combination woodworking machines for sale | scott+sargeant uk

combination woodworking machines for sale | scott+sargeant uk

Scott+Sargeant has a long and rich history supplying woodworking machinery to professional workshops and industry - having developed into a leading specialist supplier of standard woodwork machines and CNC routers.

Scott+Sargeant has one of the largest used woodworking machinery showrooms in the whole of the UK and Europe. Browse our huge range of industrial, second-hand woodworking machine online or visit us today. We have great prices on used tools as well as a 1000s of spare parts, tools and accessories. Our range includes used CNC routers, edgebanding machines, panel saws, sanders and more. Leading manufacturers are represented in the used stock including, Altendorf, Brandt, Boere, Biesse, Balestrini, Bacci, Homag, Holzma, Martin, SCM, Sedgwick, Wadkin & Weeke.

CNC Machines, Tooling and parts for CNC Routers, CNC Lasers, CNC Tools, Spiral Router Cutters, Diamond Special tools, CNC Drill bits, Tool Holders, Vacuum pods, pumps vanes and vacuum cord with rapid delivery anywhere. Affordable prices + top quality.

Find the widest range of tools, saw blades, and router bits for your Bandsaw, CNC Router, Moulder, Mortiser, Sliding Table Saw, Spindle Moulder or Tenoner. We also can make special tooling: custom router cutters to order in TCT or PCD.

We can help you find spare parts for your traditional or CNC machines and machine breakdowns - we specialise in spares and service with daily despatches worldwide by courier. We can supply tooling and hard to find spare parts

Browse our huge range of hand tools for your woodworking business. With decades of experience supplying the global market with quality machines, tools and accessories, we're sure to help you find the right woodworking tools you're looking for.

Combination machines are multi function machines that usually have 3, 4 or 5 functions: Circular Saw with integral sliding table which can be used for ripping or crosscutting, a Spindle Moulder which can be used for moulding and tenoning, a Surface Planer & Thicknesser for squaring and accurately dimensioning solid wood. Most of the combination machines are now supplied with either spiral cutter block or Tersa system. Optionally some machines can be fitted with a slot mortiser which works well. consideration needs to be taken though about using the surface planing function. Scott+Sargeant are leaders in woodworking machinery - with decades of experience in advice and servicing industrial woodworking machinery. You can be confident of our commitment to long term performance and back up.

Scott+Sargeant are UKs leading supplier of specialist woodworking equipment. Our sales team and engineers have decades of experience in helping businesses maximise their productivity and machinery investments. With the broadest range and over 3 million pounds worth of machinery in stock on display at our showroom near London, you can be sure to find new and used machinery, tooling or spare parts that match your budget and workshop needs

the case for combo machines | popular woodworking magazine

the case for combo machines | popular woodworking magazine

For years many American woodworkers have looked to Europe for quality hand tools. Chisels and saws from England, wooden planes from Germany, carving tools from Switzerland and Sweden. But we have usually stuck close to home when it comes to big power tools. We look to Delta, Powermatic, Craftsman and Jet for our table saws, band saws, jointers, planers and shapers. Though an increasing number of these are imports from Taiwan and China, these machines are almost all copies of home-grown models.

Given our admiration of European tools, it has long puzzled me why more Americans havent adopted one of the most common fixtures of European shops, the combination machine. Merging from two to five basic woodworking machines in a single unit, these machines are ideal for home shops where space is often at a premium. And even if your shop is roomy, a combination machine can offer features, capacity and quality found only on top-of-the-line stand-alone machines.

European-style combination machines sold in the United States come in three basic types. One combines a table saw and shaper. Another combines a jointer and planer, with an optional horizontal mortiser. The third merges all these tools: table saw, shaper, jointer, planer and (still an option) horizontal mortiser. These five-function machines are sometimes called 5-in-1s, and are available in a wide range of sizes and prices. The Zincken MIA4, for instance, offers a 6 table saw, 6 jointer and planer, a shaper and a horizontal mortiser, all run by a single 1hp motor and selling for about $750. At the other end of the market is the Felder CF7-41. For about $13,000 you get a 12 table saw with state-of-the-art sliding table; a 16 jointer and planer; a 1 reversible, tilting-arbor shaper; and (for an extra $1,000 or so) a horizontal mortiser. Three separate 3hp motors drive the five tools.

