national budget speech 2021-2022 (full text)-556371

national budget speech 2021-2022 (full text)-556371

06. Tk. 95,574 crore is allocated in the current fiscal year. Production of granular grains in FY2005-2006 was 1 crore 60 lakh tons. It has now increased to 4 crore 53 lakh 44 thousand metric tons. Power generation capacity has increased from 4,900 MW to 25,227 MW. The beneficiary coverage of electricity has increased from 47 to 99 percent.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, "Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the UK and Bangladesh share the ambition to create an ever more prosperous and environmentally- sustainable future."

Chinese President Xi Jinping said, Bangabandhu has dedicated his entire life to his country and people. That is why he is so dear to the people of Bangladesh even today. His dream of a golden Bengal still inspires 160 million people in the development of Bangladesh.

"Bangladesh is situated at the crossroads of South Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and due to the country's high economic growth in recent years, it has become an attractive destination for the Japanese business community," said Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said, But Bangladesh is much different today than when I first visited with my father in 1983. Over the past 50 years, your country has made incredible progress. You have spurred economic growth, reduced poverty, increased access to education and health resources and built new opportunities for your people.

The Secretary-General of the United nations, H. E. Mr. Antnio Guterres said, People of Bangladesh have made tremendous strides over the past five decades, particularly on issues of social development. I congratulate you on this progress. I also congratulate you from graduating from the list of least developed countries.

The Honorable President of the Republic of Maldives H. E. Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman played the pivotal role to achieve the independence of Bangladesh. His charismatic leadership will remain everlasting in the memory of the people. His historical speech delivered on 7th March in 1971 has been inscribed by UNESCO in its International Memory of the World Register as a documentary heritage. Over the last half a century, Bangladesh has achieved remarkable development.

The Honorable President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, H. E. Ms. Bidya Devi Bhandari told that, Bangladesh has been successful to eradicate poverty through achieving economic revitalization and development in recent years and Nepal, as an ally of Bangladesh, is extremely happy to see that.

Honorable Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan, H. E. Mr. Lotay Tshering said that, I strongly believe that all of us, all human beings and for that matter all nations in the world must have a story to share. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has given Bangladesh a very good story to share with the global population. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina is an inspiring leader, a mother like figure for me. Bangladesh is truly blessed to have her as the leader.

The president of the Russian Federation H. E. Mr. Vladimir Putin has said, Bangladesh is celebrating 50 years of its independence and the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman simultaneously. I am confident that it is our joint efforts through regional stability and security which will ensure further development of constructive bilateral cooperation which will bring benefit to both of us.

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia H. E. Mr. Hun Sen has said, Bangladesh was established as an independent country and started its journey towards prosperity through the pragmatic and visionary leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Following the path, he showed, his daughter and Honble Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has consistently navigated the country to excel prosperity which has been articulated by achieving all the criterion to graduate as a developing country.

The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan H. E. Mr. Imran Khan has said, The centenary and Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh remind us of far-sighted reconciliation and friendship between our two peoples so deeply cherished by the leaders of Pakistan and Bangladesh. We would like to fortify our existing bonds with the brotherly Bangladesh and build new ones for our succeeding generations as we believe the destinies of our two peoples are intertwined.

The President of the Indian National Congress Ms. Sonia Gandhi has said, Fifty years ago the courageous people of Bangladesh scripted a full new destiny for themselves transforming both the history and geography of the subcontinent. Over the past five decades, Bangladeshs remarkable achievements in social development, community participation, economic growth and other areas have been very impressive and have received global recognition.

The Secretary-General of OIC H.E. Mr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen has said, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman envisioned to transform the newly independent Bangladesh into the land of prosperous Golden Bangla. His daughter and Honble Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has been championing those dreams of achieving Golden Bangla into reality. Today, Bangladesh bears the example of world peace under her dynamic leadership.

The Prime minister of the Republic of Korea H. E. Mr. Chung Sye-kyun has said, International community has been deeply impressed to see that Bangladesh even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when the world economy has slowed down, succeeded in achieving the greatest level of economic growth. Bangladesh and Korea have continued to nurture the ties of friendship over the last nearly half a century. Currently, Bangladesh is one of the emerging economies in the world. Bangladesh has achieved remarkable progress and development over the last half a century. The Republic of Korea will be a trusted friend to Bangladesh in moving forward to embrace the future together.

