industrial robots and robotic automation technology | yaskawa motoman

industrial robots and robotic automation technology | yaskawa motoman

Have you been scoping out robots and automation equipment for your facility lately? If youre involved in manufacturing, youve probably been mesmerized by pictures and videos of automated assembly or packaging lines, robots that weld or paint or other industrial automation. Maybe, youve even made some estimations about return on investment (ROI) and how automation could improve your operations.

Highly versatile and repeatable, robot utilization may be the ideal alternative to supplement your Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tasks. Likewise, robots often excel at applications that would typically require the use of several CNC machines.

Whether new to robotics or looking to build competitive edge, a growing number of decision makers are turning to more affordable, reliable and flexible robots with peripheral technologies to create intelligent factories capable of meeting stringent market demands, and bridging the gap between staff and application needs. As a result, a wider user group including novice robot programmers is emerging.

55 diy greenhouse plans you can build on a budget the self-sufficient living

55 diy greenhouse plans you can build on a budget the self-sufficient living

Using your Do It Yourself skills and these diy greenhouse plans will enable you to grow more fresh food each year. A greenhouse will extend the growing season by allowing you to get plant seeds started earlier and keep plants producing later in the fall. Even if you only want to grow herbs or have a place to overwinter potted plants, one of these 57 DIY greenhouse plans is sure to be right for your needs and building skill level.

Look through these amazing and easy to build diy greenhouse plans to get inspired and start growing this weekend. Also if you are looking for some other mechanisms to extend the growing season just go through these cold frame plans. Related articles: Hoop Greenhouse plans , diy small greenhouse plans,wooden greenhouse plansandVegetables to grow in a greenhouse.

It is a mini looking cute DIY greenhouse made from a portable old carport. The idea is great and one of the best greenhouse plans. Many people have those old carports that are no longer in usage and through this easy plan, they can be turned into ideal greenhouses.

The DIYer also efficiently used metal pipe clamps to hold the wood so there was no need to drill into carport pipes. This ensures that if in future you want to take down the greenhouse, it is still usable.

This DIY greenhouse plan is so unique that youll be blown away by creativity. The whole greenhouse is made using glass jars and lots of glass jars. Wooden structures are holding them together. The jars are not filled and the open mouths are inwards. Not only do you have the indoor space but you can also put plants inside jars (mini greenhouses) which make great seedling starters.

And you know what they used for flooring? The jar lids. YUP! crazy right. Some jars mouths are outside and are connected with discs that catch rain water. As if you are wondering where you might find this many jars, one is thrift shops and other solutions on finding them are listed in the plan.

Dont get thrown off by the name. The material used in this greenhouse plan is easily accessible and cheap. These are plastic, not glass and will withstand accidents. Also, if a panel breaks, it wont shatter and you can glue or tape it off.

If you want to build a smallgreenhouse, this wooden barn greenhouse plan would work best for you. Get started by working on the plan given below: Cut the wall framing from the boards (wood) you have available or you can purchase it for a few dollars easily. Use roofing tin for the side paneling, it would provide strength to the house as well. Use metal flashing to trim the corners of the panels. Cover the entire greenhouse withcorrugated roofing.

A hoop house is a simple structure made with a few wood boards and PVC pipe. A hoop house can be built to any size and these DIY greenhouse plans give you the instructions to build a 300 square foot structure for large gardening endeavors.

You can make a smart 8ft in height homemade greenhouse with a beautiful garden all you need is a lumber frame for the foundation, big window frames for ventilation, and a door of course. You can nail the frame and fix it in the garden with stakes.

If you love assembling the broken triangles, you must construct this kind of a diy greenhouse its beautiful. You would not see this normally everywhere because it requires time to get completed. You can simply lay the foundations by fixing it in the ground with stakes. The tough part comes in when you have to get the wood cut in equal length and width moreover, assembling takes time. You need to have proper measurement and a diagram to get a perfect shape. However, it is fun you can cover the entire structure with a special kind of greenhouse sheet so get the perfect desired look.

This kind of homemade greenhouse project just requires you to make the most of the old and unwanted window frames that are lying in your junkyard. Simply make the basic wooden structure (foundation) and with the help of screws adjust and assemble the windows on it. Add tin roofing and add glass to the windows which have broken ones. Simply add flowers to it so that beauty can be enhanced.

These free greenhouse plans show you how to build a modified A-frame greenhouse using fiberglass panels. Detailed instructions enable you to build a permanent structure that will last for years and grow healthy plants.

This wooden greenhouse idea is so well built and attractive, it can double as a guest house. The solar powered wood structure cost under $4,000, and its multi-function usage makes it invaluable on a homestead. The covered front porch is the perfect spot for relaxing after a day of garden chores.

Build your own greenhouse with these greenhouse plans that feature a staggered roof for optimum light reception. The sturdy wood frame is covered with clear plastic and the large interior space will enable you to grow plenty of vegetables and flowers.

This is a simple structure to build and can be taken down and stored year after year when its no longer needed. Called a tomato fort because it is ideal for sheltering tomatoes from late or early frost and non-stop rain. An hour and less than $50 is all you need to build this greenhouse. You may also like to see diy tomato cage.

Visit a local flea market for old windows (or you may already have some on hand) to build this attractive and highly efficient greenhouse. Various sizes of old windows can be pieced together like a puzzle and connected with screws to create this inexpensive greenhouse. Top it off with any type of roofing material you have on hand, since the interior will receive all the sun light needed through the four walls of glass windows. Get the plan for this recycled windows greenhouse

Follow this instructional YouTube video and build your own wood frame greenhouse. Step by step instructions make the build easy to accomplish in a short amount of time.

You must be having some old doors in your storeroom it is the perfect time to take them out and make most of them. Follow this simplest green house plan and instead of side paneling, simply use the old doors add tin roofing or plastic sheets to make a gorgeous and effective greenhouse for your west garden.

I am not sure whether you would be able to collect a 1000 bottle it is very interesting though! Within the simplest greenhouse structure made from wood, you can insert the collected plastic bottles to get the desired kind of greenhouse. I think this idea can work best for small space; you would need to add fewer bottles and get the task done easily.

You will only have to build three sides and a roof for this lean-to style greenhouse. Perfect style for building against the backside of a shed or garage that has a southern exposure. Plenty of interior room for growing a wide array of plants and the exterior fits well into the landscape design.

Standard design and size, these building plans stick with a tried and true design that maximizes interior space without sacrificing a lot of landscape space. Detailed greenhouse plans make the DIY build go smoothly and the sturdy design will last for years.

Use bamboo poles for building a DIY greenhouse for the ultimate in sustainability. Bamboo is a renewable resource that is strong and easy to build with, lasting for several years before it needs to be replaced.

This ingenious design creates a cover made from PVC pipe and plastic that is raised and lowered as needed over garden beds. This style of DIY PVC Greenhouse can be built to fit existing raised bed gardens. Hinges hold the covered diy pvc greenhouse top to the wood frame bottom and the lightweight material makes it easy to raise and lower as needed.

