cheap steamboat & bbq buffet in johor bahru under rm50

cheap steamboat & bbq buffet in johor bahru under rm50

This essential social agent is always a natural choice for everyone to gather around. No matter what food choice was made, food is relatively powerful as it invokes the diners emotions and relationships. Its flavorful tastes and aromatic fragrance can even help to start a conversation too!!!

In order to make your gathering more memorable and fun, SGMYTRIPS would like to recommend some BBQ and Steamboat spots that are great to be visited. To your surprise, these recommended all you can eat BBQ and Steamboat restaurants cost less than RM50 per pax too!!!

With the varieties of fresh ingredients served, such as pork, chicken, beef, mutton, squid, fish, prawn and so on, the steamboat of Guo Ma is served with a buffet-style, which means you can eat as more as you can, with a fixed price. This is a quite attractive selling point for foodies who have a huge stomach capacity.

If you are here, dont forget to grab some beef, mutton and pork slices which are totally fresh and recommended to dipped into the soup for around 20 seconds before you eat. You can definitely taste the freshness and a little bit sweetness when you chewing the fresh and juicy meat slice.

Additional Information: Address: No. 55 Jalan Austin Heights 8/5, Taman Mount Austin, 86000 Johor Bahru. Business hours: 12pm to 12am daily. Contact: Price: Lunch Adult RM22.90+ / Child RM10.90+ Dinner Adult RM29.90+ / Child RM15.90+

If you are in Johor Bahru, dont miss out the PolkaDot Buffet Steamboat& Grill Muar to have a taste with the best steamboat and grill in town. PolkaDot Buffet Steamboat & Grill is a combination of steamboat and grill restaurant, which serving the customers with 100% halal ingredients.

But their wide selections of food ingredients might be able to surprise you. All of their food ingredients are kept fresh in displaying refrigerator and would be changed after being displayed for three days in order to secure the freshness.

What makes PolkaDot Buffet Steamboat& Grill Muar so popular would be their generous selections of seafood on their menu. Upon entering the restaurant, you would be able to see a wide array of fresh seafood displayed on the displaying rack, which are great to be include in the steamboat. To name some of the seafood, there are shrimps, crabs, clams, fish, lala and squid. These seafood are obtained freshly from the Muar Jetty daily too.

For the soup base, PolkaDot Buffet Steamboat& Grill Muar only offers clear soup base and also tomyam soup base. Both of these soup base can be refilled for free. The clear broth is not overly savory and it does make a great combination with the seafood. It does not overtake the natural sweetness of these seafood during cooking. On the other hand, the tomyam broth is not too spicy nor sour, it can be eaten by non-spicy foodies too.

This Korean BBQ restaurant, opened by pure Korean, served varieties of Korean cuisine and mainly serves the customers with Korean BBQ at a reasonable price. The price for an adult is only costs RM22 and the price for children is only costs RM12, which is the cheapest BBQ buffet in town. This is the reason why Myeong Dong BBQ is always crowded with customers during peak hours.

Besides, there are some appetizers served by the restaurants which you should have a try, such as the pickled cucumbers, pickled scallion, pickled cabbage (kimchi) and pickled bean sprout. All of these appetizers taste spicy sour, with an after kick that might keep you craving for more.

You are recommended to have a taste of the kimchi soup, and it will be perfect to go with some springy ramen which are provided at the buffet table. Having a taste of the kimchi soup made by true Korean which could probably triggers your taste buds and you will know the difference! This staple food in almost every Korean restaurant is cooked with some fatty pork meat that goes really well with the soup.

The saturated fats of the pork will just melt into the soup, offering a creamy texture. Generous food ingredients like dried tofu slices, shitake mushrooms, brown and green onion slices and kimchis would be added too. It is so comforting and irresistible to enjoy this bowl of soup, especially during a cold day.

Another attractive offer of Myeong Dong BBQ is that every customers will get a free ice cream which is served with varieties of flavors. These ice-creams are great to refresh your taste buds after enjoying your Korean buffet feast too. You even can choose any flavors according to your preference.

