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Those who dare to venture through to the vast bleakness beyond return with harrowing tales of an unforgiving world long forsaken by the gods--a world called Abyssea, whose sanguine sky is an ever-present portent of looming destruction. There, the savage baying of creatures at once surreal and dreadful strikes a chilling counterpoint to the anguished wailing of the land as it crumbles and falls to chasmic depths.

A crazed glint flickers across the old man's eye. Oh yes, well does he know Abyssea, he mutters. Take him at his word, and he himself is a refugee from that sunless, Goddess-forsaken realm. A fortunate soulif such a phrase can be used--who escaped the clutches of the fell hordes that tore comrades and loves ones from his grasp. Desperately he fled across the shattered, barren landscape before stumbling into the gaping maw of darkness that led him to this realm...

* Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox is a BCNM area used for the final battle and requires all three Add-Ons to access. You must complete all nine Abyssea NM quests and defeat all 6 Caturae. A special Crimson traverser stone, obtained with 10,000 Cruor, is required for entry. All normal characteristics of Abyssea apply (e.g. Temp items, atma, weakness triggers etc. are all useable)

Users must have installed and registered FINAL FANTASY XI, PlayOnline, and the "Rise of the Zilart" and "Wings of the Goddess" expansions in order to play "Vision of Abyssea", "Scars of Abyssea", and "Heroes of Abyssea." Due to the timed nature of all Abyssea content, it is highly recommended to complete the following simple first step as soon as possible following the registration of the appropriate expansions. 1. Zone into Port Jeuno on a level 30+ job for a cutscene. Talk to Joachim in Port Jeuno (H-8) to start A Journey Begins. Following a cutscene, Joachim will give you a Traverser Stone. At this point, Joachim will start producing more Traverser Stones for you, but in order to actually receive any more, you must first complete the quest The Truth Beckons by entering Abyssea. 2. You must be on a level 30+ job to enter Abyssea. Head to one of the Cavernous Maws located at:

Abyssea is an alternate world parallel to Vana'diel. Each Abyssea area is notably similar to a counterpart area in Vana'diel. Upon entering Abyssea you are placed inside the main encampment. This encampment is where most transactions and quests are undertaken, and it is also the place to locate the Conflux Surveyor that grants Visitant status. The boundary of the encampment is marked by glowing Searing Wards, noting the point where relative safety ends. From here there are a few basic things you may want to know. Some aspects of Abyssea are covered in further detail underneath their own headings below.

Integrated with the battle systems of Abyssea is a series of quests. Similar to the Wings of the Goddess Missions, there are a handful of general quests intertwined with quests specific to each area. Each Abyssea zone also has its own Reputation value, with some quests requiring a certain level of fame before being undertaken.

The Cruor Prospector deals with all manners of Cruor transactions. Cruor acts as currency in Abyssea. You will be able to buy equipment, temporary items, stat enhancements, Forbidden Keys, and other things from him.

The Atma Infusionist utilizes your collected Atma to augment your character's stats and abilities if you are in possession of at least one Lunar Abyssite key item and at least one Atma key item, for a small fee of 100 Cruor per Atma. Atma generally remains "infused" until leaving Abyssea and cannot normally be dispelled, although a small handful of Notorious Monsters possess the ability to dispel them. They may also be manually purged by the Atma Infusionist if the player so wishes (generally in order to infuse a different atma)

The Atma Fabricant generates "Synthetic Atma" for players based on their past adventuring memories and accomplishments, which can then be applied by an Atma Infusionist (see above) like standard Atma. Synthetic Atma requires a moderate cruor fee to be purchased. Many of the Synthetic Atma available is based on content outside of Abyssea, so even players new to Abyssea may still find themselves able to obtain Atma from these NPCs.

There are three "sets" of Atma Fabricants, one from each expansion, each possessing independent sets of Synthetic Atma available for purchase. Each set of Fabricants requires different criteria (i.e. NM kills/titles for Vision areas, mission line completions for Scars areas, event completions for Heroes areas) to synthesize an Atma.

