id fd fans manufacturers, bag filter suplliers india

id fd fans manufacturers, bag filter suplliers india

Welcome to Enochs Industries Pvt. Ltd. who has thrived in the pollution control equipment industry for more than a couple of decades. Acquiring knowledge and constant learning in this field made us accomplished the reputed brand and goodwill in the market. We are considered as a trustworthy and leading brand by our buyers. We are a prominent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Grain Dryers, Seed Coating Machines, Pollution Controlling Equipments, Material Handling Equipments and with a wide range of all the products manufactured by us.

Our engineers design the products with their innovative ideas with the motive it would not affect our environment and manufacturers built those products with superior and high quality of raw material as we produce only high quality of products that meet the international quality standards.

b-air blowers, air movers & dehumidifiers | commercial equipment

b-air blowers, air movers & dehumidifiers | commercial equipment

For over a decade, B-Air has been answering the needs of the animal and agriculture industries by offering safe, durable dryers, fans, and dehumidifiers. We offer top quality products for grooming salons, veterinarian facilities, kennels, home use, and large animal drying. Our innovative products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities reflecting our continuing dedication to design, performance, and safety. B-Air products are certified ETL and CE approved for use in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

For over a decade, B-Air has been answering the needs of the water damage restoration, carpet drying, and janitorial service industries by offering safe, durable air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers. We offer top quality products for use in water damage situations in both home and commercial buildings. Our air movers are designed for many applications including carpet and floor drying. Our innovative products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities reflecting our continuing dedication to design, performance, and safety. B-Air products are certified ETL and CE approved for use in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

The Ventlo-25 is a low-profile air mover that delivers high-performance results. It is designed to bring convenient drying power to a jobsite with its stackability and transportability. This low-profile air mover features a durable housing construction, variable speed control, built-in kickstand, GFCI daisy chain capabilities, and a concentrated airflow.

At the world-class B-Air facilities located in West Chester, PA, designers and engineers are dedicated to innovation and improvement in their creation of our restoration equipment, janitorial air movers, inflatable blowers, and commercial pet dryers.

When you choose B-Air products for your mold remediation, janitorial/sanitation, water and fire damage restoration, or other commercial application, you can rest assured youre getting the highest-quality equipment that gets the job done right every time.

We offer an extensive inventory of flood damage and property restoration air moversto help with any job. B-Air offers affordable air movers and commercial fans that are made to work as hard as you do.

All B-Air air movers are designed to meet rigorous standards of safety and durability. These air movers are meant to perform day in and day out so that you have equipment that you can rely on for every job you take on.

These models offer a variety of features combined to offer you whatever mix of power, portability, and storage capabilities you and your business require. All of these centrifugal models can be positioned at different angles to support better efficiency in any water damage restoration project.

Our high standards for durability and performance mean you can rest assured that every water damage restoration dehumidifier is built to withstand and endure your toughest restoration projects for years to come.

Air scrubbers are essential to any project that involves airborne contaminants, which could include fire damage restoration, mold remediation, or any water damage restoration project involving contaminated water.

The filtration technology removes particles like mold spores, dust, pet dander, drywall dust, pollen and other potentially dangerous debris. In fact, the Raptor 650 Air Scrubber can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns.

To ensure a safe and effective job, the Raptor 650 Air Scrubber was designed with low amperage and daisy-chain connectivity. Its variable speeds allow users greater flexibility when it comes to different jobs with different needs.

For those in search of \inflatable blowers and replacement bounce house blowers for inflatable rental and event planning businesses, B-Air has the equipment you need. Safety and durability are what set our inflatable blowers apart.

The Fido Max-1 is a lightweight, powerful and quiet professional dog hair drying tool. It was designed to be a safe and effective tool for professional groomers, veterinarians and pet owners alike to use on dogs of all sizes.

B-Air is headquartered in West Chester, PA and distributes equipment throughout the world. Thanks to our international network of distributors, we can provide an extensive equipment lineup to multiple industries in several countries, all while meeting important quality and safety standards.

All B-Air air movers, dryers, blowers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers are developed and manufactured with the highest standards in quality. We believe in providing high-end products that represent our companys standards for innovation and value.

Our technical support department is staffed by experts who understand products like air movers, dehumidifiers, blower and dryers. Tech Support can be reached by email or phone with support provided by our in-house parts department.

For your convenience, we also offer an online resource center featuring all equipment user manuals available for quick and easy download. Our knowledgeable sales and technical experts are available to serve you Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PT.

