proslab 155b automated slab harvester firefly automatix

proslab 155b automated slab harvester firefly automatix

Our team at FireFly Equipment is not afraid of difficult problems. We have found solutions to conditions that were previously un-automatable. All while giving you the cuts and pallets you want. The ProSlab 155B offers unprecedented fuel economy, excellent flotation, highly productive systems, cab comfort, and reduced maintenance. In fact, we are confident that the ProSlab 155B is the best automated slab harvester of turfgrass in the world.

We are committed to providing top-notch service and support. While we strive for 100% reliability, there will be times when your machines need maintenance and service. With our own turf farming experience, we understand what it means to be down. We will be there for you for the long haulset up and ongoing training24/7 technical phone supportovernight partsupdates and service visits whatever it takes.

The ProSlabs turbo-charged 4-cylinder Tier 4 Final JCB engine is vibration isolated and runs at low RPMs to give you great fuel economy. And youll make fewer fuel stops with a 60 gallon/225 liter tank. The moisture blocking tank breather keeps moisture out of oil in high humidity environments. The blower fan blows hot air out, keeping the engine compartment cool, extending component life.

Direct drive hydraulic pumps provide increased efficiency and lower weight. Spin-on hydraulic filters are above the oil tank level, making them easy to change and minimizing oil loss during service. This reduces contamination during service.

Electric technology brings unmatched efficiency and fast, smooth movements. Smooth operation greatly reduces wear and tear on your machine. Electric systems are highly reliable and energy efficient, using only the power they need to save fuel. They are commonly used in industrial machines including robots and CNC machine tools. FireFly brought this best practice to turf harvesting.

When we produced the first FireFly harvester, we found that the speed of our machine required a better, faster cutoff system. This led us to develop the first-of-its-kind electric cutoff system. This cutoff produces an excellent, clean cut at blazing fast speeds. It operates very smoothly, reducing the wear and tear associated with other machines.

Our electrically driven stackerthe SynchroStackeris simply the smoothest, fastest and most accurate stacker in the industry.And the most fuel efficient of all slab stackers. It requires very little maintenance and can transfer even the most tender sod to the pallet with ease.

The ProSlab 155B utilizes the most advanced floating cutter head available. Our patented cutter head hitch provides the right flotation and balance, using simplerubber-mounted connections. It produces a superb slab block and leaves the field in excellent condition for re-grow. The safety latch on the head boom is easy to use, and its pivot is greaseless.

The cutter features FireFlys proven depth control system that provides unmatched stability for your cutter blade, low maintenance, and long life. The depth of cut is easily changed with the touch of a button. One of FireFlys early innovations, our depth control systems represent several themes found throughout our harvesters: longer lastingbuilt to handle the jobless grease and maintenance.

The down pressure is fully adjustable to accommodate very hard ground and soft ground, all at the operators fingertips. The ProSlab 155Bs double down pressure roller gives you more consistent turf. With more even thickness, the turf doesnt tear as easily, and the pallets are easier to load.

No other cutter on the market can perform in more widely varying conditions so simply, due to FireFlys exclusive ground pressure control algorithms. From hard and rocky, to soft and muddy. Our patent-pending electric chop with position-based speed control will amaze you with its quality of cut.

We specifically designed the self-propelled ProSlab 155B for low ground pressurewhen you dont want to leave a mark. High flotation radial tires will leave your field with low impact for excellent re-grow. Side-cutting design keeps you from driving on your turf. ProSlab harvesters operate easily in the soft field conditions that are common in warm season turf farms.

The engine is placed on the opposite side of the conveyor and cutter for excellent weight balance without the need of extra ballast. This design, along with its hydrostatic drive with full time 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel traction control allows the ProSlab 155B to work very well on uneven groundeven side hills. Planetary wheel drives have an emergency tow release feature.

Adjustable so you can leave any width of ribbon of turf, or no ribbon at all. Our proprietary algorithms make it simple to cut straight lines without wheel oscillations. The ProSlabs simple steering shoe design has fewer moving parts. Using FireFlys proven sensor technology for reliable, longer lasting operation. *Now available with right-side and left-side auto steering.

The gentle slope of our conveyor allows for extra tall pallets and helps prevent turf from slipping. It follows the contours of the ground with the head. The two-piece conveyor also lifts for high ground clearance during transport.

Because of FireFlys patented capability to rotate slabs, we can produce perfectly square-sided pallets without the need to offset slabs from side to side as other automatic machines commonly do. The ProSlab 155B simply stacks the way you want.

