used rock crusher for sale, second hand stone crushing machine price

used rock crusher for sale, second hand stone crushing machine price

There are large variations in the types of stone crusher setup all over the worlddepending on geographical locations, requirements of final products, closeness to urban areas, raw material properties, availability of plant and machinery locally etc. Primarily the stone crusher industry can be categorizedin three types: small, medium & large.

There are different types of small crushing projects all over the world with a production capacity ranging from 10 to 100TPH. Typically, the crushing plant having only one Jaw crusher or impact crusher used as primary or secondary crusher along with one or maximum two vibratingscreens are grouped as small stone crushers.

As previously mentioned, there are many small stone quarry crushing plants or temporary crushing project for construction, recycling or other applications. They have limited investment cost and cant afford complete new and expensive rock crusher equipment, and prefer used rock crusher for sale in relatively good conditions.

Used jaw crusher is to crush all rock types from the hardest granites to abrasive ones and recycle materials. It has been the world favorite primary used rock crusher for sale in small mining, construction, quarry, and recycling applications.

Used impact crusher is a strong competitive combination of intelligent productivity on tracks tailored for the demanding crushing contractor market. It is ideally suited for crushing medium hard stone like limestone and all mineral-based demolition materials, such as bricks, asphalt and concrete. The used rock crusher for salecapacities ranges from 20tph to 500tph.

The used cone crusher features high capacity and reliability, in addition to top quality and cubical end products as well as low wear part costs. From limestone to taconite, from ballast production to manufactured sand, and from small portable plants, SBM cone crushers provide unbeatable performance in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary applications.

Small scale mines represent a growing and important component of the mineral sector in terms of value output, contribution to the economy and employment.There are many small scale stone crushing activities all over the world; many stone crushing equipment suppliers provide second hand stone crushing machine with low price for sale in Europe, Africa and Asia etc. Theused machinery is with low price and excellent performance, also with long life after sale service. It is the best choice for small or temporary crushing projects. SBM is world leading stone crusher manufacturer; we also customize crushing solution according to customers' requirements. Please contact us, we will analyze your needs and design a best solution for you.

franklin rock & recycle - dealer inventory on

franklin rock & recycle - dealer inventory on

Franklin Rock & Recycle LLC is the authorized dealer for McCloskey International for the states of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. With combined industry experience of over sixty years, our team is ready to assist you with all your crushing, screening and environmental equipment needs.

stone crusher project report in india

stone crusher project report in india

India has rich mineral resources, and some of them occupy an important positionin the world market. The productions of chromite, coal, and barite rank third in the world, while the production of iron oreranks fourth. And bauxite and manganese ore productions rank sixth in the world. In order to process these mineral resources into small pieces, we need to use a variety of professional ore mining equipment. SBM is a professional stone crusher manufacturer, and it has more than 20 years experience. Because of perfect performance, our products efficient stone crushers are widely used in the ore crushing project in India. Here we will introduce a limestone crushing project and a pebble crushing project in India for you.

In 2012, a customer from India contacted with our customer service staff online. Through communication we learned that he wanted to buy a complete crushing and screening line for processing limestone. The size of the raw material is about 200 mm. And he required that the final particle size of 30 mm,and the production capacity can reach 250 tons / hour. This Indian customer also reflected that the mining site is relatively poor, so he had to find another venue to set up production line.

After a detailed understanding, our experienced engineers designed a complete limestone crushing line according to the customers specific situation and requirement of capacity and final grain size. Because the size of the raw material is about 200 mm, so there is no need for primary crushing. We can send to raw limestone to impact crusher directly for fine crushing. In this way, it can save investment of the jaw crusher. Due to the hardness of the limestone is not high, so we recommend customer to use our PFW1315 impact crusher.

Of course, we need add a vibrating feeder to feed limestone continuously and evenly. And we also need a vibrating screen to screen the final products into different sizes. At the same time, belt conveyor is used to connect the machines and improve the production lines automation degree. For the environment of mining site is poor and cant build production line, we recommend customer to adopt our mobile impact crusher. It including all of the above equipment, and it can directly reach the scene to conduct mining operations. In this way, it can reduce the amount of infrastructure and transportation costs. This Indian user was satisfied with our plan and bought our mobile impact crusher. He thought that our mobile crusher is withreasonable price, as well as perfect performance.

India has coal resources, the total coal reserves of about 240 billion tons. Because of rich coal resource, Indian coal industry has developed rapidly in recent year. India has become the third-largest coal producer in the world.

