rotary dryer - rotary drum dryer - drying machine - hxjq mining machinery

rotary dryer - rotary drum dryer - drying machine - hxjq mining machinery

The rotary dryer is a common drying equipment. It has a wide operating range, strong practicability, and large processing range. The equipment is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal washing, fertilizer, ore, etc.

The dryer is also called a rotary dryer for drying materials with certain humidity and granularity, such as materials coming out of a ball mill. The equipment is reliable in operation, flexible in operation, adaptable and capable of processing. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal washing, fertilizer, ore, sand, clay, kaolin, and other fields. The dryer belongs to the industrial dryer equipment.

Metallic mineral powder: copper ore powder, iron ore powder, alumina powder, mercury ore powder, tin ore powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, manganese ore powder, gold ore powder, hematite powder.

production of precipitated calcium carbonate from steel converter slag and other calcium-containing industrial wastes and residues - sciencedirect

production of precipitated calcium carbonate from steel converter slag and other calcium-containing industrial wastes and residues - sciencedirect

Precipitated calcium carbonate, a widely used filler material, is nowadays mainly produced by the so-called carbonation process. Natural limestone is first calcined and then contacted with carbon dioxide to precipitate particles of a controlled purity, size, and morphology. In the production process, an amount of carbon dioxide equal to or larger than what is later bound to the actual product is released.

For climate change mitigation, it would be possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by capturing CO2 from flue gases, if the required calcium could be obtained from another source than the natural rocks. Industrial alkaline by-product and waste streams such as slags and ashes contain calcium often in a readily soluble form. Recently, several processes have been developed to apply these materials for carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage, while simultaneously producing materials with market value.

Since the chemistry of calcium carbonate precipitation is relatively complex, the levels of impurities should be maintained low in the carbonation process. In case of utilizing a solid waste stream, this requires efficient separation of the residual waste material from the calcium-rich solution after extracting the soluble calcium from the solids.

Aspects related to a two-step aqueous process for steel converter slag carbonation are discussed in more detail, since a continuous laboratory-scale setup has been constructed and is currently under further development at Finnish universities. Even though the current issues related to product quality can be resolved, the process is still in such a small scale that it mainly serves the demonstration purposes for mineral carbonation technologies.

