coal crusher hammer with extended service life - hardox wearparts

coal crusher hammer with extended service life - hardox wearparts

Hammers made out from Hardox 500 provides excellent precision, much better granulation of coal prepared for burning at Thermo-electric plants. Energy output is much higher. Also balance of crushing rotor is excellent compared to forged which deviated in weight due to forging process up to 15%.

hammer crusher | hxjq

hammer crusher | hxjq

Processing Materials: silica, iron ore, granite, gangue, river pebbles, calcite, limestone, bluestone, coal, gypsum, glass, cement, bricks, tiles, and some mental ores.

Hammer crusher is also called hammer mill crusher or industrial hammer mill, which can be used in the dry or wet crushing processes. It can crush materials into the required size in one time to save lots of energy and investment costs.

According to different features of different materials, HXJQ has improved the hammer crusher in its structure, application and function, and developed coal hammer crusher, glass hammer crusher, ceramic hammer crusher, cement hammer crusher, gypsum hammer crusher, limestone hammer crusher, quartz hammer crusher, etc.

1. Reversible type hammer crusher is often used for fine crushing process, and the finished products are uniform and fine. Reversible type hammer crusher has a large crushing ratio and can work stably.

2. Irreversible type hammer crusher is usually used for medium crushing process. Because its rotors can't rotate back and forth, it is also called as the impact hammer crusher. Irreversible type hammer crusher combines the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher and performs well in the crushing process. It is a technical and compact crushing machine with the features of low energy consumption, high capacity and low price.

Hammer crusher is used to crush materials with medium hardness and low corrosivity. The compressive strength of materials processed should be no more than 200Mpa, and water content should be lower than 15%.

Hammer crushing equipment is suitable for processing coal, gypsum, brick, tile, limestone, quartz, iron ore, granite, basalt, gangue, river pebble, calcite, wollastonite, bluestone, glass, cement, and other metal ores. Also, it is used to crush wood, paper, construction waste and recycled asbestos fiber, etc.

Besides, the hammer crushing machine can be not only applied in the crushing process and sand making process, but also can be adopted as the secondary crushing equipment to replace cone crusher and impact crusher, and used in the beneficiation processing line.

Hammer is made of high-quality manganese steels and treated by strict heat processing and then it becomes single austenite. After the process, the service life has been prolonged 4 times than traditional hammer crushing machines and working efficiency has been improved more than 30%.

The crushing process of hammer crushing machine is that the power drives the hammer to crush materials, and the crushed materials are impacted on the counterattack plate, and then the materials rebounded by the counterattack plate hit the materials impacted by the hammerhead.

Hammer crusher mainly relies on the impact force to complete the crushing. When the hammer crusher works, the motor drives the rotor in high-speed rotation. The materials are sent into the crusher chamber evenly and after a high-speed impact of hammer, the material is crushed into a smaller size.

The material larger than the sieve mesh is remained in the screening plate for further impacting and grinding. The material smaller than the sieve mesh is discharged from the hammer crushing machine to the material piles.

HXJQ as one of the professional hammer crusher manufacturers in China, mainly produces jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, feeding machine, sand washing machine and supporting equipment such as dust collector and conveyors, etc.

HXJQ undertakes various construction projects of large-capacity sand and aggregate production lines and serves from the equipment design, manufacturing, project survey, production line design, construction, equipment installation and debugging to after-sales service.

5 solutions to extend hammer crusher service life

5 solutions to extend hammer crusher service life

As we know, hammer crusher mainly crushes raw material by impact force produced by high-speed high manganese steel hammer, so the service life of hammer directly decides the working efficiency of hammer crusher. So in this article, we introduce solutions to extend the service life of high manganese steel hammer.