A small space can house a lot of growing plants when the design is right. This easy to build tabletop greenhouse is portable, so it can placed in the best location for sun reception any time of the year. The mobile design allows for year around plant growth and food production.

This is a pre-fab type of structure that includes all the building materials and DIY greenhouse plans. The frame is designed in a chalet style and the see-through walls allow you to look inside the greenhouse from any place in the backyard. Grow tropical plants inside this DIY greenhouse regardless of the climate you live in so you can enjoy a tropical view even when snow is on the ground.

The style of this budget-friendlyDIY greenhousewill remind you of an old-world European-style farmhouse and will compliment any backyard. Learn how to build a greenhouse that is both beautiful and functional so you can grow plants year-around. The building material is budget-friendly and durable so this DIY greenhouse will last for many years.

Do you have old windows stored up from a previous window upgrade? Do you know where you can find some old windows? If you can answer yes to either question then you can build this adorable and functional old window greenhouse for almost no money. Use these plans and learn how to make a greenhouse from old windows, some leftover lumber and old windows. The greenhouse size is ideal for small backyards and the design will make it an attractive addition to the landscape.

It can be challenging to find the space in a small backyard for a greenhouse, but these greenhouse plans will show you a space-saving idea. These wood greenhouse plans will show you how to build a greenhouse right outside your back door. ThisDIY greenhousebecomes a walk-through structure that takes you from inside your home to the outside. You wont even get cold during the winter months when you visit the plants.

Build this DIY greenhouse on a budget with a little lumber covered with plastic sheeting. The plastic sheeting is light-weight, durable, and holds the heat in while keeping the cold out. Ideal for a low-budget build and small back yard. The DIY structure is large enough to grow food-producing plants from seeds through maturity.

A lean-to greenhouse like this one is great for building on a budget. Learn how to transform old windows and leftover lumber into a small but functional greenhouse. By learning how to make a greenhouse that leans up against another structure you can reduce the number of walls you need to build, so you save both time and money.

Old wood pallets can be recycled and used to build almost anything, including a DIY greenhouse. Get some wood pallets and follow these free greenhouse plans so you can build your own attractive and productive greenhouse. The recycled pallet wood creates the frame of the structure, and recycled windows are used to build the rest of the structure. This budget-friendly DIY project is almost free to build and will last for years.

These free PVC greenhouse plans will show you how to transform inexpensive PVC pipes and plastic sheeting into a functional greenhouse. Start garden plants and flowers from seeds and keep them growing all year inside this PVC hoop house. The sturdy plastic sheeting can withstand most winter weather and is easy and cheap to replace every few years. The PVC is made from durable plastic and will last for many years in most climates.

Follow the greenhouse plans on this YouTube video and build a budget-friendly structure for growing plants year-round. This detailed YouTube video walks you through the easy building process so you can complete this DIY project in just one weekend.

A vacant mobile home can easily and cheaply be converted into a portable greenhouse. These detailed greenhouse plans will take you through the conversion process so you can convert any size mobile home into a structure that will grow an abundance on plants year-around. This is a great idea for off-grid homesteaders who need a secure place for growing food. Wildlife would have a difficult time destroying crops and food can be grown year-round.

These budget-friendly greenhouse plans will show you how to transform existing garden beds into a grow house for year-around plant production. Ideal for homesteaders who need a steady supply of fresh food or for home gardeners that just want to extend the growing season a few extra weeks without spending much money.

Use these free detailed instructions to build a dome greenhouse out of recycled wood pallets and plastic. The shape of the structure in unconventional but it allows full sun exposure to all plants growing inside and protects the plant from the elements. Use these greenhouse plans to create this functional dome shape grow house for your plants.

This homemade greenhouse idea is great for small gardens or when a small number of young plants need early or late-season protection. This modular shape is cheap and easy to build, plus its light-weight and portable. Move it as needed to protect garden plants from frost. A little left-over lumber and plastic sheeting are all thats needed for this easy DIY project.

This is a great idea for a raised garden bed and will allow you to start seeds much earlier in the spring and continue growing plants until early winter. Plastic can be removed and replaced as the weather changes to provide insulating warmth to growing plants. Help plants produce longer and more abundantly with this budget-friendly DIY greenhouse.

This DIY greenhouse is perfect for cold climates that receive heavy snowfall during the winter. The structure is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of snow and holds the interior heat during the frigid winter temperatures so plants can thrive. This DIY project is also easy on the budget and can be built for under $50.

Here is a great idea for those who like to dabble with electronics and gardening a DIYautomated greenhouse. Its a small design but great for starting seeds and propagating plants. Its small design will also fit perfectly onto a patio or balcony.

This greenhouse design is small, adorable, and very efficient, perfect for a small backyard. A few old windows, leftover lumber, and leftover paint can be transformed into this adorable DIY greenhouse. The space can be used for all gardening needs since it contains a sink and can double as a She-Shed for those moments when you need a little quiet time.

This is a video of how you can make an A frame DIY greenhouse. There are lots of tips and tricks in the video. The greenhouse was very efficiently designed and there were hardly any scraps leftover. The planner knows that plastic panels are expensive so the cuttings were minimal.

This greenhouse is so pretty and well-made that it looks like straight out of a fairytale. It was made using vintage windows. We all have some vintage (good for nothing windows) laying around but, in this case, they are purposefully reused. Even if you dont have them, you can easily find them in Restores or on online classified sites. They make into great greenhouses.

Another great thing is that some of the windows open, acting as vents so that your plants dont burn out by excessive heat. The end product is lovely and sturdy. Perfect for growing vegetables in winters.

Another versatile idea. This is a lean-to greenhouse plan. It is attached to the side of the house and you can operate from the insides. If you happen to have an available exterior wall in a sunny location but not much space, this plan was definitely carved out for you. It has plant shelves at waist-height for easy reach. To increase the plant space, you can add more wire shelves. A thermometer with humidity readings and the possibility of installing automatic air vents and misting systems make this plan great.

Each and everything are listed and told in the extensive read. All the info is under so many bold headings. They covered up everything. There is video too if you believe in seeing rather than reading. This greenhouse will extend your growing season and is perfectly sealed which ensures that no insect pest from outside can scurry their way in it.

This video does live up to its name. In only 20 dollars you can build this super cheap functional greenhouse. It has fold up walls made of plastic. This whole plan was very clear and quick. Exactly what youll be looking for if you are plain on tools and want a portable one; no fancy measurements, no fancy carpenter language, simple.

One of the best greenhouse plans.There are some serious skills involved in this video tutorial,so much precision. This is a mega project, 4 months of work shown in only 4 minutes. From start to finish and if you know your way around a saw, a pressure hammer and measurements, you can easily make thisbig greenhouse. It looks so sturdy and well-structured that it is bound to last for decades. The whole family helps and works on it and they make it happen.

No matter how small your budget, this DIY greenhouse plan truly proves that it doesnt matter. And the look of this, oh my gosh. This doesnt look that fancy looking this big of a greenhouse was made for just 60. Other than this being cheap, another best thing is that it can be easily dismantled when needed.