The ProSlab 155B is the only automated slab harvester that allows you to change pallets without stopping. Dropping pallets on-the-fly is a significant productivity feature, saving as much as 35 seconds per pallet over machines that must stop to change pallets. We keep your blade in the ground and your machine moving. Fork tilting makes for gentle pallet drops.

This stacker features a simple hook system and is well proven in many different soil and grass types. It is being used with great success in Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bluegrass, Fescue, Centipede, and Buffalo Grass, with mow heights from to 4 (6mm to 100mm).

The heart of the Proslab 155B is our exclusive patented electrically driven SynchroStacker. This stacker is simply the smoothest, fastest and most accurate stacker in the industry.The moving parts are above the dirt, minimizing wear. The SynchroStacker is driven by electric servo motors, allowing for extremely smooth movement and unmatched slab placement accuracy. Speed is adjustable to adapt to tender vs. strong turf. Smooth operation reduces wear and is more gentle on turf. Our ultra-smooth stacker features a simple hook system and is well proven in many different soil and grass types. With our patented stacking algorithms, you can be sure this stacker will produce perfectly square pallets, and do it faster than any other slab harvester in the industry.

In Single-Slab mode, the machine will pick up one slab at a time. This slab would typically be a slab that is the full length of the pallet used. For example, 16x48, or 20x40 or 21x42, or 24x48.

Our patented Multi-Slab mode allows for high productivity, as the stacker is carrying multiple pieces each time it moves to the pallet. In this mode, we offer a 16x24 cut, available in two different styles: 16 wide x 24 long, stacker picks up two pieces at a time; or 24 wide x 16 long, stacker picks up three pieces at a time. Both utilize a single stacker head with FireFlys exclusive multi-piece pickup system for increased productivity.Slabs are fully cut into individual blocks using traditional chop-off. Then multiple pieces are brought together so the stacker can pickup multiple slabs at a time.

Yet another example of the way we listen to your needs. The ProSlab 155B is the only automated harvester that can do both double-sided pallets (optional) and drop-on-the-fly. Our high capacity pallet magazine holds up to 20 empty pallets, keeping you going for longer. The easy to use doors latch open or closed.

Rotating air-ride seat swivels over 180 degrees from front to back. No more leaning sideways or straining your neck to seeeasy to get in and out. Full climate control and comfortable operator controls to reduce operator fatigue.

Automation made simple. FireFly uses the latest in computer systems, such as multi-core processors. This technology allows us to implement previously unattainable levels of control and advanced diagnostics. These greater capabilities bring a simpler interface and smarter systems that can react and adapt to varying conditions in ways never before implemented on turf harvesters. Intelligent Digital Control gives you intuitive controls, simple design, and bilingual interface (English/Spanish). Reject bad pieces with touch of a button. Simply drive.

FireFlys greaseless bushings save your farm countless hours. The high-strength polymer material is designed for harsh, dirty environments. Our fittings provide reduced vibration and up to three times longer service life. And perhaps the best part: no maintenance.

Our engineers dedicate great amounts of time designing machines that are maintainable for the long haul. We build our machines out of components, so you could do a major rebuild without having to cut and weld the frame. We never incorporate wear surfaces into major structures that cannot be bolt-in replacements. We also work to make our machine modular. This gives you flexibility for upgrades down the road.

mechanical pruning erick nielsen enterprises, inc

mechanical pruning erick nielsen enterprises, inc

We invest in skilled and reliable operators and quality saw blades and equipment to perform a service we can be proud of.All supervisors and operators successfully complete our comprehensive safety program as well as other relevant training prior to operating the machinery.

Our highly versatile and efficient machines, combined with experienced supervisors and operators, allow us to provide growers with an economical pruning solution. Our fleet is comprised of ENE designed and manufactured equipment, including our exclusive Single Bar Topper-Hedgers, as well as modified TOL, Inc. equipment.

One treatment that has been very popular is our one-pass, 12, slot-hedging cut which can be an effective tool for separating almond varieties or providing a very narrow cross-hedging cut across tree row borders.

ventrac 4500 tractor

ventrac 4500 tractor

It only takes one test drive on this incredibly agile, yet power-packed tractor and you'll know that the Ventrac 4500 is in a class of its own. An innovative design combines all-wheel drive, the Ventrac FlexFrame, and powerful engines to give you unmatched stability and control to get work done. Most importantly, the Ventrac 4500 is designed to be the most fun you'll ever have on a tractor.