Properly operate and maintain the hammer crusher in order to keep it in good condition is the effective way to extend the service life of hammer. So in the daily operation and maintenance of hammer crusher, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

In order to solve such problems as low production efficiency and difficult installation and maintenance, ZENITH developed a new generation of jaw crusher--- C6X Series Jaw Crusher. It is the most ideal coarse crushing equipment on current market because a

As the new generation of crusher, PEW Series Jaw Crusher is born with innovative significance. The unique design concept makes this crusher achieve perfect combination between crushing efficiency and operating cost.

what kind of crusher hammer material is best for you? - hongxing machinery

what kind of crusher hammer material is best for you? - hongxing machinery

The crusher hammer is one of the core parts of the hammer crusher. It is arranged on the hammer shaft of the crusher rotor and directly hits the material when the hammer crusher is in operation. Crusher hammers play an important role in various fields.

According to different types of crushed materials, crusher hammersalso have different classificationsand they on the market can be divided into two types according to the manufacturing process: casting and forging, but their wear resistance is different. Due to the materialthat itis crushed, the hammerneeds good abrasion resistance, and the shank needs sufficient toughness.

Suitable for pebbles, coalgangue,limestone, etc.The hammer of the forging crusher uses high-quality steelused in the train wheel (material 65Mn, good impact resistance, strong toughness, good abrasion resistance).

The metal blank is repeatedly forged by the forging machine to deform it to obtain certain mechanical properties,shape, and size. After a special quenching and heat treatment, it can ensure that the working area of the hammer has high hardness and high wear resistance.

Forging can eliminate defects such as as-cast looseness caused by the metal during smelting, and optimize the microstructure. At the same time, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than that of castings due to the preservation of the complete metal streamline. Forged hammerheads are popular with customers because of their low price, economy, and durability.

High-manganese steel is the most common and widely used material. It is often used in the production of wear-resistant partsof the hammer crusher no matter it is big or small. High-manganese steel crusher hammer has good toughness, good workmanship, and low price.

Its main characteristics under the action of a large impact or contact stress, the surface layer will rapidly undergo work hardening, and its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials, and the wear resistance is greatly improved.

However, the hammer of high manganese steel crusher has higher requirements on the overall performance of the crusher. If the physical impact force is insufficient or the contact stress is small in actual work, the surface cannot be rapidly processed and hardened, so that it cannot exert its wear resistance.

Therefore, weadvise the majority of customers should choose according to the actual parameters of the equipment before use, and if necessary, they can modify the equipment to make the most of its economic benefits.

However,the high toughness of high manganese steel is unmatched by other wear-resistant materials. In addition to being used in the production of crusher hammerheads, Mn13, Mn13Cr2, and Mn18Cr2 are also suitable for strong impact conditions such as large and medium-sized crusher tooth plates.

High chromium composite hammer, that is, at about 20% chrome, its used for more abrasive applications such as gold ore, glass recycling, and shell processing. high manganese steel is used for the hammer handle, and high chromium alloy is used in the working area of the hammerhead.

The two are compounded to make the head of the hammer high hardness, while the hammer shank high toughness. The respective advantages of the materials overcome the shortcomings of a single material and meet the performance requirements of the hammerhead.

High chromium alloy crusher hammer is particularly suitable for crushing high hardness materials, such as quartz stone and basalt. However, the traditional manufacturing process is complicated, the process requirements are strict, and the price is high.

Compared with other materials, hard alloy hammer have higher hardness, flexural strength, and impact, thermal fatigue resistance, good thermal hardness, low cost, etc.,It alsosolvesthe cracks, desoldering, and collapse that are easy to occur in high manganese materials mouth, drop the block and so on.

The main factor affecting the wear resistance and service life of the crusher hammerhead is the silicon dioxide content in the stone. The technology under the modern industry shows that the use of hard alloy hammerheads has good wear resistance.

Of course, some manufacturers will also improve the hammerhead. For example, the thickness of the hammer crusher head is increased by 15mm, the end width is increased by 20mm, the length of the suspension hole to the end is increased by 10mm. The radius has been changed from 90mm to 75mm to improve the comprehensive performance of the crusher hammerhead.

