metso global website - metso

metso global website - metso

The combination of Metso Minerals and Outotec has been completed and the new company, Metso Outotec, was established on July 1, 2020. At the same time, Metso Flow Control became a separately listed independent company and started its journey under the name of Neles.

The combination of Metso Minerals and Outotec is completed and the new company, Metso Outotec, started its journey.Metso Outotec is a frontrunner in sustainable minerals processing technologies, end-to-end solutions and services globally.The company helps aggregates, mining, metals refining and recycling customers improve efficiency, productivity and reduce risks.

Metso Flow Control has become a separately listed independent company called Neles. Neles is a flow control solutions and services provider for oil and gas refining, pulp, paper and the bioproducts industry, chemicals, and other process industries.The company's valves and valve automation technologies are known for quality, reliability and highest safety.

mobile jaw, impact & cone rock crushers - screening plants - trommels - conveyors

mobile jaw, impact & cone rock crushers - screening plants - trommels - conveyors

Based in Etna, Ohio USA since 1966, we offer a complete high-performance equipment line that fits a variety of industry applications. See why Screen Machine is the finest in performance, durability and innovation.

global crushers

global crushers

Global Crushers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it is a breakdown on site or a repair that requires special attention in our workshop, our team of qualified fitters are only a phone call away.

automotive and crushers parts - global supply chain llc

automotive and crushers parts - global supply chain llc

Our high quality brake lining products are the result of over 10 years of extensive research and development. The African and Gulf markets demand friction performance levels unparalleled in other parts of the world. Our brake lining qualities match todays world renowned brake lining brands. The current use of our products include passenger and commercial transport, agricultural, marine, and mining, earth moving equipment and off-road applications. Lining and Pads for hydraulic brakes that are part of the equipment for passenger and utility vehicles.

Lining and pads for brakes of automotive vehicles used for cargo passenger transportation such as: wagons, trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers. Facings for braided clutches applied in automotive vehicles such as: Automobiles, vans, utility vehicles, buses, trucks, and tractors. Specific coatings are also available for vehicles that operate with HD (Heavy Duty) services. Other lines Facings are the molded facings to be used on the brakes of agricultural machines. For industrial brakes that operated dry and that require a curves braking surface. Cranes, winches, oil drilling probes, mining equipment, and elevators are some application examples. Besides these, the molded linings are also used in automobile brakes. The universal flat plates are applied in industrial brakes for machines and equipment used for transporting cargo that requires flat braking tracks.

