8 best hooded hair dryers for home and salon use in 2021

8 best hooded hair dryers for home and salon use in 2021

Hairdryers are not created equal. The hooded hair dryer is the king. If you are looking for a hairdryer that can make you look different, you can think of the best hooded hair dryers. That makes you appear different and special at home or salon.

It is meant for men and women who value precious looking hair. It can transform your look overnight. Choosing the best of this specially made dryer is not easy, because several high-end products are competing for your attention.

Thus, you can achieve the same quality hair styling right in your home without going to the salon. Most importantly, to acquire this wonderful hair styling device, you do not need to empty your bank account. This is because it is affordable.

Furthermore, the airflow setting, which varies from time to time, ensures you achieve the result with less stress and maximum comfort. Efficient and even airflow distribution is certain and the ergonomic design carry handle makes it comfortable to use.

It is obvious from the unique features that this model is the best for salon use. A product of Italy; it can boast of 1100 watt and that is why it is very powerful and it can produce the best-looking hairstyle.

The Pibbs 514 is such outstanding that it was the best selling in the market for many years. The brand has remained unbeaten. Furthermore, it is the most durable, and it will serve you for many more years to come.

Furthermore, you are safe using it as it is CE certified. Another outstanding feature is the height and the head which can be adjusted and customized to suit every user. Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri model is sturdily constructed as it can serve you for a very long time.

Moreover, this product comes with a timer and the timing ranges from 1 to 60 minutes. Furthermore, this comes with a temperature dial. You are satisfied with the performance. It is not surprising that it makes the list of the best in the market.

The ionic technology is one of the most outstanding features of this product. You can easily tell when this technology and the light can tell you when it is turned on or off. The moisture can be dried fast, thanks to the balanced airflow design.

Everything about this product is convenient and comfortable. It can be collapsed and that makes it suitable for travelers. If you are the type that does your hair, you can always consider this model, because you can use and take it with you anywhere you go.

The hairdryer can use both home and salon use. The way you want to use it is left for you. You can use it standing because it comes with a stand feature. Furthermore, it is tourmaline-infused and features an ionic generator.

It is also very powerful and it uses 1875 watts power. This model is thus very efficient. The other outstanding feature is the adjustability. It offers three different hood adjustments and they include the heat setting, as well as stand height adjustment and so on.

Besides this comes with a lockable wheel. It comes with a power ford or twelve feet. The product is also powerful because it can boast of 1875 watts and it is fun to use as it features a removable air intake.

Gold N Hot comes with an ionic generator, which can serve as the on and off switch. Moreover, this product can boast of four styling settings and this means that you can achieve the kind of hairstyling you want in the home and the office.

Moreover, it comes with a two-speed setting. The settings include that of heat and the other is speed. This makes for styling flexibility. It is pretty easier to achieve the type of hair styling result you want by using this kind of product.

Tourmaline tools made by the hot tools professional is one of the best in the market. This product is highly portable and you can take it along with you. The model is meant for professional and salon use.

If you are a traveler and are looking for the best quality dryer you can use along with you, you can always consider it. It comes with Direct Ion technology, combining with high airflow tourmaline, which can help achieve a better result.

It can dry moisture very fast and that is attributable to the nanoparticle. It dries it very well and it does not over-dry it. Most importantly, you are going to use this one because it ensures that your hair shines and that the hair softness is often is always maintained.

Furthermore, the product will cleanse the impurities in the hair, and most importantly, it will prevent hair odor. You can always get a better looking and shining hair when you use this wonderful product.

What makes the difference between this product and the similar ones is the hair styling technology. The model uses ionic technology and because of that, you would be sure of a shinier as well as frizz-free hair.

Furthermore, the product is versatile since you can use this to achieve any kind of hairstyle you want. Whether you have coarse or thick hair, you will achieve the type of hairstyle you want with the product.

Because of the quality motor, this product can ensure that your hair dries faster and so on. In terms of quality, this model is the most durable in the market and the noise reduction ability stands it out among other such products out there.

