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Just finished a castration on a 3 month old Nigerian Dwarf buckling. Everyone with dwarf goats needs one of these tools! It works so nice and smooth no fuss and its easy for smaller hands to use! Also the animal is back to normal immediately other than a bit of pinched skin, they have no issues like with banding. So glad I purchased these. There is a YouTube video that clearly shows the use on these as well.

Side crush is a lot easier to use for one person. Workmanship of product is less that expected for the price, hopefully tool will standup for a long time to make up for added cost. Not sure it does as good a job crushing cord as regular one, do not get as definite clamp as regular cord crush, makes you wonder how good a job it is doing.

I have recently started with goats. This year is my first with babies. I did a lot of searching to find a crimp tool instead of banding. This tool was the best appearing that I could find with not having used any before. It was easy to use. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but quality does cost a little more.

Earlier I had written a comment more than a review and I had rated this item as a one star because I ordered it based on a recommendation from a goat site saying that this tool did not have gaps on the sides. The one I got had gaps and that was the reason for the one star. I was contacted by this company and explained that the gaps were to prevent from pinching or tearing the skin. Makes sense. I have since used this tool on my two baby bucks and it worked well. I have yet to see if I worked it well though. It was difficult to make sure the cords did not migrate to the offside edge of the tool into the gap. After some slight struggles I was able to I think get the tubes centered and applied the crimp. Time will tell if I was able to do my part or not. Thanks for the quick response to explain the tool.

Many of Premiers nets feature a green and white superconductor that has both stainless steel and tinned copper filaments for optimal conductivity. These premium nets are 10 times more conductive (38 ohms per 1000') than our basic nets. This enables the electric pulse to travel much farther and be less affected by weed contact.

Customers who are unhappy with netting are often those whove chosen one of these or their farmstore equivalents. Why do we offer them? Because they are similar in design and conductivity (380 ohms) to nets from our competitorsand comparisons make decisions easier.

To overcome this, Pos/Neg nets* are wired to allow the use of every other horizontal strand as an extension of the ground terminal. Because half the strands are connected to the ground terminal or ground rod, reliance on soil moisture is reduced. A PowerLink must be purchased separately to make the secondary ground connection.

In order to receive a shock, the animal must touch both a positive (hot) and negative (grounded) strand at the same time. This will deliver more pain to the animal than an all hot net (Pos/Pos) because moisture in the soil is not required to complete the circuit.

Dan Morrical joined the Iowa State University staff in 1984 as Extension Sheep Specialist after completing his doctorate degree at New Mexico State University. He held the rank of Full Professor as of July 1, 1995 and retired from full-time teaching in 2017.

While at Iowa State University, Dr. Dan Morrical was responsible for educational programs in all areas of sheep production, ranging from nutrition, genetics, marketing and management. Research areas focused on applied projects in the areas of nutrition, forage utilization, genetics, out-of-season breeding and lamb survival.

Dr. Morrical has been heavily involved in providing educational resources to the sheep industry. He has authored over 30 extension fact sheets, ration balancing software programs, grazing videos and co-authored the nutrition chapter of the SID Handbook with Dr. Margaret Benson from Washington State University.

Dr. Morrical now serves as Premiers on-staff small ruminant nutritionist and sheep production advisor. Most recently, hes introduced a line of GOLD FORMULA mineral premixes under The Shepherds Choice brand, aimed to maximize hoof health and immunity.

testicular injuries: causes and treatments

testicular injuries: causes and treatments

Torsion. A tube called the spermatic cord contains blood vessels that lead from the abdomen to the testicle. A scrotum injury can cause this cord to twist, which is called torsion. Torsion can also happen spontaneously, without an injury.

Dislocation. Some accidents can push the testicle out of the scrotum. It may end up in the abdomen, near the pubic bone over the penis, or other areas near the scrotum. This most often happens in motorcycle crashes when the testicles collide with the gas tank.

Serious injuries can cause you to lose the testicle or cause the testicle to shrink. They may also threaten your future fertility (the ability to have children). Seeing your doctor promptly can lower your chances of these complications.

Exploratory surgery. In some cases, a surgeon will need to make an incision (cut) in your scrotum to look inside it. The surgeon can see which structures are injured, and if needed, treat them during the procedure.

In the case of torsion, treatment involves a doctor turning the testicle back to its proper place by rotating it while holding the scrotum. However, surgery is typically needed, even if the testicle has been turned back into place.