I grew up with American-style machines in my dads shop and knew nothing of combination machines until I worked in English shops as a young man. Sold on their value, I looked for a combination machine when I moved back to the states in the mid 1970s. Finding none, I reverted to the readily available stand-alone models, still hoping Id eventually find a combo.

In the early 1980s, I began to see ads for European combination machines in woodworking magazines. Since then, I have owned two 5-in-1 machines, one small and one mid-range. My experience leads me to believe that while combination machines arent for everyone, many more American woodworkers ought to consider them seriously.

For years, working out of borrowed or rented garages, barns and basements, I used a Zincken Compact 21 (or ZC-21), with a 9 table saw, 8 jointer/planer, a shaper and a mortiser. It took up less space and weighed less than a Delta Unisaw and was only a few hundred dollars more expensive. Lightweight and compact, it is an ideal tool for workshops that share space with ping-pong tables or cars. Mounted on a homemade rolling platform, mine easily wheeled out of the way when not in use.

Most important, it gave me all the basic machines I needed for solid-wood projects. The table saw ripped 1-thick oak without lugging; 2 if fed slowly. Its simple sliding table crosscut accurately and conveniently. The 8 jointer/planer ensured that my material was flat and uniformly thick. The horizontal mortiser cut neat accurate mortises between ? and ? wide and up to 2 deep. And the shaper profiled edges, cut joints and also functioned as a router table. With this small machine I was able to build everything from jewelry boxes to 6-long trestle tables, including cabinets and chests of all sizes.

Of course, the machine has its limitations. The table saw is small; the jointer tables are short. A Delta Unisaw and 8 jointer are without doubt superior. But together they cost about $2,500. Moving down-market, a 10 Grizzly contractors saw and 8 jointer cost about $1,100. Buy either pair, and you still dont have the planer, mortiser or shaper incorporated in the ZC-21.

My ZC-21 served me well in a number of less than commodious workspaces. But when I finally bought my own house and was able to build a 500-square-foot shop next to it, I found myself hankering for something bigger. Though Im a fan of combos, I dont deny there are advantages to stand-alone equipment. Even Morrie Kilberg, whose company D-M International distributes Zinckens in North America, recommends stand-alone machines to people with the space and money. I didnt have a lot of money, so I bought a Grizzly 10 cabinet table saw and 8 jointer and refurbished an old Parks 12 planer. I kept the Zincken for shaping and mortising and for fine jointing and planing. In some ways, I had the best of both worlds.

But, a year ago when I got the chance to buy a bigger combination machine, I jumped at it. Since I first saw the Robland X-31 advertised about a decade ago, I have wanted one. An 1,100-pound machine, the X-31 incorporates a 10 sliding-table table saw, 12 jointer/planer, a heavy duty shaper and a horizontal mortiser, all powered by three 3hp motors. After traipsing 600 miles (each way) and parting with about $4,000 (a new machine costs $6,000 plus shipping), I rolled my used X-31 into the shop and sold my stand-alone table saw, jointer, planer and the trusty old Zincken, recouping half the X-31 purchase price. The X-31 occupies about 36 square feet near the center of my shop. Selling the other machines opened up space for a drill press, band saw and dust collector (as well as room for the familys bicycles). Though it weighs half a ton, the machine can be moved with relative ease by means of a three-point caster system.

The X-31 is not without faults. But, taken individually, each of its machines are a step above every stand-alone equivalent Ive ever owned. The machine is vibration free and the 3hp motors are more than adequate whether Im ripping 3 maple or planing a 12-wide piece of oak. The table saw and jointer fencing arrangement is problematic (more about that later), but the sliding table is a joy to use.

A comparison between the combination machines Im familiar with and equivalent stand-alone machines is useful, but not always straightforward because woodworkers needs and preferences are so varied. The strength of the Zincken ZC-21, for example, is not that it is a better table saw than the Delta 8 bench saw, but that it provides a good-quality jointer, planer and shaper as well, allowing you to store an entire woodworking machine shop along the wall of your garage.

It is easier, I think, to compare larger combination machines with their stand-alone counterparts. These combos offer 10 or 12 table saws and 12 jointer-planers and spindle shapers all powered by meaty motors. In my experience, these comparisons are at worst a draw and frequently yield a decided advantage to combos. The Robland X-31 outperforms stand-alones in several areas, and Im confident that the Mini-Max, Hammer and Euro-Shop 5-in-1 machines of similar capacity and price share these advantages. In some instances, these machines exceed the X-31.

