hts itc mineral grinding plant , air particle classifier for fly ash powder

hts itc mineral grinding plant , air particle classifier for fly ash powder

HTS,ITC Air Classifier Separator Machinery For Fly Ash Powder This air classifiers series HTS has been developed especially for mass production of ultra fine products from d97: 3 micron to 120 micron, and can compete with Hosokawa Alpine ATP and ATP-NG classifiers. 1. Separate rotor housings in multi-wheel design for easy maintenance 2. Feed from top or bottom with main air stream for high feed rates 3. High speed drive system 4. Adjust cut point by variable rotors speed via frequency converter 5. Structure material can be mild steel or stainless steel, wear protection is PU or ceramic. 6. Replaceable rotor parts 7. Solid construction, high precision by CNC machining, durable, low maintenance cost. . EPC Contracting i. Technology Hosokawa Alpine technology and Omya technology ii. Experts/Consultant Mr. H. Horlamus -- former engineer-- Hosokawa Alpine Mr. Victor Evele -- former engineer-- Omya iii. Experience over 20 years iv. Application Minerals, Chemicals, New Materials, Pharmaceutical Materials, Food/Health Care Products, Recycled Materials v. Supply consultancy, testing, project design, machines, commissioning and training service. .Machine Supplier i. Fluidized Bed Jet Mill ix. Turbo Classifier ii. Spiral Jet Mill x. Multi-wheel Classifier iii. Air Classifier Mill xi. Dynamic Classifier iv. Impact Mill xii. Jet Classifier v. Vibration Mill xiii. Particle Surface Coating Machines vi. Ball Mill xiv. Particle Shape Modification System vii. Grinding System xv. Waste PCB Recycling System viii Wet Stir Mill System xvi. Waste Tire Recycling System our services 1. New Material Processing Test 2. Project Design & Engineering 3. Automation Engineering Plant 4. Machine Desing And Manufacture 5. Project Management 6. Test Running 7. Staff Training 8. Existed Factory Improvement 9. Overseas Installing And Maintenance Supporting Technical Data Multi-wheel Air Classifier Series HTS Model HTS 315/3 HTS 315/4 HTS 315/6 HTS 400/6 HTS 500/4 HTS 500/6 Drive Powder(Kw) 45 60 90 132 120 180 Product Fineness(D97:micron) 3-45 3-45 3-45 5-45 5-45 5-45 Throughput (Tons/hour) 1.5-5 2-8 3-10 5-15 6-20 8-30 Single-wheel Air Classifier Series HTS Model HTS 100 HTS 140 HTS 260 HTS 315 HTS 400 HTS 500 Drive Powder(Kw) 3/4 4/5.5 5.5/7.5 11/15 15/22 22/30 Product Fineness(D97:micron) 3-45 3-45 3-45 3-45 5-45 5-45 Throughput (Tons/hour) 0.05-0.3 0.1-0.5 0.3-1.2 0.5-2 0.8-2.5 1.3-5 Turbo Classifier ITC Model ITC-0 ITC-1 ITC-2 ITC-3 ITC-4 ITC-5 ITC-6 Drive Powder(Kw) 4/5.5 7.5/11 15/18.5 22/30 37/45 55/75 90/110 Product Fineness(D97:micron) 6-7.5 6-7.5 8-7.5 9-7.5 10-7.5 15-7.5 20-7.5 Throughput (Tons/hour) 0.2-1 0.3-2 1-3 1.5-6 2.2-9 3-15 7-30 Note: the throughput or production capacity depends heavily on raw material fineness, density,moisture and flow-ability. The data above is just for your reference Application Area 1) What are our main products? - We design and manufacture various powder grinding mills, classifiers, coating machines, mixing machines, etc. 2) What service do we supply? - We offer consultancy for project feasibility assessment, process flow definition, preliminary layout and factory building plan, project budget, project time schedule,etc. - We supply sample processing tests in our test station where are equipped with our various machine products, to help clients compare performances of different types of machines or process. - We supply project engineering, automation engineering and civil engineering. - We send engineers to the clients project site and offer on-site technical instruction and supervision during the machine installation, commissioning and test run. 3) How long time is our delivery? - 60 to 90 days after the down payment received. 4) What payment terms do we offer? - 30% by T/T as down payment; - 70% by T/T before shipment or irrevocable L/C at sight. 5) What kind of shipment can we do? - For complete machines, standard containers or frame containers by sea. - For spare parts, wooden Case and pallet for delivery by air. 6) What service can we supply for machine installation and test run? - We send engineers to the clients project site and offer on-site technical instruction and supervision during the machine installation, commissioning and test run. 7) What is our warranty policy? - We offer lifetime service for our machine products after the delivery, and will follow up the machine status with our clients after the successful machine installation in our clients factories. For more detail, please check below picture!

