vertical ring die pellet machine

vertical ring die pellet machine

It adopt the large modulus hardened surface helical gearbox , main shaft reinforcement , Power output is strong , Good stability , Low failure rate ,Low production cost, so it is the first choice machinery for biomass energy industry .

1. In the process of machine running , Feeding speed can be adjusted automatically according to the running current of the equipment, enlarging capacity , reduce the electricity cost ,because this can avoid the equipment due to materials too fast feeding speed caused boring machine and other issues. Especially multiple machines works together , this can save some workers who take care of electric current .

2. During the operation of the equipment, Through the control panel and the boss phone we can clearly see the equipment running the temperature, including the roller bearings, mold, motor, gearbox and the main shaft temperature, but also clearly see the current and stability of equipment operating . Timely warning and necessarily stopping machines.

1.Roller bearings: In the whole roller life cycle, you can choose no need to fill the oil and replace the bearing way . You can also choose to control the oiling way at any time according to the oil pressure. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages, according to the customer use the location and manner to switch them .

2.The gear box adopts the hardened surface helical gear, the tooth surface is widened, the modulus is increased, the gear coincidence degree is large, the load of each pair gears is reduced, and the bearing carrying capacity of the gear is improved, which is more 5-10 times than that of the traditional gearbox gear.

if pellet machine die be clog, how to clean up? -news - jinan taichang transmission machinery

if pellet machine die be clog, how to clean up? -news - jinan taichang transmission machinery

If pellet machine die be clog, how to clean up? Pellet machine in the production process due to excessive feed rate, feed particle size is too large, high raw material moisture, mould is not well polished production with a sudden power outage did not replace the oil inside the mould particles all the circumstances, there will be with die clogging, horizontal ring die pellet mill equipment feed because it is made of, for the production of wood pellets though clunky, but because of lighter specific gravity wood chips must be forced to forced feeding feeders, so often die hole problem of clogging. After removing the need to manually clean up mould drill gun drill, time consuming, clean up once at least two hours.

The vertical ring die pellet machine due to the unique design, the vertical blanking natural way of feeding, frequency control feed rate, so few cases die of clogging, even occasionally, it is relatively easy to solve.

Firstly, if you find after wood pellet machine started not expected to stop falling into the feed conveyor, to open a separate pellet machine, take a bucket shaped particles added slowly, pellet machine started a small discharge, with the increase of the quantity when increasing the amount of feed grains, until the dispute reached the quantity of production output, it can boot normally produced.

Secondly, do not rule out the operation of the workers is not strong sense of responsibility, found wood pellet machine is not material in the devicecrash, this time to supply wood pellet machine stopped, turn off the feed conveyor, by causing the device crash, the problem more serious, you need to open the top cover corners wood pellet machine screws, remove the upper feed plate thickness cleanup granulation chamber powdery sawdust, clean up after the cover plate motivated, open wood pellet machine, and see whether we can start, if the start follow the steps can be solved.

Thirdly, if the boot does not rotate, it is the result of a more serious problem, it can only be removed on the plate to push the stick to tighten and remove mould clamps, remove the mould, the specific approach is: with iron oil pan, into a waste oil, then add the block mold, so that mold block all immersed in oil; then heated in the bottom of the oil pan, until the molding material has a popping sound hole, the die can be removed and re-installed after cooling; after adjusting according to the original method of operation to drive, so the original can be quickly blocked the die orifice material removed, to die there will be no damage to the original finish.

Forth, three basic conditions can be resolved, but it is not absolute, it is not after, you can only use the gun drill, but the mould after the drilling must be carried out before we can re-wash mill normal production.