Additional Information: Address: 58-1, Jalan Austin Height 8/7, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru. Business hours: 5.30pm to 11pm from Monday to Thursday. 12pm to 11pm from Friday to Sunday. Contact: Price: RM 22 for Adults / RM 12 for Children

This restaurant serves the customers with 100% halal ingredients, is located in a large premise which is able to fit in around 160 tables and 800 persons at the same time. Therefore you dont have to worry about the available of seats during either weekdays or weekend.

The restaurants mainly serves the customers with steamboat and bbq which are in buffet style, which you are able to eat as much as you can with a fixed price. The price for an adult during weekdays is only costs RM22.90 and children is costs RM9.90. However, the price during weekend is slightly higher, RM27.90 for an adult and RM11.90 for children.

For the steamboat, there are two types of soup served, which are chicken soup and tom yam which you can choose upon ordering. Varieties of fresh vegetables and steamboat ingredients such as tofu, fishball and so on are served on the buffet table which you can take as much as you want.

The BBQ buffet is highly recommended instead of steamboat because majority of the ingredients served are for BBQ. At least 20 types of well-marinated meat are served for the customers of BBQ buffets, such as lamb, chicken and beef, with varieties of marinated like honey, black pepper, spicy, curry and so on.

The seafood are served in two ways, self-service and non-self-service. For the self-service seafood, you are able to pick from the buffet table and grill by yourself. For the non-self-service seafood, you have to order from the counter and the staff will prepare the seafood for you, for examples, Grilled Stingray and Grilled Fish.

Another selling point is that there are some food that are ready to served when you can have a taste instantly while waiting for your steamboat or bbq ingredient to cooked, such as fried rice and noodles, fruits, desserts and so on.

Free flow of beverages, both hot and cold are available in Meletop Steamboat and Grill if you are dining in their restaurant. They even offer free ice cream pop with wide varieties of flavors for desserts too. Customization of your own ABC is allowed in their ABC table.

Pay a visit to Ding Tan Huang in order to compensate your hungry stomach with amazing Japanese and Korean foods! Ding Tan Huang serves the customers mainly with buffet-style Japanese and Korean foods which you are allowed to grab and eat as much as you can until there are no any space left in your stomach!

There are at least 60 types of ingredients are available for your steamboat buffet meal, such as fresh vegetables, different types of marinated meat, bacon, and fresh seafood. All of these food ingredients are guaranteed with freshness as they are obtained fresh from the supplier daily.

You are allowed to choose the soup base upon ordering. Kimchi soup is highly recommended if you are a spicy lover. The Kimchi Soup Base of Ding Tan Huang is flavorful and not overly spicy, with sour kick embedded in its red hot appearance. Generous amount of food ingredients like sliced dried tofu, scallions, pork slices and kimchis are included also, making the soup base a great meal to keep every foodie full.

Besides, there are at least 20 types to sushi are served on the buffet table which you are able to grab as much as you want, but make sure you can finish it! Not only that, the restaurant also offers Koreans LOTTE soft drinks with different flavors banana, melon, oranges, strawberry and original. These drinks will keep you refreshing while you enjoying your steamboat and grill.

Getting bored of the common typical Korean BBQ and Steamboat? Then it is time for you to visit Golden Old Street. This Korean restaurant successfully level up the deliciousness of the normal Korean BBQ feast with cheese!!!

Upon ordering, every customers are allowed to choose for one type of soup base from their menu list. Golden Old Street offers two different soup base, the Kimchi Soup Base and also the Miso Soup Base for their steamboat buffet. It is recommended that you have a try on their signature Kimchi Soup base if you are a a spicy food taker. This Kimchi Soup Base of theirs is prepared with real Kimchis and seasonings imported from Korea, offering a real Korean food flavor.

