used mighty viper for sale. mds equipment & more | machinio

used mighty viper for sale. mds equipment & more | machinio

Travel: X/Y/Z: 1570/2200/920 mm Distance Between Columns: 2600 mm...

Table Diameter 43.3~118 (1100~3000) Turning Diameter Max. 51.18~157 (1200~4000) Swing Max. 55.1~157 (1600~4000) Table Load Max. 9900~66,000 lbs Table Speed (2-Step) 1~120 85~300 rpm Crossrail Stroke 31.5~ 59.06 (...

MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS Machine Model 630 800 1000 Table Pallet 24 x 24 31 x 31 39 x 39 Speed (Gear) rpm 6000 6000 Speed (Built-In) rpm 10,000 10,000 10,000 Motor** hp 25 / 50* Units = inch *Optional...

MACHINE SPECIFICATION Machine Model x232 x237 x242 X-Travel 160 ~ 401 Y-Travel 126 145 165 Z-Travel 35 / 43* W-Axis 39 / 67* Nose Taper #50 Speed (Gear) rpm 6000 Speed (Gear) rpm 8,000* Motor** hp 25/30* hp CNC...

MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS Machine Models x216 x220 x223 x226 X-Travel 86~165 86~165 126 ~236 126 ~236 Y-Travel 63 78 90 102 Z-Travel 31 / 39* 31 / 39* 39 39 Nose Taper #50 Speed rpm (Gear) 6000 Speed rpm (DDS*) 10,...

MACHINE SPECIFICATION X-travel 120 ~ 397 Y-travel 86 / 106 / 137 / 157 Z-travel 35 / 43 / 51 / 59 Nose taper #50 Speed (Gear) 6000 rpm Speed (DDS) 8000 / 10,000* rpm Motor** 35 / 50* hp CNC Control Fanuc Units = ...

Machine Model x015 x616 x122 x127 x131 X-Travel 83/122 102~240 102~398 122~398 161~398 Y-Travel 59 63 87 106 122 Z-Travel 31 35 / 43* 35 / 43* 35 / 43* 43 Nose Taper #50 Speed (Gear) rpm 6000 / 4000* Sp...

MIGHTY VIPER VMC-2100 Vertical Machining Centers Description X 82 Y 40 Z 40 Power 30 hp RPM 6,000 RPM # ATC 40 Taper 50 Table-W 41 Table-L 83 # Axis 3 Equipped with the Following Features Fanuc 18M CNC contr...

Table Diameter inch/mm 78.75/2,000 Distance from Spindle end to Table(lowest-highest) inch 2 ~ 68 Max. Turning Diameter inch/mm 99/2,500 Max. Swing Inch/mm 99/2,500 Max. Turning Height Inch/mm 63/1,600 (opt.) ...

47.24 / 1,200 ( Option) Inch/mm I.D. & O.D. 6.89/175 X Axis Motor (AC Servo) HP 8.0 Z Axis Motor (AC Servo) HP 8.0 Crossrail Elevating Motor HP 7.5 X 4P Power Requirement KVA 75KVA/ (3 phase 208V )/ 200AMP Mach...

Swing Over Bed 31.5 (800) Turning Diameter Max. 24.8 (630) Turning Length Max. 37~116 (950~2950) X-Travel 12+1.18 (320+30) Z-Travel 39 ~117 (990~2990) Spindle Nose A2-11 / A2-15 Thru Bar Capacity 4.5 / 6.3 (115 /...

the leader in used and preowned cleaning equipment and parts

the leader in used and preowned cleaning equipment and parts

SweepScrub.comoffers refurbished commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines as well as over 250,000 replacement parts from brands like Tennant, Nobles, Clarke, Viper, Nilfisk Advance, Minuteman, NSS, Windsor, and several others.

used industrial machinery - factory & manufacturing equipment

used industrial machinery - factory & manufacturing equipment

There are many different reasons for why a company might get rid of industrial machinery. Usually it is during an expansion or shrinking phase, where some of their machines can become unnecessary, long before they are actually technically obsolete.

There are generally other types of requirements for machines used in industry than those used for private businesses. It is always guaranteed that machines used in industry have a permanent level of high quality and robustness, are easy to maintain and have a reliable supply of spare parts. This means that even used industrial equipment for start-ups are a useful investment to ensure that the required productivity is met.

Wood is an extraordinary material, that provides a wealth of technical characteristics that no other material can. It is light, stable, affordable and available in various forms. This natural material is ideal for many different uses. There are a number of different woodworking machines available for efficiently processing wood.

Metal is the most used material when manufacturing industrial machinery and devices. Metalworking can take place in a variety of different ways. Casting machines and technology is used to form and shape metals. They are either poured into a pre-product or directly formed into the end shape, directly out of the mould. Extruder and die casting machines are used for this process.