The crusher hammerheads that are cast with two different metal liquids are bimetallic. While the bimetallic hammerheads ensure the toughness of the hammer handle, the hammerhead also has the hardness and wear resistance.

The temperature of the bimetal hammerhead during quenching is critical. Generally, the appropriate quenching temperature is selected according to the thickness of the part wall. The higher the quenching temperature, the higher the hardenability. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a reasonablecasting and heat treatment processes.

If the crusher hammer is not cast properly, it can cause defects such as blowholes. When the design of the crusher hammer head pouring system is not correct, the eddy current generated by the metal liquid will wrap the gas and cause the generation of pores;

When the hammer is castwith a terrible situation of exhaust gas, the gas cannot be discharged from the mold will also cause the pores. We strictly control the pouring temperature during pouring, and can not be interrupted evenly during pouring. To facilitate the venting of the mold, inclined pouring can be used.

After being used, the hammer of the crusher will wear to different degrees. Due to the low-impact working conditions, the work hardening effect of the surface of the hammer will also increase. The wear of the hammer refers to the surface of the metal hammer under the action of mechanical forceso that is will gradually detach from the mothers body, change the original performance of the hammer.

when we making crusher hammer, you have to master a lot of information which tells people what to do can cast high- quality crusher hammers. Let just take thehigh chromium hammers as an example, the information as following:

rigid arm breaker hammer mill | learn more at williams patent crusher

rigid arm breaker hammer mill | learn more at williams patent crusher

You are now leaving our website and entering a website hosted by another party. Please be advised that by continuing you will no longer be subject to the protection of our privacy and security policies. First Bank does not guarantee the experience and content accuracy of the new website you will visit.

Williams Rigid Arm Breakers are essentiallyhammer millsin which the hammers are rigid, rather than swing-mounted. The Williams Rigid Arm Hammer Mill is especially effective with soft, fibrous, or bulky materials such as paper and corrugated.

It is also well suited to softer materials (also known as friables), such as coal, where low dust is desired. When you need materials reduced to fine powders, a Rigid Arm Breaker hammer mill gets the job done without the mess.

EachRigid Arm Breakerhas multiple edges which can be indexed and presented as wear occurs. In a special model, reversible arms present fresh edges as needed, which extend the life of your Rigid Arm Breaker hammer mill and reduce maintenance time and cost. Metal traps to catch uncrushable materials are available. As always, Williams Patent Crusher's hammer mills are made of heavy-duty construction and can handle the high-tonnage materials you need reduced in size.

Rigid Arm Breakers are capable of achieving duplicate particle size gradations to match more expensive double roll crushers, making them an economical alternative. Rigid Arm Breakers are also easier and cheaper to maintain than double roll crushers.

the renovation project of lump coal sizer/grading crushing for bayangol coal preparation plant large capacity double roller crusher for sale,mining crushing equipment mine crushing & screening

the renovation project of lump coal sizer/grading crushing for bayangol coal preparation plant large capacity double roller crusher for sale,mining crushing equipment mine crushing & screening

Bayangole Coal Preparation Plant is located in Wushen Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. It is invested and constructed by Inner Mongolia Huangtaolgai Coal Co., Ltd. It is a modern mine-type coal preparation plant with an annual processing capacity of 10.00Mt.

In 2018, Bayangole Coal Preparation Plant adjust the output particle size of the lump clean coal from 80mm to 50mm to improve the product structure composition. The original equipment manufacturers improved the crusher by modifying the tooth profile, but the effect is not ideal. After the renovation, frequent incidents of stuffy machine blockage occurred, which failed to meet the capacity requirements, affected the normal production of the coal preparation plant and the service life of the toothed rollers was short.

In order to ensure the use effect, in the first half of 2019, after full technical demonstration and on-site inspections, our company has carried out a second transformation on the lump clean coal crusher. The following transformation plan is proposed:

ways to avoid rotor imbalance | china crusher | mesto, sandvik, liming

ways to avoid rotor imbalance | china crusher | mesto, sandvik, liming

The high-speed rotating rotor with a plate hammer is the main working part of the impact crusher. In order to meet the needs of crushing large ore, the rotor must have sufficient weight and run smoothly.

