calcium carbonate production line

calcium carbonate production line

The calcium carbonate crushing and grinding processing line is a production line for preparing heavy calcium powder. The finished product has a good granularity and a wide sales market, which is popular among downstream users and brings considerable profits to investors. Whether the equipment selection is reasonable or not depends on the operation efficiency and production capacity of the entire production line, especially the main equipment. The following describes the selection of the main equipment for the calcium carbonate crushing and grinding production line.

The key step in the preparation of heavy calcium powder is the milling step of the calcium carbonate production line. Since the particle size requirements of the finished product do not pass, the type of milling equipment selected in this process will also be different. When the user wants to produce heavy calcium powder with a particle size larger than 325 mesh, the ultrafine mill or the three-ring medium-speed micro-powder grinding machine should be selected. If the finished product size is less than 325, the Raymond mill can be selected. It is enough to use. Such a choice can avoid overkill and avoid the waste of funds.

The production line equipment is independently developed and designed by our company. The quality is more reliable and the price is cheaper. The production line equipment configuration is more scientific and more reasonable, so the whole production line price is more cost-effective. However, the production line prices for different production standards will vary. For detailed price information, please consult online customer service for free.

calcium mine | us calcium | united states

calcium mine | us calcium | united states

US Calcium is an Idaho based company that is committed to providing high quality calcium products and exceeding customer needs. We are also committed to responsibly meeting any demand for high quality calcium.

US Calcium overseesandoperatesthe extraction and processing of alarge, proven supply of limestone located in Custer, County, Idaho. Adjacent to Highway 93 between Arco and Mackay, Idaho, we cover a large amount of acreage that allows us to produce super-high-grade calcium and crushed limestone for customers located in Idaho, or within economic shipping distances of our crushing and milling operations.

Since the early 1990's, our deposit of limestone (and calcium, the milled version of our product) has been tested by several independent companies and laboratories using various means and methods;all of whichindicate a very high quality product. Containing low levels of sodium, arsenic, and other harmful ingredients, our calcium can be used from creating strong metal supplies to strengthening our own bones.It also has low to non-existent levels of mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, all contributing to a scientifically-rated Super High Quality Calcium product.

daswell calcium carbonate coating machine - coating line for gcc plant

daswell calcium carbonate coating machine - coating line for gcc plant

Calcium carbonate coating machine for sale in Daswell machinery. Calcium carbonate powder surface coating machine is used to modify the surface of ground calcium carbonate powder. As a result, the property of the ground calcium carbonate powder will be changed. And with unique characteristics, coated calcium carbonate powder can be applied in wide range areas. Usually the machine is added to existing carbonate plant to produce both coated and normal types of calcium carbonate powder. Of course, you can build a new ground calcium carbonate production line with calcium carbonate coating machine. Henan Daswell machinery offers high quality calcium carbonate surface modification machine to produced coated ground calcium carbonate powder in consistent sizes with high activation rate.

Henan Daswell machinery is a leading supplier of ground calcium carbonate plant in China. Daswell can be the single source of complete designing and planning of your calcium carbonate plant. Besides,we also provides high grade equipment for your calcium carbonate production line with crushing, transferring, grinding, classifying, coating and packing system. Daswell calcium carbonate powder coating equipment is an advanced solution for producing coated calcium carbonate powder. In fact, to get more consistent sizes of coated ground calcium carbonate powder, the machine should work together with classifier. Actually, as stated above, the coating machine is often a part of ground calcium carbonate plant so that the calcium carbonate production line can produce both coated and uncoated calcium carbonate. And both the coated and natural ground calcium carbonate powder have many applications in different industries. As a result, the calcium carbonate production line with calcium carbonate surface treatment machine can have great economic value.

According to Wikipedia, powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. More specifically, powder coating is to apply additives to fine powder in order to improve product handling and performance. In the case of calcium carbonate coating, it means to add stearic acid to fine or ultra fine calcium carbonate powder, so that the surface properties of GCC powder can be changed. Initially, the ground calcium carbonate powder is hydrophilic, which can be unfriendly to organics like polymers. However, the plastic industry is also in urgent needs of cheap white filler. If ground calcium carbonate powder is added to plastics, a lot of frictions can occur due to the high surface energy of GCC powder particle. Yet when the surface of GCC powder is modified with steraic acid, the coated calcium carbonate powder become hydrophobic and can reduce the friction when added to plastics.

How to produce stearic acid coated calcium carbonate? Say you have a calcium carbonate grinding plant using a ball mill and classifier for particle size control, and you want to coating this ground calcium carbonate powder with stearic acid, what is the most suitable coating process for your plant. Of course, there is no one for all solution for coating ground calcium carbonate powder. And we can only provide you the suitable approach according to your needs, such as the particle size of GCC powder, the coating thickness, intended use, allowed residuals and so on. The fit solution is to add a coating machine and an air classifier. For this coating system for calcium carbonate powder further allows you to control the particle size of coated calcium carbonate, the coating thickness and so on.

The exact calcium carbonate coating process. Firstly, the GCC powder are mixed with stearic acid through respective feeder. Then the mixture of ground calcium carbonate powder with stearic acid is blown by hot air to the calcium carbonate coating machine. In the machine, the high speed turbo mixer starts to coating the powder in atomization process to reach high coating rate. Then the coated calcium carbonate will go to the air classifier carried by air. In the air classifier, the rejected coated calcium carbonate powder will be returned to coating machine for further coating, while the required coated calcium carbonate will go to the product silo. Of course, there is also dust collector and packing machines in the process.

As stearic acid coated calcium carbonate is hydrophobic, it is more friendly to organics like polymers than ground calcium carbonate powder. As a result, coated ground calcium carbonate powder can be used as filler in plastics for PVC, rubber, decorative paints, slippers, textile and other similar industries. Ground calcium carbonate coating machine in Daswell can produce quality coated calcium carbonate powder with high coating rate, high consistency, controlled particle sizes, and great brightness. As a result, produced coated calcium carbonate can applied in various industries with high economic value. So if you want to treat the surface of fine ground calcium carbonate powder, please contact Daswell for more information about our calcium carbonate coating machine. Please fill the form below to get free quotes. We will reply in 24 hours. Product Model: Your Name(required): Your Email(required): Your Tel: Your country: Your Company: Your Message(required):

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