why recycling of construction waste is important? - hongxing machinery

why recycling of construction waste is important? - hongxing machinery

We all know that with the development of modern society, there are more and more construction and demolition (C&D) materials are left over at a construction, renovation or demolition site.They are usually abandoned but are actually valuable things that can be reused to make new products or applied in another field.

Recycling construction waste is becoming more and more important because of the limit spaces and environmental protection demands. Current estimates show that if we can recycle all concrete and asphalts produced annually in America, well save the energy equivalent of 1 billion gallons of gasoline or the removal of more than 1 million cars from the road.

Apart from the energy saving, the construction waste recycling can greatly reduce the landfill of those materials and the consumption of natural resources through crushing, extracting and refining petroleum.Landfills through a common way of treating construction waste would be considered safe when giving the state-level oversight. Whats more, inappropriate disposal of the construction waste would cause operational problems and groundwater contaminationthus becoming costly in the future. So, we have to focus on construction and demolition waste recycling if we want to get rid of this dilemma.

Well see a lot of materials that can be recycled from construction waste. The ways for handling these materials are various, depending on the type of them and how easy and profitable it is to recycle and reuse it.

British every year reuse around 275 million tons of constriction waste for raw construction materials. Of this, over 70 million tonnes are already derived from recycled or secondary sources. Whats more the UK also the major user of the materials during the European market. Every year, there is potential to recycle more aggregates from construction, demolition and excavation wastes that are being sent to landfills.

According to the countries which are successfulin better recycling of construction waste, it can be roughly divided into three levels: (1) Low-level use: The broken concrete is used as the building foundation or road base, and this is the simplest method of using waste concrete. (2) Intermediate use: crushed waste concrete to produce concrete block bricks, paving bricks and other products. (3) Advanced use: The waste concrete is crushed, sieved, sorted, and cleaned to be used as a recycled aggregate instead of some natural sandstone aggregate to make recycled aggregate concrete. Relevant research shows that it can be directly added to commercial concrete as aggregate to replace 10% ~ 30% of natural aggregate. This is the most valuablemethod for waste concrete, and0recycled concrete made with recycled aggregate is a kind of green concrete.

The main components of ordinary glass are silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, and sodium silicate, which are very stable in chemical properties. The silica is difficult to decompose naturally. Compared with white pollutionlike plastic garbage, waste glass products are more difficult to decompose in the natural environment and cannot be degraded in landfills. Even some of them contain heavy metals such as zinc and copper, which will pollute soil and groundwater. In addition, glass is a non-combustible substance. Once it enters the garbage incinerator, it will soften and adhere to the furnace wall, affecting the incineration efficiency. Therefore, the best way to treat waste glass is by recycling.

In China, the amount of waste glass is considerable, and about 50 million tons of waste glass will be produced in a year. By recycling and utilizing waste glass, it will not only have economic benefits but also significant environmental benefits. According to statistics, the use of recycled glass to regenerate glass can save coal and electricity energy by 10% -30%, reduce air pollution by 20% and waste gas from mining by 80%.

Calculated by one ton, recycling one ton of waste glass can save 720 kg quartz sand, 250 kg soda ash, 60 kg feldspar powder, 10 tons of coal, and 400 degrees of electricity. One ton of waste glass can be recycled into 20,000 500-gram wine bottles after the furnace is returned, which saves 20% of the cost compared with the use of new raw materials.

People love to do their projects by bricks because bricks have a lifespan of more than 200 years.So that if we can recycle the bricks and blocks which have been used in the construction of buildings, well save a lot of costs and still can implement high-quality projects. Waste bricks mainlyinclude:

If they are undamaged, you can use them in new building projects or sell them to the other business. If they are damaged, you can recycle them by mining machines like tracked crushers which are powerful to process construction waste. Because the tracked mobile crusher can move easily even to the place which is really hard to get in. Then you can use them :

Germany is the first country in the world to carry out circular economy legislation. According to German law, each responsible person in the construction waste generation chain needs to contribute to reducing waste and recycling, forming a set of principles for waste management. According to this principle, garbage management can be divided into different levels: the best level is to avoid generating garbage, followed by recycling and recycling garbage, and finally only treating garbage. Only when the recycling of waste is too expensive can the waste be treated simply, and aprocessing fee of 500 Euro per ton is levied on unprocessed construction waste. The price of recycled building materials is relatively low, while the cost of simply treating construction waste is very expensive. Therefore, developers are happy to use recycled building materials, and demolition contractors are highly motivated to recycle construction waste, so as not to pay high waste disposal costs.

Since 1955, the construction waste recycling plant in Germany has processed about 11.5 million cubic meters of recycled aggregates and used them to build 175,000 homes. There are about 200 construction waste disposal companies in Germany with an annual turnover of 2 billion euros. It is reported that Germany has the worlds largest production construction waste treatment plant, which can produce 1,200 tons of recycled construction waste per hour.

