home use fruits freeze dryer manufacturers and suppliers china - parts, used, design - tefic biotech

home use fruits freeze dryer manufacturers and suppliers china - parts, used, design - tefic biotech

TF-04 model is the latest fruit and vegetable freeze-drying machine developed and produced by TEFIC. It is mainly suitable for freeze-drying fruits, vegetables and foods, which is convenient for long-term storage.

fd-5r premium vacuum freeze dryer/lyophilizer supplier&manufacturer in china

fd-5r premium vacuum freeze dryer/lyophilizer supplier&manufacturer in china

FD-5R Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer is a popular model mainly for commercial pilot production and preparation for industrial bulk production, the freeze dry machine could universal use in food, fruit, vegetables, diary, herbs, books etc. Vacuum freeze drying protect products original color, structure and components contain, freeze dried products with premium quality. FD-5R freeze dryer/Lyophilizer with valid shelf area 5.25m2, and 75kgs/24hrs vapor collect capacity, designed could fit any of your specific application capacity between 30kg to 75kg.

Model FD-5R Shelf area 5.25sq.m Ice capacity 75kg/24hr Shelves 7+1 Shelf size 750*1000mm Material tray size 750*500mm Material tray quantity 14pcs Shelves temp. -40 to +120C Condenser temp. <-65C Vacuum degree <15Pa Power install 15kwh Drying House Size 3300*1500*2500mm Voltage 380V/50-60Hz/3P Design standard FDA, GB, CE

1, Integrated structure, compact size. 2, AISI 304 drying chamber, AISI304 shelf and material tray, meet FDA standard. Drying house with hemispherical corner easy cleaning. 3, Double stage Piston compressor system could cool ice condenser to -65 and shelves to -40. 4, Shelves with heating and freezing function. 5, AISI304 ice condenser, water spraying nozzle installed on top for defrosting. 6, Leybold vacuum pump, system final vacuum <15Pa. 7, PLC+Touch Screen control system. Automatic and manual working. 8, Hot water spraying defrosting system.

We deeply know the freeze dryer is a system engineering that combine many parts, all of them are important and any small failure could cause chain reaction and lyophilization fail, so for all parts in our FD-5R freeze dryer, we use high reliable parts from world first class with right model select, ensure the equipment smooth and high efficient working.

With tens years experience in the field, our lyophilizer always have a higher energy efficient that could compare, average our freeze dryer could help you save at least 30% electric compare other brands, reduce your production cost and improve market competition.

FD5-R freeze dryer with high automation level that entire plant only need 1 workers charge material tray loading and dried material harvest. the freeze dryer is full automatic working from start to end, the valves use pneumatic open or close, all these works will do in computer controller room.

Huayu Brother Freeze dry and lyophilization machine with integrated structure, easy move and install, after delivery, you only need connect electric and water pipes to machine, could trial production, no need our engineers installation.

Compare items FD-5R FD-10R Shelf area 5.25m2 10.5m2 Shelves quantity 7+1 7+1 Shelves size 750*1000mm 1000*1500mm Trays quantity 14EA 28EA Condenser capacity 75kgs 150kgs Nominated capacity Liquid material(e.g fruit pulp) 50L (10mm thick in tray) 100L (20mm thick in tray) 100L (10mm thick in tray) 200L (20mm thick in tray) Solid material (e.g sliced fruit) 40 ~ 70kgs 80 ~ 140kgs Power install 15kw 28kw Install size 3300*1500*2500mm 3500*2000*2500mm

Door open direction. Left to right, Right to left. Main material, Anodized aluminum alloy steel, AISI304, AISI316L. Install size request: 4000*2000*3000mm Electric request: >30kwh Water for defrosting: Hot or Tap water. Shipping to your nearest seaport. Install by yourself or by Huayu Brother engineer (class for worker training, maintenance)

Huayu Brother is a profession Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer Manufacturers & Suppliers in china. We focus on refrigeration and sublimation equipment, with passion and innovation, we provide a wide range of high quality freeze drying equipment for lab, pilot production, commercial and industrial process, in various fields include food, fruit, vegetables, diary, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical.

In the past tens years, Huayu Brother always be pioneer in the industry: Develop new technologies, invest high advanced processing machines, upgrade our craftsmanship etc. improve our equipment reliability, stability and a higher energy performance. Here in Huayu Brother, we have an experienced engineer team, close work with you and provide you the best quality Freeze Dryer equipment or freeze drying plant, integrated solutions for your freeze drying needs. Welcome your visit and cooperation.