This whole plan is a rebuild from scratch. This DIY Greenhouse is made using recycled hardwood windows, all double glazing. The double glazing provides insulation in winters and traps the heat and keeps the cold outside, protecting crops from harsh weather.

These windows require no painting or carpentry and will last at least 30 + years without anyone even taking care of them. There are also Google Sketchup drawings for you to get an idea. Not 1 but 4 designs.

Versatility is good and this plan here is an example. Most of you know how to make a simple DIY hydroponic using PVC pipes but when winter comes, it stops working. This idea here is infused with a portable, mini slender greenhouse DIYed using PVC pipes and a baby crib which can keep your Hydroponic system working even in winters. It is more like a cold frame.

A true definition of mini. This cute looking DIY Greenhouse can house your couple of plant pots that you always wanted to be protected from harsh winter cold. You can easily move it around and it takes very little space.

BY definition it is a greenhouse but not much of a greenhouse look. The design is still great using a Recycle, an old swing set into a greenhouse. A shelf is put across the middle to add garden space in between and you can also place pots beneath too.

Sometimes a polytunnel is also included in greenhouse plans. Who knows a polytunnel plan might be the answer to your greenhouse requirement? Youll definitely like the design and maybe want to build this one.

It is a two-person job. Maybe invite your friend over for a cup of tea and have at it. You will make it in no mean time. All the materials are listed in the description alongside the time they were used in the video.

I appreciate your intentions to help with greenhouse plans, but really these are pictures with little or no details- there are no plans attached. Would you mind changing your page to include plans ?? * I am most interested in the first design showing the 1. HOOP Style greenhouse; but would like to see more explanations of the plans. Such as : -where to put the rebar ? what are hoop stands? a lathe in english is a machine, what do you mean ? put pvc at the top ?? * I know you mean to help, but explanations are supposed to answer questions, and not raise more questions if everything is explained correctly. Thank you for your time? I hope you can answer my questions, you have a good design shown in # 1. above. Cheers, Gk. Canada

A lathe is also a name for a thin wood strip also called a firn strip ( for its use in tanning hides ) but thats more useless information for you on that set up you need a 1/2 in drill bit for wood and pvc pipe i used 2 8 per hoop with a T coupler or a 4way coupler X= as many as you want.

Keep up the good work, and I will continue to read youre blog, I enjoyed this one very much. Id love to write for you, or allow you to write on one of our many highly popular greenhouse and gardening websites, I promise that youd be interested in getting youre name out there, through our 10+ year established network.

Thanks Whitney for your compliments!You are doing an excellent job,Ive seen your website,you seem to be very knowledgeable person about green housing;I would like you to write about green housing on my blog.You can contact me at [email protected]

Wind can do some pretty interesting things to plastic. If you live in an area with high winds and the pvc greenhouse is exposed to those winds, you might find it very useful to take a length of soft rope and criss-cross it over the top of the plastic to hold it against the pvc pipes. In high winds, greenhouse shapes sometimes work as air-foils (like plane wings) and tend to lift the plastic right off the frame. Running a criss-cross pattern of rope or twine down the length will reduce this tendency.

Even though they are a bit more expensive than vinyl wraps and glass, pvc panels are an excellent solution for building greenhouses. Theyre incredibly resistant to damage, fire and weather, making them a tremendous investment for your greenhouse hobby.

LOL, the old PVC greenhouse. Conceptually fun and well meaning designers, however PVC is not UV protected so a greenhouse of this kind of construction will only last a couple of years, hardly worth the effort or expense. Build it right, once.

pallet machines - rayco pallet pro

pallet machines - rayco pallet pro

The Pallet PRO offers the best blend of production and affordability, making it the best valued pallet machine on the market. With the ability to build pallets up to 60 x 60 inches on a standard Pallet PRO and numerous add-on options, the Pallet PRO will allow your business to thrive and keep you ahead of your competitors.

This feature not only upholds quality standards but will also increase production by allowing the operator to move quicker since the tedious step of ensuring the lead deck boards are flush with the lead edge of the stringers has been eliminated.

The PNP Package allows you to program your nail placement patterns. This means each nail pattern for each pallet can be stored and can be programmed to run with a few clicks on the Red Lion interface instead of having to adjust every nail tab.

The Spare Parts Package includes key components and items more susceptible to wear and tear. This package will give you peace of mind knowing that you have these items stocked and ready to go so that any downtime you may experience will be limited.

The Pallet PRO comes with one 10 outfeed roll table standard. However, if you want to feed the pallets directly to your docking area, we offer additional 10 outfeed roll tables to extend your conveyor line.

We offer MAX CN70/PAL and MAX CN80/PAL nail tools. The MAX CN70/PAL can fire nails with a maximum length of 2-3/4 inches. The MAX CN80/PAL can fire nails with a maximum length of 3-1/4 inches and is better suited for hardwood and recycled material.

The Pallet PRO pallet nailing machine standard build is capable of building pallets up to 60 inches by 60 inches. Should you need a longer or wider pallet, or both, the Pallet Pro is offered to build pallets up to 72 inches by 72 inches.

If youre located in the continental United States, our technicians will visit on-site to aid in the start-up process at no additional cost. Well also provide operator and maintenance personnel training.

The Pallet PRO carries a full manufacturers warranty on all motors, electronics, and pneumatic parts, as well as unlimited phone service2 to the original machine purchaser for the life of the machine.

Is your company located outside the United States and Canada and would like a technician to visit on-site to aid your start-up process and train personnel? Click the button below to fill out your details for a start-up quote.

1 The Pallet Pro only requires a single operator, but optimal production may not be reached.2 Phone support for machines not purchased directly from Rayco is available for a one-time purchase of $2,500.

ACG Equipment Finance offers financing of capital equipment to companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to the family store. Virtually any equipment you are considering to acquire can be financed or leased through ACG Equipment Finance. Apply via their online application.

pallet chief manufacturing

pallet chief manufacturing

The Pallet Chief II is ideal for any application, for quality or production at any level. Virtually maintenance free & the easiest pallet machine in the industry to operate. Our #1 seller because of simplicity, versatility & price.

The simplicity of the entire line of pallet equipment extends to the Pallet Chief IV. It is designed for higher production numbers without sacrificing quality. This pallet machine is automatic and minimizes operator fatigue.

Pallet Chief Mfg introduces the new Block Pallet System to our line of pallet assembly equipment. The standard model can build block pallets in sizes ranging from 36" X 30" to 48" X 48". Other sizes available.

The pallet machines manufactured at Pallet Chief are known around the world for their remarkable design. Our pallet making machines create a cost-effective, low maintenance, user-friendly, and profit-building production process. Above you will find some of Pallet Chief's most popular manufactured pallet machines. From pallet nailers to pallet stacking equipment, you can design your entire pallet making system with reliable equipment from Pallet Chief. Whether youre a pallet builder that is just starting out or operate a large pallet companylooking to achieve higher production with minimum maintenance and fewer man-hourswe have a machine to fit your needs.

pallet nailing machine usa

pallet nailing machine usa

To eliminate builder fatigue the Rhino Pallet Nailing Machine operates with push button controls allowing the pallet assembly to travel through the pneumatic nailing tools that fastens both the top & bottom deck boards simultaneously eliminating the need to turn over the pallet.

