environmental protection mobile crusher | fote machinery

environmental protection mobile crusher | fote machinery

Mobile crusher is a new crushing machine for meeting people's high-standard requirements. The outstanding feature is that the mobile crusher can move freely according to the progress of the project.

There is no doubt that the mobile crusher is more convenient than the fixed crushers because of flexible configuration, little space occupation, and classification of material according to different materials and finished products according to demands. Not only that, but the crawler mobile crusher is also equipped with a hydraulic power system, which can automatically control the conveyor to unfold and fold, and the wireless remote control is more convenient and efficient.

The mobile jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing bulk material at complex and difficult environment. Here Fote Machinery can provide all kinds of jaw crushers according to the properties of materials and demands on granularity. The mobile jaw crusher adopts hydraulic drive mode, which can guarantee the smooth running and free adjustment according to the actual requirements.

A mobile impact crusher is available in an open or closed circuit and mainly used for medium and fine crushing process. It can process materials with medium-soft hardness. The dual-fuel and electric driven way improves fuel efficiency and reduces operating costs. Moreover, the mobile impact crusher adopts module parts, which is easy to make maintenance and operation.

The mobile cone crusher is an ideal device for secondary and tertiary crushing. The device is equipped with an automatic setting and adjustment system, remote camera, and leveler, which can monitor and optimize production in time. The additional advantage of tracking the wear of the lining will help to minimize production interruptions and downtime.

The mobile crusher has improved the equipment management level and production efficiency to a certain extent. Its flexibility and convenience improve economic benefits, and save production costs for enterprises.

The traditional crushers are all fixed or stationary and mostly used for short-distance crushing site. They can also be combined with some auxiliary crushing equipment to form a complete rock crushing line, but this assembly is only suitable for the large-scale worksite.

The mobile crusher is different from traditional crushing equipment. In fact, the mobile crushing station is equivalent to a crushing production line which integrates multiple crushing types of equipment including crushing and screening machine. The mobile crusher can freely move to the crushing site for processing materials directly without transporting material back and forth.

In open-pit mining, the mobile crusher can freely adjust the production position according to mining progress. The mobile crusher can crush ores such as gold ore, copper ore, iron ore, etc. to the required size, and then transports them to the ball mill through a conveyor belt for grinding and beneficiation.

Mobile crushers are suitable for the recycling of construction waste.Mobile crushing equipment integrates the functions of receiving, crushing, transmission, processing, and reprocessing construction waste.

By combining with other equipment, it can form a processing line with powerful production capacity, which perfectly finished the shift to a new building material industry chain and low-carbon economy.

During the operation of the equipment, pay attention to the noise and vibration. If there is excessive noise or vibration, you should shut down the mobile crusher immediately for further inspection. After removing the fault, please restart the machine with no load according to the startup sequence.

When the machine is running, please notice the quality and yield of the product because there may be problems such as blockage of the crusher and damage of the screening machine if product quality and yield are abnormal.

It belongs to the planned pre-repair process. The purpose of minor repair is to deal with the partial damage caused by wear during the use of the equipment. The adjustment or replacement of wearing parts can help the mobile crusher work normally.

After more than 40 years of research and testing, Fote Machinery helps customers maximize their production efficiency. To ensure the smooth operation of the mobile crushing line, we provide end-to-end services ranging from installation test machine, machine inspection, fault diagnosis, parts maintenance, shutdown solutions, planning as well as emergency services.

Our mobile crushers are exported to the whole world where and the best-selling countries are Indonesia, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Philippines, Australia, etc.

At the same time, we adopt the fastest and most convenient transportation according to the different conditions of each country and aim to keep your project starting on schedule. If you like our mobile crushers, Fote Company sincerely welcomes your visit and consultation.

As a leading mining machinery manufacturer and exporter in China, we are always here to provide you with high quality products and better services. Welcome to contact us through one of the following ways or visit our company and factories.

Based on the high quality and complete after-sales service, our products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Fote Machinery has been the choice of more than 200,000 customers.

the impact rock crusher machine vs hydraulic cone crusher - hongxing machinery

the impact rock crusher machine vs hydraulic cone crusher - hongxing machinery

The secondary crushing stage is widely used in building materials, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. Both hydraulic cone crusher and impact rock crusher machine all belong to the secondary stone crusher, there are still some differences in the usage of two stone crushing plant.

The impact rock crusher machine and hydraulic cone crusher can both act as secondary stone crusher, but the hardness of the materials tends to be different. In general, the cone stone crushers mainly crush hard materials such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebble, etc., while the impact rock crusher machine is used to crush materials with low hardness such as limestone and limestone. In a word, the impact rock crusher machine for sale is suitable for crushing medium and soft materials, and the hydraulic cone crusher tends to be suitable for crushing hard materials.