Upon claiming/popping any NM within Abyssea, 3 types of weaknesses will be set. They will shift to a random new one on each battle, and this includes if the NM goes unclaimed and passive (deaggros). Weaknesses may only be triggered on Abyssean NMs, not on any standard enemy.

When a NM's weakness is struck, a pair of exclamation marks() appears over it, and the NM will be afflicted with a particular status effect for a period of time. The status effect is always applied, even if the NM is normally immune to other sources of the same effect. In addition, striking a weakness improves the drop rates on a particular type of treasure that the NM can drop. How to trigger each of the 3 types of weaknesses, and the effects of each one, are explained below. See Weakness Targeting for a list of specific trigger abilities.

It is generally unadvised to strike a particular weakness more than once unless it becomes necessary to do so to survive. Each time the same weakness is struck on the same NM, the duration of the applied status effect shortens. Additionally, according to NPC dialog, exploiting the weakness once will grant larger treasure rewards, potentially even ones normally unavailable, but hitting the same weakness repeatedly can negate the effect and remove the treasure bonus. (Exploiting each of the three types of weakness once incurs no penalties to drop rates.)

Upon defeating enemies within Abyssea, there is a chance for a treasure chest called a Sturdy Pyxis to appear where the enemy was defeated. There are three types of pyxides, each with a different puzzle mechanism used to open it. Players should take care to complete the challenges and open the chests before they disappear, because they may find such valuable commodities as cruor, experience points, and items. The frequency, type, and contents of the pyxides that appear depend on the Abyssea Lights values of the character that delivered the killing blow to the enemy.

Except for restorations and individual temporary items, all contents are distributed automatically to the members of the party/alliance when the pyxis is opened. Such automatically-distributed contents are not divided among the group; each member receives the full value of whatever the pyxis contained. Restorations are granted only to the player who opens the pyxis. Individual temporary items can be taken by anyone in the party/alliance after the pyxis has been unlocked.

Higher tiers result in more temporary item sets over assorted singles, greater quantities of experience points or cruor, better restorations, and the addition of time extensions to the possible rewards.

Note that regardless of the actual light value reported by the chest, the chat log message will always report the lights granted by red pyxides as a "faint" or "feeble" light when the chest is opened, as with all occurrences of a light value increasing.

Higher tiers result in higher potency lights, and more frequent occurrences of higher quality lights. Ebon, Silvery, and Golden lights are considered higher quality than Pearlescent, Ruby, Azure, and Amber.

Quality of the pyxis contents generally vary by size. In large gold pyxides, rarer and more valuable spoils may be found, higher quality temporary items such as Revitalizers will appear, and augmented equipment will carry more powerful augments.

By traveling deep into Abyssea you will find Veridical Confluxes scattered about the land. These confluxes serve as teleporters between one another. In order to use each one you must first activate it by paying a fee in cruor and then another small cruor fee to teleport to it.

Players can complete each of these objectives in each Abyssea area, as all Abyssea areas possess different quests, atmas, and abyssite. Note that regarding the abyssite objective, some of the Ivory abyssites (purchased via cruor) are shared between certain zones. Purchasing an abyssite in one zone will count toward the objective in any other Abyssea zone from which that abyssite can be purchased.

Cruor works as Abyssea's currency. Cruor is obtained by defeating monsters, completing quests, and opening certain blue pyxides. Cruor can be exchanged for various products and services, including equipment, temporary items, key items that will help you in Abyssea, temporary stat boosts, Atma infusion, activating and using Veridical Confluxes to teleport around the area, and more.

While cruor will increase normally while EXPing, due to silver/ebon lights being built up, it is possible to cruor farm. Cruor farming works differently from XP farming. While an "EXP chain" can be built by continuously defeating enemies of the exact same species, a "cruor chain" can instead be built by continuously defeating enemies of differing species (that is, never defeating the same enemy twice in a row). In a manner similar to EXP chains, if a cruor chain is broken, the enemy which breaks the chain will instead grant extra experience points on that single kill.

