laos iron ore processing plant - sbm

laos iron ore processing plant - sbm

Laos became one important Southeast Asian market of SBM since 2005, two years later after the Austria SEPON gold ore processing plant started to work. Owe to our good public-praise, more and more Laos customers prefer to cooperate with SBM, and one SBM demo projectone 300TPH iron ore processing plantbegin to work at the beginning of 2014.

Time starting production: March, 2014 Material sourcing: Iron mine Material type: Iron ore 75% 225tph; Clay 25% 75tph Max. Feed size: 700mm Mohs hardness: 7-8 Designing processing production: 300TPH Product size: 0-2mm 0.3%; 2-10mm 8.6%; 0-10mm 11.3%10-40mm 81.5%.

hsmm mining co. ltd. hsmm

hsmm mining co. ltd. hsmm

The HSMM Mining Company Limited is engaged in exploration, mapping and surveying of iron ore and other precious metals in Lao P.D.R, one of the most resource-rich countries in Asia. Some of the 570 minerals identified so far include gold, copper, zinc and lead.

One of the biggest consumers of iron ore is the emerging new facility of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam. It requires 11 million tons and 32 million tons of ore in its phase one and two manufacturing schedules respectively. Ha Tinh Steel Corp imports 90% of its iron ore requirements.

soliel power and energy company pvt. ltd | home

soliel power and energy company pvt. ltd | home

Soliel Power and Energy Company Pvt. Ltd is global player in Aviation, Mining, Hydropower, Deep Sea Port, Winery and Oil. We are also associated with projects like High Speed train in LAOS and VIETNAM under PPP and BOT.

laos: mining, minerals and fuel resources

laos: mining, minerals and fuel resources

Laos is located to the west of Vietnam and northeast of Thailand in Southeastern Asia. The total area of the country is 236,800 km2, and it has a population of 6,586,266 as of July 2011. The countrys climate is predominantly tropical monsoon.

In the ancient times, Laos was a powerful country that covered present-day Cambodia and Thailand. Since 1907, it has been ruled by strict socialist regimes. However, in the 1980s, the government policies opened up to limited privatization and relaxation of foreign investment laws. In 1997, it became a member of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Although the economic growth of Laos was more than 7% per year during 2008 to 2011, the countrys infrastructure is still underdeveloped. However, the growth has decreased poverty from 46% in 1992 to 26% in 2010. The economy has gained a lot from high foreign investment in mining and construction. The GDP of Laos was $17.66 billion in 2011.

Laos produced many mineral commodities during 2010. The production of tin, copper concentrate, silver, and gold increased by 46%, 26%, 7.2%, and 0.6%, respectively, compared to that of the previous year.

In 2010, the Sepon copper-gold project produced 64,241 Mt of copper cathodes and 3,252 kg of gold. In 2011, copper cathode production increased to about 80,000 t/yr owing to the expansion in the project, which was commissioned in 2010.

In 2009, Sino Australian Resources (Laos) Co., Ltd. (SA RCO) struck a joint-venture agreement with Lao LSI to acquire a 51% interest in the LSI tenement and conduct a feasibility study. Based on the feasibility study, the company expects to acquire a mining license for the LSI tenement. The joint venture plans to build a 600,000 Mt/yr-capacity alumina refinery near the tenement.

The Laos Bolaven Plateau bauxite project is developed by SA RCO, which is a joint venture between China Nonferrous Metals Industrys Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. with a 51% interest and ORD River Resources Ltd. of Australia with a 49% interest.

SinoAgri Mineral Resources Exploration Ltd., a joint venture between Beijing Jiang Zhi Yuan Investment Ltd. and China National Agricultural Means of Production Group Corp., made a 30-year agreement with the Government of Laos for a potash mining license in 2009. A $37 million potash plant with a production capacity of 100,000 t/yr was planned in 2010.

Laos is focused on developing its infrastructure and building business partnerships with its neighboring countries. The scope for the mining sector in the country is currently very good as the local demand for metals, construction materials, fertilizers, and fuel minerals is constantly growing. The demand from the international market is also growing in the recent years.

The government of Laos is also making efforts to be a part of World Trade Organization by fulfilling some of the criteria like reforming import licensing. Laos implemented a VAT tax system in 2010, and started its first stock exchange in 2011. The country is simplifying investment procedures and expanding bank credits as well.

All these favorable conditions have drawn the interest of global investors and companies. Australias Metro Machinery Group (MMG) is ready to sell Bt1.5 billion worth of Caterpillar construction and mining equipment to a gold and copper mine in Laos to boost its sales there to reach Bt10 billion this year. MMGs interest in this region is due to the recent increase in mining activities and resultant growth in Laos.

Disclaimer: The Author of this article does not imply any investment recommendation and some content is speculative in nature. The Author is not affiliated in any way with any companies mentioned and all statistical information is publically available.

Gary graduated from the University of Manchester with a first-class honours degree in Geochemistry and a Masters in Earth Sciences. After working in the Australian mining industry, Gary decided to hang up his geology boots and turn his hand to writing. When he isn't developing topical and informative content, Gary can usually be found playing his beloved guitar, or watching Aston Villa FC snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

innogreenengineeringco., ltd (ing)

innogreenengineeringco., ltd (ing)

To be one of a leading firms in Laos that provide the best quality of services to our clients and maintaining high level of professional principles with excellent core values particularly in environment sustainability consulting in Laos.

InnogreenEngineeringCo., Ltd (ING), was established in 2011 as an independent local consultancy firm aiming to provide quality consultancy services particularly in Environmental andSocialImpactAssessment, Environmental Monitoring for both local and International clients working in Lao PDR.

Sinceitsestablishment,thecompany has been providing services in environmental assessment for various types of projects, ranging from industrial tree plantations, infrastructure, mining, industrialprocessing plant and hydropower energy project in many parts of Lao PDR. The company has access to experienced human resources and up-to-date advanced tools in order to provide national and international standards of practice and services.

Since our establishment in 2011, ING has been providing services in various types of environmental impact assessment, ranging from Agriculture, Infrastructure, Mining, Hydropower Energy, Industrial Plant, Survey and Mapping, Water Quality Monitoring, Noise and Air Measurement and Tourism project in many parts of Lao PDR. ING has access to experienced human resources and up-to-date advanced tools in order to provide services that meet both national and international standards of practice and services.

from mine to port

from mine to port

In order to supply highly processed iron ore products to our customers, LKAB has to mine, process and transport the iron ore to the ports for onward transport around the world. This is a process that stipulates demands for a high level of commitment, innovation and responsibility.

LKAB's mines and processing plants are located in Malmflten, inside the Arctic Circle in the north of Sweden.Our production operations are located in Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara. Our iron ore products are transported on the Ore Railway and the Ofoten Railway to the ports of Narvik and Lule for shipment to customers all around the world.LKAB's ore deposits are mostly extracted from underground mines several hundred metres below the surface, which places demands in terms of both safety and efficiency. All the iron ore that is mined is then processed in our processing plants. There the ore is dressed and concentrated, before finally being pelletised, i.e. heated to form small, round balls. From the processing plants, the iron ore products are transported by rail to the ports.Since LKAB was founded in 1890, more than one and a half billion tonnes of iron ore have been extracted from the mines of Malmflten. However, continuing production means that large parts of Kiruna and Malmberget have to be relocated as the work in the underground mines gradually extends. Access to land is decisive for all mining operations, and in LKAB's case this means having access to the land on which large parts of the communities are situated. We therefore need to carry out two urban transformation operations.The path from mine to finished steel is consequently made up of a number of processes, which in simple terms comprise exploration, urban transformation, mining, processing and finally transportation.

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