Choose from over 30 professional grade Ventrac Mount attachments to transform your Ventrac into a productivity powerhouse. This incredibly rugged and dependable machine is a wise business investment for golf courses, schools and universities, parks, street maintenance departments, commercial mowing services, contractors, wineries, farms, property owner associations, estate homes and anyone needing ONE machine to do it all.

At its core, the 4500 is a compact tractor, but it is very different than what most are used to seeing and that is a great thing. The purpose of a tractor is to perform tasks more efficiently, with better results than hand labor. The Ventrac 4500 plays on these advantages, then takes it to the next level. When coupled with the extensive line of Ventrac attachments, this tractor is a great machine for a variety of professional users.

Ventrac is the best four wheel drive, compact tractor for mowing on slopes. With an articulating & oscillating frame, low center of gravity, traction control, and dual wheels, this tractor can conquer grass mountains. Proudly made in America. Test drive one at your local dealer today.

Joan Miller was tired of spending her entire weekends trying to maintain nearly thirty acres of rough, hilly terrain and thick wooded areas. So she turned to The One Tractor Solution to help get the job done faster and easier than ever. Ventrac made it possible to reclaim her valuable weekend time.

From season to season, NC State University Grounds Supervisor, Mark Tennant and his crew, have experienced the benefits of Ventrac's versatility. The grounds crew of NC State prides themselves in the work they do to keep the campus in pristine condition. Check out the newest video to see how their Ventrac fleet is a critical piece in making this elite campus beautiful year round.

Venture Products, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to product design and specifications without notice. The information on this website has been compiled for US & Canada reference only. Some illustrations and text may include items or offers that are not available in all regions. Please contact your local dealer for details.

dissolved air flotation (daf) systems p-tec daf systems manufacturer

dissolved air flotation (daf) systems p-tec daf systems manufacturer

All P-TEC DAF Systems utilize proven DAF system concepts and designs combined with innovative features that yield cost effective, heavy duty, high performance systems that span from 5 GPM to over 3,000 GPM in a single DAF system. Our manufacturing is top-of-the-line, utilizing laser cutting as one of the most cost-effective and versatile technologies with increased flexibility and amazing accuracy. This combined with CNC braking, CNC punching and some of the most talented stainless steel welders in the business, and you get a precision-made DAF system that is second-to-none in the industry (and proudly-built in the USA).

P-TEC MD Series MicroDAF systems have been deployed around the world for over 20 years and are still unique in their design. The MD Series MicroDAF is specifically designed utilizing a tilted, open-tank design and can be used to treat waste streams in both primary and secondary applications. Combining characteristics from both the HR and HS Series designs, the MD Series is ideally suited for applications with smaller flow rates. Designed to handle both floating and settling solids effectively, the MD Series DAF is a very versatile machine for many different applications.

The unique tank design of these machines allows for a very cost-effective manufacturing process which is a challenge for small DAF designs. When you have a small flow rate and small budget, the MD Series MicroDAFs are the way to go!

P-TEC HS Series MacroDAF systems are specifically designed utilizing an open-tank design and can be used to treat waste streams in both primary and secondary applications. The HS Series units are large in size relative to their HR Series counterparts. This increased size allows for large Free Surface Areas to handle very high solids loadings. Designed to handle both floating and settling solids effectively, the HS series DAF is a versatile machine for many different applications.

The HS Series utilizes the unique P-TEC Skimmer System that is known for reliability and low maintenance. The settled solids removal system is simple with low-to-no maintenance. These characteristics, heavy-duty design, and treatment efficiencies, allows these machines to be the safest and best place to spend your capital when considering DAF for your application.

P-TEC HR Series MacroDAF systems are specifically designed utilizing inclined plate technology and can be used to treat waste streams in both primary and secondary applications. The HR Series units are compact in size relative to the amount of flow they can treat. Designed to handle both floating and settling solids effectively, the HR series DAF is a very versatile machine for many different applications.

The inclined plate design of the HR Series allows for the utilization of effective surface area to significantly increase the hydraulic capacity of these machines while preventing solids build-up often found in systems with plates or media. Coupled with our P-TEC Skimmer System, settled solids removal system is simple with low-to-no maintenance. Field tested, reliable, and heavy-duty, the HR Series gets the job done right, every time.

P-TEC PF Series Flocculators are designed for effective chemical addition and monitoring of the Floc building process ahead of any of the P-TEC DAF systems. This simple pipe based design allows for versatility and low to no maintenance.