The Rhino Pallet Nailing Machine as an option may come with and adjustable pallet stacker and optional gravity or powered out-feed conveyor allowing the pallet to be stacked to the required height making it the most valuable machine for any pallet production.

The Rhino Pallet Nailing Machine is highly effective in doubling the production rate compared to manual pallet nailing. The Rhino Pallet Nailing Machine can hold 3000 nails per coil per nailing gun which means that approximately 150-200 pallets can be produced before any reloading is required.

Please note that the customer needs to supply a proper air compressor needed to operate the pallet nailing machine. The air compressor is not included in the purchase price but can be added on as an additional option. A recommendation is provided which meets the pallet nailing machine requirements.

When installing the Rhino Pallet Nailing Machine it is require that the customer have an area free and clear of any debris and enough space to operate the pallet making machine freely. The customer is responsible to bring in a dedicated air supply to the machine which has enough air volume to operate it without any interruptions. Further the customer will be responsible for hire a licensed electrician to terminate the power supply into the main panel.

The Rhino Pallet Nailing Machine is a complete nailing system equipped with pallet making machine, quality inspection zone, pallet stacker and gravity out-feed conveyor. Below are just a few highlighted features that represents the overall quality of the to the pallet nailing machine.

The Rhino Pallet Nailing Machine Safety Switches and Sensors are designed and built to global standards for high reliability, stability, and quality.Our safety sensors are integrated throughout the machine which gives us a full closed loop system to protect personnel working on or around the machine. If any reason that E-Stops or other sensor are deployed then the entire pallet nailing machine shuts down.

Our Perimeter Access Control System provides detection at the machine access points such as the pallet jig and access doors. The SensaGuard non-contact interlock inductive switches are mounted on all access doors to detect entry and the switches hold up well in our harsh industrial environment.

To increase early entry detection our safety light curtain, mounted around the pallet jig loading zone is a photoelectric presences sensor that protects personnel from the machines motion which makes this device a valuable component where protection is needed.



Sugarcane bagasse pallet production solution is used to produce sugarcan bagasse pallet, which is a sustainable alternative to existing wood and plastic pallets. And it is also compressed pallet, which is 100% bio-based....

PalletMach independently developed and designed the wood pallet production line for string pallet or EPAL pallet, this line has advantages of flexible size adjustment, low investment, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, labor saving, etc....

26 free pallet shed, barn, cabin and building plans & ideas

26 free pallet shed, barn, cabin and building plans & ideas

A quick search of the web and I found a ton of pallet shed plans, designs and ideas. That seemed strange at the time. How can you build a shed from pallets? Is it going to be sturdy enough? Do I have enough pallets to build an entire storage building?

You will want to start this project by making sure the ground is level. Add paving stones and compact the soil. For the floor of your shed, sand down the boards of the pallets and ensure that they fit together well.

The end result is gorgeous and secure. The small, high windows allow for natural light, but also does not allow for would-be criminals. The placement of the roof gives necessary ventilation, discouraging mold-causing humidity.

For adults, its a perfect break area. Imagine storing your garden tools inside this structure, everything in one place. When you need a break from weeding or planting, you can sit under the patio furniture outside with an iced tea.

This can be an extraordinary shed or a cozy getaway in your backyard. This design includes indoor and outdoor lighting, so you might even think to use it as a secluded office. It could be the perfect space when you need some peace and quiet.

Another excellent example of how to build wood shed from pallets! This one isnt so much for security, considering the sliding glass doors, but its spacious. The vinyl siding is a nice touch, as well, giving it a professional touch that looks well placed in suburbia.

The glass in the doors and the lower hanging windows doesnt make it ideal for security. This is still a great place to store small gardening utensils and supplies. You might even choose this design as a gathering place for you and your friends.

This is less of a shed and more of a lifesaver. Many people stockpile firewood, whether its for their wood burning fireplace or bonfires. The problem is that it can take up a lot of space. The other problem is that its a losing game of Jenga almost every time.

This small structure is perfect for storing all your firewood. The sides keep it from rolling all over the place when you remove a piece. Now you can stack the logs even higher, because you dont have to perform that annoying balancing act.

Even the door is solid, so theres less chance of someone breaking glass to gain entry. The only foreseeable issue is ventilation, because theres little, if any, air circulation. You can amend this by installing your own vents.

This unit is a great way to organize your outdoor supplies with style. It looks like it would cost thousands of dollars, but pallets save the day once again! You can put this design in action for as little as $500!

For a more spacious shed, this plan is perfect. The large front entry allows you to accommodate larger field equipment. This is excellent for people who want to store their tractors or even their animal feed out of the weather.

Whats nice about these instructions is that they are so detailed. The writer tells you exactly how much of what youll need as well as the size of the pallets. They include several photos to guide you through each step, as well.

Most pallet barn designs on this list opts for flat roofs or skips details for steeped roofs. This plan shows you how to build the rafters and install them, giving you a rood that is both sturdy and attractive.

This design is great because it shows all the authors trials and errors as they built their pallet shed. Theres some great ideas in here about how to make your unit watertight without breaking the bank, too.

This isnt so much a plan to build a shed from the ground up using pallets, but a way to use pallets as a decoration. This DIYer transformed her childrens old playhouse into a garden shed for herself.

To make it her own, she took some pallets and cleaned up the boards to nail to the exterior of the shed. Then, she sealed the boards with a water seal to give it a new shine. The imperfections in the wood give it its own personality.

Well, with a few pallets and thirty dollars, you can lock your trash cans up in a cute garbage shed. This project is fast and easy to complete, too. The rewards more than compensate for the time and effort spent on it.

However, it does have two other parts to it. The video includes their missteps along the way, as well, so you can learn from them. They show you how to transport the pallets, even if you have a smaller vehicle to load them.

The end result is a short storage building suitable for garden supplies and the like. Its a classy addition to your home that could serve as a sort of outdoor chest. Use it to store your patio cushions or grilling utensils, even.

As long as you know your way around the basics, this is a great way to build a decent sized storage building with pallets. Its great for storing larger items, like bicycles. 23 Short Video for Spacious Shed These plans are for people who want to build a much larger, nicer looking storage space out of pallets. This video is brief, under four minutes long, and interspersed with concise instructions.

This is more for an intermediate DIYer, as it doesnt speak in great detail about the process. The finished product is a spacious unit with a large entry and windows for natural light. 24 Small Work Area This is another time-lapse video, comprised of a series of pictures, with captions for each step. Its not a detailed plan, so youll need to be a more experienced builder to complete this design.

The end result is a small work area with a single window. It gives you ideas on where to put workbenches and how to build a sturdy frame. If you arent familiar with construction jargon, this might be a challenge. 25 Beautiful Office Space This is a nice plan for a roomy work area, complete with a built-in desk and electricity! This is a large project that will take some time to complete, but having your own private office space is worth it.

