can only fit a few cloves at a time.

Other designs are available as one with free-standing bases, usually made of plastic, with metallic teeth for crushing and mincing garlic and other similar spices. They often have more room for larger pieces of garlic at once.

Garlic presses are optimized in design for simple, convenient use. It requires you only to open up the garlic compartment by pulling the handles apart, place the garlic cloves in the chamber, close it up; and press the handles together. This will effectively churn out consistently minced garlic or a crushed paste, which you collect into a bowl if the press doesnt have one.

Some garlic presses are more challenging to clean than others. If you have a dishwasher, simply disassemble the press into the smallest units possible and run it under the machine. For more difficult presses: Open up the garlic compartment and run it under warm water to rinse out the residue. With stubborn residue stuck to the teeth, you can use a toothpick to pick them out.

Get a best garlic press, and crush your favorite spices with ease and convenience. With the above information, you are sure to have all you need to make a great selection as to which garlic presser will serve your purposes best. Regardless of your choice, ensure that the materials are safe for the preparation of food.

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{updated} top 10 best stainless garlic press {guide & reviews}

{updated} top 10 best stainless garlic press {guide & reviews}

Are you looking for best stainless garlic press, weve consulted top experts who has in-and-out knowledge about the stainless garlic press. We choose the top most quality product, which comes with amazing features youve never heard before. We have filter more than 100+ of product to give you top 10 list of best stainless garlic press.

This list is undoubtedly the best stainless garlic press available in the market today. However, if you dont want to spend more time on filtering and finding which one is good stainless garlic press, then you should absolutely go for our Top list of the winner. which comes with all the basic features one could expect in a stainless garlic press.

SaleBestseller No. 1 Mempedont Garlic Press Mincer - 304 Stainless... Check Out Price Bestseller No. 2 Garlic Press Stainless Steel - Garlic Mincer -... Check Out Price SaleBestseller No. 3 Premium Garlic press, Stainless Steel Garlic... Check Out Price But these three has some more competitions too, Check out below List of Top 10 best stainless garlic press.If you are ready to choose a new stainless garlic press, check out our recommendations for the best stainless garlic press. But if youd like to learn more about the various types of stainless garlic press available and how to choose the right one for you, read on. # Preview Product 1 Mempedont Garlic Press Mincer - 304 Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher & Peeler Set, Detachable,... Check Out Price 2 Garlic Press Stainless Steel - Garlic Mincer - Garlic Crusher - No Need to Peel, Great for Ginger... Check Out Price 3 Premium Garlic press, Stainless Steel Garlic Mincer with Square Hole - Rust Proof, Professional... Check Out Price 4 ORBLUE Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set - Professional Grade,... Check Out Price 5 Premium Zinc Alloy Garlic Press,matte texture,Soft Easy-Squeeze Ergonomic Handle, Sturdy Design... Check Out Price 6 AmDONGKING Garlic Press Rocker, Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher Mincer with Bottle Opener Check Out Price 7 Devitek Garlic Press Stainless Steel Garlic Peeler Squeezer Tool Kitchen Gadgets Shallots Garlic... Check Out Price 8 Garlic Press, Stainless Steel Garlic Press Tool with Cleaning Brush and Silicone Garlic Peeler 3 Pcs... Check Out Price 9 Garlic Press Stainless Steel Premium Professional Kitchen Garlic Crusher Ergonomic Handle Rust Proof... Check Out Price 10 MANNKITCHEN Stainless Steel Garlic Press, Heavy Duty Professional Grade Double Lever-Assisted Garlic... Check Out Price

