construction and mining

construction and mining

Friction and wear are the worst enemies of construction and mining equipment. Water, dirt, dust and high mechanical loads attack bearings, bushings and swivels. Lincoln lubrication systems offer protection that is efficient, rational and environmentally friendly.

construction & transportation systems group | sumitomo corporation of americas

construction & transportation systems group | sumitomo corporation of americas

SMS-E is a solutions leader for the construction, forestry, mining, and utility industries, selling new and used heavy-duty equipment, providing customers with numerous value-add services, including welding and fabrication, custom-design and remanufacturing components across Canada, and through its subsidiaries in Alaska and in Mongolia.

Linder Industrial Machinery is one of the nations premier heavy equipment dealers, selling new, used and rental equipment, providing customers with high-quality after-sales services across Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Sunstate Equipment provides construction, industrial, and special event companies with top quality construction rental equipment and tools as well as its reliable service and dedication since 1977 across Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington.

The units suppliers, such as Collins Aerospace, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Parker Aerospace etc. produce a broad range of products, including systems and equipment for use in space, on aircrafts and naval vessels as well as other military platforms, various ground installations and commercial environments.

Aftermarket, including MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul), related to above mentioned business endeavors is a major aspect of our business portfolio as well working in conjunction with our related joint venture company with AAR called AAR Sumisho Aviation Services LLC (ASAS).

Airframe and aircraft equipment On-board electronics and sensors Aircraft engines and related accessories Command/control/communications and intelligence systems Space environmental systems Aircraft life-support systems Maintenance Repair Overhaul (Products)

Worldwide and Domestic trade Provide market assistance to U.S. industries Provide financing and leasing Participation in joint development and risk-sharing Coordinate technology transfer Maintenance Repair Overhaul (Services)

modular mining | minesmarter

modular mining | minesmarter

A dedicated team of Modular Mining technology specialists collaborates with your mine personnel to establish mutually-defined goals and milestones, to help you extract even more value from your Modular Mining solution.

"In the Performance Assurance area, they send a wide variety of professionals to the site to help with different problems we are having. We have gotten solutions to some issues that we have had and it has really been a good gain for us."

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ilc lubrication systems for construction/mining

ilc lubrication systems for construction/mining

ILC has developed lubrication systems and applications that are currently installed by leading manufacturers. They range from simple manual lubrication systems with a single point and centralised distribution to fully automatic grease systems that lubricate shafts -supports and bearings in medium-large sized machinery.

ILC lubrication systems applied in these sectors are mainly grease-based and consist of progressive metering. Powered directly by a single-point, combined with manual and automatic pumps, they guarantee lubrication of various supports and a protective shield of grease that helps prevent dust and dirt from entering the bearings, thereby guaranteeing a longer life and efficiency of the vehicle. All the points can be reached with the centralised progressive distribution even if located in positions that would be manually unreachable. The installation of a control element in the circuit allows the whole system to be verified and remote transmission of the system alarm signal.

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safeai raises $21 million to build smart vehicles for heavy industry

safeai raises $21 million to build smart vehicles for heavy industry

Despite the ambitions of Waymo, Cruise, Tesla and others, robotaxis have yet to revolutionize transportation in the U.S., and remain in a state of perpetual technical development. Meanwhile, autonomous vehicles are already at work full-time in heavy industries like mining and construction.

That's one reason SafeAI founder and CEO Bibhrajit Halder left his autonomous passenger vehicle work behind. The start-up retrofits vehicles and equipment that are already popular in heavy industries -- including haul or dump trucks, dozers, and skid steers -- with its autonomous systems.

Halder previously worked on autonomous software and systems at Ford, Faraday Future and Apple following a long tenure with heavy equipment maker Caterpillar, where he worked on their pioneering autonomous mining truck.

Transporting passengers around public roadways requires vehicles that can cope with a mix of good and bad drivers, pedestrians, complex rules of the road and other challenges. Moving materials and equipment, at site-specific lower speeds and in constrained environments where only licensed professionals are allowed on-site, is not simple -- but it's simpler than passenger transport.

Owners of vehicles used in mining and construction are also willing to pay for state-of-the-art systems as long as they increase the safety and productivity of their fleets. Most taxi, limo or rideshare businesses can't afford fleets of sophisticated automated vehicles at today's costs.

Some of the vehicles used to haul tons of materials around job sites can cost more than $1 million up front, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in operational costs such as labor, fuel, service and maintenance, Halder says.

That's one reason why SafeAI focused on retrofitting existing vehicles rather than building new ones. The four-year-old company developed its autonomous systems using off-the-shelf components including cameras, microprocessors and lidar sensors, then wrote its own machine learning software. In a haul truck, this helps builders and miners manage a load-haul-dump cycle without any human intervention.

Workers still have to load dirt onto the truck, but the SafeAI-equipped vehicle can understand how much weight is in its bed, and when it reaches capacity the carry the dirt to a precise location and dump it automatically.

