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Alapala won 3 awards in the Industrial Design category at the Good Design Awards, in which awards were also given to global giants such as Apple, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes and Schneider Electric.

With new generation Similago II roller mill, easy and fast change of the rolls can be performed in 20 minutes, which is a significant reduction in down times. No special tools are required as the standard tools can be used.

Depart can deliver the spare parts in milling industry including electrical, mechanical and electronic components, Turkey and the world to all customers with offers affordable solutions and just in time services.

d6a & m5a hammer mills - the fitzpatrick company - pdf catalogs | technical documentation

d6a & m5a hammer mills - the fitzpatrick company - pdf catalogs | technical documentation

FitzMill comminuting machines are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for precision particle size reduction. The D6A FitzMill is ideal for use in continuous or batch production, research, and product development as the following features highlight: Wide range of process possibilities Predictable and consistent end results Easy to clean Compact GMP design Directly scalable to larger units Quiet operation Low dust and low heat Metered Feed The metering feed system of the VFS-D6A can greatly enhance the milling process by providing improved product uniformity, and the...

Gravity Feed The FitzMill process chamber is often fed simply by gravity. The S-Pan and VHP D6As, along with the SPV Cabinet Base D6A provide optimal GMP when gravity-fed milling is desired. The VHP D6A featured above employs a large feed pan which is separate from the feed throat. The VHP design is ideal for efficient feeding of large material. The RP Cabinet Base M5A incorporates the feed pan and feed throat in one piece. The cabinet base design also integrates the base and controls into a self-contained portable unit. D6A also available in this configuration. Cabinet Base M5A With RP...

CONTAINMENT AND INERT PROCESSING The Product Containment System (PCS) is designed to contain the product inside the process components in order to prevent airborne dust from escaping into the atmosphere. A second objective of this system is to facilitate operation in an inert environment. The method used to contain the product is similar to isolator technology. The process area is kept under a slight negative pressure to ensure that no powder migrates to the outside. Fitzpatrick has incorporated many exclusive features to ensure a tightly sealed machine, which is critical to this design;...

The RV D6A PCS with remote electrics (controls not shown) includes a rotary valve feed system. The process area is well-sealed and operating under a slight vacuum. The containment challenge is to ensure product doesnt escape the system as it is brought to and away from the machine. This is done through the use of containment valves or other techniques as required to feed and discharge the product in a contained system. RV - Rotary Valve Isolator Mount Available For Additional Safety For situations where additional levels of containment are required, contained equipment can be customized to...

FLEXIBLE Rotor Features D6A versatility is enhanced with its one-piece, reversible knife/impact rotor. The impact edge pulverizes, emulsifies and purees, and the knife edge granulates, chops and sizes. Switching from knife to impact is accomplished simply by reversing the rotor. Bar Rotor The comminuting bar rotor operates at a low speed and reduced energy level. Creating a sifting action close to the screen without contact, the bar rotor gently granulates and delumps. Screen Variations An extensive selection of screen types and sizes accommodates your particle size requirements. Screens...

EASY TO CLEAN Clean-Up & Assembly Each disassembled component weighs less than 10kg/22lbs. Complete disassembly for inspection and cleaning can be accomplished by a single person, in minutes. A single operator can disassemble the D6A quickly and easily for thorough cleaning. VFS-Feed Hopper The metering screw and hopper which precisely controls the feed rate to the VFS-D6A disassembles into five separate components for quick and easy clean-up and assembly. Process chamber disassembles into seven easy-to-clean components.

Particle Forming Technology In the 1930s, the Fitzpatrick Company pioneered the development of particle size reduction technology. 20,000 machines and 10,000 customers later, Fitzpatrick upholds that tradition of innovation by continuing to manufacture the world's most advanced processing equipment. Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Plastics and other industries utilize a wide range of Fitzpatrick machines, including FitzMill Comminutors, and Chilsonator Roll Compactors. Each Unit is built to stringent quality standards to operate under the most demanding manufacturing conditions. The...

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