how much is the hourly output of the mobile stone crusher?-news center - henan fote machinery co., ltd

how much is the hourly output of the mobile stone crusher?-news center - henan fote machinery co., ltd

Mobile crusher is the dedicated processing equipment to limestone, fluorite, calcite and other stone materials, its characteristic is that it can move at will, to realize the in situ material crushing, which can save a lot of material transportation expenses. The operation process of mobile stone crusher is very stable and safe, and it has been widely applied in the industrial field. How many tons of material can be crushed per hour by mobile stone crusher? This is the question usually asked by the users when they choose and buy mobile crusher, in order to help users to have a more comprehensive understanding of the mobile stone crusher equipment, the following is a brief description of the handling capacity of the mobile stone crusher.

Normally, a devices hourly crushing material quantity is not only related to their own factors such as the configuration form, quality, at the same time also will be affected by the material properties, the operating proficiency and other external factors.

The mobile crusher can be used in the single operation or in combination with other equipment, such as other crushers, conveyor, etc. Different configuration forms have different handling capacity of mobile crusher on materials. Normally, the configuration of the stone crusher, conveyor and other equipment more complete, the higher the level, the processing capacity will be greater.

Quality is the key factor affecting the handling capacity of mobile stone crusher, the capacity of good-quality mobile crusher naturally will be larger, because its failure rate is low in the process of operation and there will be no material congestion, on the contrary, when the equipment quality is general or bad, the amount of processing will be reduced.

The hardness, humidity and structure of the materials will affect the crushing amount of mobile stone crusher per unit time to a certain extent, for example, for the relatively high-hardness materials, its difficult to break, so it will take a long time and the equipment output is naturally low. For the low-hardness materials, it is easier to crush and the yield will be higher.

The operators should know more functions of mobile crusher, their operations will be more skilled, the error rate will naturally less, at the same time they will know how to improve the yield of the equipment, so the operators proficiency also has an important influence on mobile crusher capacity.

Each model of FTM mobile stone crusher adopts the world-class and state-of-the-art technology, not only does it have the significant advantages in terms of quality, performance, and structure, but also the crushing quantity of the material per hour is also very high, the main reasons are as follows:

1.The configuration of each part is reasonable, and they are made of the wear-resisting material with more than 2 times wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the same kind of equipment on the market, FTM mobile stone crusher operation is more stable with low failure rate, so its crushing quantity per hour is higher.

2.The parameter design is reasonable, the inlet size is large, the amount of material entering the machine in unit time is higher, the passing rate is high and the material quantity inside the machine in the unit time is much, the pass rate is high, and the circulation is comparatively smooth.

3. It has the strong adaptability to the material, not affected by materials hardness, humidity and other factors, there will be no blockage of materials, which can reduce the waste of resources and increase the mobile crusher production.

In a word, FTM mobile crusher is currently one of the stone processing equipment with large production capacity and high output in per unit time on the market, its excellent quality and reliable performance will definitely bring unexpected surprises to the users. For more information on the FTM mobile crusher output, price and other aspects, you can consult online, the 24-hour inquiry hotline.

which stone crusher with an output of 200t/h is cheaper? luoyang dahua

which stone crusher with an output of 200t/h is cheaper? luoyang dahua

The 200-ton crusher has always been a star product in the market, especially popular in small and medium-sized gravel plants. So what are the 200-ton stone crushers? Which is cheaper? Presumably this is also an issue that everyone is generally concerned about. Today, we will take everyone to understand the types of stone crushers with an hourly output of 200 tons and their prices. According to the major categories of stone crushers, they are divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing equipment. There are many crushers of each type that meet the output of 200 tons per hour. Today, take the main categories as examples to introduce the relevant models in detail.

In addition, the 200 tons per hour stone smashing machine also has a pair of roller crushers, composite crushers, hammer crushers, box crushers, etc. The specific equipment to choose depends on the actual production needs. In addition to these fixed crushing equipment, mobile crushing equipment can be used if the work sites are scattered and need to be moved frequently.

In fact, before understanding the specific price, we need to figure out some specific requirements, such as: the properties of the crushed materials, the fineness requirements of the finished product, and so on. Because of different needs, the types and models of applicable equipment are different. In addition, the price of the equipment will be affected by various factors such as the materials selected by the manufacturer, technical input, sales methods, and regional prices. So in general, the specific price of a 200-ton-per-hour rock crusher may range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and it is necessary to know the specific manufacturer.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in luoyang, the ancient capital of A millennium, mainly engaged in all kinds of crushing, screening, grinding, washing, feeding, conveying, environmental protection, dust removal and other equipment research and development and production manufacturing.

estimate jaw crusher capacity

estimate jaw crusher capacity

My friend Alex the SAG Mill Expert, says this equation you picked up doesnt look right.The numerator is calculating the volume of one swing of a jaw, times thedensity of material in the chamber, times the number of cycles perminute. This should give you the mass of material crushed per minute.