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built to last

built to last

It just runs. This is the well-known tagline of California Pellet Mill. The company has virtually cornered the market on all types of processing equipment to grind, crush, crumble, break, flake, hull, hammer, shred, condition, pellet and cool practically anything. It sells and services machinery and equipment to the animal feed, oilseed processing, corn wet milling, pet food, ethanol and, naturally, wood pellet industries. While CPM is a leader today in pelleting, particle size reduction equipment and automation with facilities throughout the world, its roots are much quainter. CPMs origins date back to 1883 in Napa Valley, California, where the Toulouse & Delorieux Co. manufactured presses, crushers and stemmers for the wine industry. Nearly 50 years later, at the height of the Great Depression in 1931, the company built its first pellet mill, a 30-horsepower flat bed with stationary flat die. With that development, CPM was born. In the ensuing decades, CPM created more pellet mill models with added features. The companys acquisition phase began in the 1980s when it bought up Roskamp Roller Mill Co. and Champion Hammermills to create Roskamp Champion. In late 2017, Roskamp Champion produced its 500th SP3200 flaking mill, which has become an oilseed processing industry standard. The next acquisition was in 2002 when CPM purchased Beta Raven, a leading supplier of feed mill automation and ingredient scaling systems. Since then, the company has absorbed a number of different equipment and processing firms, including Crown Iron Works, SKET, Century Extrusion, Wolverine Proctor, Nanjing Ruiya Polymer Processing Equipment, Greenbank Technology and, of particular note to the biomass industry, the Italian firm Di Pi Macchine Impianti.Founded in 1996, Di Pi is a leading supplier of mechanical and hydraulic briquetting machinery and replacement parts. Di Pi has been organized under CPM Europe B.V. and plays a vital role in CPMs Global Biomass Group. Our product technologies and market positions are complementary in every way, says Maarten Visser, director of CPM Europe and the companys Global Biomass Group. The acquisition of Di Pi greatly expanded CPMs agglomeration portfolio, serving biomass, recycling and metal waste industries with sales, service, production and process technology centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.Tim Gilbert, CPM Global Biomass Groups sales and applications manager for North and South America, says the Di Pi acquisition helps CPM add to its growing abilities in the biomass market. While some may have initially questioned whether the acquisition of a briquetting company was a good addition to CPM, Gilbert says, Now that we have it, weve found that we are in some of the smaller applications where briquetting makes more sense. And these applications dont need complete cooling and preparation systems like you have in the pellet industry. Since the Di Pi acquisition, CPM has added even more companies, including Proline Engineering and D&G Electrical Engineering. CPM is a growth-oriented company, Gilbert tells Pellet Mill Magazine. We are growing yearly through acquisitions and growth of our core companies. If the tagline about CPMs equipment is It just runs, then the companys slogan for its business model could easily be, It just grows. Interestingly, the company whose growth has been defined by savvy acquisitions over the years was itself acquired in late 2018 by American Securities LLC. In a Nov. 16 press release, Ted Waitman, president and CEO of CPM, said, CPM has a strong history of market leadership. We are excited about our new partnership with American Securities to continue investing in product innovation, geographic expansion and growing our aftermarket sales across all of our segments. In the same release, Michael Sand, a managing director of American Securities, said CPMs leading technology, brand reputation and long-standing customer relationships make [the company] a strong fit for our investment strategy. Pellet Mill Magazine reached out to Amy Harsch, American Securities media contact, to inquire about the acquisition, but she had no comment. It is our policy to not provide comment or interviews beyond what has been issued in press releases, Harsch says. Gilbert says from an overall operations standpoint, nothing much has changed since the acquisitionlikely a welcomed observation for CPMs loyal customers. PelletingCPMs first pellet mill built in the 1930s was a flat die machine. Shortly after that, the company switched to a ring die pellet machine and gear-drive units, Gilbert says. We are one of the only pellet mill manufacturers that uses a gear drive. Our pellet mills dont have the issues you see with belt-drive machines. He says belt-drive mills often feature two motors whereas CPMs units utilize one motor directly coupled to the gear drive. This gives our pellet machines 97 percent efficiency compared to some of the belt-drive machines that can be as low as 89 percent efficient, Gilbert says. This is critical because you want to put as much energy as you can into making pellets, not wasting it to efficiency losses. The gear drive is the main differentiator between CPM machines and the competition, Gilbert says. It provides the ability to do maintenance quickly, such as changing dies. It can take up to eight hours to change dies on some machines. On ours you can do it within two hours to get the customers up and running again. Since the early switch from flat to ring dies, CPM has continually adapted its base equipment for different applications, through changing speeds and increasing the strength of the main shafts and gears. Now we work with die geometry to make sure we get proper hole counts and angles in order to get the most throughput and highest durability, Gilbert says. CPM not only supplies the wood pellet industry with its efficient gear-drive mills, but many of its other specialty equipment as well. When I make a quote to a prospective customer, I include everything on the dry side of the plant, with the exception of the conveyance system, Gilbert says. This includes everything from the hammer mill to the conditioning, pelleting and cooling systems. Conditioning systems are employed to control moisture of the wood flour going into the mill. If youre running various woods, you may have a range of moisture, he says. Our conditioning system can add moisture to get a consistent level throughout the material. Gilbert says CPM Europe was at the forefront of the EU pelleting industry in the early days, supplying the necessary equipment to the burgeoning industry, which, at the time, was largely focused on feed applications. Then, as the industry moved to the U.S., and more interest grew in pelleting wood as opposed to feed products, CPM had to adapt. CPM has always been known in the feed pelleting industry, Gilbert says. We have approximately 70 percent market share of the feed industry, with tens of thousands of feed pellet mills in operation. CPM was so entrenched in the feed market, which was going strong, that it was a late entrant to the wood pellet industry. Despite its slow arrival to the wood pellet game, CPM has made up lost ground relatively quickly. Today, in certain regions such as Europe and Asia, CPM has a 50 percent share of the wood pellet mill market. In other regions, such as North and South America, CPM has carved out up to a 30 percent share. More than a thousand CPM wood pellet mills are in operation today, Gilbert says. Key to securing this respectable portion has been personnel. The main thing is having the right people in placecommissioning engineers and project managementto grow and support the market, Gilbert says. And we have to be equally prepared as this market moves forward again.The biggest area of current growth, which should be no surprise to anyone in this space, is the Asian markets. Vietnam, Korea, Thailandwere putting a lot of equipment out there, Gilbert says. Other significant areas of growth, Gilbert notes, include the western U.S., Canada and South America. Ninety percent of our business is greenfield projects, he says, adding that a big challenge to being dependent on greenfield projects is customers securing project development financing. The other 10 percent of our business is customers who might have old CPM mills not built for wood pelleting, and they want to replace them with our wood pellet mills, Gilbert says. Or prospective customers that have brand X mills and want to replace them with CPM millsthings like that. There are also plants thatve been shuttered and theyre restarting now. Were seeing people bring more idled equipment back into operation, and CPM is there to help with that too. As Gilbert spoke with Pellet Mill Magazine in early March, he was on the road helping a customer make process alterations to ensure their CPM equipment runs properly after the changes. We are a service-oriented company, he says. The application experience CPM has is critical to the customer. The services we offer when we sell equipmentsuch as providing our expert commissioning engineers, and after that we have application engineers available at start-up or when the customer changes their processare vital. We also have service technicians available to assist in the off chance there is a breakdown, or if they need more training on maintenance items. But again, as our tagline says, with the CPM gear-drive machine, It just runs. Author: Ron KotrbaSenior Editor, Pellet Mill [email protected]