It is necessary to consider not only the issue of construction waste but also its related treatment and subsequent operations so that it can be handled well in this process.It is also necessary to consider the corresponding hidden dangers and environmental pollution in the process of construction waste generation, and then achieve the desired effect. XuChang Model Significant Effect Under the guidance of theRules and Laws, Henan Province has adopted a series of specific measures: the competent departments of housing and urban-rural construction at all levels have incorporated construction waste into the special urban domestic waste planning, and based on urban development, predicting the waste production and resource utilization. The governmentvigorously supports the construction waste disposal facilities and give priority to project approval and land approval. Carry out pilot demonstrations, relying on leading enterprises to develop a number of high-tech, large-scaleconstruction waste comprehensive utilization demonstration bases, and cooperate with the provincial department of finance to pilot cities (counties), companies and projects.

Besides, they have establisheda strategic alliance of construction waste resource utilization enterprises, carriedout resource utilization technology innovation, equipment research, and development, promotion and application of recycled aggregates, and formulate the Henan Province standard system to provide technical support for the production and application of construction waste recycling products with annual processing capacity of about 21 million tons. Among them, a company of Xu Chang has actively expanded outwards and has established branches or holding subsidiaries in Xinyang, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Anhui Huainan, and Suzhou, becoming well-known construction waste resource utilization enterprises in the country, forming characteristics.The distinctive Xuchang Model has been promoted and applied throughout the country.

construction waste resource utilization - eastman rock crusher

construction waste resource utilization - eastman rock crusher

Construction waste refers to the solid waste generated during the construction, maintenance, and demolition of buildings, including waste concrete blocks, asphalt concrete blocks, mortar, broken bricks, metals, bamboo wood, waste materials from decoration, and various packaging Materials and other wastes, etc., account for about 30%-40% of the total amount of municipal waste, which is a source of larger municipal waste.

Most of the construction waste is directly piled up in the open or landfilled without any treatment. This treatment method not only takes up a lot of valuable land resources, but also wastes a lot of recyclable building materials, and also increases environmental pollution.

The resource utilization of construction waste is in line with the policy of developing a circular economy and sustainable development. The resource utilization of construction waste is handled well, and while obtaining environmental benefits, it also has good economic benefits. Construction waste recycled products, including recycled aggregates, recycled inorganic mixtures, recycled bricks, recycled concrete, etc., can be widely used in various road projects, municipal administration, gardens, river slope protection, squares and other fields.

The objects of the crushing operation are mainly concrete materials and stone, the purpose is to reduce the particle size, increase the uniformity of the shape, and facilitate the subsequent processing procedures. When the crushed construction waste is subjected to separation treatment such as screening, winnowing, and magnetic separation, due to its uniform particle size and increased fluidity, the separation efficiency and quality can be greatly improved, and it is conducive to high-density landfill treatment and saving space.

Through sorting, the useful ones are fully selected and used, and the harmful ones are fully separated, especially the construction waste is divided into different granularity levels for different recycling processes. According to different properties, sorting includes manual sorting, screening, gravity sorting, magnetic sorting, buoyancy sorting, optical sorting, etc.

Screening is the use of a sieve to pass the fine material smaller than the sieve hole through the screen surface, while the coarse material larger than the sieve hole remains on the screen surface to complete the process of separating coarse and fine materials.

Mobile crushing equipment is used to process the construction waste on site, reducing transportation costs and avoiding secondary pollution. Various mobile equipment can be combined with each other as required to produce various recycled aggregates.

Main equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusherCoarse crusher mobile station is equipped with high quality jaw crusher and counter crusher. It has strong crushing capacity and good grain type of finished products. It is especially good at crushing hard and abrasive materials.Applications: Primary crushing, concrete recycling, construction waste disposal, quarry, coal industry, other industries.

TypesMobile spring cone crusher and screening plantMulti-cylinder cone crushing and screening plantSingle-cylinder cone crusher and screening plantImpact crusher and screening plantFeaturesThe mobile station can achieve high productivity, large crushing ratio and good grain shape, and is superior in performance, efficiency, production capacity, and finished product quality.ApplicationsCrushing + screening mobile station: used for the secondary crushing process, through the free combination of equipment to achieve more complex processing requirements

Main equipment: VSI sand making machine, impact crusherThe mobile impact crushing and screening plant is equipped with high-performance, large crushing ratio, powerful crushing VSI sand making machine and impact crushers. It is a reasonable equipment in the field of artificial sand making and stone shaping. It integrates professional crushing technology and a model of mechanical manufacturing. Accurate classification of finished products.ApplicationsSuitable for material fine crushing and shaping.

TypesImpact crusher + sand washing machineCone crushing + sand washing machineFeaturesThe right choice for processing construction sand and road construction sand. Equipped with a spiral sand washing machine, it is suitable for washing, grading and impurity removal in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries.ApplicationsProcessing of crushed or collected sand or finished sandIn areas with high environmental protection requirements, the production line is equipped with sand washing equipment, which can effectively remove dust and noise, and reduce dust pollution.

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