After the metal is formed, it can be further processed. Rolling machines, metal-presses and welding machines are most commonly used for this. Metal is prepared for industrial machinery using separation processes by being rolled into sheets and then wrapped onto reels. Punching machines and machine tools are used to separate sheet metal. Cutting machines are used to process individual sheet metal. These are available in the form of flame cutters, laser cutters or water cutters.

All these machines are available used, in a variety of different levels of automation. This means that it is easy to find used industrial equipment that is best suited for the desired operation or task. Training facilities and small manufacturers usually prefer compact industrial machines that are primarily manually operated. Large machines with high output rates are best for producers of series components. The used market provides a variety of used industrial equipment ranging from completely manual to those that are fully automatic.

These machines are also supplemented by a number of different auxiliary materials, conveyor belts, turning stations, packaging machines or industrial robots to help increase the productivity of a facility. Even these machines are available in large numbers and in great condition on the used machinery market.

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more aggregate processing solutions - aggregate equipment salesaggregate equipment sales

more aggregate processing solutions - aggregate equipment salesaggregate equipment sales

Spray bar deflectors are also available in two sizes. These are durable and economical water spray solutions for tough applications. Available sizes are for 1 and 2 pipes. USD15B & USD20B are the respective part numbers.

When economical black rubber skirt board just wont do the job, consider upgrading to DUREFORM polyurethane skirt board. Used in applications where performance is key, this unique, low friction skirt board will solve some tough wear challenges. Available in 60A,dark blue,with single bevel edge. Available in 25 rolls thick with fourwidth options 4, 6, 8 and 10; and thick with twowidth options 4 and 6; 50 rolls thick in two width options 6 and 8. All of these eight listedsizes are in stock! Call for a quotation.

For high speed applications, ask about our 70-73A formula. This is a more rigid, less flexible skirting. However, it is ideal for high speed belts in which degradation fromexcessive heat is a factor. Available in thickx 4, 6 and8 widths, and 25 roll lengths. This product is yellow in colorwith straight edges (no bevel).

Wear protection for bins, chutes, hoppers, and other transfer points is now easier with DUREFORMurethane wear sheets. AR steel plates are heavy & difficult to position for welding. For a quality alternative with excellent abrasion resistance, consider Dureform polyurethane x 4 x 10 wear sheets. The noise dampening effect is a great secondary benefit too. Available in 5sheet batches.

For heavy impact zones such as chutes, hoppers, bins, and transfer points, try DUREFORMmetal backed rubber impact pads. Available in 1 and 2 overall thicknesses, these heavy duty impact pads are designed for rough service. Standard 12 x 12 squares consist of SBR rubber on metal backing plates. The two-hole mount option has 6 center to center hole spacing and 2 overall thickness, part # RWT1212202, and the four-hole mount option has 8 center to center hole spacing and 1 overall thickness, part # RWT1212154. Both options mount with 58 hex bolts (not included).

Dureform spray bar shields are made from wear resistant urethane making this product rugged and durable when compared to popular rubber boot style options. A design advantage is the split style that makes for easy installation. There is no need to disconnect the water lines or disassemble the spray bars to install this product. USS15X10 is the part number. The OD is 10 and this spray shield will fit 1 schedule 40 pipe configurations. Mounting hardware is included.

Dureform Split-Disc training guides are a great help for managing belt tracking problems. Made from a special Shore D urethane formula designed to resist wear and control friction, Dureform belt trainers offer a low cost solution to a high cost material handling problem! Available for 4 cans & 5 cans. The 4 option part # UTD2PC4 has a traditional 2-point flange mount with nut & bolt joinery. The 5 option part # UTD2PC5 is engineered with extra gripping power using a T-Style band clamp which applies continuous pressure around the entire lip circumference. Hardware is included with 4 option & band clamp with 5 option.

The Dureform rubber products line expands again with another high quality, specialty item for high impact wear zones. Urethane, UHMW, and hardened steel wear surfaces perform well in sliding abrasion environments, but when it comes to wear from impact, very few products will hold up. Dureform introduces a new Tensile Rubber Wear Strip that can be cut to size and drilled for mounting. Dureform Tensile Rubber is a high grade rubber with layers upon layers of internal reinforcement bands. Dureform tensile rubber is truly a unique, ultra-heavy-duty wear solution! Sold in strip form with dimensions of 120 x 10 x 1. Part # is RRL1201001

Dureform primary belt wiper blades are now available in 28 & 34 lengths. These high quality blades will effectively replace the common brands. Use 3/8 Channel Groove style to replace Martin Pit Viper or Flexco Rockline blades. Use 1/2 Channel Groove style to replace Martin HD or Argonics Eraser blades. Additional lengths such as 22 & 40 available soon.

As an alternative to the T Profile Channel / Crown bar liner strips, AES now offers a narrower profile long leg liner in roll form. Designed to maximize screen deck open area, these 3/8 bucker bar liners are cut to length from a 21 foot coil. Despite the compact profile, wear life will easily surpass that of rubber. Ask for part UCBL38COIL.

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