The Queen of the United Kingdom H. E. Queen Elizabeth II has said, On the special occasion of your 50th Independence Day, I am delighted to convey to your excellency my congratulations together with my best wishes to the people of Bangladesh. We share ties of friendship and affection which remained the foundation of our partnership and are as important today as was 50 years ago. After what has been a difficult year, I hope we may look forward to overcoming the global health challenges and to better times in future.

The King of Jordan H. E. Abdullah Al Hossain said, The past five decades witnessed a tremendous progress in all aspects of life in Bangladesh. A progress that reflects the resilience of the people of Bangladesh and wisdom of the leadership. We are confident that the future will see Bangladesh making even more strides and consolidating stability, achieving more development and realizing the great potential of its people.

Vulnerability Index, where the contribution of agriculture sector to the economy, export diversification, population ratio of coastal areas, natural disaster situation etc. are taken into consideration. In order to get the final recommendation for transition from a least developed country, a country needs to fulfil certain standards in two consecutive reviews of the UNCDP. If a country passes any two of the three indicators in two consecutive reviews or achieves double the national per capita income, the United Nations declares it eligible to graduate from the Least Developed Countries.

12.87 percent in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year compared to the same period of the previous year. Similarly, export has registered the growth of 8.74 percent in the first 10 months (July-April) and import grew by 6.06 percent during the July-March period. Remittances registered growth of 40.1 percent until 31 May, 2021 compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year and the official foreign exchange reserve exceeded USD 44 billion. During the July-February period of FY 2020-21, the current account balance has seen a surplus by US$ 1.557 billion. Private sector credit has seen growth of 8.79 percent during July-March period compared to the same period of the last fiscal year. Overall inflation, including the price level of essentials also remained stable. The point-to- point inflation on March 2021 was 5.47 percent and we are seeing a declining trend in food inflation due to good harvest of Boro rice. GDP per capita in FY2020-21 has risen to US$2,227, which is higher than that of many of neighbouring countries. This success of the government to maintain the macroeconomic stability has been praised by the international community. According to an IMF report, Bangladesh is one of the three countries of the world that has achieved highest economic growth in 2020. According to the World bank, Bangladesh economy shows early signs of recovery amid uncertainties. The Wall Street Journal has recently published article titled Bangladesh is Becoming South Asias Economic Bull Case. The Indian Express reported Bangladesh: From a Basket Case to a Robust Economy. The New York Times published an op-ed article on 10 March, 2021 titled What Can Bidens Plan do for Poverty? Look at Bangladesh.

The government believes that, every challenge creates lots of opportunities and windows for moving forward. So, there will be new opportunities for us from the scars of COVID-19 global pandemic and the government will take every necessary step to utilize those.

Alongside, priority is given to increase public investment, particularly the size of the Annual Development Programme. To implement the Annual Development Programme, priorities are given on strengthening the health sector infrastructure, establishing the social safety net and removing infrastructural bottlenecks to promote private sector investment and accelerate economic growth. Furthermore, the Plan also laid emphasis on agenda, such as establishment of Digital Bangladesh, development of human resources, promoting good governance in public enterprises, etc.

Preparedness and Response Plan was prepared to combat and control the virus. Later on, with some minor revisions, the Bangladesh Preparedness and Response Plan was finalised, and activities are currently being carried out in accordance with the Plan. During the second wave of the pandemic, medical treatment services have been continued in specialised isolation units in district and upazilla levels, 14 COVID-19 dedicated hospitals in the capital city, and 67 COVID-19 dedicated hospitals in the district hospitals which were established during the first wave of the pandemic last year. Alongside, 55 laboratories established in the last fiscal year and improved government healthcare institutions are providing COVID-19 services. Nine new COVID-dedicated hospitals have been established. As a result, a total of 89 COVID-dedicated hospitals are now in operation. Dhaka North City Corporation Specialised Hospital and Isolation Centre has been opened to provide quick treatment to patients who got infected during the second wave of the pandemic. This hospital has 200 ICU beds, 250 high dependency units (HDUs) beds, an emergency ward with 56 beds, and 395 isolated general beds.