Recently, an Indian customer contacted with us. He already has a coal crushing line. Customers have reported that the production costs of this coal crushing line are very high, because the raw coal caused serious damage to the jaw plate, hammer, impact plate and other wear parts. All of these wear parts need to be replaced frequently, which greatly increasing the cost of production. So he wanted to build a new coal crushing line instead. For this Indian customer's requirements, we recommend him to choose jaw crusher and cone crusher. First of all, send the raw coal to jaw crusher by vibrating feeder evenly for primary crushing. After screening, the crushed materials which meet the required size will be transported to cone crusher. Eventually, the Indian customertook our suggestion, and bought a jaw crusher and a cone crusher from our company.

fine gold recovery - icon gravity concentrator

fine gold recovery - icon gravity concentrator

The i150 Gravity Concentrator is the smallest of the World famous iCONs. This is a gravimetric concentrator that uses enhanced gravity (Gs) to concentrate the free heavy minerals.It is also known as a centrifugal concentrator because of the centrifugal action of the spinning bowl. The process uses only water and an electric motor to concentrate the precious heavy minerals from a slurry.

iCON is a family of mineral processing equipment specifically designed to recover fine gold and other precious metals including such as silver, paladium and platinum. The product line includes concentrators, slurry pumps, vibrating screens and modular plants.

iCON was designed by the professional mineral processing engineers of Falcon concentrators. iCON has all the quality, reliability and performance you would expect from Canadian designed and patented equipment.

iCON integrates the proper level of sophistication for small scale and artisanal miners. There are no complicated computer controls. iCON can be serviced with hand tools available in remote and/or developing areas of the world.

iCON integrates the proper level of sophistication for small scale and artisanal miners. There are no complicated computer controls. iCON can be serviced with hand tools available in remote and/or developing areas of the world.

Its fine gold recovery features were designed for the United Nations Global Mercury Project. iCON has the support of many governments around the world for its ability to recover precious metals without the use of Mercury or Cyanide.

Upon entering the spinning bowl, the feed begins to spin. As it climbs the bowl the material is stratified/classified by weight. The heavy particles are trapped in within the fluidized riffles. The bowl is periodically rinsed producing a rich concentrate.

Cycle Time: iCON concentrators require only 1 to 1.5 minutes to rinse the rich concentrate from the bowl. Simply pause the feed, slow the bowl to minimum RPM and gently rinse the riffles with the rinse wand. Then resume full rpm and continue feeding the slurry. A typical process may involve feeding for 1 hour then rinsing for 1.5 minutes: repeating.

All iCON products include a Variable Frequency Drive. This allows the user to specify the RPM of the motors. The VFD is an inverter which conditions the power allowing for smooth and predictable operation due to unstable electricity in your mining region or erratic generator output. The VFD is also a Soft Start which minimizes the in-rush current and allows the motors to start with minimum load on your generator.

In order to install your iCON you will have to consider the following: suitable footing, electrical supply, clean/pressurized water supply, feed method, tails removal method, concentration collection. You will also need to consider the height of the concentrator relative to the slurry input and tails output.

It is important to use the same size hose as the barb to supply this process water. A smaller hose, long hose or hose with bends/restriction will restrict the water flow and limit the pressure to the concentrator.

The process water should be fed from a dedicated supply line and pump. Connection to a manifold where other people may be using this same supply may cause wild fluctuation in the pressure and lead to unpredictable gold recovery.

When the supply pump is located near the concentrator, a HP centrifugal pump is generally sufficient. If the pump has to lift the water vertically or over a long distance the pump capacity may reach 2 HP or more.

One will have to consult the pumps curves to know if it will be sufficient for long runs or high lifts. Domestic/City water is typically not sufficient due to long supply runs and small diameter pipes. Garden hoses will always be problematic due to their long length and tendency to kink/bend.

The i-CON is the newest addition line of world class enhanced gravity concentrators for the recovery of precious metals and heavy minerals.The i-CON is personal, small scale mining equipment which provides artisanal, small scale and recreational miners state of the art technology in centrifugal concentration.

Although produced for small scale mining, the i-CON is backed by 20 years of experience producing enhanced gravity concentrators for the worlds largest industrial mines. It is a fully functional primary concentrator that has been designed to be a compact, easy to use, fully portable mineral processing solution. It is designed to be very reliable and contains only one moving part.