B-Air is proud to offer a full range of products to several different industries. By continuously developing high-quality air movers, scrubbers, dryers, blowers, fans and dehumidifiers, B-Air can respond to the ever-changing needs of each of the industries its committed to serving. Here are some of the industries that benefit from our products:

Professionals providing mold remediation services place health, safety and performance as their highest priorities on each project. Thats why these professionals use B-Air for their mold remediation equipment, including air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers.

Our products can help you successfully remove mold from any home or commercial project. Professional mold remediation companies are dedicated to restoring homes and businesses back to healthy living environments, and they trust B-Air to help get them get the job done.

Professionals from inflatables, advertising, and events planning businesses trust B-Air products for their durability and portability, which are essential components required for success in this industry.

Dog groomers, salons, kennels and veterinarians value the safe and reliable pet drying products B-Air offers. With B-Airs Fido Max-1 dog dryer endorsed by Cesar Millan, pet owners and caretakers know that B-Air is providing high-quality, carefully designed drying products that will protect animals and owners alike.

By partnering with B-Air for all your pets, inflatables and wholesale water damage restoration equipment needs, you can take advantage of our bulk packs. B-Air bulk buying options allow professionals to save money on their equipment orders.

PRODUCTSB-Air continues to adhere to its core objectives to develop superior products and uphold its exceptional customer service. B-Airs innovative products Read MoreEDUCATIONWhy choose B-Air Blowers? B-Air Blowers are the only blowers available on the market with outstanding quality and performance backed by an Read MoreBLOGThe moment a pet enters a grooming salon there is a special relationship between the pet and groomer. Clients look for groomers Read MoreEVENTSRESTORATION DIVISION The 2016 NRHA National Hardware Show Las Vegas, Nevada, May 5-7, 2016 at the North and Central Halls of the Read More

Headquartered in West Chester, PA, with a reliable network of distributors throughout the world, B-Air takes pride in manufacturing quality equipment for the inflatable, water damage restoration as well as the pet and animal industries. Our highly skilled engineers are continually in search of innovative ways to optimize the B-Air product line in response to innovations within all the industries we serve. B-Airs innovative products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities reflecting our continuing dedication to design, performance, and safety. B-Air products are certified ETL and CE approved for use in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

dryer booster fans - grainger industrial supply

dryer booster fans - grainger industrial supply

A dryer booster fan from Grainger can help clothes dryers run more efficiently and decrease drying times when ductwork is excessively long or convoluted. If ducts are more than 25L or have several bends in their path to the outside, a booster fan may be indicated. Choose the size and voltage that will meet your needs. Shop Grainger today for a dryer booster fan to enhance sluggish clothes dryer performance!

These dryer booster duct fans are specifically designed for residential dryer vent booster applications. The fans can be mounted in any angle and at any point along the duct work. The straight-through air flow design helps to provide easy installation. Use dryer booster fans to enhance sluggish clothes dryer performance.

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fans and blowers for rent - herc rentals

fans and blowers for rent - herc rentals

Keep your cool outside and in hard-to-cool buildings and ventilate confined spaces with Herc Rentals fans and blowers. Ranging from industrial fans to misting fans to confined space blowers, this gear is designed to blow hot air away from machines, reduce heat-related injuries, increase guest comfort and ventilate confined spaces.

Features and applications include: -Misting fans cover areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. and lower temps up to 27 degrees F. -Some models of misting fans have on-board water tanks for up to 5 days of usage. -Fans are quiet, provide extreme airflow and range -- up to 18,000 cubic feet per minute. -Blowers provide airflow to confined spaces at up to 930 cubic feet per minute. -Misting fans and mobile spot cooling fans are ideal for warehouses, outdoor events, loading docks, sporting events, construction sites and more.

xpower p-21ar industrial axial air mover xpower manufacture

xpower p-21ar industrial axial air mover xpower manufacture

The P-21R is the most compact, energy efficient and durable high performance axial fan on the market today. Using less than 1 Amp of electricity while producing twice the CFM airflow than the nearest competitor, P-21AR empowers up to 120 feet of focused air across. Featuring an included rack to provide a full 360-degree drying capacity and an additional two built-in power outlets to connect multiple low amp units. The compact yet rugged injection molded polypropylene housing is lightweight and stackable up to 6 units high for easy transporting. No matter what the application is carpet or floor drying, water damage restoration, ventilation or for climate control, P-21AR is the right unit for you.

electricity comparisons for appliances | reliant energy

electricity comparisons for appliances | reliant energy

Throughout your home, there are several appliances you and your family use each day that require electricity to run possibly more than you realize. Actual power consumption varies by appliance, brand and model, but learning which home appliances consume more electricity can help you understand how much money you are spending to use them.