1.06 lakh doses have already been received. There are plans to buy vaccines from the Governments of China and Russia, Pfizer Co. from the USA and Sanofi/GSK from France/Belgium. Negotiations are at the final stage for procuring Sinopharm vaccine from China and Sputnik-V vaccine from Russia, and, if necessary, manufacturing the same in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, 70 lakh doses of Oxford/AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine reached Bangladesh, and the Governments of India and China gave 32 lakh doses and 5 lakh doses respectively of coronavirus vaccine as gifts.

The World Bank provided US$ 500 million for procuring COVID vaccines and US$ 14.87 million for logistics support. Loan Agreement for US$ 940 million with the ADB to procure COVID vaccine is at the final stage. Alongside, there is a good possibility to receive support for vaccine procurement from the European Investment Bank and AIIB.

about 21.80 lakh metric ton. A number of projects are currently ongoing to construct modern food warehouses/silos with a capacity of about 6.00 lakh metric ton. In addition, new development projects to increase the storage capacity of food grains and maintain the capacity of existing warehouses are at the planning stage in line with Vision 2041 and 8th Five Year Plan.

vegetable-nutrition gardens are being created in every union of the country with the aim of bringing every inch of land under cultivation and ensuring family nutrition security. This will benefit 1,41,792 farmers and their families. To mark the commemoration of the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation, step has been taken to create 100 additional Family Nutrition Gardens in each union of the country. All the homeless people who have been given houses by the Hon'ble Prime Minister will be included in the Family Nutrition Gardens programme.

40.1 percent to US$ 22.75 billion. This enviable growth in remittances has been possible mainly due to the continuation of cash incentives at the rate of 2 percent on expatriate income announced by the Hon'ble Prime Minister and the simplification of the process of channeling remittances. This remarkable success in remittances has brought relief for us, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when we are going through uncertainty over the growth of exports due to global economic downturn. Considering the ground reality, I propose to continue the cash incentive at the rate of 2 percent in the next fiscal year as well. In addition, special 'package programmes' will be initiated by concerned banks to increase the flow of remittances through the banking channel.

in rural areas will increase from 36.75 percent to 38.50 percent. Besides, a target has been set to construct 770 km of roads and footpaths and 250 km of drains in urban areas. Implementation of these projects will create direct employment for 890 lakh man-days in the next fiscal year, and create opportunity for huge indirect employment.

61.172 km long underground) with 140 stations (51 surface and 53 underground) under the Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) comprising 6 metro rail lines through state-of-the-art public transport to reduce traffic congestion and improve the environment of the Dhaka metropolitan city and surrounding areas. Following this action plan, the construction of the first ever metro rail system (MRT Line-6) is going on in full swing from Uttara 3rd phase to Motijheel, which will be 20.10 km long with 16 stations and capable of transporting 60,000 passengers per hour through fast, safe, reliable, ecofriendly, and remotely controlled modern public transport system. As of March 2021, the overall average progress is 61.49 percent. Basic design and land acquisition activities are underway to extend MRT Line-6 from Motijheel to Kamalapur by 1.16 km as per the direction of Hon'ble Prime Minister. It is of note that activities are underway through DMTCL to start passenger transport in Uttara-Agargaon section of MRT Line-6 by December 2022, and to complete the detailed design of MRT Line-1 and the basic design of MRT Line-5: Northern Route and MRT Line-5: Southern Route feasibility study.

10.5 meters through capital dredging of Rabnabad channel. With the increase in navigability of the channel, ships with a carrying capacity of 40,000 dead weight tons (DWT) will be able to enter the port. This will bring a large number of foreign ships to the port and add a new dimension to the country's foreign trade. Dredging activities are being carried out in all the required parts of domestic and international routes to make the waterways of the country suitable for navigation. At the Mongla Port and surrounding areas, oil tankers have been procured to remove oil spills in the event of a shipwreck or oil tanker accident.