air gun parts | air rifles bb & pellet guns | pyramyd air

air gun parts | air rifles bb & pellet guns | pyramyd air

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ballistic coefficients

ballistic coefficients

These airgun pellet Ballistic Coefficients are intended to help the many serious airgunners who want to know typical BC values for their pellets, but who dont have the time or resources to derive that data themselves.

As many know, airgun pellet Ballistic Coefficients are a very complex subject. Pellet BCs vary significantly according to the type of pellet and the FPS at which the pellet is traveling. They are also effected by the airgun used to shoot them and many environmental factors.

In spite of all these issues, knowing a typical Ballistic Coefficient value for the pellets you are shooting is highly beneficial for calculating their trajectory. In conjunction with a software program such as Chairgun, BCs can be used to accurately estimate the amount of drop a pellet takes at different ranges. You need this for accurate shooting!

But note that Ballistic Coefficients are NOT, in themselves, a measure of accuracy. Two different pellets with the same BC can shoot with completely different accuracy in different airguns. Accuracy is a product of the gun, pellet, sighting system, ambient conditions and shooter capability.

HAMs Ballistic Coefficients are calculated from velocity measurements taken at the muzzle and at 30 Yards. Our test range is at 244 Feet above Sea Level and all testing is done on days when the temperature is between 75 and 85 Degrees F with Relative Humidity between 60 and 80% with minimal to no wind.

You can read more details about how HAM determines its typical airgun Ballistic Coefficient values elsewhere in our magazine. But the keys to our reliable, accurate BCs are consistent, comparable test methodology and high quality equipment. For this reason, all HAM airgun Ballistic Coefficient testing has been undertaken by the same experienced, dedicated testers, using the same FX Impact air rifle, set to full power, with all FPS measurements recorded using the same Labradar Doppler Radar system.

NOTE: These HAM Ballistic Coefficients were each generated by shooting a sample of 10 un-selected pellets straight from the tin. This was done to represent use by the average shooter. For this reason, and because these BCs were prepared by experimental testing, the BCs you achieve may be sightly different. Your mileage may vary.

Also please note that you may find the Ballistic Coefficients listed here differ slightly from those you may have seen published elsewhere. This does not mean that either number is necessarily incorrect. It probably just means that the same pellets have been tested with different air rifles at different muzzle velocities and in different ways.

HAM is very transparent about how our Ballistic Coefficients were generated. Where BC figures published elsewhere differ from ours, make sure to understand the structured testing used to generate them.

HAM participates in affiliate advertising programs. These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. Affiliate Links are prominently displayed under the heading BUY FROM. For example, as an Amazon Associate, HAM earns from qualifying purchases if you buy by clicking-through from that link. Visiting our advertisers and/or clicking Affiliate Links is the best way you can say thank you to HAM, enabling this magazine to be free to read. For questions, contact the Publisher, Stephen Archer.

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