If you like you can use it in your home or you can use it in the salon. It comes with features that make it easier for you to use this for these purposes. The model is also simple and very easy to use.

It recommended because you can easily use it to achieve the kind of hairstyle you have always desired. Just like most models out there, this one is very fast and it is highly reliable. It is designed to last for a very long time.

When it comes to quality there is hardly any other product that can compare with this unique product. Another thing that stands out in the market is the engine capacity, which is why it can dry hair very fast.

Hooded is one of the best hair dryers, meant to create natural curls and hair drying. Some people equate it with hair roller and it is much more than. These are the primary functions. The models reviewed far exceed beyond these primary functions.

Many people use it for different purposes which include hair modeling. The blow dryers do not only ensure that your hair looks fresh most of the time, but they also drive these brushes to the hair to ensure perfect hairstyling. They ensure you have natural hair look and that you look very attractive.

Hooded hair is much better than the other types of hair for many reasons. First is that it ensures that the hair is healthy. This is one of the key features people consider whey they look for a hair styling dryer.

It does not use hot air that can burn your hair or head, it uses only warm wave and that ensures that the hair does not frizz. To get your hair dry under hooded dryer can be longer but you get more benefit in the end.

This product also depends on the power to deliver. The power ranges and when you are making a choice, place emphasis on power and you must ensure that you select the best power. This means that you must study the wattage.

When the power is not enough the styling result may not be the best. On the other hand, when the power is over, it can cause damage. The most important thing is to go for the product with the most appropriate power.

Cost and ease of use are equally important when you are making a choice. You should not expect to get the cheapest product. It may not be the best. In the same way, do not opt for what you cannot afford.

The soft bonnet hair drying method is almost the same thing with the shower cap you wear on your head. Many people prefer the hard option than the soft one because it is better in terms of the end product.

It is good for natural hair just as the blow dryer is good for hair as well. The only thing is that it takes a longer time for the hair to dry fast. However, the benefit you can derive from it is that it can preserve the hair.

There are some reasons that you must continue to use this product. The first is that it can be faster than other models out. Secondly, you can use it for many purposes.It is faster and you can dry more hair portions at once.

This information is what you need to achieve the type of hairstyling you want. It examines the best hooded hair dryers on the market and introduces the top best eight of such items in the market. These are best because they come with the most important features.

top 7 best hooded hair dryers of 2021 | reviews & top picks

top 7 best hooded hair dryers of 2021 | reviews & top picks

In all of those fancy-looking hair dryers, you wont able to decide which one to buy. So to save you the trouble we have tested and reviewed some of the best hair dryers on the market and came up with the list of Best Hooded Hair Dryers for home and salon use.

Nova 1300W Professional bonnet dryer comes with an adjustable hood. It also comes with a height-adjustable, and swivel caster making it easy to store in the house. This hooded hair dryer is capable of providing hot perm, hair drying, hair treatment, roller drying, and spot caring functions, which makes a good choice for salon and house.

Its 1000-watt, dual looped, SS heating element helps the dryer to reach the perfect temperature in a short time. Thanks to the multi-blade fans that make the whole process quieter, so you read your favorite magazine during the process.

It has a timer up to 60 mins, and temperature ranges from 10 to 70C. As the name suggests Kwiks dryers, this dryer lives up to the name and dries your hair faster than other hooded hair dryers. This dryer is suitable for the person who uses a roller a lot to keep the hair curly for a long time. Its unique hood design covers the front, the back, the sides that ensure even heat distribution to the hair.

The super-hot setting takes 50% less time than other dryers that is useful when you are in a hurry or have less time. This dryer is CE certified. This durable hood dryer is expensive than other dryers costing around $300. It comes with a year warranty.

This 1875-watt pro-style is a portable bonnet dryer that comes with a 6-foot long cord. It has 2 heat options giving you the flexibility to choose the heat you want. The high heat option dries the hair quickly and gently. Like the heat option, the height of the dryer is fully adjustable.

Unlike other bonnet hair dryers, this unit comes with a big bonnet that easily fits the jumbo rollers, and this dryer is also suitable for deep conditioning. The hood is designed in such a way that it distributes the heat equally.