spares | global crushers

spares | global crushers

Allis Chalmers Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;22" Gyrocone42 x 65 Gyratory36" Hydrocone45" Hydrocone60" Hydrocone84" HydroconeH3000 HydroconeH4000 Hydrocone3-36 Superior60-89 Superior600 Series24 x 10 ST42 x 30 ST60 x 48 STVibrating FeedersEnquire Aubema Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;Gr. 2 ConeGr. 3 ConeGr. 3 1/2 ConeGr. 4 ConeGr. 4 1/2 Cone1200 x 1000 Jaw1800 x 1000 JawEnquire Auspactor Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;700 VSI850 VSI850 VSI High Flow990 VSI1000 VSIEnquire Babbitless Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;702 EG Cone706F BS ConeEnquire Barmac Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;840 VSI990 VSIEnquire Baxter Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;24 x 17 ST Jaw Crusher32 x 24 ST Jaw Crusher36 x 10 ST Jaw36 x 30 ST Jaw42 x 30 ST Jaw50 x 42 ST Jaw36 x 24 DT Jaw36 x 30 DT JawEnquire Boehringer Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;RC 12 ImpactorRC 14 Impactor800x630 Jaw1000x700 Jaw1200x900 JawRoller ScreenEnquire Astec Spare Parts and Wear Parts to suit the following machines:1300 SCF ConeEnquire Canica Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;65 VSI90 VSI95 VSI100 VSI100S VSI105 VSI125 VSI2050 GD VSIEnquire Cedarapids Spare parts and wear parts to suit -30, 2000, 4000 Pugmill50 Apron FeederMVP280 ConeMVP380 ConeMVP450 ConeMVP550 ConeCobra 1000/1000 Mk 3Cobra Track 1100Cobra Track 1300 Mk 1/Mk 220/30/40 Hammermill5040 Hammermill6096 HRSI1520 & 2222 Impactor3020 & 3030 Impactor3042 Impactor32 x 04 Impactor36 Impactor3645H Impactor40 Impactor4030 & 4033 Impactor4040 Impactor40 x 40 Impactor4336 & 4340 Impactor4350H Impactor45 Impactor45 x 36 Impactor48 x 04 Impactor5048 & 5050 Impactor5064 & 5348 Impactor5360H Impactor63 Impactor6360 & 6464 Impactor12x06 ST Jaw16x09/10/12 ST Jaw20x09/10 ST Jaw24x09/12/15 ST Jaw25x20 ST Jaw26x09 ST Jaw36x09/10/12 ST Jaw36x14/15 ST Jaw36x16/18/20 ST Jaw36x22/24 ST Jaw40x06/25/26 ST Jaw40x30/32 ST Jaw42x12/14/24 ST Jaw42x27/30/32 ST Jaw45x36 ST Jaw48x12/16/22 ST Jaw48x36/42 ST Jaw54x30 ST Jaw60x36/54 ST Jaw20 & 40 Pulverizer16/24x16 Roll30x18/25/30 Roll40x24/26 Roll41x30/32 RollAll Flat Screen42x17 VGF2100 & 2600 VSiEnquire Clemro Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1040 ConeXC1400 Cone1351 ConeEnquire Dracon Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;36" FH ConeEnquire Duolong Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;600x400 ST Jaw900x600 ST Jaw1000x250 ST Jaw1000x750 ST Jaw1200x250 ST JawEnquire ElJay Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;36" RC36" Fine Head RC45" RC45" Fine Head RC45" RC II48" RC48" Fine Head RC54" RC54" Fine Head RC54" RC II60" RC60" Fine Head RC66" RC66" Fine Head RC49" Sandcone16x6 ScreenEnquire Eurocone Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;940 Cone942 Cone1150 Cone1360 ConeEnquire Extec Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;C10 ST JawC12 ST Jaw Megabite JawPitbull Jaw800 x 600 ST Jaw900 x 600 ST Jaw1100 x 650 ST Jaw1100 x 700 ST JawEnquire Global Spare parts and wear parts for the following machines;20'x6' Screen7'x4' HD Scalper8'x4'6" HD