Cruor chains tend to build much faster than experience chains (each kill increasing the total amount by upwards of 10 Cruor), however, Cruor chains also have a specific cap which cannot be exceeded without building sufficient silver/ebon lights.

Cruor may also be exchanged with Horst in Port Jeuno to utilize his teleportation service. He can teleport you to the Cavernous Maw leading to any Abyssea area you have previously entered for a fee of 200 cruor. (It is not possible to be warped to the entrance of Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox, although the Qufim Island outpost warp comes close.)

Martellos are structures set up around each Abyssea area and serve as sources of replenishment for adventurers within the harsh Abyssea environment. They are similar in appearance to Allied Mantelets. Each of them has a certain amount of energy and each of its restoration given to an adventurer will deplete its energy reserve. To replenish a martello, an adventure must agree to help a Machine Outfitter located at the camp site to participate in a replenishing errand. You will then obtain a key item. Once you check a martello, you will be given the choice to replenish its energy levels. The direction you face affects the amount replenished.

A martello can be used to fully restore either your HP or your MP, or to purge any negative status effects. (Only one of these services can be used at a time.) However, to conserve the energy reserves of the martellos, a player must wait for a maximum of 30 minutes after using a martello before being allowed to use any martello again. Possessing one or more "Abyssites of Expertise" will reduce the "cooldown" period for martello usage by 5 minutes each (minimum of 15 minutes). Additionally, in Scars of Abyssea areas, the current state of the area's Pulse Martello may result in a further reduction of the "cooldown" period.

Players may make use of a wide variety of Temporary Items while adventuring in Abyssea. Temporary items can be purchased from Cruor Prospectors, obtained from Blue and Gold Pyxides, and dropped directly from defeated enemies. Temporary items vary greatly in potency and effect (some items have similar names/effects yet grant a far stronger bonus than their low tier counterparts); low-tier items can be obtained from Blue Pyxides or bought from Cruor Prospectors, but high-tier items must be obtained from Notorious Monsters and Gold/Giant Pyxides.

Unlike temporary items in other areas, once a player acquires a particular temporary item in Abyssea, that item will remain with the player until it is used or discardedthey cannot be taken outside of Abyssea, but upon the player's return to any Abyssea area, any temporary items retained from the previous visit will appear back in the player's inventory upon obtaining Visitant status. Players may only hold one of each type of temporary item at a time (multiple of similar types can be held at once, provided they are not the exact same item).

Upon defeating enemies in Abyssea or opening red pyxides, players may receive a message telling them that their body is radiating with a light of a certain color. This phenomenon is linked somehow to the Visitant status used by transdimensional travelers to Abyssea, and serves to enhance the fortune of adventurers in various ways for as long as their Visitant status lasts.

Scattered throughout the lands of Abyssea are ancient stones of great power, known as Ancient Abyssite. Each abyssite is known to grant favorable bonuses to its possessor while they travel through Abyssea, and thus can be a valuable asset for adventurers to seek and acquire. Five ancient abyssite can be found in each Abyssean area. There are also nine abyssite (three each for Visions, Scars, and Heroes) which can be bought from Cruor Prospectors for varying amounts of Cruor. Finally, there are nine additional abyssite which are obtained through the completion of one or more special Abyssea quests. These nine, however, do not count as abyssite required by the goal tracking NPCs in each Abyssea area.

lair - official temtem wiki

lair - official temtem wiki

A Lair is a group activity in Temtem where three to five players enter a dungeon. The more players that participate the easier the lair will be. Each player will have to fight their way through a randomly generated path on their own. However, important resources are shared between players. It is key to manage those resources accordingly in order to have a chance to battle a mythical Temtem at the end and receive rare rewards.

Anak Sanctum can be found by following the path inside Anak Volcano and using the Gravitonic piolets to climb the wall most left and to continue the following path. You have to posses the Crystal Skates and the Gravitonic piolets at the same time in order to reach the Anak Sanctum.