Thanks to the compact design, this hooded dryer packs up quickly it all so that it wont eat up much space in the closet. It comes with a carry handle and weighs only 8 pounds means you can carry it anywhere you want. Unfortunately, the only thing missing is the timer. This 1875 watt bonnet dryer comes with a one year warranty. So I would say this is the best bonnet hairdryer available in the market right now.

Zeny hooded hair dryer is equipped with 1300 W and comes with an adjustable hood. The dryer comes with the timer, which you can see on the hood. Bonnet with an adjustable height ranges from 48 63, allowing you to adjust its height according to your need, and a swivel rolling base makes carrying it easy.

The dryer comes with a timer ranging from 0-60 mins and the temperature ranging from very cold 0C to very hot 75C. The product is easy to assemble and disassemble, so; when not in use, you can disassemble and put it in your closet.

This hooded dryer distributes equally heat on all sides to provide smooth dry hair. The ultra-quite operation makes it easy for the user to read or work during the drying process. The hood is flexible enough to fit the large rollers making this an excellent choice for women who like curly hairs.

Beneath the hood, its made of stainless steel that increases the durability of the dryer. This hooded hair dryer is capable of providing hot perm, hair drying, hair treatment, roller drying, and spot caring functions, which makes it a good choice for salon and house.

This 980W D Salon professional hood dryer comes with 5 swivel casters that make it easy to carry it anywhere in the house. This dryer is made for home as well as the salon. The stand is adjustable to the height of the user so you can even dry your hair while you are standing.

The dryer can widen up to 64 inches in diameter, and the timer, fans, and temperature controls are fixed on the hoods. The hood opens at 10- in. x 9- in., and it is made of dual-looped stainless steel that increases the durability of the product. Bonnet is flexible enough to move up and down.

Elegant soft hairdryer comes with flexible and adjustable drawstring and chin strap that can fit all sizes. And also, the whole package includes other hair accessories such as rollers, clips, curl-formers, and Flexi-rods.

The elegant soft bonnet includes a long hose of 3.5ft with an adjustable velcro strap that gives you the freedom to use any standard hairdryer. It is made of 100% premium quality with waterproof material and it has thick sewing lines, and it is easily washable. It comes with a gorgeous soft pouch to take the soft bonnet wherever you go.

You can use this soft bonnet hairdryer for hairstyling, deep conditioning, and hair drying. Its airflow technology evenly distributes the heat air-flow in the entire head. We also encourage you to check out our reviews of the best automatic hair curler.

Unlike the traditional hairdryer, the hooded hair dryer emits warm airwaves instead of hot air that can damage the weak hair. The primary function of the hooded hair dryer is to take moisture out of the lock. These dryers not only bring a freshness but makes your hair well-groomed and beautiful.

Size matters a lot when purchasing the hooded hairdryer. Hood of small size wont be able to fit the large rollers. If you are purchasing for home use, then you can choose the size of your choice but for the saloon, you need to go for the bigger size. Of course, a bigger hooded hairdryer will weigh more, but nowadays almost all hooded hair dryer comes with the swivel wheelbase so it wont be an issue to move around.

As a user, you should have access to certain adjustable features like timer, heat control dial, height adjustability, hood adjustment, etc. If you prefer using your hairdryer on the sofa, then you need to adjust the height and adjust the hood. Further, you also need to adjust the heat temperature depending upon the hair condition.

If you travel a lot, then having a portable hooded hairdryer is important. Look for a hairdryer that is light in weight and easy to assemble/disassemble. You can also go for a soft bonnet hair dryer to which you can carry it anywhere.

Ionic technology prevents hair from getting hydrating by releasing positive ions in the atmosphere. If your hair is weak and fragile, then you should consider buying the hooded hair dryer with ionic technology.

5 best bonnet hair dryers - july 2021 - bestreviews

5 best bonnet hair dryers - july 2021 - bestreviews

Full bonnet dryer comes with stand for easier positioning. Simple controls for different heats. Delivers a similar hair drying experience as the hooded bonnet dryers in a salon.