Halder says, "Since this is all on private land, there's no federal mandate that would prevent use of autonomous systems. So we do not have any regulatory hurdles. Instead, we focus on all the safety standards."

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, with offices in Perth, Australia, and Tokyo, SafeAI just raised $21 million in a Series A round of venture funding led by Builders VC, a San Francisco firm focused on tech that modernizes antiquated industries. Industry players including Japanese construction giants Obayashi, Australian mining firm Maca and Indian conglomerate Vimson Group are also backing Safe AI along with other venture investors.

Builders general partner Mark Blackwell told CNBC his firm backed SafeAI in part because of its founder's impressive background, and the market's readiness to embrace more autonomous vehicles. But he also said he has hope SafeAI can make the work of mining and building more environmentally sound, and safer.

"The pain points are acute in mining. The industry represents 1% of the global workforce, but 8% of fatalities at work. When you run autonomously, you can operate more safely and reduce fuel, saving 7% per year per vehicle."

SafeAI is focused on working within the constrained environments of mining and construction, and plans to use its funding to expand in Japan, Australia and the US. But Halder maintains a patiently optimistic outlook for driverless vehicles in transportation.

He said, "The technology is not quite there. But because of the amount of interest and funding in this with tens of billions invested in to the world of driverless vehicles it's really moving along. We will get there. But I think we need to be patient. It took us 100 years to make cars as good as they are now."

mining systems | grid reinforcement solutions | tensar

mining systems | grid reinforcement solutions | tensar

Made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant polymers, these geosynthetic reinforcement products are lightweight and easy to handle; this allows for safe, quick and easy installation, resulting in significantly fewer back, hand and facial injuries.

wenco international mining systems acquires smartcap, the worlds leading fatigue monitoring wearable device | wenco international mining systems

wenco international mining systems acquires smartcap, the worlds leading fatigue monitoring wearable device | wenco international mining systems

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (May 5, 2021) Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. (Wenco) is pleased to announce its purchase of all assets and intellectual property of SmartCap Technologies Pty Ltd (SmartCap), engineers of the worlds leading fatigue monitoring wearable.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, SmartCap assesses real-time fatigue levels and monitors for oncoming microsleeps that create safety hazards. The SmartCap device has over 5,000 users globally in mining, trucking, and other industries.

This purchase is an important step for the continued growth of the SmartCap fatigue technology, says SmartCap CEO Tim Ekert. We have made significant progress these past eight years and we are proud of every safety incident our technology has prevented.

This acquisition adds a strategic, fatigue monitoring capability to Wencos safety solution portfolio. Safety is of paramount importance at mines and other industrial sites, where operators must perform long hours of repetitive work while paying close attention to their surrounding environment. SmartCap greatly enhances the ability of operators and other workers in proximity to the equipment to remain safe.

Wenco has long been observing SmartCaps success in enhancing safety for their customers, and we have been in regular discussion on how we can integrate our technologies to provide a comprehensive, next-generation safety solution, says Andrew Pyne, president and CEO of Wenco.

Ultimately, it was decided that bringing our technology, personnel, and business relationships together under Wenco offered the greatest opportunity for us to deliver on our mutual vision for mine safety.

In recent years, Wenco and its parent, Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM), have invested heavily in solutions to streamline and optimize the end-to-end mining enterprise, with safety as a foundation. SmartCap adds an advanced, fatigue monitoring layer for operator protection to this digital mining initiative. It is intended to be included as part of HCMs Solution Linkage family, the ICT/IoT solution platform for global mining and construction customers created in response to increased demands for improved safety, life cycle cost, and productivity.

Hitachi, Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., (TSE: 6305), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a global Construction Machinery company with approximately 24,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2019 (ended March 31, 2020) consolidated revenues totaled 931 billion yen. Hitachi Construction Machinery will focus more than ever on the Construction and Mining Machinery Business, which includes Hydraulic Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Rigid Dump Trucks, Compaction Equipment, Applications and Mine Management Systems. For more information on Hitachi Construction Machinery, please visit the companys website at

Life by SmartCap was developed to overcome the limitations of other fatigue monitoring technologies. Most people are aware of the dangers of driver fatigue, but our ability to recognise the signs diminishes as we become more fatigued. We believe that ultimately each and every person is primarily responsible for managing their own fatigue so our technology is designed to ensure that individuals are empowered to make this possible. Through alerts, reports, and profiles, each user will know when they are at risk and the times of the day that their risk is greatest. SmartCap helps to develop techniques to effectively manage fatigue and alarms to ensure your workforce is safe.