The hydraulic cone crusher machine: the discharge is fine, and the most finished products present needle-shaped, so the cone crusher machine beneficiation often uses a hydraulic cone crusher machine. Impact rock crusher: the material is coarser, the finished product has fewer corners, more powder, and better grain shape, which is used more in building materials and construction projects. In actual production, the granular cube shape of the ore product tends to be particularly strict (ie, the needle-like particles are relatively small), so the impact crusher is often used.

Compared with the impact rock crusher machine, the hydraulic cone crushers have the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output, stable production, etc., so the cone crusher machine is often used for large-scale and high-yield production line operations.

The price of the hydraulic cone crusher machine will be higher than the impact rock crusher, but the service life tends to be longer, avoiding the trouble of frequently replacing parts. In the long run, the cone crusher machine is more cost-effective than the impact rock crusher. It can be understood that the pre-recovery cost of the impact crusher is low, and the post-maintenance cost is high; the pre-cone cost of the cone crusher is high, while the input cost will be lower.

Compared with the impact rock crusher machine, the cone stone crusher will be less polluted and the noise is lower, which is more in line with the environmental protection concept advocated. Although the impact rock crusher is relatively large in terms of pollution, the pollution degree is within reasonable control. Therefore, users do not have to worry about the pollution problem.

Both the two stone crushing plants have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which crushing equipment should be used in actual production is based on the raw materials, grain size, output, and input cost. The performance of the cone crusher machine is mainly reflected in the aspects of the feed size, processing capacity and discharge granularity. At present, the large and medium-sized gravel field is mainly hydraulic cone crusher. The hydraulic cone crusher is optimized in combination with the speed, stroke and crushing cavity type to achieve inter-granular lamination crushing, which significantly increases the output and greatly improves the shape of the finished product. The hydraulic adjustment discharge opening and overload protection device greatly improve the operation efficiency, making maintenance and shorter downtime. In addition, the CCM series full hydraulic cone crusher discharge port is adjusted by hydraulic motor. In addition, when the improved bumper and accumulator of the cone crusher machine suddenly increase the iron load, the hydraulic oil of the bumper can instantaneously flow back to the accumulator, and the piston rod can be quickly lifted to better protect the crusher machine, reducing the damage of the impact load to the machine.

However, if it is a small stone production line, consider counterattacking. During the counter-attack work, the ore obtained huge kinetic energy from the impact process, and was thrown at the high-speed to the first-level counter-attack. Due to the counterattack effect of the counter-attack plate, the ore was again subjected to the broken piece, and the ore that was rebounded by the counter-attack plate was again subjected to the impact of the hammerhead. And the impact of the hammerhead continues to repeat the above-mentioned crushing process. After that, the broken ore is again thrown to the second-stage counterattack plate at a high speed. In this way, through the multiple successive impacts of the counter-attack plate and the successive collision, the ore can be finally crushed. When its particle size is smaller than the gap between the hammerhead, the raw material will be shaped into a qualified finish product.

Mark is a customer from Tanzania. After clearly understanding Mr. Marks requirements and on-site inspections, China Hongxing manufacturer designed a special production line: the fixed jaw crusher is equipped as a coarse crushing machine and the impact rock crusher machine is the secondary crushing equipment. When the production program is completed, the quotation of the entire production line equipment will be sent to the customer in a short time. And our customer was very satisfied after seeing it. What are the advantages of the production program?

From the selection of the production line to the configuration of the crushing equipment, the whole process is undertaken byour engineer, and the user investment and project construction are quite clear. The user just waits until the start of the construction period, so the whole process is labor-saving and worry-free.

The production line plan is designed according tocustomerslocal conditions, and the layout of the whole production line is compact, reasonable and smooth, and the quality of all crushing equipment is quite reliable. The annual failure rate can beshortened by 40%. The whole production line equipment is at a high level, ensuring the production line efficient and stable operation for a long time.

The environmental protection design level of the production line is quite high, which is in line with the domestic environmental assessment and safety. The noise and dust pollution of the entire production line has been reasonably controlled, which will not affect the surrounding environment, improve the economic benefits of the enterpriseandsocial benefits.

The price is based on the modes and yield. Hongxing Machinery cone crusher machine can be divided into the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, and full hydraulic cone crusher. And the impact rock crusher can be divided into CI series impact rock crusher and HX series impact crusher. Which mode should be selected depends on the raw materials and production spot. So feel free to contact us, we will design a special production line for you!

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