Standard materials of construction are SCH 80 PVC with alternative materials available for special applications. With over 25 years of experience with Pipe Flocculators, P-TEC also knows when this technology is not the best method for the Floc building process and therefore also offers conventional tanks and mixers as well.

If you have gained special knowledge of a particular application that calls for something unique, or you simply want your DAF to have special features that are important to you, P-TEC can help. We can custom fabricate DAFs and other Separators to your specifications while maintaining key fundamental design features to ensure the end product works for you as intended. Whether you need special materials of construction, specific controlling dimensions, or application-based special needs, let us know what you need and we will quote accordingly.

Our manufacturing is top-of-the-line, utilizing Laser cutting as one of the most cost effective and versatile technologies with increased flexibility and amazing accuracy. This combined with CNC braking, CNC punching and some of the most talented stainless steel welders in the business, and you get a precision-made system that is second-to-none in the industry.

best rear tine tiller reviews & buying guide (may. 2021)

best rear tine tiller reviews & buying guide (may. 2021)

A rear tine tiller is an essential gardening tool. Its used for breaking rough, compact ground in mid- to large-size gardens. The main difference between this tool and the common garden tiller is the position of the blades, which are placed at the back of the machine.

Choose the YARDMAX Dual Rotating Rototiller for maximum power, maximum value, and maximum support. This sturdy machine combines practicality and performance to deliver a service beyond expectations and is perfect for both homeowners and professionals.

The YARDMAX garden cultivator is a true dual-rotating rear tine tiller that provides flawless groundbreaking power as well as garden preparation of any soil type. It features forward rotation ideal for cultivation and reverse rotation for deeper soil tilling.

The tool gets its power from 208cc, Briggs & Stratton engine that delivers an incredible 9.50 ft-lbs gross torque and a 190-revolution per minute rotational speed. Such power, coupled with heavy-duty, durable YARDMAX transmission featuring self-propelled drive system, results in a powerful forward movement and a single reverse gear for effortless control.

The machines 18-inch wide rear tine design with seven depth adjustments as well as a 6.5-inch working depth ensures fast ground coverage. Your work will be made even easier thanks to the 13-inch self-sharpening tines.

YARDMAX YT4565s improved handling make it easy to use. It features one-hand operation, and you can stand and steer on either side of the cultivator. There is also an easy to adjust drag bar for improved balance in all conditions. For further balance and handling, the tiller comes with a front counterweight on 13-inch pneumatic wheels with AG tread tires. Adjustable serrated rear and side shield enhance performance and safety.

This counter-rotating rear tine tiller with reverse from Dirty Hand Tools is what you need for a large garden. Its powerful a 6.5 HP 196cc Kohler SH265 engine provides enough power to tear through hard and compacted soil. Even virgin soil cannot stand its power.

Such power means this rear tine tiller is perfect for you, whether you are an amateur, home, or professional gardener. If you care about the environment, then youll be glad to know the engine is EPA/CARB approved.

With 16-inch tilling width, 10-inch tilling depth, and 240 RPM tine speed, you can be sure to complete the job faster than with ordinary tillers. The machine has both neutral (disengaged) and forward (engaged) transmissions.

The SRTT212 Rear Tine Rotary Tiller by Southland is an excellent choice for virtually any job, from light tilling to gardening to compacted groundbreaking tasks. The machines great power and efficiency lie in its 10.3 ft/lbs four-stroke OHV engine.

Its gear-drive system is capable of providing optimal engine and fuel efficiency, which means your machine will run on lower power input compared to other models. The gas-powered engine lets you till the massive ground in an expedited manner. Thus, the SRTT212 will help you complete the job fast and efficiently yet remain a breeze to maneuver.

Youll love the digging depth of this machine provided by its 11-inch counter-rotating tines designed to dig deep into the ground to get rid of stubborn weeds and that allows efficient upturning of fresh soil. Such digging depth combined with the large 18-inch tilling width allows the rear tine tiller to cover a large surface in a single pass without hindering maneuverability. You can even make sharp turns effortlessly.

In addition to these features, the rototiller has 13-inch heavy-duty, pneumatic tires that ensure stability even over rough and rugged terrains. Another useful feature is the folding grip handles for easy and convenient storage. To further ease portability, the tiller features a front bull bar that makes it easy to lift the machine onto a trailer or truck.

Champion 19 Rear Tine Tiller is a versatile machine boasting 19-inch tilling width and 8-inch tilling depth. Like the YARDMAX, it delivers dual rotation which allows you to switch seamlessly from forward to reverse mode, for more flexibility in your garden.

