home appliances suppliers in kuwait

home appliances suppliers in kuwait

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recent trends in organic coating based on biopolymers and biomass for controlled and slow release fertilizers - sciencedirect

recent trends in organic coating based on biopolymers and biomass for controlled and slow release fertilizers - sciencedirect

The growth of the human population is causing an exponential increase in the need for food. Fertilizers are one of the most important elements to meet this increased demand and to ensure global food security. Many enhanced efficiency fertilizers, such as controlled-release fertilizers (CRFs) have been developed. Although these fertilizers offer many advantages over prior generations, their high cost of production as well as unfavorable effects on the environment and soil quality have limited their use. To mitigate these issues, CRFs based on biopolymers ([emailprotected]) represent a new generation of fertilizers produced by coating the granules with biopolymers. In addition to controlling the nutrient release rate, these products also enhance the soil quality and they reduce the negative effects associated with conventional fertilizers. This review summarizes the recent advances in biopolymers and derived biopolymers used in the area of [emailprotected], the coating technologies, and the parameters governing the release behavior through organic coating materials, as well as the effect of coated CRFs on the soil and plants growth.

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