A sliding table is a standard feature of all these combos and of none of the American-style cabinet saws advantage clearly to the combos. (Some smaller bench saws now offer standard sliding tables.) The X-31s 3hp motor and heavy frame produce vibration-free operation, more so, I must say, than most Unisaw-style machines Ive used. Other table saw features are, for the most part, a toss up.

The fencing systems on some combos, however, fall short of their stand-alone competition. As currently sold, the X-31 uses a single two-sided fence that slides on a round guide bar attached to the end of the jointer outfeed table. One side of the fence is a rip fence for the table saw, the other serves the jointer.

While accurate, the fence is ungainly, heavy and awkward to set up. This is better than some of the fences Ive used, but its no match for a Biesemeyer or a fence on a stand-alone jointer. (Not all combos have fence problems Felder fences, for instance, are superb.)

This fencing arrangement, with its guidebar-mounted fence mimicking common American setups, is the latest in a series of attempts by Robland to adapt the fencing to American tastes. As a used machine, my X-31 came with the original European fencing, which I like better. A small but sturdy and accurate aluminum fence mounted to the front of the machine handles rips up to about 10 wide. Attaching a larger center-mounted fence to the edge of the jointer outfeed table accommodates rips up to about 2 feet wide. The same fence, mounted on the table saw table, serves the jointer.

Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

the right combination - woodshop news

the right combination - woodshop news

Having one machine complete several tasks is more of a European than an American notion. Thats because its as much a function of space as it is economy, and North American woodshops tend to be roomier. Theres usually plenty of space for stand-alone machines.

Cultural norms are part of the history here, too. Both U.S. and Canadian shops traditionally followed more of a Ford production line model by creating individual work stations around various machines. On this side of the pond, commercial woodworking has always strived to be practical, relatively efficient and profit-oriented, with only a wisp of romance. Immigrants were too busy just surviving. In Europe, where the craft evolved over two thousand years, it is seen as more of a venerated vocation. So, its no surprise that most multipurpose machines come from, or at least are inspired by, European practices.

The advantages are easy to list. The machines take up less room and are usually less expensive than their equivalent in single-purpose machines. There are fewer motors to fail, fewer electrical connections to supply and fewer dust collection ports. Theres a symmetry to the engineering, which makes operations a little more intuitive and familiar. Service and support are supplied by a single manufacturer. There are fewer steps being walked around the shop, and less time spent looking for accessories.

And there are disadvantages, too. Theres the teardown and set-up time between functions, especially on single-motor machines that can only run one tool at a time. And usually only one function can be performed at a time, so only one person can work at a time. But in a one-man shop, thats not often an issue. And if a major part or a motor fails, then several machines are out of commission until a repair is completed or the part arrives. On machines that share a cutter (planer/jointers, for example), if theres a nick in a knife or a damaged insert, that telegraphs to both operations.

At the heart of European woodworking, the Austrian company Felder ( offers six combination machines in its Hammer family, three of which are recent additions. Among the favorites of that continents furniture builders, the original C3 31 offers a planer and table saw, plus an optional molder and mortiser. At the other end of the scale, the newly relaunched C3 41 Perform is what every small shop owner looks for under his Christmas tree. It planes, saws, mills and drills with precise adjustment, quick changeover times and the highest quality cuts. It has a 2500mm (98) Format sliding table, a 1250mm (49) outrigger table and a 2600mm (102) crosscut fence. It can also be equipped with Felders Silent-Power spiral cutters. Theres a rolling carriage to move the machine, and an optional horizontal mortiser.

The company also offers five Felder combination machines, and the entry level model here, the CF 531, is a space-saving but powerful piece of clever engineering. Priced for small shops, and depending on how it is ordered, this machine will handle planing, jointing, molding, sawing and even mortising work. Its a gateway machine that allows shops on a limited budget to gain access to Felder support, and to grow the equipment as the shops needs grow.

For shops that are already tackling larger orders, the new Felder CF 741 is an enticing option. This slider has a 16, four-knife planing capacity along with a 12 table saw with scoring and optional digital controls. The molder tilts from 90 to 45 degrees, and has optional electrical height adjustment of the spindle, with an LED display. The sliding table comes in options from 98 to 126 and a number of standard choices or options for the outriggers and crosscut fences. On average, the CF 741 weighs in at about 2,500 lbs. (depending on options), so its not inconsequential.