SaleBestseller No. 1 Mempedont Garlic Press Mincer - 304 Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher & Peeler Set, Detachable, Heavy-duty, Rust Proof Garlic Mincer Design for Extracts More Garlic Paste Per Clove STRONG CRUSH EFFICIENCY The other garlic mincers remains a large amount of garlic after pressing. Mempedont professional garlic press features unique circular design and heavy-duty ensuring more concentrated force and achieves the high-efficiency transformation of garlic paste. Say no to the odor, easily get full of garlic sauce!GARLIC PEELING MADE EASY This best garlic press set includes a peeler tube roller that is made from food-safe silicone that will help you remove the peel from the garlic with one swift single motion. You now have peeled garlic in seconds without remaining odor in hands!NEVER BREKE Other light garlic crusher's handle often broke because of the insufficient material add-in. Our garlic pressing tools are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and zinc alloy, weighing 250g. Excellent pressure bearing, economical and durable. Become your little kitchen assistant!EASY TO CLEAN Intimate detachable design and flat indenter is easy to clean. Just take out the liner of the press and use the attached brush, rinse with water, then finish a relaxed seasoning making!100% REFUND GUARANTEED We are extremely confident our Stainless Steel Garlic Press Set quality, We gladly accept your return within 60 days after your purchase for FULL REFUND with no questions asked. Check Out Price Bestseller No. 2 Garlic Press Stainless Steel - Garlic Mincer - Garlic Crusher - No Need to Peel, Great for Ginger Squeezing, Ginger Garlic Mincer with 5-year unconditional warranty! INNOVATIVE EASY-TO-USE & CLEAN DESIGN - NO NEED TO PEEL, NO HINGES, NO HOOKS, NO MESS, NO FUSS!Built to last High Performance - Garlic presser made of Premium Stainless Steel! This premium garlic crusher is constructed from high-quality food-grade materialsThere are no nooks for garlic clove to get stuck in, just clean it with water, time-saving and convenient. Once you press the handles, a delicious paste is squeezed out. No strong smell on your fingers. It is Sturdy & Long LastingHeavy Duty - Unique design stainless steel garlic press will squeeze, crush and mince garlic in seconds, resulting in uniformly pressed bits of garlic vital to the creation of delicious, home-cooked dishes!5-year warranty - Gourmet Easy manual Garlic press come with unique 5 years of warranty! We want to give our customers happy purchase experience. If you have any issues using our products, please contact us, we will try our best to serve you Check Out Price SaleBestseller No. 3 Premium Garlic press, Stainless Steel Garlic Mincer with Square Hole - Rust Proof, Professional Grade Garlic Crusher & Ginger Press - Heavy Duty, Sturdy, Easy Squeeze and Clean, Dishwasher Safe SOLID STAINLESS STEEL GARLIC PRESS, 100% SAFE - NO COATING: The garlic press is made from 100% premium 304 stainless steel. Hand-polished, uncoated. It is much safer than aluminum or zinc alloy. Simple structure, sturdy and durable.EFFECTIVELY REDUCE THE LOSS OF GARLIC JUICE: This professional stainless steel garlic press has a new upgraded square hole, the hole area is increased, the hole area is increased by 27%, and the efficiency is increased by 25%, which effectively reduces the loss of garlic juice.BOTH GARLIC AND GINGER ARE SUITABLE: Heavy-duty garlic press, fully enclosed garlic hopper, garlic does not leak sideways, only squeeze out of the hole. Peeled and unpeeled cloves are easy to handle. It can also be used as a ginger press for peeled and sliced ginger.EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN: The handle is 1.5 times wider than the cylindrical handle, making it easier and more comfortable to use. The garlic hopper can be turned out and can be easily rinsed with water. Compared to the cylindrical handle, the fully open handle is easier to clean than the cylindrical handle, while there is no water inside.THREE-YEAR WARRANTY, REST ASSURED TO USE: Due to the confidence in product quality, we offer three years of free warranty service. Check Out Price SaleBestseller No. 4 ORBLUE Garlic Press [Premium], Stainless Steel Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set - Professional Grade, Easy Clean, Dishwasher Safe & Rust-proof HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The