The i-CON will allow small scale and artisanal miners to recover dramatically finer particles of gold and related minerals than is possible with any other small scale or traditional mining system. In many mining areas the fine particles are the most common; however, these are often unintentionally discarded due to inappropriate concentration practices and are never recovered.

The i-CON, with its variable speed 150 G force concentration system, will allow the capture of these valuable fine particles. It will not only increase the value of every kilogram of material mined by recovering precious metal that was previously discarded due to inefficient concentration practices, but it will also greatly reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the dependency of these miners on mercury and other harmful, toxic chemicals.

Through the involvement and cooperation of leading international aid and development organizations, the i-CON Project has the capability of being the center of large, cooperative, community improvement projects.

The i-CON has the potential to make a significant difference to the lives of people engaged in small scale and artisanal mining around the world by not only increasing income, but also by reducing the use of toxic chemicals at the same time.

The iCON i series of concentrators use a batch process. Your cycle time will depend on the grade and weight of your feed. A heavy or rich feed will need a shorter cycle time. The iCON i series concentrators can be cleaned out in 1 minute.

The throughput of the i150 centrifugal concentrator is nominally 2 tons per hour. If you have large material in your feed, if you have a heavy feed or if you are using iCON to upgrade a concentrate the throughput will be reduced. All ores and all processes are different. Each user must assess their situation as with any mineral recovery process.

The number 1 application for iCON i150 worldwide is Hard Rock. The 2TPH capacity and the ability to recover fine, flat milled gold are ideal for iCON. The major mines of the world use gravity concentration in their grinding circuits. The concentrators can recover over 90% of the overall production of major/professional mines.

A typical Hard Rock application would involve a crusher and ball mill. The material would be size classified using a cyclone in closed-circuit or simply a screen in semi-closed circuit milling. After the mill the material will pass through the concentrator. The major mines have a recyclic load. Their processes are designed for the feed to pass through a concentrator multiple times before passing to the tails.

A Hard Rock operator may choose to run 1.5 tons per hour of a high grade ore. He may choose to rinse the bowl every 20 minutes. Here, he would have run 500 kg in 20 minutes and collected 1 kg of concentrate. That is a concentration ratio of 500 to 1.

The concentrate will still need to be upgraded or cleaned to have a sellable product. Some miners around the world are choosing to collect the concentrates from multiple mine sites and clean the cons at a regional secure facility. This is known as pre-concentration.

When scavenging old tails the operator must understand that there is a reason the first miner missed this gold. It may be that it was poorly milled and needs to be re-milled to liberate more gold. In order to recover what another team missed the operator must pay attention to the details and be prepared to adjust their process as required. To understand your ore and how much gold you can expect to recover, IGR recommends testing your samples at lab.

This photo shows what your concentrate may look like.A sluice box is a gravity concentrator. Lets say you put 1000kg of feed over your sluice. At the end of the day, you may have 50kg of concentrate.

This concentrate is not bright and shiny, in fact, it looks just like the feed material. This material has to be post processed to further clean your cons and give you a sellable product. Although a sluice can give you a very high concentration ratio, it is not effective for recovering fine gold. In the case of sluice operations, miners are choosing iCON to reprocess old tails and recover the values left behind by sluice operations.

When using an enhanced centrifugal concentrator, you may put up to 1000 kg into the process and get 1kg out. This will be a concentrate. It will look just like the feed material. Some people choose to sell this concentrate while others choose to continue refining it to shiny, clean, high grade gold.

Any placer miner or dredger understands the vast amount of concentrate you will accumulate. They also understand the incredible amount of work required to clean the cons. Considering that a concentrate is already heavy, an i150 operator may run 1 tph through a concentrator. He may choose to rinse the bowl every 6 minutes which means after each 100 kg of feed. Here the i150 will produce 1 kg of cons from 100 kg of feed.

Placer miners also understand the need to classify their concentrate. Lets say a placer miner is processing inch material. He will have this coarse material and the finest sands in his sluice concentrate. The first step here is to classify or separate this concentrate into at least 2 sizes of material. The iCON IGR 100 Plant will handle this process for you. The screen will separate you material into 2mm+ and 2mm- sizes. (+/- 10 mesh) The fine material will be pumped to the concentrator and the coarse material will go to the nugget trap.

You may choose to wash your sluice directly into an iCON Slurry Pump. The pump could then move the material to your screen to greatly reduce the daily labor involved in cleaning your sluice, lifting, storing and transporting the material.