Staying in Europe, SCM Group ( is based in Italy and has been building high quality machines since 1952. The company offers half a dozen Minimax combined-function machines that range from the C26G to the 410ES. These are ideally suited to small professional or serious amateur shops, both in terms of size and budget. The smallest model has a 250mm (10) sliding table saw, a two-speed spindle molder/shaper, thickness planing up to 200mm (7-7/8 thick), a 260mm (10) wide jointer, and horizontal boring/doweling capabilities. The larger model has a scoring blade, accommodates saw blades up to 350mm (13-3/4), offers four-speed molding (3,500 to 10,000 rpm), and a four-knife planer/jointer. The functions on these machines take advantage of the sliding table, which is an advantage over most stand-alone alternatives. Because of the companys prominence (SCM Group North America has offices in Georgia, California, Ontario and Guadalajara), service and support are reliable and easily accessible. And the sales team has a lot of experience helping woodshops select the right machine for the job.

Casadei-Busellato ( is also based in Italy, and has distributors worldwide including North American presences in both Winnipeg and Georgia. The company offers five families of combination machines. The smallest is a planer/jointer and the largest are designated as the C30C to C41C. These professional-grade machines incorporate a surface planer (jointer) with options from 11.8 to 16, a 9-tall thickness planer, a 12 table saw with scoring, and a three-speed spindle molder that runs up to 10,000 rpm. A wide range of options are available for the C30C and C41C, and the standard equipment includes three independent motors, a telescopic supporting arm and a dimensioned crosscutting frame to support large panels. Changing the function is quick and easy, and a monolithic steel frame delivers plenty of stability.

Another familiar brand to woodworkers, Robland ( machines are built by Werkhuizen Landuyt in Bruges, Belgium. Celebrating its 50th year in 2018, Roblands U.S. presence is through Oliver Machinery ( in Kent, Wash. There are seven models in the companys Combined category, ranging from the no-frills HX to the NLXTZ Pro. This latter has a scoring unit for its 13 table saw (sliding options are 98 and 122), a tenoning table, digital readouts, and a four-speed 1 spindle arbor with speeds from 2,900 to 7,500 rpm. It weighs in at 1,873 lbs., which is substantial given its relatively small footprint. It only requires a workspace of about 20 x 9.

Rojek USA ( is distributed in America by Tech Mark Inc. ( of North Little Rock, Ark. The company offers three 5-in-1 combination machines, the KPS 400, KPS 300A and the KPS 300V. Rojek says that a woodworker can easily switch between the five precision tools in minutes and experience the power and performance of its 12 table saw, four-speed or five-speed spindle shaper, large capacity thickness planer and jointer, and slot mortising machine.

Baileigh Industrial ( has an affordable 12 jointer/planer combination for the small shop, and an 18 model (the JP-1898-NC) for bigger jobs that sports a 98 long bed, a spiral cutterhead and a 7.5-hp motor.

Thirty years ago, the Austrian brand Holzmann ( was born and in 2008 the corporate group added the Zipper name. Today, Holzmann offers a comprehensive catalog of woodshop machines, including a jointer/planer (called a surface planer and thicknesser in Europe) and half a dozen five-operation machines. The website doesnt list a North American distributor.

The Italian company Veba Meccanica ( has three models, the C350M, C400 MI and C500 MI. They look a little familiar, which brings up an interesting point. Many of the European machines are made in the same factory and are then offered in different countries under different branding. However, potential buyers should be aware that the electronics can change (household current for smaller machines can change at the borders), and some markets may have different safety or other regulations.

DM Italia ( is located a few minutes northwest of Milan, Italy, and offers a large selection of low-priced combination machines. The company ships worldwide and its largest model, the America Professional 3000-410, has a saw, three-speed molder and a jointer/planer. The basic model comes with three independent 3-hp, single-phase motors, but 3-phase is available.

The Axminster Hobby Series AWC4 ( is a four-function machine that includes sawing, spindle molding, jointing and planing. Axminster has eight Big Box stores in the British Isles, and ships worldwide. It has a shipping connection with TSO in Fort Meyers, Fla., to serve American woodworkers.