Attaches to virtually any normal ionic or ceramic hair dryer. Channels air uniformly over the entire head to provide a large amount of heat very quickly using the included cap.

Offers two heat settings. Sits on any stable surface so you can perfectly position the dryer cap. Folds up when not in use for better portability. Good for quick storage when not in use.

Folds and unfolds quickly for more mobility compared to salon bonnet dryers. Quick drying results for short-to-medium hair styles. Large cap preserves the hair style underneath.

Whats more glamorous than a big, bouncy hairstyle? High-volume hair is desirable, but you might think it takes concerted effort to achieve big curls and height. Believe it or not, it doesnt involve much effort at all if you have the right tools. Invest in a bonnet hair dryer and you can have the volume and glamour you desire in an hour or less.

The bonnet hair dryer isnt just that big plastic dome you see at hair salons. As a matter of fact, its not even a new invention. Celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga have used bonnet hair dryers to create bouncy, glamorous styles. Its simple: set your slightly damp hair in curlers, put the bonnet over your hair, and let the dryer work its magic. Bonnet hair dryers arent just for drying hair either. You can also use one to treat your hair with a deep conditioner.

If youre wondering whether its time to incorporate a bonnet hair dryer into your hairstyling tools, keep reading to learn more about this simple yet ingenious product, and check out a few of our favorites.

Type and length: Like with any hair product or heated styling tool, each person has a different experience when using a bonnet hair dryer. This is usually due to differences in hair thickness and texture: some types of hair simply take longer to dry and set than others. People with shorter hair, for example, can have their hairstyle set in 20 minutes or less, whereas those with longer hair require longer heat exposure, closer to an hour, to set their curls.

Damp vs. dry: Any experienced user of a bonnet hair dryer will tell you that the secret to getting the look you want is setting your hair correctly. You need to arrange the curlers evenly, and your hair needs to be just damp enough to set. While you could use the bonnet with wet hair straight from the shower, youll get far better results with slightly damp hair. In fact, many users mist their dry hair with just enough water to enable the curls to set as they dry.

Curlers: For one, its recommended that you invest in an assortment of curlers of different sizes. Smaller ones are better for shorter hair or tight curls, while larger ones are better for creating looser curls on longer hair or curling bangs.

Hair products: Choosing the right hair products is also important because they help to set your hair as well as protect it. Any kind of heat styling can make hair dry and susceptible to damage, so you need products that coat and protect strands from the heat. If youre using the bonnet hair dryer for deep-conditioning treatments, make sure the product you choose is activated by heat. Some treatments shouldnt be warmed because it can change the way they affect your hair.

These bonnet hair dryers are the more affordable option, not to mention much easier to store and transport. They provide a comfortable, flexible fit around your head to evenly distribute heat from crown to hairline to nape. Soft bonnet hair dryers are often available in several sizes to accommodate hairstyles of all sizes.

On the downside, some people dont think these hair dryers are very comfortable, especially if the band around the cap is tight. And while many designs advertise that they fit any hair dryer, they may not work with travel-size hair dryers.

Hard: Hard shell, or hard hood, bonnet hair dryers resemble those seen in hair salons. These are either mounted on a stand that can be affixed to a wall or table or are freestanding. Freestanding hoods are attached to an adjustable pole on a rolling base.

Using a hard bonnet dryer offers a salon-like experience and is often considered more comfortable to use than a soft bonnet hair dryer. Since this type doesnt have to be attached to a blow dryer, many are equipped with a timer and up to a dozen heat settings.

On the downside, because hard bonnet dryers allow more air to escape at the sides of the head, some people feel that hair sets unevenly. Also, people with thick hair or stacked curlers may feel there isnt enough room in a smaller hard bonnet dryer.

Deep conditioner: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask Give your hair some love with this heat-activated mask. Simply slather it on your hair and let it work its way into the shafts and down to the roots while using your bonnet hairdryer on a low setting.