Other types of surgery include opening the scrotum to stitch the covering of your testicle back together. In some cases, the surgeon will need to remove part or all of the testicle. If your scrotum has been badly damaged in an accident, the surgeon may need to move skin from another part of your body to fix it.

gettingit.com: torturing testicles

gettingit.com: torturing testicles

Ten years ago, any bloke who said he was obsessed with "ball playing" would be categorizing himself as a gym rat, or perhaps a softball league addict. Words warp weirdly, as culture squeals forward. Today, a dude admitting to "ball play" devotion is undoubtedly outing himself as a gonad-gouging, scrotum-suffering nut knave. Cruelly creative body modifiers are tormenting testicles with intense neo-primitive zeal. Floppy flesh-sacks are getting skewered, burned, stretched, slapped, injected with liquids, and even slashed off!

The wrinkled "turkey wattle" bags that sequester a man's "family jewels" are densely webbed with nerve sensitivity; a swift kick to the wobblies is crippling. Sweaty vulnerability, combined with totemic status as tanks of testosterone, marks the dangling pouches as principal targets for cutting-edge S/M games.

"Show some balls" is the slang demand for an exhibition of courage; perhaps this explains why I challenged my pair when I was prepubescent. My brother Oliver and I used to maim ourselves in nutty, scorching contests -- we'd press our hairless scrotums against illuminated light bulbs until one of us surrendered. Our endurance ordeals caused second-degree burns, scabbing, and dangerous layers of tender skin-peeling.

Twenty years later, "Mistress Josephine" resurrected this memory when she twisted my testes. "Ouch!" I yelped. Gooey pain coursed out of my groin, mingling with anticipatory fear and fantasy -- another twist, I believed, would shatter my balls. Like water balloons, they'd wetly explode like volcanic zits.

Online forums exist for anyone curious about ball-brutalization -- savage tips and surgical advice are suggested, plus references to dominatrixes and masters who specialize in scrotal inquisition. Below, I've also posted several torturous recipes that can be imposed upon eager gonads:

Serious caution must be maintained with any of the procedures above. Hemorrhaging, shock, and testicle rupture are the penalties inflicted upon stupid players, and careless castrati can bleed to death.

If reading this article made your shivering sack recoil high up in your loins like a cringing collie, watch out! Next time you're invited to a "ball game," ask questions before you arrive, and wear a protective jock-cup, just in case.

nuremberg confessions obtained via torture including the crushing of testicles birth of a new earth blog

nuremberg confessions obtained via torture including the crushing of testicles birth of a new earth blog

You know how I have despised anti-Semitism. You know how strongly I feel toward those who preach intolerance of any kind. With that knowledge you will understand when I tell you that this staff is about seventy-five percent Jewish.

1.Daily Mail: How Britain tortured Nazi PoWs: The horrifying interrogation methods that belie our proud boast that we fought a clean war 2. American Atrocities in Germany the torture of accused war criminals in the Dachau trials 3.Lasha Darkmoon: Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg 4.Institute for Historical Review: The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust Torture

Huge smoking gun: The fake confession of Rudolf Hss to the mass murder of 2.5 million jews at Auschwitz Obtained via torture by jewish interrogators, and now exposed/admitted as false The Nuremberg trials admittedly did not follow Western rules of evidence, and did not require proof of the crimes alleged as they were termed facts of common knowledge. They were admittedly a propaganda display for the continuation of the war efforts of the Allies!! The Human Skin Lampshades and Nazi Shrunken Heads Psyop Evidence Presented at Nuremberg Private letter from Thomas Dodd, former US Senator and top American Nuremberg prosecutor: 75% of staff lawyers at Nuremberg are Jewish

6 ways to get rid of varicocele at home without surgery - genius pundit

6 ways to get rid of varicocele at home without surgery - genius pundit

Varicocele is a medical condition in which the swelling occurs in veins inside the skin within which the scrotum lies. In this condition, one or multiple small veins get blocked fully or partially and results in pooling of blood inside the testicles.

Varicocele also can cause low sperm count resulting in infertility. Research has revealed that up to 20% of men suffer from varicocele at some point in their lives and 40% among them face the problem of infertility.

The varicocele usually does not show symptoms, but in some cases, it does produce symptoms. The common symptom of varicocele is mild to moderate discomfort in the scrotal area. Some other symptoms of varicocele are as follows:-

According to research by Dr. Goldstein, the varicocele form when the valves present in the veins of the spermatic cord do not function properly and hamper the smooth flow of blood to and from the pooling of blood inside the testicle.