RS Wood ( of Rimini, Italy, exports to more than 50 countries and offers a universal combined woodworking machine with a saw, molder, jointer/planer and mortiser. It runs on three independent motors.

Scott and Sargeant Woodworking Machinery Ltd ( is located in Horsham, just south of London, and offers iTech machines among others.The German company Scheppach ( has nine planer/jointer models in its catalog. The company seems to have some presence in the U.S. (for example, Craft Supplies USA carries its variable speed sharpening center). However, the Scheppach website doesnt seem to list a multi-purpose machine distributorship in North America, so an email enquiry might be the best way to go.

The Woodmaster catalog ( offers variable speed combination machines that can handle molding, planing, sanding and sawing. Options include three-sided molding, spiral cutters, and the new Double Molding Knife Holder that literally doubles production speeds. Machines from the Kansas City, Mo., factory can also handle specialty jobs such as curved and elliptical window frames, door casings and archways. The company has more than 600 profiles to choose from and also makes custom knives.

And where would a discussion on multipurpose machines be without mentioning the ubiquitous Shopsmith? Yes, its a hobby machine (single-phase, 1-1/8 hp), but the sheer ingenuity makes it noteworthy. Introduced in 1953, the latest version is the Mark 7 (at, and many of the more than 600,000 units sold over the last 65 years have found homes on jobsites and in small, space-challenged, professional one-man shops. It has a 10 table saw (the tilt mechanism is unique), a 12 disc sander, a small wood lathe, boring/doweling capabilities, a rather decent drill press, and shaping/routing (250 to 10,000 rpm).

One final thought: a lot of multi-purpose machines that were purchased by small shops over the years have not seen too many road miles. They can be an excellent buy on the used market, as long as the company is still around if the need for parts or specialty servicing arises.

Sign making is definitely one route that a woodshop can take to turn an idle CNC router into a profitable investment. Pretty much any model can carve signs in wood, foam or plastic, and the major physical limit is usually just the size of the machines work area.

combination machine | stuff for sale - gumtree

combination machine | stuff for sale - gumtree


DeLonghi BCO Combination Coffee Espresso Machine I got it 2nd hand (as the new model costs 200+) and got a brand new water tank for it. All working properly. Selling only because I don't use it anymore (I stopped working from home and have free c

The router spindle has had very little use was a home hobby machine when I bought it. I know I paid many hundreds for this router spindle as an add on. The bearing are fine. This spindle may have done a days work or two, no more. I use it on

IBICO Ibibaby A4 wire and plastic comb combined paper punching and binding system in excellent / as new condition. It comes with instruction manual and an assortment of several hundred boxed A4 plastic and wire binding combs in varying sizes. In as

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used combined woodworking machines for sale. jiasheng equipment & more | machinio

used combined woodworking machines for sale. jiasheng equipment & more | machinio

Range of spindle speed(r.p.m): 1 - 24000 rpm | Positioning accuracy (mm): 0.02 mm | No. of spindles: Multi | Working table size(mm): 13002500 | Machine type: CNC Router | Travel (x axis)(mm): 1300 mm | Travel (...

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SPECIFICATION: Planer & thicknessor: 01) Motor :2000w 02) Max planer width :250 03) Max planer cutting depth :5 04) Cutter block speed :4000r/min 05) Cutting knife(pcs) :3 06) Fence tilt :0~ 45 07) Planer table...

Planer And Thicknessor: 01) Motor: 2000w 02) Max Planer Width: 310, Cutting Knife(PCS): 3 03) Max Thicknesser Height: 180 Sawbench: 04) Motor For Big Blade: 3000w 05) Big Blade Size(mm): 250x30x3.2x2.2x24t 06) Sm...

Model ML392/MQ442 Max.planningwidth 250mm Max.planningdepth 3mm Scaleofthicknessofpress-planing 6~120mm Min.lengthofpress-planning 150mm Max.sawingthickness 85mm Min.sawingthickness 10mm Min.dril...

Model ML393/MQ443 Maximum planing width 300mm Maximum planing depth 3mm Scale of thickness of press-planing 6-120mm Minimum length of press-planing 150mm Maximum sawing thickness 85mm Maximum rabbeting depth 10mm...