Scalper8'x4' HD Scalper52"x20' VGF52"x24' VGFEnquire GHH Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1000x800 Jaw1200x900 Jaw1500x1200 JawEnquire Goodwin Barsby Spare parts and wear parts for the following machines;20x6 Granulator30x5 GranulatorA Type ImpactorC Ajax ImpactorD Ajax Impactor16x10 ST Jaw20x10 ST Jaw24x06 ST Jaw24x15 ST Jaw30x05 ST Jaw30x06 ST Jaw30x18 ST Jaw30x18 DT Jaw36x06 ST Jaw36x10 ST Jaw36x12 ST Jaw36x12 DT Jaw36x18 ST Jaw36x20 DT Jaw36x24 ST Jaw36x24 DT Jaw42x24 ST Jaw42x30 ST Jaw42x30 DT Jaw48x36 DT Jaw48x38 DT Jaw24x14 Roll24x18 RollEnquire Hartl Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;PC1270 ImpactorEnquire Hazemag Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1315 Impactor1320 ImpactorAPK40 ImpactorAPK50 ImpactorAPK60 ImpactorAPKV 0805 ImpactorAPKV 1005 ImpactorAPO ImpactorAPSEA 1013Q ImpactorBerger P2 ImpactorSAP2 ImpactorSAP3 ImpactorSAP5 ImpactorEnquire Hyundai Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1200G Cybas Cone1500 ConeEnquire Ibag Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1050 ConeFBK 160 ConeFK 170 ConeFKB 190 ConeHKB 209 Cone500x320 ST Jaw500x350 Jaw800x150 Jaw800x570 Jaw1000x200 Jaw1000x700 Jaw1000x800 Jaw1250x405 Jaw1250x900 Jaw1400x1000 Jaw1500x1100 ST Jaw1500x1200 ST JawEnquire Jaques Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;42" Apron FeederFD4 Apron FeederFD-7F Apron FeederFD8 Apron Feeder1'4" Gyratory1'8" Gyratory2'4" GyratoryModel 25 Gyracone28" Shorthead ConeModel 35 Gyracone3' TX Gyratory3' TY Gyratory40" Shorthead Cone42" Traylor Gyratory4' TX GyratoryModel 50' G GyraconeModel 50' J Gyracone42x68 TCB GyratorySG1200 Cone3630 Hammermill3640 Hammermill3650 Hammermill318 Impactor424 Impactor536 Impactor08x05 ST Jaw20x12 ST Jaw20x14 ST Jaw24x14 ST Jaw24x15 ST Jaw30x18 ST Jaw30x20 ST Jaw36x20 DT Jaw36x24 DT Jaw36x25 ST Jaw40x24 ST (JW40) Jaw42x30 ST Jaw42x30 DT Jaw42x30 World Jaw42x36 DT JawST47 Jaw48x36 DT JawST48 Jaw48x42 ST Jaw48x42 DT Jaw54x30 ST (JW54) Jaw60x48 DT Jaw 60x50 ST Jaw2516 Torrent Screen2616 Torrent Screen3616 Torrent Screen6x5 Standard Screen6x5 O Type ScreenEnquire JCI Kodiak Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;Kodiak 200 ConeKodiak 300 ConeKodiak 400 ConeEnquire Jianshe Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;900 PYD Cone900 PYB (STD) Cone1210 PFB Impactor100x60 ST Jaw250x150 ST Jaw400x250 ST Jaw600x400 ST Jaw750x150 ST Jaw750x500 ST Jaw900x600 ST MK1 Jaw900x600 ST MK3 Jaw900x600 ST MK5 Jaw900x720 ST Jaw1000x250 ST Jaw1060x750 ST Jaw1060x870 ST Jaw1200x250 ST Jaw1200x900 ST Jaw1300x300 ST JawXL-915 SandwasherEnquire Kangwon Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;900 STD Cone900 SHD Cone1300 Cone30x20 ST Jaw36x24 ST Jaw42x30 ST JawEnquire Kawasaki Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;800G Cone800L Cone800N Cone1000G Cone1000L Cone1000N Cone1000Z Cone1200 Cone1200G Cone1200L Hydrocone1200Z Cone1350G Cone1350L Cone1350N Cone1500L Cone1500Z Cone2010KFS Cone30x15 ST Jaw30x18 ST Jaw36x24 ST Jaw42x30 ST Jaw48x40 ST Jaw60x48 DT Jaw70x60 ST JawEnquire Kemco Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;39" Cone24x15 ST Jaw36x24 DT Model 9542x27 DT Jaw42x30 DT Jaw48x40 ST Jaw48x42 DT Jaw60x48 