Regardless of the replacement of a new blow bar or an old blow bar after assembly and repair, attention must be paid to the balance of the rotor; otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the equipment. This article shares the consequences, causes, solutions and precautions for daily maintenance of the rotor imbalance.

The impact crusher has been working under severe conditions for a long time, which intensifies the wear of the rotor bearing. Once the rotor fails, the cost of repair and replacement is very high, and replacement is very difficult, often resulting in loss of production shutdown.

Compared with the hammer crusher, the rotor of the impact crusher has a greater momentum, which is suitable for crushing harder materials and has lower energy consumption. The rotor is an important part of impact crusher. Correct use and reasonable maintenance can effectively avoid rotor imbalance faults and avoid unnecessary shutdowns.

Manufactures mobile crushers, mobile jaw crushers, Cone Crushers, Sand Maker China that are widely used in mining, construction, highway, bridge, coal, chemical, metallurgy, refractory matter, etc. [emailprotected]

hammer crusher machine - big crushing ratio and high efficiency

hammer crusher machine - big crushing ratio and high efficiency

The hammer crusher machine is a kind of crusher machine and becomes more and more popular in recent years. Because of its large crushing ratio, convenient operation and strong crushing force, it occupies a large proportion in the field of crushing equipment. The raw materials the hammer crusher for sale can crush include limestone, coal gangue, coal, pebble, limestone, gypsum, brick, glass, bluestone and more than 200 other materials. Moreover, the crushed materials are widely used in the building materials, mines, water conservancy, highway and other fields. Because the hammer mill crusher for sale has different specifications for your choose, welcome to contact us and get some professional suggestions.

The production capacity of small hammer mill rock machine ranges from 3t/h to 55t/h. Usually, it can break medium strength, that is, less than 100MPa of brittle materials, such as shale, coal, siltstone and so on. Small hammer mill stone crusher adopts special cavity structure, so that the hammer head can crush the raw materials with the best state, so its load is stable and low power consumption. Moreover, we use wear-resistant materials to make wear parts, thus extending their service life and reducing the frequency of maintenance.

The productivity of heavy hammer stone crushercan reach 80t/h to 3000t/h, more suitable for these medium and large size of construction projects. Its compressive strength can reach 200MPa, and it can be used to break medium hardness materials, such as limestone, gypsum, coal and so on.

First of all, you need to notice its feeding size and output size. The feeding size is related with your raw materials. So you should know the size of your raw materials. Then is the production capacity. The production capacity of hammer mill crushersyou choose depends on the actual demand of your projects. If your construction project is not very large, the small size hammer mill grinderstotally can meet your needs. Finally, you also should choose a hammer crusher machinewith suitable power.

Hammer crusher mainly depends on the impact to break the materials. The crushing process is as follows: The material fed into the hammer mill crusheris first crushed by the impact of the high-speed moving hammer head, and at the same time, it obtains kinetic energy, and flies to the crushing plate on the inner wall of the casing at high speed to be crushed again. The material smaller than the gap between the grate bars is discharged out of the machine, and the material blocks larger than the gap between the grate bars are again impacted and ground on the grate bar until they are smaller than the gap between the grate bars and then discharged.

The hammer crusher machineis equipped with a rotor. There are many hammers installed on the rotor. The hammers need to be replaced after a certain period of time. The replacement time varies according to the hardness of the material to be crushed. The greater the hardness, the morefrequentlyhammer is changed.

If you need a hammer crusher for sale, welcome to choose our Daswell Machinery. Our company has always adhere to the principle of providing our customers with high quality machine at the competitive price. If you choose us, our salesman will spare no effort to help you pick up a right hammer mill grinder for your projects. Wanna to know the hammer crusher price? Click the button and leave your message to us. We promise that we will reply you as soon as possible.

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