Although a lot of this project is pallet jacks, youll still need plywood and a lot of other things to finish it. This probably isnt the cheapest project to do, so if youre looking for free or close to it, this isnt it. 26 Tiny Pallet Cabin This is great for any hunters with some land they frequent. This small cabin makes a great place to spend a weekend away from it all. Even if youre not hunting, its a nice place to get some peace and quiet.

Did you enjoy this list? This was important for me to put together, because I needed a low cost solution to my storage space needs. Not only was this a great idea for me, personally, but it was also a great way to recycle.

plastic pallet injection molding machines | wilmington machinery

plastic pallet injection molding machines | wilmington machinery

Plastic pallets are growing in global popularity as a smart use of recycled materials. Thanks to their cleanliness and unlimited design possibilities, plastic pallets can serve as a superior alternative to wooden pallets. Many companies want to make their own pallets and Wilmington Machinery has made it easy think of us as your plastic pallet partner. Since 1975 Wilmington Machinery has been building and furnishing plastic pallet molding systems for customers across the globe. They come to us for fully integrated and automated machinery to product strong, lightweight and low cost pallets from virgin and 100% recycled plastic raw materials.

Contact us and well help you get started. We will explain the manufacturing process in detail, providing information to determine the financial justification and exactly what next steps are required. We guide you through the entire process, from the selection of the correct pallet design and mold design to an efficient turn-key total production cell. This includes complete product validation, training and expert field service and support.

Learn more about Wilmington Machinerys capabilities by downloading our exclusive whitepaper, Plastic Pallets Made Profitable. This concise informational document will help you understand and choose the correct plastic pallet design to suit your specific needs. Youll find the Wilmington Machinery pallet making machine process explained in detail.

Since 1972, Wilmington Machinery has been producing indexing rotary, multi-clamp and dual injection large clamp machines and integrated systems for household, automotive, electronic, material handling and recreational industries.

We focus on understanding end products and build production-ready systems to produce them reliably and cost-effectively. Our specialties are large parts made from virgin or recycled plastics. Rely on Wilmington Machinery to build machines that build your success!

pallet machinery group

pallet machinery group

Pallet Machinery Group is truly your one stop resource for all of your equipment needs. Whether you are looking for your first pallet machine, or are a well established operation wanting to maximize production and efficiency. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to find the right solution for you.

We began our company in 1981, Pallet Machinery Group has been the backbone of our growth. Since partnering with PMG we have achieved production daily. The employees are able to understand the controls and operation of the system. There has been less downtime, but when it happens the customer service is quick to respond and the technicians knowledge of the machinery is exceptional. We are very pleased with the product and excellent customer service!

The Pallet Machinery upgrade was an investment with return. We upgraded a duomatic in Jan 2017 and since then have achieved production rates on par with the turbo. More recently we brought in a used duo max and without any hesitation put the upgrade on that machine. That machine was up and running in no time. The system works. The controls are intuitive and our operators quickly grasped the logic. Were also very satisfied with the customer service weve received from our contacts at Pallet Machinery. When issues arise (which in our case have been minimal) we get very prompt responses from Pallet Machinery. They know the machines, the computer and they can troubleshoot. Downtime has been virtually non-existent. We trust Pallet Machinery Group. I highly recommend the upgrade. Money well spent.

Pallet Machinery Group continues to develop improved products for the market which allow us to improve our manufacturing operations. This aspect of the company along with their support and service after the sale is why we continue to grow our business with PMG.

make your own pallet! : 8 steps (with pictures) - instructables

make your own pallet! : 8 steps (with pictures) - instructables

Optional step: For a more complete pallet look, you may want to weather it a little. Toss your pallet around, slide it in and out of a truck bed over and over, or even leave it out in adverse weather for a while. This will all increase the character and true-to-life-ishness of your homemade pallet.

OK great ible... greater troll. AND Home Depot carries "ready to make pallets"???? LOL When they have a pile out back? The irony... BUT I get the "new wood" for pallet projects. the person who first looked at a pallet & said "hmmm free wood.. what can I not make?" is a master genius and probably gets no credit.. or is a hillbilly with no internet who has no clue about this trend! It is a toss up! Thanks for the few minutes of great entertainment!

Would this idea work with some oak wardrobes I have in the spare bedroom, I could dismantle them and re-size the wood. Then I could use the pallet for another project I have been thinking about for some time. I timber Xmas tree for the porch..! Hmmm!

13 different types of pallets (by style, design and material) - home stratosphere

13 different types of pallets (by style, design and material) - home stratosphere

Typically, pallets are flat and horizontal, which make them easier to stack, move and load. Often, the goods placed on these pallets are much heavier, which requires the use of machinery to move the pallets like forklifts and pallet jacks. The following is a list of the different types of pallets including the pros and cons of each.

When it comes to categorizing and distinguishing pallets, it can be done in a variety of ways. We break up each distinction below by style (entry points), design (block vs. stringer pallets) and by material.

As the name suggest, solid deck palletsare those that have a continuous single, large sheet of plastic, wood or metal without any gaps or spaces. Their most distinctive features or qualities are that they are very easy to clean and transport. These pallets are mainly used for the transportation of small objects. The fact that they are designed in a continuous flow minus any spaces makes them ideal for transporting small items which are likely to through the crack in the case of other types of pallets such as plastic and metal.

There are different types of solid deck pallets that are available, some of which are made of plastic while others with wood. The latter consists of non-porous surfaces which help ensure that there are no contaminants or other particles trapped within the surface of the pallet. This makes it really easy to clean them and also makes the solid deck pallets ideal for hygienic applications.

The former category, on the other hand, is the best of its kind because solid deck engineered woodpallets are super cost-effective since they come with an extended lifecycle. As compared to plastic and traditional wood deck pallets, these are relatively lightweight and sturdier than them. Furthermore, wooden solid deck pallets have been shown to sustain lesser damage overall than other types of pallets and they are also a lot easier to repair and use again. This makes them an excellent option to use for numerous purposes given the multiple benefits attached with solid deck pallets.

Most pallets come with just the top deck. However, there are also those pallets that also have a bottom deck along with the top deck. The latter are called double-faced pallets and they can easily be used with any side or face up.

The addition of the bottom deck in these pallets provides it with increased strength and the ability to hold the units load with great ease and convenience. The bottom deck also evenly distributes the weight of the entire load.

A typical double face pallethas bottom and top deck boards that extend past the stringers. This makes the pallets appear as if they have wings on the side. These pallets are available in two main types; reversible and non-reversible. The latter only has one surface with planks that are densely packed while the former has items on both sides and can be flipped easily. Both these types are great for storing and packing different types of items.

Another way to categorize pallets is by design. There are two main types with regard to design and they are block vs. stringer pallets. Below we set out diagrams illustrating the two types as well as explain it.

Also known as a deck board pallet, block ballet is characterized by its cylindrical posts that help create a distinction between bottom and the top of the deck. It has a four-way entry which means that all four sides of the pallet can be accessed with the help of forklifts. A typical block often consists of 12 cylindrical wooden posts that provide it with great stability especially towards the top.