DT JawEnquire KHD Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;700/80 SF Cone710 H Cone900/100 S Cone900/110 Cone900/110 S Cone900/110 SF Cone950H Cone970 MK III Cone1300H Calibrator1600/300 Calibrator80 B Calibrator80 S CalibratorWM 2S-4-63 RollEnquire Kleemann Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;A500 ConeA750 ConeSHB 130-90 Impactor500x300 Jaw600x350 Jaw1000x230 Jaw1000x800 Jaw1200x800 JawSHB 12 JawEnquire Kobe Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;36" Cone34x20 ST Jaw36x25 ST Jaw42x30 ST Jaw48x36 ST Jaw48x42 DT Jaw54x40 ST Jaw54x42 ST Jaw55x42 ST JawEnquire Komatsu Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;BR-350 JawBR-380 JawEnquire Krupp Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;Symons 2' STD ConeSymons 36' GyradiscSymons 3' SHDSymons 3' STDSymons 4' STDSymons 4.25'Kubria 48S ConeKubria 75 ConeKubria 78 ConeKubria 92 ConeKubria 110 ConeKubria 132 ConeKubria 1100 Cone153 Cone10D Jaw12E Jaw13ES Jaw1600D Jaw18D JawPB 15-11 JawEnquire Kue Ken Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1000 Cone1000 CT Cone1000 MC Cone18" Intercone28" Cone36" CT Cone36" CTC Cone36" CTF Cone51" CT Cone750 Cone101 RE Jaw16x09 DT Model 3524x08 DT Model 5424x10 DT Model 5524x12 DT Model 5624x15 DT Model 5730x09 DT Model 6830x12 DT Model 6930x15 DT Model 7030x18 ST Jaw30x18 DT Model 7530x20 DT Model 75S36x10 DT Model 8036x12 DT Model 8136x20 DT Model 9032x24 DT Model 9542x08 DT Model 10442x10 DT Model 10542x12 DT Model 10642x14 DT Model 10742x16 DT Model 10842x25 DT Model 11042x26 ST Jaw42x27 DT Model 11442x30 DT Model 12042x30 ST Jaw42x32 DT Model 12042x36 DT Model 120S48x36 DT Model 15048x42 DT Model 16060x48 DT Model 20061 Rockeater Jaw71 Rockeater JawEnquire Kurimoto Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;48x42 DT JawEnquire Lippmann Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;5165LS Impactor36x24 ST Jaw52x32 ST Jaw62x30 ST Jaw62x38 ST Jaw51"x20' VGF62"x10' VGF62"x18' VGF62"x28' VGFEnquire Lokomo Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;3' ConeG58 ConeG1010 ConeG108 ConeG138 ConeG158 ConeG1810 ConeG2010 ConeG2211 ConeG2215 ConeG252 ConeG258 ConeG3812 ConeGP200S ConeGP300 ConeGP500 ConeGP550 ConeC63B JawC80B JawC80R JawCT80 JawC100B JawC105 JawC110 JawC125 JawC140 JawC145 JawC160B JawC3054 JawEB 100/25 JawEnquire Minyu Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;900 SHD Cone900 STD Cone40 SHD Cone1300 Cone36x24 ST Jaw42x30 ST JawEnquire Morgardshammer Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;Symons 3' SHDSymons 3' STDSymons 36" Gyradisc48x36 ST JawEnquire Nakayama Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;900 Cone1000x230 ST Jaw36x24 ST JawEnquire Nordberg Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;HP100 ConeHP200 ConeHP300 ConeHP300 SHD ConeHP300SX ConeHP400 ConeHP500 ConeGP300 ConeGP550S ConeNP1110 ImpactorNP1210 ImpactorNP1213 ImpactorC125 ST JawC140 JawC140B JawC145 JawVB 1311 JawEnquire Nyretec Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;B800N ConeB1000N ConeEnquire O&K Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1000x8500 Jaw12D JawFP1071 JawEnquire Parker Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;1350 