A4 building, Xufa Technology park, DengKeng industrial zone, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China. [email protected] Freeze dryer(lyophilizer) manufacturer & Supplier in china, lab investigation,pilot production, commercial and industrial bulk production,for pharmaceutical,drug,vaccine and foods freeze drying equipment.Huayu Brother

china food freeze drying equipment manufacturers, suppliers - factory direct price - kemolo

china food freeze drying equipment manufacturers, suppliers - factory direct price - kemolo

Description: This machine is made by a low noise antihigh temperature axial flow fan and an automatic control temperature system. The whole circulation system is fully enclosed to make that the heat efficiency of the drying machine increases from traditional 3%-7% to 35%-45%. The highest heat...

This machine is made by a low noise antihigh temperature axial flow fan and an automatic control temperature system. The whole circulation system is fully enclosed to make that the heat efficiency of the drying machine increases from traditional 3%-7% to 35%-45%. The highest heat efficiency can reach 50%. This saves lots of energy for our country and increases the economic benefits.

2. Strict QC inspection Good quality is top important during cooperation. We will make QC inspection strictly before ship out to make sure every piece stayed in a good condition. If any problems made by us after you received cases then we will full responsible to compensate you.

Kemolo Freeze Dryers have become the global leader in terms of both quality and sale. Kemolo company equipped with advanced CNC lathe, plates cutting and rolling machines, tube bending machines, and advanced welding machines; Ultrasound NDT appliance for quality inspection and Nitrogen for pressure test.

harvest right | freeze dryers | freeze dried food storage

harvest right | freeze dryers | freeze dried food storage

This is the best thing we have purchased in a LONG time and we cant wait for summer to freeze dry fruits and veggies from our own garden. I cant recommend your freeze dryer enough! We have told everyone we know about it.

Your customer service went above and beyond their duties to help. Their efforts and courtesy were extraordinary and deserve a big pat on the back. I tell everyone about your wonderful freeze dryers and fantastic service. Blessings to you all.

We are so pleased with how all of the foods come out.we have freeze dried roast beef, chicken, peas, carrots, green beans, lima beans, potatoes, strawberries, bananas, cauliflower; and we even preserved a roasted vegetable medley mixall with great results. Everything tasted as if we had just harvested it.

It is wonderful to freeze dry food that we have prepared. Drying the food ourselves is significantly less expensive than what we would have to pay to buy such food elsewhere. We are in control of the ingredients and are able to prepare long-term food storage that meets our needs.

This unit is heavy duty construction, reliable and user friendly. We have enjoyed freeze drying fruits and vegetables in season, meats, leftovers and dessert itemsthe only limit is your imagination. Harvest Rights customer service is knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy.

I freeze dried both cooked and raw pork chops; the cooked pork chops tasted great cold without reconstituting them, the raw pork chops reconstituted beautifully and fried up great. I could not tell them from fresh pork chops. Now I can put away exactly the foods I want.

small freeze drying machine for sale, home use best freeze dryer

small freeze drying machine for sale, home use best freeze dryer

Hawachs -45C in-situ home freeze drying machine is an upgraded -40C freeze dryer for home use. It has a lower cold trap temperature, suitable for materials with a lower crystallization point. This -45C type only has one series: ILFE-45EH-40A, of which the parameters are shown in the specific section.

1. Freeze dryer machine for home use can keep the taste, shape, color, fragrance, and nutrition of the original materials. 2. Best home freeze dryer, freeze-dried food using which can be preserved for a long time, and it can serve you for years to come due to its scientific design and high quality. 3. Freeze-dried food using this machine can be stored at a normal temperature and this can save you a lot and avoid many inconveniences. 4. Freeze dryer machine for home use, dried food using which can get rid of 95% water, and thus light in weight and easy to carry or transport. 5. Wide application, -45C small freeze dryer for home use can be used to dry almost all materials with the congealing point around -45C. 6. Small freeze dryer for home use with compact design, which takes up not too much space. 7. 4kg/batch freeze-drying capacity for food and heat-sensitive materials. 8. Best home freeze dryer of which the sample tray, freezing, and drying chamber are all made of food-grade stainless steel. 9. Lockable casters make moving and stopping easy. 10. Freeze dryer machine for home use, which can be preset three programs and its shelves are temperature-controlled. 11. Clear acrylic door allows for real-time observation of material processing.