Block palletscan be made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic, plywood, and there are also different types of these pallets where some come with a bottom board while others come without it. They are extremely efficient for handling purposes primarily due to the fact that they comprise of both perpendicular and parallel stringers.

These pallets use 4 to 12 blocks generally in order to support the top deckboards. You can also expect to see thin stringers between the deckboards and the blocks that form a mat-like pattern with the former. In exceptional cases, the stringers can be replaced by synthetic foam in order to cushion the unit load, and this particular type is called a floater pallet.

Block pallets are often used together with string pallets, together which are used as a foundation or basis for transport structures whose main purpose is to lift goods and materials with the help of different equipment such as pallet jacks, forklifts, etc.

As the name suggests, this pallet uses stringers in order to provide adequate support to the unit load. These stringers are contained between the bottom and top deckboards that help carry the pallets load. When compared with block pallets, these provide additional support considering how there are two boards that run between the bottom and top decks on the opposite sides of the pallets. While this blocks the entry from those two ends, it also makes more room for its ability to bear extra weight.

Stringers palletsare quite popular and are most commonly used in the United States. These are considered to be two-way pallets because you can only access it from two of its sides. However, there are also four-way stringer pallets available that allow forklifts or pallet jacks to enter from the non-accessible sides as well.

These pallets typically consist of three or more pieces of stringer or limber that is arranged in a frame of parallel pattern. One of the key ways to identify a stinger pallet is the length of the stringer, followed by the width and then the length of the deckboards that comes second. Many stringer pallets are often notched in order to create a four-way forked entry which results in two types of these pallets; the one with block designs and those with notched stringers. This type of pallet can be made from either wood or plastic material.

Wood pallets are the most recognizable type of pallets. Typically, they are made of hardwood or softwood, which is best defined by the type of tree used and whether or not the tree loses its leaves annually. The most common type of hardwood used in pallets is oak and the most common softwood is pine.

Wood-based pallets are probably the most commonly used as well as the most recognizable of all pallets. Their main popularity stems from the fact that can be repaired very easily, are super strong and durable and they deliver great performance.

Wooden palletsare usually made either of softwood or hardwood. The type of wood used is best identified by the kind of tree that is used and if the said tree sheds its leaves on an annual basis. The most popular types of wood used in the construction of wooden pallets are oak and pine.

These pallets are mainly used for products that are considerably heavier and need proper support in order to carry the weight and load. A great advantage offered by wooden pallets is that they have a really strong grip and also have much higher friction as compared to plastic and metal pallets.

Wooden pallets are an excellent choice for storage and transportation, especially because they can easily be resold and reused. They come in a variety of options made with different types of wood and most of them are fairly lightweight. The only possible downsides of wooden pallets are that get completely damaged when wet, are highly susceptible to bacterial and chemical infections and they easily break under heavy load.

This type of pallet is often considered to be a viable alternative to plastic pallets due to a number of design attributes and qualities of the former. Presswood pallets are made from wood fibers that are first processed and subjected to really high temperatures after which those fibers are pressured together to form a single, solid block of wood. They are sometimes also made of recycled wooden materials that can include wood shavings, old pallets or even wood waste.

The best part about Presswood palletsthat has gotten them so popular is their unique and distinctive design that allows them to be nested together. This results in them consuming even less than half of the space that is typically taken up by other types of conventional pallets.

These pallets are incredibly lightweight which makes it fairly easy to use them for storage and transport purposes. They are also super safe and reliable to use because Presswood pallets are molded in a way that results in rounded corners and furthermore, they are equipped with reinforcing ribs that greatly enhance the capacity of the pallets to load the weight on them.

The only drawback that has been noticed with the use of Presswood pallets is that they are not as strong and sturdy as the traditional wooden pallets and are also highly prone to being damaged by water and moisture and content.

These pallets are great for transporting light and medium weight goods. Plywood pallets are incredibly lightweight and super effective when it comes to surviving rough usage. Compared to normal wood, plywood is increasingly resistant to infestation by bugs and compared to engineered these pallets are more resistant to moisture.

Plywood pallets are easily customizable which means that you can easily find them as single wooden deck pallets as well as double wooden deck pallets. What makes these pallets so great is the use of plywood itself which is a very sturdy kind of wood with a high, uniform kind of strength. It is free from swelling, warping and shrinking and this balanced construction makes plywood pallets a great option for storage and transportation.

This is quite a heavy-duty type of pellet that makes it perfect for using in metal processing sectors and the automotive industry. It is generally made of steel or aluminum that gives it a great edge over wooden and plastic pallets in many cases.

Metal palletsare an excellent option for those companies in particular that look for a long-term approach to their assets. They are also incredibly handy for people who want the kind of pallet that is fireproof, rackable, and sanitary. They are considerably stronger than wooden pallets and often help keep the construction costs very low.

Lately, metal pallets, particularly the aluminum ones have been greatly adopted air freight shippers. The main reason behind that is how they are so light in weight as compared to the plastic or wooden types of pallets. This makes metal pallets a great choice for air freight shipments. Similarly, steel pallets have gained significant popularity among numerous food, tire and battery companies, as well as the Smithsonian for the main purpose of storing paper products.

Some of the key benefits offered by metal pallets are that they can easily be reused multiple times, be sanitized when needed, and do not get infested by pests. Additionally, regardless of being left outdoors, they wont rot or degrade. The only downside to metal pallets is that they cant be repaired easily and some varieties of metal pallets are super heavy which greatly increases overall costs.

Plastic pallets are often costly on the pallet market. Recycled pallets tend to run $30 to $45 dollars on average. However, depending on the size and material, new plastic pallets can range from $60 to $200 per pallet.

This type of pallet is known to be incredibly safe, stable and durable. They are manufactured through a number of different processes and are made from recycled bottles and often high-density polyethylene. This makes them incredibly tough and long-lasting, as compared to many other types of pallets.

Plastic pallets guarantee superior performance and efficiency over other pallets considering the fact that they are mostly constructed with recycled PET and HDPE materials. These new and updated materials make plastic pallets highly resistant to weathering, corrosion, chemicals and rot. Some other excellent benefits of these pallets include easy sanitization, non-splintering, longer service life span, odor resistance and super lightweight. They are also fire retardant and 100 percent recyclable.

The use of plastic pallets has proven to be extremely cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly. They are typically used for the transportation of products like frozen foods, fresh foods, and pharmaceutical items that come with very precise and strict hygienic requirements. One of the best things about plastic pallets is that they arent porous so it is extremely easy to clean and sterilize them.

What makes plastic pallets so popular is the fact that they can be used for super long periods of time without experiencing any breakage. This makes them ideal to be used in warehouses since they are splinter-free, lightweight and perfect for manual handling. On the downside though, they cant be easily repaired which means that they must be melted down if you are to recycle them.

Also known as eco pallets, these pallets are commonly used for storage and transportation of different items and products. There is quite a fascinating historyattached behind the origin of paper pallets. They basically came about as a result of the challenges and complications that began to be associated with metal and plastic pellets.