In order to unlock the Lair in Anak Sanctum a player needs to activate twelve stone tablets. Each tablet displays a specific type icon. By interacting with a tablet you must show a Temtem which matches the Type shown by the tablet. Your Temtem will not disappear in the process. Eight out of twelve tablets are located in the area of Anak Sanctum. The other four tablets are located by climbing the other two northern walls in Anak Volcano. You need to clear the Altar of the Inner Flame as well in order to activate two tablets which are located inside the fire shrine. Once all twelve tablets are activated you will be able to interact with the four vessels where the entrance to the Lair is located.

Highbelow Sanctum can be found by accepting the quest Through a Gate, Darkly from the Devout Priest in the Sacred Lake. After receiving the quest the player will be able to interact with the gates located in Sacred Lake. The player will then be teleported to The Highbelow?.

In order to unlock the Lair in Sacred Lake a player needs to activate twelve stone tablets. Each tablet displays a specific type icon. By interacting with a tablet you must show a Temtem which matches the Type shown by the tablet. Your Temtem will not disappear in the process. Once all twelve tablets are activated you will be able to interact with the four vessels in the center of the lake where the entrance to the Lair is located.

By interacting with the four vessels inside the entrance room you can create own groups and share the room ID number to random players or you can join an existing room by entering the 5 digit ID. There is also an option to invite friends directly. Once all players press the ready button the Lair will start. You will not use any Temtem or items in your own possession during a lair. The players will use exclusive lair Temtem and items inside the lair. All collected items and Temtem inside the Lair will disappear aside from the rewards after successfully defeating the mythical Temtem. In order to start a lair each player will have to pay a 2500 Pansuns entry fee.

Jewels are required to unlock the Mythical battle of the Lair. All players must collect a certain amount of Jewels together as a group. The required amount depends on the location of the Lair. If all present players finish their path and do not have the required amount of Jewels to participate in the Mythical Battle they cannot acquire any rewards and are forced to leave the Lair and try again. Jewels can be acquired through Karakuri, chests and offerings.

Each player will receive a random generated path which contains different types of nodes. If there are multiple nodes next to each other in the same area only the first one chosen will be invoked. All other nodes will disappear. The whole path can be viewed by opening the Map. This allows the players to plan their path accordingly.

Karakuri are NPC which battle a player upon interacting with them. Depending on their level they will have a higher amount of Temtem with them. If a player loses a battle with a Karakuri they are able to revive for a certain amount of Jewels depending on the progress of the Lair. If a player does not choose to revive they must leave the current Lair. The following differences for each level of the Karakuri battles apply:

Offerings are nodes which give a large amount of rewards. However, a cost is usually required to do this. There is a possible Bonus which is able to negate the offering cost. Following offering costs are possible:

Bonuses give players advantages depending on the type of the Bonus. They can affect battles, offerings, chests and the mythical battle. It is possible to receive the same Bonus multiple times. The currently available Bonuses are as follows:

If the group meets all requirements they will be able to battle the mythical Temtem. It possess a certain number of lives and three traits unless they are affected by a Bonuses. If a player depletes one live of the mythical Temtem the current turn ends automatically. The traits and techniques of the mythical Temtem are selected randomly each week. The goal of the player is to deplete all lives of the mythical Temtem. If the player's squad is wiped out, the individual player will lose the battle and be forced to leave the lair.

By completing a Lair for the first time each week the player will receive a mythical Temtem egg which has SVs of 29 or higher. The species of the egg is the same as the mythical Temtem fought at the end of the Lair. The following rewards can be acquired every time completing a Lair:

chanca piedra tincture, kidney stone crusher, herbal elixir, herbal remedy

chanca piedra tincture, kidney stone crusher, herbal elixir, herbal remedy

Chanca piedra is a small, erect, annual herb that grows 3040 cm in height. It is indigenous to the rainforests of the Amazon and other tropical areas throughout the world, including the Bahamas, southern India, and China. P. niruri is quite prevalent in the Amazon and other wet rainforests, growing and spreading freely (much like a weed). P. amarus and P. sellowiana are closely related to P. niruri in appearance, phytochemical structure, and history of use, but typically are found in the drier tropical climates of India, Brazil, and even Florida and Texas.