Model ML393/MQ443 Maximum planing width 300mm Maximum planing depth 3mm Scale of thickness of press-planing 6-120mm Minimum length of press-planing 150mm Maximum sawing thickness 85mm Maximum rabbeting depth 10mm...

Model ML393/MQ443 Maximum planing width 300mm Maximum planing depth 3mm Scale of thickness of press-planing 6-120mm Minimum length of press-planing 150mm Maximum sawing thickness 85mm Maximum rabbeting depth 10mm...

Model ML393/MQ443 Maximum planing width 300mm Maximum planing depth 3mm Scale of thickness of press-planing 6-120mm Minimum length of press-planing 150mm Maximum sawing thickness 85mm Maximum rabbeting depth 10mm...

Multi-Function Woodworking Machine for Wood Board Cutting and Press Details Model ML393 Maximum planing width 300mm Maximum planing depth 3mm Scale of thickness of press-planing 6-120mm Minimum length of press-pl...

a guide to kity woodworking machines | machine atlas

a guide to kity woodworking machines | machine atlas

Kity was a French producer of woodworking machines based in Bischwiller in the Alsace. They made solid machines, aimed at hobbyists, that can still be found on the second-hand market quite a lot, especially in Europe. Their reputation is that they made reliable machines, which did their job, but were not made to the highest standards of for example Inca.

It can be difficult to make sense of all the different machines on the second-hand market, and to figure out which machines are reliable, and in what period they were produced. In this short guide we will give a short overview of how to identify from which period a Kity machine stems, and what the general quality of machines from that period is.

Originally the company was named Electroli, but somewhere in the 1970s (or even 80s) the name changed to Kity. Occasionally you can still find some machines under the Electroli brand that are identical to Kity machines.

The periods Im mentioning below are rough estimations, because updates and new releases of machines were more fluid. Also, not all information is available anymore. Consider these periods more as general trends that give a good indication.

This is the first period of production under the Kity name. These machines can be recognized from the traditional pale green color and red logo. Machines like the 617 Table Saw, 612 Band Saw, and 636 Jointer Planer were first produced in this period.

Generally, these machines are reliable and of decent quality. If they were maintained well and are still complete, they are a good addition to any beginning woodworkers shop. The quality standards (seen for example from the materials used) are not at the same level as for example Inca machines from the same era, but they work well enough.

Besides selling the machines as single products, they also sold a combination machine, which was simply a large table with several standard machines around one single motor in the middle. Different combinations were possible. See the image below for an example.

Kity later also sold a similar setup, called the K5 combination machine. The K5 was also a combination of machines around a single motor on a table, but with smaller machines than the original combination machine table. It can still be found quite often on the second-hand market.

Starting from the 1990s, a new wave of machines was released by Kity. These machines have a slightly different, more square and stylized look. The green and red colors changed slightly as well, to something less shiny.

The machines from this era had more features than the older ones. For example, Kity introduced larger table saws with more advanced sliding tables, and its jointer planers were larger and heavier. During this period Inca machines were produced in the same factory as Kity, and it is likely that Kity incorporated some of their designs into their own machines.

In the early 2000s, the machines were updated, but were generally quite similar to the ones of the 90s. They used the same stylized, square look, but the colors changed to green and yellow rather than red.

In 2004 Kity was liquidated. We could not find a specific reason, but mostly likely producing consumer-grade machines in a Western country was simply not viable anymore with the competition which moved production to East Asia, benefitting from cheap labour.

Why is this important to know when you want to buy a second-hand Kity machine? Because Scheppach moved the production of Kity machines to China. It is unclear whether they briefly also produced at their own location in Germany, but it seems unlikely.

Since Kity was now produced by completely different people in a different factory on the other side of the world, it is very difficult to judge to what extent the quality levels of the China-made machines live up to the standards of the ones from France.

Therefore, if youre looking at a second-hand Kity, it is important to check whether the machine was made before or after 2004. That is not to say the post-2004 machines are no good, but generally Chinese machines from this era are much more variable due to poor quality control.

Some time around 2008-2010, Scheppach decided to kill the Kity brand. However, the machines did continue to be produced but under the Scheppach name. For example, the Kity 2638 Jointer Planer became the Scheppach Plana 4.0 and Kity 619 Table Saw became the Scheppach Precisa 3.0.