Free flow of food ingredients are generously provided by Golden Old Street too. This Korean restaurant will be able to spoil every customers with their huge selections of food ingredients ranging from fresh vegetables, mushrooms, meat slices, tofus and processed meat. All of these food ingredients are kept fresh in the refrigerated displaying rack in order to ensure their freshness.

For cheese lovers, you can upgrade your Korean BBQ buffet with some cheese with just RM10. All of us know that cheese is the best friend to almost any kind of food, based on the cheese types. And, it is undeniable that mozzarella cheese do make a great combination with Korean BBQ and also fried chicken.

Imagine the combination of melted cheese that wrapped along with the Korean style BBQ meat, heavenly delicious. This caloric bomb is best eaten while still hot, when the BBQ meat is still tender and juicy, while the melted cheese is creamy and elastic. The long pull of the melted mozzarella cheese will just keep you craving for more.

After enjoying the BBQ and steamboat feast, you may refresh your taste buds with some ice creams provided. Their ice-creams are nice, not from those cheap brands. They do have many varieties of flavors including coconut, yam, chocolate, mint and strawberry in their ice-cream menu. Best part of it? These ice creams are free and unlimited!!!

Additional Information: Address: 62Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia Operating Hours: Daily, 12pm 3pm, 5pm-11pm Contact: 07-562 5250 Monday Friday: RM36.90 per pax Saturday and Sunday: RM38.90 per pax

Upon arriving at the Gogigo Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet, you will be notice the price list of their BBQ and steamboat buffet placed near its entrance, with a LED welcome sign. In order to get to the restaurant, you are required to climb up a flight of cute yellow stairs too. But, you will be surprised with its spacious interior environment when you reach. The air circulation of this Korean restaurant is just fine, enable every foodie to dine in comfortably without feeling hot. Every tables of theirs are provided with a sizzling pan for BBQ and a steamboat pot for cooking hot pot.

Gogigo Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet serves every of their customers with unlimited supply of home style Korean delicacies that are really irresistible. You may have a look at their food counter that displayed wide array of Korean food to choose for your favorite food.

Korean food like the Korean Glass Noodles (Jap-Chae), Spicy Rice Cake (Ddukbokki), Mixed rice (Bibimbap), Seafood Vegetable Pancake (Haemul Pajeon) and Blood Sausage (Soondae) are available and can be refilled for free anytime.

If you choose to enjoy a BBQ buffet feast there, do remember to proceed to their food displaying fridges to look for your choice of food ingredients. This Korean restaurant offers much choices of fresh marinated chicken and pork that are really flavorful after grilled. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to spot their hot selling fish fillet too.

Wide varieties of seafood, fresh vegetables, mushrooms and processed meat can be found at their food ingredient counter. These food ingredients do make a great meal when cooked in a hot pot. Best part of it, these food ingredients are unlimited and can be refilled if you think that you can still eat some more.

Additional Information: Address: 36, Jalan Pertama 1, Taman Tampoi Indah 2, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor Operating Hours: Monday Friday: 5:30pm-11:00pm Saturday and Sunday: 4:30pm -11:30pm Contact: Price: Adult: RM29 per pax Children (Below 120cm): RM15 per pax

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be served with a array of banchan or known as side dishes after making your food order. There would be eight of them, with different flavors and textures which are great to be an appetizer. If you like something crunchy, you may have a taste at the fried anchovies and peanuts, pickled kimchi, pickled cucumbers and pickled lotus roots. For some soft bite, you can enjoy their pickled siu pak choy, slightly sauteed greens, broiled broccoli and pickled long beans. You are allowed to decline these side dishes by telling the staffs if banchan are not in your favorite food list.

For the steamboat food ingredients, you are allowed to proceed to the food ingredients table to pick for your favorite food. Every of these food ingredients are remain fresh by removing them after being displayed in open air after several hours and refill them after finished.

There are lots of steamboat food ingredients like fresh vegetables, eggs, mushrooms, common steamboat snacks, noodles, seafood and meat slices available. It might spoilt every foodies with its numerous selections too.