Organic Olive leaf tincture, #Adaptogen, herbal remedy, holistic olive leaf The olive leaf was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt, and it was a symbol of heavenly power. Studies have found that the compound in olive leaf is called, Oleuropein. This primary compound in olive leaf, has attracted attention since the early 1900s because of []

Lolio di semi neroviene estratto dai semi del cumino nero (Nigella sativa), una pianta originaria dellAsia sud-occidentale. Conosciuto anche come olio di semi di cumino nero, olio di Nigella sativa, lolio di color ambra viene utilizzato in cucina e si dice che offra una serie di benefici per la salute. Lolio di semi nero noto []

Che cos GANS? GANS significa gas in uno stato nano. GANS diversi creano plasmi diversi che possiamo usare per curare noi stessi, animali domestici e piante. Possiamo raccogliere il plasma dai GANS per la guarigione, il benessere e lomeostasi. I campi al plasma ripristinano lordine nel nostro sistema di rigenerazione cellulare dei nostri corpi. []

special - mhwiki

special - mhwiki

Special Items are items that appear in the Special Inventory tab. In particular, interactive special items are also known as Convertibles. Each convertible includes two action buttons which will convert one or all of that Special item into other inventory pieces.

Some convertibles will result in multiple items (such as Dragon's Chest or Mysterious Box), but most are randomly converted to only one item out of the possibilities. Even when only one item is produced, there is often a random range in the quantity of that item (such as anywhere between one and five Peppers per Pepper Plant).

Some special items can only be obtained during Events. A few are marked Limited Edition, which means they cannot be obtained after the event ends. Others have a Larry's Loot Lexicon page, but are hidden from the Special Inventory tab, and are designed to be tracked only via a Heads-Up Display during the event. Some interactive items are automatically opened on purchase.

Many of these Items normally appear through a HUD ink (often one tied to an event), and may be hidden on the Special page during or after the event. Viewing the quantity of these items without the HUD may require the extra effort of reading source code.

Historians believe that they were created from exceptionally large cloudstones that had been bathed in sunlight that was focussed through a sky glass formation. The magnification provided by the sky glass creates a beam of energy so intense that it should melt any natural substance but somehow the cloudstone has a unique ability to not only withstand that power but to absorb it and trap it permanently inside.

Upon closer inspection, this battery seems to be just highly-compressed icing sugar, packed into a empty casing. Well, it fits into your Spooky Flashlight, but it may only give off a quick charge of light...

Collect them by capturing the fuel-carrying mice on the train. The more you throw into the engine at once, the faster the train goes, so save up as many as you can! But don't wait too long: Due to their heat, you can only hold onto a maximum of 20, so make sure you stoke the train's engine regularly!

These rare and special coins are doubled die versions of the King's minted coins, hand-gilded by a gold-obsessed artisan. Gilded Coins can be spent at the King's Arms for truly opulent gilded trap skins.

Original: Prior to the Burroughs Rift release, it could be obtained in the Gnawnia Rift, and the description was: This strange canister has a swirling, cloudy substance inside of it of unknown origin. Despite its gaseous appearance, it is quite heavy for its size, making it difficult to carry more than 15.The King has top men and women working to study its contents and determine its use.Until then: Do not open these canisters!!

It only seems to have an effect against the raiding mice in Raider River and unfortunately does not work on other mice on the train or other parts of Gnawnia. Spray a blast of this noisy cleaning agent while passing through Raider River in order to reduce the number of mice in the current raiding party wave!

Use this device to measure Rift Distortions within the Rift Plane in search of clues to find a more deeply hidden structure. The Rift Chronometer will allow you to discover distortions by hunting any Riftwalker or Riftstalker mice. Higher point value mice will provide the greatest number of distortions.