air classifiers | dry grinding mills | particle size analysis

air classifiers | dry grinding mills | particle size analysis

Air classification is a techniqueused to separate dry particles according to their size, density or aerodynamic shape. RSG Inc manufactures air classifiers for all types of dry powders. Small capacity machines start around 1 kg/hr for high density fine metal powders, food and pharmaceutical applications. High capacity air classifiers go up-to 1000 tph or more for iron ore, cement, fly ash and slags. Air classifiers can generally be used in the range of 1mm to 1 micron

fly ash ceramsite production process - fodamon machinery

fly ash ceramsite production process - fodamon machinery

Fly ash is a kind of pozzolanic mixture of pulverized coal which is extinguished at low temperature. It is the power plant that extinguishes the coal and grinds the coal into the pulverized coal below 100 microns. It sprays the preheating atmosphere into the furnace to form the suspension form and extinguishes. It produces the low temperature flue gas with thick turbidity and a small amount of incombustible substances. The fly ash is obtained through the installation of dust collection. The chemical composition of fly ash is similar to that of clayey soil, and its secondary identity is silica, Al2O3, Fe2O3, Cao and unburned carbon. Fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants.

Fly ash ceramsite is a kind of artificial light aggregate, which is made of fly ash as the main raw material (about 85%), and mixed with a certain amount of lime (or carbide slag), gypsum, admixture, etc. through measurement, batching, molding, hydration and hydrothermal synthesis reaction or natural hydraulic reaction. Ceramsite has excellent properties, such as low density, high compressive strength, high porosity, high softening coefficient, good frost resistance, excellent alkali resistant aggregate reactivity and so on. In particular, due to its small density, porous interior, uniform shape and composition, and certain strength and firmness, ceramsite is featured by light weight, corrosion resistance, frost resistance, earthquake resistance and good insulation (heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture insulation), etc. With its excellent properties, ceramsite can be widely used in building materials, horticulture, food and beverage, fire-resistant and thermal insulation materials, chemical industry, petroleum and other sectors.

The production process is roughly as follows: raw material (fly ash + quantitative admixture) mixed grinding granulation calcination stacking transportation (bagging) production of fly ash ceramsite should adopt double barrel rotary kiln, that is, the preheating section and drying section of the kiln body can control their rotation speed separately, so as to control their preheating time according to the state of raw material. Clay ceramsite has been banned from production and use in some areas in recent years due to the limitation of land resources. However, in some areas, river silt and waste mountain soil can be used for production. The technological process of ceramsite equipment is as follows: raw material mixing, granulation, screening, sintering, stacking and transportation (bagging). During the operation, attention should be paid to the observation to prevent the material from agglomerating in the kiln and affecting the quality. Fly ash ceramsite is usually fired by sintering and rotary kiln. The amount of fly ash is determined by the properties of fly ash and binder. Generally, the amount of fly ash in sintering process can reach 80% ~ 90%, and that in rotary kiln process can reach 70% ~ 80%. The quantity of fly ash ceramsite is higher than that of fly ash sintered brick. Fly ash ceramsite is mainly used to prepare lightweight aggregate concrete (also known as fly ash ceramsite concrete), which is characterized by light weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high fire resistance, good chemical stability, durability and heat insulation performance. Many bridge projects and multi-storey and high-rise buildings have been applied with fly ash ceramsite concrete, and remarkable technical and economic benefits have been achieved.