Cone800x500 ST Jaw900x600 ST Jaw950x300 ST Jaw1000x620 ST Jaw1100x600 ST Jaw1100x630 ST Jaw1100x650 ST Jaw1100x800 ST Jaw20x12 ST Jaw24x06 ST Jaw30x18 ST Jaw36x10 ST Jaw36x12 ST Jaw42x30 ST Jaw42x32 ST JawEnquire Pegson Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;700 Autocone900 Autocone MK1900 Autocone MKII900 Automax900 Autosand1000 Autocone MKI1000 Autocone MKII1000 Automax1000 Autosand1300 Automax1500 Automax18" Intercone24" Gyrasphere36" 7S Gyrasphere36" FC Gyrasphere36" Gyrasand36" D Style36" Gyrasphere48" 9S Gyrasphere48" D Style48" FC Gyrasphere48" Gyrasphere1412 Impactor24x19 Impactor40x28 Impactor428 Impactor42x28 Impactor800x550 ST Jaw900x600 ST Jaw1100x650 ST Jaw1100x800 ST Jaw1250x400 ST Jaw16x10 ST Jaw21x10 ST Jaw24x5 ST Jaw24x14 ST Jaw32x18 ST Jaw36x6 ST Jaw36x7 ST Jaw36x20 ST Jaw36x24 DT Jaw36x25 ST Jaw40x25 ST Jaw42x30 ST B Style42x30 ST D Style46x36 ST Jaw48x42 ST Jaw48x44 ST Jaw60x48 DT JawXA400 Tracked JawXA400S Tracked JawXR400 Tracked JawXR400S Tracked JawXV350 VSIEnquire Pioneer Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;36x20 ST Jaw36x24 ST Jaw42x30 ST Jaw50x44 ST Jaw30x24 Roll Crusher4500 VSIEnquire Rubblemaster Spare parts and wear parts for the following machines;RM60 ImpactorRM70GO! ImpactorRM80GO! ImpactorRM100GO! ImpactorEnquire Sandvik Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;H4800 HydroconeS4800 HydroconeJ1107 JawJ1208 JawEnquire SBM Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;10/10/4 Impactor10/16 Impactor10/6/4 Impactor12/10/4 ImpactorEnquire Shenyang Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;900 Cone1200 Cone1200 Hydrocone900x600 ST JawEnquire SKET 5x300 Cone915x50 Cone915x75 Cone915x115 Cone1220x170/115 ConeEnquireSpare parts and wear parts for the following machines;1750 Cone2200x330 KSD Jaw630x400 Jaw800x500 Jaw800x150 JawPSB1000x630 Jaw Skoda Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;800x500 Jaw1015J JawEnquire Svedala Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;200 Cone13/51 Cone2000 HydraconeH3000 ConeS3000 ConeH3800 ConeH4000 ConeH6000 ConeS6000 Cone36" Cone36" CLP ConeH36 Cone1206 Jaw1208 Jaw1211 JawEnquire Symons Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;937SX Omnicone1144 Omnicone1352 Omnicone1352X Omnicone1360 Omnicone1560 Omnicone2' SHD Cone2' STD Cone3' SHD Cone3' STD Cone4' SHD Cone4' STD Cone4.25 SHD Cone4.25 STD Cone5.5 SHD Cone5.5 STD Cone7' SHD Cone7' STD Cone7' Supreme Cone36" Gyradisc Cone48" Gyradisc Cone66" Gyradisc Cone84" Gyradisc Cone50F JawEnquire Telsmith Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;38" Gyrasphere44" Gyrasphere52S Gyrasphere57FC Gyrasphere57S Gyrasphere42x30 Jaw58x32 Jaw50x26 (C50) JawEnquire Terex Finlay Description Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;J-1160 Tracked JawJ-1175 Tracked JawEnquire Tesab Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;RK623 ImpactorRK643 ImpactorEnquire Tipe Spare parts and wear parts to suit the following machines;100x60 Jaw600S Jaw800x550 ST Jaw900x600 ST Jaw920x780 ST Jaw1060x750 ST JawEnquire Vickers Ruwolt Spare parts and wear parts for the following machines;20x10 ST Jaw30x18 DT Jaw36x24 DT Jaw42x30 DT Jaw42x36 DT Jaw48x42 DT Jaw60x48 DT JawEnquire

