tommer construction equipment company ephrata washington - services

tommer construction equipment company ephrata washington - services

With only a few Portable Rock Crushers in Grant County, Tommer's are the proud owners of a rock crushing plant that provides custom crushing for various contractors as well as, for their needs on various jobs.

spro mike mcclelland rkcrawler 55 crankbait - tackle warehouse

spro mike mcclelland rkcrawler 55 crankbait - tackle warehouse

Elite Series veteran and 2014 Elite Series Table Rock Lake champion, Mike McClelland, teamed up with the engineers at Spro to create the new Spro "Mike McClelland" Rk Crawler 55 Crankbait. It delivers the wide-wobbling, hunting and grinding action of the classic crankbaits McClelland grew up using on lakes like Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Grand, and Beaver, and it also deflects off of cover like no other plug to trigger aggressive reaction strikes. It consistently stays on the bottom as well in the 9-14ft range, grinding and hunting in an area many crankbaits tend to miss.

Not all crankbaits are created equal when it comes to action and deflection, and the new Spro RkCrawler 55 has all the attributes you need to take advantage of a predators built-in instincts. It turns those reaction strikes into secure hook-ups that show up at the weigh in. Just crank the Spro "Mike McClelland" Rk Crawler 55 Crankbait down to the bottom and bounce it off everything you can. The RkCrawler 55 does the rest.

Comments:This crank may replace my Warts as favorite mid depth crankbait; I started using it this early summer and had some awesome days with it; placed in the money in our club tourney first time i used it and thats the only bait i threw all day. Durable, runs straight and the fish love it. From: Unknown: 12/5/20

Comments:This flat out catches fish. Brown and green ones, year round. It casts well, reaches its running depth quickly, and just straight DIGS the bottom. I honestly don't know what other people are talking about in terms of durability. I have a full 3700 deep full of these and have beat the tar out of them for years and have only ever had one bull break due to user error. I put these things through the ringer every time out and I have been nothing but impressed.

Comments:Still puttin in the work! Just ordered more, thanks for draining my account TW. Bought several of them years ago, so impressed I by more each year. I'm assuming your all decent humans so I'm tellin ya straight, these work! I always carry extra, even if I'm going mule riding.I had a spring craw from way back, beat up and hook rash, yet a bass collector of a lure. After catching several bass one day, the lip broke across the wide part. (It was just time ! ) no complaints. Put on an Ozarkcraw and after about twenty casts, same type of break. What gives? Also some rattle some don't Consistently inconsistent? I'm ordering more, I love you SPRO ROCK CRAWLER! And I don't care who knows it. Just don't break your bill or my heart and we'll live bassilly ever after.

Comments:The RkCrawler 55 is a Hawg catching crankbait! The other day I caught two big largemouths, an 8 pound 5 ounce and a 6 pound 4 ounce. I was using the red crawfish color which is semi translucent. Don't worry about changing out the stock hooks. These guys come stock with Gamakatsu trebles, and they are sticky sharp. I concur with other reviewers that these lures get damaged very easily. The colored finish was scratched off in places after catching those two big bass, and I had another where a triangle shaped chip occurred in the center of the bill after pulling it over some rocks. Spro needs to make these more durable, and then they will be exceptional. From: Kenneth: McDonough, GA 2/24/20

Comments:I throw crankbaits and spinnerbaits religiously and I have never thrown a crank bait that gets hung up on the rocks more than this one! I will throw a crank bait in a downed tree in a heart beat, not these! They hang up too much! I like the bait BUT it's not a bait you drag through cover. From: Tim: Ashland City 12/29/19

Comments:Great crank bait and does catch bass at Bull Shoals and Table Rock. It is my experience that you mustuse this to grind off of rocks. However, I have had 3 bills break and I was not using in shallow water. I don'tthink anything that pisses you off more than when you have a product that works well on bass only to findout that the bills on the crank bait fail. Come on Spro you are a better company than this.

Comments:Everyone is correct. These crankbaits catch loads of fish, but they have no durability. I broke two bills off by slapping them on the water to get some slime off. SPRO needs to figure something out if they want to continue to get my money.

Comments:I got a few of these baits this year in an array of colors. Finally got the chance to put them to work on a couple of recent outings. A lot of people crank rip rap in early spring due to the fact it holds heat and creates a pinch point at the channel. This is a time that this baits excels due to its deflect-ability. If it does happen to get snagged just give it a pop and I didn't have any issues getting it free. Thanks Spro for all the great baits you are producing.

Comments:Had my first experience a few weeks ago with the Rock Crawler. Has great action, subtle vibration, really gets down there and hunts! Have had several exceptional days on Norfork and bull shoals lakes in Arkansas. Great color options as well. The ONLY thing that i have negative against them is they are about as tough as a wet paper bag..... how weak they are and how easy the bills break on them drives me crazy, especially at $11 a pop.. I've trashed half of the ones I have bought because they just aren't tough at all and won't last on these rough lakes.