heavy duty construction and ergonomic design, ensure you can easily mince unpeeled garlic cloves or peeled ginger root quickly and with minimal effort. Simply press the handles and delicious paste will ooze out, leaving the peel inside. It's like magic!PROFESSIONAL GRADE GARLIC PRESS: Stainless steel, rust proof garlic press can mince and crush garlic with restaurant quality and ease. This will be the best tool in your kitchen.ADD COLOR TO YOUR KITCHEN: This crusher is available with silver, black, red, or multi-colored handles. The baskets were not painted to ensure that our garlic press is 100% safe to use when you're preparing food.VARIETY OF USES: This garlic press perfectly minces and grinds garlic so your veggie, meat, sauce, or salad dressing will be so delicious your guests will think you had a professional chef!EASY TO CLEAN: The garlic press with roller is a breeze to clean. Just place in the dishwasher machine or run through water. Clean up could not be any easier. Plus, you can count on the Orblue Stainless Steel Garlic Press or your money back! Click 'Add to Cart' now and enjoy our no-questions-asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee! Check Out Price Bestseller No. 5 Premium Zinc Alloy Garlic Press,matte texture,Soft Easy-Squeeze Ergonomic Handle, Sturdy Design Extracts More Garlic Paste , Crusher for Nuts & Seeds, Professional Garlic Mincer & Ginger Press Superior MaterialThis premium garlic crusher and mincer is constructed from high-quality, Perfect for professional and home kitchens alike.Simple To UseEasy to use with a comfortable ergonomic design you can crush and mince unpeeled garlic in one single move, yielding beautiful and delicious garlic pulp.Easy To CleanSimply rinse your press under running water or place in dishwasher for thorough cleaning. We recommend rinsing right after use to avoid residual garlic pulp and fibers becoming hardened.Multi-Use ToolThis garlic press also enables you to crush ginger, onions and crush nuts. Simply fill the garlic press chamber and squeeze to crush.100% Refund GuaranteedWe are extremely confident our Zinc Alloy Garlic Press Set quality, if you try our product and are not 100% satisfied we will be glad to issue a full refund or free replacement. Check Out Price Bestseller No. 6 AmDONGKING Garlic Press Rocker, Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher Mincer with Bottle Opener Premium MaterialNew garlic press is very durable and made of premium 100% full stainless steel. Sturdy, durable, comfortable, ergonomic.Multi-Use & VersatileGarlic mincer enables you also to mince ginger, crush peanuts and chop nuts in a breeze. Thanks to its heavy-duty and oleophobic construction, you can easily mince both unpeeled garlic cloves and peeled ginger root easily.Easy to UseA compact size (4.2 x 2 x 2.6 inch, about 130g weight), which is portable and easy to store. Garlic is collected on the back-surface of the rocking garlic press, taking out them with a spoon.Easy to CleanThe large chamber flips out for easy cleaning. Simply rinse under running water or run through the dishwasher.GuaranteeIf at any point you decide you are not completely satisfied with your set, we will refund 100% of the money. Check Out Price SaleBestseller No. 7 Devitek Garlic Press Stainless Steel Garlic Peeler Squeezer Tool Kitchen Gadgets Shallots Garlic Mincer Cloves Safety Diswasher Sturdy Zinc Alloy Garlic Crusher&Slicer 1pcs 1.Package include : 1x garlic press, 1x garlic peeler,1x brush2.The materials-zinc alloy material are quality. Not only is the press well designed and manufactured--very sturdy--but the hinged parts move easily, ,long lifetime,solid and durable3.This press works for ginger as well as garlic,Candy,fruits press4.Sturdy Garlic press stainless steel ,Comes with a silicone garlic skin peeler and brush ,Then there's the cleaning, which is usually a big ick for such things--especially with the ginger root fibers wedged through the little holes. It took a bit of application, but rinsing and using the little brush provided, the press clean up nicely ,give you high satisfied5.Gifts for wife,Chef,cooking lover ,Save cost and time for you ! Check Out Price SaleBestseller No. 8 Garlic Press, Stainless Steel Garlic Press Tool with Cleaning Brush and Silicone Garlic Peeler 3 Pcs By Lechay Packaging Includes: 1pc silicone garlic peeler, 1pc cleaning brush and 