Curlers: Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods Its easy to customize your curls with this diverse assortment of 42 rods in seven sizes. Soft and easy to secure without pins or clips, theyre comfortable to wear while you use your bonnet hairdryer.

Thermal protection: OGX Protecting + Silk Quick Drying Thermal Spray Not only does this spray protect your hair, but it also expedites drying time. Made from a blend of hydrolyzed silk and quinoa, it leaves hair soft, shiny, and full of bounce.

Just like other heated styling tools, bonnet hair dryers vary widely in price, costing anywhere from $12 to $200 and sometimes more. The more complex and high-tech the design, the pricier the bonnet hair dryer.

Inexpensive: If youre on a budget or new to using a bonnet hair dryer, youll find several models for $25 or less. These get the job done, but they wont have many comfort features around the hood, nor will the sleeves fit every hair dryer.

Mid-range: Youll find better-quality soft bonnet dryers for $30 to $60, many of which are available in large and jumbo sizes to accommodate larger curlers. There are some hard dryers in this range, but the hood sizes tend to be on the smaller side.

Expensive: If youre willing to spend $100 to $200, you can find a variety of freestanding hard bonnet hair dryers. These distribute heat more evenly and come with the largest range of heat settings and timers.

Q. How high should I adjust the heat settings on my bonnet hair dryer? A. It depends on how much time you have and how much heat you can tolerate. Some users prefer low or medium heat and sit under the bonnet for a longer period of time. Not only do some people find this relaxing, but it may also minimize heat damage to your hair. If you can tolerate the heat, you can turn it up and set your hair in less time.

Q. Should I get a tabletop or freestanding hard bonnet hair dryer? A. Youll save money if you get a tabletop design, but you might find it difficult to adjust to a comfortable height. While freestanding designs are up to four times more expensive, their adjustability and easy portability make their price well worth the investment to some users.

Q. What other hairstyles can I set in my bonnet hair dryer besides curly or voluminous ones? A. Youre in luck if youre a fan of loose or beachy waves. Instead of using curlers or other setting tools, you can simply braid your hair or twist it around a piece of cloth or cotton towel and sit under your bonnet hair dryer. The tighter you braid or twist your hair, the tighter your waves will be. This also means theyll take a little longer to dry.

2021's best 6 salon ready sit under hooded & bonnet hair dryer

2021's best 6 salon ready sit under hooded & bonnet hair dryer

These are the primary reasons, but there other solid ones as well such as the ability to create volume (with the aid of clips of course) for those with curly hair, for achieving sublime deep conditioning results, and also for stretching curls.

If your salon is a little tight for space, or your are a mobile salon looking for a portable hooded dryer, one on wheels could be perfect. Take a look at our review of the the GoldnElite and Anslef stand up bonnet dryers.

If you have a salon with a little more space and a looking for a professional dry every time, take a look at a wall mounted hooded bonnet hair dryer. Here at Furnish&Style well take a look at two of the best.

If you are searching for a hooded hair dryer thats primarily aimed at salon owners who require a dryer that can substantially decrease drying times, then this particular model is a solid pick. With its ability to heat up to 140 Fahrenheit (980 watt), fast cool down mode, and top notch steel build, the Venus Plus hair dryer offers elements of quality that are absent from many hooded dryers in its price point.

With this dryer in your salon, you should be able to dry most hair length in less than an hour. Its a tremendous time saver compared to air drying which typically takes hours to complete, and your clients will be very pleased that they dont have to remain under the heat for an awfully long time. The Venus Plus comes with a timer that runs up to one hour.

Your clients will also be pleased with the fact that this dryer is able to give their hair that much coveted soft and shiny smooth finish. And those with curls will be delighted with the bouncy perm effect that can be attained with the Venus Plus.

The heating speed is satisfyingly quick and youll be happy to know that it can cool down just as fast too. You can select from 4 different temperature settings including Low, Medium, High, and Perm. Unfortunately, it doesnt have a temperature display.

Thanks to the hoods spacious inside which is about 12 inches in diameter, along with its adjustable neck, your clients entire head can easily be covered. This is perfect for clients with very lengthy hair since they need to put on hair rollers that are extra-large.