Avoiding the situations mentioned above can also avoid the varicocele, and you dont have to think about how to get rid of varicocele. Somehow, if you get varicocele, then the next section of the article may help you to get rid of it.

That increases the risk of varicocele. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants, reducing your intake of processed grains and eliminating unstable polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) from your diet can reduce the risk of varicocele, as well get rid of it.

If you already have tried all methods mentioned above and they do not work for you, surgery is the final answer to your question how to get rid of varicocele. Its believed relatively safe operation, but as its still a surgery within the testicular area, you may not want to take it lightly.

torture and testicle crushing at nuremberg read-right

torture and testicle crushing at nuremberg read-right

At the same time, by sheer coincidence, another correspondent has just sent me some stomach-churning details about testiclecrushing. He ends his letter with these words : This is what Jewish interrogators did to their German prisoners of war after WWII in order to get them to singi.e., to confess to crimes they never committed.

I was a bit shocked by these words. To tell the truth, testicle crushing is not something I have thought about a great deal, nor do I wish to dwell too much on this distasteful subject. I am aware of course that a lot of testicle crushing went on at Nuremberg in order to wring confessions out of the prostrate Germans, but I had been unaware that American Jews had been foremost in the ranks of these torturers.

Apparently, as many as three out four interrogators at Nuremberg had been Jewishand these Jewish interrogators, I was to learn to my horror, had been by far the most sanguinary and sadistic. There was almost no level of human depravity to which these monsters were not willing to sink, including forcing their German victims to eat excrement and to have sex with disinterred corpses. (See below)

Yes, so this is something we ought to bear in mind when watching all those Hollywood movies celebrating the heroic deeds of the Allies in World War Two and lamenting the horrors of the Holocaust: that Jewish interrogators, working for the Americans, are known to have beaten, tortured, and crushed the testicles of German defendants before charging them with war crimes at Nuremberg. Without these confessions, obtained under extreme torture, there is no solid proof that any Jewish Holocaust took place at all. There is only legend, hearsay and eyewitness accounts: like those of Elie Wiesel and his kindaccounts that have turned out, in retrospect, to be based on pure fantasy, fiction, and grotesque exaggeration.

Proponents of the official storyline say that some of the strongest evidence that proves the Holocausti.e. the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews in gas chambers on the instructions of Hitlerconsists of the supposed confessions of the German officials who were put on trial at Nuremberg. What they neglect to tell you is that most of these confessions were obtained under extreme torture. Indeed, according to Jewish investigator John Sack, torture was often practiced for its own sake, even when there was nothing to find out. It was practiced for sheer pleasure: because it gave the torturers a high, a feeling of sadistic omnipotence, of orgasmic euphoria.

It has since been openly admitted in the memoirs of the top British official, Colonel Alexander Scotland, who ran the interrogation program, that thousands of Germans weretortured by British Military Intelligence, under the direction of the Prisoner of War Interrogation Section (PWIS).This torture of German POWs occurred during the war to obtain military intelligence. After the war was over, it was used again in order to obtain confessions for convictions of war crimes.

German POWs reported that the torture techniques included deprivation of sleep, starvation, systematic beatings, ripping hair from the scalp, menacing with red-hot pokers, threatened use of electrical devices to deliver shocks, and, finally, the worst torture of all, the slow and systematic mangling of the spermatic cords of the testiclesa procedure that had their victims thrashing about and screaming like wild animals for hours.

The prosecutors at Nuremberg accused and convicted the Germans of murdering some 4 million people at Auschwitz. These charges were based largely upon the supposed confessions obtained by the torture of German officers, such as thesigned confession by Rudolf Hss,the commandant at Auschwitz, giving details of how he had personally supervised the murder of 2.5 million jews.

It became apparent at once that if only 1 million Jews had died at Auschwitz, as was now officially admitted, it no longer became possible to state that 2.5 million Jews had been killed there underHsswhile he was a commandant there.The confession by Hss that 2.5 million Jews had been killed at Auschwitzunder his auspices was therefore worthless. It had been a confession clearly extracted under torture.

If, moreover, only 1 million Jews perished at Auschwitz instead of the 4 million originally claimed to have died there, its obvious that there has been an overestimate of three million dead Jews. It is no longer possible to assert that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. That becomes a mathematical impossibility.

We are all expected to pretend that 6 million Jews minus 3 million Jews somehow equals 6 million Jews, just as Winston Smith (in Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four) was expected to believe that 2 + 2= 5.Winston Smith, you will remember, managed to believe this absurdity in the end, with the help of a little extra tuition he received via the famous rat torture.