FY2017-2018, a report titled "Climate Financing for Sustainable Development" is being presented to the National Parliament during the presentation of the budget. Honble Members of Parliament as well as the people of the country are being informed regularly of the government's commitment and resource allocation for tackling the adverse effects of climate change.

40 percent. Under this project, 2,762 residential flats have been constructed in FY 2020-2021. Another 1,536 flats will be constructed across the country including Dhaka. In addition, to solve the housing problem in the Dhaka metropolitan area, a plan has been taken up to construct 60,000 new residential flats in Purbachal new town and 8,400 residential apartments in Uttara Sector 18.

32.5 percent for companies is also applicable for One Person Companies (OPCs). With a view to further formalize the economy and to encourage formation of One Person Companies, I propose a tax rate of 25 percent for the One Person Companies.

If these proposals are endorsed by this august House, the size of the formal economy of the country will get bigger, and investment and revenue collection will increase significantly. By allowing transaction through mobile financial service (MFS) along with bank transfer, this widely used modern technology has been formally recognized in our tax law. This will ensure a business-friendly environment.

country. Rise in the number of women entrepreneurs along with their male counterparts will ensure economic and social empowerment of women. As a special incentive to the SME sector and also for the sake of development of the women entrepreneurs working in the SME sector, I propose to keep up to Taka 70 lac of business turnover of the women entrepreneurs outside the purview of taxation. I hope both the women entrepreneurs and the SME sector will be benefitted from this tax exemption facility.

engaged in production of these items, development of physical infrastructure will be easy and cost-effective. In this context, I propose to reduce the rate of tax on import of raw material related to cement production from 3 percent to 2 percent. I also propose to reduce the rate of tax deduction at source on supply of cement, iron and iron products from 3 percent to 2 percent. I am hopeful that these measures will help these industries to flourish and also enable them to make a positive contribution to the infrastructural development of the country.

that many small business entities have become sick, special importance has been given in the budget so that burden of VAT do not increase and flow of working capital is continued. With the aim to increase revenue, to attract foreign investment and to develop tax compliance culture, I am placing the following proposals on VAT before this august house:

have been prepared. Such automation has enabled honorable taxpayers to keep record and retrieve accounting information. Moreover, it has increased transparency and accountability of VAT payers, VAT receivers and VAT Officials. It is expected that the practice of revenue culture relating to indirect tax collection in Bangladesh will greatly improve through this process.

500%) on import stage to continue in FY 2021-22. In addition, it has been proposed to keep the existing tariff rates unchanged for few essential commodities, fertilizers, seeds, life-saving medicines and some raw materials of certain industries.

Moped is a fuel-efficient motorcycle. It plays an important role in the economic activities of small traders and the public. In order to ensure affordable price, I propose to reduce the tariff rate of Moped.

with the conquest of the sea, extension of Bangladesh customs-waters from the existing 12 nautical miles to 24 nautical miles, to include the offence of customs related money laundering in the definition of smuggling, to amend the base threshold and penalty amount of adjudication of customs officers in the line of present context, to specify the scope of work of Bangladesh Single Window, I propose to bring necessary amendments in the existing Customs Act, 1969.

value added tax for rectifying clerical errors, rationalization of the inconsistent duty rates, creation of new H.S Codes where necessary, deletion, correction and justification of H.S Codes and notifications (Table 4 of Appendix B).

19. But already a second wave and even a third wave have begun around the world, the impact of which is quite pronounced everywhere. Therefore, in the budget for the next fiscal year, in tandem with development, the lives and livelihood of the marginalised people of the country are receiving priority.

Sources: Finance Division, Health Services Division, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Ministry of Food, Ministry of Social Welfare, Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labour and Employment, and Bangladesh Bank

---- Open cell (18.5 inch or above of diagonal length) for use in manufacture of Liquid Crystal Device (LCD)/Light Emitting Diode (LED) panel, imported by Industrial IRC holder VAT compliant television

Published by Maynal Hossain Chowdhury on behalf of Bashundhara Multi Trading Limited, 371/A, Block No: D, Bashundhara R/A, Baridhara, Dhaka -1229 and Printed at East West Media Group Limited, Plot No: C/52, Block-K, Bashundhara, Khilkhet, Badda, Dhaka-1229.

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