A little assembly is required before youre able to get the Venus Plus up and running, but dont worryits a total breeze! We reckon it shouldnt take you no longer than 10 minutes to put the parts together. Once youve put it together, you can plug it into the back of a salon chair such as the BLACK EDISON dryer chair which you can purchase off Amazon.com.

One thing youll want to know about the Venus Plus is that it works great with a wheel stand, but the manufacturer did not include this important piece of accessory! It is sold separately, which is a shame as we believe that it shouldve been included as a set. The wheel stand makes it easy for you to roll the dryer around your salon.

Apparently, a number of customers have remarked that the dryers heat tend to decline after a year or two, so thats something youll want to know about too. Our very own Venus Plus unit is almost 2 years old and the heating element is running fine so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Salon professionals should thank their lucky stars if they get a hold of this made in America hooded hair dryer. Appearance-wise, the Belvedere B900C looks similar to the Venus Plus dryer but make no mistake, the former is more powerful as it runs hotter at an impressive 1030 watt.

Honestly, this thing gets real hot, really fast. Naturally, it dries hair quickly too. The quick drying time is especially noticeable when you use this on clients with naturally thick hair. There was a lady with exceptionally thick flowing locks who came to our salon recently, so we used the B900C which got the drying job done in about 45 minutes.

She was genuinely AMAZED at how quickly it was able to dry her hair. The end result gave her already pretty locks that attractive bouncy smooth look, and she was extremely happy with that. So if you tend to receive a lot of clients with thick locks, then the Belvedere B900C will be a huge time-saver for your business. They dont call this a Mega Dryer for nothing!

Another positive aspect of this dryer that salon owners will find highly appealing is its ability to distribute heat in an even fashion throughout the clients head. Other inferior models tend to produce heat exclusively from the top portion of the hood resulting in uneven heat distribution pattern.

The dryers hood is large and very flexible allowing you to adjust its position in three separate ways. The height for instance, can be shifted either down or up. You can also move it forwards and backwards, plus the tilt is adjustable as well. Coming in at a weight of approximately 30 pounds, the Belvedere B900C is pretty hefty and thats a good thing because the construction is very solid and strong.

Whats not so good here is that like the Venus Plus, it also doesnt come with a wheel kit which shouldve been included as a standard accessory. Youll want to purchase the kit separately if you want to make this dryer portable.

So far, with the exception of the lack of wheel kit, we havent found any downsides to this dryer. It works like a champ and the price vs. performance is just great. In addition, the Belvedere B900C is covered by a warranty that lasts for 5 years. Clearly, this is Belvedere s way of standing behind what they manufacture and as customers, we cant help but be overjoyed with such generous warranty.

The first two salon quality hooded hair dryers that we talked about in this feature were money well spent thanks to their terrific overall quality, but with this model, we just didnt get that good for the money feel. We thought we should lay it out here and offer our honest feedback since this dryer is surprisingly popular and has been reviewed by numerous users, plus we do own a unit as well.

Now the heat it generates is quite good, but definitely does not compare to the other two fixed hooded hair dryers. It does have an ionic setting and if youre in hurry to dry your hair, youd want to use that. The Gold N Hot Elite dryer tries to offer an element of flexibility by allowing you to adjust the poles height, but you end up feeling disappointed because thats about the only thing you can fine-tune as far as positional adjustments are concerned.

You cant lower or raise the entire bonnet hood (just the plastic encasing which resembles the visor of a bikers helmet), you cant push it to the front or pull it back (although it can be moved side to side), and you cant even the lock it in place on the pole.

Yes, the bonnet hood is placed directly on the pole without some kind of lock-in feature, which means it can fall off the pole easily and heaven forbid if it crashes on your customers! We do love the portability, however, as the wheels seem to glide across the floor smoothly. Its user-friendly assembly deserves thumbs up too.

About a year and a half after purchasing it, our units heating level has dwindled substantially and the hoods plastic cover is already loose. All in all, the Gold N Hot Elite dryer might be all right for once-in-a-while personal use at home, but for a salon bustling with customers on a daily basis, youre better off with the Belvedere B900C model.