1pc garlic press.Material: Our garlic mincer tool is made of stainless steel . Our garlic peeler is made of silicone.Product Use: Garlic peeler can easily peel garlic, cleaning brush can clean garlic press, garlic press can press garlic into garlic hummus. Using our garlic press can make our kitchen work more efficient, which is necessary for the kitchen.Multi function: Our garlic press can not only be used to crush garlic puree, but also to crush ginger, etc., so that you can use garlic press more easily and improve efficiency.Want peeled garlic for slicing? No problem! Use our amazing garlic press and slicer to get the job done.Customer Service: If you are not satisfied with our garlic press kitchen tool, we support refund. Check Out Price SaleBestseller No. 9 Garlic Press Stainless Steel Premium Professional Kitchen Garlic Crusher Ergonomic Handle Rust Proof Easy Squeeze Clean Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Cooking Gadget to Press Clove and Smash Ginger Mincer Professional Grade Garlic PressOur garlic mincer tool is made of stainless steel. Sturdy zinc alloy, stainless steel construction, stay away from rust problems! You can even crush ginger with this professional garlic press! This will be the best tool in your kitchen.Labor Saving Ergonomic DesignAccording with human body engineering mechanics, our garlic crusher the garlic cutter enables you mince the garlic effortlessly in seconds. Save the hassle of using a chopping board and avoid cross-contamination of these ingredients with meat.Easy to Clean & SavingOur garlic press only needs to be washed under the tap, the crush will not remain in the shredder, and garlic press stainless steel can be washed in the dishwasher. We recommend rinsing right after use to avoid residual garlic pulp and fibers becoming hardened. Garlic press dishwasher safe!Multipurpose Garlic CrusherOur garlic squeezer is not just a mincing tool for cloves, it can also use to make crush ginger, nuts, horseradish, or carrots; mash soft veggies or fruit for puree and complementary food. Simply fill the garlic press chamber and squeeze to crush. You can make complementary food for your child.No Hassle, Kitchen HappinessLength:15cm/6in; the round pressure head diameter - 3cm/1.2 in. Expansion angle nearly up to 160.Peeling and chopping garlic can be tedious and messy work. Not to mention the strong odor of garlic left lingering on your hands. Grinding out of garlic not only taste exquisite, but also significant savings time. Click 'Add to Cart' now if you like. Get our premium kitchen gadgets garlic press now. Check Out Price Bestseller No. 10 MANNKITCHEN Stainless Steel Garlic Press, Heavy Duty Professional Grade Double Lever-Assisted Garlic Mincer with High Capacity Reservoir - Easy to Clean and Rust Free Garlic Crusher Engineered for the rigors of commercial kitchens but suitable for the avid home cook, this professional grade double-lever assisted garlic mincer generates more force with less effort, allowing you to comfortably mince more garlic than you probably need. Extra wide ergonomic handles provide unmatched comfort and stability. Utilizing a greater surface area to collect energy from your hand and transfer it efficiently to the crusher, this advanced kitchen tool from MANNKITCHEN puts pressure on the garlic instead of your joints. Innovative cup-less design swings wide open for easy cleaning and less waste. No separate pieces to lose, and no more digging bits of garlic out of a tiny cup with your fingernails. Simply flip open and rinse under fast water after each use. Dishwasher safe. High capacity garlic reservoir is easy to access and accommodates multiple cloves at once. This stainless steel garlic press is so enjoyable to use you may find yourself mincing extra. Apologies in advance for the garlic breath. Built to last for generations with heavy-duty 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Exceptional durability and resistance to rust, corrosion, and flavorless cooking. The most difficult part of owning this reliable garlic press is deciding who to leave it to in your will. Check Out Price Hope this list of the best stainless garlic press will be helpful for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our site or our reviews, and we will be happy to help you with your purchasing decisions in any way we can.

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