The small physical dimensions of the i150 and IGR 100 Plant make them mobile. The internal structures make them easy to clean from batch to batch or sample to sample. The i150 capacity makes it ideal for processing samples from individual drill holes. Overall the i150 is ideal for processing any volume from individual drill holes up to bulk sampling at 2 tons per hour.

The iCON IGR 1000 Plant can process up to 10 tons per hour. It is skid mounted for mobility. For larger volume bulk sampling the IGR 1000 Plant may be right for you. This pilot plant will give you confidence in the various values across your deposit and in the process of using a grizzly, scrubber, screen and concentrater.

Tables and bowls have been proven to be very effective for final cleaning. They use no chemicals are safe for the environment and your family. They are fun and provide immediate gratification after each cleanup you will see high grade gold.

Regional processing is becoming more common around the world. Miners are using iCON at their site and transporting a small volume of concentrate to regional processing plants. This is becoming the method of choice where hard rock miners have learned the value of their tails and are using the iCON to pre-concentrate their product.

This is the recommended method of the Global Mercury Program. Without pre-concentration the volume of material to treat and the amount of chemicals are tremendous. Concentration allows the operator to treat a reasonable amount of material either on site or at regional facilities serving many mines.

This is not recommended due to the environmental impacts and the effectiveness of bowls and/or tables. When practising whole ore amalgamation a miner will place mercury directly into the ball mill or sluice. In this case 100% of the ore is exposed to mercury. When a concentrator is used the amount of ore can be reduced dramatically to a small amount of concentrate 1 ton (1000 kg) of ore could be reduced to 1 kg of concentrate. If the miner chooses to amalgamate the concentrate only a fraction of the mercury would be used and only a small percentage of the ore would be exposed to Hg.

i150 has a Invertek VFD which is a single phase drive with 200-240/1/50-60Hz Single phase input and 230/3/60Hz 3 phase output. The motor is a 3 phase motor 208-230/3/60Hz which has to wire to the output of the VFD.

crushing plants for sale

crushing plants for sale

As the name implies, a portable crusher or crushing plant is capable of breaking down almost type of material, organic or otherwise, from simple debris to complex ores and minerals. A concrete crusher, for example, can crush rocks and mix them with concrete and asphalt for roadside construction projects. Whether you need a used rock crusher for sale, a concrete crusher, or something for iron ore, sandstone, and other similar materials, the expert sellers at My Little Salesman have got you covered.

Choosing the right portable crusher largely depends on the type of industry youre in for example, you dont need a used stone crusher if you are going to be handling softer materials. No matter what you need to have crushed, however, there are three portable crusher types to choose from:

If you go with an impact crusher, you will have to choose between vertical and horizontal shafts. A vertical shaft impactor has a higher speed than a horizontal shaft impactor, which causes the materials to be busted into evenly-shaped cubes (which is good for handling uneven rock and ores). A horizontal shaft impactor uses hammers to do the job, and is therefore better for softer materials such as limestone and phosphate.

the 7 best bone-conduction headphones of 2021 | gearjunkie

the 7 best bone-conduction headphones of 2021 | gearjunkie

While bone conduction sounds both futuristic and a bit intimidating, its actually a realistic and comfortable alternative to earbuds or over-ear headphones. By moving the vibration of the sound into the cheekbones, bone-conduction headphones leave your ears open and able to hear whats going on around you. Now you can add a soundtrack to your life without drowning it out.

AfterShokz dominates the bone-conduction market, and it has come out on top with its newest model, the Aeropex ($160). The new PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology delivers a higher quality sound than other products. This is paired with a new angle on the transducers, creating the potential for louder volume with less vibration.

One of the biggest complaints about bone-conduction headphones is the vibration. Louder volumes can produce an uncomfortable tingling on your cheekbones in other models. So, we were excited to see this addressed with the Aeropex.

The Aeropex weighs just 26 g, and it has an impressive 8-hour battery life and a fully waterproof design. It takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge. These headphones are sweatproof and waterproof, but theyre not meant for swimming. If youre looking for a fully submersible option, read on.

The Air is AfterShokzs more affordable option ($120) that still delivers premium audio quality in a lightweight and secure headset. The Air boasts many of the same pros as the Aeropex. It has a titanium frame that ensures security around the back of the head, even during a rigorous workout, and a microphone for easy access to phone calls.