crusher wear parts supplier-23 years casting manufacturer zhili

crusher wear parts supplier-23 years casting manufacturer zhili

Luoyang Zhili New Materials CO., Ltd was founded in 1995, Which specialized in producing wear- resistant steel company, professional of the crusher hammer. We passed the ISO9001:2000.The company covers an area of 25,800 square meters, The workshop has 12,000 square meters. The annual production capacity is 3 millions tons. Our anti-friction and wear-resistance products scope as below: the series of bimetal thermal-composite materials, alloyed high-manganese & super high-Manganese material, Medium high alloy steel materials, high-chromium alloy iron materials etc.The company is located in the core of heavy industry city, Luoyang, China Which has rich subcontract resource and the matching processing capacity. The company cooperated with the only wear-resistance materia

cme crusher parts - h-e parts

cme crusher parts - h-e parts

H-E Parts carries an extensive inventory of crusher parts to suit all major brands and models of crushers, screens, mineral processing and handling equipment, ensuring prompt delivery of parts to global markets.

Our engineering, manufacturing and service teams are renowned for developing improvements over OEM designs. Where a site-specific solution is needed, our experienced team of designers are available to evaluate individual applications and provide solutions to meet our customers needs.

Some examples that illustrate H-E Parts ability to provide compatible replacement parts with improved design elements, such as a combination of improved productivity, cost savings and safety enhancements, include the following;

H-E Parts International replacement parts are compatible with the makes and/or models of the third-party equipment described. H-E Parts International is not an authorized repair facility of these third parties and it does not have an affiliation with any manufacturers of these third-party products. All brands, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part numbers or references are owned by the respective OEM entities or their affiliates. These terms are used by H-E Parts International for identification and cross reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with, or approval by the OEM, of H-E Parts International or its products.

global crusher service & repair | worldwide parts delivery

global crusher service & repair | worldwide parts delivery

Our service teams regularly visit new and existing customers on every continent to service, repair and troubleshoot machines. We regularly provide parts to operations in countries including;USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Kenya, Ghana and China to just name a few.

Our skilled service personnel will not only install replacement parts but will also provide valuable feedback on the condition of your machine and propose daily, periodic and preventative maintenance schedules to improve productivity and maximise up-time!

crusher | skylanders wiki | fandom

crusher | skylanders wiki | fandom

Crusher Element: Species: Rock Golem Gender: Male Role: Giant World: Skylands Appears in: Skylanders: Giants Skylanders: Swap Force Skylanders: Trap Team Return of the Dragon King Rift into Overdrive Skylanders: SuperChargers (Racing) Skylanders: BattlecastSkylanders: ImaginatorsSkylanders: Ring of Heroes Attacks: Crusher's Crusher Turn to Stone Rockslide Ground Grinder Cavelight Blast English Voice Actor(s): Kevin Sorbo First Release: Skylanders: Giants

Single-minded and completely unstoppable, Crusher crashes through any situation with the subtlety of a three-ton hammer. He's also incredibly thick-skinned - probably because his skin's made of stone.[1]

Crusher knew from the moment he put on his father's mining helmet that his true passion in life was crushing rocks. He was fascinated with rock-lore and traveled all throughout Skylands in search of rare minerals to pulverize with his powerful hand-crafted rock hammer, which is also named Crusher. But along his travels, he discovered that the evil Arkeyan King was also searching for rocks-to melt down into weapons of war. Crusher's fury built up like an avalanche. After all, crushing was his job! So he put aside his life's passion and decided to use his hammer for a greater purpose- crushing Arkeyan Robots.

The big Stone Golem, Crusher is fascinated by rocks. Inspired by his father, who was a miner, Crusher would travel across Skylands in search of rare and interesting stones and minerals. Then, when he found a particularly fascinating specimen, he would take great delight in smashing it to smithereens! You see Crusher, as his name suggests, loves to crush things. He especially likes to crush rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, shiny rocks, pointy rocks. Basically, if it starts with 'R' and ends with 'OCKS', it had better watch out when Crusher is around.

Armed with his huge hammer, which he also calls Crusher (his imagination isn't exactly his strong point), this Giant spent many happy years wandering around and smashing stuff to bits. Until, that is, he discovered that the Arkeyan King was pinching all the rocks for his own evil ends. That day Crusher discovered there was something even more fun to do than smashing rocks. Smashing Arkeyans![2]

When Malefor was on his way to attack the Skylanders Academy, Crusher, the Giants and the other Skylanders were summoned to stop the evil dragon. The Giants managed to grab hold of the Malefor's tail to hold him down, but were caught off guard when the mechanical tail was also made as a weapon. In the end, all Skylanders, including the Giants, were defeated in a single blow by Malefor's tail swipe, allowing the evil Undead Dragon King to absorb their powers to make himself more stronger.