The startling revelation that almost all the German defendants at Nuremberg had had their testicles crushed must make us sit up and think. How can testimonies obtained under testicle crushing be regarded in any way as reliable?

Following reports that defendants were tortured at theMalmedy massacre trial, the US Army formed the Simpson Commission to investigate the alleged misconduct. Judge Edward L. Van Roden was part of this commission.According to Van Rodens book,American Atrocities in Germany, out of 139 cases of treatment of alleged German war criminals who were investigated by the commissionand who were subsequently put on trial by the American Military Tribunalin Dachauafter World War II137 of these Germans were tortured by having their testicles crushed.

Other methods used by the American interrogators included brutal beatings, placing a hood over prisoners and punching them in the face with brass knuckles, breaking their jaws, knocking out their teeth, putting them on starvation rations, and subjecting them to solitary confinement.The prisoners were then presented with prepared statements to sign.Confess or face more torture!

It emerged thatJewishprosecutors and interrogators had obtained complete control over the US Military tribunal that was to put German officials on trial for war crimes. This is seldom mentioned, as to do so is regarded as anti-Semitic. To state the unvarnished truththat 137 Germans had their testicles mangled at Nuremberg by largely Jewish interrogators in order to obtain proof for the Holocaustis regarded as hate speech.

Lt. William Perl(pictured left) was an Austrian Jew who had emigrated to America in 1940. He was the chief interrogator of Germans accused of theMalmedy massacre. This was because he could speak fluent German; and indeed many of the interrogators at Nuremberg were German or Austrian Jews who had emigrated to America before WWII and were known as the Ritchie Boys. There were roughly 9000 of these Jews in America and they specialized in the interrogation of German prisoners. (Seehere).

Perl supervised the torture of the German defendants. He was an ardent and active Zionist and was assisted by other Jews in his endeavors to extract confessions by the infliction of maximum pain. Jews specalizing in torture techniques at Nuremberg includedJosef Kirschbaum, Harry Thon and Morris Ellowitz. (Seehere)

The accusations [against the German defendants] were mainly based on the sworn and written statements provided by the defendants in Schwbish Hall. To counter the evidence given in the mens sworn statements and by prosecution witnesses, the lead defense attorney, Lieutenant Colonel Willis M. Everett tried to show that the statements had been obtained byinappropriate methods.

Note that exquisite euphemism: inappropriate methods. Thats how respectable, politically correct Americans refer to confessions obtained undertorture. The methods are not described as horrendously cruel. They are not described as morally indefensible. They are described as inappropriate.

On Sept. 25, 1945, Thomas Dodd, who was the second in command on the American prosecution team at Nuremberg, made the following observation in which he claimedthat three out of four interrogators at Nuremberg were Jewish:

You know how I have despised anti-Semitism, he said. You know how strongly I feel toward those who preach intolerance of any kind. With that knowledge, you will understand when I tell you that this staff is aboutseventy-five percent Jewish.

One person who has made a close study of the Nuremberg trial archives in the original German and knows more about this subject than anyone else I know is the multilingual American scholarCarlos W. Porterwho isfluent in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.Havingrenounced his American citizenship in 1984, and having then relocated to Belgium with his wife and children, the Holocaust revisionist author of Not Guilty at Nuremberg took the trouble to write to me about the Nuremberg trials in a private communication (July 28, 2015 at 9:55 pm). Porter confirmed what I had always suspected: that most of the American interrogators at Nuremberg had been Jews, and that torture had been freely practiced against the helpless Germans on trial in order to force them to confess to non-existent crimes:

You can be absolutely CERTAIN, Carlos Porter wrote to me, that nearly ALL the interrogators and interpreters in ALL the trials were Jewish, because the Americans stamped out the German language from all American schools during WWI, so German Jewish refugees were almost the only competent people they had. Of course, other German-Americans could not be trusted not to be Nazis, so they were stuck with the German Jews.

That there was a great deal of mistreatment and torture in the minor trials is absolutely certain. I reproduced a couple of accounts of torture at the Dachau trials in War Crimes Trials and Other Essays. But Im sure its only the tip of the iceberg. Minor personnel could be tortured with impunity, and 99% of them would be afraid even to mention it. It would be hard to get away with torturing somebody like Goering though.

Testicle crushing, incidentally, is a tried and tested method for obtaining confessions. It was used throughout the Middle Ages and particularly in France during the French Revolution. That the Jews, a scholarly race noted for their vast erudition and academic achievements, should have mastered all the techniques of testicle crushing is therefore not surprising. Their talents foracquiring such outr information must not beunderestimated.