The example youve given is missing information needed to calculate theA term it doesnt tell you the height of the crushing chamber. The two measurements youve got are the top opening width and top openinglength; A should be the jaw throw (not given) times the crushing chamber height (also not given).

Tables hereincontain information that is typical of output from crushers discussed above. The capacities are based on the crusher receiving full, continuous feed of clean, dry, friable stone weighing 100 lb/cu ft.

These capacity tables show several significant differences between the two common types of primary crushers. A jaw crusher has a wider range of settingsgenerally, a maximum of two to three times the smallest setting. The tables also show that for a comparable maximum size of feed and setting, a gyratory crusher has a much greater capacity than a jaw crusher. Thegyratory crusher obtains this advantage only at the cost of greater power to drive the crusher.

The selection of an appropriate primary crusher for a given use has to be based on a consideration of several factors. These are not limited to the design features of the crusher. If the feed is blasted rock from a quarry, the size and method of handling the feed influence crusher selection. For instance, a power shovel is limited by the dimensions of the dipper in the maximum size of rock it can handle well. It may be that the bucket of a 1- yd shovel would be too small to load the maximum size rock allowed in a jaw crusher with a 42-in. opening.

If a 60-in. gyratory crusher is to process material from a quarry where a shovel loads the raw material, the shovel would probably have to have a dipper capacity of at least 5 cu yd to be compatible. It may be more economical to change the blasting pattern to produce larger rock that can be handled by a larger loader-hauler combination and still fit in the primary crusher. Generally, a large reduction ratio will be required of the primary crusher.

If gravel has relatively small maximum particle sizes, a large feed opening is not needed. It may be more economical to feed all of the pit-run material into the primary crusher rather than to remove the part that is already smaller than the crusher setting. That calls for a crusher with a higher capacity. There are many feasible solutions to the crusher selection problem, so the aggregate producer must select crushers with total operations and economics in mind.The selection of reduction crushers is also a complex problem.

The economic selection of any particular crusher depends on the ability of the crusher to handle the maximum size of feed, reducing this at the highest possible reduction ratio and least cost for the original installation, maintenance, and power. For any particular aggregate production plant, it is advisable to make preliminary determinations of the types of crushers needed. If most of the feed is coarse and stage crushing is required, primary crushers that meet the requirements of reduction and economy and have straight crushing surfaces may be most economical.

Where only a very small percentage of the feed approaches the size of the feed opening of the crusher,nonchoking crushing surfaces in a high capacity crusher may be advisable for the sake of economy. If the plant requires several stages, and several different types of crushers could be used for each stage, the costs of each feasible combination must be analyzed to find the crusher plant with the least total cost.

jaw crusher for crushing stone - eb castworld % jaw crusher

jaw crusher for crushing stone - eb castworld % jaw crusher

Leading supplier of high alloy castings and forgings. There are 4 companies with sales of more than 100 million yuan, across the 4 major areas of wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and machinery

Jaw crusher is used for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with compressive strength below 320MPa. It is generally used for primary crushing of materials. The machine is widely used in mining, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, water conservancy, transportation and many other fields.

1.Crusher is made of high manganese steel, which can stand up to heat treatment. Crusher is suitable for rough and intermediate crushing of brittle materials in such industries as cement, chemical industry, electric power, mine, building materials and metallurgy. The grain size of the input material is large, the particle size of the output product can be controlled.

2.Crusher with its simple structure, the tooth shape, size and arrangement of the roller surface can be adjustable according to the property of different materials. It can be used for secondary anf fine crushing of medium hardness and soft hardness ores, such as limestone, feldspar, glass, coal etc.

3.The particles are drawn into the gap between the rollers by their rotating motion and a friction angle formed between the rollers and the particle, called the nip angle. The two rollers force the particle between their rotating surface into the ever smaller gap area, and it fractures from the compressive forces presented by the rotating rollers.

1. Optimized deep cavity structure and reasonable running parameters of movable jaw greatly increase the equipment capacity and its crushing ratio; 2. Adopting compound pendulum principle, the equipment is simple in structure, stable in performance, easy in operation and maintenance; 3. Gasket type discharge adjustment device makes the adjustment range of discharge mouth larger, could meet clients various processing needs; 4. Compared with other high-speed crushers, it has low noise and less dust.

The electric motor drives eccentric shaft to move via pulley and belt which makes movable jaw move back and forth according to the predetermined track. Material is extruded, rolled and crushed after entering the crushing chamber. Crushed material would be discharged through bottom discharge mouth.

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