Pallet designers and manufacturers recognized the numerous benefits that were provided by paper pallets such as the fact that they are super light weight, highly adaptable , recyclable, easy to get rid of as well as they are so easy to clean. At one point, even IKEA, the worlds largest and leading furniture switched to using paper pallets due to these very benefits.

The initial paper pallets were made from a variety of different materials including honeycomb and corrugated cardboard sheet. Some versions had a solid top deck that was expendable and could be made from different sheet materials.

The inception of paper pallets back in the days was also focused on serving two main purposes including reducing costs by eliminating the need to return pallets and secondly, to reduce the cost of shipping by reducing the weight of the pallets, given how paper pallets are so amazingly light in weight.

The secret behind a quality corrugated paper pallet is its engineering design. Corrugated paper is a very thick, grooved and ridged paper that when layered together, creates something super strong and sturdy.

Choosing the right pallet comes down to your needs and budget. Start by determining which general material is best for your storage and transportation needs. From there, choose a sub-material that ideally fits within your budget, load bearing and storage limitations.

A pallet is simply best described as a flat transport structure that provides the basis or foundation for the transportation and storage for a variety of different goods. They are generally flat and horizontal in appearance which makes it easy to stack, store and arrange the goofs on the top or the surface of these pallets.

Palletsare best used in warehouses and different industries as a means to move around large stacks of heavy goods from one place to the other with the help of machine such as forklifts and pallet jacks. These machines are especially used when the goods placed on the pallet are heavier than usual.

They have proven to be key and highly useful componentsin terms of improving performance and efficiency levels in numerous warehouses, factories and industries. You can even find stacks of wooden and plastic pallets at the back of your local grocery store because more and more people are resorting to the use of pallets for storage and transportation given the high levels of convenience and ease associated with them.

On the surface, pallets might not come across as very useful objects, but interestingly, they have played a very important role in the history of the worlds economy. As the saying goes, there is more to what meets the eye so the stacks of wooden structures filled with fruits and vegetables that you might have seen outside a supermarket is actually a lot more than just that.

Palletspopularly came into use back in the 20thcentury and ever since their advent, they have proven to be an extremely effective, affordable and convenient way to store and transport a variety of different types of goods from one place to the other.

Before the inception of pallets, warehouses and companies used to store and move around their goods and products in things like cardboard boxes, wooden crates, kegs and barrels. Not only was that method super expensive, but it was also really time-consuming because the load would be too much but the instruments capacity wasnt enough to hold that kind of weight.

Soon enough, the forklift was introduced during the 1920s which was immediately followed by the development pallets and pallet couriers. In 1925, both the use of forklift received a massive boost since the bottom deck or plank was added to the initial design of the original pallet. This addition was a game-changer because it enabled stacking and allowed factories and warehouses to pile up their goods on a flat, horizontal surface with great ease.

Eventually, the palletbegan to be used to store, ship, display, and transport numerous items by a lot of people who also began to notice that the safety, efficiency and performance of their operations enhanced to a great extent once they started using pallets. The period of World War II noticed an unbelievable spread in the usage of pallets during which goods and items were being exchanged between allied countries with the help of these very pallets. Such massive exposure and usage ultimately resulted in the creation of the standard 48 x 48 pallet. Numerous businesses began recognizing the impact of these flat structures on their operation after which most of them deemed the pallet a great necessity for business.

Fast forward to this very day, it is safe to say that without these pallets, the global economyof today wouldnt be as strong and flourishing as it is right now. The variety of pallets that you see today have been cleverly designed to be able to withstand high pressure, carry massive weights, and be easily lifted by forklifts and pallet jacks on and off numerous transport vehicles such as planes, trucks and ships.

You would be surprised to learn that in todays times; around 450 million pallets are produced in North America each year! What is even more surprising than that is at any given time, 1.9 billion of all those pallets are in use at the same time!

Rod is the business owner of Pallet West. Rod eats, sleeps and drinks pallets. If you cannot find Rod on the shop floor then you will for sure find him behind the scenes running the logistics of his well-oiled business. When Rod does decide to leave his much loved business in either his colleagues or sons deserving hands, Rod can be found enjoying 18 holes on his local golf course or sat in his local brewery enjoying a cold, crisp pint. Rod strives himself on delivering first class results in every aspect of his business and can often be guilty of working too hard. Behind his stern business approach, Rod is a devoted family man and likes nothing more than spending time with his children.

spectrum 1 x pallet of unused ceramic tiles auction ( ) | grays australia

spectrum 1 x pallet of unused ceramic tiles auction ( ) | grays australia

The percentage of buyers premium will change once a bid price of $1501 or more is reached. A 20% Buyers Premium applies when the bidding is less than $1501, moving to 16.5% buyers premium once the bidding reaches $1501 or more. The Buyers Premium will be added to your final bid price.

This Sale has a Variable Buyers Premium where the percentage of buyers premium will change once a bid price of $1501 or more is reached. A 20% Buyers Premium applies when the bidding is less than $1501, moving to 16.5% buyers premium once the bidding reaches $1501 or more. The Buyers Premium will be added to your final bid price.

Contact [email protected] an exact invoice total. Please note that personal or company cheques will not be accepted. For invoices totalling less than $10000, your credit card will be debited within 2 days of auction closing. To assist in the processing of payments please have funds available. Invoice totals exceeding $10000 will not be split.

Original Retail Prices: In certain circumstances, an item for sale on the site may display the manufacturers Original Retail price (ORP). All ORPs are prices supplied by the manufacturer (or retailer) of the item at the time of the items original sale, and therefore such ORPs may not be current at the time of the online auction of the item. Grays takes no responsibility for the display of ORPs on any item it offers for sale at an online auction on its site, and hereby advises all bidders to satisfy themselves as to the value of the item being auctioned.

Typically, auctions are over at their posted times. There are some exceptions to this, however, if there are any successful bids on a particular lot within 10 minutes of the close of the online auction (the Going, Going, Gone! Period), it will be extended until there are no successful bids within the "Refresh Period".

There is no limit to the number of times an online auction can be extended. This makes graysonline work more like a live auction where the bidding doesnt stop as long as there is still interest in the product, rather than assigning an arbitrary cut-off time. This means it is a good idea to watch the action as the auction nears closing time and to check back often

As registration and ownership requirements vary from state to state buyers should familiarise themselves with the registration requirements of the state in which the vehicle will be registered. As is standard auction practice the buyer is responsible for state transfer fees, duties etc. that may apply.

If you intend to send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, you need to send them with a copy of your winner's e-mail along with a photocopy of your photo ID and signed note of authority permitting staff to release your purchases to the third party.

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pallet grinders | wood pallet grinding, recycling machine systems | rotochopper

pallet grinders | wood pallet grinding, recycling machine systems | rotochopper

Our Perfect In One Pass grinding technology converts pallet scrap to premium products with remarkableefficiency and operational simplicity. Rotochopperelectric grindersoffer unmatched efficiency and uptime for pallet facilities with 3-phase power.Ourdiesel grindersoffer the same precision grinding, plus the added mobility of wheels or tracks for convenient portability.