The Air weighs just over an ounce (30 g) and uses PremiumPitch+ technology to send clear audio through the cheekbones, keeping the ears open to ambient noise. Although this model is not fully waterproof, it is IP155 certified to repel sweat, dust, and moisture.

It takes 2 hours to reach a full charge. And the Air will last for up to 6 hours while running and up to 20 days on standby. Its LeakSlayer technology helps reduce the amount of natural sound leakage, and the noise-canceling microphone minimizes background noise during calls.

These affordable bone-conduction headphones from Tayogo ($39) are significantly cheaper than any of the other options on this list. While not feature-packed or waterproof, theyre solid and reliable headphones at an approachable price.

Many users appreciate that these headphones stay securely in place while running or exercising. The sound quality and balance are generally good, though they may generate a slight tickling sensation when used at high volume. On a full charge, these can last up to 6 hours, which is only a few hours less than far more expensive options.

While some bone-conduction headphones dont offer comfortable compatibility with glasses, these have been designed with glasses wearers in mind. The volume and power buttons are easy to access and simple to use.

The AfterShokz Titanium ($72) brings many of the same benefits and features that both the Aeropex and Air do, but it does so at a slightly lower price. The Titanium still utilizes both LeakSlayer and PremiumPitch technology to optimize the sound with low natural sound leakage levels.

They are also IP55-rated for sweat and dustproof use, making them great for workouts. The Bluetooth V4.1 technology ensures quick pairing without the hassle of connecting every time you put them on. It weighs in at 36 g, and the battery will run for 6 hours at a time.

The Titanium comes in both a slim and normal fit for different head shapes and sizes. The titanium band is secure, durable, and comfortable to wear, but its a good idea to try these on before purchase. The different sizes can either make them form perfectly to your head or make them an uncomfortable nuisance to wear.

The main difference between this model and the higher-priced AfterShokz is a decreased sound quality and increased weight. If you dont mind a few extra grams and marginally lower audio quality, the Titanium is a great value.

These wireless bone-conduction headphones allow for complete comfort while swimming. With the AfterShokz Xtrainerz ($150), you can bring 4 GB of sound into the lap pool.This combination MP3/wireless headphone set removes the limits of Bluetooth ranges by storing your music directly.

They have an 8-hour battery life. And with a waterproof rating of IP68, the Xtrainerz will have you coming up for air long before being submerged at 2 m for 2 hours.The tight titanium band around the head ensures a snug fit, so you wont be diving to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve this pair.

Another pair of completely waterproof, IPX6-rated, bone-conduction headphones, this set by Pyle clocks in at a reasonable price point. If youre someone who doesnt take well to brittle objects, then Pyles Bone Conduction Headphones ($75) may be the right fit for you.

The rugged build helps keep them in place on your head and makes them less likely to snap if you drop them while biking or accidentally smash them in your gym bag. These are the heaviest option listed here, and the sound quality doesnt reach that of AfterShokz. But they are durable and come with a one-year warranty.

Just because weve mostly listed AfterShokz models doesnt mean that brand is the only option. Vidonn is a Chinese company thats been in business since 2013, and its F1 Titanium brings the list to an end.

The F1 headphones ($45) are on par with AfterShokz Trekz Titaniums durability and comfort level for all active sports. The sound falls just short of the AfterShokz line and could be improved by a higher level of bass available.

Overall, for bone-conduction headphones under $50, the F1 Titanium has many of the same qualities as pairs over $100. Whats missing is an accompanying carrying case and crisp, clean, bass-filled sound. Vidonn offers up to a one-year warranty, whereas AfterShokz provides a 2-year warranty.

These headphones use plates that sit against the cheekbones to deliver sound vibrations through the jaw and skull bone directly into the cochlea. They leave the ear canal open, which allows outside sound to still get in.

Unlike traditional headphones, bone-conduction headphones allow the user to hear whats happening in their surroundings. This makes this style of headphones a great choice for outside activities where hearing oncoming cars or bikes can save lives. Theyre also a great option for underwater swimming or for people with in-ear hearing aids.

Unfortunately, any type of headphone will lead to hearing loss if they are used at an irresponsible volume. Bone-conduction headphones still vibrate the cochlea and can damage it just as much as traditional headphones can.