Scheppach also seems to license the design for these machines to off-brand companies, for example Holzmann and HBM table saws and jointer planers most likely come from the same factory as the Scheppach Precisa and Plana machines.

Because of the newer machines that were based on the original Kity designs, some replacement parts for those machines also fit the Kity machines. This is an advantage of the new Kity machines over the old ones, and something to consider when deciding on buying one.

No longer producing French company which focused on hobbyist machines. Also made some larger combination machines and panel saws. Still common in the second-hand market, and of decent quality. Was taken over by Scheppach in 2004.

some of your comments are not quite correct -whilst the kity machines were sold individually and also marketed as a combination machine where they were arranged on a table around a single motor this was not the K5 setup which was introduced at a later date and were much smaller machines sold in a creamy/buff finish.

I have a Kity CK 26 combination machine. Had to replace the belt for the saw table but now find the saw blade rotates in the wrong direction and actually loosens the blade. I did not take note of the size of the old belt nor the fact that it might have been twisted. Ordered belt 112020 (as listed in the machines leaflet) which produces the wrong blade direction. Altering the direction of the motor will effect the other machine function. New belt is not long enough to accept a twist Can you advise of the correct belt details and possible supplier if twisting the belt will rectify my problem? Many thanks.

Hi Gordon, I have been in contact with a former seller of the Kity combo machines. In his recollection, at least the belt from the Spindle Moulder was twisted, so its possible that was also the case for the table saw. In which case it would be odd that they listed a different size belt.

Probably the best would be to get a slightly longer belt (maybe test with a piece of string how long it needs to be) of the same type, so that it can be put in a figure of 8. That should change the direction of the saw and solve your problems.

I have just acquired a load of Kity machines in various states of repair. These include two 636 planers, the 617 table saw, a 627 and a 628 spindle moulder. I didnt find much discussion here about the spindle moulders and wondered why not. I bought the 627 and 636 separately as I was after a planer. In looking for an appropriate motor I found a dilapidated K5 unit in bits with table, planer, saw, 628 moulder and motor. The motor has three pulleys and is switched for five units. I now need to clean it up and figure how to put it back together.

Hi Stan, thats quite a nice collection youve got there. If you have any particular tips or advice to getting those machine in great shape again (particularly the spindle moulders), feel free to share it here. Im sure many other readers would find it very helpful.

Hi Stan, I just got an old kity k5 I think it is anyway! Im in australia and wondering where you are located and also if you are willing to sell any parts as mine is missing some! Can send pictures of you like? Please send email thanks

I have a Kity 636 (green and red , ,1990s) inherited it from my uncle Question: The power works (can hear buzzing noise but blades dont turn ) I was told it needed a new starter capacitor , I have brought two different capacitors without luck , can you assist ?

Hi Stefan, I wasnt able to find any information on Kity mitre saws. All I could find were some Kity mitre saws that were really just rebranded Scheppach saws. But these were made much later than 1995.

Hello Found a Kity k5 on a fleemarket in Sweden. There were no manual on it. How do we change the direktion of the tablesaw now it mowing upp insted of down. Do you have any ide where to serge. Sorry abot my bad english.

Or you need to change a setting inside the electric motor to make the arbor rotate the other direction. On some machines this is very simple, on others you need to change some of the electric wires inside.


Hi Ron, usually there are some specific instructions on how to switch the motor from 220V to 110V. But if it already has a 110V cable, then it seems likely the motor is already set up for that (but do check!). Does the motor run at all? Or is it having trouble moving the saw blade.

It could be that the capacitor has failed, which happens often with older electric motors. In that case, if you give the wheels or blade a slight swing (mind your safety) it should start running properly when you turn on the motor. Another issue could be binding due to overtightened blades.

Hi Peter, do you know if its the Bestcombi K5 (multiple machines on one table) or the Bestcombi 2000 (one large machine with all functions in one)? And is it dark grey or very light grey (almost white)?

Hi my name is Dave Would any body be interested in buying a kitty ck 26 combination set complete it was my farther in-laws I have got all the manuals for each unit on the table , it will need cleaning but was all working had to take it apart to get it home very to put back together,

Hi there i have just acquired a kity 819 3 phase sliding table saw. i cannot find much online about the 819. it has been sat unused for 10 years so as i start to get it going it will undoubtedly need parts. do you know of and parts suppliers and where i might be able to find a manual? Many thanks

This topic on might be helpful too (although in German, but google translate might help), where there is someone who has the user manual + there is a drawing of the riving knife, which you could copy to make your own should it be missing.