The Cartographer at the Bristle Woods Rift is interested in analyzing these distortions to further chart the Rift Plane. Once you've collected 2000 distortions, make sure to visit the Bristle Woods Rift Cartographer to reveal the Valour Rift within the Rift Plane!

This enchanted sand fits perfectly within the Ancient Hourglass and are needed in order to hold together the fragile contuinity of the Acolyte Chamber, giving you more time to dwell within that place without time.

Relieves fatigue, weakness, prostration, smells, headaches, leg aches, nausea, hair loss, hair growth and pain. Pretty much any ailment you can think of can be cured with this patented Wild Tonic! GUARANTEED!

In other areas of Queso Canyon: - Double the amount of Bland Queso pumped from the Queso River - Double the amount of Spice Leaves harvested from the Prickly Plains - Double the amount of Nachore extracted from the Cantera Quarry

Original: On its initial introduction on 29 November 2010, the description read as follows:This small morsel of frozen bait has been magically frozen and is unable to be thawed. The King has assigned the top scientists of Digby to investigate a way to thaw the bait.'

This bronze-encased version of the Mysterious Rift Box was granted for having earned a Bronze King's Crown representing 10 catches of the Absolute Acolyte Mouse. With it comes greater quantities of loot!

This silver-encased version of the Mysterious Rift Box was granted for having earned a Silver King's Crown representing 100 catches of the Absolute Acolyte Mouse. With it comes even greater quantities of loot!

This gold-encased version of the Mysterious Rift Box was granted for having earned a Gold King's Crown representing 500 catches of the Absolute Acolyte Mouse. What a tremendous achievement! With it comes the greatest quantity of loot!

It is absolutely FILLED with gold, a handful of Ultimate Luck Charms, some SUPER|brie+, and sometimes a little something extra at the bottom including King's Credits, or perhaps some of the Leprechauns prized charms...

Original: The various sweets and goodies in this box are the stolen haul of the mischievous mice that were running a muck and playing pranks on hunters at the [Halloween Event Location]. For your help in capturing the rascals the King has allowed you to keep the pinched loot! To open this box, visit the special section of your inventory.

crushed tonic | marine collagen x probiotics x biotin x superfoods

crushed tonic | marine collagen x probiotics x biotin x superfoods

My skin lately has been glowing and no new breakouts! The fine lines around my eyes have been less noticeable too I think. Not much change in my hair or nails, but my nails are in good shape anyway. My SKIN though has been loving this stuff, Ive gotten so many compliments lately!

this is the first time that a collagen drink didnt make my stomach upset and noticeably changed my skin. Ive sent it to all my friends and even my fianc puts it in his lattes now and Ive noticed his skin change dramatically.

I started noticing the effects of crushed tonic almost immediately, which really surprised me. Its an easy, and transportable (blessings) little pretty powder! I love it and cant wait to see what happens in the next month.

The CT Coffee is my new favorite along with the Original CT. I mixed the Coffee CT with a 1/4 cup of water, added a little bit of organic freezed dried coffee and oat milk and then used my milk frothier to top it off. Extreme goodness with benefits! Thank you Sally and CT family!

Sallygrew up drinking her Korean grandmothers bone broth essentially collagen brothso when she experienced a painful burn and turned to collagen to successfully heal and regenerate her skin, it was an epiphany:sherealized that ingesting collagenwas key to good skin, healthy joints, and strong hair and nails.

The Collagen Glowis a lifestyle guide and cookbook using collagen. It is packed with 40 delicious recipes to show how versatile collagen powder is, in addition to all of the answers to the questions you have on collagen:on how it is harvested,what its benefits are, and how to take it to the next level with an easy 10-step plan.

best quality of pharma products at krishlar pharmaceuticals

best quality of pharma products at krishlar pharmaceuticals

"Krishlar Pharmaceutical" is a pharmaceutical organization situated in Chandigarh, Punjab. This is sole proprietorship firm involved in trading manufacturing and supplying our General products and other products.

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