Comments:Used for the first time this weekend, awesome action and the rattle is very subtle but loud enough to get attention. Caught a decent bag while fishing a variety of cover in low 50* water. Had a 6+ inhale it. I will definitely be loading up on some more.

Comments: I am a huge fan of the rock crawler cranks. I consider myself a cranking bass angler and I always do well on cranks during the prespawn in my local small KY lake. For whatever reason the traditional cranks I always used stopped producing last spring. I tried to force the bite with my tried and true cranks but after several outings and no crankbait bass I pulled out my new rock crawler in the mudbug color and proceeded to put the smoke on them. The first time I used the rock crawler I caught over 10 bass off of one tree by bouncing it off of it's branches. I had beat that tree to death with my other cranks without a bite until I used the rock crawler. Needless to say it has been tied on since that day and it has prouduced far more than it has not. This crank has awesome action and the typical durability that Spro cranks display. Awesome crank!

Comments:I was blessed to be born and raised in Michigan. Let me tell you im absolutely bonkers about smallmouths. Point in any direction and your on world class smallies..Although a drop shot and a tube is hard to beat. I've out fished my buddys countless times with this bait. It's not just a cold water killer I've stuck them all year around, but honest to God it's all you need fall and spring time. While my buddy's are dead sticking blade baits and drop shots. Im smoking this baby on a 6:8:1 gear ratio and they ain't nipping at this. There choking it down sideways past the gills. If you have anything negative to say about this bait or you hate them. Send them to me I'll take every single last one of them. My fishing photos will continue to grow.. Thank you Spro..Ps . The fire tiger in the Rockstar model is insane in dirty water!!

Comments:This is also my go to bait on Table Rock when I want to throw a crankbait. The key to not breaking the lip off is to fish it in it's desired depths. The bait is not build to crash through rock in 1-4 feet of water. That is what the Wart was built for. This bait preforms best in the 6-10 foot range and the water helps protect the bill from the impact on the rocks.

Comments:A must have when fishing table rock. I throw this more than the wiggle wart because it is easier to cast, has great colors, and still has that same hunting action that the wart does. largemouth, smallmouth, spots, and walleye all crush this thing.

Comments:This is becoming my favorite crankbait. I see some negative reviews here that I just don't understand. They may need some tuning from time to time, but they usually are just a quick tweak from running perfectly. It thumps hard, crawls through cover keeping great contact with the bottom, and just plain catches bass of all species.

Comments:A few bad reviews? Man I just love these things. Landed a chubby little bronzeback( I'm not including size, cuz you wouldn't believe me. Hell im still not sure I believe it, but the pictures don't lie) they just do the job you Need them to do. That is cover water and get bass to open wide. If your a competitor then don't get these. If your a decent human who likes to catch Goon Fish, these will do. Get some!

Comments:Based on other reviews, I had high expectations for this bait. I bought three, and had issues with each of them. 2 were severely out of tune out of the package, and barely stayed in the water on a slow retrieve without rolling to the surface. The other one broke in half right at the lip after less than an hour. Was expecting more from a bait claiming to be an improved wiggle wart for twice the cost

Comments:Bought one of these over the weekend in the green craw color.Haven't fished it yet, but after opening and initial inspection, mine does not have a "knocking" sound as suggested in the description.In fact, it barely has any kind of rattle at all.This is the only rockcrawler I own, so I don't know if I got a dud, or if the description on here is incorrect.Finish looks great and hooks look high quality, but was expecting a decently loud rattle.

Comments:Great baits! Runs better than a wiggle wart. Won many tourneys on this bait.Best crankbait around 8 to 10ft rock piles.Finding a red craw with a brighter red top is the ticket. Hard to find. Many are clear red which i havent had much luck on. If you find them hang on to them. Heard through the grapevine that that will be discountinued soon. Grabem up, they will be tough to find soon.

Comments:These baits are outstanding.Really gets down and hunts.Best thing about this bait is that it will back up and dislodge itself when it gets stuck in the rocks.(Not always, but a high percentage of time)I fish in the Ozarks and while this bait will not totally replace the Wiggle Wart, it is a nice alternative.Easier to cast and therefore if it's really windy, it's good to have one tied on.I always have an RC and a WW at the ready.Best color?The Mud Bug always the last to sell out . . . . big mistake.It's been my best color.

Comments:Took these to Table Rock the second week in May. Water temp was in the mid 70's & the fish were transitioning hard. They were literally everywhere from the bank to suspended over 100ft deep water. We ended up with our best quality on the rock crawlers in 6-8 ft of water on gravel points. Several smallies over 3 & largies over 4 with a few 2lb spots mixed in. My buddy was throwing several really old wiggle warts & the spros out fished them all.

