cpm - what does cpm stand for? the free dictionary

cpm - what does cpm stand for? the free dictionary

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gea south africa | contact information

gea south africa | contact information

GEA is one of the worlds largest systems suppliers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. The international industrial technology group specializes in machinery and plants as well as advanced process technology, components and comprehensive services. With more than 18,000 employees, the group generated revenue of more than EUR 4.6 billion in fiscal year 2020. A major focus is on continuously enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of customers production processes. GEA plants, processes and components help achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions, plastic use and food waste in production worldwide. In this way, GEA makes a decisive contribution toward a sustainable future, fully in line with its corporate philosophy of engineering for a better world.

swing pellet machine in cape town - changsha yiguang pharmaceutical machinery co.,ltd

swing pellet machine in cape town - changsha yiguang pharmaceutical machinery co.,ltd

Swing pellet machine in cape town exporter from China, we are one of the most skilled supplier from USA with ISO9001 Certification. Also the items have been certified by mutiple security certification.We are going to offer you our Swing pellet machine in cape town priducts in top-quality and most favourable price.

alaska native news - news in the last frontier

alaska native news - news in the last frontier

While this weeks assassination has intensified Haitis political turmoil, progressives have emphasized that the ongoing crisis is inseparable from long histories of French and U.S. imperialism and warned

direct air capture technology | carbon engineering

direct air capture technology | carbon engineering

Our Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology does this by pulling in atmospheric air, then through a series of chemical reactions, extracts the carbon dioxide (CO2) from it while returning the rest of the air to the environment. This is what plants and trees do every day as they photosynthesize, except Direct Air Capture technology does it much faster, with a smaller land footprint, and delivers the carbon dioxide in a pure, compressed form that can then be stored underground or reused.

Our Direct Air Capture technology has four major pieces of equipment that each have industrial precedent and have been widely used in large-scale industries for years. This is how our technology achieves megaton scale with low scale-up risk and improved cost estimations.

The process starts with an air contactor a large structure modelled off industrial cooling towers. A giant fan pulls air into this structure, where it passes over thin plastic surfaces that have potassium hydroxide solution flowing over them. This non-toxic solution chemically binds with the CO2 molecules, removing them from the air and trapping them in the liquid solution as a carbonate salt.

The CO2 contained in this carbonate solution is then put through a series of chemical processes to increase its concentration, purify and compress it, so it can be delivered in gas form ready for use or storage. This involves separating the salt out from solution into small pellets in a structure called a pellet reactor, which was adapted from water treatment technology. These pellets are then heated in our third step, a calciner, in order to release the CO2 in pure gas form. The calciner is similar to equipment thats used at very large scale in mining for ore processing. This step also leaves behind processed pellets that are hydrated in a slaker and recycled back into the system to reproduce the original capture chemical.

Direct Air Capture and storage plants offer an affordable solution for removing CO2 from the air at megaton-scale. They are location-independent, so can be built almost anywhere and in most climates. They have flexible configurations and can be sized to suit customer needs, however their economics are most favourable at large, industrial scales. CEs plants can be built to capture up to one million tons of CO2 per year each equivalent to the work of 40 million trees.

Direct Air Capture and storage plants will deliver millions of tons of pure compressed CO2 at prices competitive in todays leading markets. The CO2 can be used in a number of ways, each of which generate environmental benefits, but CEs main focus is to create permanent carbon removal by burying the CO2 deep underground through secure geological storage.

AIR TO FUELSTM plants combine CEs Direct Air Capture technology with hydrogen generation and fuel synthesis capability to deliver near carbon neutral synthetic fuel. At these facilities, atmospheric CO2 is captured from the air and converted into synthetic crude. This synthetic crude can then be processed into gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel that work in existing vehicles and transportation infrastructure without any modifications.

Due to an unlimited feedstock atmospheric CO2 CEs AIR TO FUELSTM plants can deliver global-scale quantities of clean fuels to meet growing market demand. These fuels form an important complement to electric vehicles by providing a clean liquid fuel for transport sectors that are difficult to electrify and that require the high energy density of liquid fuels, such as long-haul transport, marine and aviation.

city of cape town

city of cape town "appalled" after baboon shot dead with pellet gun

According to TimesLive, the baboon was found dead with a pellet gun bullet lodged in its chest on Thursday last week in Simons Town. An autopsy was conducted by a veterinarian who confirmed that the cause of death was due to a pellet wound to the chest.

The animals death comes after the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) withdrew its support for the use of paintball guns as a means to deter baboons from entering urban areas. However, a statement released by The City of Cape Town maintains that baboons are at greater risk of being killed and injured if rangers are unable to utilize paintball markers as a means to deter them from entering residential areas.

The City asserts that baboons must remain in their natural habitat as far as possible. Seeing that the NSPCA does not recommend alternative aversion tools that are proven to be effective, it is unclear how baboons can be encouraged not to enter urban areas in future, the statement read.

It is illegal to hunt baboons without a permit, and the shooter now faces jail time if caught. Unfortunately, to prosecute, a witness statement and/or evidence of the event needs to be brought forward.

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