Crusher attacks with his large, menacing hammer (also named Crusher) and his secondary attack, shooting eye beams that turn enemies to stone. He can also self-destruct to scatter his rocky parts, but has the ability to reform. In Skylanders: Battlecast, he can also change his composition to endure more attacks or raise his attack. His Special Ability is Golem's Strength, increasing his power, and his signature Gear is his father's hammer, aptly titled My Father's Hammer, which corresponds to his Hammer Daddy console upgrade and doubles his damage.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Lightning Rod - Sonic Boom - Warnado - Whirlwind Skylanders: Giants Jet-Vac - Swarm Skylanders: Swap Force Boom Jet - Free Ranger - Pop Thorn - Scratch Skylanders: Trap Team Blades - Fling Kong - Gusto - Thunderbolt Skylanders: SuperChargers Hurricane Jet-Vac - Stormblade Skylanders: Imaginators Air Strike - Bad Juju - Wild Storm Minis / Eon's Elite Breeze - Pet-Vac / Elite Whirlwind Alt Decos Egg Bomber Air Strike - Legendary Blades - Legendary Free Ranger - Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac Legendary Jet-Vac - Mystical Bad Juju - Polar Whirlwind - Power Punch Pet-Vac Lost Islands Alter Egos Buttered Pop Thorn - Gourmet Gusto

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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Bash - Dino-Rang - Prism Break - Terrafin Skylanders: Giants Crusher - Flashwing Skylanders: Swap Force Doom Stone - Rubble Rouser - Scorp - Slobber Tooth Skylanders: Trap Team Fist Bump - Head Rush - Rocky Roll -Wallop Skylanders: SuperChargers Shark Shooter Terrafin - Smash Hit Skylanders: Imaginators Barbella - Golden Queen - Tri-Tip Minis / Eon's Elite Bop - Terrabite / Elite Dino-Rang - Elite Terrafin Alt Decos Dark Golden Queen - Dark Slobber Tooth - Granite Crusher - Jade Flashwing Legendary Bash - Legendary Tri-Tip - Nitro Head Rush - Steel Plated Smash Hit Lost Islands Alter Egos Birthday Bash - Rocky Egg Roll - Sundae Slobber Tooth

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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Camo - Stealth Elf - Stump Smash - Zook Skylanders: Giants Shroomboom - Tree Rex Skylanders: Swap Force Bumble Blast - Grilla Drilla - Stink Bomb - Zoo Lou Skylanders: Trap Team Bushwhack - Food Fight - High Five - Tuff Luck Skylanders: SuperChargers Super Shot Stealth Elf - Thrillipede - Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Skylanders: Imaginators Ambush - Boom Bloom - Chompy Mage - Crash Bandicoot Minis / Eon's Elite Barkley - Whisper Elf / Elite Stealth Elf - Elite Zook Alt Decos Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong - Dark Food Fight - Dark Stealth Elf Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf - Eggcited Thrillipede - Gnarly Barkley - Gnarly Tree Rex Instant Food Fight - Instant Super Shot Stealth Elf - Jingle Bell Chompy Mage Jolly Bumble Blast - Legendary Bushwhack - Legendary Stealth Elf - Legendary Zoo Lou Lost Islands Alter Egos Autumn Stump Smash - Builda Grilla Drilla - Fireworks Zook - Frosted Food Fight

Skylanders: Trap Team Knight Light - Spotlight Skylanders: SuperChargers Astroblast Skylanders: Imaginators Aurora - Blaster-Tron Alt Decos Legendary Astroblast - Solar Flare Aurora Ring of Heroes Alter Egos Light Flashwing - Light Hex - Light Jet-Vac

