gold and diamond mining and investment | mining investment in dubai

gold and diamond mining and investment | mining investment in dubai

Mining operations involve many complexities and is a scientific as well as a time-intensive process. However, XTRA GATE has years of experience in mining and financing operations, encompassing large scale, semi mechanized and artisanal, and small scale (ASM) mining sectors.

We offer multiple avenues to our clients and stakeholders who prefer to strengthen, and enhance their portfolios values. It is why, our well-grounded Research & Development team locates gold mines, allowing various enterprises to increase their efficiencies and maximizing returns.

XTRA GATE has in-depth on ground and operational experience in managing the complete process of developing mining concessions into fully operational mining environments. Whether it is at a large, or a small-scale operation; we, are equipped with 20 years of experience in construction of mining facilities and the supporting infrastructure for the same.

Our overall mining framework encapsulates stringent controls, in-depth assessment of the geological, geophysical, and geochemical factors while mining. After locating the high probability areas for availability of gold; we, mitigate the environmental impact, overcome risks, eliminate all the deleterious effects with well-planned mining operations, and constantly innovate our research methods while executing the day-to-day operations seamlessly, all of which aids in the streamlining of the production for gold and diamonds.

We align our innovative strategies according to the ever-changing industry dynamics, and pave the way towards sustainability by incorporating the use of innovative technology for minimum environmental impact and maximum output. Hence, we keep innovation at the core of our strategy and have established long-term & strategic partnerships with leading mining equipment providers around the world.

We also provide various financial models to our customers that address their requirements while managing the complete process of acquiring, deploying and managing specific and high-quality equipment which include:

XTRA GATEs Mining & Investment division works towards filling the gap between the undeniable aspect of liquidity and the lack of traditional financiers along with the non-traditional financiers, hedge funds, asset managers, family offices to render attractive incentives.Our division features the following benefits:

XTRA GROUP continues to pursue excellence and leadership in the complete, and transparent management of gold and diamond mineral value chain. With experienced professionals on board with us Read More >>

We ensure the safe and secure transportation of gold by partnering with the trusted, and international logistics leaders in the industry. Our long-term partnerships with G4S, Transguard, and Brinks Read More >>

gold prospecting equipment at kellyco | gold panning supplies

gold prospecting equipment at kellyco | gold panning supplies

Having the right gold prospecting equipment will change your entire approach to this fun hobby. With the right equipment, your chances of finding this precious metal is much greater than having the bare minimum. With several key items included in any gold panning kit, being aware of the best items to have within your budget will help ensure you have a successful gold prospecting hunt.

With a wide range of gold prospecting equipment for sale, you certainly dont want to be wasting money purchasing the wrong items. At Kellyco, we have you covered for every circumstance and any budget. As a result, there are a number of different items that we believe should form the basis of any treasure hunter kit.

This hobby doesnt need an individual to have a wide range of mining equipment. Instead, gold prospecting can be easily achieved on a small budget while still enjoying the exciting experience of gold panning.

Looking through the pages of gold prospecting equipment, you may feel confused as to what is worth spending your money on. However, we feel that there are some key items that should form the basis of any gold prospecting kits.

The exact items will depend on how serious you want to take gold prospecting. If you love the idea of dredging rivers or streams to see how much gold you can uncover, then we have the equipment that you will need to do just that. Also, if the idea of some gentle gold panning or metal detecting is more up your street, then we have you covered as well.

First, if you love the idea of covering rivers and streams to uncover any gold that may lie in the water or bed, then a dredger would be important. This item comes with a motor, sluice, classifier, and suction hose to bring up the material from the bottom and to then be sorted through.

At Kellyco, we stock each individual component that would be required to either establish your dredging kit or to replace items that may be tired or require updating. From a wide array of suction hoses to attach to your power jet, to a variety of engines with different HP, our team of gold prospecting experts will be able to advise you on the best equipment to purchase for your bounty hunting adventures.

Of course, for those who are beginners with gold prospecting there are more inexpensive ways to build your kit. A simple gold panning kit costs very little and yet it is a wonderful way for someone to be introduced to the joys of gold panning. But, if you want to invest some extra money, then there are several items that should be on any list.

First, you need to consider if you wish to use a water sluice or a drywasher. As the name suggests, a drywasher uses alternative methods in that it focuses on air to separate the gold from other debris. Also, having a range of classifying meshes to hand can help you quickly sort through debris and be left with pure gold at the end of it all.

Of course, you may be drawn to the idea of gold prospecting with a metal detector, and that is an area where we certainly excel. With several options available, we have several gold detectors and search coils from manufacturers such as Whites, Nokta Makro, and Fisher.

However, dont break your budget on a gold detector, there are several cheap gold detectors at great quality. With every type of gold detector, no matter the budget, you will be able to distinguish between rocks, debris, other metals, and the gold itself. It does most of the hard work for you allowing you to simply enjoy the act of uncovering the gold.

For those just starting out with gold prospecting, we also have a number of kits that can be used as a way of an introduction. From the Minelab gold panning kit complete with a riffle pan and classifier, to Garrett producing their own sets, some of the biggest names in the industry understand exactly what you need when searching for gold panning equipment.

We know that you may have a number of questions surrounding what to buy and whether or not certain items are worthy of the investment. If this sounds like you, then make life easier for yourself by giving us a call here at Kellyco. A member of our team of expert detectorists will be happy to advise you on the best items to purchase that will allow you to get started with gold prospecting.

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