For over 30 years, WencoInternational Mining Systemshasworked with mining companies to extract unrealized value.Underthismission, Wencohasdevelopedan integrated suite ofsolutionstosupport the digital transformation of the mining industry.Fleet management, asset health,data analytics,and other technologiesjoin togetherinthe spirit of open interoperability to raise mine productivity and efficiency, lower routine costs, and establish a safe and smoothmining operation.A Hitachi company since 2009, Wenco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

construction & mining - gkn

construction & mining - gkn

We have a wealth of experience in the construction, mining and utilities sectors, designing and manufacturing solutions for both OEMs and associated aftermarket customers worldwide. Our broad product portfolio has been developed to meet each industrys demands for safety, productivity, higher payloads and efficiency, together with driver safety and comfort, machine uptime and low maintenance. Our experienced engineers work closely with operators to understand the challenges they face, enabling us to develop expertly-engineered solutions to meet their environmental, load and torque requirements.

Our broad product portfolio has been developed to meet each industrys demands for safety, productivity, higher payloads and efficiency, together with driver safety and comfort, machine uptime and low maintenance. Our experienced engineers work closely with operators to understand the challenges they face, enabling us to develop expertly-engineered solutions to meet their environmental, load and torque requirements.

With a leading reputation for the design of 3 and 5 piece wheels, our products have excellent strength properties giving a reliable performance and fatigue resistance at high loads, speeds to withstand extreme site conditions.

We have a wealth of experience in the heavy construction industry and manufacture a wider range of 3 and 5 piece wheel solutions for OEMs and associated aftermarket customers worldwide. Designed to meet the demands for safety and productivity without compromising payload or efficiency. Combine this with diver comfort, machine uptime and low maintenance we work operators to understand the challenges they face.

As a leading manufacturer of hubs and spindles, we supply all major manufacturers and OEM suppliers across North America and Europe. We work closely with our customers to develop hubs that enhance performance by offering innovative, bespoke solutions, drawing on our extensive technical expertise. Our experienced team provides support for our comprehensive product range - from concept, through design, analysis, manufacture and testing.

We manufacture a range of customised hubs and spindles for off-highway machinery, with capacities ranging from 500 lbs (227 kg) to 57,000 lbs (25,855 kg). Bent and straight spindles can be fully customised to specified dimensions and cultivation, straddle and standard designs are available with a range of bolt configurations. Our hubs are all sold complete with bearings, seals hubcaps and nuts and can be supplied machined and cupped only or in assembled and greased hub and spindle units.

Our Profi-Hub Series has been designed to reflect the demands of modern machines, with assemblies able to be configured to meet customers specific requirements. Profi-Hubs provide increased carrying capacity (loads up to 15,700 lbs), improved bearing performance and improved servicing, with the hubs recessed grease fitting reducing the risk of damage whilst in use and its press-on style hubcap simplifying serviceability.

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contact us - modular mining

contact us - modular mining

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mining & construction tools | championx

mining & construction tools | championx

The US Synthetic Mining Wasp bit brings together the very latest in diamond drilling materials and innovative, new bit design to offer the longest lasting, most durable dry roof bolting drill bit in the world.

A 200 to 600 times increase in bit life should reduce injuries occurring during bit replacement and other activities related to roof-bolting operation. (Special Report, Breakthrough in Roof-bolt Drill Bit Technology, U.S. Bureau of Mines).

The cutting edge of a PDC bit remains relatively sharp throughout its life. (Optimum Thrust, Cutting Speed, and Water Pressure for Tungsten Carbide and Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Roof-Bolt Drill Bits, U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1995.)

Miners were quick to accept PDC bits, since they reduced by more than 50 times the necessity of replacing worn out bits. (Special Report,Breakthrough in Roof-bolt Drill Bit Technology, U.S. Bureau of Mines.)

by reducing the number of operations a worker must perform, PDC bits may significantly reduce the number of non-fatal accidents resulting in lost-time injuries, associated with roof-drilling operations. (Special Report,Breakthrough in Roof-bolt Drill Bit Technology, U.S. Bureau of Mines).

Todays mining operations focus on producing the largest amount of tonnage at the lowest possible cost. To meet ever-increasing production demands, mine operators must keep their equipment running with the latest technology. They simply cannot afford to wait on roof-bolting crews using outdated equipment and techniques while continuous miners sit idle. The production challenge for many mine operators can be directly traced to carbide bits, which have been used for decades. These bits easily dull while drilling and need to be replaced frequently-slowing roof bolters and limiting production. This ongoing maintenance problem slows the mining process, decreases production, and creates safety concerns as miners scramble under unsupported areas to change out roof bolting bits so mining operations can continue.

As a result of our ongoing research and development efforts, US Synthetic Mining roof-bolt bits are better able to handle the demanding environments they work in. From diamond powder to the finishing phase, every possible aspect of roof-bolt bit development is monitored, measured and improved.

Our roof-bolt bits use custom-made diamond inserts that are designed and tested to meet the specific needs of our customers. At US Synthetic Mining, we are committed to delivering the best parts now and continuing to innovate in the future to ensure success for our customers in their demanding applications.

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