Hello, I have got a planer thicknesser combo machine was told its possibly a kity Machine can I send a photo to help? The only markings I have found are zinken zc21 on the housing for the cutters and zinken international on the wheel for adjusting the height of the thicknesser

I have a little-used (in almost new condition) Kity 1429 Spindle Moulder in green/yellow, for which I have unfortunately mislaid the user manual. As I have now decided to find a new home for this machine this will be difficult without the relevant user instructions. Can you advise?

I recently bought a Kity combination machine,the colour is a light green and yellow so probably early 2000s. It comes with a table with a wooden top, unfortunately it has no instructions and the previous owner was a bit unsure of any instructions. Please help.

Hi Raymond, is it one big machine, or is it actually multiple smaller machines on one big table? If its the former, its most likely the BestCombi 2000 or 260. I couldnt find the manual, but if you look on Youtube and Google youll find some articles and videos about this machine.

If its the big table with multiple machines, your best chance is to search (on MachineAtlas and Google) for all the separate machines (e.g. 2636 Jointer Planer), as the separately sold machines are nearly identical.

Hello Rob, I have ,what I believe, is a kity K5 combination machine. I have unfortunately lost drive to the planner (kity 535) feed. Not sure why yet but before I strip anything down, is there anything obvious to you that might cause this loss of drive? I have down loaded your manual for this machine, for which I am grateful, but any more information you care to shed would be most appreciated. I am using the machine to help in renovating a 1934 gentlemans launch used in the evacuation of Dunkirk. Up to press it has performed very well indeed. Thankyou, Paul

The first place I would check is the plastic gear, because that is the weakest point of the system. If it has broken, or the teeth have worn out, then the feed system is no longer connected to the main pulley.

Hi Robby, usually capacitors are not specific to any brand or motor, so you can replace them with any brand capacitor that has the same specifications (particularly the Ohm value), so any store would be suitable.

Hi Richard, I think spindle moulder blades are quite hard to come by, so you might need to get some custom made. Two things that might help you: This thread on UKWorkshop, and this French site, which is the main source for Kity replacement parts. They might be able to help you find the correct spindle moulder blades. (the site is in English)

wood universal combination machines for joinery minimax - scm group

wood universal combination machines for joinery minimax - scm group

Scmoffers a vast range of universal combination machines designed with safety in mind and to safeguard less expert operators. Practical, compact and easy to use the Scm combination machines feature maximum quality at a more accessible price point and are the ideal tool for hobbyists and demanding woodworking workshops.

Theuniversal combination machineis the most eclectic machine for machining solid wood and its derivatives and it offers the possibility of producing all the parts necessary to complete a project. There are multiple advantages to using a combination machine: from the possibility of correcting and changing a project during the construction (thanks to the autonomous production of the necessary parts), increased precision, reduction in times and lowering costs of material.

All the classic woodworking processes can be performed in a single machine. The combination machine consists mainly of three machining units (planer, spindle moulder, saw) driven by the motors that transmit the movement to one or more machining units. Theplaner unitallows the following operationssurface planingandthicknessingand a chuck for tools can be added to one end of the spindle to be used asmortiser. Thespindle moulder unitperforms the following operationstrimming,tenoningandmoulding. Thesaw unitis used forcuttingandsquaring. Since 1952Scm has designed and constructed combination machines with 7 machining operations:cutting, squaring, trimming, tenoning, moulding, planing-thicknessingandmortiser.

combination machines - canadian woodworking magazine

combination machines - canadian woodworking magazine

Tool Technology: You may have heard the term CNC a lot in the last few years and found yourself wondering what CNC machines are all about. Read on to learn about how these machines are changing the way people work wood.

Tool Technology: You may have heard the term CNC a lot in the last few years and found yourself wondering what CNC machines are all about. Read on to learn about how these machines are changing the way people work wood.

Shop Machinery: Here are some tips from someone who repairs machinery professionally so you can arm yourself with enough knowledge to feel confident making your next used woodworking machinery decision.

Shop Machinery: Here are some tips from someone who repairs machinery professionally so you can arm yourself with enough knowledge to feel confident making your next used woodworking machinery decision.

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