It features a cast-iron, gear-operated transmission housed in a compact, heavy-duty casing and driven by a 212cc engine. The engine and gear system offer enough power to tear through even the most compact soil, including virgin grounds. Sod and grass cannot stand on its way. You will also like the tillers 13-inch agricultural tires.

This self-propelled is easy to operate effortlessly over uneven and rugged terrains, moving fast so that you can achieve more in less time. Indeed, this is one of the few models equipped with self-propelled agricultural tires; a feature that sets this rear tine tiller apart from its competition.

The tiller is equipped with four heavy-duty 13.5-inch tines made of hardened steel and engineered to manage even the toughest soil with minimal effort. The machine comes with Champions 2-year limited warranty which includes free lifetime technical support from qualified and dedicated technicians.

The Earthquake Victory 29409 Rototiller delivers full-sized power in a compact frame, and its just perfect for smaller to mid-size gardens. It provides a wide range of features, such as easy one-hand control through the sod and balanced maneuverability in the row.

The Earthquake rototiller provides only reverse and forward gear option. It means you cannot adjust the tiller for power or speed. But the reverse gear offers easier tilling since you just walk back when you reach the end of the garden. It will eliminate the need to lift the machine up and turn it the opposite direction. The tines counter-rotate for more efficient tilling.

If you need a machine for lighter duty jobs, then the Husqvarna TR317D might be it. It features 6.5-inch deep steel tines that counter-rotate to provide soil-pulverizing power regardless of what type of soil youre trying to break.

The secret to Husqvarnas high performance is the heavy-duty sealed chain transmission featuring power reverse mode. The forward and backward capability offers efficient tilling, while the powerful and durable design allows for easy transport.

Youll also like the engineered tires designed for all types of land. While the tilling depth is rather on the low side, you still get 7 depth adjustments and a 17-inch tilling swath. Rugged and dependable, this is certainly the right rear tine tiller for most homeowners.

Husqvarna Counter Rotation Rear tine tiller is a great option if you prefer a heavy-duty unit to handle more demanding tasks. It offers more power than other entry-level units and is an excellent choice despite the slightly higher cost. Each of its components is built for long life and optimal performance in all types of soil.

It comes with an easy to start 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine that has enough power to chew through compacted soil, sod, and grass. A counterweight feature aims at enhancing the weight on wheels for improved balance, stability, and safe operation. This feature also ensures it works perfectly on uneven or rugged terrains.

The machine features counter-rotating tines for deep-digging or preparing the ground for cultivation. The forward and reverse capability means enhanced control and maneuverability. Beginners have no reason to worry because of the ease of use provided by these unique features.

At 14-inch tilling width and adjustable tilling depth, you can be sure the machine will do the job fast and efficiently. It is equipped with Chevron tires to ensure maximum grip and improved traction on different terrains. It is enough to say that this Husqvarna rear tine tiller is one of the most powerful, smooth to drive and well-balanced rototillers currently in the market.

While our choices above are all worthy investments, you might find it challenging to decide for which to go if you dont know exactly what to look for. To help with your decision-making, we put together this guide thatll show you all the important things you should consider before dropping your hard-earned money.

You can typically choose between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. As the name suggests, the two-stroke engine is a type of internal combustion engine that completes its power cycle in two cycles (up and down movements) of the piston following a single crankshaft revolution. Such engines have a high power-to-weight ratio.

The downside of the 2-stroke engine is that it produces more emissions than a 4-stroke model. This is because it uses a mixture of gas and oil for lubrication. Furthermore, the engine is quite noisy. However, this type of engine is impressively powerful.

The 4-stroke engines operate quietly, are more fuel-efficient and very reliable. The engine features internal combustion but completes its power cycle in four strokes (intake, compression, power, and exhaust). There is a separate tank for gas/fuel and chamber for lubrication oil.

This prolongs engine life and ensures more efficient fuel consumption. Furthermore, this type of engine is incredibly eco-friendly. For this reason, most high-quality rear tine tillers have 4-stroke engines.

The tilling depth is the primary determinant of how fast you will complete your job. Rear tine tillers with higher tilling width work more quickly. It is because they will shred more ground with each pass. However, tillers with a too large tilling width may be difficult to control. It would be wise to go for a balance between breadth and controllability of the machine. We would recommend a tilling width between 17 inches and 18 inches for mid- to large-size gardens and smaller if you have a small garden or want to till between the rows

Many modern rear tine tillers also feature adjustable tilling depth. But, some models will dig deeper than others. The major determinant of tilling depth is the growth characteristic of each seed. Certain seeds may need various soil depths to grow well. It is, therefore, recommended to buy a rear tine tiller that offers at least 5 or six depth adjustments, up to at least 10 inches deep.