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Double Trouble - Spyro - Voodood - Wrecking Ball Skylanders: Giants Ninjini - Pop Fizz Skylanders: Swap Force Dune Bug - Hoot Loop - Star Strike - Trap Shadow Skylanders: Trap Team Blastermind - Cobra Cadabra - Dj Vu - Enigma Skylanders: SuperChargers Big Bubble Pop Fizz - Splat Skylanders: Imaginators Buckshot - Mysticat - Pain-Yatta Minis / Eon's Elite Mini Jini - Spry / Elite Spyro - Elite Voodood Alt Decos Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz - Dark Spyro - Enchanted Hoot Loop - Enchanted Star Strike King Cobra Cadabra - Legendary Dj Vu - Legendary Spyro - Love Potion Pop Fizz Power Blue Splat - Punch Pop Fizz - Royal Double Trouble - Scarlet Ninjini Lost Islands Alter Egos Buddy Wrecking Ball - Charming Cobra Cadabra - Hoppity Pop Fizz - Mystic Star Strike

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Boomer - Drill Sergeant - Drobot - Trigger Happy Skylanders: Giants Bouncer - Sprocket Skylanders: Swap Force Countdown - Magna Charge - Spy Rise - Wind-Up Skylanders: Trap Team Chopper - Gearshift - Jawbreaker - Tread Head Skylanders: SuperChargers Double Dare Trigger Happy - High Volt Skylanders: Imaginators Chain Reaction - Dr. Krankcase - Ro-Bow - Dr. Neo Cortex Minis / Eon's Elite Drobit - Trigger Snappy / Elite Boomer - Elite Trigger Happy Alt Decos Kickoff Countdown - Legendary Trigger Happy - Legendary Bouncer - Legendary Jawbreaker Nitro Magna Charge - Power Blue Trigger Happy - Springtime Trigger Happy Lost Islands Alter Egos Knockout Jawbreaker - Lucky Boomer - New Year's Countdown Battlecast Alt Deco Card High Noon Trigger Happy

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Chop Chop - Cynder - Ghost Roaster - Hex Skylanders: Giants Eye-Brawl - Fright Rider Skylanders: Swap Force Grim Creeper - Night Shift - Rattle Shake - Roller Brawl Skylanders: Trap Team Bat Spin - Funny Bone - Krypt King - Short Cut Skylanders: SuperChargers Bone Bash Roller Brawl - Fiesta Skylanders: Imaginators Chopscotch - Pit Boss - Wolfgang Minis / Eon's Elite Eye-Small - Hijinx / Elite Chop Chop - Elite Ghost Roaster Alt Decos Candy-Coated Chopscotch - Dark Wolfgang - Frightful Fiesta - Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl Legendary Chop Chop - Legendary Grim Creeper - Legendary Night Shift - Legendary Pit Boss Nitro Krypt King - Quickdraw Rattle Shake Lost Islands Alter Egos Fortune Funny Bone - Grill Master Chop Chop - Hallows' Eve Hex - Skeletal Cynder - Snowler Brawl

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Gill Grunt - Slam Bam - Wham-Shell - Zap Skylanders: Giants Chill - Thumpback Skylanders: Swap Force Freeze Blade - Punk Shock - Rip Tide - Wash Buckler Skylanders: Trap Team Echo - Flip Wreck - Lob-Star - Snap Shot Skylanders: SuperChargers Deep Dive Gill Grunt - Dive-Clops Skylanders: Imaginators Grave Clobber - King Pen - Tidepool Minis / Eon's Elite Gill Runt - Thumpling / Elite Gill Grunt - Elite Slam Bam Alt Decos Dark King Pen - Dark Snap Shot - Dark Wash Buckler - Instant Dive-Clops Instant Snap Shot - Legendary Chill - Legendary Slam Bam - Missile-Tow Dive-Clops Nitro Freeze Blade - Winterfest Lob-Star Lost Islands Alter Egos Admiral Thumpback - Holiday Wash Buckler - Merry Snap Shot - Surfer Slam Bam

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