flyash - netzsch grinding & dispersing

flyash - netzsch grinding & dispersing

Fly ash is a fine powder that is a byproduct of burning pulverized coal in electric generation power plants. Fly ash is a pozzolan, a substance containing aluminous and siliceous material that forms cement in the presence of water. When mixed with lime and water, fly ash forms a compound similar to Portland cement.

Fly ash can be used as prime material in many cement-based products, such as poured concrete, concrete block, and brick. One of the most common uses of fly ash is in Portland cement concrete pavement or PCC pavement. Road construction projects using PCC can use a great deal of concrete, and substituting fly ash provides significant economic benefits.

NETZSCH is expanding its product portfolio with an agitator bead mill for the dry grinding of mineral and ceramic raw materials. The Pamir impresses with very high product fineness and high throughput rates with low specific energy consumption.

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use fly ash ball mill make flyash cement | ball mill machine supplier

use fly ash ball mill make flyash cement | ball mill machine supplier

The fly ash ball mill is important equipment in the fly ash production line. It is mainly used to grind the fly ash with different particle sizes collected from the flue gas after coal combustion to obtain the building material with uniform particle size.

Fly ash (flue ash or pulverized fuel ash) is one of the industrial solid wastes in which current emissions are large. If we ignore it and do not carry out resource management, it will have a very bad impact on the surrounding ecological environment, thus endangering human health. With the continuous development of science and technology, buy a ball mill for fly ash grinding, you can get fly ash with uniform particle size. The fly ash with uniform particle size can be made into building materials such as cement ingredients, which can turn fly ash into treasure, realize environmental protection benefits, and obtain considerable economic benefits at the same time.

The fly ash ball mill produced by AGICO GROUP is based on years of research on the characteristics of fly ash, after long-term practice and continuous technological upgrading, combined with market demand and user feedback, and finally built alarge-scale ball millequipment.

This ash ball mill is an optimized design for the characteristics of fly ash. Compared with ordinarycement ball mill, it is more suitable for treating fly ash with uneven ash content. Ordinary cement ball mill is mostly used in circulating grinding system, and the effect is more obvious for grinding slag cement. However, the fly ash ball mill mainly adopts a high-quality special separation device for the internal separation of powder, and the fine grinding bin is added with an activation device, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency of pulverized fuel ash.

The fly ash ground by the fly ash ball mill can not only be used as a concrete admixture, but also can be used in construction products, agricultural fertilizers, soil conditioners, environmental protection materials, and papermaking raw materials. The processing flow of the coal ash ball mill mainly includes transportation-crushing-grinding-screening-finished product-storage. The grinding work of the fly ash ball mill belongs to the key link. Due to the differentpulverized coal grindingand subsequent combustion conditions, the shape and size of the generated fly ash will be different and cannot be directly recycled. But after being ground by a fly ash ball mill, the particle size of fly ash is uniform and can be used in more fields.

The fly ash raw material is conveyed by the vibrating machine to the jaw crusher for crushing. This step is mainly to crush large particles of fly ash to small particles that can meet the size of the fly ash ball mill.

The ground fly ash powder is screened through a circular vibrating screen. The finished powder that meets the particle size of the finished product is transported to the warehouse for packaging and storage, and the powder that does not meet the particle size is returned to the ball mill for re-grinding.

As a ball mills supplier with 22 years of experience in the grinding industry, we can provide customers with types of ball mill, vertical mill, rod mill and AG/SAG mill for grinding in a variety of industries and materials.

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