How tines rotate has a bearing on soil aeration. Counter-rotating tines are the most efficient. They stabilize the machine and allow for better control. Standard (forward) rotating tines may also shred rocky compacted soil with ease. The other type is dual rotating which feature both forward and counter-rotating mechanisms. Choose a counter-rotating tine model if the kind of earth in your garden is predominantly clay.

Manual start involves pulling a cord to start the engine. Most traditional rear tine tillers feature manual start. However, modern models usually come equipped with electric starters. The latter allows you to start the engine with a simple push of a button. However, a hassle-free start is likely to cost you a few hundred dollars more; in the end, it all comes down to your budget and preference.

The tires of any tine tiller are the significant determinants of its control. They also determine the maneuverability of the machine. Good tires make the machine easy to control and maneuver. They should have excellent flotation and traction on all types of terrains. Tires with good treads will grip clay soil well. Good quality tine tillers have pneumatic tires of at least 13-inches.

Tine tillers can have either fixed or adjustable handlebars. Adjustable handlebars give users the flexibility to adjust the handle to their height. It improves maneuverability and comfort during extended use. Models with fixed handlebars are not as flexible, but they may last longer.

If you want to get your hands on the best rear tine tiller, make sure to get one with forward and reverse gears. Those models lacking reverse gear may get into trouble should the machine get stuck. High quality and often high price tag models also feature variable speed. We would not advocate for those models, though. The must-have feature of an ideal rototiller is neutral gear, as it makes the machine easy to transport.

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raptor strip tillage tool - unverferth seedbed tillage

raptor strip tillage tool - unverferth seedbed tillage

With less surface soil disturbance, striptillage will retain organic material, reduce erosion and conserve fuel by only tilling the strip that is planted into. The Unverferth Raptor striptillage tool was built for growers looking to take advantage of the benefits that striptillage can provide. Pull-type models feature a front-folding toolbar and vertical-folding row unitsfor narrow transport and compact storage. When applying fertilizer, the optional dry or liquid fertilizer systemsare integrated into the rear of the machine for the best row unit visibility and easy filling. The ground-breakingTerrainPro row unit allows each row to travel up and down independently for the most consistent row-to-row tillage depth and fertilizer placement. The Raptor strip-tillage tool is the first all-in-one solution for banding fertilizer and features greater operator visibility, easy filling when equipped with fertilizer and a row unit with unmatched performance.

nanobble -micro nano bubble generator regenerative turbine (daf) pumps

nanobble -micro nano bubble generator regenerative turbine (daf) pumps

When the mass transfer rate of the 1 mm bubble during 1 mm rise is considered as 1, mass transfer rates of 10 m and 100 nm bubbles become 10^8 and 10^18, respectively, due to the decrease in rising velocity. By using MBs, the dissolution rate increases rapidly.

NANOBBLE installed 1 HP Micro Nano bubble generator with oxygen concentrator in Shilaj area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat for providing water with higher dissolved oxygen content to hydroponic farm. Customer achieving DO value more than 20 mg/L.

Most Advanced and Efficient Oxygenation Aeration System by Micro Nano Bubbles of Pure oxygen from Oxygen Concentrator and NANOBBLE Micro Nano Bubble generator. Supplying 4 to 5 LPM of Pure oxygen in form of Micro & Nano Bubbles. With complete automation control panel for timer based on off operation and complete unmanned Operation.

Oil production involves several operations that generate environmental impact. One of them is the necessary separation, before marketing, of the water that comes associated to the oil. Volume and composition of production water depend specifically on the reservoir from which it comes. Traditionally, API separators and corrugated plates are used to carry out the treatment;

The key disruptive technology for today and future to reduce global water issues. Lest join hands for the most critical resource issue of our lifetime and our childrens lifetime. The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land. In this century wars will not be fought over oil, as in the past, but over water. The situation is becoming desperate. The worlds water is strained by population growth. There is no more fresh water on earth than two thousand years ago when the population was three percent of its current size. Even without the inevitable droughts, like the current one, it will get worse as demand and pollution increase. Some countries will simply run out of water, sparking a global refugee crisis. Tens of millions of people will flood across international borders. It means the collapse of fisheries, environmental destruction, conflict, lower living standards. As people who deal with the ocean you must see the irony. We are facing a shortage on a planet whose surface is covered two-thirds with water.

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