1. Meat and seafood: chicken, beef, shellfish, shrimp, fish, pork, lamb, etc. 2. Fruit: strawberry, blackberry, apple, blueberry, pitaya, zucchini, durian, lemon, banana, etc. 3. Chinese herbs: Maca, ginseng, pilose antler, medlar, notoginseng, tianqi, dendrobium, etc. 4. Vegetable: Peas, green vegetable, corn, mushroom, sweet potato, onion, celery, asparagus, leeks, cucumber, garlic, carrot, etc. 5. Instant powder drinks: coffee, milk, honey, tea, soup, soybean milk, etc. 6. Spices: garlic powder, ginger powder, spring onion powder, tomato, pepper powder. 7. Others: flowers, ice cream, cheese, sausage; children food, snacks, and military food

Certificate Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew it in the 2015 year by TV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system.

best freeze dryers 2021: reviews & buyers guide

best freeze dryers 2021: reviews & buyers guide

Although this method used to be primarily used in the commercial market for making canned foods, you can now use a home freeze dryer for household use also. If you are a garden owner, you can use gear such as these appliances to preserve your garden produce for long.

Given below is a list of top 7 best freeze dryers that can help you in preserving a lot of your food and organic materials for a long time. We will also inform you about a few factors you must consider while selecting one, along with some other useful information.

This small size freeze dryer from Harvest Right is a very useful appliance used for food preservation. Freeze drying food can undoubtedly be an excellent way for saving on your food waste and also saves on your budget for groceries. It is empowered with the expert technology of large and commercial freeze dryers right to your convenience at home.

The parts which are put together to manufacture this equipment include a small freeze dryer, an efficient vacuum pump and its oil, trays made of stainless steel, oil filters, an extensive guide to freeze drying, along with mylar bags, impulse sealer and oxygen absorbers.

The size of this appliance is small, and thus it is easy to be used and stored. There is plenty of room inside this appliance for making your creations. This appliance has the magical power of converting fresh food into edible products, which can be stored and consumed until 25 years.

This medium size Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer from Harvest Right is a perfect appliance for freeze drying concentrates, oils, herbs, extracts, resins, remedies, medicines, flowers, dairy starters, cultures, taxidermy and several other organics.

The process of freeze drying by this machine preserves the overall nutritional content, appearance and potency of the products for several years, just like they had when they were in their fresh state.

This medium size freeze dryer from Harvest Right is an efficient freeze dryer that works similar to industrial level equipment, but the appliance is designed for the common home users when it comes to the size, user-friendliness, capacity and affordability.

The freeze drying procedure of this machine produces excellent results on most of the foods, including poultry, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, desserts, leftovers, complete meals and dairy products like ice-cream, milk, cheese, yogurt etc.

There are four trays of stainless steel in this machine, and it can hold up to 10 pounds of food in one go for freeze drying. However, the total capacity fairly depends on the kind of food that is being processed, as the level of air and liquid in different foods varies.

This is a piece of pretty useful equipment, and experts say that the cost of operating this appliance would be around $1 per day. If you use this appliance daily, then it has a potential of saving food worth $3000 in a year for an average family.

This is a premium freeze dryer that is built with a patented technology to keep the products fresh and also preserve the overall potency, shape, color and nutrition of any edible organic material. This appliance is largely useful in the freeze drying of the several oils, herbs, medicines, pharmaceuticals, remedies and compounds.

The best part is that its in-built intelligence automatically adjusts the ideal drying temperature and vacuum pressure, depending on the material that is kept inside for freeze drying. This facilitates the overall freshness and potency of the foods which are freeze dried in this appliance.

This medium size freeze dryer from Harvest Right would be a perfect addition to any laboratory. This appliance is completely customized and can be useful in various purposes. You can have several manageable profiles in this appliance, which offers the facility of switching on or off the power once it attains the condensing unit.

This appliance is equipped with an efficient and oil-free vacuum pump along with controlled, ascending temperature, and its time setting features make this appliance all the more desirable. This is a 4-tray dryer that is of the size of a tabletop unit. It also has the facility of touch-screen and full-color display.

The facility of 4-liter ice condensing capacity is very useful. There are certain advanced features like the log of the temperature and pressure during all parts of the freeze dry cycle. The ongoing display of the real-time temperature and pressure is very useful for scientists working in the lab.

This appliance is an efficient freeze dryer that works on patented technology and keeps the freeze dried products fresh and preserves the overall color, potency, nutrition & shape of any organic material.