Comments: I bought a couple of these just to try something different. I fished one this Spring on a local Tennessee lake to see if the smallies would react. THESE CB's SWIM GREAT! The swimming action reminds me of the old wiggle warts. I know these lures will produce once the crawfish bite turns on. I highly recommend these crankbaits.

Comments:I bought 2 of these, I have had great luck on them when nothing else was working. I have them in Phantom green and Phantom Brown. I have only thrown the Phantom Green so far. I have caught fish on several different lakes, and yesterday at Lake Erie they were chocking it, no question on if they wanted it. Fished them on rip rap and large rock walls. They seem to come through the rocks very well and the fish KILL IT!!! Very pleased with the out come.

rock crusher canyon rv park

rock crusher canyon rv park

Amenities: Basketball, Boat Launch, Boat Rentals, Boating/Canoeing, Cable TV/Satellite, Camp Store, Fishing, Game Room, Group Facilities, Horseshoes, Pavilion, Pet Friendly, Playground Facilities, Restaurant, Restrooms, Swimming Pool and VolleyballMore

Amenities: Basketball, Bike Trails, Boat Launch, Boat Rentals, Cable TV/Satellite, Camp Store, Fishing, Horseshoes, Internet/Wifi Available, Laundromat, Pet Friendly, Playground Facilities, Recreation Hall, Restrooms, RV Storage, Shuffleboard, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts and VolleyballMore

Amenities: Business Center, Cable TV/Satellite, Camp Fire Allowed, Camp Store, Credit Cards Accepted, Dog Park, Dump Station, Fishing, Fitness Center, Group Facilities, Handicapped Access, Horseshoes, Internet/Wifi Available, Laundromat, LP Gas, Pavilion, Pet Friendly, Planned Activities, Recreation Hall, Restaurant, Restrooms, RV Storage, Shuffleboard and Swimming PoolMore

Amenities: Boat Launch, Boat Rentals, Boating/Canoeing, Camp Fire Allowed, Camp Store, Credit Cards Accepted, Dump Station, Fishing, Game Room, Group Facilities, Internet/Wifi Available, Laundromat, Pavilion, Pet Friendly, Restrooms and ShuffleboardMore

Amenities: Boat Launch, Boating/Canoeing, Cable TV/Satellite, Camp Fire Allowed, Camp Store, Credit Cards Accepted, Dog Park, Dump Station, Fishing, Game Room, Group Facilities, Handicapped Access, Horseshoes, Internet/Wifi Available, Laundromat, LP Gas, Pet Friendly, Planned Activities, Pool Table, Recreation Hall, Restrooms, RV Storage and Swimming PoolMore

Features: Accommodates Double Slideouts, Electric 30 amp, Electric 50 amp, Full Hookup Sites, Other Rental Accommodations, Pull Thru Sites, Riverfront/Lakefront RV Sites, Tent Sites and Waterfront Sites

Amenities: Cable TV/Satellite, Camp Fire Allowed, Credit Cards Accepted, Dog Park, Fishing, Fitness Center, Handicapped Access, Horseshoes, Hot Tub/Spa, Internet/Wifi Available, Laundromat, Pavilion, Pet Friendly, Planned Activities, Recreation Hall, Restrooms, RV Storage, Shuffleboard and Swimming PoolMore

Amenities: Basketball, Cable TV/Satellite, Camp Store, Dog Park, Horseshoes, Internet/Wifi Available, Laundromat, LP Gas, Pet Friendly, Planned Activities, Playground Facilities, Pool Table, Recreation Hall, Restrooms, RV Storage, Shuffleboard and Swimming PoolMore

rock crusher canyon rv park - updated 2021 campground reviews (crystal river, fl) - tripadvisor

rock crusher canyon rv park - updated 2021 campground reviews (crystal river, fl) - tripadvisor

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split rock quarry - camillus, ny - family adventures in new york state

split rock quarry - camillus, ny - family adventures in new york state

New York State has some truly amazing places to visit and this quarry located near Syracuse is one of them. The Split Rock Quarry has a tragic history but is still fascinating and in a lot of ways quite beautiful. Whether you visit in hopes of experiencing something a little supernatural or just want to enjoy the amazing sights of the quarry and the enormous stone crusher, this is a fantastic destination for the adventurer in all of us.

Split Rock Quarry was established in 1834 as a limestone quarry. It was eventually abandoned in 1912. In 1915, the quarry was recommissioned as a munitions factory and was responsible for producing approximately 1/4 of the TNT used by America in World War 1. On the night of July 2, 1918, a fire broke out, and could not be brought under control. It eventually overtook the main factory building, reaching 1-3 tons of TNT which blew up, killing over 50 men in the process.

