grape destemmer for winemakers

grape destemmer for winemakers

The Tumbler is a superb addition to the winemaking experience. There is nothing like watching afine harvest of grapes tumbling into the hopper. They proceed into the rollers that are spined and spaced precisely apart which provides a soft crush to those delicate grapes. The sealed bearing will ensure smooth operation of the rollers.

Although the Tumbler is used exclusively for grapes, it can accommodate all sizes of wine grapes and also larger juice grapes. Because it is a manual crank machine, you control the speed of production, and it allows for friends and family to help participate in the process.

The Tumbler can be run by one person, but a small team of 3 to 4 people will provide a rhythm to the theme. When you are done the clean up is easy, hose down with soap and water.At a smooth pace, the Destemmer will process 300 lbs an hr.

used crusher destemmers for sale. bucher equipment & more | machinio

used crusher destemmers for sale. bucher equipment & more | machinio

Used crusher destemmer in stainless steel with collection tank 2 exhausts diameter 100 mm brand CME auger diameter 400 mm work capacity about 5000 kg / hour main motor 5,5 kw 3 kw exhaust motor 1.5 kw loading aug...

Crusher destemmer C.M.A. , production Q/h 100/120, stainless steel horizontal centrifuge, turning basket with countersuck holes, destemming shaft, built-in pump with fitting Garolla 60. Three phase Electric Engin...

Della Toffolas NDC crusher destemmers guarantee a perfect, delicate separation of the grapes from the stems, retaining the quality of the crushed grapes in every situation. Conceived and designed to be extremely...

Crusher Destemmer Enoveneta in stainless steel, hl/h 100 about, stainless steel rotating basket, destemming shaft with stainless steel vane, without built-in pump,with fitting for external pump. Three-phase Elect...

Destemmer Crusher in Stainless Steel brand VELO Destemmer in stainless steel, brandVELO modelDPC 100. Stainless steel turning basket, destemming shaft in stainless steel pallets, both extractable, and excludabl...

Destemmer in stainless steel, brand TEM model Delta 50, with stainless steel turning basket, destemming shaft, both extractable, to facilitate washing and internal cleaning. Built-in centrifugal pump with Garoll...

Destemmer Cingano in stainless steel, production quintals/h 350 about, rotating basket 450mm x Lunghezza 2000mm. Three-phase electric Engine Kw 3,0 with speed variator. Adjustable crushing roller group with inde...

Destemmer Enoveneta, model Gamma 2, production hl/h 150 about, turning basket with deep molding holes and destemming shaft with rubber-coated pallets, adjustable and excludable pressing roller unit. Hopper for co...

Horizontal centrifugal Destemmer-crusher model JOLLY 50/AR, in stainless steel, Production/h HL 50/60 about. Complete of the rotation basket, destemming shaft with rubber tips, big hopper, with internal adjusta...

Stainless steel Vaslin Bucher Delta E6 Destemmer with Crusher/Roller and associated controls. Includes multiple spare parts including Destemmer fingers, drive shafts, drive belt, and additional rollers. Previousl...

ANTARES 70 Sgranella-Crusher is built taking into account the current needs in the wine field that requires a de-stemming of the grapes ever more soft and delicate, such as not to break the grapes and especially ...

Destemmer in stainless steel brand TEM, model Gamma 40 with stainless steel turning basket, destemming shaft with rubber-coated pallets, both extractable for easy cleaning. With roller unit that can be adjusted a...

Delta 30 destemmer gentenly remove stem from whole grade. No build-in crusher. 304 stainless steel, capacity of 3 to 4 tons per hour. Single speed with stainless steel destemming cage with beater arm running at 5...

electric grape crusher destemmer

electric grape crusher destemmer

The grape destemming and crushing machine is an important processing machine in the wine processing industry and the supporting equipment for the homemade wine-making workshop. This grape crushing machine mainly can remove the grape stems and crush the grape for the next winemaking process. This grape crusher can be matched with the hoist conveyor and the juicer machine in the grape wine processing line when using.

This equipment is a piece of special equipment for small wineries to process fresh grapes. It can be used for the separation of fruit stems, removal of stems and crushing, etc. It is ideal pre-treat processing equipment for small wineries. The machine has a high removal rate and can quickly remove grape stems. It has a very compact structure and easy to install and move.

This grape stem removing and crushing machine is equipped with a hand-wheel for the step-less speed control device, which can adjust the speed of the machine according to the grape variety. In addition, the crushing roller gap of the machine can be adjusted, and the adaptability to grape varieties is stronger. The grape contacting part and the exposed part of the whole machine are made of stainless steel, which meets the standards of food-grade enterprises.

This automatic grape crusher machine is composed of the stainless steel bracket and outer casing, one upper feed port and two lower discharge ports, screw shaft with cutter, speed control motor, etc. The crushing device of the machine is located at the lower end of the feed port and consists of two crushing rolls. The gap between the two rolls can be adjusted freely between 5-15mm, which can be determined according to the grape variety.

The grape de-stalking device of the machine consists of a stem removal shaft and a stem removal semi-screen. The stems are arranged in a spiral shape on the stem shaft. The semi-sifting sieve is formed by punching a stainless steel plate, and the main function is to separate the fruit and the stem, and the stem is discharged out of the machine. The drive system of the de-stalking device is located at the front end of the frame and is driven by a step-less speed-regulating motor through a sprocket chain.

The grapes are transported directly from the feed hopper to the crushing system. The stem shaft in the crushing system will continue to rotate. In addition to the leaves on the stem shaft, the fruit pieces can be separated from the stems. The stem is spirally mounted on the main shaft, and the stem is discharged from the machine by the end of the semi-screen.

The grapepieces after the stem are dropped from the round holes in the semi-sieve into the receiving trayand transported to the next process. The user can configure one screw pump according to his actual situation, and the fruit and slurry after the stem removal can be transported to the next process by the screw pump.

The whole bunch of grapes enters the conveying screw from the feed port and is conveyed to the sieve cylinder. When the sieve tube rotates, the mace device in the tube will break up the grapes and the stems. Then, the grapes are transported through the sieve holes(15-20mm) to the outlet and crushed by crushing rollers. The stem is discharged. The crushed grapes are transported to the next step by the screw pump.

The grape crusher destemmer will be a good choice for removing the grape stems and crush the grape for making grape wine. The whole process is clean and efficient, and this machine has big processing capacity.

To make grape wine, we should do pretreat of the grape first. Such as crushing and removing the grape stems. Then we can use the screw pump to suck the grape and grape juice into the screw juicer machine for making grape juice.

Taizy food processing machinery can provide you the whole set of grape processing machines with good quality, such as grape crushing, grape destemming, grape juicing and so on.

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., LTD. is the leading food processing machinery manufacturer and supplier of China, which is adhering to the principle ofQuality First, Customer First and aims to provide good business opportunities to our customers. We sincerely welcome you to consult us and visit our food machine factory and look forward to having perfect cooperation with you.

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