Oh sureanother model thats meant for home use but advertised as professional salon bonnet hood hair dryer. If youre looking for a pretty okay model that you can use in the comfort of your own home and costs under $100, the 900 watt Giantex Professional dryer probably wont let you down. Problem is it takes its own sweet time to heat up which is a major disadvantage if youre operating a busy salon that sees an average of 30 customers per day. For a salon owner time is of the essence, so you absolutely need quality bonnet hair dryers that can get hot as quickly as possible.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer, would you want to frequent a salon thats equipped with dryers that take a little too long to get going? Obviously the answer is NO, right? So the next time you want to get a protein treatment or perhaps, a warm up for color processing your hair, youll want to take your money to another salon that actually has quick heating dryers.

For the average home user though, the slight delay in heating isnt a big deal. Like all bonnet dryers, Giantex Professional dryer has a temperature control function and it works like its supposed to. Using this control, you can easily adjust the temperature and it goes up to a maximum of 75 Celsius. The heating power is not bad but takes quite a bit of time to completely dry really thick hair. Still, it beats air drying any day!

Theres even a few nifty functions including hair caring, hair drying, and hot perm. We seriously didnt expect these functions to be present in a cheap bonnet hood dryer. The swiveling hood is nice and it actually covers the whole head. The wheels however tend to be a bit stiff.

As mentioned, the Giantex Professional dryer isnt intended for salon professionals, but for home use it represents a much better value compared to the Gold N Hot Elite dryer. You might want to add another 0.5 to the overall score if this is to be used occasionally at home.

You have to love wall mounted hooded hair dryers! Its all that massive drying power while at the same time saving ample floor space. This well-constructed dryer by DIR offers a number of features that are not available on other dryers such as temperature display and even the ability to adjust wind levels.

To increase the temperature for instance, all you have to do is press the UP button once and that multiplies the temperature by a single Celsius, or press DOWN to reduce it. Both buttons are handily located under the temperature display. You can also change the wind level circularly by simply hitting the WIND SET button.

You can use this machine to blow wind or make it heat up in a close mode. It gets hot very fast and the drying speed is excellent. This is a rather durable piece of machinery and the installation process isnt hard. But be aware that the machine head as well as the arm assembly are on the heavy side. Installing it all by yourself isnt advisable so do get someone to help you out.

Also due to the heftiness of those two parts, the machine can only be mounted on a salon wall thats sufficiently sturdy. Finally, in order to ensure the arm assembly holds up for years and years, you should refrain from removing its cover. In addition, the adjusting nut should not be rotated at all.

Well, like many wall mounted models, it has a price tag that can burn a gaping hole in your pocket. But if you can afford it and youve always wanted to get a hooded dryer thats powerful and reliable, yet doesnt clutter your salon, DIRs offering is a good pick.

Yes, we are simply suckers for hooded hair dryers that can be mounted on a wall, but compared to DIRs version,Ridgeyard Wall Mounted dryer looks and feels cheap. There are dials on the top portion of the hood and theyre for setting the temperature and the one hour timer, with a LOW/HIGH switch smack right in in the middle of those dials.

The dryers articulating arm can be moved either to the left or right and the range is about 3 inches from the center of the wall mounting bracket. The range is pretty respectable but theres a bit of stiffness to the arm, so adjusting it doesnt feel as smooth as it should be.

Installing the darned dryer was headache-inducing and the equally confusing instructions did not help matters. The idgeyard Wall Mounted dryer has a decent drying capability at 75 Degrees Celsius max, and heats up about as fast as DIRs hair dryer.

Look, if youre looking for a space-saving wall mounted hooded hair dryer that works okay, this will do. It terms of price, the Ridgeyard Wall Mounted is cheaper than DIRs dryer, but we would gladly pay full price for the latter.

For salon use, forget the ones by Gold N Hot Elite as well as Anself Professional. These are all right for home usage. The JEFFCO HD-38H isnt worth it if you have the cash to splash on DIRs wall mounted wonder.

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