But, bone-conduction headphones are good. They provide a lot of options to still listen to music without sacrificing your situational awareness. And this is extremely valuable while hiking, biking, or even working from home.

toyo tires at wholesale prices from discounted wheel warehouse

toyo tires at wholesale prices from discounted wheel warehouse

Check out our bargain prices on Toyo tires here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse! Our Toyo tire lineup includes long-lasting highway Toyo tires for light trucks and SUVs, high performance Toyo tires for sports and tuner cars, and high-end touring tires for luxury vehicles. We sell dependable Toyo tires with exceptional value for all sorts of drivers on the road today.

Our warehouse stocks Toyo tires that cover a variety of driving needs, all at discount prices. We have all-season Toyo tires that increase driver safety in rain or snow and deliver a smoother, more stable ride in all parts of the year. For the high-speed enthusiast, we offer a great selection of high-performance Toyo Proxes tires that deliver exceptional handling and grip on the street or the track. We also have a great lineup of Toyo Open Country tires for a wide range of light truck applications: sport truck tires, all-season highway tires, all-terrain tires, and rugged-traction tires.

Toyo tires are optimized for quality and performance. We have the best prices on high-quality, high-value Toyo tires for your vehicle. Our tire experts will work with you over the phone to determine the right Toyo tires for your vehicle and driving circumstances. Whether you need all-season CUV tires for the street or tough, aggressive tires for off-road traction, you can always find great deals on Toyo tires here at Discounted Wheel Warehouse.

car disinfectant fogger machine for sale use for |car|home|office

car disinfectant fogger machine for sale use for |car|home|office

Professional Machine Manufacturer, Technology Innovation, Quality Guarantee. Email: [email protected]

YG car disinfectant fogger machine is a car air disinfection equipment for auto interior and interior space sterilization and deodorization. The car deodorizer fog machine can sterilize and disinfect the car and add natural fragrance to create a more comfortable car environment.

At the same time, the high-speed jet atomization technology of automotive fog machine can reach the minimum level of molecular structure. Therefore, the sterilization effect is more comprehensive and rapid. Moreover, the car fogging machine can disinfect the internal space of the car in 2-5 minutes on average. In a word, the sterilization effect of auto fog machine is comprehensive and reliable.

The competition in todays society is differentiated competition and service competition. Health and environmental protection is now the publics demand. The disinfection and sterilization of the interior space of the car and the removal of odors have gradually become a just need for the majority of car owner friends.

During the research and development process, YG automotive fog machine made breakthroughs in sterilization, odor removal, green health, time-saving, and convenient operation. Finally, we created a satisfactory car sanitizer machine for sale. In addition, if you also need large area disinfection, we have pulse jet fogging machine & thermal fogging machine for sale at reasonable price.

After long-term use of the car, due to the narrow space, the entry & exit of people, the opening. And closing of the door, the smoking and the food residue left after eating. In addition, the air in the car is not easy to circulate, which causes the breeding of a large number of bacteria. At the same time, the steering wheel, carpet and interior, seat position, air conditioner air outlet, etc., are often exposed to humid air or water stains. As a result, it is also easy to produce bacteria in the closed environment of the car. Choosing YG car disinfectant fogger machine will solve your worries.

Bacteria not only smell but also easily cause allergies, rhinitis, asthma and other diseases. There are also carcinogenic gases such as benzene, formaldehyde & sulfur dioxide that evaporate from the interior of the car. Therefore, for health, it is best to do regular anti-virus sterilization of the car on a regular basis. Contact us if you are looking for cheap, good quality and guaranteed car fumigation machine. YG will be your ideal partner choice.

Car disinfectant fogger machine are suitable for personal household cars. Auto beauty shops, auto supplies sales companies. Taxi companies in various regions, passenger service companies, bus companies, and other places. Car disinfectant fog machine is used for daily car disinfection and deodorization, sterilization. And mildew removal, cleaning, maintenance of various vehicles. At the same time, this car sanitizer machine can also be used as a home to sterilize indoor spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. Now contact us to get a cheap car disinfectant machine for sale price.

Yugong Machinery has a variety of epidemic prevention products to help everyone stay away from viruses and bacteria. For example,electrostatic sprayer for sale, electrostatic backpack sprayer machine, backpack sanitizer sprayer,backpack disinfectant sprayer, room disinfection machine, disinfectant smoke mist machine,blu ray anion nano spray gun,small oxygen concentrator,medical oxygen generator,home use oxygen concentrator,thermal fogger machine,pulse jet fog machine. Please contact us if you are interested in them.

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