economic stainless steel industrial drying equipment , paper sludge dryer system

economic stainless steel industrial drying equipment , paper sludge dryer system

Economic Stainless Steel Industrial Drying Equipment , Paper Sludge Dryer System Equipment Introduction : Sludge refers to the sediment produced by dealing with waste water through the physical, chemical, biological methods, According to their sources, which can be divided into electroplating sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, tanning sludge, paper sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, sewage sludge, living sewage sludge and petrochemical sludge, etc. Because of its features of poor mobility, high viscosity, easy to agglomerate, and the water is not easy to evaporate and so on, its very hard to dry, and the high drying technology is required (the drying technology of this drying system is also adopted to dry the coal slime, gypsum and other similar wet sticky materials). Advantages of Industrial Drying Equipment : 1. The weight of the dried sludge can be reduced to 1/4 weight of wet material before drying, which greatly reduces the enterprise's environmental and economic pressure; 2. The air inlet temperature of the dryer is 600-800, and it can be used for sterilization, deodorant, etc. At the same time of drying, and reliable guarantee will be provided for the utilization of dried products; 3. The dried products can be used as feedstuff, fertilizer, fuel, building materials, and raw materials for extracting heavy metals, to realize waste utilization; 4. Stainless steel sludge industrial drying equipment can prevent from acid/alkali corrosion and iron contamination. The dewatered sludge will be transported to feeding head of the dryer through the screw conveyor after scattering, and then it will be sent into the inside of the dryer through the unpowered spiral sealing feeder (the patent technology of our company), and going through several following working areas after getting into the dryer: 1. Material leading-in area The sludge will come into contact with the high temperature negative pressure air after getting into this area and plenty of water will be rapidly evaporated, and the sludge cant be formed into sticky stuff under the stirring of large guide angle lifting plate. 2. Cleaning area. The material curtain will be formed while the sludge is lifted up at this area, and it will cause the material stick on the cylinder wall while its falling down, and the cleaning device is installed at this area (Lifting style stirring plate, X type second time stirring plate, impacting chain, impacting plate), the sludge can be quickly removed from the cylinder wall by the cleaning device, and the cleaning device can also crush the materials which are bonded together, so as to increase the heat exchange area, increase the time of heat exchange, avoid the generation of wind tunnel phenomenon, improve the drying rate; 3. Inclined lifting plate area This area is the low temperature drying area, the slime of this area is at the low moisture and loose state, and there is no adhesion phenomenon at this area, the finished products reach the moisture requirements after the heat exchange, and then enter the final discharge area; 4. Discharging area There arent stirring plates at this area of the dryer cylinder, and the material will be rolling to the discharging port. The sludge gradually becomes loose after drying, and discharged from the discharging end, and then sent to the designated position by the conveying device, and the fine dust drawn out along with the tail gas is collected by the dust collector. Hot air enters into the drying machine from the feeding end, and the temperature is gradually reduced at the same time of material convection heat transfer, and the water steam taken out under the suction of induced draft fan, and then emitted into the air after processing. Application after drying : During the wastewater treatment process of the smelting plant, the circuit board printing factory, electroplating factories and other enterprises, and the sludge produced contains plenty of heavy metals (copper, nickel, gold, silver, etc.). There will be a major pollution if these metal elements are drained, but considerable economic benefits can be reached after extraction and refining. The approximate calorific value of the dried sludge is from 1300 to 1500 calories, three tons of dry sludge can be equivalent to on ton of 4500 kcal coal, which can be burned in the furnace mixed with coal. Concrete aggregate, cement admixture and the production of pavement encaustic brick, permeable brick, fiber board, to make bricks by adding into the clay, its strength is equivalent with common red bricks, and its with a certain amount of heat, in process of fired brick, the spontaneous combustion can be reached to increase the heat. The dried sludge will ferment into high quality organic fertilizer after adding the cow manure, with good fertilizer efficiency, safe and convenient use, and disease resistance and to promote growth, which can also fertilize soil. There is high content of N, P and K in the sludge, and its much higher than that of pig manure, cattle manure and chicken manure, and there is rich organic compound content. It can be used as agricultural fertilizer after the processing of stainless steel sludge industrial drying equipment, and can make quality soil through re-proportioning landfill. Technical Data: Model Shell diameter(mm) Shell length(mm) Shell volume(m) Rotary speed(r/min) Power(kW) HG0.66 600 6000 1.7 1-8 3 HG0.88 800 8000 4 1-8 4 HG110 1000 10000 7.9 1-8 5.5 HG1.26 1200 6000 6.8 1-6 5.5 HG1.28 1200 8000 9 1-6 5.5 HG1.210 1200 10000 11.3 1-6 7.5 HG1.211.8 1200 11800 13.4 1-6 7.5 HG1.58 1500 8000 14.1 1-5 11 HG1.510 1500 10000 17.7 1-5 11 HG1.511.8 1500 11800 21 1-5 15 HG1.515 1500 15000 26.5 1-5 15 HG1.810 1800 10000 25.5 1-5 15 HG1.811.8 1800 11800 30 1-5 18.5 HG1.815 1800 15000 38.2 1-5 18.5 HG1.818 1800 18000 45.8 1-5 22 HG2.211.8 2200 11800 44.8 1-4 22 HG2.215 2200 15000 53.2 1-4 30 HG2.218 2200 18000 68.4 1-4 30 HG2.220 2200 20000 76 1-4 30 HG2.415 2400 15000 67.9 1-4 30 HG2.418 2400 18000 81.4 1-4 37 HG2.420 2400 20000 90.5 1-4 37 HG2.424 2400 24000 108.6 1-4 45 HG2.818 2800 18000 110.8 1-3 45 HG2.820 2800 20000 123.2 1-3 55 HG2.824 2800 24000 147.8 1-3 55 HG2.828 2800 28000 172.4 1-3 75 HG320 3000 20000 141.4 1-3 55 HG324 3000 24000 169.7 1-3 75 HG328 3000 28000 198 1-3 90 HG3.224 3200 24000 193 1-3 90 HG3.228 3200 28000 225.2 1-3 90 Product Picture Show :

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