Today the quarry has a reputation of being haunted by those who were killed in the explosion. Visitors who explore the quarry have reported hearing voices in the distance, heard the sounds of approaching footsteps with no one appearing. Some people have even claimed to hear the reviving of the stone crusher engine (even when there is no machine left.)

There isnt a real parking lot here for visitors. You will need to park along the side of the road at the mouth of the trail. You will notice that the trail has been painted with lots of art and inspirational messages. (well, not all of them are inspirational, but what can you do.) The paint on the sidewalk is really just an precursor to what you will see in the quarry.

I think this is the one thing that is disappointing about this destination. There is graffiti literally everywhere. (and there was quite a bit of garbage there when we visited too.) It is really disappointing to see nature defaced in that way. Personally, we enjoyed visiting this place so much, if I came into a few thousand dollar that I could spare, I would make cleaning this place up my singular priority.

Split Rock Quarry is pretty massive, the first thing you will want to visit (without getting lost) is the Stone Crusher and the Underground Tunnel in it. The Stone Crusher looks like a massive Aztec Temple. People enjoy trying to climb the stepped out sides. Like everywhere in this quarry, be careful and watch you step.

Under the Stone Crusher, you will notice holes in the masonry on both sides. This is the underground tunnel. This can be super creepy to walk in and I wouldnt recommend trying this alone. This is definitely the kind of place I would avoid at night, but there were enough people around during the day when we visited to make it seem at least somewhat safer.

To Reach the Crusher/Tunnel: Walk up the main trail (the painted pathway) from the trailhead. When you get to the top, the trail will come to an intersection, you can either turn to the left or keep going straight. Proceed straight, until you can see the Stone Crusher, which will appear on your left-hand side. You cant miss it.

The Rock Quarry is massive. The best part of it can be reached by turning left at the top of the painted pathway. This quarry is in layered sections and if you climb to the top, there is a breathtaking view. If you can look beyond the graffiti, this is really a pretty place. Again, be careful and watch your step. Taking a tumble here could have disastrous results. We had fun walking around the quarry and through the woods that weave in and around the quarry. This is truly a unique destination and some of the rock formation surrounded by trees reminded me of places that I have visited in the Southwestern United States.

rockcrusher heaven, rockclimbers paradise, ny: 1 hipcamper review and 2 photos

rockcrusher heaven, rockclimbers paradise, ny: 1 hipcamper review and 2 photos

Camping with a mile-long nature trail that follows the course of the old Dolgeville/LIttle Falls Railroad Line. Parking available, firewood is on property for foraging and streams with cool water and a few waterfalls to soak under after a hot day. Best rock-climbing from the Gunks to Albany with renowned climbs such as The Wind Wall and the Diehidrals, a sheer face with bol

Camping with a mile-long nature trail that follows the course of the old Dolgeville/LIttle Falls Railroad Line. Parking available, firewood is on property for foraging and streams with cool water and a few waterfalls to soak under after a hot day. Best rock-climbing from the Gunks to Albany with renowned climbs such as The Wind Wall and the Diehidrals, a sheer face with bolts and runs already set up by pros from our area. Bicycling and bushwacking road and trail. Historic rockcuts form the 1800's through beautiful wooded trail and an antique Rock-crusher with works of art inside.

Mike has a long, narrow stretch of property, with high and low portions and a sizable cliff in between. My criteria were having a place to plop down near Little Falls, and to be able to watch trains from my campsite. Mike's property borders the CSX main line across central New York, and there are easily 50+ trains through Little Falls daily. For me, that's a plus. There is a small, narrow lake in the lower section, and going up the old railroad grade (which required some bushwhacking) to the old rock crusher was interesting. Lock 17, the greatest lift lock on the Erie Canal, is nearby and a fun place to check out, especially if boats are locking through. The Erie Canalway Trail across New York state runs through Little Falls; I took the opportunity to explore this east to Canajoharie. For those people interested in rock climbing, Moss Island has some nice routes, as well as a few sites on Mike's land.

As far as camping, it's exactly zero frills, which was fine with me. It can take some time to find a good spot to pitch a tent as the woods were rather thick in most areas. A small tent (backpacking tent) was OK, but I didn't see a spot suitable for a larger tent with area to spread out. There are no established campsites yet, but it wasn't too tough to find a spot. For those who want a drive-up site, or a larger site, this probably isn't the spot for you. If you're solo, and happen to like trains, it fits the bill. Town (and grocery store / restaurants) is two minutes away.

Clearing a couple of established sites would be a big improvement, and the old railroad grade to the rock crusher (very cool) could be kept up. Granted, this was in the middle of summer when greenery goes crazy - other seasons may be better. The Little Falls water treatment plant is nearby, but there weren't really any unpleasant notes in the breeze during my stay.

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