Though Perl had lots of German blood on his hands, he was nevertheless allowed by the Americans to serve as a prosecutor at the Nuremberg War trials. Another Jew of note at the Nuremberg war crimes trials wasRichard W. Sonnenfeldt. He was the chief interpreter for American prosecutors such as Perl. He interrogated some of the most notorious Nazi leaders of World War II and died in 2009, age 86,at his home in Port Washington, N.Y. (Seehere)

The Presiding Judge at Nuremberg was alsocoincidence?a Jew. His name wasA.H. Rosenfeldand he was a colonel in the American army. Col. Rosenfeld cheerfully admitted to torturing German prisoners of war as a matter of policy. We couldnt have made those birds talk otherwise, he remarked cynically. It was a trick, and it worked like a charm.

In a recent private email to me, in response to some of my queries about torture at Nuremberg, Thomas Goodrich, acclaimed author ofHellstorm : The Death of Nazi Germany (1944-1947), mentioned the names of four well-known Jews in the American zone whom he identified as torturer-inquisitors: Harry Thon, William Perl, AH Rosenfeld, and Shlomo Morel.

a vicious monster who drowned men and women in outdoor latrines, who made them eat excrement, who personally beat captives to death, and who forced women to kiss and make love with disinterred corpses. (For more grisly details, confirming all this, see here)

After escaping from the killing fields of Germany, where he had taken immense pleasure in dancing over mounds of corpses and shedding rivers ofhuman blood, this cruel psychopath lived out his life in comfort and ease in Israel.Yes, Israel!the final bolthole and refuge dump for many a runaway Jew fleeing the long arm of the law, a place described in a prescient comment by Adolf Hitler as early as 1925 asa haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks. (Mein Kampf, chapter 11, excerpt.)

Here now are some grisly details about testicle crushing that the reader may find of some interest. These distasteful details are given here only because they are relevant to our discussion. If you are of a queasy disposition and prone to easy vomiting, you are advised to skip the description and stop reading right here. Remember that all this was done to 137 Germans at Nuremberg in order to extract confessions from them with a view to establishing the truth about the Holocaust. Without all that testicle crushing, the Holocaust might have been much harder to prove.

Standard practice [to obtain castration] in France from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution was to crush the condemneds testicles in a vise, which burst them as mush from the scrotum, then crunch the spermatic cords with pliers. The condemned was turned upside down in order to maximize the blood flow to his brain, after which he was unable to pass out or enter a state of shock until, perhaps, the last few seconds of his ordeal.

The condemned was sure to vomit repeatedly with violent convulsions, even well after he had voided the contents of his stomach, but he rarely screamed except for an initial shriek, which immediately silenced, because the pain overwhelmed his ability to breathe. Most men would hang and thrash wildly during and after the crushing of each testicle, and their thrashing would renew upon the crushing of each spermatic cord.

This torture method (accompanied by others) was usually reserved for the crime of regicide or attempted regicide. The condemned was mercifully put to death afterwards, but his torture routinely lasted for the better part of a day, witnessed by large crowds. It is interesting to note that, whereas most crowds were instructed to jeer, mock, and ridicule the condemned, and did so even during a disemboweling, and drawing and quartering, most crowds remained silent and stared with shocked expressions as a castration was carried out in this manner.

A true history of the War can never be written since most of the participants are now dead and those yet living would never admit to their crimes. I am sure that the crimes committed against Germany that we KNOW of are just the beginning. Private email to this writer

Thomas Goodrich, Hellstorm : The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 Mark Weber, The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust, The Journal of Historical Review (Vol. 12, No. 2), Summer 1992. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v12/v12p167_Webera.html Mark Weber, Part 2 of The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust, On Torture at Nuremberg Giles MacDonogh, After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation (2009) Mark Weber (book review of above), New Book Details Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of World War Two. (IHR: 2007). http://www.ihr.org/other/afterthereich072007.html James Bacque, Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, 19441950 (2007) James Bacque, Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II (2011) Ralph Franklin Keeling, Gruesome Harvest : The Allies Postwar War Against the German People (1992) John Sack, An Eye For An Eye : The Story of Jews who sought Revenge for the Holocaust (2000) See also : Address by John Sack at IHR conference Behind An Eye for an Eye : Revenge, Hate and History (May 2000) http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v20/v20n1p-9_Sack.html Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, A Terrible Revenge : The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans (2006) Benton L. Bradberry, The Myth Of German Villainy(2012)

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