Take a look at the charts below to compare regular household items and find out what consumes more electricity at home. You'll see some unlikely appliances paired with each other to show where your money is going and to shine a light on appliances with high power consumption you may not have considered.

The dishwasher uses significantly more electricity than a desktop computer. Although the computer uses electricity to power itself and possibly many accessories such as the monitor, modem and router, there are two large energy-draining functions associated with the dishwasher. It needs electricity to make the machine run and to heat the water. To save electricity using the dishwasher, users should run the light cycle and definitely turn off the heated drying option. The heated dryer does not kill bacteria or clean your dishes. It simply stops the dripping, which time can do on its own.

One might think the hair dryer and ceiling fan have comparable electricity usage, since both items are small and the hair dryer is only used for short periods of time. But in reality, the hair dryer uses much more electricity. For instance, you would need to run your ceiling fan for more than 20 hours to use the same amount of electricity as your hair dryer uses in only a few minutes. Because the hair dryer has to produce a very high degree of heat, it consumes a great deal of electricity. One way to cut back on hair dryer power consumption is to let your hair air dry, especially in the summer months.

Other small appliances that use a lot of electricity are the iron and the microwave oven. Again, the creation of heat is the culprit. Although the electricity consumption of these two items is close in comparison, the microwave oven consumes more electricity because it uses high-frequency radio waves to heat water molecules.

In this scenario, the numbers can be deceiving. The toaster does require more wattage to run than the refrigerator. However, the refrigerator will end up costing you more in the long run because it stays running all day and night to keep your food cold and fresh. Most people don't use their toasters all day long (which would be a fire hazard), so the wattage consumed on a daily basis may be somewhere above a hair dryer but lower than a microwave.

Although gamers may spend hours playing their favorite games, the energy used by a video game system is still much less than what a garage door opener requires. Since many garage openers have a remote control, the opener stays on even when it isnt operating, because it is constantly waiting for the radio signal to tell it to open.

Making a pot of coffee in the morning may take more electricity than preparing a meal in your slow cooker. In a coffee maker, a lot of heat is required to boil the water and warm the heat plate the coffee pot sits on. You would have to keep your slow cooker on for more than five hours for it to equal the amount of electricity consumed by the coffee maker. Many people leave their slow cookers on for eight to 10 hours to cook a meal, so it could be difficult to say which uses more, depending on how long you keep your coffee pot on each day. No one can deny the power punch the coffee maker delivers for a short duration of use. Dont forget to unplug it once you're finished with your coffee to save electricity and money.

Since an electric space heater works to provide heat quickly, it consumes much more electricity than a TV. If you use a space heater regularly, you could see a hefty hike in your electricity bill. Space heaters should generally only be used if you want to heat one small area instead of several spaces.

Both of these require a large amount of electricity to run because both produce a lot of heat. However, the hot tub uses much more than a clothes dryer. It is larger than a dryer, and much of the heat escapes from the hot tub while in use, unlike the dryer. As a side note, if choosing between a portable spa or an in-the-ground spa, choose a portable one because they tend to be better insulated and usually include covers to help heat from escaping. The cover is essential not only for the maintenance of your hot tub, but for keeping your electricity costs down.

Because an electric furnace needs to generate heat, it uses far more electricity than an air conditioning unit as it works to keep your home warm. Depending on how long you allow your electric heater to run during the colder winter months, you could see an increase in your electricity usage, along with a higher electricity bill. Keeping your homes thermostat set to about 68 during the winter will help to avoid a pricier bill.

If you're interested in finding more wattage information for several different types of appliances and electronics, the U.S. Department of Energy has an incredibly useful energy estimator located here:

There are many different factors to consider when considering the energy usage for a US household. For example, a homeowner that lives in an area with temperatures that reach over 100F in the summer is more likely to use their air conditioning unit than a homeowner who lives in a city with moderate temperatures. The National Association of Home Builders Discusses Economics and Housing Policy reports that the average household uses 909 kWh per month.1 However, the average for the state of Texas is 1,174 kWh.

Determining how much electricity your specific appliances are using is now very easy and convenient. Most household items have the estimated energy usage on the back or bottom of the appliance. If you have the make and model of the appliance, you can look up the estimated energy usage on the manufacturers website.

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