This appliance is perfect for freeze drying medicines, oils, herbs, compounds, pharmaceuticals and remedies. This appliance is large-sized and has 8 trays that provide a total tray space of 10.25 sq. feet. This appliance has a capacity of six liters of ice.

One of its best features is that the drying temperature and vacuum pressure are maintained for every material and this preserves the overall potency and freshness of the products which are freeze dried.

Most of the freeze dryers usually communicate the stats on the size of the vacuum chamber they have, and also the amount of food that can fit in it in a single batch. If you are planning on smaller batches of food or organic materials to be freeze dried, then you can certainly get away with a small dryer. But if you have a joint family or usually have a crowd to feed most of the times, then you should plan for a larger machine in which you can freeze dry bigger quantities of food in batches.

Just like any other appliance like a refrigerator, washing machine, or air conditioner, a freeze dryer also occupies a considerable amount of space in your house. The vacuum chamber, control system and the pumps of the system also occupy major space along with the main unit.

There are a few machines available in smaller sizes, which fit on a countertop, but the larger ones are usually the size of a dishwasher. So, you need to choose the one as per the space available in your house.

If your chosen model of the freeze dryer has a large pump and also other machinery, then it may take some serious power and add up to your electricity bills. For the larger models, you may require a dedicated electrical circuit as well. So, you need to necessarily check this parameter before choosing the model of the appliance.

These days, five star electrical appliances are available, which are designed in such a way that they consume minimal amount of electricity without compromising on performance. Find such appliances and get the best out of them without boosting your utility bills.

Most of the freeze dryers are of fairly low on repair and maintenance. They do not require frequent cleaning and inspections, and their critical parts also keep working well for long. However, they are equipped with a vacuum pump that requires oil changes, but only once in a while. Some of the freeze dryers can even be upgraded to have an oil-free pump, but that is certainly at a premium.

Different brands and models of freeze dryers vary in price too. The more features you opt for, the more you will have to pay. So, find the one within your budget, but make sure that it has all the features you require in your equipment.

A medium freeze dryer has a batch capacity of 2 gallons and it can freeze dry 200 batches in a year. This means that you can easily freeze dry 400 gallons of food or organic materials with a medium freeze dryer in a year.

A large freeze dryer has a batch capacity of 3.5 gallons and it can also freeze dry 200 batches in a year. This means that you would be able to freeze dry 700 gallons of food or organic materials with a large freeze dryer.

You can successfully freeze dry a large variety of foods, herbs and organic materials. Almost every kind of vegetable, fruit and meat tastes wonderful after freeze drying. The major amongst these include apples, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, green beans, peaches, spinach, potatoes, onions, pork, shrimp, turkey, beef, and even ice-cream.

Also, your favorite meals that contain meat can be freeze dried, like cheese macaroni, rice dishes, lasagna, chili, scrambled eggs, pasta sauces, etc. You will certainly find that it is a delight to experiment with various meals and foods in your freeze dryer.

After this, you can remove the food from the freeze dryer and place it in proper vacuum-sealed containers which are oxygen and moisture proof. This can be a vacuum can or a mylar pouch which retains the freshness of the freeze dried food until opened.

A scientific freeze dryer works in remarkably advanced technology and is a perfect addition to any scientific laboratory. The scientific freeze dryer can be completely customized with all the required processes.

There are several manageable profiles and each of them provides the right ability to automatically get the appliance powered on and off with the desired condensing unit, and also the vacuum pump in conjunction with the time settings and controlled temperature.

The best freeze dryer unit requires minimal maintenance. However, there is a vacuum pump attached with the main unit that requires some level of maintenance, including includes adding and draining of oil at frequent intervals of time.

The freeze dryers vacuum pump is filled with a supply of oil initially. There are three cups of oil which a vacuum pump holds. This oil needs to be replaced at regular intervals in order to keep the freeze dryer working efficiently. This is a very simple procedure and can be done with least effort.

Freeze drying of various foods is undoubtedly a great way of adding variety to what you eat, and you can considerably extend the shelf life of a large assortment of foods with this appliance. These are useful not only under normal circumstances, but also during an emergency or long-term crisis.

The freeze dried food retains the original flavor, texture and taste of the food when consumed. Also, it has been found that certain nutritional improvements also occur in certain foods after they are kept freeze dried for a long time. So, choose the best freeze dryer that perfectly suits your requirements, and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

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