Rotochopper multi-stage systems can even convert pallets to animal bedding or short fiber fuels in one smooth pass. A Rotochopper multi-stage grinding system combines a grinder with an in-linehammermill. The grinder reduces wholepallets and cratesto coarse fiber. Magnetic metal removal systems separate nails and other steel as the coarse fiber flows to the hammermill. The hammermill then effortlessly refines the fiber to final specifications.

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diy wood pallets ideas, best tips & projects: an ultimate guide!

diy wood pallets ideas, best tips & projects: an ultimate guide!

In this epic guide on DIY wood pallets ideas, we will look at where to find free wooden pallets, how to select & disassemble pallets, best pro tips on using pallets, & our favorite pallet project ideas!

Here are some of our favorite places to find clean pallets in good conditions tile and stone showrooms, masonry supply stores (aka places that sell boulders, rocks, pavers etc), construction sites, and wood / carpet flooring stores. We also see them behind wine shops and grocery stores.

When you see a stack of pallets outside these places, just ask nicely whether they plan to reuse them or just discard them. And the answer we get every time is You want them? They are all yours! Yay! Not so hard, right?

Next, look closely at the wood boards are they cracked, or warped? If yes, they would be very challenging to work with, so dont waste all that time and sweat dragging it home. There are better ones!

This tool lifts pallet boards easily, and you can take out the nails with a hammer. It is 20 times quicker than any other methods. The wood wont split as much so you get better boards. We absolutely LOVE this tool. If you plan to do a lot of pallet projects, it is really worth it! See video tutorial below:

We have used this method to cut all the boards along the 2 side rails with a cordless circular saw or jig saw ( heres a low cost jig saw which gets great reviews) and use a hammer and pry bar to lift each board from the middle rail. This is an easy and quick method, especially when the boards have lots of nails, screws, or cracks on the ends.

When you buy wood from hardware stores, they are finished to the specified thickness, and all the edges are straight, and squared, but NOT pallet wood! The beauty, and the challenges of pallet wood lies in its variations. Never assume the pallet wood boards are the same thickness or width, even if they are from the same pallet!

If you want to leave the wood natural, you can use butcher block oil finishes or outdoor wax finishes to protect the wood from stains and UV. Heres our recipe for an easy and great butcher block oil finish!

You can make so many things with pallet wood for your home and garden! Below are some great pallet project ideas and tutorials from simple pallet furniture, home decor, garden and outdoor projects, to an entire pallet kitchen. Enjoy!

Before you turn on any power tools, first get a sturdy work surface a work bench, or even a sturdy old table will do, and some wood clamps! Properly clamp the wood while cutting. Always follow safety guidelines on each tool you use!

Thanks for the tips. You made it look easy. I appreciate you sharing the importance of always wearing protective gear when working with pellets. I often would get one pellet, end up given it away, because of not having enough to make anything. Now I realize all I need to do is, pull it apart, and keep them stored until I have enough to make a nice diy project. You rock!

You made a good point that proper alignment is important to have when it comes to making tables out of used wooden pallets. Id like to start making my own furniture for my newly built patio and I think buying used wooden pallets would help a lot with that. I used to take some simple carpentry classes back in the day so that might help a lot in for this project.

Hey dear, Thank you very much for sharing such a kind of excellent stuff. I am glad to have your blog. I am a fan of your blog. The third method we have used it to cut the board along the 2 side rails with a cordless circular saw or jig saw , and use a hammer and pry bar to lift it the middle rail. This is an easy and quick method, especially when the boards already have cracks on the ends. This method looks to me very useful. By the way, your writing style is very handly and live. I love it. Please keep posting such a kind of fantastic stuff more and more.

Thank you for your tip to always wear a thick pair of work gloves when youre picking up pallets. My brother is building a warehouse, and hes currently looking for a supplier of hardwood pallets. Ill pass this tip onto him the next time I see him.

I want to make DIY furniture for my patio. I really like how you used pallets to make a tropical outdoor room on the third picture. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Ill contact an Industrial supply company so I can order a few pallets to make furniture for my patio.

I found it interesting that you state that you should check for heat treated compared to chemical treated. My brother and his wife have been looking for new ideas for furniture and decor in their house, so I have been looking into it with them. I will send them this information, so they can start looking for used pallets, and go through some ideas.

Thanks for pointing out that we should look for pallets that have been heat treated instead of chemically treated. Id like to get some wooden pallets to use for crafting. I didnt know there were different treatment options, so thank for sharing that info.

It helped a lot when you mentioned how you should pay attention to the HP stamp when looking for pallets. It is important to understand how to find the best quality in order to get your moneys worth. We need to find a couple of pallets, so I wanted to do some research.

What caught my interest here is your statement saying that not all pallets are made equal. And thanks for helping me understand that we should be aware of the HT stamp as it really means something. Id be interested to learn more about these heated and chemically treated pallets. Looking forward to that in the future, cheers!

Hi, I am from the Caribbean and i saw these amazing furniture, I did not know that you can make such beautiful things with pallets I am committed to making a few of really opened up my mind this is great, seeing that I have retired now and I can finally start some projects so that I would not become senile or bored. Thank you.

Jerry and I had always wanted to build our own shed, even though we had never done anything like it before. We actually got around to doing it after we moved into our new house. Our friends couldnt believe wed actually done it all ourselves, and I must say, Im really proud of it

I didnt know about the HT stamp before. Ill have to make sure I look for that when Im finding pallets to use for projects. I like the idea of getting pallets that arent chemical treated, like you suggested.

I like how you suggest to make sure that you have a pair of thick work gloves and wear eye goggles to protect yourself from nails that could potentially pop out. My sister wants to use some old, recycled pallets so that she can build a custom piece for her back patio. Its a great tip to consider safety and make sure that youre adequately prepared to handle old pallets. Thanks for the tips.

Hi I would like to make a hanging bookshelf but what do I need and do I have to measure because my room is very small and I donthave room for a bookshelf so I was thinking of hanging one in my room for books games and movies but I dont know how its just me and my mom

Amazing,. You made its wonderful and easy. We just start to learning pallet project. Your project are become for many ideas for us. Once you have chance to come Bangkok, Thailand. we are welcome to meet for your share experience. Thank you.

Ive been wanting to get some pallets for my wife so she can do some projects. Im glad you talked about how you want to make sure youre wearing some thick gloves when you work with pallets. Im going to have to look for a few good pallet providers, and see what I can find!

I just recently made a small outdoor side table to sit near my firepit and I used my reciprocating saw to separate my pallets. It did seem a little scary at first but it worked like a charm once I got the hang of it. This was the best method for me after a failed attempt with a hammer and prybar.

Hi, Ananda! I love wood working ( and have always been intrigued by the many things I see people creating with pallet wood. LOVE the crate ideaso many diff applications for those! And thanks for the tip on the deck wrecker tool. You have a great command of combining bright colors (old paletts + rental = THIS). Look forward to seeing more articles from you!

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