On the other hand, if you choose for the Korean BBQ Buffet, you will be amazed with their wide selections of marinated pork and chicken that are great to be grilled. All of these marinated meat are really flavorful and tender after grilled. The slightly char grilled crispy exterior and juicy flesh, we bet that you would be unable to resist these wonderful delicacies.

Not only that, Myung Ga even offer six different sauces with different flavors to be paired with the BBQ and steamboat. There are chilli sauce, tomato sauce, chopped garlic, garlic chilli sauce, that style sauce and sambal chili. These sauces can be taken and refill for free, but it is advisable that not to waste them by just taking the amount that you need.

Additional Information: Address: 33, Jalan Bestari 4/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai, Johor Operating Hours: Daily, 11am 10pm Price: Adults : RM29.90 Children (90cm-140cm): RM14.90 Children under 90cm are free of charge

If you are searching for a healthy indoor Korean BBQ and Steamboat buffet, then Restaurant TCL would be your best choice. This Korean restaurant located at Jalan Sutera Utama is just few steps away from the Sutera Mall, making easy for every foodies to enjoy some mouth watering Korean delicacies after enjoying their shopping. Its dining area is not smokey nor greasy, thanks to the build in exhaust fan. Restaurant TCLs buffet style lunch is worth for the price as it offer a wide selections of meat, seafood, vegetables and steamboat ingredients to be chosen freely.

For the steamboat soup base, Restaurant TCL is providing their customers with six different type of soup base with different level of spiciness. These soup base can be chosen according to the preferences and acceptance of spiciness by every customers. The six types of soup bases are the Mixed Pot, Kimchi Hot Pot, Cheese Curry Ramen Pot, Miso Pot, Potato Pork Ribs Ramen Pot and Saury Fish Kimchi Pot.

On the other hand, Restaurant TCLs BBQ buffet is using special infrared BBQ on parchment papers. This does help to avoid the meat from sticking or burnt quickly when BBQ. Changing of parchment papers is allowed when there are charred food stick onto it. Their marinated meat ranging from pork slices, pork neck, pork belly, curry chicken, spicy BBQ chicken, miso chicken and even ox ribs are strongly recommended. But you have to be quick handed as these food are in high demand every time.

Additional Information: Address: No.62, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai Johor Operating Hours: 11:30am 3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm (Closed on every Wednesday) Contact: 07-562 5260 Price: Weekdays Lunch RM32.90 Dinner RM 36.90

Just as its name stated, Yummy BBQ Steamboat serves delicious hot pots with different soup bases to their customers. Generous selections of food ingredients to be included in the hot pot are available too. Ranging from fresh vegetables, springy steamboat ingredients to fresh seafood are what they will offer. All of these food ingredients are being kept in a refrigerated displaying rack in order to retain its freshness.

Besides just hot pot, Yummy BBQ Steamboat even offer every of their diners with an experience of cooking their own dishes. What you need to do is just choose for your favorite food ingredients from the food counter along with the sauces,then grill them on the hot sizzling grill. As a recommendation, it is highly suggested that you have a try on their satay chicken skews. These chicken skews of theirs are flavorful after grilled, as they are marinated with wide varieties of strong spices.

Not only that, Yummy BBQ Steamboat also serves their customers with various traditional Malay grilled seafood. These Malay style grilled seafood are prepared by grilling the fresh seafood with spicy savory homemade sambal in a banana leaf.

The spiciness of the sambal is addictive and will just leave an after kick upon consuming. Best eaten while still hot when the natural sweetness of the seafood still embedded within the flesh, these seafood cuisines will keep you craving for more.

Additional Information: Address: 22, Jalan Gaya 1, Taman Gaya, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor Business Hours: 5:30pm 11:00pm Contact: 016-737 8185 Price: Adult:RM35 per pax Children (Aged 9-12): RM 20 per pax Children (Aged 4-8): RM13 per pax

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